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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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as you look at the images, the death toll in belgium now is at 34. over 130 people were wounded. they went to the airports. they went to the metro stop and many wound up dead. bill: good morning. it's happened again. terror strikes in the heart of europe. this the scene from the airport moment after an explosion ripped through the airport. the subway system hit a short time later in the heart of brussels. 26 are dead and hundreds injured in what appeared to be a coordinate attack. welcome to our coverage, i'm
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bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum the blast went off inside a busy airport and rail station. here is the latest as we break it down for you as we know right now. 26 people dead, 11 of those were killed. 81 injured after two explosions that went off at the international airport. at least one of the blasts was caused by a likely suicide bomber. people were seen running for safety in this video and the smoky images that first came out from the terminal in the terrifying aftermath of these attacks. another explosion in a metro station. ed the airport is on lockdown. air travel suspended. here is what some of the eyewitnesses saw. >> it was like a wave.
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and you knew as soon as it happened, no doubt it was a terrorist attack. how far do you think you were from the evenings motion? >> i don't know. >> i knew we were close to it. too close. bill: more on that. benjamin hall has our coverage in london. let's start with you and the latest. reporter: another coordinate attack by terrorists in the heart of london. the death toll is up around 34. at 8:00 a.m. there was an explosion in the airport. one suicide bomber and -- which fit them with a suitcase bomb. bean hour later at the metro another bomb. both of these attacks may have been aimed at american targets.
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the american airlines check-in desk and the american embassy near the airport. isis has not claimed responsibility yet. but they are cheering this attack on twitter. isis-linked attacks using the hashtag brussels on fire. they let their operatives get away. this operation may still be in process. the foreign minister saying we fear there are more people out there. bill: benjamin getting reports that a suicide belt that did not explode was found at the airport. walk us through this as you understand it. first the airport and the train station. the timeline is what as best you can put together? reporter: around 8:00 a.m. local
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there were explosions at the airport. we have 14 now there will confirmed there. an higher later at the metro station, 20 killed. the suicide vests are very important. back to those arrests that took place friday of salah abdeslam. they are look at another was with him who is linked with the paris explosive vests. so have much the sense there are other isis networks out there. brussels is on complete lockdown. they are searching houses in that district of molenbeek. bill: benjamin, thank you. in london, benjamin hall leading our coverage from that european capital. martha: these attacks come just days after the arrest of salah abdeslam in belgium. he's suspected of planning the
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coordinated terror attacks and said to be the last of the groups that are part of the operatives that were on the run. catherine herridge is with us in washington. what are your sources telling you is the connection between this arrest of salah abdeslam and these attacks. reporter: the identification after suicide bomber or bombers will help them lead to a wider network. we are told the arrest last friday of salah abdeslam accelerated an existing plot in the pipeline to target the metro system in bus else, belgium and the airport. but once he was picked up friday they decided to move forward the date execution. we are told by a counter terrorism source that a credible isis source posted mosul revenge
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for cooper brussels. cooper is a word used to speak of the non-believes in western nations. this does not amount to a claim of responsibility but it's another data point going back to an isis anillated group. we -- affiliated group. we are told a toda a russian rid inch. martha: it looks have much like what we saw in paris. so in terms of the response here at home, what does i.s. law enforcement do to prepare us for any potential attack here? >> we have been reporting this
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morning that the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson has been briefed by his operations center. this was the hub for threat analysis set up after 9/11. it's the clearing house for all the threat information. what we understand through our contacts is the u.s. intelligence community is going back over the last 96 hours to see if any warnings were missed that are more important today than they were over the weekend in terms of flagging the upcoming attack in brussels, belgium and whether giving a refresh or second look to the intelligence. that conclusion has not been reached yet, but we are told there will be a specific focus on the soft targets, the security surrounding them and the public areas of the airports. which has already been flagged
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by the tsa administrators as an area of deep concern for aviation security. martha: we are going to talk to michael chertoff. director of homeland security. bill: we'll show you what we can pick out on the map. that neighborhood of molenbeek to the quest of belgium. that's where the investigation started four months ago after the attacks in paris. this is where they were living the past four months, living in plain sight. here is the airport to the northeast and the metro train station. it's 12 miles from the airport in this direction, 8 miles from this direction. up hear about the eu, the european union, its headquarters on the eastern side of the city. it's located east of the train
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station, three miles from molenbeek. this has been the target of european counter terrorism for four months and they only two days tea go were able to -- two days tetwo -- two days ago wereo capture one of the terrorists. they are using disposable phones. they found dozens and dozen of unused phones inside this apartment in central paris once they tracked down the mastermind and he went down in a deadly firefight. burner phones are used one time. you log on to the internet and make one phone call or one text. that's how they are getting ahead of the game and law enforcement is trying to keep pace. easy immigration. the investigation in paris shows salah abdeslam admitted up to 90
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isis terrorists were moving from syria to belgium and other parts of europe. they are basic rudimentary devices and they can do it with mobility. martha: nail polish remover and hydrogeandhigh hydrogen perks r. they are pack them with nails and metal. and the fear is week see it in other places in europe. let's bring in michael chertoff, former homeland security secretary. good morning, good to have you here with us. we paul wake up to the news --
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we all waysr wake up to the news -- we all wake up to the news and see this. >> you feel sympathy for the people who are victimized by this, but we also think of the vulnerability in our own country. the good news for americans is we are not in the same position as the europeans in terms of having a significant pool of operatives who are potential terrorists. i think right now the focus of authority is going to be whether there is any connection between operatives in western europe and people in the u.s. which means monitoring communications and meta data and coordinating with intelligence agencies in europe to see if there is anything we can do to
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help them. martha: we know salah abdeslam was part of what's called the i.s. external operations wing. clearly there is a direct connection in these actions. we don't know yet about brussels but we know about paris, the work that's been done to this i.s. external wing. when you look at the way the administration has handled this in the united states and how we have gone after isis, is it enough and have we gone after this in a comprehensive enough way? >> the problem begins in places like syria and iraq where foreign fighters are coming in, they are getting trained, further indoctrinated and they go back, particularly to europe, and become operational. first you have got to break the back of isis in the region.
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many of the things that we do in this country are not done in europe because of concerns about privacy. but i think you have got to change the balance a little. you are already seeing that as the europeans are discussing reform lating their intelligence -- reformulating their intelligence. and you have to look at what many going on in your own country in terms of integrating and assimilating populations. if you don't have a significant disgruntled group of people who feel they have a stake in western society. we have largely assimilated and integrated our muslim population so they actually are americans rather than feeling alienated. martha: we know salah abdeslam and those he worked with in the paris attack, at least two of them talked about finding their way into western europe through
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the refugee flow coming in from syria. do you agree with that, and what about the visa waiver program he has called for a temporary halt to? >> i think this idea are preposterous. first of all we have a much tougher refugee program than the europeans. the problem in europe is thousands of people came showing up on their doorstep. in terms of the visa waiver program we stepped up some of the vetting and reviewing of data that allows us to determine whether someone is high risk. i'm not going to tell you it's impossible for someone to sneak in here, but it's much, much harder in the u.s. if you look historically at people who carried out terrorist attacks in the u.s.
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many of them didn't start out muslim. they were born a catholic or christian or whatever. the idea you can identify people who are risks because of their religion. bill: more now with our national security analyst kt mcfarland. what i find remarkable is the whole of europe and it security apparatus had been looking for the so-called mastermind. i call mastermind number two because the original mastermind was killed in the days after the attacks in central paris. this was his brother. he eluded capture and was living in brussels, belgium possibly the entire time. when you think about the cover
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had to hide in plain sight. how difficult this challenge is be it brussels or paris or perhaps here at home very soon, kt. >> we have to understand global jihad has declared war on the whole of western civilization. the most wanted man in europe was hiding in plain sight for four months. people looked the other way. there must have been a large infrastructure that protected him. we know he had more attacks planned. we are losing this war. so when the dust settles from all of this, i hope a strong american leader can step forth and say we can do to radical islam what we did to the nazis in world war ii and the communists during the cold war. we are going to have a co-leg
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and an economic and military component and religious component, and we are going to defeat this before it defeat us. bill: when you think about the technology that law enforcement can use these days, you think about the technology terrorists can use as well be you found it in the phones they are using. you find it in the immigration rules and the migration from eastern europe. and you find their ability to make bombs and do it at will. >> there is a magazine al qaeda and radical islamists put out. they are like the martha stewart living lifestyle for jihadists and they have step-by-step instructions. one title is "how to make a bomb from the kitchen of your mom" as martha said using household ingredients. the other thing that strike me
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is the attack in belgium, think of where it took place. at an airport. not through the security screening. it took place in the arrival area where there is no security. very few airports in the world outside of israel have security at the curbside. but this is where it took place. this is a war. we are always one step behind, they are always one step ahead with cyber technology, social media and soft target. we need to take a deep breath and realize we are all in this together, the united states, egypt, our sunni ally and maybe even russia. if we don't top it now it will only get worse. bill: there will be a lot of analysis in the days ahead. what do we now do to try and
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stop what appears and it's obvious after these images today, that this is a growing threat, kt? >> we are losing this war. that's the terrible dirty little secret. everything we are doing isn't enough. was is our visa waiver system? it's not work. what else our immigration system be is that working? go to our european allies. europe is about to collapse and pull itself apart over this issue as he country realized we don't want to be part of the european union that has this. we are going to work for ourselves. the youth need to take an active leadership role. we'll have an idea long cal component. we are going to talk about the value of western civilization and why radical islam is not the way of the future. an economic component. bankrupt these people.
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it's not cheap to be a terrorist. go to the source of their wealth. it's way bigger than just putting a couple thousand troops in the middle east. that doesn't solve it. all it does is solve it for a second and the radical islamic threat moves somewhere else. bill: kt mcfarland quoting an eyewitness. it was atrocious. there was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere. we were walking in the debris and eight was a war scene end quote at the airport in brussels today. martha: there were some reports the bomb that was at the airport may have been in a packed suitcase. we cannot confirm that but we are work on whether that is the case. security is beefed up at home today as the belgium prime minister warns of the possibility of attacks overseas.
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bill: a statement out of american airlines. the american airlines counter is where one of the bombs went off. american airline said it extend his condolences.
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and american is taking care of our employees and customers at the airport. the explosions did occur at rotate. whether that was a target is something we cannot conclude. but that was the location for one of the explosions earlier today. martha: we have the former assistant chief of police in boston. dan, welcome. good to have you back on the program this morning. i want to mention to everybody at home, the president who is in havana has been briefed obviously on the situation unfolding in brussels and we expect we'll get a statement from him shortly and we'll bring that to the american people when that happens. you listen to bill's description of how this happened. at least the airport part of the equation. there is some thought there may have -- it mayor have been in a
6:26 am
suitcase that was brought in. you walk in the door and you are waiting for the security part of this process. >> everywhere we go, no matter where we put up a security perimeter. there will be someplace outside the perimeter that's unprotected. the queue lines are unprotected. that's the same as if you check in at a magnetometer at a sports stadium. the queued up crowd can be soft targets. at some point we are always going to have a weak point and they try to exploit that when they can. martha: we have been listening to the back and forth how to go at this problems. in terms of law enforcement, ways your feeling on profiling? we just heard strong word from michael chertoff, the director of homeland security.
6:27 am
you know they could have easily been christian or catholic, we can't profile. do you agree? >> i think that's the case. we saw outstanding student in our high schools who decided to fight for isis andal shah bar. and al-shabaab. martha: in your oklahoma city, the tsarnaev brothers tamerlan had gone back and forth to the middle east. there is speculation he was training there. san bernardino the same thing, training overseas and returning. don't we need to keep our eyes open to this activity? >> absolutely. that's what we need to look at. we saw in boston we had an
6:28 am
individual who changed his behavior. his family notified law enforcement and we stopped an isis-inspired plot. it's the behavior we have to profile. when we see it we need to make reports of it and take appropriate action against it. martha: in almost every case, and we know this about salah abdeslam as well. he was part of a petty crime ring initially in molenbeek. in every case i know terrorists committed some small act before, they are on the radar of law enforcement. tsarnaev had a small battery charge. >> you see coordination from multiple agencies. you are right, a terrorist is a criminal inspired by ideology. they are sex offenders, they are people who are engaged in common, everyday occurrences and
6:29 am
over and over again we see people who claim to have allegiance to be devout people and they are involved in firearms trafficking. so these are criminals, and they eventually mold criminal behavior to taken ideology. if we can get it before as they are raising funds for this. flip themselves we can take on some of these organizations by doing traditional law enforcement against them. martha: god forbid what happened in boston will happen again. the tsarnaev brothers had a record but they also had been questioned by the f.b.i. twice and the police officers in their neighborhood had no idea they had between questioned by the f.b.i. is that still happening? >> i think they were able to close that loophole before it was a loophole that came up. the challenge is the volume. the joint terrorism task force
6:30 am
deals with 1,000 individual. the resources are there to follow them around every day. martha: they are not dealing with a thousand in every precinct. they are dealing with a couple in each place across the country. are they letting law enforcement know when they are dealing with somebody? >> we are dealing with a thousand individual a year who come across our radar screen. which is more actionable. people on the websites engage with other individuals talking about jihad? those are the individuals we need to focus on as soon as we can. we need to get people around them and disrupt their plans. but there is a volume issue. unfortunately the head of
6:31 am
interpol talked about five individuals that trained and came back to europe. that's a small guerrilla army and we have them here as well. bill: it's 9:30 in new york. we have a number of things moving at the moment. first an update on the numbers. at least 26 dead, at least 150 wounded. we'll hear from the president. he was expected to make remarks in havana, cuba at 10 minutes past 10:00 a.m. eastern time. based on what we are hearing from our traveling crew of at the white house, those remarks will be amended as we speak. ted cruz running for president. he will speak in 9 minutes. we'll cover that live for you as well. europe was already on high alert. that if the french prime minister said we are at war, we have been subjected for the last
6:32 am
few months in europe to acts of war and days another one of them. john bolton former ambassador to the u.n., we welcome you to our programming as we continue to analyze this and wait for more information. after quooferg we covered on the ground in paris in -- after quooferg we covered -- after covering what we covered on the ground, it's amazing to see how many sympathizers there are in france and belgium, it may not be politically to say it but there are many more than we have admitted publicly to date. puck make the case based on what we are seeing today and what belgium authorities have been trying to lasso that that is true. >> there are many who are sympathetic in europe and many who are sympathetic in the united states. but the bigger problem is the
6:33 am
leaders in the united states and in europe who don't understand the nature of the threat. who resolutely look at tragedy after tragedy in brussels today, in san bernardino in december. in paris in november, and back in january. at boston marathon bombing. at garland, texas, at the shoe bomber, and can't connect the dots it's the failure to understand the sphwrod strategic threat that endangers us. we are looking at the specifics and they are pretty just setting. this fella has hid in brussels, belgium for four nos right at the headquarters of the european union? but the problem is far broader than that. unless we understand the strategic picture we are just going to see tragically one
6:34 am
headline like this after another. bill: when you talk about their changing tactics, i think this is important to understand. there apparently were terrorists sent in from syria in 2014 and 2015. when they would go online or send a text message they were caught and picked up immediately. that forced the network to go under grounds. that's what they did. now, you see them carrying out these attacks where they weren't strictly under detected by any authorities trying to catch them first. they are changing faster than we can keep up with them, mr. ambassador. >> they are change and succeeding. i think it's almost certain the attacks we are seeing in brussels were brought forward in time when the last attacker in paris in november was captured at the ends much last week because they -- at the end of
6:35 am
last week. they realize he might talk so they decided to accelerate their plans. there may have been other aspects of these plans they couldn't bring off. but they have attacked in multiple places in two major cities in europe, paris and brussels. we don't know what else will happen in europe. but if people don't think this is possible to happen in the united states, they are not paying attention. there is no evidence that our government is willing to recognize this. >> the report that came out in fair rils, notes that they found -- in paris notes they found no email and online chatter between the terrorists on any of the phones that were recovered. how in the world do you keep track of a group like that that is so far underground. >> you have to infiltrate it with human agents. to do that, you need to find
6:36 am
people who speak their language. who bear the same ethnic resemblance and able to go deep underground. that is not politically correct. but if we are not able to get better human intelligence over time i think we'll be at risk of this and even more devastating attacks in if the future. bill: we'll see ted cruz in a moment. donald trump was on "fox and friends." he did an interview with nbc and abc as well. what political route does it take in a campaign that's already very intense. >> we have got to have a discussion of america's proper place in the world. these attacks are a reflection of the problem. they are not alone the problem. the worldwide problem is this radical islamist threat. i think if we don't address it comprehensively and strategically look at their
6:37 am
privileged sanctuaries in the middle east and their ability to carry out these terrorist attacks, then get ready for more headlines like this on a weekly and monthly basis. bill: martha, we talked a lot about encrypted email, and apps, and you think about the battle with the f.b.i. and apple which co-incidentally tim cook comes out of his apple presentation. he opens his presentation talking about how they will battle the government and not allow them to open an iphone. then last night we get the alerts on our phones that the f.b.i. found a way to go around it. they don't need to unlock the phone. but you see the terrorists are already moving ahead of the authorities. i think that is a critical point. martha: they found crates of cell phones in the apartment in
6:38 am
brussels. these are prepaid phones. you pick it up, turn it on, it's, and throw it in the garbage. one of the phones they threw in the garbage turned out sort of hot and it led to an initial arrest in paris. president obama is going to speak or will at least respond to what happened in brussels. we'll have that for you and the presidential candidates weighing in on this as we are about to hear from ted cruz as well in a few moments. bill: ted cruz is still in washington coming off the aipac summit from yesterday. donald trump and what he is watching unfold. >> in my opinion this is just the beginning. it will get worse and worse because we are lax and foolish. we can't allow these people at this found it, we cannot allow these people to come into the country, i'm sorry.
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martha: in brussels a terrorist attack rips into that city which is basically the capital of europe. you see the scene on the streets as we wait for remarks from presidential candidate ted cruz. we heard donald trump weigh in earlier this morning. he believes the visa program need to be halted and we need to take the most aggressive measures possible to prevent people who might wish us harm from getting into this country. we are waiting for ted cruz and we expect that to happen moment from now. >> righter is reporting non-essential staff for a nuclear power plant has been evacuated at the request of the one trims authorities. mace may be out of an abundance of caution.
6:43 am
a spokesperson telling reuters key staff members remain on site to run that facility. i don't know what you have been able to ping that we have not heard just yet, but your reaction to what we are watching in brings is what, sir? >> unfortunately we are going to be look at more of the same. we have to crack down on this and be tougher at home. there was a problem in europe. i was on business in south america, every place we stopped we talked about passports being stolen and people were working their way toward the united states. bill: at home with that answer, what do you suggest we need to do? >> i think we need to halt any refugee program until we know that we have the situation under control. this is a new vehicle for terrorists to gain access other countries and the united states,
6:44 am
and i think a pause would be wise until we know we have the situation contained. bill: what is the state of the refugee program? is it dozen or hundreds? >> it's certainly hundreds. i think it's business as usual under president obama. i think right now we need to halt the program. there is a long pipeline to get into the united states. but as we know, there is a lot of people of military age, a lot of men that are trying to come to the united states out of syria and other places. and i think we just halt this program at this point. bill: ways your sense about the amount of support right now for that idea? how would you characterize it? >> i think things that happened in paris and brussels today, we had san bernardino not long ago. the news cycle moves pretty quickly. but people are realizing this is a genuine threat. i think there is more support
6:45 am
than you might guess. bill: is that just republicans talking or do you find it from your democratic colleagues as well? >> i don't think the terrorists are discriminating between republicans and democrats. bill: just support for your idea. is it just on the right? >> i don't think it's just on the right. with attacks like today i think you will see that support grow. bill: what's your suggestion of what to do in addition to what we have been doing with regard to our european allies? >> it's great to coordinate with other countries and have a coalition when you are battling an enemy such as isis. they tend to go where security is the weakest. and wherever they see a target-rich environment. the borders of the united states are very porous right now.
6:46 am
that needs to be tightened up. and, you know, we need to get the muslims around the world to denounce and engage further and fight islamic terrorism. >> thank you for your time. ted cruz now in washington. >> as they mourn the dead ., and they mourn the wound, as they mourn those attacked and murdered by radical islamic terrorists. today's attacks in brussels underscores that this is a war. this is not an isolated incident. this is not a lone wolf. this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. isis declared jihad on europe, and on the united states of america. they have declared their intention to murder as many
6:47 am
innocents as possible. and it is long past time that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by its name, and out lights the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism, to defeat isis. until they are defeated, these attacks will continue. until isis is utterly destroyed they will continue to carry out acts of terror, continue to murder, whether in a subway station, whether at an airport, whether in an opera house in paris. whether in a community center in san bernardino. their target is each and every one of us. and we need a president who sets
6:48 am
aside political correctness. in the wake of brussels we don't need another lecture from president obama on islamophobia. we need a commander-in-chief who does everything necessary to defeat the enemy, and we need to immediately halt the president's ill-advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. our vetting programs are woefully insufficient. this administration has no means of preventing those refugees from being isis terrorists. isis stated its intention to infiltrate those terrorists, those refugees with terrorists come fog america to commit acts of jihad.
6:49 am
and the time for the president's political correctness has passed. the first priority of the commander-in-chief should be keeping america safe. >> is it time [inaudible] >> it many time for us to implement serious vetting and we should not be allowing anyone to come to this country that we cannot vet to make sure that they are not radical islamic terrorists. that's part of the problem of not defining the enemy. when you don't define the enemy, then you don't have screening programs designed to keep them out. i would note, you look at the san bernardino terrorists. the female terrorist publicly posted on social media call to the jihad. yet the obama administration in yet another nod to political correctness refused to even look to social media.
6:50 am
that's the example of the my oaa of this administration. they have refuse to look at, acknowledge or name the threats of terrorism because it's inconsistent with their political objectives. >> [inaudible] >> i will say it is striking that the day after donald trump calls for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we see brussels where nato is headquartered the subject of a radical islamic terrorist attack. donald trump is wrong that america should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies.
6:51 am
donald trump is wrong that america should spree treat from europe, retreat from nato, hand putin a major victory, and while's at it hand isis a major victory. nato should join with the united states in utterly destroying isis. and i would note that nato is ready to act in a way our president is not. donald trump's proposal to withdraw from the world, to withdraw from nato and europe is sadly consistent with his statement that he intends to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. we have seen for 7 years a president that cannot distinguish between our friends and enemies. a president that cannot distinguish between the nation
6:52 am
of israel and islamic terrorists who seek to murder us, and it would be a mistake to elect another president who buys into the same left-wing moral relativism that equates the terrorist blowing himself you have and murdering innocent civilians to the brave soldiers and law enforcement officers risking everything to keep us safe. >> donald trump was asked about the advice a waiver program, not just muslims, also christians atheists, whatever, whether that program should be put on hold for everyone. he said he would be in favor of that. do you have agree. >> there is no doubt we need serious scrutiny to the advice a waiver program. the attack in brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed
6:53 am
immigration policy in europe that has allowed a massive influx of radical islamic terrorists into europe. europe is in the process of allowing policies to fundamentally threaten the safety and security of its citizens. that is a mistake. the advice a waiver program was designed for a different era when those from europe were not perceived to be threats. when europe's immigration policies allow islamic radical terrorists to make europe their home, if we absolutely need to revisit our immigration policies and the board to prevent radical islamic terrorists from coming to america. i'm sorry, i can't hear you.
6:54 am
>> [inaudible] >> our friend and allies are attacked by radical islamic terrorists. president obama is spending his time going to baseball game with the castros and standing at a press conference with raul castro as a prop while castro denies there are any political prisoners in cuba. then president obama goes out of his way to agree with cass troams attacks on america -- agree with castro's attack on america. i recognize president obama began his presidency with a worldwide apology tour. the american people deserve a president who doesn't grovel before a communist dictator who hates america, is attack our nation, and instead of the president enthusiastically
6:55 am
agreeing with the castros on his attacks with america, we need a president who will stand up and defend america as the greatest light of freedom the world has ever seen. no other nation has spilled more blood, has spent more treasure, has lost the lives of more children, preserving liberty and preserving the lives of other that has the united states of america. president obama should be back in america keeping this country safe. or president obama should be planning to travel to brussels. in if the wake of the paris terrorist attacks, world leaders came together in solidarity with the people of paris. and yet strikingly absent was barack obama. a visual manifestation of president obama and hillary clinton's retreat from the world with, abdication of leadership
6:56 am
in the world. i would note that retreat from the world. the obama-clinton retreat from the world is have much the retreat from the world donald trump is advocating. even barack obama hasn't gone so far as with dprawg nato the radon * has. the way to respond to terrorist attacks is not weakness. is not unilateral precept tough attempt to surrender. martha: senator ted cruz seeking to define his reaction from what happened in brussels. he says we cannot beat this issue of radical islamic violence here and around the world by withdrawing. he also took a bit after crack at president obama saying while the * is at baseball games with
6:57 am
raul castro, brussels is burning. he says we need to join with nato to utterly destroy isis around the world.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: terror once again trike the heart of europe. you see pictures and scenes of the utter devastation and shock felt by the people in brussels this morning. this just days after the arrest of the last remaining suspect who is said to have been the logistics person behind the paris attacks. we see coordinated explosions in brussels at the height of the morning rush hour. terrifying creams of people in the metro system as well as at
7:01 am
the airport. attacks targeted both of those places in the belgium capital. look at these scenes of carnage and devastation across this beautiful city. we are hearing reports at least 31 people lost their lives as a result of this attack with nearly 200 injured. and those numbers as we see in these kind of attacks will likely rise. good morning. as we welcome you to hour two of "america's newsroom." bill: getting more reaction from world leaders expressing solidarity. france saying flat out that europe is at war. we are waiting on a number of thing at this hour. president obama traveling to havana, cuba. he's expected to speak at 10 minute past the hour now. nine minute from now. how he will amended those re --
7:02 am
how he will amend those remarks. martha: there were three explosions. two at the airport, and a third on a subway train not far from the headquarters of the european union. authority believe at least one of the air attacks was a suicide bombing and police reportedly found an unexploded suicide belt that suggests that there may and suspect on the run which i would point out which is exactly what happened in the paris attack and salah abdeslam was the one who let that suicide belt go. there may be someone who did the same thing and is on the run as we speak. we expect to hear from the president momentarily. governor john kasich, presidential candidate, joins us on the phone. your reaction to what we are seeing. >> well, clearly our intelligence capability to
7:03 am
operate around the world is one of the great vulnerabilities. what the president need to do is come home and communicate with all the head of state, to put together a team of people to examine our vulnerabilities, to develop a much deep and closely coordinated intelligence operation, because the way you deal with this is to make sure you have the counter-terrorism capability to stop these kind of unbelievable murdering that has gone on here. so we need much closer cooperation with people who share our values around the world. and the president need to move quickly. he need to assemble a group of people who can dig in and begin to rebuild the intelligence we need worldwide. at some point we need to confront isis and destroy them. so i see it as a two-fold process, to put together the
7:04 am
coalition to destroy isis and take the comprehensive action. and secondly to rebuild the intelligence community worldwide. >> we know salah abdeslam said that he and others had snuck in through the refugee process coming out of syria. so that's one part of this problem in europe. how would you deal with that? >> well, obviously they need to screen. here in the youth we pretty much agree, except for the president. the governors agreed we would not take any refugees from syria, it's impossible to vet them. i think europe popped up its doors without having a proper vetting process. but that's one of the things that need to be reviewed to figure out how they are going to act moving forward. they made an agreement with turkey to try to stem the flow of these migrant. and this all goes back to basically the war in syria where
7:05 am
we should have learned early on that we had the ability to topple assad. the russians involved themselves by supporting the rebels which we did not do. we didn't create the no-fly zones. and this is the consequence of a lack of strong and affirmative action. but we can't just look in the rearview mirror. the europeans are trying to get a grip on the issue of the flow of refugees with this agreement with turkey. but i think at the same time obviously the intelligence community is behind the 8 ball and we need to get in front of this. martha: you say you would deal with it in a two-fold way and it all goes back to syria. there i no conservative effort to take raqqa back. if you were in the white house -- >> i think we should have a coalition of the arabs and the westerners to destroy isis both in syria and iraq.
7:06 am
now we have. >> the opportunity to pull the world together to mount the effort that need to be done while at the same time we rebuild our intelligence. martha: ted cruz was in front of the cameras moments ago. he said we are at war with radical islam and they declared their intention to murder innocents, do you agree with that statement? >> yes. we have been at war with radical islam for a long time now. not islam, but radical islam. we can use -- are we at war or not at war? i believe there is a war being directed against the west. not only against the west but a war being directed against all of civilized society. and that's why it's vital that civilized society come together. they need to be calm, they need to be strong, they need to be smart, and they need to take care of business. martha: do you believe this
7:07 am
problem is worse here at home than it is in europe? >> there is no solace that something is happening there and not here. the problem is they have not been effective at being able to do the vetting that they need to do. and it gets down again to the problem of do we know who these people are, and where they are. and how do we act against them. in our country we do have a well-finded counter-terrorism operation. in each of the states. it's a very effective organization. it stopped a number of attacks, many we never hear of or read about. but human intelligence on the ground is what is the most effective kind of intelligence and there is no some has. when -- there is no solace. when they bleed, we bleed in america.
7:08 am
we are all in this together, that's why we need to act together and have no light between us. martha: we expect to hear from the president in moments. what do you expect him to say? >> i hope he will say he's leaving cuba and heading back to the white house to organize meetings with leaders around the world and get himself in the position where we can send teams of people to europe to see what we can do to address the vulnerabilities we have. martha: donald trump said this redoubles the efforts to not allow any muslims temporarily into the country and end the visa waiver program. your thoughts. >> in terms -- the visa waiver program clearly need to be examined and i would hope congress would immediately begin to take a look at the visa waiver program. in terms of the actions by congress to say that we didn't want people from syria in iraq heading into the united states i
7:09 am
think is correct. and congress came together to put limit on that, and i think that's right. and i'm glad the governors are standing united against the idea that we would allow more syrian refugees in mere when we don't have the ability to vet them. mr. trump also said he thinks we should be downplaying our involvement in nato and i think we need to be stronger in the alliance. bill: he's calling on barack obama to come home now. the president will be seen in a moment here on a previously arranged speech scheduled to begin any second in havana, cuba. as we wait for him to appear we are getting this word out of brussels, belgium. two railway stations will reopen at 3:00 gmt.
7:10 am
it will allow traffic to and from belgium's capital. the security in northern brussels stations will be beefed up. catherine herridge with me now. as we await -- is the president starting now? yes or no. we'll get to catherine in a moment. peter king, member of the house intelligence committee and counter terrorism committee. what is a possible solution here short-term. then we'll get into the long-term effects of this. >> we should never let our guard down. i think this is a wake-up call to europe about how they have to increase their surveillance and counter-terrorism.
7:11 am
over the years they lagged behind us. they are now becoming more aware and alert. except for the british, the other countries have not been as forward leaning as they should be. this is going to go on. it's a reminder to us in this country never to let our guard down. we have to maintain surveillance and be aggressive. we have to go after them and kill them before they kill us. bill: you heard john kasich say the president needs to come home now and acertain global leadership immediately. this is an historic trip. something he wanted to do for quite some time. do you remember this reaction the attacks in paris when he was speaking at the g-8 summit in turkey. what would you expect his reaction to be today? is it more of the same or is it different now? >> i think what the president should do is not come home in a
7:12 am
panic. he should curtail his trip in cuba to show his concern here. he did not show any great concern with paris. didn't go over there at the time. i think what the president should do is not rush on the next plane back. but cut the trip short. come bark and assert leadership. we are the leader of the free world in the fight against isis. it's important for isis to know that. this is much more important than cuba. you can't come back in a panic but he has to come back. bill: the transcript of the speech crossed our email. we expect that to happen any moment now. you are very keen on trying to track down terrorists and stop them before they hit us. you think about what we are learning from paris now four months later. disposable phones by the dozens were found unused. the easy immigration that they admitted with investigators
7:13 am
traveling from syria into europe and back again. hiding among the migrants that have come into western europe. and their ability to make bombs and to do it essentially wherever they want. that was something we associated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that wassal aslaw ski -- that was al-awlaki. one would have to think they are sharing information. >> it shows isis is more sophisticated than we thought they would be and they are willing oh tack beyond their -- willing to attack beyond their borders. the fact that they are using burner phones shows we can't rely on electronic surveillance. we have to have direct surveillance, human intelligence
7:14 am
in the muslim community. waste is, whether you want to call it profiling. you need real human intelligence on the ground in those community. we can't just be reef lying on accepting phone calls. we have to be more aggressive going into the community and not worry about political correctness. >> we are after he waiting the president. we'll bring that to you live here as we get his comments. martha: we are moments away in havana, cuba. the president will speak about an unexpected situation that was not on the agenda this morning. we'll talk about a terrorist attack that has taken place in brings, attack an airport and metro station. we are seeing raul castro entering the room. we are expecting the president will be speaking moments away. this clean was like, pow!
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7:19 am
that i have received, that my family has received, that our delegation has received. it is scene extraordinary honor to be here today. before i begin, please indulge me. i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in brussels. the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we'll do whatever is necessary to support our friend and alley belgium to bring -- friend and ally belgium to bring to justice those responsible. we must unite and be together regardless of nationality, race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we have defeat holes
7:20 am
who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. to the government and people of cuba. i want to thank you for the kindness you have shown to me and michelle. and malia and sasha, and my brother in law marion. -- my mother-in-law, marion. in his most famous poem, who he say marsy made this. today i offer the cuban people [speaking spanish] havana is
7:21 am
only -- 90 miles from florida. but to get here we had to travel a great distance over barriers of history and ideology, barriers of pain and separation. the blue waters beneath air force one once carried american battleships to this island to liberate and also to exert control over cuba. those waters also carried generations of cuban revolutionaries to the united states where they built support for their cause. that short distance has been crossed by hundreds of thousands of cuban exiles on planes and makeshift rafts who came to america seeking freedom and opportunity, sometimes leaving
7:22 am
behind their home and every person they loved. like so many people in both of our countries, my lifetime has spanned a time of isolation between us. the cuban revolution took place the same year my father came to the united states from kenya. the bay of pigs took place the year that it was born. the next year the entire world held its breath watching our two countries as humanity came as close as we ever have to the horror of nuclear war. as the decades rolled by, our governments fell into a seemingly endless confrontation fighting battles through proxies, in a world that remade itself time and again. one constant was the conflict
7:23 am
between the united states and cuba. i have come here to bury the last remnants of the cold war in the americas. [applause] i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. i want to be clear. the differences between our governments over these many years are real, and they are important. i'm sure president castro would say the same thing. i know because i heard him address those differences at length. but before i discuss those issues we need to recognize how much we share. in many ways the united states and cuba are like two brothers who have been estranged for many
7:24 am
years even though we share the same blood. we both live in a new world colonized by europeans. cuba like the united states was built in part by slaves brought here from africa. like the united states, the cuban people can trace their heritage to slaves and shave owners. we d and slave owners. we welcomed immigrants who came a great distance to start new lives in the americas. over the years our cultures blend together. dr. carlos finlay paved the way for doctors. justice marte wrote some of his
7:25 am
most famous word in new york. we share a national pastime. back speaking spanish] and today our players will compete on the same havana field that jackie robinson played on before he made his major league debut. bill: without question, a day of history between these two countries, the important statement from the president a moment ago, i have come to you are about why it last remnants of the cold war between the united states and havana. earlier the remarks about belgium. you can watch this streaming online the rest of the speak on but there is a lot of news to get to. let's get back to martha and more now. martha: security is being stepped up worldwide in the wake of this morning's attack in
7:26 am
brussels. the homeland security department at home says there is no specific threat against the united states, but they are urging americans to be more aware of their surroundings. general jack keane, a fox news military analyst. welcome to you. i guess one of the biggest questions when you look at what happened in brussels is where next. how many people do we know are out there potentially plotting, and what do we do? >> we got to admit that isis has been very successful. they have created worldwide following. they have had two successful attacks in paris and brussels, likely executed by the same brussels network. the last one despite the scrutiny was able to pull this off with extraordinary operational security.
7:27 am
no penetration of any major consequence to interfere with the attack. the attacks i in san bernardino, california, and taking down a russian airliner. he's about this business and he's succeeding at it. the reality is we do not have a strategy to cope with radical islam as it's morphing into a global jihad that's larger than isis itself. martha: the president spoke about this very briefly at the tomorrow of his comments in cuba. >> i was stunned by how little he spent on what took place in europe. you can't help but see the irony of it. he's in the arms of a communist dictatorship in cuba, and he's reached out to iran as well.
7:28 am
at the expense of our allies in the middle east, at the expense of the cuban people in cuba. meanwhile, we had radical islam that is on fire in the middle east, in africa and europe. and this president is not standing up and exercising what traditionally has been an american leadership role. it was the american president who was the catalyst in europe post world war ii against communist ideology. where is our president now doing very much the same thing to organize europeans and the middle east, to stand up against this threat and defeat this ideology it's a generational struggle and we are way behind the power curve in not stepping up to it.
7:29 am
this president will not do it. martha: we heard the presidential candidate on the opposing side, john kasich, donald trump and ted cruz. each one of them put idea out there. john kasich said come back from cuba, get together with nato leadership. get together with members of the alliance and figure out a way to end isis. we heard from ted cruz as well. we heard from donald trump talking about the visa waiver program. close the door, cut off the flow of the movement of these people. all of those constructive idea in your opinion? >> i don't get involved in candidate' viewpoint. but the extra tee i can issue is the one i mentioned. the operational issue is isis. that's right in front of us. they have a bona fide safe haven in syria, much as syria had a bona fide safe high in the ninth
7:30 am
for which they blew up our embassies and declared war against us and then came 9/11. if you let the save heaven stay in place as we did in afghanistan, what happens? the terrorists become more ambitious, more lethal and more skilled. we are seeing that take place right before our eyes. ways our strategy to defeat the safe haven in syria if the incoming commander of central command. the military command that overseas our efforts in the middle east and in the region provided testimony a week ago and reported widely when asked the question, ways your plan to destroy or defeat the safe haven that isis has in syria and particularly at raqqa? the answer is we have no strategy or plans to take away raqqa from isis. that's an incredibly defining foment more us.
7:31 am
it's creating what we are seeing, the spread of radical islam. martha: they have the bomb maker likely behind the paris bombing. we'll find out. basically at large in europe right now. thank you, general keane. there is so much to be done. thank you for laying out some of it for us this morning. good to have you with us. bill: the latest from brussels. 31 dead, 80 wound. security ramped up at airports, the train stations. you would expect that across europe. but here at home officials keeping a close eye on the way we move around in the big city, that where we find rick leventhal.
7:32 am
what's the scene? >> the nypd has the most he 50s kateed anti-counter terrorism. and he is at penn state, grand central station and other locations. they're there with bomb sniffing dogs and high-powered rifles. i've been told by a member of the law enforcement community there is no actionable
7:33 am
intelligence to steer authorities to any specific place but this is a overall level of heightened security. they want to show force in fact the nypd put out a statement this morning saying it is providing police presence and public reassurance there is no known indication of the brussels attacks had any nexus to new york city but they are keeping a close eye on things we do expect everything from the nypd a short time from now in the meantime, what you're seeing on the streets of new york city and all the transit hubs is this for a lot of officers with high-powered weapons and heavy gear ready for action and a show of a strong presence >> it's been a target in the past as you know. rick leventhal times square now at the international guard returned to you. i know you've been in meetings through the morning. what can you add to developments that we've been reporting on?
7:34 am
there's not a ton to add except that this is a major terrorist attack, continuation of what we've seen in europe this is what happens when you allow isis and this terrorist philosophy to grow, to drive to go you don't have major setbacks against them and frankly when you have a refugee crisis on undated in europe these are the kind of results that are going to happen so it is important that we not just get what's happening under control which is the imminent terrorist attacks in europe and the united states, but we are looking for the focus which is we have to push back on this organization in rocca, in the middle east and ultimately we have to fix the situation in syria so people have a place to go and not to europe. reporter: we've heard from experts today talking about human intelligence to infiltrate these neighborhoods. in paris, brussels or some other location or perhaps here at home in the us when it comes to human intelligence, what is the level of commitment that you find from those in charge? of what is no doubt a critical aspect to all of this? >> it's been lacking recently.
7:35 am
before 9/11 we realized we had shifted from human intelligence after the cold war to focus on technology people whether it's like that.n, anything the problem is that stuff is good but the human intelligence is the only way to get in and tear into somebody's soul. if you're in a community where there may be somebody that's radicalizing you be able to notice that by what you are seeing. you'd be able to get information. we did this well during the surge in iraq you are going to have to do stuff like this again here at home and overseas to make sure we are using human intelligence to find out how these networks are developing and imminent attacks and things ong the lines . reporter: what is the willingness to stay ahead of them in terms , you've got technology you can use within law enforcement right? to try to stay ahead of them but they are adapting quickly and they're doing it in a lethal way.
7:36 am
>> and that's the problem is we learn usually after a terrorist attack how we need to adapt. they adapt prior to that but our law enforcement does the best they can. they have fantastic tools available. they need to be able to do what they do within the constitution but at the end of the day we have to have the administration and i give them credit for stepping up against isis a little bit. we are hearing about a little more action in the middle east but we ultimately have to say this group needs to be destroyed. here's the military power required to do it and were going to do it tomorrow. reporter: on that point a little more here, where do you see a change in strategy? give us the evidence for that? >> i'm not going to sit here and pray the ministration for the strategy against isis but where you've seen some improvement is there's implementation of special operating forces. we are starting to see, we hear abt a firebase where the
7:37 am
marines are stationed in iraq. there's a bit of a step up but this is not a complete strategy. this is not a strategy that's required to defeat isis. we have to have a strategy not just promotional but rockets in syria, their spiritual headquarters. i tried to get encouraging things sometimes maybe they'll smile and say we should do more but at the end of the day were not doing near enough to destroy them and there's the spectrum, no military versus world war ii level. somewhere on there is what's required todefeat this cancer. let's use that and call it a day. reporter: if those are your markers , what do you use for numbers? what will be considered an effective force to push back now? >> i think whatever's required. maybe it's 10,000, maybe it's 20. maybe it's more, i don't know. i'm not a general sitting there with all the numbers and details. i'm a policymaker but if a general that knows what's necessary says here's what's required to destroy isis in iraq, we did this under the surge and their older father called al qaeda.
7:38 am
we can do this to isis again but we have to have a strategy in syria. that strategy is not let the russians have syria like i've heard people say. that strategy is destroy isis in raqqa and anywhere they exist and ultimately have a peaceful solution. reporter: take the us military out of it now. what is being done to draft sunni partners? any arab partners? >> more needs to be done. it was sunnis under the sunni awakening that helped us to win in a big way in the surge . we need to reach out toour sunni partners . we need to reach out frankly, well we are doing it. continue to train the iraqi military. we hope they're in a position to be able to move on mosul but i heard that a year ago. it's not going to be america doing the bulk of the work on the ground. it's going to be our partners and the kurds and everything else but were going to have to provide the steady hand of american leadership which is something uniquely only we can
7:39 am
do. no other military force can do. wehave to recognize that and use it. the steady hand of american leadership . reporter: you're describing a long war. >> we've been in war since 9/11, actually prior to that. we just recognized it on 9/11. this is generational fight and we need to accept it. reporter: adam kinsey, republican from illinois. thank you for sharing what you shared with us and more to think about. charlie have dough in paris. january 2015. in august 2015. that train from amsterdam to paris. the terrorist orders in brussels. he came from the neighborhood we've been talking about that was intercepted by us military members serving in that car and then you got november back in paris as well and then the events today. you put all that in the same pile and the migration from europe and the admission that
7:40 am
at least 90 terrorists had hid in that movement, at least 90. you have a long termproblem . and all these european capitals that have welcomed migrants into their country and justifiably so in many cases. but now i have to decide what they're going to do in the future in terms of keeping their own people safe. we having these debates in our country and iguarantee you it's happening in london and it's happening in brussels and it's happening in amsterdam and berlin and all across the eastern european capitals as well. and what to do now ? >> paris and not that long ago. you were there in front of the bacon theater and how quickly people forget and move on and get on with their lives but adam kinsey here is right. we are in the fight of our lives as general jack keane said. it is generational war that needs to be named as fascism
7:41 am
was and it is not theindication that we get in terms of the overall picture and what we're fighting here , we will see if we wake up and if it happens in time. >> it is interesting to get the perspective of the intelligence. you need to be in those neighborhoods in order to find out who's up to what and who's up to no good.right now that is still insufficient and this airport scene we are watching today. >> let's not forget that there are neighborhoods there and at issue here at home as well. in the twin cities there is an area people have been concerned about for some time. lest we not look at our own backyard and think about these issues, as we saw unfold in san bernardino. a terrible, terrible day in brussels. our hearts break for the people dealing with this bear. we continue this coverage through the morning.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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7:45 am
reporter: we were in the feature moment ago and they continue to make headlines, an american president in cuba. we talked about a us embargo. the embargo in cuba is an outdated burden on the cuban people. raul castro is talking about this yesterday during his your question and answer at a press conference and the president echoing his comments about the embargo. the embargo is in place and has been in place for 50 years now? close to it. it will stay in place so long as the u.s. congress allows it to be. by law the congress have to change it and right now it does not appear much appetite in the u.s. congress to change the embargo. that's speech continues in havana. >> other headlines that are crossing as we learn about some of the victims in the brussels attack. we now know according to the mormon church in utah that three mormon missionaries from utah were seriously injured in that attack at brussels airport. obviously it is a big day in utah and arizona aside from all
7:46 am
of this news as they go to the polls for their primary and for their caucuses. we will continue to cover through the course of the day but in the meantime let's bring in bob o'neill, a fox news contributor, retired navy seal and the man killed osama bin laden. rob, good morning to you. your we are once again. as you watch these people being taken outon stretchers from the metro area during rush hour in a brussels belgium , your thoughts this morning? >> again we are going to see this. seems like they do it every two months. it's going to continue to happen every few months because they know that if they keep hitting us they will keep the fear up to the point where we take the gloves off and handed to the people. right now they do this, they put stuff on lockdown and we are swatting at these but we need to take out the hive and thehigh is syria . reporter: in terms of the hive and also in iraq we just talked to general keane. he was talking about mosul,
7:47 am
talking about raqqa. what are we doing in the ground on those two places. >> we do have american forces there and they are fighting alongside the kurds up near mosul. they are handing it to them there and we have special forces in syria once in a while. it's a good right there but it's not getting the troops into raqqa and taking them out. when general keane species the smartest man in the room and knows what he's talking about. everyone is aware we need a plan to get into raqqa because that is where the caliphate is and that's what is causing all the recruitment from around the world. people go there, they have impunity and that's where they plan the missions.they plan them elsewhere and then multinational he attack somewhere else. raqqa is the problem, isis is the problem and we need totake them seriously. reporter: general keane also mentioned in the testimony last week , the general in charge of
7:48 am
the effort to take out isis in raqqa, he said we are not doing that right now. there's not a strategy to take raqqa at this point. we were told as the american people that the plan was to degrade and ultimately destroy rick leventhal. we don't hear a whole lot of updates from the president on this. >> the general mentioned there wasn't really a plan. i would be willing to bet there is a plan but he's making the point that no one is serious in the administration about going in there. we can decide if we want to fight them now or let our grandkids fight then.we've had a long war andpeople in europe admit , president alana mentioned we are at war. we stop saying the war on terror when president obama was elected because it's being politically correct but isis and a lot of the radical muslims are at war with us and they're going to keep doing it. suicide bombers in airports, american airlines, it's pretty
7:49 am
symbolic. they're going to cross the border here. we got isis in all 50 states. we will see it in europe again. this is the new world. reporter: in terms of getting at the heart of where it is because as we all acknowledge there's a two front problem. you've got to take out the caliphate as you describe it then you also have to deal with getting people at home and you've got 90 some ready to go according to the records of the new york times over the weekend, suicide bombers in europe what's your feeling on how good a sense we have of where these people are? >> we got a lot of good stuff in place here and in europe. there is no tracking them but we will see everything from iphones to now they are using burner phones. they are using twitter, social media, xbox is to communicate. they're going to keep morphing and we need to stay with them. there's nothing place but until
7:50 am
we take out the hub in raqqa were going to have this problem. the recruitment is coming because of the islamic state and all that stuff. we need to get not just america, i would prefer we get unilaterally but were going to need a coalition to go in there. it all comes back to raqqa. reporter: in terms of the work that you did, special operations missions to take out leadership, take out bad guys through the area. what's your sense of what the reality is in terms of people like you on the ground doing that right now? that's the reality right now is we don't have much human intelligence. we don't have enough people in the ground to tell us what's going on. there are special operations targeting high-value individuals but were going to need more of a big push to get all the low-level guys through there. we take out a leader here and there, it would be great to get out i dottie on a mission raid but were going to need to take out, there's a lot of people in there. were goingto not need a lot of people to go in there and fight . reporter: thanks to you we got bin laden and many other high-value targets and we hope
7:51 am
the people who can carry out the kind of work that you did have a leeway to do that. rob, good to see you. reporter: a defense secretary testifying on a free range testimony onwhat's happening in brussels.we bring you an update on what he is saying today. more on the security matters in what's being done in the wake of what's happened today in belgium . everything. all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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reporter: moment ago the defense secretary asked carter on capitol hill. it was prearranged but he is testifying before the house committee on the defense budget. this with the threat of terror on the forefront of american's mind after the deadly bombing we watched in belgium today. joined by national security correspondent jennifer griffin was live at the pentagon.
7:55 am
what did asked carter have to say about this brussels attack this morning?>> as you mentioned martha he is testifying now on capitol hill with joe dunford, the chairman of the joint was a prescheduled hearing to discuss the 2017 defense budget. he opened his remarks by saying the following. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with those affected by this tragedy. the victims, their families and survivors.and in the face of these actsof terrorism the united states stands in strong solidarity with our allies in belgium . reporter: he went on to say that the government stands ready to provide assistance to our friends and allies in europe as necessary. what is notable as that the pentagon is quadrupling is requested this year to strengthen its deterrent posture in europe martha, that according to carter moments ago. speak. martha: obviously on the minds of people here is whether or not there are americans that were hurt.we recorded a little bit of this moments ago .
7:56 am
reporter: your us european command, that's the command for europe as 56,000 us personnel in europe. right now they are trying to account for all those personnel. secretary carter said moments ago they are monitoring the situation and will ensure all americans are accounted for. the state department is doing the same.the attacks that took place a few blocks from the us embassy, nato headquarters is nine miles from the station. it's not far from the airport where the attacks targeted american airlines. tse administrator eater messenger ally in brussels short me after the bombings for a meeting. he is safe we are told. us officials have beenexpecting more attacks in europe , sharing intelligence with the belgium authorities in late november in the wake of a terrorist attack. the belgian intelligence complained that his budget was being cut. security at the brussels for a high profile for national security earlier this week was noticeably weak according to participants inthe forum sponsored by the marshall fund . this basically is a very new
7:57 am
reality for most of us. martha: thank you very much and as we mentioned the mormon church is reporting that three individuals who were missionaries in brussels were injured in that attack. more details on that as we get them. bill: we've heard from numerous eyewitness accounts.reporter for our sister network sky news was traveling at the airport in brussels earlier today. here is part of what he saw. reporter: we were checking in this morning to get our flights. we had our boarding passes. i put my boarding pass there, booked our flight to tel aviv. we've gone through security, our bags checked into the main holds. our luggagescreamed . we then went into the 2 to 3 area. i was buying chocolates for my children and then we heard two very loud explosions. we didn't just hear them. we felt the walls around us shake.
7:58 am
we could smell whatever the explosive devices was, there was smoke coming through in the area we were in. it was hard to say how close we were to it. it felt quite close but the blast could have been redirected by the shape of the building. it's not clear how close we were to it and lots of distressed, panicked people, some of them finding cover. we thought there might be another explosion. we didn't know what the cause of thatexplosion was. my instincts were telling me this was a terrorist attack . it couldn't have been anything else but an explosion caused by abomb and then of course the streams of people coming towards us, one woman covered in blood . her face, lots of people crying, other people trying to console their loved ones lots of confusion. the authorities , they are
7:59 am
caught up in this. they didn't know what's going on. they are frightened. they didn't know how to respond. there's no information coming to them as to what to do or what is happening. bill: alex ross there from sky news. so many have said it was so large, not just the airport but the subway station also. all that sound surrounds you. you're going to hear more from him and some others today. martha: the reports we had earlier that they found a suicide belt that was discarded which is exactly what happened when salah abdeslam who was just taken into custody a couple days ago in belgium did the same exact thing, discarding his belt, deciding at the last minute that he was chickening out, he didn't want to die. he went on the run, apparently there is somebody like that perhaps in belgium right now and they have a lot on their hands to round up people involved in this. and who may have been connected to salah abdeslam as well. it just keeps getting bigger
8:00 am
and bigger, the circle that surrounds these terrorist bombers. bill: arizona and utah, we have that coverage later for you this evening and there's a lot of reaction from trump and cruz and casey. the president in cuba calling for an end to the us embargo as we watch 31 get killed, hundred and 80 injured in belgium and brussels. more to come as our ongoing coverage continues. >> a major european capital comes under attack with deadly explosions rocking the brussels airport and subway system at the height of rush hour. moments ago president obama called these attacks another reminder that the world must unite in the fight against terrorism. good morning. i'm jon scott brussels on lockdown. the terror alert raised to the highest level after bombings at the brussels international airport.


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