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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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history books, 17 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavort to is coming up right now. >> looks like we're doing very well in arizona, and very well pretty much everyplace elsegoçn( i think maybe that number of the 1237. we should make it pretty easily based on what i'm seeing. so we won't have to worry about fighting at a convention. >> ahead of utah and arizona couple, trump sounding very confident. he is just about got this in the bag and is very close to securing the 1237 delegates he will need to be the next republican nominee for president of the united states. but just in case there are problems he met with a group of
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current and former republican lawmakers, what they considered to be leaders of the so-called establishment, to sort of give them a sizing up and he a sizing up of them. blake at the trump hotel in washington, dc on how it went down. blake? >> reporter: we are just watching donald trump as he just walked off here. he is at his hotel. might see hem there as he now leaves with his party and secret service. this has been an interesting day for trump. he will leave here from the]% hotel and go to aipac where he will speak in an hour and a half. then before that he was here speaking with the media, but before that he was at that meeting that you talk about. justb
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congress. past members of congress. the meeting was organized by senator jeff sessions of alabama. also in attendance, newt gingrich, the form are speaker of the house and he was not endorsed donald trump, and trump then came here to the old post office and he tried to make the case to nat the meeting and other things, the election, shows that republicans should start to coalesce around him as he says they need to get onboard because this is a movement. >> if people want to be smart they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they're doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. >> reporter: also at the meeting, the former republican senator jim demint. the current president over at the heritage foundation, note able because trump said at the press conference today that it
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is the heritage foundation who is helping him put together a list of seven to ten potential supreme court nominees should trump become president and get to file a1th,; .ñ couple seats e bench. >> chris collins are among those lawmakers who met with mr. trump. he is endorsing donald trump good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> i have a feeling, congressman, this wasn't exactl% as it was billed. it was supposed to be the real powerful establishment leadership types but not one of them of that type were there. so, what can i read into that? they either had other things to do or didn't want to be at the meeting? >> certainly donald trump is in d.c. to speak to aipac today, the same time president obama is in cuba.
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sessions, very short timeline of 48 hours when senator sessions, knowing that mr. trump would be in d.c., called the group of us together and it was an excellent meeting. you could call it an outreach to those of us inmrrrlmx d.c., andy our past support and looking for input. we discussed the supreme court in depth. we certainly discussed the campaign against hillary, the need for the republicans to coalesce around mr. trump because we are confident1ñz> so indian that room -- i'm sorry -- everyone in that room was of the opinion that he would eventually be the nominee. was there any resistors in the bunch? >> there's no one resisting that he'll be our nominee, and whether he comes with 1150 delegates and has to pick up the last 25 or whether he goes to 1400, which was suggested, you're going to see states like new york, which are based on
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congressional districts, he may carry all -- >> i understand that but sounds like he was preaching to the choir. i had the appearance that this was going to be a meeting of leery or doubtful establishment types for want of a better term. looks like this group was pretty won over. >> a few uncommitted legislators in the room that were here to listen. he asked all of us -- >> who were the uncommitted and were they more committed afterwards? >> well, i'm not going to disclose the folks there because it's not my place to do but i can tell you there was a lot of discussion on what is going on in our districts, mine was jobs, another member, national defense. there was also the women issues raised, though it was actually very productive, positive conversation, and, no, not everyone that was there was on the record today as a trump supporter, and we had, as has
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been reported, some outside groups that -- it was a very appropriate outreach for mr. trump, following his wins last tuesday and what we think -- >> no doubt and it's a group -- duncan hunter, tom murray. you hadrnw;ç former house suprer newt gingrich there, former senator jim demint. jeff sessions got the ball rolling but hey something doubters who doubt he will have that 1,237. did he tell you that he needed 1,237 to be the nominee or did he say, as we have heard from him in the past, that if he is piled up this many delegates, he might not need that 1237? >> well, certainly we discussed what if he shows up with 1100 and the next member has 700? to me that's afait accompli. there's a rule that some may be trying to charge -- >> wait, waits that's correct not a fait accompli. you either have 1237 or you
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don't. had 1100 that good enough because the closest guy is hundreds behind. >> we did discuss if it was 1100, 1125, we can't imagine any scenario they're going to reach back and take somebody who has four, five, six hundred delegates -- >> you realize there's a process plus one, someone has to get there through multiple ballots, probably would be -- but he doesn't have the nomination until he has that. >> that's true and that's why we're hoping that he really racks them up in arizona tomorrow and racks them up in wisconsin and new york and pennsylvania and new jersey, and if those turn out the way we expect, i think people will realize that it's time to unite '÷ñ clinton --ary >> okay, i'm sorry, sir. i just want to be very clear.bçç number of you said in the meeting no did he, the 1237 was unnecessary, that in the end he would have to get that and would be the nominee, anything short
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of that he i can technically not the nominee. did you agree on that. >> we agreed with that there would be a process. we all have the same confidence, if he has 1125 and the next person has 700, the party will see the logics of support -- >> no it won't at all. you either ghost 1237 or you don't. he has substantial lead. he could go into the convention with a substantial lead. i want to be clear and maybe you can clarify for me, that 1100 will be good enough because he has such a big lead. everyone was on the same page that in the end mr. trump, you're going to need that 1237. >> sure. he has to get the 1237. no two ways about it. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> anytime, neil. >> we are going to have an update on the contests up for grabs tomorrow. you have utah and arizona for the republicans, and them creates have -- democrats have idaho and these could be win-winnertake all in utah, if you get over 50% you win all th3
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delegates. something ted cruz is hoping to do as for arizona and the 58 delegates there and winner-take-all, donald trump is confident he'll get that. if that were the scenario you would have an even steen -- even steven split. all that and apple touting the new products where the new big thing is small. and the legal argument it's going to raise tomorrow ahead of deal wig terror and getting the word out, after this. ♪
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i just can't sit by. what am i going to do when my grandkids said sai what did you do to stop donald trump? i have to say i didn't do anything. >> you could say who are you to stop trump. he is winning all the votes. that's he will of the people and you might wince at the will of the people. >> i don't think a lot of people understand who the real donald trump is. >> now he is putting his mouth to where his -- well, mouth is. mitt romney making robocalls on behalf of ted cruz. the question is, is it helping? peter doocy in salt lake city. that's an area where mitt romney is very popular. i imagine in utah it helps. >> reporter: and mitt romneyé)zs been pleading with utah residents to do what he is going to do and caucus for cruz on tuesday. he is even going so far as to say that here in utahvíok a votr john kashich is the same as a vole for donald trump and says in a robocall, even thee last
1:14 pm
week mitt romney campaigned withon kashich ahead of the ohio primary. here in utah. seemsvá;
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>> reporter: and for all the attention that romney is getting for saying he will vote for ted cruz, republican official said he thinks another former governor's endorsement of case sick could have just as much of an impact. so the two former governors manned up, splitting the votes, among undecided republicans who take advice from former governors. >> peter, thank you very minute. utah is one of those of states that is a -- get 50% of the vote or better youk÷e3 get all the delegates. under that you have to split them up. that's where a kashich role could be a spoiler and help donald trump. meanwhile, the 1237 question you. heard me talk tee congressman. about the pow-wow of two dozen or so past and present officials who were hearing donald trump out and the donald trump view i have a substantial lead, which
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he does, and could enter cleveland with a substantial lead, which he likely will, but if it's not 1237, what then? lee carter is with me right now. lee, i was perplexed to hear the congressman all but say that it might not be such a stretch that if he is that close and leads by that much, it's his. but i guess i'm a nerd for rules and i know the rules. it's 1237 or bust, right? 1237 is the rules. it is what it is, whether you call it's contested, brokered, it's going to be what it is if we don't hilt -- hit 1237. if we go into an open convention, republicans will have a really, really hard time. we'll look like a disaster as a there some people that say if we go into open convention it's the end of the republican party, perhaps even the end of the republican party for as00v generation. so mean people are saying we have to figure this out before we go to the convention.
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>> you know, maybe aim not a such a doom and gloomer and the party has survived far more raucous developments than these. after 1968, eight years later they were winning with jimmy carter. i don't make such sweeping statements. having said that, the trump folks' argument -- i can understand it -- we have a big lead. and they fear that if it goes to multiple batlets87xwhat -- ballt that someone could emerge who did not get the popular vote and robs it from them. the going to go down well regardless. >> it is not. trump voters say they feel like they have been overlooked and voice. they haven't had opportunities and feel like now that trump is giving them a voice, giving them
1:18 pm
hope and optimism and they're coming out in droves, some people are even democrats. if you say your votes don't majority, they're going to be angry and we raul see more energy -- we have seen protesters and all things up until now. can you national what we'll see if with get into a contested situation in cleveland. it's going to he us by. >> right now donald trump is 557 delegates shy. has to win a little more than 53 or -- 53 or so percent of the delegates remaining and has a good shat at doing that. what happens in the event he hasn't quite locked down, cruz is far behind. you would think the ultimate dealmaker, which donald trump is, would find a way to avoid some sort of a nightmare scenario for him, or the party. >> i think so. to me if i were donald trump, i would be looking at pulling together not just who might be vp, who is my cabinet, and i
1:19 pm
start trying to pull these people together. >> each out to cruz himself and say, look, the old jfk-lbj thing. together we're unstoppable. fighting like this, the party will be stopped. >> would they have the conversation? it would be nice to think they could i don't knowt( if the twof them ever would. would trump and kashich come together? possibly. i think that's a ticket that would be unstoppable and people would go to the polls and support them together. i and they can you would see the party come together but a it was both sides of the party coming together, and while there are people out there, when i talk about this before, people who love trump, say i would never allow kashich, and people who like kashich say i would never allow trump. it would be a balanced ticket. >> you have a sense that there would be just as much rath on the part of the establish.
1:20 pm
it donald trump wins and they go off angry and sitting on their hands or maybe not voting for hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever emerges but not voting at all. >> i can see them not going out and vote. i can't imagine they would allow human being hock orber -- ahow hillary clinton or bernie sanders to become the president. special level if a supreme court justice seat is left open. poo moment who really want a conservative in office won't say, we know that the next eight year we'll have two or three supreme court justices who will make these decisions open and we'll sit there and let that happen. i can't imagine they'd say aid rather sid on the sidelines. they're saying that now but the seem people were saying if this happens i'm moving to canada and they're still here. >> buying gones are eventually bygones in parties. year later, who can forget the republican debacle of '64. so nothing is permanent.
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not only will incomes not build a wall. it will could everything in its pour to make sure trump doesn't get the chance as president to even consider it. according to bloomberg and a host of others mexico is mounting a big effort now to make permanent residents in the u.s. and the u.s. citizens as fast as possible so they can vote, presumably against donald trump. of course that's a lot easier said than done but arizona sheriff onc2-+j,that. what do you make of this. it's been in a couple of different services here, all reporting this is a push now to
1:25 pm
get an anti-trump vote going among mexicans'ing here. >> this is unprecedented, neil, and the fact they're holding these actual citizenship meetings and one was held just in vegas recently, 500 plus deferred action are looking to go to this meeting to find out what it is going to take to go from that permanent status to actually gain citizenship, which means they get to vote. that's troubling. that's concerning. it's unprecedented in the fact that mexico and its diplomats are going all out to make this effort now during our election. >> all right. well, first herculean task and we have calls and e-mails out to the mexican embassy and others and they've gone unanswered. what i do wonder, sheriff, is how do-able that is. let's say this is a concerted effort, which wouldn't surprise
1:26 pm
me. it takes time, as you know. the whole process takes time. i'm talking years, not weeks or months. >> well, it feeds into the whole democrat playbook. we saw just recently hillary clinton and bernie both take the pledge by ramos saying they would not only defer action, would never deport illegals here. hillary clinton, went a step further and says she wants to pit all 12 million illegals on a path to citizenship. this is even overreaching anything president obama has done. never actually communicated that is his place, even though many of us believe it is. hillary clinton said that is her plan if she becomes president. this doesn't surprise me in at the least that a foreign government, mexico, is actually trying to influence this process. even if it's thousands of voters, you never knowáa> in states where it's fairly
1:27 pm
close, it could tip the scale in a close election. >> absolutely. >> having said that, the deputy consul of mexico, telling the "washington post," those who use this to vote, that is up to each individual. we don't have any opinion on that because that would be totally interfering in internal affairs of the country. well, no flies on her obviously. but the movies -- the move is meant to get the folks rounded up quickly to become u.s. citizens and to get a chance to vote. but i'm wondering what else mexico might be planning or doing or orchestrating. you yourself reported that when it comes to to the border and allowing deportations to continue even after the administration illegally froze them and then you turn bed two differentcourts the deimportant additions did not -- deportation
1:28 pm
is did not resume. >> stood with border patrol agents in my county who said that now they've been ordered by the obama administration the promises to appear, they're not even being issued to many of these illegals which was laughable that they'd ever show up anyway but now they're not even doing the window dressing of issuing these notices to appear to the illegals. so this is an all-out push at -- during this election year that the president has taken further advantage. he said he never would and now hillary clinton promising the 12 million plus illegals who are here actual citizenship and so this is what is at stake for our nation in america, is the fact that we have to stand up for our country, for americans, for our rights, for once instead of putting illegals and people from foreign countries and other countries' problems ahead of us. that's got to stop. we have to put america first for
1:29 pm
once. >> i would imagine this is the front burner issue in your big primary in arizona tomorrow. >> number one. >> 58 delegates as stake. 85 for the democrats. sheriff, thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> they say timing is everything. how would you like to be apple? today announces new products. they're really not that dramatic. just me. the other preparing for this whole san bernardino controversy and what it allows and shares with the government. only days after everything that went down in brussels. bad timing? maybe. you can't predict...
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trump is getting ready to speak to a pro-israeli group but a rabbi is going to walk out
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who says apple enough discounts its very chichi products. today it did multiple times and multiple ways. >> reporter: it was a product unveiling that didn't live up to the, say, bigger unveilings in the past. they brow down prices and unveiled a new iphone se, four inches, meant to appeal to people who have never had an iphone. a nicer cam remark better battery life but the price, $399, available on march 31st. they hope to sell more iphones because those growth rates are struggling. tim cook unveiling a new ipad pro, a longer battery life and
1:35 pm
lighter weight and relatively affordable price compared to years past. the apple watch, they dropped that price as well, $299. they built some new wash bands but the big elephant in the room was the hearing tomorrow against the department of justice and what will happen there. ceo tim cook waste nothing time at the beginning of the event, explaining his position and what he thinks about tomorrow. >> we did not expect to be in this position at odds with our own government, but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy.%=çvg;ç?vw3 >> reporter: neil, after he made those remarks and up veiled the products, actually caught up with tim cook in the hall we'res here at apple headquarters. i asked him if he isner obvious
1:36 pm
about tomorrow -- if he isner obvious about tomorrow and he said he's optimistic. he is looking forward to it as his lawyers put together an argument including witnesses tomorrow afternoon in southern california. that's is what is happening in cupertino today. >> thank you very much. and then again, ahead of that big hearing tomorrow, i want to check in with the judge, andrew napolitano. we had a development last friday where authorities rounded up one of the perpetrators behind the paris attack in brussels. we're told in large part because of electronic surveillance that might or might not have included his phone or others' phones. judge, timing is everything for apple. could that be bad timing? >> well, apple has a timing issue, neil, because by waiting two and a half months after the san bernardino attacks to bring its action against apple -- excuse me -- the justice
1:37 pm
department has a timing issue by waiting two and a half months after the san bernardino attacks to bring the action against apple to get in the iphone they lost their argue. of the immediacy. they can't say we're looking for confederates because if they were they wouldn't waste two and a half months. it's a safety issue. you can't waste two and a half minutes. what they're trying to do is to get apple to engineer aulz> even if it was a one and done with this particular device"lñed they never dollared authorities how they open it up, get what you need off the phone, we're not going reveal how we did it? >> i am not the right person to
1:38 pm
ask the technical question to. but i did speak with many people involved in this case,yf9ñ inclg senator lindsey graham, who two weeks ago was fiercely defending the justice department and now is on apples side. i say what happened? said i was visit bid members of then intelligence community. they're demonstrating to us how easy it would be for our friends like the mass idea and our fauxes leak the russian intelligence services to hack into our encrypted material if this device that the fbi wants apple to make is just used once. i, am paraphrasing the senator -- i don't know how this work us but they persuaded me this is too risky and to dangerous and quite frankly, judge, they're persuading a lot of members of congress. >> they should go to an apple store because any one of those
1:39 pm
could have opened those up.mtcon the news that could dictate the course of debate and with the brussels events going down, and apprehending a suspect, it always puts apple under the gun. no contracts pun intended here, ere it has to justify its protection of privacy in the middle of something like that. right? >> apple makes two arguments. one is it is a privacy issue, even though, as you indicate, there was some high-tech evidence that helped find him. the lynch pip, the last piece -- lynchpin was an old fashioned fingerprint. using technology that is 100 years old. but apple's argument is bigger than that. apple's argument is you can't conscript us, you can't make us work for you against our will. you can hire engineers, the bright emeest people you want oçqçt( to johns hopkins and see what i can do. they made head we were on this
1:40 pm
but you can't force to us destroy our own product, which destroys our work product, which devalues the cost of our work product, and the way we sold it. and quite frankly issue think apple is going to prevail, not because i want them to prevail but i think they have the stronger argumen technology and law enforcement what the government wants to do is virgin territory. so probably going to get to the supreme court. who know is if there will be eight or nine people on the court by the time it gets there but it's another issue. >> judge, thankou very much. >> you're welcome. >> andrew napolitano. he is so smart. democratic lawmakers had their own issue with party unity, and pushing a candidate they say should just, well, recognize that she is the candidate and that other guy is not. does this ring a bell? the other party warrior not hearing about -- party war you're not hearing about, after
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
. . . .
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1:44 pm
and you probably thought it was only republicans telling john kashich to hang it umment what if i told you democrats are doing the same with bernie sanders, ed henry in phoenix arizonauhirw with the latest ont drama. >> reporter: look human being on he way -- hillary clinton on her way here for a rally and arizona voter is will be speak energy mind tomorrow. not a surprise that democratic senators, many female senators who endorsed human being look, are publicly now say we might want to seiber any sanders go away or stop the attacks, stop saying hillary clinton is in the honest of wall street because thigh don't think it would be helpful to be battered ahead of the general election. we saw this in hillary clinton's speech today, she thinks the best way unify them democratic party is to go after donald trump. he is unifying democrats right
1:45 pm
now to come together and say that they need to have a strong democratic nominee to take him on if in fact he gets the nomination. you heard her launch severe attacks÷(
1:46 pm
>> ed henry in arizona. donald trump is getting ready to speak to the apec group but meet the rabbi who went give him a chance. he's going to boycott him as soon as he gets going. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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how many will boycott at the american israel public affairs committees? we'll be hearing from donald trump. if the rabbi is to be taken at his word, he's going to walk out
1:50 pm
on it. his name is david, he's organizing this boycott. very good to have you. i know you joined us on the phone right now. why are you going to walk out? >> mr. trump has really embodied the jewish idea of senseless hatred. i believe that politics and our country and the relationship needs to be grounded in values, not in hatred, he's had nine months to show us he's a serious presidential candidate. he's had nine months to give us policies and policy suggestions. and it's enough. all we've heard from him is hate and bigotry and massagenny. according to the rabbi's teachings i cannot sit in this room and consent to this kind of hatred. >> why did you stay there for hillary clinton's speech. when she all but abandoned
1:51 pm
israel. as secretary of state she was instrumental in that. >> this isn't about policy or politics. i'm not suggesting that mr. trump's policies on israel or anything else for that matter are bad or problematic. i'm suggesting that the tone and the rhetoric he has used to talk about those policies, that is not based in the values that built our country. >> and hillary clinton and you've been okay with hillary clinton's tone or other candidate's tone? why single donald trump out? why not give you the benefit of a fair hearing? you as a rabbi would honor that? >> he's had 9 months to review hearings. time after time after time, mr. trump has resorted to -- >> give him one day, let's see how you do tonight, mr. trump. have you a written speech. hear him out. >> if i thought there was any chance he would offer something other than the ugliness he's offered, i might do that. >> have you seen his -- >> no, i haven't. and i have to tell you, there
1:52 pm
comes a point where we have to listen, and then there comes a point where we have to say no more. there's a time for everything under the sun. we've had our time for listening, now it's time to say, this is what we stand for. mr. trump can make his suggestion, he can run for office, he can win the office, and he could do so with respect and with dignity, he does not have to degrade and debate other people to do that. i'm open to him doing that. >> rabbi, you're doing something a child is saying, you cited, you're doing in return. he gets ready to speak. you -- and i don't know how many others walk out. wouldn't he go back to you and say, boy, you think i'm childish? >> you know what, he would come back at me and say that whether i walked out or not. >> he calls people names and attacks them. i have to tell you. this really isn't about mr. trump, okay? this is about something much bigger. that is, there's a wave of anger and ugliness and hatred that is
1:53 pm
sweeping this country in large part due to the rhetoric mr. trump is using. >> he refused to come on this show, he's not a fan of mine. i don't think, you as a religious fan, you clearly are are taking this to extremes that many of your followers might just say, hey, that's a little bit much. you're doing the very thing you criticize in donald trump, when you have nothing to lose to hear him out. if you don't like what he said or in the middle of what he's saying, you walk out. i notice many other rabbis and others in the audience stay with hillary clinton regardless of her tone from an administration that's all but ostracized netanyahu. that's okay. >> it doesn't make sense to me. >> well, look, we can degree on whether the obama administration is for israel or not. that's not the debate. to suggest that hillary clinton may or may not have supported israel. that equates her to the ugliness
1:54 pm
and bigotry. >> that's a big thing, right? arguing on israel. i would imagine that's a big thing. it's more than just a few pejoratives. you either stand with israel or you don't. >> it is a big thing. that's why i'm here at apac. >> you gave her the benefit of an audience, rabbi. you're not giving him the benefit of it. >> that's shoutly correct. he's had the benefit of the audience for nine months. >> give him one hour. you find it so offensive, believe me, i got it. he's not a fan of mine. then you don't like that, you walk away. >> here's the problem. if i give him this hour, and tomorrow i walk out on him, what's to prevent someone from saying, give him another hour. >> all right. >> if not now, when -- if not now, when. there's a time for listening, and there's a time for coming together against hate, and this is that time. >> thank you very much. >> james rosen, we can quickly
1:55 pm
go to him. how many are going to do what the rabbi plans to do tonight. >> difficult to tell, i think honestly there's going to be a lot of curiosity among the apac audience to see donald trump in person, to hear from him. perhaps there will be some curiosity about whether or not protesters will be here inside the hall and will make some hey during that appearance. as you have been noting, we have heard that donald trump will be speaking from a prepared text. that is unusual for him. he does face a skeptical if not outright hostile audience here. the kind of applause that hillary clinton received earlier today, a presidency of donald trump would be unthinkable for israels and jews. >> i was amazed by all the applause for her. >> thank you very much. that doesn't seem right to me.
1:56 pm
that doesn't seem fair or balanced. just saying.
1:57 pm
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it's super exciting. >> i'm a big fan. >> he's inviting a lot of jealousy. >> it's about time. >> sometimes all hell breaks loose. >> just watching him was different and interesting. >> we're not going to give you any spoilers. >> you better not. they're not talking about that you're out. i know what you're thinking, neal. you obviously think a lot of yourself fp anyway. we kick off coverage with my buddy at 7:00. we'll take you to idaho and arizona, everything that's at stake. remember, our delegate calls and our map, simultaneous reaction from markets around the globe.
2:00 pm
you can't get that anywhere else. you could try, but let me save you the trouble. don't -- watch us. those other networks that are in reruns, even the original. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is the five. the 2016 presidential campaign moved to washington, d.c., today. where the candidates are attempting to win support from the nation's most influential pro israel group. john kasich and donald trump are set to deliver remarks at this hour. ted cruz will speak a little lat later. the only jewish candidate in the race decided to skip the conference. hillary clinton appeared this morning and she's the opportunity to go after gop


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