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tv   Outnumbered  FOXNEWSW  March 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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days after the arrest i mentioned in brussels of salam abdeslam lament. abdeslam lament. frag awz.
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[shouting] [crying] [sirens] [shouting] [sirens] harris: story tells itself. we let you watch and listen there. no narrative needed. let's bring in greg palkot live from brussels. greg, i mentioned americans, so much to the story. fill us in what you learned. >> reporter: amazing stuff, harris, behind us is the brussels airport. there are no planes taking off. there are no planes arriving. it is shut down. as israel travel in and out of this city. as is the subway all around this
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city. in fact to get over here to this position, we got here about 15 minutes ago, we had to drive from london, through the eurotunnel and over here. we are here at a scene once again of blood and carnage in the heart of this continent. the scene is the airport perhaps most dramatic. the departure hall filled with people at around 7:00 a.m., eight 8:00 a.m. ready to get on their flights. one the bombs went off. one suicide bomb went off. we believe a second suitcase bomb went off. then the ensuing carnage. ceiling falling down. windows popping out. dust and smoke filling the hall. people running, grabbing their children. as you've been reporting, casualty toll at least 31 dead up to about 200 injured. as you noted, yes americans were involved. three american missionaries critically injured. we're told their lives are not threatened. in fact, one of the bomb blasts,
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has been reported happened near an american airlines ticket counter. there was an american airlines plane ready to go to the united states this morning. another bomb went off near starbucks. some people speculated there could have been a little bit of targeting of the united states in that move. over here, about three miles from where we are, the subway station, another scene of chaos. the injury toll there and death toll there even higher than here at the airport because it was enclosed space. and it happened right near the headquarters of the european union. imagine, let's remember, remind our viewers this, is the capital of europe. it is like two terrorists or three terrorists or more hit washington, d.c. one hit ronald reagan airport. another hit, well, the metro stop right near the capital. that is basically what happened here today. as you, as we have been reporting it is just reported in the past hour according to a website very friendly with the
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isis organization, that they are claiming responsibility for these attacks. and, as we all know four days, after the arrests, the seizure of the last outstanding logistics man, terrorists involved in last november's terror attacks in paris. the french prime minister in fact saying today, we are at war, europe is at war. and the belgian authorities saying this is indeed terror. they're going house to house to try to sort this oink out. let me, once again, with aid of my great cameraman pierre, give you a little show of the geography. pierre, go over to the right. that is the terminal there. you can see some planes there, a low structure. it is behind that where you've seen these images of windows blown out, the ceiling going down. we have been kept away by police. this is the distance, pierre, pan across the runways, you can see there is no airplanes going
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in or out but you can see the buildings on the left side. that is where hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of passengers who were stranded at this airport were taken before they were taken away and bused away. they're being taken now to other airports in the area. obviously a lot of people shaken up. again traffic is moving on the streets, on the highway that we are just in front of but the belgian authorities are telling people of this city, stay home. if you can, stay away from your businesses if you can. schools have been shut down. so o a major city in europe locked down, hit, injuries, death, because of terror. back to you, harris. harris: yeah. you give us so many fresh new details to work with. really appreciate the perspective of those buildings where would have been taken by your cameraman. we talked a little bit about the manhunt. the fact you just mentioned people are being told to stay home if they can. what is the latest?
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do they know who they're looking for at this point? >> you got to believe they do, harris. once again when salah abdeslam, the paris attack suspect, was interrogated over the weekend, the prosecutor has said that in the four months that he was on the run, he was not only looking out for police but he was setting up another terror network, another setup with bombs, with suicide vests, with cars, with other terrorists that could do damage. and that he was going to do another repeat performance here in brussels. there has been speculation, perhaps now that he has been arrested, the other folks in his bank have said hey, we better get out here, we better committees terror attacks before they shut us down. police have been working actively to do that. immediate response to these attacks we heard of house-to-house searches. you have to believe that is happening in the molenbeek area we've been telling you about. a area of high population of
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muslims. where a lot of terrorists have come out of. that has to be a target of attention now. not just brussels issue. it's a europeanwide issues, especially as i already mentioned because of symbolic value of this place. this is the capitol of europe and center of civilization, harris. andrea: greg, it is andrea tantaros here. there are additional reports that unexploded suicide vest was also found at the airport. do you have any additional reporting from belgium law enforcement of any additional explosives inincluding the unexploded vest and any information that this attack was supposed to be larger than it was, or more intricate and destructive? reporter: could very well have been, andrea. law enforcement sources are telling media they did find an unused, undetonated suicide vest
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on the ground, on the floor of the airport terminal this morning. they saw a ak-47 assault rifle alongside one of the dead attackers. more minute chronology around the attack was this. eyewitnesses say there were shouts first in arabic. could have been "allahu akbar!" could have been anything. and then the firing. then the explosions. what eyewitnesses are saying at that there was one small explosion, one detonation, that could have been the suitcase bomb we've been hearing reports that was found at the scene. then the large explosion. that had to be the suicide bomber which police are now saying is active here. yes, that other suicide vest had gone off, the death toll, the injury, the casualties could have been twice as much. we're also hearing of a controlled detonation in the center of brussels, not far from that subway station. there were reports that in fact three subway stations at one point were hit. real panic and real chaos.
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but, yes, it could have been a lot worse. this could have been a rushed operation after the seizure of salah abdeslam but the connection, well, you can't resist trying to make a connection with that. could very well have been. back to you, andrea. >> greg, it is bill hemmer. we were together in paris four months ago. france, belgium in particular have been on edge now for four months. you wonder when the explosions occurred if the people around them knew instantly they were yet again under attack from the same group of people. when you consider that same group of people has been under constant surveillance for four plus months and they still could not stop them, what does it say about the police, or the counterterrorism units in europe? what does it say about their ability to infiltrate these neighborhoods. these streets, in some cases these families, greg? reporter: there is a lot of speculation about that, bill. we all know that all of the law
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enforcement officials across this continent are working as hard as they can but there are a lot of questions being asked. belgian officials used a term frankly i don't hear too often when i'm reporting on these terror incidents. they said these were blind attacks. what does that mean? that, they didn't see it coming? that it was unknown that it was coming? almost an admission of immediate failure if they are acknowledging that they did not see these attacks coming. but yeah, the question is, how, first of all, salah abdeslam could be for four months on the run and as we're learning more and more, he wasn't running too far. he was nabbed around the corner from his family home. his blood and dna were found in a couple of homes right in the center of brussels. he was using a network, which question, belgian authorities should have been right on top of and should have been squeezing from my understanding. they found salah abdeslam because they picked up a mobile
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phone number from one individual who was at the funeral of his brother the day before. his brother remember, was also killed in that paris terror attack. also detonated himself. so indeed questions are being asked how the police are coordinating, bill. harris: it is harris again, greg. the very latest just coming across alludes to what you and andrea were talking about. a third bomb found at the airport has been destroyed by security services. so this is an ongoing thing. they are still very active at the scene. i heard you reporting earlier you had arrived. you were on fox news a short time ago, that an ak-47 had been found and there were other types of weapons. part of the reason i would imagine they want people to stay in their homes and stay back. they have to figure out if this were more widespread what else is out there. also just continue to comb scenes of actual sites that have been tragedies this morning to figure out what has been left behind. you mentioned that molenbeek
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area. we have taked about it a lot on "outnumbered." a u.k.-based expert on radicalization is saying we're breeding a generation of kids who are estranged from their own societies. we know abdeslam spent time in medical lien beak already as a young -- molenbeek as a young man and child. he would have a network and probably a knowledge how things work better than anybody else living outside of that area, better than we can ever guess what the response would be securitywise. we have a network that could keep eyes and ears for him, i would imagine, not to hard to hide out for four months. i put hideout in quotes. reporter: yeah i would put hideout in close quotes too, harris. brussels is being hit, rich in targets like the european union. nato is headquartered here. there is a lot of american presence here. american corporations are head quarted here. brussels is being hit according
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to many experts, belgian law enforcement authorities are weak. this is divided country. there are two languages here. there is a third government in brussels. because of that division and infighting some critics have said that law enforcement officials here have not been up to it. and again molenbeek, a network, a strong network of islammists, isis figures, coming and going. remember salah abdeslam didn't just stay here, used it as a hub budapest twice to pick up isis terrorists who were coming in, infiltrating with the refugee flow. worked with individuals in paris. this is a paris-belgian access these terrorists are using and acquiring guns. guns also easier to get in belgium, either in brussels or in other cities. so it is a hub. and i guarranty you, it will get even more attention but i also got to tell you, just in brief
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chatting with people since we've been here oh, so briefly, the feeling is, oh, no, here we go again. in fact there is already prayers for brussels like we heard prayers for france, for paris. we're also seeing twitter hashtags talking about paris, showing solidarity as other law enforcement and officials have said. the people, i think there is a big grown and a big sadness, here we go again, harris. harris: all over the world. real quickly before we continue with our guests here on "outnumbered," the brussels airport authority is saying that after this dead nation of a third bomb and everything that happened today, the airport ceo also chiming in they will keep that facility closed, the main airport will remain closed at least through tomorrow. and we'll report the updates on that but right now it is shut down. the non-movement you were reporting before right behind you that your cameraman pierre showed us is probably not going
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to change that much. julie? >> greg, it is julie. my question for you, you're at home of european union and european union over a decade has had the agreement which allows movement of european nationals and others without checking passports and identification from country to country. in light of what happened in paris four months ago, in light of what happened today is there any sense you're hearing among officials in europe they need to revisit agreement, need to revisit stronger, tighter border control in the european union? reporter: absolutely, julie. you're hearing that in a lot of quarters. in ad hoc way, various countries, france, austria, slovenia, germany, are reimposing their border crossing points. a lot of checking for passports. we traveled here, there was no air or rail. traveled by car. went through eurotunnel. check of passports by one set of
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officials. check of passports but another set of officials. that kind of thing we can expect to see a lot more. there are questions about the free flow of people, especially as we've seen more than a million refugees, immigrants coming into this continent from syria and elsewhere, a vast, vast majority, law-abiding, just struggling to leave from terror but some terror coming in with them as well, julie. harris: all right. greg, it is me again. we talked about this previously just a little bit. now we have photographs of those americans you were talking about. maybe you and i can work together to fill in some of the gaps. as we put up their photos. the injured missionaries from utah, three mormon mig naries serving in -- missionaries were escorting a fourth person to the airport. they had just gone through the security check point. elder richard norvy, 66 of lehigh, utah. elder joseph empe, who is
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20 years old of santa clara, utah. elder, mason wells, 19 years old of sandy utah. what you have been able to learn, greg, fill us in. reporter: yeah, exactly. those three, one would guess they would be the near the american airlines ticket counter. there was an american airlines flight scheduled to leave, head back to the united states, a short time after these bombs went off, could well have been hit bit impact of the bomb. seems that the bomb near the ticket counter could have been suicide bomb. could have been a larger blast. that is why, luckily they are not in danger of dying but they are in critical condition. we can all just pray for them. back to you. harris: greg palkot, we'll come back to you during this hour as news grants. right now we want to check on this, fox news alert. if you were just joining us to let you know the situation in brussels is still on going.
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several explosions by the islamic state already taking responsibility. this picture coming in, what we're learning, bill, i don't know if you've seen this yet, we're told suspects, they're not shopping carts, things you put your luggage on at airport. you see the circle. i imagine that is some sort of weaponry we have encircled. we're getting more information on this this is the first photograph released of three suspects at the brussels airport today. i was just telling you that americans were among those who were harmed. i want to get your thoughts real quick. >> i tell you, it is so wicked to think that they are living in broad daylight. harris: yeah. >> in brussels, belgium. they were neighbors to someone they were clearly family members and, who knows what their backstory is. but they have been working on this. they knew where to go. they knew where the targets were. and they didn't give a damn if it cost them their own life.
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they were out to kill as many people as possible. unless you have human intelligence to sop them you will not. harris: julie. >> your point was so well-taken, bill, these are people who have been working on this despite the fact that brussels is under lockdown for how long? months and months and months. that is chilling. harris: they're able to do it. many have grown up. more than half of the attackers in paris were born and raised in that suburb of brussels in molenbeek. this is the first photograph released. it is chilling to see. look at all passengers and travelers near them as they moved through the brussels airport. it shut down. they have now detonated and destroyed a third device. we'll continue our coverage here on fox news. stay close.
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andrea: this fox news alert. you're looking at a picture of the suspects in the belgian terror attack we're learning killed 28. this picture from law enforcement in brussels, belgium. see two suspects from the airport which looks like luggage
9:25 am
carts. you heard harris describe them earlier. bring in chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington, d.c. with more details on what happened. catherine. reporter: thank you, andrea. within the last hour the islamic state news agency shown as the amak news agency issued a statement claiming responsibility for brussels. the news agency makes its business make formal link between terrorist attacks and isis proper in iraq and syria. in this case the statement speaks specifically to the use of suicide bombers in brussels. so bombers plural at the airport as well as the metro station. so based on their claim, we're looking at at least three suicide bombers. this group is very active within isis propaganda circles, and after the attack in paris, made a claim of responsibility. also praised the attacks in san bernanadino in december.
9:26 am
now the claim of responsibility to what we saw in brussels this morning. we don't have the same kind of track record with the islamic state that we had with al qaeda proper but they do not have a track record of taking responsibility for attacks that they did not have some sort of input in or have some authorship in the atrocity, andrea. andrea: catherine, what can you tell us specifically about the weapon sourcing? when you look at suicide vests, the atap, that was used do we know if it was sourced locally? does it point to any construct we've seen with other terror groups? what can you tell us about the construction of those vests and does it point to any location where they could have gotten the material? reporter: that is excellent connection. we were able to confirm elements after french police report done after attacks in paris last november and the french police report found that suicide vests worn by attackers at the stadium as well as one of the
9:27 am
restaurants bore the same kind of signature from the bomb-maker. in other words, they were constructed in the same manner suggesting the same individual or team was responsible. in that particular case they each had a nine-volt battery was used to accelerate the detonation. they used same kind of adhesive tape and shrapnel to amplify the impact of the detonation. and they also used something called tatp. tatp is a type of explosive, components of which you can buy over-the-counter. that is the good side for terrorists. the bad side for terrorists it is highly unstable and takes quite a bit of practice and familiarity with explosives to handle it without accident. if we could for one moment as we round out the question go back to the picture of the suspects. i want to tell you what has my attention looking at that picture having worked in this area for more than a decade. when you look at the way the men are hanging on to the luggage
9:28 am
carts, do you see how one hand is gloved and other hand is not gloved? what you see in suicide situations is that the detonator switch is in effect attached or taped to one of the hands. and the reason that's important almost what you call a dead man switch. when they lose the grip, in this case, on the luggage cart, it sets off the detonation. so if they were shot and brought down the come would still explode. looking at that picture what immediately has my attention is fact both of them have one hand is gloved inside and other hand which is not. harris: interesting. andrea: catherine, on your point, it is critical what you mentioned in the your reporting, tat. acetone peroxide, same material used in the stadium in paris. i'm repeating this because i think it is critical. tell us about that tatp, as tone
9:29 am
peroxide, can it be obtained locally? does the construct besides link in paris, does it point to any construct we've seen in europe or elsewhere, maybe perhaps in the middle east? reporter: tatp is the kind of explosive you can put together. you have to have a fairly sophisticated knowledge on the use of explosives to know what to buy over-the-counter. so the great thing about tatp for terrorists that you can buy things easily to put it together. the bad news with with tatp is t it is a highly unstable explosive. so it take as certain amount of training to handle it without having an accident. when i say accident, that is euphemism of losing a hand or finger in construction of these device. no small thing to put together two or three or four explosive belts for an operation like this. you need to have a secure and
9:30 am
safe space where you do not believe that you will be disrupted, access to the materials and also a bomb-maker who has the expertise to do this without having any accidents. if, and i just want to take a step further because we don't know the results of this, if it is found that these belt in brussels, belgium really have the same signature of what we have in paris, this is another data point that speaks to a larger network of isis followers and operatives in western europe. that's, that's the big piece here. and i would add, that in this claim of responsibility from the amak news agency, part of the propaganda wing for isis, what they promise more attacks are in the pipeline. we don't know that is the case but we know that is the pledge they're making in claim of responsibility for brussels this morning. >> catherine, katie pavlich here, we've been talking on show lack of human intelligence and
9:31 am
these guys are part of the same network that carried out the paris attacks, tell us a little bit about the neighborhood and fact they get away with having a safe space as you said to handle this type of material and how difficult it is for law enforcement to get in there considering they have been clamping down on them and watching them for months on end? reporter: i don't want to suspect too much how they may have operated but what i can tell you based on our reporting one of the priorities today identifying through dna the sue bide bombers from the airport and what we believe is the metro station. once you're able to pin the identity of individuals, you're then able to work back to understand network of contacts they have. they call it in intelligence circles, link analysis. it's a fancy way of saying, taking all of your contacts, your phone records, anything that you were pushing up into the cloud, to see who your network of sources are that might help support a operation and more specifically in this
9:32 am
country whether any of these ties, rather lead back to the united states. harris: where is this again? hello? >> katherine, hey, it is bill hemmer. i think we can conclude three innings things among this group that on this group based on their tactics and what they have been able to do and succeed at it. they are excellent bomb-makers, you would agree with that? and they have shown the ability to take it on the road, different house, different apartments, perhaps even different cities. they have also shown that the immigration, migrant trail, based on the investigation, at least 90 were using that trail to get from syria to places like brussels, belgium, and beyond and i think the third thing is, they're changing their tactics. where in the past the police or counterterrorism would track them on their cell phone or maybe an internet website or a text message. they're doing away with that now
9:33 am
and they're doing it by using disposable phones because what they found in paris in the end were dozens and dozens of unused phones. and some of the phones were used had one text message or log on to one website or made one phone call. then they ditch it. and they're gone. because what they learned, catherine two years ago, when they went into europe, they were tracked and picked up and arrested. so they take the technique and they ditch it. now they become even more elusive than ever before. how then does law enforcement, how does intelligence community, catch up with a thief, a terrorist like that? reporter: well everyone always leave as data trail. as hard as you may try to erase or confuse the authorities with disposable phones and sim cards an encryption often it's a mistake which will lead to uncovering of of cell.
9:34 am
what were in this particular case and this was striking by the head of the intelligence committee. this was pull off even after heightened state of alert even after the arrest of salah abdeslam on friday. this is certain kind of operation and training these individuals had. that is kind of training best learned in a safe haven, or space such as syria where you don't always feel, fearful for your own safety and security to operate. you have the freedom to operate and freedom to train and freedom to plot. what i would emphasize as i could, as horrific as attacks in brussels were, not to build up these individuals to be larger than they really are because they were willing to die for a twisted set of ideas and they're really at the end of the day just sad individuals for what they were willing to do.
9:35 am
harris: catherine, we appreciate you joining us. we'll bring you back as news warrants. fox news alert. we've been working this. now fox news can confirm the u.s. military says one american service member and his family were injured in the brussels attacks. remember there were three americans earlier from utah, the missionaries. now we're going to add on to that, because we said at least three. now we're learning who else among americans might have been injured in this. u.s. military confirming to fox news that one american service member and his family injured. the u.s. european command says it will not release any details of the injuries or number of family members involved in this due to privacy concerns. so we are working this part of the story. the command says it is continuing to confirm the safety of u.s. military members who were there. of course we knew from earlier with three people from utah the state department was working to
9:36 am
confirm exactly who was over there. those missionaries were based in paris. they were due to travel from belgium. as we learn more we'll bring to you. state department promised to let us know as soon as they know. let us talk about safety here at home. this is the 13th major terror attack in europe in just more than a decade. it is raising alarming questions whether this is new normal for western countries. among the attacks you know, november ice list linked terrorists targeted several areas of paris killing 130 people. we've been talking about it this hour. the key suspect was arrested four days ago in brussels not far from what happened in the last 12 hours. january of last year, islamic gunmen attacked the paris office of satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." 12 people died in that. al qaeda claimed responsibility. may 2014, four people killed at the jewish museum in brussels.
9:37 am
that attack linked to the islamic state savages. july, 2011, muslim extremists planted a bomb in norway and shot up a youth camp killing 77 people. july 2005, 52 commuters were killed in london when four homicide bombers threw themselves up on three subway trains and a bus. march, 2004, bombs on rush hour trains killed 191 people in madrid. europe's worst islamic terror attack so far. that is quite a list, when you consider it all together. so what's next? bring in ambassador james woolsey, former cia director and chairman of the foundation for defense of democracies. ambassador, thank you for bringing your perspective and experience today. we appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. harris: want to point out mayor de blasio, pointed out
9:38 am
what he saw changing. i come across here in new york across bridges an tunnels and what that will be looking like. how much what you're seeing in brussels, tell us what we should be doing and moving forward here in the united states. >> there is a book about our current infrastructure called, over connected. that is the point. terrorists look going after part of our infrastructure that are vulnerable, because there are a lot of people around them, like waiting at an airport or systems going after, will cause a cascading effect and failure to use other systems such as aircraft flights, they're on top of that and they're getting more and more on top of it. we have not built a infrastructure that is very resilient against this type of intentional attack. i think what that means is two things. one is, that we're going to have
9:39 am
to win war against isis in no small measure in the middle east. we can't sit back here and just pretend we're the goally and we'll stop all of the shots. somebody will get some shots through on us if we aren't playing offense down at their end of the ice. harris: and what does offense look like at this point? because i mean you hear the broader picture of how to go after them. it seems to be ever-changing. the president said he didn't have complete strategy and yet he will come out and give us clues on that? i don't know that the american people need to necessarily connect all the dots but just to know there is one i would say. then you have one of our u.s. marines killed over the weekend by isis. we detach part of that unit, separate from special forces now. seems like we're doing things but kind of in disconnected fashion in terms of fighting them and they continue like scorpions to move across the desert? >> that is exactly my impression. i think it means probably a
9:40 am
substantial use of special forces to be able to go out on patrol and to teach local troops and others. seems aircraft and air power very decisively. we don't have to carpet bomb, but we do need to go after their infrastructure in the cities that they control, and their individual forces and not just hold back only fly a few missions a day. we're capable of flying hundreds of sorties a day if we're applying to it. we have to win this in the middle east. then we have to also play a defense against your own goals. if they're firing shot as us than the ones in brussels and paris.
9:41 am
andrea: ambassador, andrea tantaros here. because we have a commander-in-chief who said repeatedly he does not want to move forward with putting boots on the ground, i want to shift it back to the homeland and refugee issue facing us. the current administration has not backed off plans to bring thousand of refugees here to the united states when they admitted they can't vet them. in january, two iraqi-born men were apprehended after they had court dates in california and texas on related terror charges. at same time james comey of the fbi saying isis is in fact already here. this is really where i love your expertise. we have over 60 intelligence officers who came out and said this administration is actively telling them to scrub the intelligence reports. so change the storyline on terror threat here in the united states of america. how troubling is this? how troubling is the situation
9:42 am
here on our homeland now? >> it is fundamentally the exact wrong thing to do with respect to intelligence. one has to let intelligence officers call them straight and call them the way they see them. if it is uncomfortable. if it violates the narrative as they say, that you want to put out, which is that everything is fine and they're just like junior varsity and occasionally somebody gets through but we don't have a big problem here, if what matters is the narrative rather than the reality, you are robbing your intelligence officers and your military troops from getting a clear picture of what's going on. you can't fight something that you can't talk about. harris: ambassador woolsey, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we may call you pack as news warrants. as i've been telling each guest. we'll come in with the latest information. bill, you and i were just talking about this in detail, deciphering what this
9:43 am
that third bomb at the airport in brussels we're learning exactly what happened. they're calling it a controlled action to neutralize that device. they had to wait once the chaos of the first explosives had subsided. they were moving quickly. they knew they had another device. they're moving quickly to get rid of that. this is university of brussels a few miles away from that, they are saying anti-bomb squads are detonating suspicious objects in at least two locations. >> they're pointing out they're not sure they are explosive devices. outside after hotel in paris four months ago or molenbeek neighborhood rest of brussels. of the other thing i find very ironic now, fbi and apple are going back-to-back on encryption. tim cook came out yesterday, we'll continue to fight the government. last night fbi said we can get information through other means and other source. yet, if you look at their methods today, they're doing
9:44 am
away with all of that. so they can go under the radar. harris: next generation is this a game changer? we'll talk about it. stay with us. [shouting]
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>> more information on the brussels terror attacks. questions grow by the hour as the u.s. responds and will. justice department, fbi all monitoring the situation. security ramped up at new york's penn station and troops sit hubs and in other major american cities. president obama traveling in cuba, spoke earlier today, said this about the attacks in belgium. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those that are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world
9:49 am
must unite, we must be together, regardless of nationality, or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> that tour continues in havana. fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland with us now. kt, good afternoon to you. >> hi, bill. >> you've been watching this now for several hours. what are we to assume is the posture to give the europeans, to give everyday americans a measure of comfort or confidence perhaps in what their governments are doing to eradicate this would be too simplistic, kt you know it is going to be a long war but what are the measures that are now being undertaken to go after, just the deep roots of a terrorist operation that is
9:50 am
hell-bent on continuing, as long as they possibly can? >> you know, i worked for a number of presidents, bill, and when national disasters happen, okay, it didn't happen on united states soil but the american people are spooked about what is happened. we need a president who comes to the american people. i understand your concerns. i know you're worried about it. i got it covered. don't worry about it. we're worrying about it for you. go on your business. that is not what the president did, number one. number two, what are we doing about it? nothing. i'm surprised the president didn't issue we deeply regret the useless and senseless violence of terrorist attacks by extremists an leave it at that bill, there is a war on. the war is against all western civilization, the europeans, united states. even against the russians. and what are we doing about it? everybody is doing little pinprick solutions, none of which are solving bigger global jihad facing all of western
9:51 am
civilization. i think the world is crying out for american leadership, an american president, an american leader to say, we're all in this together and we're all going to do our bit. we'll have economic part of this, ideology part of it, religious part of it, propaganda part of it. we'll have a military part of it. we all have the roles to play. if we do not defeat the scourge of radical islam it will ultimately destroy western systemization. >> hello, kt. this is julie. hasn't this been going on for 30 years? this reminded me of 1985 bombings of rome and vienna airports. and achilles lori and the pomming that happened in 1986. bomb of pan am flight 103 in 1988. this is not a new thing. we've been going after scourge of islamic terrorism or terrorism in general, perpetuated by people who were
9:52 am
islammists or people who happen to be of arab descent. for a very long time. my question to you, why has this not been addressed ever since the reagan administration in 1983 ever since the bombing of embassy in beirut? why has this been going on so long? why has every president as you said said a bunch platitudes and yet this threat is not addressed? >> for a lot of reasons. it is easy to ignore the one-off until it happens again. the solution to it is tough. this is not like an adversary we've ever known. julie, entire military defense pros tour, european, russian defense posture, predicated that you fight great power wars. we're not used to dealing with this stuff. we have forces do one-off rescue mission and do small unit activity against another small unit. we're not used to this pervasive growing threat that is worldwide
9:53 am
and all elements of our society and it is a very adaptive enemy. it is an enemy now 5,000 terrorists, jihadists are now in europe. that is an army in europe. we're not sure how to deal with it. we don't have borders. we don't have intelligence communities to talk to each other for the most part in europe. we don't have secure borders. we're even fighting with apple computer hacking into the computer at same time jihadists. they moved past that. as bill pointed out, they are using burner phones. we're always a step behind. >> hey, kt it is katie pavlich. you talk about how the american people are spooked about this as they should be. the during cold war, they were telling people specific things to look for and do if we are attacked one suicide bomber looks like. one has a glove on, the other hand is bare. don't you think the post should do more at home telling americans what to do in this new age of islamic terror and see
9:54 am
something, say something, but they have to look and see the right things? they're not trained to point out this type of thing at an airport or in a crowded train station here in the states. they just don't know what to look for? >> well, katie, we're doing just the opposite. the government says and our national leaders say to us, we don't want to discriminate, we don't want to rush into any conclusions. as we've seen political correctness is getting people killed. instead of seeing something, saying something, even if you don't know what you're seeing, saying something, president says do the opposite. don't want to go out there and say anything. don't want to insult anybody. on other hand if you doesn't see something, say something, what happens? terrorists are given free rein. they're taking advantage of our reluctance to hurt their feelings. that is why i think political correctness is getting people killed. harris: kt mcfarland, thank you very much. as we continue our coverage here on fox news channel. the syrian opposition says there is no common ground with the government after a week of peace
9:55 am
talks. that civil war going on for years now. opening a window for the isis savages to move into raqqa, syria, and get their ground hold. your thoughts on that. >> what al qaeda did in afghanistan with free range for years. what did they he will have? they developed most lethal terrorist organization. what is happened in rack car, there will be a battle in mosul. harris: are we going to be in it? >> how effective are iraqi forces? what will be the u.s. role? we know marines are dispatched at northern iraq. at some point that battle will happen. it will be vicious. but when you have safe ground, when you have a safe haven, you can be as lethal as your imagination can take you. harris: i want to draw everybody's picture here, andrea, as we wrap up the show here, realization, one hand without a glove, one hand with a glove.
9:56 am
even if you took these guys out, once you let go, you had your explosions. >> again reminding everyone of additional reporting that harris you mentioned about explosive device, that additional bomb, that additional suicide vest. harris: they're still looking. >> they're still looking. the question now needs to be answered are there more attacks planned? is there direction connection between these attacks and paris. harris: right. >> did they expedite, was it punitive? nobody knows exactly why this is happening today but it appears it has been in the works for a while. but is it expedited? we can't affirm. harris: because of the arrest of salah abdeslam four days ago. interesting in brussels not far from the carnage we saw carried out today. "happening now" is moments away right after this commercial break. you're late for work.
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a%j a first look at the suspects. hello, i amç jon scott. >> and iç am heather childers for jenna lee. isisç claimed responsibility f people and injured 200 more. ç we are gettingç reports from european media thatç police ar searchingç for three +++ac service member and his family were hurt in one of the bombings. but;h(j


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