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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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izona and utah votes roll in. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. definitely looking out for you. hey, well -- welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> coming up, mitt romney makes row bow calls for ted cruz. or mitt romney makes robo calls for ted cruz. and twitter throws itself a 10th birthday party and it is unbelievably annoying and immature. except the viewers' 10-year-olds who are remarkably mature for their age. and charges extra for rude behavior. or in other word charging extra for being french. >> let's welcome our guest.
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she hosts the intelligence report and promises to dumb it down for "red eye." high is -- he is the reason colleges need a safe space. comedian tim dillon. >> she is so sweet, just looking at her will give you diabetes. expert and host of the pod cast, katie lie -- kitty l -- katie linendahl. let's start the show. donald trump is dancing his way to the nomination. or at least awkwardly swaying. on sunday trump hosted an event for the local republicans in palm beach. that's in nebraska, i believe. there was entertainment. ♪ when the night has come ♪ and the land is dark
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♪ and the moon >> it is good to see kato kaelin working again. here is more. >> ♪ stand by me ♪ so donald, donald ♪ stand by me ♪ oh stand by me ♪ it don't matter what hillary does ♪ ♪ as long as we're with you ♪ for unity, for mr. trump, give him a hand! >> and we didn't play the first verse which is ben carson, stand over there. meanwhile, mitt romney is still on the fence about trump. romney recorded robo calls
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supporting ted cruz ahead of tuesday's gop contest in utah and arizona. have a listen. >> hello, this is mitt romney and i am calling to ask you to join me in supporting ted cruz for president this tuesday. this is the time for republicans across the spectrum to unite behind ted. >> he really does sound like a robot. we really need to spice up the robocalls like this. >> hello, this is mitt romney. i'm calling to ask you to join me in supporting ted cruz for president. ted cruz has spent his life defending the constitution. aisley dsh dash i'll be voting
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for ted cruz and i encourage you to do the same thing. >> that's much better. we need to use that footage. >> they were that comfortable having to stand up there. >> that was the only appropriate moment in a trump rally for someone to get attacked. >> they bludgeoned that guy with a microphone. it was nice to see a trull p rally that didn't descend into backyard wrestling. >> "stand by me" even when it is on the subway just one stop is too much for me. >> 100%. i didn't think there was anything that could be as awkward as us at a seventh grade dance where you are a yard -- yardstick away. i thought that was epic and
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beautiful. >> trump rallies, maybe they need something to mellow them out. >> what do you think about this or the robo calls? >> romney's robo calls, are they helping at all? >> no. robo calls, really? we get enough spam in general. we don't need to add phone calls to the spam. i was thinking how romney feels making this call. did he ever think in a zillion years he would be making a call like that even if it is a recording for ted cruz? >> and you get the sense he doesn't really -- he still doesn't love ted cruz. he hasn't endorsed him. >> that's why you need that pink bikini doing something extra. >> can we talk about the front end of the point, the technology behind robo calls? we are asteroid mining and building cars, but still using
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robo calls? >> i love a good row bow call. >> no you don't. >> your machine problem bly answer -- probably answers it, right? >> i like two or three every night. >> they are not personal, but he wants everyone to know that it is working in utah, don't you think? they like him there. >> the reason he is not endorsing anybody is because the call was not about ted cruz. it was trump. vote for ted cruz because otherwise donald trump would win. i don't think he wants anybody to win. he just wants to make sure donald trump doesn't. >> he is still trying to backdoor his way in. >> you think he is -- >> he is a worm. he sounds like a robot worm from the future. >> but obviously i don't know why they are doing it still. it proves every time they have this establishment come out he proves to get stronger.
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they may as well layoff, right? >> maybe not. we got a glimpse of what a unified republican front would look like and it is donald trump and ben carson and some guy from florida singing stand by by me so maybe we need to break up this party immediately. >> and now it is time for -- twitter is celebrating 10 years. can you believe it? they have made an inspiring video to show all of the things that would not have happened without them. >> that is beautiful. "red eye's own twitter feed was no less inspiring this year. take a look.
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>> that happens a lot during election season. no less inspiring. jack dorsey claims twitter stands for freedom of expression and speaking truth to power. but it depends on whose truth and whose power? it has skewed heavily in favor of the social justice warriors and against conservatives and the other fun types. actor adam baldwin had the gamer gate to campaign against the political correctness. his account was locked when he tweeted a nonspecific reference to certain people being more attractive than other people. they say it was a threat. janet bloomfield, the creator
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of the women against feminism # and her account had been erased for simply repeating the word of columnist back to her. and then there is milo who lives to annoy the social justice warriors and he had his account de-verified. why? we are not sure. twitter won't reveal why it bans its users of the free speech or speech police? twitter will have to choose. do you get the sense, tim, that twitter is a little bias on the left wing side? what do you think? >> probably. probably it skews younger to make kids happy. >> really? >> yes. my parents are conservatives to 80-year-olds and they do not think twitter users. if twitter has a marketing strategy it is not for world war ii vets. it is skewing younger. it is more black lives matter, you know. it is not exactly -- twitter
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is not huge in nursing homes. >> facebook though -- >> love it. >> they love going in for angioplasty, 10 likes. those are the only 10 friend that are left. >> they could be on twitter and use an angioplasty hash tag. >> do you think it is not an ideology thing, but a marketing thing -- >> i think that a lot of us in the media love it because it is a way to get a constant news feed, but not everybody is like that. twitter will face serious obstacles. look at the stock price. that's after having come out $20 a share. it is not growing the user base enough. they want your grandma going in for the an yow playsy. the angioplasty. they can't get her. they compare the number they have versus facebook and other
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competitors and they are not there. >> in my world i tend to think of twitter -- i love it and i love the hash tags and i like getting on twitter after the show and tweeting things, but when i looked at the user base i couldn't believe how many more people were on facebook which to me is the uncool social network. maybe because i am so cool. would you say that? katie, look, twitter i think is -- they are going to have to shape up a little bit. i think they are playing favorites. guys like milo have proved it, has he not? >> there was a lot of debbie downer scenarios. >> do you agree with my analysis that there is a buyer on twitter? >> while investors are unhappy and they were not fortunate making money in advertising and yes they have a long way to go. i think i need to celebrate the revolution that is twitter. we all came in with a twitter
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handle. there is something to say about social revolution. on your birthday people don't put you down. i think we need to celebrate the positive things. >> nobody puts you down on your birthday? >> no, dude. i don't know what kind of friends you have. >> honest ones. you are 31 and you have a lot of problems. it is a perfect time to take account of where it is and what it needs to do. >> and to back up on your point, you say it is a younger audience and that's not true. it is missing the millennial audience. >> they are idiots and they cannot read 140 characters. >> how old are you? >> i'm 78. >> if you are 31 you are a millennial. >> i am not a millennial. >> sam is going to wrap this whole thing up. >> before we worry about who is is being nice to who on whose birthday it is twitter and it is to the for being nice. it exists to criticize. as we look back at all of the
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things twitter celebrated, all of them were criticized horribly in 140 characters. twitter is prejudicial against the more conservative -- they love the liberal. they love people that are nice. they don't like people who are mean. they don't like when feminists get upset. they side with them. this is all true. and i am not verified. >> that's insanity. >> there is a lot of negativity on twitter that people resist. look at facebook and it is less anonymous, right? you know who these people are. sew s -- as such it is a more positive place. twitter tends to be a more negative place. >> can you mix being nice and free speech though? they don't match. >> who wants to be nice? it is not real life. people need to be mean. people aren't good at things. they are complimented for them. >> does that explain why more people haven't jumped on the
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ban wagon? >> twitter is too anonymous. it allows you to take shots at people. if you attack me on facebook i can then go on your page and call your kids ugly. on twitter i can't see your kids to call them ugly. do you see what i mean? >> maybe that's why they are having trouble. it is not as nice of a place and that might be it. now it is time for. >> if one new jersey lawmaker gets their wish pamela would introduce the bill that makes it similar to jaywalking. it would be punishable to a fine or prison time. they said we need to have people more aware of what is going on around them especially in the streets. texting and walking is no laughing matter.
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>> sadly she died. >> it is not a laughing matter. have the police gone too far? >> yeah. and maybe this is is the new hampshire girl in me, live free or die. really we want a law against it? will we create a law? all of the work that will go into the law. >> but what if someone walks on the train tracks and somebody else has to save them. how does that feel? >> you know, and certainly if i am driving my car and somebody is coming through the walkway texting, i am not going to like that. you know i just don't know if we will get to the point we need a law for. it can't we just tell people
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and remind them. >> how about remind them no texting in the car instead of these laws that add points to your driver's license. >> you're right. how are you going to enforce that law? will you have cops tackle people who are texting while they cross the street? how do we do that? >> why don't they do it now? they have the cameras in the street. >> i think the punishment for texting and crossing the street is getting paralyzed when you are hit by a car. that's a fine punishment. you have a lot of time to text. >> if you are walking on a train track they did that. don't go on the train tracks to save them. that's the thinking of the heard. if you watch somebody and they walk on a train track, step back because there will be a splatter. >> who are these people saving people? >> the other day i saw someone
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fall on to the tracks it was on the internet and somebody dove down and grabbed him and pulled him to safety jie. do you agree with sam? >> i think it is a serious problem. every day and it starts in the morning it is -- between the distracted driving and texting and not paying attention i say i know we are in a holy week and i respect it, but i think we should stone anyone or give them -- >> wait a minute. >> and then kill them. >> do you agree with the laws -- well i guess you do. >> trish, you think you draw the line at the cars and you say no for the pedestrians, but my theory is that people in their cars, it is more dangerous because they are afraid of getting a ticket so they are texting out of view of the police and smashing their cars into people.
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you know what, if you're the idiot texting while drivingill e results of that. >> a lot of libertarians on this panel. >> if she is texting while driving and she plows into me that's a danger to me. if i hit her because she is texting and walking -- there is a little damage to the car, but she is the one who will take the damage on that. >> people are getting in accidents. i hope they don't text and drive, but i think we should have campaigns to educate. >> psa's. >> do not text and drive. >> coming up, obama visits cuba. what could possibly go wrong?
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. president obama wraps up his first full day in havana saying it is a new day for u.s.-cuban relations. the president is raising differences on democracy and human rights in talks with cuban president raoul castro. cuba's leader called for the u.s. to lift more restrictions it has on cuba. castro wants the u.s. to return the land it uses for the naval base at guantanamo bay. mr. obama's day coming to an end with the official state dinner at havana's palace of the revolution. on the menu shrimp moose, the traditional pork with rice and planting chips. also available, cuban cigars. a hearing to decide if apple can be forced to help unlock the iphone of one of the san bernadino terrorists has been put on hold. the federal prosecutors claim an unnamed third party came
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forward with a possible method to open th encrypted phone. more time is needed to see if the method is viable. apple says they know nothing about the possible work around. the justice department will update the court on april 5th. quick reaction from the tennis world forces resignation as raymond moore as ceo and director. moore saying on sunday that the top level women players road the coat tales of men and we are equal to have prize money. a jury awards hulk hogan $25 million in punitive damages in addition to the $115 million judgment against gawker. they posted a video of him having sex with the wife of his former best friend. that's a look at news. now back to "red eye."
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president obama is in cuba for an historic visit with his fellow communist. on monday the president stopped in havana's revolutionary plaza for a photo op. it was a little walk ward. fortunately that has been the only awkward moment on the trip. >> that happened at the end of obama's press conference with the cuban president. i think we need to see that again in super slow motion. >> meanwhile, espn commemorated the trip by tweeting what everyone was thinking. fidel castro was many things to many people.
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one thing all can agree on, he loved sports. twitter reacted accordingly. logan wrote, so did many of the dissidents he murdered. and the iowa hawk simply tweeted yay sports with a picture of adolf hitler. needless to say espn deleted its tweet. was that a wise tweet? >> who tweeted it? >> espn. >> they were talking about him and how he likes sports. sports and sports entertainment is where everybody can find common ground whether you are a politician or murderer or who ever you are. if you like the redskins you like the redskins and you can watch a game together. >> how about the cuban people. >> a historic visit to cuba
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instead of fidel castro -- i mean do you think it was accurate? >> hitler loved sports. that would be an article i would read on espn. espn was telling me what a bad guy hitler was. who are you, espn? >> katie, what do you think? should they have deleted their tweet? >> no. >> even if it was wrong. >> stand by what you write. >> we all know what it is. it is liz on the internet forever. he is is a guy that some people don't like and a lot of people don't like. he liked sports. they are a sports thing. they are writing about the sports part of it. >> sam answered your question. how about talking about our limp armed president. >> that's painful. for the record i worked for
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espn for many years. you have to capitalize when something is is on twitter and we are in a sensitive position here. religion and politics, you have to be extra careful. come on, that's 101. who do you think works the twitter feed. >> could is -- could it have been mussolini loves canoli. >> you do certain things in life and then some of those things have to take precedence and well he loves sports. that doesn't matter. he was a murderer and a totalitarian. >> and the second you delete it too -- >> you are wrong. >> that's it. don't delete and stand by your tweets. >> stand by the totalitarian. >> stand by me.
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>> i absolutely would, but stand by the tweet. >> i would watch a mussolini show. >> the left in america think it is great. >> you have a socialist who is a real contender for the democratic ticket. it is a socialist. a few steps away and you are there at communism. i just wonder if cuba in someways have been romanticized by the left. maybe that espn tweet was by -- dare i say it bernie sander's kid, the millennial -- >> he does not work at espn and could not throw a ball. >> but we do hear them glorifying cuba and we hear them talk about the health care in cuba and everyone is cared for. the education system in cuba. >> and they are forgetting what fidel castro did. they are forgetting what is real about that country in preference of the ideology that is -- maybe to them it is
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pure, but to them there are real serious problems with cuba still. and their human rights violations are. >> maybe it is good that president obama went and he is reminding us who the villain is. >> stay glued to the tube. coming up, half time with andy levy next.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news deck. >> it is monday. >> it is monday. >> hey, katie? >> hi, andy. it is good to see you again. >> i noticed no ipad during the intro? >> i feel like you didn't acknowledge it. i usually have my i heart andy levy. >> so noted. trump stand by me. you said this was the one time when somebody was at a trump rally. you made me feel bad for donald trump. >> there is not one person that would have been outraged by a lead pipe attack. >> i actually thought it was a
12:34 am
reboot from a scene of "fletch." that seems like something fletch would do. >> very possible. >> you asked romney did he ever think he would be making a call like that for ted cruz. absolutely not. he is not endorsing cruz at all. he is endorsing cruz getting enough delegates to force an open convention. >> right. it is maybe mitt romney. you vote for cruz and maybe i got a shot? >> i can see your point about romney doing this. i am not entirely sure that is right, but it is certainly possible. >> i am just glad i am not cynical like you. tom, you said the robo calls are working in utah. cruz is destroying trump in utah. it is unnecessary. >> it looks like he will get more than 50% of the vote.
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>> the main point is to get people not to vote for kasich. he wants cruz to get over 50% of the vote or whatever. >> you know who would like 50% of the vote? kasich. >> yeah, but kasich isn't gonna get that in utah. >> right. >> twitter turns 10. monday was thought really twitter's 10th birthday. it is the 10th anniversary of the first tweet by jack dorsey. but twitter didn't go public until 2006. that's the actual birthday. >> how long have you been on it. >> 17 years i think. >> i thought it was interesting you didn't show th full birthday video. can we roll that?
12:36 am
>> i think he said he is going in the hudson. >> a monday june 22nd, "red eye" with tom shillue will officially debut. >> that's a national milestone. >> it was interesting that of all of the important things they chose to put in their 10th anniversary video and they put in that. >> i said just for time. >> twitter has a marketing strategy it probably skews younger. i don't know. my teenage nieces are on snap chat all day. they don't tweet at all. >> i don't know much about twitter. i have had 2100 followers for 12 years and say everything i can to get followers.
12:37 am
if anyone wants to talk about obama, the gay communist president i am at t.j. dillon. >> have you considered deleting your account? >> that would help. >> also by the way you are a millennial. you can pretend you are not, but you are a millennial. >> katie two. diane zero. >> i look at her father and i am still a millennial. >> sam, you are not verified on twitter? >> no. can you believe that? >> tom, there is one thing i would argue with you about. >> he said i look nothing like that guy. >> can he follow me? >> great shape. >> tom i was going to say, i don't think it is necessarily a right-left thing with regard to twitter's point of view. i know lefties who were kicked
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off foregoing against the, quote, unquote, sjw's. it is an interesting skew, but i don't think it is a straight right-left thing. >> what is is the opposite of social justice warrior? i said conservatives, but it is just cool people, right? like you. >> exactly. >> it is like more toms. >> should texting while walking be a crime? you asked how we will enforce this law. i guess in someways it is self-enforcing. >> i don't want to see stories about police brutality. a cop shot at somebody eight times for texting. let's not give cops anymore reason to start shooting people. >> sam, you said if someone is walking on the train tracks they did that. don't go after them. fine, but i feel bad for the conductor of the train who may end up killing that person. and for the passengers of the train who end up being late for work. >> i do too and i am not advocating people jump on train tracks, but i would feel
12:39 am
more bad if i died trying to help them and the conductors killed two people. once you are there, you are there and what can you do? >> you would feel more bad if you died too? >> cuban stuff. you say it was fine and i kind of sort of agree, but you have a good point, stay out of politics . >> you don't really wonder that, do you? >> on the topic of the obama photo, yes, shay was a murderous son of a bitch, but plenty have taken their photos
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in front of murderous sons of bitches. he was standing in front of a bust of lenin. presidents do that all the time. a lot of times they are actually standing with living murderous sons of bitches like saddam hussein and things like that. i can't get worked up. that's my speech for the night. and lastly the whole limp wrist thing? >> yeah. >> it reminded me of lamar from "revenge of the nerd." he had the limp wristed throwing style with the javolin. i don't know. i guess it makes me old. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. baby showers for dads when we come back.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. we are getting word at this hour of two explosions in a departure lounge at the brussels airport. no word yet on the cause of the blast, but there are reports of several injuries. let's show our sister station sky news now for the latest. >> rail traffic to and from the airport have been suspended and unsurprisingly all flights have been diverted from brussels airport this morning. this is an on going situation. people are still being evacuated from that building. alex ruffey had gone through security and was at the departure gate and is caught
12:45 am
up in what is happening there this morning. alex, as you were saying is it worth reiterating that these explosions while not confirmed as terrorism come four days after the arrest of the key suspect in the paris attacks. it feeds into the threat and the heightened fears in brussels at the moment. >> yes. >> i mean, there has been a very high alert for several months now. they have been on the run for the last four months. it is quite embarrassing for the belgian security service. [inaudible]. didn't have a better understanding of the homegrown jihady threat which was happening in their capitol city. it is blamed rightly or wrongly for being that threat.
12:46 am
>> you are probably right. this is a city that has been on height alert for many months now. it is on the streets. people have been concerned and they have been. they know the plot originated in brussels. i don't think when we heard the explosions we thought there could could be any other explanation. we haven't had it confirmed by the authorities, but certainly by the way they are responding and the advice we are giving. that kind of stuff. that would suggest they are also treating this as a terrorist attack although i stress it hasn't been
12:47 am
confirmed at all. there seems to be a number of coaches out here. they are not moving past rows of flames. people appear to be getting on buses. let me see if i can have a word with a few people. did you hear what happened? did you hear what happened? >> it was a bomb. >> it was a bomb you said? were you close to it at the time? were you close? were you near? okay. i think this woman thinks there were four explosions and i heard two. other people think there were only two explosions as well. there is no doubt in those people's minds that there was a bomb in which case a terrorist attacked here at brussels airport in the heart
12:48 am
of europe, the capitol of europe. >> alex, we are just hearing from an airport spokeswoman who said there were two blasts in the departure hall. the team is in place to help. we are hearing details like passengers like yourself are being lead on to the tarmac at the airport and the crisis center has urged people not to come to the airport. as you mentioned all flights are grounded and rail travel to and from the airport is suspended. people are being told not to come to brussels airport. describe to us what is happening outside the building. it is the security forces and it is to get people out of the building. what happens now? >> can you see the picture? >> we can't see at the moment. you will have to describe it for us.
12:49 am
>> i will describe it for you. we have come out of the main de prt tour where the planes were about to take off at the gate. we are told to leave owl luggage -- all luggage. we were told that by the police. they are a few thousand people here at the moment. there were a couple of coaches waiting for them. it feeds into this general sense is of panic and fear that people have. many people were close to the explosions. a lot of distressed people here. a lot of people as you would imagine on their telephones are telling their loved ones that they are safe. there is is also very few
12:50 am
people are telling what to do. >> we are looking at the footage where the explosion went off. two explosions were confirmed by the airport. they are pretty big explosions. it has taken all of the roof tiles off the building and they along the floor with departure information screens. we are just showing those pictures. they were taken by a passenger and you can see the scale of the deaf haves station. it appear -- devastation. it appears to scr been two large explosions. just looking at those now in the aftermath and people are dazed and confused and trying to leave. we are hearing of several injuries. when you look at the scene of devastation you will be surprised there wasn't many more. >> again i don't have any information on the number of injuries or really the
12:51 am
injuries i am operating on is what i am seeing. anybody i speak to in authority doesn't know themselves what has happened. passengers believe this was a terrorist blast. where we were -- where we were we felt we were pretty close to it of the the building shook around us. we didn't just hear the blast, we also felt them as well. it seems if it was a bomb it was a big one. it was substantial. and one would think there would be a number of casualties, but i don't have any information on the number of casualties. i did see people running toward me from where the sound of the explosion eminated. one woman had blood on her face and others were covered in dust and what looked like bits of ceiling.
12:52 am
lots of shocked people. it is a face you can't comprehend what has just happened, but you know what has just happened. people were very, very stressed. no confirmation that this was a bomb attack. all of the ways they are starting to respond is of course planned for this eventuality. >> we are getting an update from a belgian news agency confirming one dead and several is wounded. obviously the authorities are in the airport and going through the aftermath and trying to find those that are injured. the confirmation is at the moment one dead and several wounded. >> i would suspect that number would rise.
12:53 am
it was a large explosion and the airport was very busy. we hope that is not the case, but it was a very loud explosion. we should also remember that it happened less than an hour ago. so the authorities themselves will not know exactly how many casualties there are at this time. and of course as we have seen in previous terrorist attacks, if this is a terrorist attack, there can be more than one at a time. they will be trying to make sure that isn't going to happen and that the area is safe before they can understand and get a clear picture of what exactly has happened. >> brussels airport there, the official twitter account they said there were two explosions and the building has been evacuated and don't come to the airport area. don't come to the airport. the airport is being evacuated and flights have been
12:54 am
canceled. in light of the current climate in brussels, alex, you would have thought security services and authorities would have seen the airport as a target. when you arrived at the airport today, did you get a sense of tightened security around it? >> certainly tighter than -- i used to live in brussels. i was raised there. it was tighter than then. it was not as airports youin otd where they are very used to terrorist attacks. for instance there is no security going into the airport. you don't have to have your luggage screened going in. you don't have to show a boarding pass to get into the airport. you can just walk in. the first security comes when you try to go through to the actual departure lounges and the gates. then you have to show a
12:55 am
ticket. it has changed and it is all automated. a bar code on your boarding pass and you go through. it comes with the presence of security here because in the wake of the paris you a tack -- paris attacks military have been deployed on the streets [inaudible]. in terms of getting that the airport itself, not very difficult at all. you can walk right into the airport. more people are coming from the other side of the terminal and this is where we are now. [inaudible]. i don't know where that coach is going. they are evacuating the
12:56 am
building and that is is well underway as most people have now been taken out of the building. >> alex, we have reestablished live pictures with you. what your cameraman is shooting is is what we are seeing live on air. i will pause you for a second. stay on the line. i want to see daniel who is the director of the transatlantic institute brussels which deals with security and human rights. atthank you for speaking with us on sky news sunrise. the causes of the two explosions at the airport as yet unconfirmed as terrorist activity, but what were your initial thoughts when you heard this news? >> the initial instinct was that this was probably a terror attack, particularly because it comes on the heels of the recent arrest and the
12:57 am
fact that there was two distinct explosions suggest very much that this was not some sort of accident, but probably a terror attack, but we will have to wait until we get official confirmation. >> this comes four days after the arrest of one of the key suspects in the paris uhing tay tay -- paris attack. i was talking to our cor vee -- the correspondent. you would have thought with brussels at the center of terrorist activity that the airport would have been a target for terrorists, and security forces would have tightened security around it. alex said he didn't actually see that much difference when he went to the airport to check in today. >> right. i am not at the airport myself, but i remember doing the bros sells lock down. >> what measure do you think would have been taken?
12:58 am
>> doing the bros sell ises lock -- doing the brussels lock down, because the airport was not officially in the region of brussels, the security level for the airport was one level bow low. i have no idea that the authorities realize that whether or not it is officially part of the region is is most likely a prime target for terrorists one would have expected and hoped that the authorities would have increased the security personnel at the airport accordingly. i am not sure this is is what has happened. >> just want to update our viewers on the news lines we are getting in from a belgian news agency. they are reporting that shots were fired and arabic shouts before the two explosions occurred at brussels airport. these two explosions killed
12:59 am
less than an hour ago so we are getting details coming through all the time. thank you forbearing with us. talk to us about airport security at a time of -- at a time of a heightened terror alert. how do you secure an airport such as a sprawling, massive building and hundred of thousands of people coming through the doors daily and hundreds of flights coming in every hour. >> this is is dpk -- it is almost impossible to provide 100% security. much more can be done. first of all there has to be a greater presence and it acts as a deterrent. and since they are looking at a soft target it may be enough to show much more presence than has been in the past. i think generally not just in
1:00 am
brussels, but the airport personnel has to be trained in spotting potential terrorists. if you for instance look at what is going on -- >> this is a fox news alert and i am kelly wright in new york. if you have been following us or are just tuning in we are watching the developments of what is happening in brussels at the brussels airport. there have been two explosions injuring several people at the airport. one is confirmed dead. there may be reports of others others -- other casualties as a result of the two blasts that erupted this morning during the height of their rush hour around 8:00 a.m. hundreds packed into that airport at brussels to actually depart for flights and this blast is happening in the departure area. it is not confirmed as a terrorist action yet, but obviously as people continue to watch this it has all of the telltale


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