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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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brussels, but the airport personnel has to be trained in spotting potential terrorists. if you for instance look at what is going on -- >> this is a fox news alert and i am kelly wright in new york. if you have been following us or are just tuning in we are watching the developments of what is happening in brussels at the brussels airport. there have been two explosions injuring several people at the airport. one is confirmed dead. there may be reports of others others -- other casualties as a result of the two blasts that erupted this morning during the height of their rush hour around 8:00 a.m. hundreds packed into that airport at brussels to actually depart for flights and this blast is happening in the departure area. it is not confirmed as a terrorist action yet, but obviously as people continue to watch this it has all of the telltale signs that it is
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a possible terrorist attack. it comes four days after the arrest of terrorists. he had been involved in the terrorist attacks. the raid that took him captive happened four days ago and now this is happening. planes have been grounded and there are no flights coming in. rail service to and from the airport has been stopped. there was a bomb and we are getting reports from our sister station sky news and alex who has been on the ground indicating it was a bomb blast as well. two loud explosions being heard. there are reports of some gunfire heard as well wee. will go back now to sky news with more details on what is happening. let's listen in.
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belgium authorities trying to find out where his information might lead to. i don't want to speculate here but obviously that raises the question did they find him in time to understand that an attack like this might be possible? >> well authorities already said that he had plans maybe not for this target. what worries me is that did this arrest actually trigger an action by another cell. we were just discussing a couple days ago fox that his arrest is actually dismantling the cell and we were concerned in discussions is this the only
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network that exists? now we're not speculating here but we're saying that it is possible another cell may have perpetrated this indeed. >> i'm looking at sky news and hearing a couple people talk, real quickly, producer, if you can bring up that couple talking right now. >> -- the gift shop area. thank you. >> buses at the left corner, please. >> what are your name? >> andrew brandt. >> and daise. >> are you american? >> yes. >> we're flying thai airlines for a conference. >> so we were listening to two americans there, we got the tail end what have they were talking about obviously there at the time of the blast.
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they're shrouded in some extra clothing because it is cold there in brussels and walid, coming back to you again you were raising the issue of another cell, that is a concern that many people have had, security people have had about what's unfolding in europe because of the nexus of terror and the fact that there are so many cells operating there. homegrown terrorism is alive and well on the soil of brussels and europe and paris and all throughout that area, so having that information available to us, what has to be done in order to go in and take out these nests, these cells, in order to protect people and in order to move forward so that they can get rid of terrorism? it's almost a herculean task but not impossible. >> it is a gigantic attack,
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since bataclan in paris, this is a new era. i would want to have an action at this point in time to build our annalysis. where did this incident occur? this is very significant. did it occur after security, before security, on the tarmac, i mean, how can individuals have either explosives, because there were explosions, or fire, you know, shots fired? who did fire, the security trying to stop them or not but the bottom line as you just said is that this is penetration. this the first time i see pictures of an international airport in the west not mistaken had been the scenery of an action of a violent action most likely by jihadists. we don't know yet. >> you talk about security walid and security is something that everyone's concerned about, even here in the united states, we always talk about tsa and beefing up security, yet i think
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it's fair to say that we've seen in the past in other countries where terrorism or terrorists have been able to go in, work as airport workers, and to some degree allow that access to take place. i'm reminded of somalia and other places, where terrorists have actually taken on the jobs of airport workers, whether it be loading of planes from the tarmac or whatever, once they have the access they can get in past security so this could be another home grown terrorism cell that perhaps was activated as you said after the arrest of salah abdelsalam. >> belgium, holland, france, germany, these countries now know that they are confronting the terrorists in general and specifically those jihadi cells,
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some linked to isis, others to al qaeda and some are even independent jihadists as we have seen in the past but your point is really important, at what level, in what area of the airport this occurred, because if the terrorists have discovered the sensitive areas where they could penetrate an airport, this is going to have implications across europe, i would say even across the atlantic. the fact that individuals have been able to do so, look at the smoke and the explosions is very significant. >> i think we have to add to what you're saying, too, walid, not to put words in your mouth or for me to make any speculation or conjecture the fact this happened in the departure area, web you go to the brussels airport to get to the departure area you usually have to go through a couple of layers of security. that means if they were at the departure area perhaps waiting to fly somewhere, i don't know how deep they made it into the airport but that would indicate
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that whoever committed this act, these two explosions and the shots being fired and we may have reports of other casualties coming to light here as they continue to conduct their investigation, it would indicate as you stated that they're trying to find the softist targets with the biggest impact in terms of terror. >> absolutely. you and i are similar with the airports. you can come all the way to the entrance of the departure area. there is a huge zone where you have passengers, you have the ticket counters, you have, you know, just before you head to layers of security. we always thought eventually terrorists could get in that far, so the question is how far that they go. >> okay, walid, while i have you, please hold on with me. we have our colleague greg pell
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caught who is in london at this time, he joins us via the telephone. greg here we are once again talking about another attack taking place in europe, this one taking place in brussels on the heels of the arrest of salah abdelsalam who was involved in the terror attacks on paris, france. he was supposed to have detonated his suicide vest at the bataclan or one of the target sites. he did not do that. there were reports he was planning to conduct more attacks at the time of his arrest. can you bring us up to date with any facts you may have on the ground from london, greg? >> yes, it's amazing, we were just last time we talked in fact was paris and that last terrorist spree and here we are talking again.
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the latest information from the brussels media, two explosions occurred around the airport departure gate and as your guest was saying this is an area that you can reach and i know from using that airport quite a bit and it does vary from airport to airport, i know at that airport you do not have to go through any kind of security check to reach the ticket -- this is your check-in counter, your ticket counter. that is where the explosions occurred. i've seen on pictures strong explosions, windows blown out of the front of the terminal building, wall tiles falling off the ceiling, other structural damage and the reports we are getting is in fact there are casualties. we're seeing reports of several dead. i do not want to go with this as a confirmation but we've seen
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from two sources 11 dead, i don't know where that's coming from and many injured. what is concerning for americans, it happened at the american airlines ticket desk, if that proves to be true, not confirmed, it could be the u.s. might have been a target of this attack and it could be there are american casualties involved in this attack. again this airport, i can't speak to its level of security, they have to be to some degree of security but the ticket counter area, entry hall open and it is one of the older airports in europe and it is frankly, overcrowded. it is one large terminal as opposed to the multiterminal airports.
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all in and out air traffic has been canceled, all rail traffic canceled and we're seeing images of the wounded, they are bloodied and they are injured. back to you. >> greg pell reporting to us from london. as always we appreciate your reporting and bringing us up to date. walid phares also on the line with me at this hour. this is kelly wright and in case you just tuned in we're looking at what's unfolded in brussels at the airport, where this morning about 8:00 a.m., brussels time, which would be the height of their morning rush hour at the brussels airport, many people in the departure terminal, there are reports as greg indicated that this could have been an american airlines check-in but we don't know that to be sure so that's still an unconfirmed report but we do know two bomb blasts erupted and
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there have been casualties, and you're looking at pictures and images right now of people being evacuated. you're looking at some of the debris and the devastation of those two bomb blasts. walid, i've asked you this so many times before and it bears to be asked again, what do these terrorists want and how can we prevent them from getting it? >> the terrorists do not have, we're assuming that these terrorists do not have a personal, individual or even a group demand or a claim. these are not pirates or cross-hairs. they are part of the cell or network of jihadi network. we are assuming this of the previous event. what do they want? to force western society, the belgian society, in this case the european union and of course nato to submit what they want in
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the region in syria, iraq and other places. as greg has mentioned, this is very important. they have targeted allegedly american airlines or american airline. this would be a different dimension if we get that confirmation. >> getting to greg's point and your point as well, we do know various terrorist groups would like to conduct another attack, if not many attacks on american soil. we have been very vigilant about that and we've had very good security here in the united states but we have to be right all of the time, and they can get lucky just one time as is the case that we're seeing right now here in brussels and as we saw previous to this in paris, france. i would ask you should we always try to find ways of trying to penetrate them as opposed to them penetrating us?
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>> well, that's the game now. that's the war on terror by definition. they're trying to infiltrate and penetrate and push back against our defenses as we had mentioned also in the previous discussion. that will have implications. if an individual or two, we don't know the numbers of the perpetrators, have been able to go all the way to the ticket counter, what that means, it means that the entire area between the access of the the airport and the ticket counter, meaning before security is now under threat and not just in this airport. they're telling us there is no zone anymore in the airport where it is completely secure. they could penetrate that far. to me that's significant. >> that is significant, and it shows a different modus operandi that they could be dressing up
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as possible passengers going to a ticket counter, perhaps with some sort of device already on them, and not being detected because they have not gone anywhere near a security point. >> yes, well the questions that we have right now, and we really don't have much information but we are sort of narrowing, so let's suppose individual or individuals with explosives and probably with weapons have gotten to that point. >> and walid, hold your thought but i just got an update right now from my producer that there are reports of another explosion being heard in downtown brussels, so we have a situation here that is very fluid. this could be the beginning of that, remember when we were talking at the beginning of this, i was asking the question about salah abdelsalam when brussel authorities captured him and took him by force, they
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discovered ammunition, they discovered ammunition which led to him to begin with you this bealso discovered through him that there were plans and other cells working to carry out more strikes, more attacks. so it's possible that we are seeing the unleashing of those attacks. >> it is very possible. i mean, this one other element that you just added they've heard an explosion, at that time they're reporting about an explosion that happened at the time the incident took place at the airport or just right now? that would make a big difference. that would be as you just said an escalation, that would be a widening but we don't know. we have to get the timing of the other explosion or other incident that took place in downtown, and there is no doubt in my mind that these incidents are connected. they don't happen, you know, in
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coincidence. if they're happening within the hours, attack at the airports and another explosion in downtown of course the dimensions are growing now. >> yes, it reminds me and i don't know if greg is still standing by but reminds me of the attacks while greg and i were reporting in iraq they'd have one explosion and then bring in another explosion in a different part of the city, just to keep emergency personnel and security personnel off guard and it was very difficult to face all of these different attacks going on simultaneously as different places. again for those of you who are just tuning in, we are focusing on the explosion, two explosions being heard and felt at the departure area of the brussels airport, and now there's report of an explosion also taking place in downtown brussels. we do know that there have been
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casualties as we've heard from our reporter greg palcott on the glound lground in london and walid phares keeping us posted on the motivations of terrorists and what they're trying to do in terms of infiltrate our western way of life and naturally try to destroy that. the one thing they try to do is instill fear and that is the one thing that americans and people throughout europe must never cower to and that's fear. >> absolutely. i mean, the goal of the jihadist terrorist or any terrorist group around the world is to instill fear in the hearts of the public, in democracies, the public is very important. if you scare the public, if you put pressure on civilians, these are travelers from around the world on europe, going in all directions and the brussels airport serves also for many
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destinations especially those coming from africa, to brussels and from brussels to north america. this is really a nexus, this airport is one of the most important in terms of who goes through this airport. >> one of the most important places in europe. walid thank you for joining me. i'm getting ready to turn this over to my colleagues on "fox & friends," but those of you who just tuned in you are watching another round of terrorism attacks taking place this time in brussels at the brussels airport, two explosions being heard and felt. multiple injuries, perhaps multiple casualties, our greg palcott on the ground in london talking to me via phone a report of at least 11 deaths but we're waiting to get that confirmed. there's also the report of an explosion taking place in downtown brussels. my colleagues join me on "fox & friends" first with more details as we continue following this
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breaking story. i'm kelly wright in new york. we turn it over now to "fox & friends" first. >> we begin with the fox news alert for you, belgium now on their highest possible terror alert after explosions, gunfire and arabic shouting rips through the brussels airport. >> and moments ago we have learned of more explosions erupting outside a metro station, one person is confirmed dead, and dozens of others are injured. local firefighters and hospital officials saying the death toll at the airport doing as high as 11 and rising. >> you're looking at pictures from inside the airport at this point. earlier we could see smoke that was rising from the terminal from outside. you could see that, there's the image there. you see people running, terrified passengers fleeing from falling grass and ceiling tiles. airport officials say the blast happened in the american marlz
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depa airlines area as hundreds were waiting to depart. >> officials work on diverting incoming planes and these explosions coming just days after europe's most wanted man, suspected paris attacker salah abdelsalam was arrested. >> that happened four days ago. greg palcott is live with some additional information from the phone to give us more context. good morning, greg. >> hey heather, abby. we're here in london, nothing is confirmed but what apparently looks like it's confirmed is that a city is under attack not just an airport. the latest word we are getting in literally the last five minutes is that three different subway stations, three different subway stations in brussels have been attacked. we had heard one was attacked and now we're hearing two more
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have been hit by explosions. this following a massive double explosion at the airport at brussels. we're seeing images of it now as you are as well the win toes of the terminal blown out, the wall tiles falling, structural damage and yes, reports according to various belgian media that the death toll could be as high as ten if not more and that the casualty, the injured could be at least 30. the explosions happened at at least one happened at a ticket counter, another in the departure all area. i've used that airport often and like many airports you do not have to pass through any security to get into that entry hall so whatever explosions were brought in, explosive devices were brought in, did not have to go through a security check. terror, well, it really looks like that, although there's been no official confirmation of that. there are reports that there was
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also shooting at the airports, and there are reports also of arabic language shouting at the airport associated with the attacks. so yes, especially following the arrest in the past few days of the key suspect, salah abdelsalam and the paris suspects last september remember what he was saying, this is critical, ladies, remember what he was saying. he was saying according to the prosecutor that he was planning another attack on brussels, that he was going to look for more terror and in his time off, that is four months since the paris attacks, not only was he on the run, but he was claiming to work on something else, attacking perhaps brussels and perhaps this is the result of that, and certainly it seems that this is a reaction to that. the airport is closed. no incoming flights no, outgoing flights. the passengers and all the people there are being evacuated
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and now again, three subway stations, three metro stations according to reports have been hit by explosions including one right at the heart of the european union government complex there, five or six problems, as if you did it near the capitol in washington, five or six main buildings for the european union, the subway station accessing that, and we understand there are casualties there as well. back to you folks. >> greg, can you please give us sort of a time line as to when these different explosions occurred? i understand perhaps the time line goals the shots were fired at the airport, then the two explosions at the airport. the three subway stations, were those simultaneous or did they happen before or after? >> reports are coming in after the airport, reports of the airport explosion, so i got to believe that that is after. the time line is crucial. it happened, the double explosion at the airport
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happened at the height of the rush hour, rush hour for the airport that is. it's an important airport, with a lot of travel between brussels and paris, between brussels and london, between brussels and frankfurt. it is basically ronald reagan airport at washington, in washington, d.c. that is the best equivalent, that you have a lot of businessmen, a lot of government officials and of course just regular civilians using that airport, so it's a strategic airport to hit for the terrorists. it's not just a regional low airport, and again the timing would be for the metro stations a little past the main crunch of the rush hour but still if these reports are correct probably in the range of 10:00 a.m. or so brussels time, let's correct that, about 8:00 a.m. brussels time, 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and
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that, too, would be at a rush hour period. >> greg we'll bring you back and let you go and coordinate some additional information at this point. obviously this brings to mind the coordinated attacks that happened in paris. >> it is sounding eerily similar. we bring in distinguished chair of military theory at marine corps university, thank you both for being with us early this morning. we were hearing from greg palkot on the phone there telling us reports of three different subway metro station explosions. obviously the 8:00 a.m. two explosions at brussels airport. as heather was just saying, dr. gork this sounds similar to what we recently experienced in paris. >> yes, absolutely. this is a trademark of a sophisticated jihadi attack, whether it's 9/11 itself here in america, or whether it's the paris attacks from last year.
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the idea that you have multiple teams executing a synchronized attack that makes it all the more difficult for first responders, law enforcement, ambulance cruise to respond. that's a classic tactic and it's a deadly one. >> in general, you're on the phone with us as well, you guys are both out of d.c. thank you again for being here. we're just getting this news in for people just tuning in, two explosions out of the brussels airport this morning at 8:00 a.m. reports of three different subway metro stations also hit by explosions and this is something that has been building in brussels, general, some for time. can you help play that out for us? general, are you with us? >> i believe it's sebastian gork. are you still there on the set in d.c.? >> yes, i am. >> abbi was asking --
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>> how we know europe is a hotbed for terrorism but particularly brussels. >> absolutely. brussels has great symbolic value. terrorists it's important for them to spread their fear by attacking symbolic targets. brussels is the heart, if you will, of a federative europe. the headquarters of the eu, nato as well in brussels, headquarters of the north atlantic treaty alliance, the hub of politics for the whole continent and we know it's been a hotbed of jihadi extremism, long before the par ace tacks, there have been multiple cases of radicals hiding out in belgium, establishing underground networks. we saw recently the arrest just three days ago of the bataclan additional jihadi that there are migrant waves that have been exploited. we know europe has taken thousands and thousands of
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migrants, one of the ones that was recently interpted was using a false syrian passport to move through the refugee streams, so this was not a surprise. the european security services have been on alert for months and months and the uk is at one of the highest levels of threat alert, so i think unfortunately this is something that many people were expecting, and as well is probably not going to be the last attack of its kind in europe. >> and when we discovered salah abdelsalam along with abdelsalam was just a huge cache of weapons and explosive material. we also discovered since then in terms of what you were just discussing at least 18 people in detention involved in this particular cell possibly in six different countries on suspicion of assisting these attackers,
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and europeans obviously concerned about jihadists infiltrating these mass numbers of refugees. >> yes, so let's remember the way this continent functions. after the treaty in the 1990s, except for the united kingdom they have dismantled all internal border controls, so if you can make it onto the continent of europe, whether you're coming by dinghy into italy, whether you're being smuggled up through the balkans, once you made it to an eu nation, to a european union nation, there is utter, complete freedom of movement. you can go from italy to portugal, from portugal to belgium and nobody is going to stop you. after the bataclan theater that changed. france decided unilaterally to temporarily reinstall its border checkpoints but apart from that, there is a whole continent of targets to choose from and it
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seems to be that that is exactly what the jihadists are doing with this current attack in brussels. >> and still a problem with coordination between the different countries when it comes to you know, background and any warrants that may be out for these different individuals. >> yes, there is a europepol, kind of interpol for europe if you will. they have read notices and have international warrants but as you say, each nation maintains its own independent security service, its own police database. as a result with the lack of these borders, the bad guys can move freely back and forth and it's very difficult to keep tabs on people who you may not know are terrorists, but are people of interest or people who potentially could be part of a broader network if it supports a potential attack. >> dr. sebastian gork in d.c., we might circle back with you
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shortly. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. howard gutman, former u.s. ambassador to brussel and former special assistant to fbi director and on the phone om brussels. you are there. can you give us a sense of what you're seeing, what you're experiencing? >> the scene is like nothing i have ever seen in brussels. you'll hear the sirens. we live, when we're here, on the block with the belgian parliament 100 yards from the u.s. embassy and there are army trucks on the corner, there are cars with sirens in every direction and something i've never seen before which is people in plain clothes with uzis on the street here. the traffic is being diverted away from the parliament and diverted away from the street we live on and emergency vehicles going back and forth in every
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direction including seemingly regular cars so unmarked cars that have sirens and flashing by. so i am in the heart of brussels and it is on high alert but seemingly like they're expecting something even more than just, you know, caution right now. there's active activity going on. >> we just heard from greg palkot who was reporting for us what was unfolding at the scene and he said in addition to the two explosions at the airport, there have been three explosions at least at different subway sites that seem to have followed or were in close in terms of timing with the explosions that happened at the airport. are you seeing anything like that? are you seeing any type of ambulances responding, anything? >> there is definitely ambulances going in every direction, going down the one-way street. this is a busy one-way street going left and there are ambulances going right. i just can't tell frankly, one
1:44 am
block from me is the metro station, here come the police going the wrong way down a busy one-way street so they are shutting the streets and the emergency vehicles going by, i just can't tell you know, what's going on exactly at that metro station because i'm not going closer. i'm in front of my house right now. >> as you can see the video here, that's at the brussels here. the two explosions happened at 8:00 a.m. this morning, probably the busiest time to go to the airport and hearing reports of three different subway metro station explosions. ambassador, you are obviously right in the middle of the chaos here. have you spoken to anyone that was there during the explosion or have you heard any of the reaction? >> yes, obviously the phone lines are lit up and people are internetting around but people are calling me because they think i'll have additional info but i don't think anybody's got intel. i've just chatted with one of the security guys who used to guard me on the streets and he
1:45 am
said i was told to stand here and watch so i'm sure they're trying to gather the intelligence. look, brussels has gotten a bad name for its intelligence operations but they're actually very vigilant and very active. now, i am shocked that they struck at the airport because when you fly into brussels now you are met with use iie iie ii every level. seems they're trying to baton down the hatches. you think of the u.s. and 9/11, we didn't know what we didn't know so what more there is to come. they quickly deployed everybody to the streets. >> the city there serving as the capital of the 28-nation european union. nato also headquartered in the region. this has not been directly linked. we need to say that, to isis or islamic terrorists, but this coming obviously four days after the arrest of salah abdelsalam
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there in that region. talk to us a little bit more about the problems of jihadists or of young males, young individuals who go across, they go to syria, they get trained and then they come back. >> yes, you know, i think this is qualitatively different. i don't have any intelligence or any information but i know the molenbeek community. i can see families in some of the radicalized families you know, pulling off one incident but if we're talking about coordinated attacks at the airport and through the subway system, if i were pure speculation, but it would be in the aftermath of what was otherwise a local event, something bigger has now come to belgium. if this is a coordinated and it's too early to know but if this is coordinated between the airport and throughout the subway systems that's bigger than molenbeek. these are not the radicalized kids who used to drink and
1:47 am
stopped drinking, they spent a couple of months, got there and came back. >> the radicalized kids we believe were responsible for the coordinated attacks that happened in paris, and this would be similar to that. >> no, this would be much broader in scope. if this is at the airport and through the subway system, all timed to go together, this has got to be bigger than molenbeek plus the belgian security had molenbeek pretty well blanketed looking to catch abdelsalam and they are up on their wires. i'd love to see but i would not be surprised to see that in the aftermath of what they did, you know, some attention from the mideast came to brussels at a bigger scale because it's just not likely that there's explosives, coordinated explosions at the subway and the airport at the level of -- i can see disco and kalashnikovs and
1:48 am
shooting style to happen but coordinated explosive attacks reaping chaos, that's way bigger than what comes out of molenbeek. >> we can report there have been four explosions this morning in brussels at 8:00 a.m., two out of the brussels airport, three they are reporting from the subway and the metro stations. ambassador, brussels has raised the alert level to the highest possible level. >> definitely. >> was it already at a high level before this all happened? >> sure, you know, when i got to brussels in 2009, the only metal detectors in the country was at any embassy and the airport. you could go to the federal court and you didn't get through a metal detector, you could walk into the prime minister's house. that is converted after paris, there are uzis in front of every government building with army
1:49 am
officers there. by the way, since we did from abroad, the belgians used to guard the afghanistan airport and the afghanistan mission there so as they came out of afghanistan they put them on the streets of brussels when the terrorists were hitting so there's a big secure presence and the interior minister comes from the right wing party so he was going to crack down on molenbeek and so there was a pretty high security presence. that is nothing like we're talking today. we have cars flying down one-way streets with sirens, there are unmarked cars, there's ambulance, there's police cars, there's army cars, there are army units on my block. there are the private security, the people who normally guard visiting dignitaries walking around in their suits with uzis on their arm and i'm waving at them, because i spent four years being guarded by those guys. they never had uzis on their
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arms, they had guns on the back of their jackets. we are talking a security system right now that couldn't get any higher. it's just fine you'll continue to hear the sirens going by. that was another ambulance and it's headed the wrong way down a one-way street so they're headed for a purpose which there's the rugula metro station and i don't know exactly where they're headed but they're not going around the block. >> you mentioned other people standing around or moving hopefully quickly away from these different scenes of businessmen in their suits. tell us a little bit about the reactions of the people around you. >> well, they're belgians, and they're going about their daily business right now, so the security guys are all up in arms. the guys in suits, the non-military, the non-police uniforms but the security guys who normally do much more
1:51 am
discreet surveillance and guarding an ambassador or guarding a dignitary they are out, being deployed out in the streets here guarding with carrying uzis. as i watch the scene unveil so are people walking down the block with their brief cases headed to work in brussels. so i suspect the waffle truck it probably down the block just annoyed of the ambulances and police cars going on. there's no general panic. on the other hand, the streets are not particularly crowded this time of day but people having to get somewhere. i was supposed to have a business meeting at the european parliament and i'm not to sure i'll be heading there. >> this is the metro strags,ati couple individuals standing outside. people don't look overly concerned at all, seem to be going about their regular day. you can see what is smoke there
1:52 am
in the distance down the street if everyone at homes look in the distance, one individual standing by and emergency vehicles from the scene as we were speaking. >> we had video earlier of people coming out of the airport after the explosion. >> they were running. >> they were running and reports said that there were shots fired, words that were yelled in arabic that were shouted right before the explosion. you could see some of the people running out in panic, trying to get away. obviously are closed down, no flights coming in or out. they say to stay away from the airport. brussels raised the highest terror alert. ambassador, when you're there in the thick of things, the chaos of the video we're showing people, at this time of the day, 8:00 a.m. this has got to be the busiest time for an explosion to happen, right? >> well, you know, the airport at 8:00 will be packed --
1:53 am
>> i believe we may have lost him, there he's back. well, it would be understandable that the connection would be going in and out obviously with what's going on there. >> with all the sirens in the background. >> if you're just joining us, what is going on at this hour, there are reports that at least ten people are dead, another 30 wounded, following shots that were fired at the belgian airport, followed by two explosions that ripped through a departure hall there, near the american airlines terminal, the departure gate at the brussels airport, that happened around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. this morning, brussels time and then there were also reportedly three explosions that have happened at different subway spots throughout the city. and we have a witness from the airport who can tell us what they experienced.
1:54 am
i'm prior law enforcement, so you feel like the wave, explosion wave goes through your body. >> and you knew as soon as it happened, no doubt? >> absolutely. >> as abbie was saying the airport evacuated, people told not to go to the airport at all. we're trying to find additional information about the explosions that happened at the subway sites. we bring in national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. you were just talking about this yesterday and the different terrorist cells in the area, the complex group and how far it extends following the arrest of salah abdelsalam on friday. >> heather, we did have an eerily forecasting conversation about this yesterday. i think it's, welcome to the new europe. there are isis terrorists sprinkled throughout the
1:55 am
european union. the head of eurpol which is the organization that coordinates a lot of the european police force he said there are 5,000 europeans who have gone to train and fight with isis in iraq and syria and are now back in europe already. now, 5,000 trained terrorists, that's an urban guerrilla army and bell jam is the mission central for a lot of the terrorist networks that the paris terrorists mastermind could hide there in plain sight for four months even as the most wanted man in europe, his picture was everywhere, that says a lot. the fact there was a large arsenal of weapons they've also uncovered shows again more attacks through the pipeline. there had to be a lot of people looking the other way for this to exist. this is all, heather, before the migrant waves which are, have already started arifg in europe this spring and summer, and we know that isis has said look we're going to put our own terrorists and hide them among
1:56 am
those waves of migrants. >> as heather was saying, k.t., this comes four days after the man behind the paris attacks salah abdelsalam was captured. new paris suspect identified just yesterday, you spoke about paris being a wake-up call in terms of these terror hubs that we know exist in europe, and then you see this happen today. where do you begin, when you know what a big issue this is, particularly in brussels and then something like this happens this morning. where do you begin? >> this is like they're trying to drink from a hose. the european union and the police forces especially the belgian police force but others are overwhelmed by this problem. again, this is multiculturalism. this is looking the other way for years and it is now something that will almost escape them. for example the american intelligence community says they need 24 full time employees, state, local, federal, law
1:57 am
enforcement intelligence to monitor one bad guy 24/7. now if you're starting to talk about 5,000 in europe, that they have already identified, that doesn't, i mean there are at least suspicious of, they may not have identified them of, that doesn't count the people who may be sympathetic who may never have traveled to the middle east but who are part of somehow of supporting the terrorist activities. i think you're going to see more and more of them and i think that whatever has been planned for belgium is probably whatever that calendar was, those events have moved forward now, with the capture of the paris attacks. >> definitely a coordinated effort in assisting the terrorists involved in the paris attacks, which were coordinated attacks as well. salah abdelsalam was able to hide out almost in plain sight, since november and not discovered or found until last friday. k.t., i wanted to ask you a little bit more about some of the signatures in terms of the
1:58 am
par ace tack and whether or not it may be related to this attack, because we cannot say completely, 100%, that this is isis related at this point, but in terms of the signs, the weapons and the explosive materials that were discovered when abdelsalam was captured, one of those was this explosive that was used and it's supposedly a signature, it's commonly used with islamic state operations, it's tatp, peroxide based explosive products, made with nail polish, bleach, found in countries all across europe. >> this is something you can go on youtube and figure out how to make. lot of the terror weapons that they're using are indeed household weapons. al qaeda has a magazining lie like "martha stewart living" for
1:59 am
radicals. how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom was one of the articles. you can make a bomb in mom's kitchen with things from the cabinets. the problem with this is, that the terrorists who are already there who are already throughout europe planning attacks, this will now bring them forward. the other thing is look at where they always seem to go, population centers, soft targets, and symbolic soft targets. nato headquarters are there, the european union is there, it's just a hop, skip and a jump to fly from belgium to france, belgium to germany, belgium to britain and also where a lot of international flights just arrived at the time of these attacks. heather one thing that always struck me just as an average citizen when you go into an airport there are massive layers of security on your way to the gate but when you drive up to
2:00 am
pick somebody up, drop somebody off, curb-side check-in there's little security at any major airport and that's where this attack took place. >> k.t., stay with us, but we're approaching the top of the everybody up to speed with what has occurred. >> we begin with this fox news alert. you are watching "fox and friend first this morning. there has been an explosion five possibly coordinated explosions in belgium, specifically the brussel airport has been hit with two explosions there. there are reports of 10 people dead perhaps 11 at this point. at least 30 have been wounded. the airport has been shut down. people have been evacuated and then at the same time or shortly there after three additional explosions at subway sites through out brussel. >> the airports have been shut down. brussel raised the terror alert to the highest possible level. of course


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