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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a%j a first look at the suspects. hello, i amç jon scott. >> and iç am heather childers for jenna lee. isisç claimed responsibility f people and injured 200 more. ç we are gettingç reports from european media thatç police ar searchingç for three +++ac service member and his family were hurt in one of the bombings. but;h(jt)urjju are unknownat
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this hour. they were inside of the airport inçuyó brussels when two explos kipped through the american airline'sç terminal. a hird inç the subway just two blocks away from the american embassy. one of theç explosions was the work of the suicide çbomber. they believe it is one of three men. officials had warned that isisç was premayored to strike. >>ç the man suspect in the main terroristç attacks. ç belgian authorities said their fears had come through. ç we have more on the stepped up securityç here in the u.s. >> reporter: çjon, sinceç we lç
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that was hit by isis bombs. and they are looking very hard and there are reports of house-to-house searches. just find these people. they are not just accomplices, or support staff. but p these are are people with blood on their hands. there are at least 30 dead and now new figures. 230 people hurt and killed.
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and the subway which is in the heart of brussels. it is as if two bombs went off at ronald reagan airport in the heart of washington d.c. and another bomb at a metrostop not far from the capitol. it is a gripping video. the first bomb was a suitcase bomb and then the second bomb went off. a suicide belt. and tiles coming off of the ceiling and people screaming and glasses blown out of the front of the departure terminal packed at 7:00 a.m. and an hour later another bomb in the subway cars. that is what the pictures seem to indicate and that is even more carnage. we believe that 20 people were
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killed in a close space. in the past hour or so, there is a claim of responsibility by isis. just four days ago. salah abdeslam chief terrorist in the paris attacks. he is believed to have said he had a finger in what is happening here. the airport is closed and we hear police sirens going scombak the city is looking for the killers. >> greg, thank you. now a fox news alert. governor john kasich holding a new's conference in the wake of the belgium attacks. >> calls joint we had heads of state and begun to assemble
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teams of people and intelligence experts who can look at the serious breeches that we have in intelligence. and i would also involve our friends in the arab community who know that rad cam islam is intent on threatens and destroying them and i would make every effort to strengthen the nato a liiance and make sure we have strong cooperation cross all parties that are involved in the war against radical islam. we need to determine the intelligence we need to combat these sorts of horrific attacks. in addition to that, there is no question that we have delayed for far too long in assembling a coalition to destroy isis. i have been saying for a significant period of time
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that we need on to assemble a coalition like we had in the first gulf war made up of muslim- arab friends and anybody in the world that would like to contribute to the effort to destroy isis in iraq and syria, with efforts not only in the air but on the ground. once we are able to destroy them, i think it would deal a tremendous blow to the issue of radical islam. the challenge we will face in the united states even here in the united states is the lone wolf. small groups of people inflicting harm. we have seen it in the number of ways in the united states. most receiptly in the san bernardino p. lone wolves or small cells are always difficult to detect for
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law enforcement. but with the kind of human intelligence we need to invest in, coupled with the notion that all of us in the civilized world need to come together and share and see where the vulnerabilities are are and attack them and strengthen our ability to work together. we can find ourselves in a position to be more successful. of course, we never learn about the successes that we have in the intelligence community. it is very, very important that we continue to stress the fact that we are not without capability, but the capability clearly needs to it be strengthened. to conclude, number one, tragic that americans, of course, eight of them now have been affected. number two, i believe the president should return to washington.
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we have a major international terror situation and i think to be not in the country, rallying support behind our friends in europe is a mistake. in addition to that, to make sure we develop the world- wide intelligence capability that can allow us to seek out who these people are. and finally, we need to move aggressively in isis in the air and on the ground and to destroy them and continue to fight the battle against this kind of radical islamic activity. what i would say, that the idea that we are in any way relaxed about this is unacceptable. when i say that, i mean, we just have to put all of our focus on. this because if we do not put all of our focus and attention on these kinds of matters,
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ultimately we'll see more activity like this in the united states. when people do i and bleed in europe we die and bleed here in the united states of america. i will take questions. >> reporter: governor kasich, what are your thoughts of going forward to the nominating process to the convention. what do you say to the republicans that voted for marco rubio. >> we would like to have their support. i am the last governor standing and also the one with the most experience both in foreign policy and with the deliver in aipec. >> governor kasich issuing a statement on the attacks in brussel's, belgium. and saying that the american forces need to have a coalition in that region and around the
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world to go and wipe isis from the map. he is answering questions of a political nature and we'll leave that and we'll continue to monitor it in the newsroom. if he gets back to the belgian attacks, we'll get back there. here in the u.s., officials stepped up security. new york city wrapping up police presence in mass transit and destroying more to combat threats. here's more on that, rick. >> reporter: heather, new york city is considered the number one target for terrorist. by necessity, the nypd has the most sophisticated counter terrorism unit of any department in america. and in brussels this morning, nypd terrorism counter terrorism kicks in.
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and deploying officers with weapons and canines in areas including bridges and tunnels and airports and subways and transit hubs like pen station and grand central where millions of new yorkers go to work every day. they were supplemented by national guard troops and port authority not because of intelligence, but a show of force and reassure the public and act as a deterrence and they ramped up intelligence for individuals here and monitoring their activities to prevent follow- up attacks. >> behind the uniform presence there is intelligenceabilities and strengthened by the
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relationship with our are federal colleagues. >> this is not what we started thinking about at 3 or 4:00 a.m. we think about it every minute of every day. >> reporter: the commissioner and the team said the uncreased presence will remain in place for several days, heather in and around mass transit. >> rick, thank you from times square. president obama strongly condemning the attacks in cuba. the u.s. pledges support for belgium and vowing to do whatever it takes to bring the perpetrators to justice. we have a report from havana. >> reporter: good day to you. the president making those remarks in a prepared speech to the cuban people. and there are major differenceses between the two governments, he extended a hand of friendship to the cuban people. he did as you point out address
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the ongoing tragedy in brussels, so devastating as the death toll and injured rises. the president hailing those who continue the pursuit of those perpetrators and promising the weight of u.s. resources to aid in those efforts. >> this is another reminder that the world must unite and must be be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> reporter: the president first told of the attack early this morning and since then in contact with the european allies and partners on the continent and leaders in brusselses and continuing to be updated by his
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security team, jon? >> kevin cork traveling with the president in havana, thank you. we heard with john kasich and then i had spoke with ted cruz. >> this was not a random act of violence or disconnected. this was raddicical islamic terrorism. we are at war with isis and islamic terrorist who declared jihadi on europe and declared jihadi on america. they intend to carry out more and more terrorist attacks whether in paris or san bernardino or brussels. >> coming up. we'll get more reaction to the terrorist attack from the other candidates. >> the islamic state claimed responsibility for the carnage. we'll talk to a former navy lieutenant commander who calls this the start of another world
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>> welcome back. belgium and the world on high alert after a wake of deadly bombings in europe. this is the scene following two explosions in the brussel's airport. and in bombings now claimed by terrorist of the islamic state. the new report in belgium said police are searching for three people, two fugitives from the bombings and one accomplice. we have a former member of the fbi task force. and a thank you for joining us today. you say we are in the midst of world war throw. >> yes, we are in the midof world war ii. this is what we have to say.
10:19 am
the french president said that when france was attacked. we are not fighting it as a war. we are hearing that law enforcement is doing that. it will take military might and diplomacy. >> john kasich said we should attack from the air and ground. >> we'll have to for the survival of our country. what we see happening in belgium is a prelude to what is going to happen here. the facts are very, very clear that they are coming here. what we have to do with all of these facts and intelligence, to make sure that we prevent that from happening. >> what about the lapse in intelligence. abdeslam was captured alive on friday. but in june, there was a list of
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85 people that was sent to where he was found. 85 people there in brussels who had ties to extremist. >> it is astounding. even the fact that the agencies revealed that he was talking, they could expedited these attacks. before 9/11 and in the united states, there was little intelligence sharing, the cia protected their turf. and when i got to fbi headquarters all of that changed under george bush. they had a fusion from and sharing intelligence. they are doing what we did in 9/11. they are not talking to each other. >> what about the visas in the united states? september of 2015, there were 9500 individuals who were given visas here in the united states
10:21 am
that were revoked because of possible ties to terrorism. but then they don't know where they are? >> it is remarkable nothing changed. something distressing to me. i woke up and heard the news and it sounded like groundhog day all over again. politicians will come out and we stand by the side and people of belgium. and we send condolences and what are in the world are they doing to stop this problem? we have open border ares and we video close them. refugees? what is happening with the refugees, no way with of checking who these people are. we have to protect our home land and do it quickly. >> thank you for joining us. >> u.s. and european cities on high alert after the terror attacks in brussels. up next, what our intelligence community is doing to it prevent
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>> isis claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks in brussels. the peoplings at the height of rush hour killed people and injuring other ares. we are seeing images showing two of the men wearing a glove on only one hand. catherine herridge said that hides a detonation device even if the bomber is shot dead. we have julie here. and she is a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us.
10:26 am
>> thanks, heather. >> we talked with steve rogers how he referenced this as world war three. you agree. you think it is spreading with europe and u.s. and force us to fight it on home turf. >> that's what they are doing. they are trying to force us to fight the war in not in the middle east. but here at home. it is united states eventually but in the eu. this is a spectacular show with multiple coordinated attacks. not as many that took place in paris. but closely coordinated and successful. and a poor harbinger of things to come. >> what was your opinion on the u.s. response so far and what do you know on the intel. >> specifically what the u.s. intel is doing, is ramp up
10:27 am
intelligence sharing and coordination with european counterparts. that is the first necessary step. and the second is to increase monitoring and terrorism suspects that are operating in the united states. and third thing. cordinate closely with u.s. law enforcement to provide increased screening in populated event. we have march madness sports games and presidential rallies and things like that. >> you mentioned individuals that would be here in the united states that we are aware of and have ties to terrorism and extremist. what is p being done to monitor those people and groups of people? >> certainly not enough is being done at this point in time. i give a lot of kudos to the intelligence and law enforcement that do a great job keeping
10:28 am
america safe every day. what needs to come now, there needs to be a acknowledge from the administration that there is a new phase to the terrorism threat that we are seeing by the spectacular show of force in western europe. that has to filter down and so what we do is increase screening in airport and major transit hubs. and regardless of how expensive it will require. >> another report that came in this morning according the associated press in raqqa that have been in play sometime and then with the arrest of abdeslam on friday in brussels, that brussels was added to the attack and the time line was moved up? >> i think that is likely to be
10:29 am
the case. what happened today is most likely is a reaction to the paris operations or logistic's manager that we saw over the weekend. i think you are right they moved the time line up and this is been in the works for months and years, and make its skaury for us here at home, because what it means that europeans missed key red herrings and warning signs leading up to the attack today. and overall what these points do, the fact that the eu is overwhelmed by the terrorist attack. they are are ineffective in responding and protecting eu citizens and managing the refugee crisis in that country right now. >> 5000 europeans believed to have gone to syria and trained with isis and returned home to places they lost track of them. and the refugee crisis.
10:30 am
what do we need to do about that here at home in the united states to keep us safe? >> we need to maintain the good processes and procedures that we in our borders. and we need to strengthen them. we need to devote more resources. and we need to make sure we have good people in place doing that. and i would caution americans against turning their backs on a muslim refugee and asylum seekers, make sure only nonthreatening people enter this country. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, heather. >> breaking news about the intelligence. belgian authorities knew the attack was coming and could not stop it.
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we will have live reports next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. >> defense secretary ash carter on capitol hull to outline his budget request that would both of support for forces in europe. carter telling the house armed service committee that the united states fiess five challenges now and in the future and one of them how to destroy isis permanently.
10:35 am
jennifer joins us from the pentagon. joishgs we learned from a u.s. military spokesman that one service military serve person traveling with five family members was injured in brussel and some are in critical condition. that brings the number of americans to nine injured including the three mormon missionaries from utah. ash carter testified on capitol hill. it was a prescheduled hearing to discuss the 2017 defense budget. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy and victims and families and survivors. and in the face of international terrorism the united states stands with belgium. >> the pentagon is quad rupling its request to strengthen deterrence posture in europe.
10:36 am
he's receiving to deterring russia and not isis. there are 62,000 troops in europe. the attack took place blocks from the american embassy. tsan administrator arrived in brussels for prescheduled meetings and he is safe we are told. western sources said they tipped the belgian authorities to a cell that was involved in the attack in the jewish museum in brussels. western agencies warned the belgian authorities about the cell that involves second generation immigration. and the belgian authorities said until something happens we can't to anything. and now the chief there complained that his budget was cut. this is a new security reality
10:37 am
for europeans. >> thank you, jennifer. today's attacks in brussels underscores that this is a war. this is not an isolated incident. this is not a lone wolf. this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. isis has declared jihadi on europe and the united states of america. they have declared their intention to murder as many innocents as possible. >> i think what the president needs to do is come homeith all state and put together a team of people to examine our vulnerability and develop a doper and closely coordinated intelligence operation. the way you deal with this, you have the counter terrorism
10:38 am
capability to stop unbelievable, with the murdering that is going on here. >> in my opinion this is the beginning and it will get worse and worse. we are lax and foolish. we allow these team to come. >> and the republican candidates reacting to the attacks that killed 31 people in brussels with front runner donald trump to put a temporary ban on muslim immigrant. with us can david, author of the "the end of greatness". obviously aaron, the world is looking for a way to put a stop to this kind of attack once and for all. it is no easy solution is there? >> no, i am not a decloinist.
10:39 am
the united states is the best country on earth and best balance of power. and likely to retain that superiority for years to come. this is not world war ii. even though the threat is a fundmental challenge to international security. the issue is, there is a reason we haven't created the coalition to mobilize the forces to destroy isis once and for all. in large part, it is simply not possible. it is it a long war and it is going to take years in order to defeat isis if possible. you can blame george w. bush for invading iraq and blame barak obama for heading to the exits, but 80 percent lie in
10:40 am
a dysfunctional middle east where a vicious radical ideology with muslim groups have created a toxic miss where isis feeds. it has now morphed. and one additional point, the so- called international coalition never did merge. great powers of grit britain and united states is unwilling to deploy forces on the ground if that could answer the problem. the only power that is prepared to act is mr. putin, russia. and russia intervenes in syria not to destroy isis but strengthen the poster child for recruiting isis, and the turks are the same way. they are more interested in
10:41 am
hammering the kurds in northeastern syria than dealing with isis. and so it is a long- term problem without a simple fix. with with all due respect to republican and democratic candidates on this issue. >> in world war ii. we were dealing with soldiers and armies that were swearing for hitler and mussolini. they are fighters not wearing uniforms and swearing loyalty to a religion, does that make it harder to stop them? >> it does. isis the paradox. even though we are having success in syria and iraq and there would be a successful effort to detect mosul. and the harder we seem to hit the caliphate, the more incentive and capacity that the
10:42 am
islamic has to project power beyond their borders. that is happening in africa and indonessia and western europe. i am not an appeaser or have to take responsibility. but we have to settle in for a long fight. better intelligence and more preempative. it is it a long war. it is more akin to the cold war 60 years on than it is world war ii which was won at a terrible sacrifice but in six years. 15 years after 9/11, al-qaeda affiliates including al-qaeda in yemen retains capacity to represent the greatest threat against commercial aviation in the united states still. and that is a decade and half
10:43 am
on. >> some are advocating to seal the borders and closing the united states. immigration in europe is part of the problem is it not? failure to vet the imgrants coming in and failure to assimulate them. we are not europe and nor is the muslim community in the united states. and the truth is, you can't summon up political correctness to wish or wash it away. the reality is we are going to need support of american muslimses in a local level in a preemptive way and trying to find the kind of intelligence and create the awareness, particularly among young muslims to ferret these sorts of plots out. the last thing we need to do is
10:44 am
alienate the large dmroup of loyal american citizens. and we need their help and no political correctness can watch that away. >> aaron david miller, we appreciate your expertise. >> always a pleasure. >> we'll be right back.
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...itching, swelling, burning... ...or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh!! fight it! with jublia! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. >> candidate bernie sanders speaking about brussels, let's listen. >> there needs to be improved intelligence sharing with the united states and allies all over the world. the effective monitor social media and stop the recruiting efforts of young people who are led in the terrible life of terrorism. we stand with the people of brussels and with the people of europe and i am absolutely confident that the day will come when an organization like isis. [inaudible]
10:48 am
she said that we have to toughen our surveillance and [inaudible] do you agree with her? >> of course i do. that's what i just said. we need siing cannily improved intelligence. we have to share with countries throughout the world. monitor those who would do us harm. that goes without saying. [inaudible] >> what about the surveillance of muslim. >> that would be unconstitutional it would be wrong. we are fighting a terrorist organization. a terrorist organization that is killing innocent people. we are not fighting a religion. >> senator, do you believe in the wake of these attacks that
10:49 am
the united states is more at risk? >> we have always been at risk. we are dealing with people who want to do us harm and do europeans harm and innocent people throughout the world harm. i know that our intelligence agency people will be be vigilant as they can to protect our country. >> more vigilance and monitor of social media from democratic bernie sanders. the attacks took place in metro train in brussels as well as the airport. we'll be right back.
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hi everyone.
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i'm heather in for gretchen. a man who is a suspect in the brussels terror attacks, we have new clues about the suspect's hands and clothing might reveal. plus kasich and cruz calling on president obama to return to the united states immediately. new details about the victims injuries and the materials that made up those bombs. we'll ask a marine and former bomb tech about the signatures of the bomb maker. that's at the top of the hour. >> and to another fox news alert, as we've been reporting, today's coordinated blast in brussels, our thoughts to the arrest in the prime suspect of the terror attacks. he was taken into custody following a police raid. that city home to the headquarterers of the european union and nato also becoming a
10:54 am
haich for sbreemist. shannon joins us live from washington with more details. hi, shannon. >> hi, heather. experts agree the roots of trouble in brussels run deep. today lawmakers are called to open boarders across many european countries and it seems to be a problem for belgium. here's g.o.p. senator and presidential contender, ted cruz. >> the attack in brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed immigration policy in europe that has allowed a massive influx of radical islamic terrorist into europe. >> analyst say there's also an issue of segregation that many neighborhoods and localities were divided along ethnic and
10:55 am
religious lines and the government has been rhetoric to get more involved. that has more ability to monitor threats. >> i think law enforcement has done a teller job in belgium. there's been huge pressure on them not to pursue lines of inquiry and investigations. i also think that you have to say that the government has failed in terms of the dynamic. >> the belgian government is overwhelmed with trying to track so many investigations and suspects at once. today the former head of the country's agency said he had repeatedly asked for more resources and personnel but met with budget cuts despite his continued warning. heather. >> a lot of people asking why he was able to hide in plain site for four months. shannon live for us, thank you. >> more coverage of the breaking news on today's terror attacks
10:56 am
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we start out this hour with a top news alert. belgian police say they believe these are the men who are responsible for today's deadly explosion at an airport in brussels. police say the man wearing the white shirt is who they're
11:00 am
looking for. at least 30 people killed and 230 injured after three explosions go off in the airport and at the subway in the belgian capital. isis claiming responsibility for the coordinated attacks. greg is live for us in brussels with a look at the investigation. >> reporter: heather, we are standing in front of an airport shut down by terrorism. the terminal behind us a couple of hours ago was the scene of blood and carnage and three miles from where we're stanlding a subway stop was also hit hard by another terrorist. first let's go through what we know now about the scene in the airport. it happened about 7-8:00 a.m.


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