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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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i'm off for a week with my family. bret has you covered tomorrow night for utah and arizona i. thanks for watching, everybody. this is "the kelly file." welcome to beautiful phoenix, arizona. we're live, "hannity" on the road and tonight we are joined by 2016 gop presidential front ruper donald trump as he now makes the way through the crowd. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> how are you? good to see you. grab a seat. >> thank you. >> wow. >> that's something, huh? [ chanting ] >> this doesn't get old, does it? >> no. it's amazing. >> you know -- >> it's amazing. >> we have a big election tomorrow. >> right. >> here in arizona. >> yeah. >> let's start where we are in the race. you are leading with 678 delegates. this is a winner take all state.
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58 delegates. >> right. >> your next closest competitor has 423. john kasich needs 105% remaining delegates to win and impossible. >> i don't know what's going on there but he's a little behind, yeah. >> should he stay in the race? do you think he's staying in the race -- >> he stays in. rubio could have done the same thing. stayed in. he chose not to. i think it was a wise decision. he won't back me. i can tell you that. i can't imagine he backs me. if he was smart he would back me but he won't back me. don't forget, he was the face of the republican party. and then we had an election in florida and maybe it's still -- i mean, he has a great future. do you think? right? rubio? yeah? no? >> let me -- let's look at -- >> i'm trying to be nice. don't you understand that? >> okay. that was very good. >> who knows? >> let's -- i got a very important question.
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because there's shenanigans it seems going on. mitt romney did robo calls in ohio and florida and now supports ted cruz and seems kasich doesn't have a path to the nomination ian seems an effort to prevent you from getting to 1,237 delegates and that the establishment wants to get to a convention fight on the floor and possibly bypass or disenfranchise voters and put in a consensus candidate. now, i don't think they'll get away with it. what are your thoughts on what you see? >> number one, mitt romney is a lost soul. he is just lost. he is going -- you know, he ought to sit back. he ought to relax. somebody said it's the best thing that ever -- i went up ten points after he did this whole craziness. relax. he had the shot and choked very badly. a race that should have been won and easier than this race coming
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up. i'll win. i will beat hillary clinton. but -- go ahead. to answer the rest of the question, though. there is something going on. they want do get it into a convention and then steal it. and if, you know, i sign the pledge. a pledge means something. they signed a pledge, too. i'm not sure it means very much but to me if it goes to the convention and let's say i'm 50 delegates short, all right? somebody else is 500 or 600 delegates short, i don't mind that one as much as somebody else defeated in the process because that's what's going to happen. i think we get there and on the delegate count and see what happens. i think it's going to be good. >> gop official from north dakota and the guy's name is curly hag lalan.
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the media creating the perception but the party chooses the nominee. if that's the case, why do people -- why would people go vote? why do people caucus? because -- >> i think what's happening and i think that probably over the years what happened and one of the reasons i did this -- look. i did this because it's really -- i did it for everybody but i did it because from my standpoint i couldn't stand looking at what was happening with iran, with trade, with our military which is being decimated. we can't even beat isis. with the veterans the way we take care of them which is nonexistent. and then it turns out that a lot of people felt the same way as i did. i had no idea this was going to happen. it is like a movement. "time" did a cover story. actually four. "time" magazine covered it accurately. i have to be honest. i'm becoming more and more a fan in all fairness but it is a movement. and it's an incredible thing. i had no idea this was going to happen. people in our profession, did you think this was going to
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happen? and the answer is -- >> you're not tying me up with those poem? >> yeah. both good and bad. it is very, very special. and, you know you could call it a silent majority or the noisy minority. not so silent. it is not so silent but it is definitely a majority. it's a lot of people. >> let me read a headline came out this week. anti-trump groups threaten the largestself disobedience actions in a century. george soros money. black lives matter. bernie sanders supporters. by the -- i don't know how many of you noticed this chicago barack obama's friend, the unrepentant -- >> should be in jail. >> agree with you. >> should be in a jail. >> part of a group that bombed the pentagon, new york city police headquarters and barack obama started his political
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career in this man's house. he was a part of what happened in chicago. you've had disruptions at various events. >> he may have written the first barack obama book. do you think? do you think? >> certainly difference in writing style. >> it's a big difference between the first book and the second book. >> the writing snil people said this. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> so they're coming at you hard on the left. how do you handle it? >> i'm fine. you know, look. the rallies -- first of all, a lot of this whole thing with, you know, the rallies it is a media -- it's concocted by the media. my rallies like i had a fantastic rally in salt lake city. so beautiful. there wasn't a -- the room was packed. there were thousands of people outside. there was a group of protesters but small and the media including fox in all fairness, it was a small group. if you look at television, the end of the world and it is like the guys and if you interview
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them, they don't know why they're there. they don't know why they're there. why are you here? i don't know. i don't really know but i'm here. i don't have any comment. okay? you have to see the interviews. they don't know why they're there but you have professional disrupters but if you look at my rallies other than the one i ended in chicago and nobody hurt,dy the r there's a couple protesters or disrupters. 25,000 people and we were able to stop a lot of them from coming in and i can because when i landed the secret service, the police, everybody said this could be a potential problem. so we get a lot of credit for, you know, i hate to do that. i hate to do that. but the end result, the end ult result is nobody was hurt, nobody hurt. when you see the spirit of these people holding those trump signs, these are great people. you know, the theme is make america great again. the one thing they want is make america great again. that's what they want.
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>> i want to take -- i'm going to talk process and how we do that. the specifics of your plan. >> okay. >> a politico story this week that, you know, says they quoted moveon, green peace. >> never quote us. >> i quote you. five-alarm fire for the democracy, a threat to the america we love. you had a little run-in with hillary earlier but -- >> clinton's a war criminal. >> if you become the nominee, it's a same playbook every election year. republicans are racist, republicans are sexist, republicans are anti-gay, republicans want to poison the air and water an throw your grandmother over a cliff and have a donald trump look alike throwing granny over the cliff. you know what? republicans in the past have been absolutely impotent in dealing with those attacks. how will you deal with it? >> you have to deal with it very tough and very strong. now, they kim at me about two months and sort of indicated i was sexist an i'm not.
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i have tremendous respect for women. i have -- i mean, my mother -- i mean, between texas, they hit me with the sexist and the sexist, the racist. least racist person. friends of mine that happen to be african-american said you're the least racist person we've ever met. give me a break. all of that -- >> a coalition of pastors now -- >> all of that will come out. the pastors are -- i'm winning all the evangelical. i mean, cruz -- cruz doesn't know what happened. i can't say this in front of sean but lying ted doesn't know what happened. they don't likely yars. but i mean, he dies. never met a -- >> a shot even at me. all right. >> i have never met a man that lied like ted cruz and so much and ben carson and endorsed me. isn't that nice? said ben was out of the race in
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iowa. disgusting. but the fact is that they hit me two months ago and i hit them back hard and talked about her husband. who's the number one in the world, right? and i hit her back very hard and dead silence from their group. it was dead. i will tell you i heard -- hay had a rough weekend. he was saying why do you do that? she is going, well, i did it. one of those things. she was plenty angry, also. >> you said she is in a -- >> bernie got the credit and bernie went and she went down so much in that one weekend and bernie got the credit. saying, wow, bernie is now -- wasn't that he went up. it is just that she went down big that weekend. so, let's see. i will tell you -- i told chuck todd. i told chuck todd, he said, well, i've heard hillary wants to run against donald trump. it's like a chess game. chuck, when they say they want
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to run against you, that means they don't want to run against you. do you understand that? he said, well, that could be so, that could be so. look. i'm not knocking him but saying the one person that they don't want to run against is me because i'm going to win and bring states in like new york, like michigan. i'm going to bring -- sean, i'm going to bring states in that are not in the equation. >> they always talk about new york that came in and you had 71%. >> yeah. >> another one had you at 65%. let's deal with one other source of opposition to you. there's been the groups meeting to stop trump. california, and this is what they said. i'm a conservative. i believe in limited government, free markets and free trade. donald trump does not. now, i have had -- no. i have had -- we did interviews together, right? >> a lot. >> i want do go through the list of things you have told me in the interviews and tell me if
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you agree. you are pro-life. >> yes. >> pro second amendment? >> yes. >> where you stand on immigration? >> yes. >> until we can vet radical muslims to infiltrate the syrian population they don't get in. >> can't do it. >> you said to me, you will repeal obamacare and replace it with health care savings accounts. >> correct. >> you also went on to say you will rebuild the military. >> i will. i will totally rebuild. we'll have a very, very strong military. >> everybody in phoenix knows you will fix the broken v.a. system, especially here. you have told me in interviews that you will be energy independent. >> right, absolutely. >> okay. you have said you will eliminate common core and put education back to the states. >> absolutely. >> okay. now, they made a statement and they said you are not those things. so i want to ask you this. on all of those items i just
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mentioned, to those people that say publicly or not, even ted cruz, eric ericsson or any other conservative, do you say on every issue that you have told me in the past that that is your solemn pledge and your solemn vow if you're president you'll follow that agenda? >> 100%. and let me just -- 100%. 100%. but i have to say. the biggest reason, which is stupidity, the biggest reason they say i'm not conservative and i don't care about labels. jeb bush used to stand up. he is not a conservative. and i'd say, when's wrong with this man? by the way, i don't think i'm going to get his endorsement
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either. who cares? look. the biggest thing that they would say, i'm not a free trader. i am. those things mostly i think for the most part, right, i never get hit of those things. i want smart trade. not even free trade. i want smart trade. when we have a trade deficit with china of $505 billion, when we have a trade deficit with as an example with mexico of $58 billion a year, trade deficit, now, they all talk about the wall. we'll build a wall and mexico's going to pay for the wall. and everybody -- and, sean, all of these politicians they all come up. first they said they'll never build the wl and then cruz said we'll build the wall. where did he come from? my wife said, could you come here? would you listen to this? never heard it before. all of a sudden he wants to build the wall. they don't know how to build the wall and start. they couldn't get the environmental impact statements
7:16 pm
done. >> this is important. >> one thing. the reason they'll pay for the wall, when we have a deficit of 58. you can't get mexico to pay. as sure as you're sitting the there -- i love you, too. but here's the thing. when you have a trade deficit of -- think of this. mexico. $58 billion and companies moving in. carrier, nabisco, ford. everybody. everybody's moving in to mexico. we're not going to have anything left. mexico is a small version of china. so but here's the thing. >> not writing a check. you're going to negotiate a deal. >> they don't have to write a check. when you have $58 billion in trade deficits, right, and you have a $10 billion wall, costs $10 billion. 1,000. you don't need 2,000. you need a thousand with natural barriers. but when you have $10 billion and $58, anybody in the audience figures it out easy. really easy. >> the last -- just to follow up
7:17 pm
on the last question. so any time because i've interviewed so much and i go on the radio show and people call in and repeat what some of the other candidates say or some of the groups say and i say, well, i have interviewed him and what he tells me. you are saying this is it. this is your agenda? >> this is it. >> that's the vow? >> except with trade. except with trade. except with trade. they hit me more on trade than anything else. they talk about imminent domain. you can't build a road, a hospital, a highway. i see the commercials. i have to tell you, i have to tell you because there's a group like a sick group. it's called club for growth. never heard of them. i have to tell the story. they're like extortionists. they come and a friend said can you meet with club for growth? i'm not a politician. doing this for eight months. how am i doing? like you do. i'm mare messenger. so i get a call and wants me to meet with club for growth.
7:18 pm
a conservative group. do i have to? do it as a favor. he was a former congressman. asked me for a million dollars. what do you do? asked me for a million dollars. very nicely i turned him down and writes may letter. which i have. after that, commercial after commercial. if i would have given them a million dollars. >> a best friend. >> would have been fine. >> can i have a million? no, sorry. >> you don't need it. >> we'll take a break. we continue the entire hour with 2016 presidential candidate donald trump has "hannity" on the road continues. sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. when your allergy symptoms start... i've been claritin clear for 14 days. ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season...
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welcome back to beautiful phoenix, arizona. "hannity" on the road as we continue with 2016 gop front-runner donald trump. mr. trump, let's talk a little bit about the biggest issue and joe arpaio will join us in a few minutes. the people of arizona on the front lines of illegal immigration. i have been on the front line. the drug warehouses massive floor to ceiling. hout on horseback, all terrain vehicle and boetds from the rio grande to san diego. tunnels dug. it's impacting our criminal justice system, the divisional system, our health care system. you have taken a hardline position. >> very hardline. >> how long to secure that border? >> i think immediate. i tell you what, on drudge there's an article about the border agents, border agents. i call them border patrol. regardless, it said they back me 100%. i'm the only one that has their
7:22 pm
back. biggest story on drudge. and -- and when you have guys like sheriff joe and jan and they're not allowed to do their job. i watched joe all the time. they're always, you know, they're all questioning them. they want this -- almost like they want it to come in. you know, when i won new hampshire, amazing thing. it was an amazing thing. the people of new hampshire, you see this beautiful setting, gorgeous place and trees and roadways and go to a meeting and the first thing they talk about is heroin. coming from the southern border. if i win, i'm going to take care of this. not only new hampshire. all over the country. and it's here, too. i said to them, i won in a landslide and same thing in south carolina. a landslide. they talk about drugs. we'll stop it. people like sheriff joe, what the job he's done, he doesn't get enough credit for the incredible job he's done. >> yeah. in 2014, i.c.e. released
7:23 pm
criminal aliens from its custody. now, i sat through a briefing in texas with intelligence official, border officials and an 8-year period, 642,000 crimes were committed against texans by illegal immigrants and we still don't protect the border. because the democrats want a new voting base and republicans want cheap labor? >> one of the things i see and find hard to believe, hundreds of thousands of people convicted criminals that are illegally in the country, people convicted of crimes that aren't serving in the country. walking all over the place and, look, it's lobbies. you have lobbies. i'm self funding. it is a very big thing. but if you ask -- completely. because i don't need any industry. i mean, all the guys are taken care of. look at ted cruz. taken care of by so many different groups and the other ones. most of them are gone and i don't have to talk about them
7:24 pm
anymore and the lobbyists are really good. they're really smart. they raise a lot of money. they totally -- do the wrong thing for the country not taking people's money. i'm not taking their money. not giving me -- i have turned down -- jeb bush had the biggest fund. $158 million. if i would have taken money, i would have had five times that amount. i feel foolish in a way not taking it. i always say, why aren't i taking it? i want to put in 10 million, put in 15 million. and i keep saying, no, no, no. that's different than my whole life. i'm taking money. okay? i make money and turning down the money. i feel a little bit foolish. i feel so good about it. i don't think i get the credit for doing it. if you want to know the truth. no, it is true, though. when they go to the voting booth, i'm probably in for $35 million. which is very economical compared to some. think of. i'm in for $35 million. okay? other people are in for $150 million. i'm first and they're in like
7:25 pm
seventh place. right? and they're gone. how good is that? how good is that? don't you want that for you president? that thinking. same thing with education. the united states spends more money on education than any country in the world and yet we're at the bottom of the pack. you have denmark and sweden and norway and china all at the top and we're at the bottom and spend more money. we want to reverse things. it's not even a question always of money. like the vets. we are going to take care of the vets and the money that's spent is enormous but it's all corrupt. it's all incompetent. especially, frankly, phoenix. i read more about the phoenix vet -- >> the va. >> the veterans administration than anybody else in the country. >> people died waiting -- >> no, terrible. >> had two lists. one when they really applied and then when they called them a year later and sometimes call families saying, oh, sorry -- >> [ inaudible ] >> the vets that we as a country promised them dying, you know,
7:26 pm
waiting for the care that they never got. >> two people that i have been reading about. and they can't get them out. >> fighting to get the bonuses. we'll take a break. here in phoenix, arizona. donald trump, gop front-runner for a full hour here tonight on "hannity." you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. .
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7:29 pm
agreement forced down israel's throat. israel is hurt enough by our president. our president has been -- i think the worst thing that's happened to israel. that iran deal, that iran deal is such a total disaster. now the move is that the united nations is going to make a deal and force it down both of them. number one, deals don't work that way. it can't. it will never be acceptable. mabel not even to the other side and probably an anti-israel deal, frankly, if it's done by the united nations. you can't allow that. you have to veto that. >> we got to get out of the u.n. >> as president, if israel comes under attack by radical islamists and you are the president, you will have their back? >> 100%. not only that -- 100%. somewhere buried in that horrible iran deal, one of the worst deals i have seen, not even between nations but one of the dumbest any time and somewhere in the deal there's a statement, i believe, nobody can confirm it, but everybody's talking about it, that if iran
7:30 pm
gets attacked we are supposed to come to their defense. now -- i know. can you believe it? okay? can you believe it? one of the worst deals, dumbest deals we have ever seen. there's something to that effect in there. >> when we made that deal, they were burning our flag, burning the israeli flag, chanting death to america and said the destruction of israel is nonnegotiable and obama still made the deal. >> we never walked once and we should have had the prisoners before we started negotiating. we should have said we're not negotiating. leave the room. double up the sanctions and had the prisoners out years ago. whole thing is horrible. $150 billion. we get nothing. an i'll tell you what. it needs -- leads to nuclear proliferati proliferation. look at other countries. everybody hates the deal. for israel, probably the most dangerous deal ever signed. it is the most dangerous deal. >> how do we deal, looking at the middle east, you have the
7:31 pm
sunnis, you have shia iran, saudi arabia but then you have general alsisi and the saudis duplicity. they give the clintons money and other people money. they want to be our friends and then on the other hand now when any're fighting iranian-backed rebels in yemen, now they want our support. >> sure. >> so what do we do to demand they pick a side? >> ready? saudi arabia before the oil crash and still making a fortune but not as much and making a billion dollars a day. so we defend saudi arabia. i have many friends from saudi arabia. very nice people. they buy my apartments. they rent my space. i have to -- i'm in a different position. i'm always like defending. same thing with china. knocking chi in. >> buy trump steaks, too? >> everything, okay? china, i mean, i have the biggest bank in the world is my tenant. in san francisco the great partner.
7:32 pm
we got that from china. so many different things. i don't have anything against the chinese even the saudis. but our leaders are so stupid that we do this. now, here's the thing. so here's the thing. i really get angry at the leaders. not the only countries. taking advantage of people don't know what they're doing. saudi arabia making a billion dollars a day. we defend saudi arabia. they wouldn't be there. remember the first iraq war, right? >> kuwait? >> with kuwait. where the -- they came in and they were coming, the iraqis coming in and the saudis ran. i mean, i just remembered it and we had the marines in the background. we took care of it. i'll never forget that scene. here's the thing. not knocking saudi arabia only saying this. iran now has yenl. they want to take yemen. they want yes, ma'am within the long border of saudi arabia. they -- last thing. >> yemeni in the region. >> they want the oil from saudi arabia. here's the thing. we defend saudi arabia.
7:33 pm
every time there's a problem, send ships, go crazy. spend a fortune. we get paid peanuts for this. a billion dollars a day. i'm saying we have to be reimbursed and paid when we do this. >> don't you think, though, that they have purposely manipulated the oil markets to drive american fracking companies out of business and prevent americans from having jobs? in other words, i have asked you about energy independence. tapping into the natural gas, our coal resources, our energy and oil resources, in anwar, west coast, east coast, the gulf, we don't need any of their oil. >> you mentioned coal. i see in kentucky where they were so nice to me. big victory in kentucky, big victory. but you look at west virginia. you look at virginia. you look at ohio where the
7:34 pm
industry's been wiped out. clean coal, now, we are going to send -- we are sending coal, coal industry is destroyed. miners now, just been totally destroyed by obama. and by environmental protection, by what they have done. what they have done to that industry and you do have new technology with clean coal and everything else. we send our coal to china and they use it. they don't clean it. spews into the air and talking about the carbon foot prinprint obama hops on air force one, goes to hawaii to play golf. comes back again and talks about the carbon footprint. here's the story. we have to energize, let the coal people be coal people. this was a great industry. >> we should make energy independent. >> we have to. >> what do you think about -- look. don't you think the saudis giving the clinton foundation money and bought hillary's silence and women in saudi arabia can't drive, can't leave a house without a male relative? >> that's a big discussion right now because now they're finding
7:35 pm
out that bill would be getting a fortune to make a speech and then all of a sudden lots of positive things happen when she was secretary of state and the e-mail scandal is massive and people were sent to prison for doing a tiny fraction of what she did. you look at general petraeus, what happened to him, what he did was nothing compared to what she did and destroyed his life. you look at it. so it's a very -- it's a very sad situation. >> if she can run, you say that. >> i do say this. >> you told me -- >> you would think if they would have done something they would have done it a long time ago. they'll let her go up to the gate and then indict her? >> a criminal referral and don't listen to it, you said you would send your attorney general -- >> you have to do that. a six-year statute of limitations and you have to look at that. but you know what it is? first of all, it is a very bad thing what she did for the country and very unfair for so many people that have done so much less and their lives destroyed. >> last question this segment.
7:36 pm
i don't have a lot of time. who are people that you would -- can tell us now, we started out with 17 candidates whorks are people that you would bring into your administration or ask in your administration? >> i know so many politicians. so many people in washington. >> name names? >> we have great people, sean. we have great people. i don't want to talk -- >> alan west. >> good man. she said. >> rudy giuliani? ag? >> he comes around. he's great. bolton is great. so many people i deal with. with walid farris you know and i know that are great. they're the good ones. >> we are in phoenix, arizona, with gop front-runner donald trump and a few special guests when we come back as we continue "hannity" on the road. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv
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as we continue in phoenix, arizona, "hannity" on the road. we continue with 2016 gop front-runner donald trump. ahead of tomorrow's all-important arizona primary, winner take all and we are joined by special guest former governor jan brewer wi eer is u america's sheriff, welcome sheriff joe arpaio. governor, you know the state. polls have mr. trump up by 13, 14 points. last two polls i saw, how will he do tomorrow? >> he will win. >> okay. >> you know the bottom line, sean, just been amazing. you look at all the polls, we watch it all but here's a man that has 2 million more votes than anybody running against him. 2 million. he's a winner. >> do you remember when the governor, when there's the picture of the governor getting in the grill of barack obama?
7:43 pm
that was great. >> yes. i do. >> that won't happen with him. >> they talk about incendiary language but everybody forgets that obama said get in their face. if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. sheriff joe, your endorsement means a lot in this state because people love your tough law and order style. tell me why you -- >> remember, i'm investigating the president. you forgot that. you know that. >> i didn't forget. >> i just sued him. went up to the supreme court. that's why he doesn't like me. >> yes. you know, look. i think any sheriff that gives prisoners pink underwear, pink outfits and 50 cent baloney sandwiches is looking out for the people. you've become very popular.
7:44 pm
>> we run the jails, too. i first met donald when he was here in july. wasn't it great how the people turned out? >> amazing. >> you know? and he brought up the illegal immigration. now, everybody's talking about it. you -- trying to copy whatever, you know, isn't that strange? >> why don't you tell us from your experience, both of you, gove governor, we'll start with you. the impact on the prison system, the education and health care system because of illegal immigration. how much is it costing the state and the country? >> let me begin by saying that our government, federal government has absolutely failed us, failed to protect us. and mr. trump will listen and he will protect usare of us. bottom line is that in arizona we were the gateway to all of this illegal immigration. the only border that really truly isn't secured and we are the recipients of the crime, the
7:45 pm
drop houses, the extortion, the sex trafficking and then we have to pay for their education, their health care and the incarceration. the federal government never comes and never helps. we plead and we fight and they do not do a thing. we want somebody that will stand up and protect us. >> both of you have been attacked nationally by a president who's lawless and doesn't respect co-equal branches of government and separation of powers and the constitution of the united states. but you'll both held your ground. >> absolutely. i think like mr. trump and like sheriff joe and all of you we believe in the rule of law. >> sheriff, maybe for people that haven't been to the border, i've been down ten, 12 times, i have seen it firsthand. i've been there when gang members were arrested, seen the tunnels as i said earlier and the drug warehouse as big at this room floor to ceiling full
7:46 pm
of drugs aimed at america's kids. what maybe doesn't the average person not on a border state know about illegal immigration? >> well, i would hope that they would watch the news and hopefully they might get a station that would report it accurately like you just did. bottom line is that we have seen here in arizona and i as governor the heart ache and the suffering that has put a -- put upon the people. >> i spent 35 years fighting this at both sides. i was director and actually i can go all -- maybe i failed because we still have the drugs coming across. we still have illegal immigration. that's why i'm supporting donald because maybe, finally, we're going to get a change. and get something done other than a talk. everybody talks about it. he's going to act. and i really believe it. >> yeah. >> really believe it. >> all right. >> by the way, mr. trump will
7:47 pm
absolutely support our law enforcement, our policemen and the border agents. support them. >> sheriff joe, great to see you, as always. governor, thank you. when we come back we'll continue more with donald trump as we continue "hannity" live on the road and we are in beautiful phoenix, arizona, straight ahead. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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. welcome back to "hannity" we're in phoenix, arizona. mr. trump, you read social media. i see you tweet, i tweet. you see comments. there is a lot of conflict within the republican party. you've mentioned you've had conversations with paul ryan, mitch mcconnell and your last two victory speeches, you have talked about pulling the party together. tell us about those conversations and how to you bring those people, that maybe weren't supporting you, together to make sure that hillary does not become the next president? >> i want to tell you we're in arizona and we're going to protect your second amendment.
7:53 pm
okay? people are calling me now, sean, that are so called establishment, whatever the establishment means. nobody knows if there is an establishment. they want to get on the, calling it the trump train. people that are mocking me, i turn on the news, they're knocking me and then, i believe unity, you're going to see great unity and the republican people coming together. we're seeing millions and millions. the biggest story world wide, millions of people that have never voted before. democrats, independents. they're all coming in. >> i have a figure to back that up. most people voted already than in 2008 and 2012. >> and we have 20% to 25%
7:54 pm
democrats here. republicans are up 70%. democrats down 35%. no enthusiasm. >> you're confident you can bring the party together. >> did paul ryan and mitch mcdonnell indicate they'd work with you to solve america's problems? >> they did do that and i think it's going to happen. millions of people, it's not me, i'm a messenger, they want this to happen. >> did you have a great time, phoenix? that is all the time we have left to evening. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here, our regular time, 10:00 eastern for election results in arizona and utah. we'll see you back in new york on tuesday. thank you for being with us. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems.
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>> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> violent outbursts at campaign rallies. in tucson, a protester punched and stomped as he was let out by security. >> more violence surrounding the campaign of donald trump. will scenes like these effect the voters. [chanting] >> we have a special report this >> for more than half a century, the sight of a u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. this is a new day. >> president obama in cuba. some believe he has already been disrespected by raoul castro. but here's the important question. what's in the detente for the u


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