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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and bigger, the circle that surrounds these terrorist bombers. bill: arizona and utah, we have that coverage later for you this evening and there's a lot of reaction from trump and cruz and casey. the president in cuba calling for an end to the us embargo as we watch 31 get killed, hundred and 80 injured in belgium and brussels. more to come as our ongoing coverage continues. >> a major european capital comes under attack with deadly explosions rocking the brussels airport and subway system at the height of rush hour. moments ago president obama called these attacks another reminder that the world must unite in the fight against terrorism. good morning. i'm jon scott brussels on lockdown. the terror alert raised to the highest level after bombings at the brussels international airport.
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it killed at least 31 people, wounding more than 180 others. an american airlines ticket counter targeted, looking like a war zone. the metro station bobbed. it was close to the european union headquarters and so far there's been no official claim of responsibility but the top democrat on our house intelligence committee says the attacks are all the hallmarks of isis as the deadly explosions, four days after the arrest of the top suspect in the paris terrorist attacks last november. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is monitoring all the developments. she joins us live from washington. catherine? >> they tell fox news they are working among investigators to target the airport and subway was already in the pipeline and friday's arrest of the paris suspect salah abdeslam accelerated that timeline. the priority this morning is identifying the suicide bomber through dna so that names and aliases can be run through databases and watches maintained by the us intelligence community.
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remember member of the house intelligence committee said the terrorist bombings in brussels focused on the airport and transit system. they are all the hallmarks of a isis inspired or coordinated attack. the attackers would go forward even when brussels was under constant vigilance for just this kind of assault shows how difficult and dangerous isis remains. the us intelligence community is doing a second review of the information gathered over the last 96 hours to assess the specific credible warnings about brussels and whether in light of today's attack the threat level in this country will change. since early this morning the secretary of homeland security jay johnson, the attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james call me have been receiving updates. the fbi has maintained heightened security posture after the isis driven attacks in garland texas last may. the fbi is keeping a close eye on individuals who may be inspired to carry out violent acts following what's happened
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in brussels. agencies in washington dc are expecting a law enforcement presence around the metro area in ways that are seen and unseen. we are told we can expect at the airport at least in the washington area and increased behavior detection unit as well as canine units especially in the vulnerable public areas after this attack in brussels thismorning . heather: thank you catherine. jon: right now in new york city the mayor bill de blasio is about to hold a news conference at the headquarters of the new york police department. were going to be monitoring that and keep an eye on what the mayor might have to say. so far there has been no indication that there's any credible evidence of a similar kind of plot attempted here in the united states, really anywhere in this country, new york, washington or elsewhere. we will monitor the mayor's comments and see what he has to
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say because airports across europe and the us are tightening security after what happened in belgium. subway stations also getting beat up police presence. joining us now michael balboni, former homelandsecurity advisor for new york state. we talked to you the other day and you were worried then , clearly this terrorism has reared its ugly head again in belgium. what should be their approach of authorities as they prevent the next attack? >> what authorities are going to do is look at essentially three elements that are unique but they're going to have to build off them. first is, as your reporter pointed out this was not a revenge attack because it took planning and so this was already in the pipeline. which now raises the question of what other networks are out
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there? what other plots are available? they attackedan airport. i don't research and there hasn't been an attack on an airport in many years . what it points out is the fact that we focus on the air side and we make sure you can't get on the air side without going through all sorts of metal detectors and other type of checks but when you congregate in the common areas it's a perfect opportunity unfortunately as demonstrated here. you can get in there and have casualty counts and the other aspect is this. they have been under high alert for months. this is the center of the european wide focus and yet these attackers were still able to pull off a coordinated multiple attack using suicide bombers. jon: belgium it is said is one of the most vulnerable countries in europe in part because it has a huge population who have traveled back and forth to countries like iraq and syria. is that why belgium becomes the center of the attack like this? >> it's hard to pinpoint any one factor but certainly, we take a look at the man who was
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arrested. he grew up, lived right near where he was picked up. he stayed very local. his contacts were local. what that allows you to do is recruit easily. you know what the police are doing, what the security forces look like but again, how are they communicating? this is a huge concern for the intelligence community. are they working through the dark met and do they have the encryption capabilities we've seen recently in the aftermath of the paris attacks? how do we break into their systems to know what their communications are occurring and possibly stop one of these attacks from occurring in the future? jon: i was writing the elevator earlier today with someone at fox was talking about how scary this is and obviously it is but the terrorists feed on this. we just had a video of people running out of the airport that's what they want. they want us to be frightened. they want us to be scared.
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how do we cover this , how do we respond to it without giving them exactly what they want? >> one of the things we have to recognize is that this is not al qaeda, they put a plot together. they're going to do something overseas. this is the isis, random, go after the targets as they present themselves to go after a place where there's lots of bodies you can go after. make that kind of a statement. don't necessarilypick an iconic venue. that means we have to change our tactics. we don't specifically focus on the iconic or critical infrastructure but we really do , the combination of the security and police force. what new york is doing now is what we've always done whichis to provide reassurance and deterrence by beefing up our presence . the key here is that what did the belgian authorities, the intelligence community miss when they been on lockdown for
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so long? how were they able to perpetrate this attack? jon: they picked up salah abdeslam yesterday and were coming in for information and apparently had no ability to prevent this attack. it may have been accelerated, it may have been moved forward because of his arrest but apparently it's been in the planning stages for a while. >> as you and i spoke about yesterday, when you have the french intelligence administrator talking about the fact that there's 600 frenchmen gone overseas and wanted to join isys and that you need to survey of these individuals and everybody's talking about lots of resources. jon: let me interrupt you. mayor bill de blasio in new york city speaking now at the police headquarters. were going to listen in. >> the familiesof those who were lost , weare deeply saddened . the toll right now stands at least 30 dead in belgium andat least hundred 70 injured and sadly we expect that told to increase .
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we stand in solidarity with the people of belgium, with prime minister charles michelle and mayor yvonne niagara of brussels and all of the people of that nation that has been at the front line of the fight against terror. and they are not alone. we stand in solidarity with the people of turkey who have been victims in recent days of car bombings and other attacks that have taken many lives. the community of nations asked to stand together at moments like this and reject the forces of terror and the appalling violence that they wreak upon innocent people. and we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in every way. let me say at the outset, there is no specific and credible threat against new york city at this time but we are in a high state of vigilance and
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readiness because of the investments we've made in building a strong anti-terror capacity in the city, or critical response command, 500+ officers at the ready, highly trained, well armed us our strategic response group, our emergency services unit all these units were available this morning. commissioner bratton and his team will speak in a moment about the way they were deployed but i want to commend the nypd for responding to the incidents in belgium and putting additional capacity out at key sites around the city and particularly our subway system to show people they were safe and make sure we were ready to respond in all instances so there was a tremendous amount of nypd presence around our subway system, literally just hours after the attack showing the speed and agility with which the nypd can move.we are working very closely with all our partners. you will hear from in a moment from the fbi leaders in this
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area, we thank them as always for their extraordinary partnerships. we've been working closely with the state and port authority given that there's issues obviously affecting the airport in belgium but all those preparations, all the effort that's being put in to today to make sure people are safe, all the personnel deployed should be another reminder to all new yorkers that the nypd and all our partners are keeping the people of this city safe and therefore it is a moment to remember that what the terrorists want is for us to change our ways.the terrorists want to undermine our democracy, they want to undermine our values, they want to see us in panic and we refuse to be afraid. we refuse to change who we are but we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order. by showing our society functioning, our city functioning and the nypd is ensuthat everyone can go about their business safely,
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35,000 members of the nypd today all acting as one to protect the people of this city. the terrorists by definition tried to use death as their tool, their aim is to spread death. we answer them with life. we answer them with a strong and vibrant society. i asked the people of new york city to offer your prayers to the victims of these attacks and their families and to stand in solidarity with them. and over the next hours and days we will keep the people updated as new developments occur but expect to see extraordinary nypd presence out over the coming days as the side of our residents of protect people at all times. quickly in spanish, [speaking in spanish] jon: bill de blasio, city of new york at the police
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headquarters saying there is no credible evidence of any kind of plot against the city of new york but he says residents here will be seeing strong and invisible police presidents here today and in the days to come after what happened in belgium. we want to bring into you republican presidential candidate and texas senator ted cruz. senator cruise, i think everybody is wondering at a time like this how should the us respond? how would it resident cruise respond? thank you for having me and first of all our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who were killed, all those who were injured in these horrific terrorist attacks today in belgium. our thoughts and prayers are especially for, we know there were several mormon missionaries from utah, americans who were over there injured in those attacks. our prayers are with those missionaries and with their families and with everyone who was affected by this attack.
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what we need and what we should be starting with is a president who acknowledges what this is. this was not a random act of violence. this was not disconnected. this was radical islamic terrorism. we are at war. we are at war with isis, radical islamic terrorists who had declared jihad on europe, declare jihad on america. they intend to carry out more and more of these terror attacks whether it's paris, whether it's san bernardino, whether brussels and unfortunately resident obama continues to embrace political correctness. he will not be the name this enemy much less do what is necessary to defeat it. and if i am president we will defeat radical islamic terrorism we need a president who unleashes the full force and fury on isys and utterly destroys them . that the only way to keep us safe.
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jon: is the mood of the country ready for that? this president was elected in large part because he promised to withdraw the us from the wars in the middle east. >> the country is absolutely ready for a president who is willing to serve as commander-in-chief . after every terror attack we see president obama go on television and number one because of an absurd political correctness he consistently refuses to say the words radical islamic talent terrorism. so does every member of this administration but he routinely lectures america on islam a phobia. this is idiocy. isis has declared their attention to wage jihad, to blowup and murder and shoot and kill as many americans, as many europeans as possible and this administration refuses to protect us. for example the president is continuing to go forward with
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his plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. that makes no sense. we should call back immediately because isis stated its intention to infiltrate those refugees and defend terrors to wage jihad and i think the american people are ready for president who is serious about keeping america safe and also for president who stands with our friends and allies, stands with europe. we are tired of a foreign policy that retreats from the world, that leads from behind . we have seen in years of weakness and appeasement from president obama and refusal to confront our enemy and enough is enough. jon: we know some of the paris attackers came in posing as refugees so what would your approach be? let in only women, only men over a certain age? let in nobody until there is some kind of betting procedure? >> i have filed legislation to suspend all refugees in countries where isys or al
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qaeda control a substantial amount of territory because the head of the fbi has told us they cannot these refugees. james comay, the head of the fbi appointed by barack obama old congress that it's impossible to vent these refugees because they don't have the database with the information on who is affiliated with isys and the terrorists so as james comey put it, we can query the database till the cows come home. we don't have the basic information to determine who is a terrorist and who's not. given that, the first obligation of the president is to be commander in chief and keep america safe so of course we shouldn't be bringing refugees in and if we keep doing so we are going to see more terrorist attacks like san bernardino, like brussels here at home because our president is refusing to protect us. it is wrong, it is unconscionable and it needs to change . jon: salah abdeslam, one of the organizers of the paris attacks was arrested the other day was a belgian national, born in
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belgium. my understanding that under the visa waiver program he could have jumped on a jet and flown to the unitedstates. what is preventing isis from pulling off the same kind of a taxi or question mark . >> you're absolutely right and we need to seriously reconsider the visa waiver program. one of the causes of this attack. it's that europe's failed immigration policies have allowed vast numbers of radical islamic terrorists to move to europe, to try to tear apart their culture and society from within and it is catastrophic. we're seeing europe paying the price for disastrous immigration policy. the visa waiver program was based on a notion that a decade or two ago it had a lot more basis that we didn't have a serious threat on people coming from countries that are friends and allies, countries in europ . with their information policy bringing so many radical terrorists into their country, making the nationals of those countries, that poses a grave
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to europe but it also poses a grave threat to america and we need to make sure everyone coming to america is properly vetted so they are not a radical islamic terrorist so we do not see americans being murdered exactly as happened in brussels today. jon: let me go back to this question of naming the enemy. youreferred to it as radical islamic terrorism . the president in his remarks in cuba earlier this morning did not . as long as you are pursuing, as long as the fbi is pursuing isis or anybody who would do us harm, what does the nomenclature matter? naming it is incredibly important. this is not a matter of semantics. the president's refusal to name our enemy impacts policy so for example, the president wants to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees.
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he sees no threat there. why? he will not acknowledge we are identifying radical islamic talent terrorism. you do not implement policy that prevents the enemy. likewise the san bernardino terrorists. the female terrorists publicly posted on some social media calls to jihad and yet this administration refused to look at social media because of political correctness. if you recognize you are fighting radical islamic terrorism you look at every database you have. she also put on her visa application a fake address in pakistan. a made-up address and the vetting of the obama and menstruation failed to notice the address was fake and made up. if you're not willing to acknowledge what you are fighting as we've seen with the obama administration you don't inland policy to defeat it and likewise with isys. we need a president who will utterly defeat isis. if i am president we will destroy isis. we will use overwhelming airpower, carpet bombing isys into oblivion, taking outtheir
8:21 am
infrastructure, the command and control, their communications, their transportation , their finance , the oil fields, taking out their personnel. arming the kurds. and betting our special forces but before we put any troops in combat, getting rid of the rules of engagement that tied her arms behind her back and letting american soldiers fight and defeat the enemy, that's what the commander-in-chief focused on protecting america does and sadly you don't have commander-in-chief doing that. jon: senator ted cruz of texas where the city of garland saw its own terror attack. also a presidential candidate obviously. senator thank you. heather: stay with us. brussels on lockdown after an explosion at the height of this morning's rush hour. eyewitnesses ask describing the moment of impact after the blast at the airport. >> it was not something thatb&
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heather: my next guest says multiple attacks like the ones that we saw in belgium where we are seeing are thenew normal. here to talk about it is bob shane, the former cochair of new york'santi-terrorism task . thank you for joining us for small.these explosions today , four days following the capture of salah abdeslam. is it possible that the planned events that he talked about were accelerated and that's what happened today? >> exactly. i think enforcement intelligence agencies are starting to put together pieces
8:26 am
of this major arrest on friday and put it together with intelligence, put it together with devices that were seized, other social media, other informants and start to patch together pieces of future attacks, future cells. maybe not with the specifics of the attack but at least the people involved so naturally, when salah abdeslam was arrested on monday, his colleagues all around europe quickly gathered together and decided probably the best thing to do is move ahead quickly. either abort the mission or move ahead quickly. we've seen what they've done right here and they moved ahead to the airport and subway in belgium. heather: authorities releasing information sayingthat he was giving them information about planned future attacks, perhaps that pushed them to accelerate the date . >> it's possible.
8:27 am
the fact that he was arrested, the whole world knew it. he was the number one fugitive when it comes to transport and try to apprehend him in europe or wherever you was so it had to be news. the following information was that he was alive, he was talking and naturally that gets people motivated to do things quickly, it moves people out of the way. it's a double-edged sword. it can stop people from attacking because they know they're going to be caught and they have to move away quickly, go back to the middle east or somewhere they can be targeted or they're going to move in the other direction and attack quickly and it looks like in this case at least one cell affiliated with salah abdeslam, that's what they did. heather: the crime scenes themselves, there were two explosions we are being told at the airport, another explosion within the subway. nearly eu headquarters, also near the us embassy. what are they looking at in terms of evidence at the crime scenes. >> remember structurally they have to be careful so they're going into an area that just had a huge explosion. the investigators doing the forensic investigation, they are going to be looking for everything that could lead back to other individuals. they're going to look for any kind of phone devices, any
8:28 am
rifles as we are lead already apprehended there was one rifle and one suicide best. they're going to look for things like that. any clues, any forensic information that may lead them to other cell members. our biggest difference here is to identify who was in the pipeline to attack us next. that's the best way for us to stop one of these attacks. heather: and also protect ourselves and i want to ask you as cochair of the anti-terrorism task force following 9/11 you know full well all the security members that were put into place at airports and other modes of transportation. following this event today, those security levels will have to be increased even more. >> that's right. i can tell you is a former agent and someone who runs a global security company that these things are always in place. remember every day when we wake up and there's not an attack we
8:29 am
have the same intelligence going on. we have the same enforcement operations. the same security we see on the street. we when we have an event like this we just turn it up. we increase all of that so we use those same methods we use every day but now we are multiplying them that we bring in police officers who are off, we bring them in for overtime. more fbi agents are diverted to particular areas. more of our intelligence in the nsa and so forth to increase their information gathering so . heather: we know the bomb went off at the airport in an area prior to going through security so that would have to be addressedfor the future . >> i'm not sure whether it will be addressed because you have a police state, weneed to be searching millions of people every day in the subway. millions at airports in new york and all across our country . remember, the intelligence is really the most valuable. we maintain our intelligence, we continue our enforcement operations and we have our security on the street and subway and just as best we can with visible police officers and citizens reporting
8:30 am
information, those are the things thatwill keep us safe. this is inevitable. this thing that happened in .urope is going to happen ag heather: bob joining us live again. we have additional information. we are now being told according to the ap and reuters that isis is in fact claiming responsibility for these multiple explosions that happened in brussels this morning. at last count nearly 31 people dead and some 200 wounded. ice is framing responsibility. jon: european capital city on lockdown. brussels at its highest level of alert after coordinated terrorist attacks target the airport and the metro station. transportation halted there. people advised to stay indoors. witnesses from the airport attack say at least two blasts happen almost simultaneously. several injuries to victims legs suggesting one bomb may have been placed in a suitcase on the floor. we will have more fox team
8:31 am
coverage of the attack in brussels after this break.
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jon: belgium at the highest level warning of serious and imminent attack. at least 31 people dead, many more injured after explosions and an metro station and the international airport that serves brussels. the subway station attack in the district of moldy, very close to the headquarters of the european union. power, joins us live from
8:35 am
brussels with details. greg? >> there are no air flights going into this airport. no trains going into brussels so we've spent the last couple of hours driving over london to brussels and we are just on the outskirts of the airport as we approach the city, a big temporary sign put up saying airport closed down and that says it all. blood and carnage once again in the heart of europe you go to terror blasts in the airport and another at the subway station and as you've been recording at least 31 dead, nearly 200injured. both those blasts happening at the very busy rush hour. first at the airport , that departure area, the terminal filled with people. a suicide bomb going off, possibly a suitcase bomb as well. the latest reports we are getting are at least three americans injured. they were missionaries,
8:36 am
critically injured but not in danger of losing their lives. after seeing dust, smoke, windows smashed out the ceiling caved in, and ak-47 assault rifle found on the ground as well as other ammunition and just before the blast went off, shooting an arabic shouting. as you been recording, probably the latest news, both ap and reuters quoting a news agency close to the isis terrorist organization has that group claiming responsibility for this and that chaotic bomb blast at the subway stop as you noted right in the heart of the city. right near the eu headquarters. i'm sure as you've been reminded this comes four days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, the outstanding suspect from the paris terrorist attacks and he was clear. over the weekend in interrogations with the prosecutor, over that four months he was on the loose he
8:37 am
wasn't just running from the police. he was setting up yet a new network of terror and waiting to unleash that terror on brussels. perhaps what we are seeing is some of this handiworkright now. right now as we say, this city is under lockdown . the schools have been closed, the metro has been closed, people are going home. the people who did go to the office and didn't go to the office, they were heating the calls of brussels authorities who were saying don't leave, don't move around the city. the words from the french prime minister who knows this all too well from the time of suffering the paris terrorist attacks are we are at war and we also heard from president obama saying the same thing that we have to unite against terrorism. terrorist once again striking at thevery heart of civilization, the very heart of europe . jon: greg reporting live from brussels right now.
8:38 am
thank you. heather: as greg reported the attacks, just four days after the arrest of salah abdeslam in brussels. he is the leading suspect in the paris terrorist attacks last november and my next guest says salah abdeslam has been hiding in plain sight for four months and that these belgium attacks show he has a widespread network. joining us is rick grenell, former advisor to for us ambassadors to the un and a fox news contributor. thankyou for taking the time to join us. we talked a little bit about this , mozambique specifically and it boggles the mind that he could be found in this apartment just down the street, i think it was a football field away from the home where he grew up. it's an eyesight of the town hall so you can literally look out the window and see the apartment he was hiding out in so he obviously had help. >> 'snetwork is huge. isis is a step ahead of us.
8:39 am
they have sanctuary territories within europe whether it's in germany or france or in belgiu . this is a big problem for europe. europe has got to get a hold on what is happening when it comes to this refugee, how they are coming forward, how intelligence is gathered specifically we know that for the past four months that the authorities have been on their tail. they have been trying to crack this network. they were not able to do it before these attacks which means isis is ahead of us. that serious policy implications for all ofeurope and the united states.when you look at attacking brussels , the terrorists are looking at brussels as the headquarters at nato, the headquarters for the eu. the header. orders of western civilization in europe. the other capital western civilization is washington dc. it is not too much to say that brussels and washington dc are
8:40 am
the two symbols of freedom and democracy and when you have brussels attack, we hear in the united states we need to remember that we have had our problems in san bernardino, in texas. this is coming our way. we have to have serious discussions about the intelligence gathering. we still have the san bernardino attackers phone locked. we don't know what his network is in san bernardino. i live just miles from san bernardino. there could easily be a network in southern california and we don't know about it because apple is unwilling to unlock this phone. that is unacceptable. if you want to take the side of saying we cannot gather intelligence like so many people have and they want to fall on the side of saying individuals who are attackers still have rights and not have their phone unlocked, if you want to take that side then i think that you give up complaining about terrorist attack because when i see
8:41 am
what's going on in brussels an what's coming here , there are serious implications. heather: what can we do to stop them from coming here? >> we've got to give the tools to policymakers and to our law enforcement officials. every tool they are asking for. we can put in place checks and balances to make sure those policies are not abused. no one wants to see the slippery slope of unloing everyone's iphone but in particular we drill this down. we should not be having the debate here in the united states of whether or not to unlock and isis inspired attackers phone. unlock the phone. iwant to know what's going on inside his phone, inside this network . if you want to know what to do then as the general public in the united states you should be demanding that we unlock the phone. that's a practical step that we should be taking right here. heather: there are people in this country right now that authorities admit are hereand are being watched , manyof whom
8:42 am
are not being watched . >> to see something, say something sounds like a casual statement. it can be mocked in some ways. i think it's a serious treatment. if you see something you have to be able to raise that concern to the level of someone in authority taking action on this. we should not as the general public be thinking about being mocked by our neighbors or marked by the media for having concerns about somebody. you look at what happened in san bernardino and i keep going back to that because not only do i live there but this is something that recently happened in the united states. it's not brussels, it's not paris, it's germany. it's right here. when you look and see that so many neighbors were concerned about the activities that were going on in this individual home but didn't say something and i want to know why they didn't say something. do they feel the pressure to not be mocked by speaking up or not being called a racist or being called anti-immigrant in
8:43 am
some way? we've got to remove that. heather: i was thinking back to the boston marathon bombing as well especially with that incident and these people had injuries to the legs and they were saying perhaps a bomb, one of them was in a suitcase on the ground resulting those injuries that we saw in boston. >> it's a serious injured issue and we have to take it seriously. heather: thank you for joining us. john? jon: we have been told that about three hours from now the house of representatives will hold a moment of silence to honor the people of belgium and commemorate the dead in this latest terror attack. speaker ryan's office announcing that moments ago. i have more break in coverage of the brussels attacks. next guest says it is obvious that today's events are connected to what happened in paris.
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jon: developments in our top story. with reaction here and around the home to the deadly terror attacks in brussels. from security beefed up at airports and subways in major cities like new york to president obama's call for the world to unite in the fight against terrorism. there is word that a suitcase bomb may have been used in the airport blast in brussels and that and discarded bomb belt also has been found. with investigators examining them to figure out if they bear the same characteristics as those usedin the paris terror attacks last year , joining us now tom jocelyn. senior fellow with the defense of democracies and senior editor at the long war junior journal. tom you have said this brussels attack, this has to be related
8:48 am
to what happened in paris. what tells you that? >> you think back after what happened in the attacks in paris last november and french president along and said those attacks wereordered in syria, planned in belgium and carried out in france . i think clan issued a stern warning at the time that this was an international network we are dealing with when it comes to the islamic state and they have a command-and-control apparatus that stretches into the heart of europe and i think it would be foolish to assume that the stone have something to do with those same networi t claim of responsibility came from the market news agency which is a again arm of isis. this means that almost certainly was a isis attack. jon: in this country we generally look for the so-called chatter, increased internet activity , that kind of thing that helps authorities figure out that something like this might be imminent. was there any suggestion that another attack, a brussels attack with one we saw this morning was in the pipeline? this is what's really worrisome about this. if you talk to any belgian counter terrorist official, no one is surprised by this.
8:49 am
everybody know this was coming. you can go back to comments all the way to 2014 from belgian authorities saying this was coming. they lost a series of raids because they no known terrorists are operating on their soil. this is the least surprising outcome that we could see or can expect and that's really what's troublesome. you talk about chatter. the chatter is really, there's too much of it now so you have all these officials around the world trying to neutralize all these persistent threats and the problem is because there are so many threats that known terrorists are slipping through the cracks. you go back to the paris attacks last november, some of those guys were well known including some of the key ringleaders. i'm sure some of the guys involved in this attack today probably wereknown to authorities and that's what's so troublesome . jon: but when salah abdeslam was arrested a few days ago he was hailed as a great crew and certainly an intelligence bonanza. we understand he has been talking. a lot of people i suppose in
8:50 am
belgium may have felt like the problem had been neutralized at least for now. >> the problem is every time one of these arrest occurs or an attack occurs, of what authorities learn as the network behind them is deeper and broader than expected and that's the problem. you're not dealing with on here or another one're dealing with a whole network in place and it's embedded inside european soil at this point. that's why you have it happen like today. you can neutralize one or two terrorists but there are guys waiting to take their place and they have a whole network already embedded that's supporting them. jon: based on what you are saying there could be more in the pipeline . >> there's no doubt about it. they've been plotting against europe as isis has been.
8:51 am
they're not going togive up on that. they're going to continue attacks whether they be directed from the command and control center in iraq or syria or something where operatives go back to europe and carry out attacks on their own without the specific command. either scenario you're going to see more in the near future . jon: tom jocelyn, thank you. heather: as we heard, isis claiming responsibility for today's attack in brussels. will will have a live report on the latest information coming up next so stay with us. >> don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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jon: fox news a on the deadly terror attacks mocking brussels. coordinated rush-hour bombings killed at least 31 people. now word that isis is claiming responsibility for today's deadly attacks. saying fighters opened fire at the airport and several of them that needed suicide belts. the posting also claims another homicide bomber blew himself up in the metro station in brussels. all covering this life from
8:55 am
brussels. benjamin? >> we've been seeing isis related accounts, sharing this attack as they did the past terror attacks but official confirmation it was indeed isis. the question now is wasn't directly orchestrated from syria or was this more of a homegrown jihad? so many networks in brussels and brussels have been tied closely to this for a long time. the other question now are the numbers. we initially heard on suicide bomber at the airport and yet there was one suicide belt detonated, one suitcase bomb detonated and one suicide belt not detonated so the big question, are there people out there that and mark are there attackers at large or the people who were stranded at the airport have been moved nearby so the questions are the attackers hiding among them? this was just a question of belgium comes time and again and it is known that the jotting capital of europe i spoke to people in mozambique after the paris terror attacks in people there were praising the terror attacks. they were saying they
8:56 am
understood why they happen use see how deep these networks go. the interior minister of belgium was not surprised at the level of support salah abdeslam received during his months on the run. every time an attack is prevented or someone is arrested we find this network is deeper. before the terror attacks hehad driven around europe picking up attackers to bring them to paris and some of them had been hiding among the refugees so we have to see again whether or not those connections can be made now. or who are these people responsible? are they bred in belgium or have a traveled to syria ? we know isis is able to get a hold of passport so a lot of questions but the biggest one out there, are there attackers still on the loose?jon: a lot of digging it to do. benjamin hall live from london. thank you. heather: coming up in the next hour, no more breaking news on the brussels attacks. after multiple explosions strike the airport and subway system in the belgian capital during morning rush hour. belgium raising its terror alert to its highest level, the
8:57 am
airport on lockdown,all flights canceled and rail travel suspended. stick right here with fox news for the latest on the attacks . we will continue to follow this story.
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