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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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looking for. at least 30 people killed and 230 injured after three explosions go off in the airport and at the subway in the belgian capital. isis claiming responsibility for the coordinated attacks. greg is live for us in brussels with a look at the investigation. >> reporter: heather, we are standing in front of an airport shut down by terrorism. the terminal behind us a couple of hours ago was the scene of blood and carnage and three miles from where we're stanlding a subway stop was also hit hard by another terrorist. first let's go through what we know now about the scene in the airport. it happened about 7-8:00 a.m. in
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the morning in the main departure hall packed with people heading to their planes at the ticket counters. one near the american airlines ticket counter and the other near a starbucks going off. we now understand that nine americans, nine americans have been injured in this blast. many of them critically. one an active service member, five family members of that active service member and three mormon missionaries. they were all at the airport heading home on a flight leaving just after the blast went off. they are now being treated in critical condition. as you noted, heather, police are creating a scene of man hunts throughout the entire city and in fact, we're told throughout the entire country. looking specifically at the picture you are describing. the man on the right in this picture in white is said to be a key suspect that they are seeking. it is not known whether he's a
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bomber, ork straiter or whatever. there are two men in black as you noted police believe they are suicide bombers mpls one could be dead, maybe both are dead. found at the scene was an ak 47 and unused suicide vest. still a lot of investigations to do at that scene in brussels at the subway station where at least 20 people were killed. back to you, heather. >> all right. greg, you mentioned that man hunt is on. what are you hearing from police about what they're going do find these guys? >> they are going door to door. we've heard of multiple searches going on. one of the prime suspects still on the loose up until four days ago from the paris terror attacks was caught. he was drilled over the weekend. proce prosecutors say he created a new
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terror network and planning new attacks in bru ssels. certainly, their information coming into play and the area is a heavy area. also a scene of terrorist hiding out or using it as a base for operations otherwise. a lot of people looking and we're hearing a lot of sirens here. >> thank you so much. bringing us the report nine americans have been injured in that attack. thank you. authorities are now focussing on a surveillance image taken of the suspects momenting before the explosion went off. it shows three men expected of carrying out the attack. two of whom are wearing a black glove on their left hand. our chief intelligence correspondent brought this to our attention. she's live with us for more. what can you tell us about the man hunt and what you thought in that photo?
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>> thank you, heather. i want to share with everyone what we've been able to gather with the conversation as well as former law enforcement sources. we'll bring up the picture full screen. let's start with the guy there on the right in the white. he clearly based on my conversations appears to be wearing a disguise. you see the hat and if you go up real close to his face it almost looks like he has make up or a prosthetic nose. the coloring of the nose is not consistent with the complexion of the rest of the face. it is not uncommon in suicide attacks for there to be an escort for the bomber. this is typical when women are suicide bombers. we're not dealing with women. it's the same principal. it's making sure the bomber is getting to the area. they have full knowledge of the area and gets them to the
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location. let's take a closer look at the guy on the left. this sma seem like a strange observation. kakhis are common in the united states not europe. number two, when you look at the gloved hands, it's clear their not worried about fingerprints. if they were concerned they would have gloves on both hands. see how one hand is rested on the support for the baggage carrier. two theories based on my conversations about the one gloved hand. they both relate to some kind of form of detonation. it could be a dead man's switch which is a fancy way of saying once the pressure of the hand on the trolley bar is lifted, that sets off the detonation. the second is you would have live wires inside the glove so the act of taping the fingers together and touching them would
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set off the detonation. the very particular use of a single glove both of them on the same hand pushing the trolley is of interest to those who have a lot of experience in counter terrorism as well as law enforcement. >> catherine, interesting. it takes my breath away we're having this conversation about these very details. isis has claimed we responsibility for the series of attacks. how credible is the claim? >> we don't have as much experience with isis as we have with al qaeda in the past. this kind of responsibility comes from one of their news agencies within their propaga a propaganda. this is a group that's not a household name but it's standard practice for this group to draw that direct line between a terrorist attack and isis and
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raqqah. they did so after the paris attacks and praised the attacks in san bernardino, california and now today taking responsibility for the attacks in brussels. they talk about suicide bomber remain silent and devices. that tracks from what we're hearing from the belgian prosecutor. there were two suicide bombers at the airport and perhaps a third. the big picture here based on my contact is this was not some kind of pick up game they decided to do over the course of the weekend after the capture on friday. it has the feel of a plot already in motion but the time line was moved up because the capture would have exposed information about other individuals in brussels. >> let's get some political
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reaction to the attacks with ted cruz taking issue with resent comments trump made about nato. trump telling the washington post we can't afford to do this anymore. nato is costing us a fortune. we're protecting europe but spending a lot of money. >> it is striking the day of donald trump called for america weakening nato we see brussels where nato is headquarterered, the subject of a radical islamic terrorist attack. >> that was pretty swift. joining me now is congressman duncan hunter. he sits on the house armed services committee and endorsed donald trump for president. congressman, tell us does trump still stand by the position of reducing our role in nato?
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>> let's say this. it's good trump is saying hey, guys, why don't you carry your own weight so we don't have to carry as much of it. that's not a bad negotiating point. nobody spends what they're suppose to spend on defense in the european union. nato does not pull their weight. why shouldn't trump say hey guys why don't you pull your own weight. that's not a bad negotiating point. nato is there to stop russia, not radical islam. that's why nato is in europe. >> i think a lot of folks, it's caught a lot of attention because a lot of folks are saying nato is important and we see what putin is trying to do and piece the soeft union back together little by little. does trump see us as reducing our role in nato? >> i don't think so. i think he wants nato to pull
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its own weight. the best way to do that is start at the table. for him to sit there and say hey guys, we're not going to carry the weight anymore. unless you up your defense spending by 1 pest of gdp over the next five years, we're going to stop pulling as much weight as we're pulling. >> did he say that to you? >> no. >> of all the republican candidates you could have endorsed, why him? >> because national security is important obviously and boarder security. we have the poorest border in the country. hopefully what's happened is not happening for us in the u.s. we have a lot of people coming in this nation and don't know what they're brepging with them, their plans or their background. if you think this is something
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that only happened in france or belgium, people need to realize that could happen here easily and that's one thing trump has put out first and foremost. the immigration system we have is not a post 9/11 immigration system. >> he came out early this morning and said let's have a stop to the visa waiver program where we allow people from 38 countries to come in from a background chans check. do you see congress taking up anything like that this year? >> absolutely. unfortunately, it's going to take, congress doesn't work unless something bad happens. unfortunately, it doesn't take something bad happening for congress to realize things have changed and these are belgian citizens and french citizens that intend to do harm. they're actual citizens there. they get an expedited visa progress.
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>> is that something we could expect you to take a lead on? >> absolutely. >> when you're ready to do that come back. thank you for your expertise. thanks. police searching for suspects connected to the bombings as authorities try to find out if any of this links back to the paris attacker captured just days ago. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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at least 31 dead after attacks in brussels. surveillance cameras capturing these images of three of the suspects attackers. let's bring in tom, thank you for. >> jeannine: joining us. we were just reporting they're looking for two fugue tifrs. one considered to be a suspect. this thing may not be over. >> yes. that's quiet right, heather. there's a massive man hunt going on in brussels and belgium looking for other accomplices that may have been involved in this terrible event today in brussels. mention suicide bombers just
11:17 am
before the bombs went off. it is thought that at least one of those photographed had escaped and the second bombing in the metro station again as the security officials believe others were vinvolved apart fro the suicide bombers. going back to last year's paris attacks which people see a link, others were involved in the bombings and survived the attacks and went on the run and ended up being a shoot out for the police. this is very much a live moving story here in europe. so people in brussels may very well be in danger. one thing catherine pointed out looking at the photo it appears one man in the shirt looking at the hat may have been wearing some sort sof disguise. that would lead folks to believe he could be involved in plotting other attacks.
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>> right. of course, the longer islamic state is involved in the business of terrorism, the more sophisticated it becomes. if you're a terrorist master mind you want to to live to do other operations down the line. we seen from the paris attacks some of these individuals can indeed stay alive beyond the attack. that's one possibility certainly. >> i know this is something you cover. how sophisticated is this? i don't mean in terms o bombs we use but in terms of the coordination. >> what we're saying is it's a lot more sophisticated than al qaeda which is a relatively modest organization. when you look at the sheer
11:19 am
numbers of the fighters from syria into europe is terrifying. the intelligence and security sources i south to here in london estimate around 6,000 fighters have made their way into europe in the last year. the majority of them are explosive to migration prices to pose as migrants and travel on the migrant root and made their way to europe and then start to implement the terror plans that have been hatched many months before. so this is a very sophisticated organize sniization. >> i want to highlight something you said. you said 6,000 isis fighters could be in europe right now. >> correct. >> thank you so much. we're about to lose our satellite window with you. thank you again. >> okay. >> thank you as well. we are learning more about the nine americans injured in the attacks in brussels.
11:20 am
three or mormon missionaries in utah. they we they were accompanying a fourth who had already cleared security at the airport. the church identifying them as 20-year-old joseph, 19-year-old mason wells and 66-year-old richard norby of lee high utah. we were told the three were seriously injured and hospitalized and we're praying for a speedy recovery for the folks out there. we are also hearing about six other americans injured in that attack. sources telling fox news a u.s. service member and five or six of his or her family members were injured in a bombing today. we're told some are critical. we'll keep you posted. well, growing security concerns factored how new york and other major cities increasing police presence after the brussels attack. how safe are we as we hear the
11:21 am
witnesses describe the horror? license to this. >> i hear the explosion and then i go under the sink and then the second explosion went and i'm so scared. i feel like it's the end of the world. this is joanne.
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i was running away. i thought there would be a third one. i didn't know where to go. people were looking at the
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airport. an eyewitness describing the terrifying moments after the brussels bombing and now follow here at home from the deadly r terror attacks with major cities. the point expert counter terrorism units and subway stations and crowded areas. brook is live for us with a look at what we might be doing in america to sure up some of the targets. >> hi, heather. new york city always on high alert. any time there's a major incident overseas t counter terrorism unit kicks into high gear. the asset to the high target areas across the city. that happens in the early hours of this morning soon after the brussels attack. hundreds of officers were deployed to grand central and penn station. bridges, tunnels, time square
11:26 am
and beyond. the specially trained officers equipped with k-9 teams and other gear designed to sniff out explosions and act as a deterre deterrent. the officers were supplemented by the state police and national guard. the n.y.p.d. says they're stepping up and monitoring 24/7 of the individuals on law enforcement radars having terror ties while looking closely with the fbi. >> we remind the public not to let fear become disabling. turn it into healthy awareness, folks. counter terrorism is what you pay us to do. if you see something, please let us know so we can investigate it. >> and some of the stuff with enforcement we're seeing here is happening across other cities including los angeles and washington.
11:27 am
we should emphasize no credible threats and no act on intelligence suggesting a pending terror attack. >> rick live with us. thank you. new questions about how the b rurk brussel attacks could impact the 2016 presidential race. plus there's this. >> chilling video showing moemts after the bombs ripped through the airport. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. welcome back. chemical products spotted in an isis flag at a raid just hours after the blast earlier today. this is police. search for the suspects they believe is responsible for today's attack. let's take a closer look at how all of this has unfolded over the last hour. trace joins us live with more. >> a quick update. this is in the suburb. we know the past hours authorities in belgium have been conducting raids in various
11:32 am
neighborhoods in brussels and as you said chemical products were found. not sure if they were weapons. further, abc news is now reporting an explosive device containing nails has been found in that neighborhood. those raids continue throughout the night in brussels. authorities agree these are attac attacks are out. this used by international carriers including the airline. seconds after gun fire, the first explosion happened around a check out area. the passengers started panicking and running toward the exit but now it appears they were running towards the second bomb that went off at starbucks near the entrance. a third unreported suicide vest was found.
11:33 am
the device was safely detonated. at 8:20 a.m. local time the trains running to and fro the airports are shut down the roads are shut down except for first responders in the operation. as police. and medics go several miles away. they pull away and cuts were caused by flying glass and another bomb filled with nails has been found in a brussels neighborhood. authorities released images of
11:34 am
three suspects seen pushing baggage carts past the areas. american airlines says no pleas were injured and all u.s. airlines have cancelled flights into and out of brussels. >> so many died around the subway. trace, thanks for bringing us the latest. hillary clinton says that the united states must stand in solidarity with the european allies. ed henry is on the campaign trail. he's live for us whether hillary clen ton aholding a labor organizing event today. clinton wasting no time reacting to the brussels news. >> she's trying to play the experience card. she was hammering donald trump and suggesting there needs to be a steady hand at the wheel in
11:35 am
terms of being commander in chief. he's being criticized by ted cruz for her reaction. cl clinton saying it's a distraction here and using a series to go after trump and saying some of his prescriptions in terms of sealing off the u.s. boarders is not the way to go. watch. >> aour country's most experiene and most bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective. it does put armed soldiers and armed civilians at risk. but we have to get law enforcement and intelligence professionals all the tools they need to do the job the keep america safe. >> just a few moments ago clinton said there's been progress in the fight against isis but still not success.
11:36 am
that's a reminder. since she was a part of the obama administration there has not been success in wiping out isis. >> progress perhaps. definitely not success. bernie sanders is talking about this. how is he reacting? >> he's shied away from challenging clinton directly. he just said this a few moments ago about the battle with isis. >> it's clear to me and the entire civilized world that isis must be destroyed. we are making progress in iraq clearly, we have got to do more. >> there you have both presidential candidates saying we have to do more. >> thanks for joining us.
11:37 am
in the meantime republican candidates weighing in as well. >> if it's coming from certain other places and if they're muslim they have to be checked very, very carefully. they're not assimilating easily into other countries. >> no matter what party you belong to, you got to agree with that. senator ted cruz calling for stronger boarder security in lieu of the attacks. >> it's time to implement serious debting. we cannot vet to make sure that they are not radical islamic terrorism. that's part of the problem of not defining the enemy. >> let's bring in larry o'conner
11:38 am
in washington. gentleman, good afternoon. i want to be nonpartisan and take a look at who would do the best job of solving in problem. >> one person is not going to solve this problem. we need a coordinated strategy. that's why i'm so troubled actually by president obama deciding to spend 51 seconds talking about this in cuba and going to the baseball game with a communist dictator. he should be back in america. hillary clinton has a real problem here because she's trying to run on experience and what kind of experience was that? it was overseeing the lack of american response and the desin grags of the middle east which led to the pool we're seeing now. one other problem is see embraces the refugee and boarder policy by the president and we're seeing that violence in
11:39 am
western europe because they have the same kind pofl sis. i think they're vulnerable on this. >> hillary clinton said earlier today it's really realistic to say we would shut down our boarders. how do you respond to that? does that seem like a good solution on her part? >> first of all, i had many friends in europe and i want to say my thoughts and prayers are with the people of europe. as i want to agree with something larry said, i think it's going to require democrats and republicans to come together around a common strategy rather than attacking one another or going forward. >> what can they agree on? >> i'm going to answer your question. also it means us working with the europeans and arab countries in the middle east to take this on. it's why i'm so disturbed by what we've seen the last few days by donald trump talking about weakening the aleens and the interview with the
11:40 am
washington post and the attack. >> duncan hunter was saying what he meant was not spending as much money on nato because the united states spends a lot of money there. i want to ask you guys about the images coming out of cuba. president bomb that, you see him. he's going to a baseball game in front of the image of the rebel leader and yet you see the images of what's going on in brussels today. larry, what are your thoughts on that? should the president be back home now? >> yeah, he should. he should be sending a message to belgium. we've been allies since world war 1 roims. our priority neetsds to be strengthening western civilization. what's to play is the president was vetted when he ran seven years ago and western europe loved him. he was'hero. even got the nobel peace prize.
11:41 am
he's board with all that. he wants new ground like opening up cuba. that's what excites him. that's why you're seeing a yawn instead of action. >> thanks a lot for joining us today. we'll talk to you again. new details coming in on the deadly bombings that ripped through the brussels airport and subway stations. what we're learning about what investigators found at the airport. >> there's an explosion and then very near and we just run away from that.
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test
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top of the hour we'll speak with judge. he blames today's terror attacks
11:45 am
on belgium and french officials. why he argues they sent a dog whistle to the attackers setting off today's bombing. there's a lot to go through and we'll see you 15 minutes away. shepard smith reporting top of the hour here on fox news channel. >> thanks. fox news alert right now. belgian prosecutors say a house search in the suburb of brussels has led to the discovery of an explosive device containing nails. they found chemical products and an isis flag. a medical worker said they're treating patients with wounds caused by flying glass and nails. joining me now is staff sergeant joey jones. he's a foormer marine and bomb technician. thank you for the as much as you have provided our country. you have been there, experienced a lot of this in afghanistan and iraq. i want to ask you what's notable
11:46 am
about the attacks you've seen today and the explosives that were used. >> good afternoon. most notably, the use of shrapnel, what that means is that the explosive itself only has a small radius. by adding this piece of shrapnel you're able to amplify the effects. it reaches further and hurts a lot of people. we saw this in iraq. not as much as afghanistan. what has been reported so far is the explosive. two things it suggests to me. whomever made the exemploplosiv it at home and also it was made nearby. it's sensitive and hard to transit port. >> we're hearing this raid took place in a suburb. they found a chemical product. we don't know if that is tied to the bombs that went off today. what does that tell you? >> homemade explosives, the
11:47 am
recipes are ready available. what we saw mostly in iraq and afghanistan was the use of fertilizer. that tells you how household products can be used for making explosives. it could tell the story all the way back to where these chemicals were purchased and what reason of the world and what country they came from. >> it sounds like you're describing devices that are easy to assemble. we did get a report today about one of the bombs the airport, it was a suitcase bomb. you think about a suitcase bomb going back to the 80s and 90s.
11:48 am
usually, it's homicide vest. >> well, you know, the exemployeexive explosives, the old suitcase bomb was a nuclear bomb. really, what this would be is the same kind of i.d. we've seen all over the nmiddle east for years. how they figured it could be hard wired. two of the possible assail ants had gloves on. that could be to conceal some sort of detonator. yes, these are relatively simple. if you've ever played the game, it's the same thing. it's the same kind of thing. it's a simple loop circuit. what's important to note is some kind of experiences need it for the implementation. they need it for bringing the bombs to the airport and detonating it at the right time. is this a cell that's been working or is there links that's happened in the terrorist. >> we're looking at a picture of
11:49 am
two of the men. they may or may not be dead. we're not certain yet. the hands and glove you just mentioned and then there's a man on the right-hand side of the screen. harris is talking about how he might be a spotter of some sort, a person who helps them get in and out. can you tell me about your experience with that? >> there's human nature involved here. these men are about to die. committing suicide blowing people up. they have the added pressure knowing there's security there. the tactical like this would be you want more than the person basically responsible for implementing the explosive to be there on hand. so that person could be there. one, make sure the two explosives go off or two to make sure the two men aren't giving away signs or keys they're doing something wrong. this is definitely brainwash terrori terrori terrorism, radical islamic extremism at their best and
11:50 am
these men could back out and change their mind in which that third man would be there to make sure they fulfill their mission. >> they would sometimes hand cuff people to the wheel of their car so they wouldn't chicken out. joey jones, thank you for your expertise. i know you were injured severely in iraq or afghanistan and served our country bravely as a marine and we're a grateful nation for that. >> thank you very much. my condolences to the families. >> thank you so much. thank you. well, today's events certainly on the minds of voters as they hit the polls today. an update from arizona and the southwest coming up next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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a colorful figure in the
11:54 am
political world has now died. the former b toronto mayor rob ford became infamous after being repeatedly videotaped and also photographed while he was intoxicated in public. despite the struggles, ford was later elected to a city council sleet by a landslide. his family says that ford died after a battle with cancer. he was 46 years old. the brussels terror attacks coming on the same day as some key contests in the presidential race, with voters in the winner-take-all state of arizona now casting their ballots. peter is live for us in tempe, arizona. he's talking to some voters there. peter, hello. what are folks saying there? >> reporter: well, heather, we have a good mix of democrats and republicans turning out at this community rec center to vote today. almost all of them that i talked to said that they were aware of the terror attacks in brussels, that they had heard or read about them this morning, and that national security and terrorism attacks in the u.s.
11:55 am
were at the top of their minds as they were going in to vote today. this includes one trump supporter, who said that the attacks in brussels had reaff m reaffirmed his decision to support trump, whose national security and border security and anti-terrorism proposals he liked. listen. >> the attacks in belgium this morning just reaffirmed your? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i think it's something any candidate should take into account. >> the clintons have been in politics, in foreign policy since i was, you know, first able to vote, and i really think that, that kind of experience and being just involved with politics for that long makes them tried and true. >> reporter: heather, also want to let you know the turnout at this polling station here in tempe outside of phoenix has
11:56 am
been very heavy today. we've been here for five hours, and the line has been around the block the entire time. the folks out here really want to make sure their voices are heard today, particularly on this very important day with these international developments. back to you. >> no kidding. that's a big line out there in arizona. peter, thanks so much. when you're done, hope you go grab a beer over there. well, nations around the world pledging their support to belgium after the brussels terror attack. how france is now showing solidarity with its neighbor four months after it suffered its own deadly attack.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
paris standing in solidarity with brussels. the eiffel tour lit up in the colors of the belgian flag, yellow, red, and black. four months ago, the brussels palace was lit up with the colors of the french flag after the paris terror attacks.
12:00 pm
then in berlin, the brandenburg gate is also illuminated. let's head on over to bill. >> continuing coverage now on the terror attack in belgium and the bomb that ripped through an airport and train station, killing and injuring so many innocent people. this while the islamic state terrorists proudly claim responsibility for yet another unspeakable act. in a moment, we'll take you through the attacks from the first agonizing moments after detonation, to where things stand at this hour. hear what investigators are working on at this moment and what we've learned already about those responsible. plus, what we know about the american missionaries and at least one member of our military who are reported among the casualties. also, why our own judge napolitano argues european investigators made


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