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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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brussels, this is the scene outside the stock exchange in brussels, belgium, tonight. what a day it has been. we will update you on any updates we get here throughout the evening. i'm bill for shepherd smith. all the major airports, or at least the most popular ones are on heightened alerts right now. if you are flying any where tonight, or know someone who is, plan on waiting. plan on them waiting. plan on it taking a while. we are all over the brussels attacks. what authorities are looking for, and maybe what they are fearing that could spread way beyond just brussels. welcome, everybody. we'll be talking to rudy giuliani security measures should take place, and then senator john mccain, the cues we're missing from isis.
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this quickly developing story out of brussels. greg. >> reporter: neil, the brussels airport behind us is deadly quiet. it's that way because the terrorists killed a lot of people in the airport. blowing up bombs, carnage and horror throughout the departure hall. now the focus for police are shifting from the airport after sifting through the rubble all day, and they're hunting for those responsible or at least those who are still alive. circulating one picture that's very interesting. a guy in a white outfit, is alive. police believe, and is a key suspect perhaps the string puller of this operation. the two men to the left of him, they're in black. well, it's believed that they were the two suicide bombers who caused so much of the horror at this airport today. so the search is going on, a manhunt to out the city of brussels, looking for these individuals and others and also
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for the tools of their trade. in one apartment, officials have told us early this evening they have found a bomb with nails and plastic chemicals inside. as well as an isis flag. neil, isis has claimed responsibility for this. it comes just a few days after the capture of salah abdeslam. he was one of the key players in that paris terror attack. and he was arrested, he was said to be plotted other attacks, maybe with these attacks, maybe revenge for the arrest. we don't know, neil. but we do know the casualty toll at the airport and at the subway, which was also hit by a blast nearby the e.u. headquarters and u.s. embassy is horrible. at least 30 dead, probably higher, and more than 200 injured, including nine americans. an active military service member, his five family members,
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and as well as three missionaries of the mormon faith, heading back to utah this morning. standing at the american airlines ticket counter. the blast went off and now they're injured. some in critical condition. again, blasts hitting the heart of europe, we've seen it before, neil. you and i have talked about this before. the police, well, the authorities are looking for more trouble, and the people here ar. back to you. >> incredible, thank you, greg. well, obviously airports on heightened alert here. the thing is, we're not finding out what homeland security is doing as part of the heightened alert. anecdotal pieces of evidence, they're spreading out the zone you can drop someone off at an airpo airport. that was only feet from points of the explosion and attacks. the fact of the matter is, homeland security is doing something. we know in the meantime, people
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are waiting and waiting. that's at chicago international o'hare airport on what's up there, matt. >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon, neil. you know, pulling up to the airport, we saw an increased presence of police cars, armored cars, canine units patrolling. coming, the headline coming out of brussels today, and kind of the game changer is the attacks happened in the public area of the airport, meaning not beyond the long security lines we wait in, which kind of begs the question, am i prone to an attack, i simply by pulling up to the airport, simply by dropping someone off or walking into the waiting area. chicago police tell us federal agencies do provide intelligence to them, and without giving away too many details, every inch of the airport and most airports are monitored. of course, not at the level beyond the security lines that we wait in. we talked to passengers both domestic and international. the consensus is as they were pulling up today, they're keeping their eyes and ears
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opened and pray that another attack does not happen. chicago police say they have increased security on transit, public places, and homeland security is helping here at o'hare and in the city. neil, back to you. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. if you look at just the market reaction, you would be surprised there wasn't more of a hit today. sadly, maybe that's the case of the markets, airline stocks actually getting used to. this i only point this out that while this trepidation over there, there is limited anxiety over here. i don't know whether that's a sign we get used to this sort of thing, but the bottom line is any panic is certainly not evidencing itself in the markets, so despite the long n lines, hotel issues and the like. this of course occurring during the easter travel week, which will get busy in the days and
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hours ensue. how much of this was a result of the open-door policy that suddenly went into reverse and allowed migrants perhaps some of the terrorists themselves to slip in. mike is with the defense spokesman joins us from brussels. mike, it has always been a worry, too many of these refugees being allowed in without being adequately checked. we have no evidence to suggest that any of the tackers were among them. we do know that that lose policy angered a lot of europeans. does this put it into focus? >> well, we do know that, you know, we've been flagging this for more than a year now. the policy is not working. we do know these people are going out to syria, take the train in, whatever you would like to call them, and these people and back into europe, the
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migration process. also without bothers, not checked whatsoever. weapons are coming in, explosives are coming in and they're using it as a weak link, a weak system, getting into europe, and being able to attack these areas. >> you know, mike, i'm curious. angela merkel was addressing the people today, saying she'll work closely with belgium and brussels, she of course has been a lot of that criticism for having these open-door policies that have allowed up to 1 million of those refugees into germa germany, that was later clamped down and her party lost key elections, key regions to a far party that doesn't want to allow anyone in. what is the mood in europe right now? this has been an open border, a union that seems to be going
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into the opposite direction. >> the system is not working, and it's seen as a weakness. i'm not suggesting that all migrants come into europe are terrorists, but they're using it as an opportunity to get into europe, and anybody who is denying it, they're in total denial. a lot of the european parliaments are in total denial on how these people are get anything. >> what we don't know is where they're coming from. mike, when we look at the photo that's released showing the a assail lants, hiding the fact they were carrying a detonate tore, once the pressure let up, blew themselves up and a good portion of the terminal. the fellow on the far right, perhaps brighter colors and a hat, no one knows where he is, although, it is suspected he was
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the very same person we saw running from the airport. authorities are having a tough time even identifying who these people are with, outside of isis taking a bow for these attacks, right? >> extensive last august, five weeks, august, september time, along the migrants and the so-called jungle speaking to these people. i know that destroy all identification purpose, i know that we're not allow people to fingerprint them. no way of checking these people whatsoever. they don't know who is coming in. they have no way of knowing who is coming in. and you know, this is a weak. these people, neil, they're c cowards, they're scum. these people are scum. these people are cowards that come in and the guy that was shot in molenbeek, which is
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walking distance from where i am, he said he was going to below himself up at the -- in paris, and changed his mind. had is the mind set of these people. cowards, scum, attacking the weak, the weak points, and innocent people, who are going about the business this morning, and let's not forget that those people on the metro, some of those were children, who were going to school. children, neil. >> 20 who were killed at that metro, the train station, just as the train was leaving at rush hour where much of the damage was done. the two might have run away, the two others might have been killed at the scene, but no way to know for sure. i would imagine, at this easter travel season, with the airport closed through tomorrow, that people who had booked flights might be re-thinking them. what is the mood there? >> well, this is an ongoing
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situation. this hasn't ended, you know. they closed down one cell in molenbeek when they arrested this guy, another has popped up. i'm quite sure there are more cells here. the message to become active, and they're all working with the weapons, with their explosives, so attack the weak points, the weak spots, you know. it's very worrying. we're in lockdown here at the moment here in brussels. there is police running about, armed troops on the streets and we're in lockdown. people are very worried what's going to happen next. >> all right, well, hang in there my friend. obviously, a lot of pressure there on you and everyone else. mike hukum with the defense spokesperson. remember, this is at capital of the european union commission in brussels, so that was not an dental target at that.
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all right, wh when we come back, trying to identify these guys, and the part of isis that there will be more bloodshed. reading their statement. black days and the coming will be greater. rudy giuliani on that, after this. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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giuliani. >> it takes me back to a question, why did i survive, and you know, trapped in a building. >> you almost did. >> and i was lucky enough to get out and some people weren't. but just to get relevant to what is going on right now, it's outrageous to the president of the united states is not in the situation room right now, planning to destroy isis. >> what do you think the argument is, it's bertha he is no -- better that he is not. he would look frantic. >> i romney supporter? >> yeah. >> that would be like franklin roosevelt remaining at warm strings when the japanese bombed pearl harbor. >> but that was an attack on us. >> this is an attack on our allies. >> what would you do. >> an attack on a nato ally, in case he ever read the treaty, he
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ha has an obligation to defend that country, just like an attack on us. the president's knowledge of history is quite questionable in any number of -- >> he has always separated -- >> dictator. >> watching a baseball game, while innocent people are being killed. >> he doesn't equate it that way. he said before that terror incidents -- you don't obviously agree with that. but if you were there now and looking at what you have to do, what do you do? >> so far his strategy hasn't been working, right? bush took 9/11 very seriously. he hit them back like hell, and we didn't get a terror incident from then on. he has been in office for eight years and we've had four, five, six, seven? i mean, obviously he is not scaring them. they don't -- there is no worry about barack obama doing
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anything. he is a member -- >> he point out outside of boston, it's europeans, foreigns. >> what about san bernardino. >> yep. >> outside of san bernardino, are we going to forget san bernardino, forget fort hood. >> so if his response to get in front of it -- >> we don't protect our allies any longer, an attack on france is not an attack on us. the man has no conception of the nato treaty and what it entails. >> not even communicating in europe enough, that france might not share with brussels, brussels, france, what's going on. >> i know what they think of him in europe. >> no, themselves, how they're doing it. >> they don't think we have a president. in poland, they don't think we have a president. france doesn't think we have a president. >> the europeans, do they have a handle on this when they seem to have trouble communicating the threat amongst themselves. >> but the president of the
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united states, the leader of the free world, or used to be the leader of the free world, took charge, we would have a plan. the plan should be, and i heard general keen earlier, no plan. they should be in the situation room right now. here is what the plan should be. what do we have to do to destroy isis. no time limit. none of this ridiculously insane, i think biden has time limits, time limits on wars. imagine if we fought the civil war with a time limit. we would have quit after three years, and be a divided country. so here is the plan. destroy isis. you're gone. give a speech tonight. >> he is not going to be doing that. >> instead of watching -- >> donald trump has said again, we've got to re-think letting muslims in this country. you say what? >> i say tonight, you sit down, all night, you stay up all night, when i was mayor, plenty of times i stayed up all night
1:20 pm
and by tomorrow morning, you have plan to destroy isis. >> what do you think of donald trump's plan? donald trump's plan? >> i don't know what his plan. >> muslims, he is curious why we're letting so many in. >> we should be careful who we let in. here is what is relevant to what happened today. those innocent people, those children were killed, we have a treaty obligation with that country, we're the leader of the free world, leader of nato, call a meeting first with our people, develop a plan, go to nato and we say here it is, from beginning to end, by the time we're finished, no more isis. gone. removed from the face of the earth. >> we've gone after what we've considered to be isis cells in syria, is that enough? >> a little bomb here, a little bomb there. oh, geez, a couple of civilians around, let's not bomb this one. i talked to a lot of people in the military and i'm very close to a number of the special forces. they are fighting with just
1:21 pm
about two hands tied behind their back. the objective here is to win a war. not a time limit. not to be 90% popular. not to worry about whether 60% of the american are against it. gosh, if roosevelt worried about that, we wouldn't have gotten into the second world war. if reagan worried about it, we would have never ended the cold war. that's why he was a great president. the fact that this president worries about it, and stays at a football game is why he'll never be in the category. >> baseball game. he says that is all part of a mission to communicate with -- >> it's really working. go tell the people that are dead in brussels, obama's policy is working. just go tell the people in san bernardino that i went and visited two months ago just how well barack obama's policy is working. you travel the world with me, and you have people who basically love the idea that he was elected. you have them coming up and saying what a disappointment he
1:22 pm
has been, your country is no longer the leader of the free world. the leader of the free world should be directing the effort against isis to destroy it. then we destroy al qaeda. >> i got you. all right. mayor. >> we have a couple of more after that. >> mayor, thank you very much. we'll have more, including the high terror alert in belgium. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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well, look at these lines in tempe, arizona. of course, a big primary there day. 58 republican delegates at stake. the winner takes all of them. the democratic, 85. idaho for democratics, utah as well. utah has an unusual rule, if you've got 50% of the vote, you do have a winner take all for republicans. but arizona, given their border issues and everything else, not
1:26 pm
surprisingly maybe galvanized, long lines. we shall see. what exactly is on voters' minds when it comes to security. john roberts on how the candidates are dealing with the attacks. >> good afternoon to you. for all of the people you showed standing in line, a real reminder for what is at stake since december, national security rising to the top of the political agenda. the front-runner, donald trump, returning to a familiar theme for him, reminding folks that his plan would be to secure the border, to tighten up the process that people entering this country. ted cruz took the opportunity to criticize donald trump for what he said yesterday about possibly reducing america's financial commitment to the nato alliance, while john kasich, like mayor rudy was critical. >> it will get worst and worst, we are lacks and we are foolish. we are foolish.
1:27 pm
we can't allow these people at this point -- >> brussels where nato is headquartered, the subject of radical terrorism attacks. donald trump is wrong that america should withdraw from the world. >> i've been president, i would have cut short my visit. i would have flown home. i would have conducted calls jointly with heads of state. and gone to assemble teams of people. >> on the democratic side, meanwhile, hillary clinton also took the opportunity to criticize trump, while bernie sanders suggested the obama administration has not done all it can to defeat isis. >> as to water boarding, you know, our country's most experienced and bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective t does put our own soldiers and other
1:28 pm
own civilians at risk. >> the civilized world, isis must be destroyed. we're making progress in iraq. 20% of the territory it held last year, but clearly, we've got to do. >> more ted cruz also under fire from democrats for a statement he made earlier this morning, saying he believes police should be empowered, neil, to secure muslim neighborhoods, that amounts to a police statement muslim neighborhood. he said he merely means for the police to go in there, identify problem spots and work with the non-radical community to try to keep their home safe. neil. >> john roberts, thank you very much. i want to bring in my friend charles, he mentioned something earlier today. while the markets might be sort of sangwin in the type of these attacks, it could be very different. i thought thats with a very interesting comment, because we
1:29 pm
are seeing more of these, aren't we, charles? >> we are, charles. last year, of course, we had two in paris, and then of course, san bernardino. and brussels didn't have one too far before that, in 2014 on the jewish museum. it's interesting, because if you go back to a hostage crisis, the market reacted the way the average person it would, also every single time within a week, we were down any where from 1 to 3%, the iran hostage tack, beirut, any of that stuff. then more recently, we started bouncing back. on the paris attack, we were up over 200 points on the same session. now, not necessarily seeing the bounce back any more. we didn't get it from san bernardino, i'm not sure we'll get it now. also, we don't want terror to dismantle our stock market, but the frequency is starting to spook a few people. >> i thought that was an
1:30 pm
interesting, people feel it's this ocean that separates us, san bernardino, you have to remember, boston, yes, you you remember, but in frequent, not going to happen here, maybe given the frequency of these events, you almost get the sense that isis lately has the upper hand. >> well, there is absolutely no doubt they do have the upper hand. i think today proves that. they don't have to necessarily have to aim for the world trade senders of the world. soft targets, whether it's a subway train or the outer perimeter of an airport makes anything a target. so, you know, they've got the upper hand, but maybe they'll tilt, you know, they'll sort of tilted the consensus where it will be resolved enough to finally crush and defeat them once and for all. the stock market again is the western world, america in particular, it's good that it doesn't crumble under these things, but starting to take more notice. >> all right, thank you, charles payne. >> thank you. >> 90 minutes from now on fox
1:31 pm
business network. he puts his own perspective, not just about a dash for a quick stock. he gives historical analysis. you can't get it any where else. we've been telling you about the attackers, but what we don't know is how they coordinated it. an airport, rail station and timed almost to the second. how did they do it and how were they communicating it. how was it the chatter, whatever you want to call it, just went right by authorities. after this. olay luminous
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1:36 pm
brussels airlines, and then in aisle 11, it was delta airlines. not american airlines, in this case. so new information about the strategy of the two suicide bombers, they entered together, an then split up, one going to aisle 3 in the passenger terminal, the other two aisle 11. they went for the highest concentration of passengers, rather than a specific airline. aisle 3 was brussels airlines, and the other aisle 11, was delta airlines, and not american airlines, neil. >> wow. catherine, thank you very much. thank you with that breaking news. you know, so much has been explained here with the apple and the phone, whether you could open it up to maybe get a better clue what happened in san bernardino attacks, but could anything like what happened in brussels have been telegraphed through telephones, electronic devices. intel is in the dark when it comes to this sort of thing. former intelligence operative,
1:37 pm
senior research center. very good to have you. apparently we're told there is very little intelligence or even chatter about these attacks ahead of time. what do we know, what do you know? >> well, that's a very good point, neil. once these guys go operational, this is part of their modus oprandi. the most disturbing parts, they cut off all social media and communications. that's not to say it is an important part how they execute things. >> they use different types of phones, where you literally throw it away, it's gone as soon as its sent or something like that. >> there is so much technology out there, and look, ter t terrorists are criminals. we zig to the right, they zig to the left. the intelligence communication has to be proactive how they go
1:38 pm
after these guys. you know, you talked about apple. this isn't just about apple, unfortunately, technology, it's great, but it goes ex po, and i hard to keep up with, because bad guys are proficient with it. >> when you have news of events like this, free speech, privacy argument, sort of lose a little bit of its umph, and then days go back we don't have another attack, and it rises, support for apple, it seems to ebb and flow with those security threats. >> that's a great point, neil. i would say that if i'm an investor in the valley or looking at a technology company, now i'm wondering, is this a product, commercial product that could have dual use. is this something that if i invest in it, the fbi is going to come knocking on the door one day and say there is information we want. your product may have been used in a terrorist attack.
1:39 pm
this is something i think investors will start looking at. it's it's major concern. >> the country of belgium, just about in lockdown, the airport will be closed through tomorrow. many argue it could be longer. isn't that too what terrorists want. >> of course. i mean, you know there is two parts to the attack, the actual attack, and look, they -- this is what they live for. the part of looking at the attention. i mean, we have to look at isis is contracting. they're losing land. their days are numbered. this is in a lot of ways a hail mary pass. this is something, as awful as it is, to keep them relevant. >> they do it in economically important areas. brussels, of course, the european union capital, the nato capital. these are not by accident. all right, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. all right. i told you belgium is at the highest level ever, but they've been on a high level alert back
1:40 pm
since november. they couldn't even shop at stores during christmastime. what are they going to do now? after this. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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all right, we don't know these guys. we don't know where they come from. we know the two on the left are dead. the guy on the right is still out there, seen running from the airport. once these attacks happened about 8:00 a.m. their time this morning. on the phone with us, "wall street journal" security reporter, julian barns. what are we finding out. >> search is on for the gentleman you just mentioned. we've had raids in various neighborhoods of brussels. u.s. officials, belgium officials suspect that there are ties to the cell that was supporting the paris attacks, and they've been looking for in recent days. >> do we know whether this was
1:44 pm
sped up since the arrest, the capture of salah abdeslam, once that happened, and this was expedited? >> we believe that that is true. you know, officials have told me through the day that that is the suspicion over the weekend, belgian officials said they expected to follow on attacks. officials believed that meant the cell had an attack that was planned, and then they executed it faster than they expected to. >> you know, i don't know if there is anything to this, so maybe you can educate me. they're not no go zones, but muslim enclaves where they stick to themselves, many cities have the equivalent of that, and not as if police don't go into the communities, but they are almost stand alone, self-governed entities. that is a problem throughout belgium, particularly brussels? >> there are neighborhoods in
1:45 pm
brussels where they are sort of muslim communities, and in these neighborhoods, you have, you know, a network of people that some of these radicals have been able to hide among. there is a code of silence among a number of people where they didn't -- did not turn in people. we've had radical imams and turn young men at risk into radicalized terrorists and would be terrorists. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. all right, for as long as isis has been around, probably before even isis finally got together to be the force it is, john mccain kept an eye on it, kept saying these guys are going to be a problem. a very big problem. now what do we do?
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all right, we got more detailed comments from the president in cuba today at the baseball game that featured the tampa bay rays, i guess what happened, espn reported on the scene asked him about this, the isis attack in brussels today. quoting the president, we're going to continue with over 60 nations pounding isil and go after this. obviously our thoughts and prayers are with them for a speedy recover who have been injured. ted cruz, among others urging the president should be home. dealing with this problem in the u.s. the president says he is going about important business and will not be deterred but will
1:50 pm
focus on all, i guess simultaneously. presidential candidate, senator john mccain, first chance to respond to that. senator, what do you think of that? >> the attacks are his -- not coming back to the united states? >> what do you think of that? they say he should, his critics are saying he should be back. >> well, he should be, but the fact is that if he came back, very little would change, because it's very clear that the president does not view this threat with any seriousness, otherwise he would not have let it grow, metastasize. this is not like an earthquake or tsunami. this is a result of the failed policy of this president who wanted to get out of all wars and didn't -- either didn't realize or didn't care that wars don't stop when you get out, and he made several key decisions along the way, which gave birth to isis, which then give bart to
1:51 pm
the attacks, and the metastasiz. the deputy of the cia that they're winning, or not losing. and some who are viewing this will not agree with this but we have to go into raqqah and we have to kill them. it has to be americans but a small number of americans and a large coalition of sunni arab countries to go in. otherwise you will see further attacks. not onlyn ooup but in the united states of america. it is not that we're doing nothing. it is that nothing we are doing is really changing the status of isis and the threat they pose to the united states of america. and that's all because of this president's failed policies. >> now, the president argues that there's nothing to be gained by leaving cuba right now saying that doing so would play right into the terrorists' hands. what do you make of that?
1:52 pm
>> look, he views this as some kind of triumph even though he was dised at the airport. and obviously, raul had very different views about what democracy is all about and what the nation is all about. by the way, i hope that they send you right away those lists of the political prisoners that need to be released. it's a charade. him being down there, while this is going on is sort of a metaphor for the way that this president is attacked. has addressed a real emergency such as this one. >> i'm thinking, in your state, arizona, have been, we've had very long lines for the primary tonight. a primary that has been looking at donald trump doing very, very well. issues like this, what happened in brussels and tightening our borders, building the wall with
1:53 pm
mexico is going very slow, allowing muslims into the country. what do you think of all that? >> well, i think, i can understand why we do have to have screening of people who are coming into this country. particularly those who may have come from those parts of the world. you won't bull a wall to keep these people out if they have a base in raqqah. you have to have a strong place. strong alliances. and yes, we spend more money than our european friends do. but these people are a direct threat to the united states and nato is one of the very important organizations. by the way, the one that won the cold war. so building a wall around america, i'm sorry to tell you, just like the great wall of china didn't work. a couple thousand years ago. we have to go after the enemy. and we have to do it with our allies and friends and we have
1:54 pm
to have the sunni arab countries play a very big role. right now we have a terrorist organization with a base and a state that is orchestrating terror and sending terrorists into the flow of refugees who will eventually get to the united states. if we don't take them out. >> mr. trump, again, even though russians are all but pulled out of syria. there is always the possibility. he welcomed their efforts to take out isis. saying if they want to do it, fine. let them do it. >> the only problem with that is they aren't taking out isis. they're taking out the moderates. they're taking out the people that we armed and trained and equipped. and yes, he has reduced his forces but he has solidified in the middle east in a way the russians haven't had since anwar sadat threw him out of just a minute in 1973. so vladimir putin is succeeding. you will see a ratcheting up of
1:55 pm
the conflict in ukraine now that he has gotten most of his goals achieved in syria. so all i can say is that, vladimir putin has helped the iranians. he has helped hezbollah. and he has established his position and propped up by bashar al assad and none of that can be in the united states' interests. >> as we are speaking to you, we're getting word of a partial evacuation of denver international airport including the main terminal. we don't know anything outside of a possible security threat there. these things happen a lot so hopefully it is nothing more than just a threat. the height of the busy that easter travel season. as someone who has known duress, the psychological fear, just advise americans on how to deal
1:56 pm
with all this. >> well, i think we have to convince the american people that we are taking the necessary took prevent those things from happening. right now that's not the case. it's not that we're doing nothing but nothing that we have done has really restrained in any way the activities of baghdadi and isis. and these attacks will continue and there will be more san bernardinos if we don't go in and take them out. we have a lot of work to do. a whole lot of work to do. the first step has to be to kill them where they are instead of them coming to the united states and killing us where we are. >> senator john mccain. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. we have a little more i can add to this denver airport partial evacuation. no doubt this will be part of our coverage tonight at 8:00 p.m. when we start with the primary and caucus coverage out
1:57 pm
of idaho, utah, and arizona. and now once again, europe on egg shells after another terror attack. at 8:00 p.m. we'll try to sort it out for you all night long.
1:58 pm
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hello, everyone. a radical terrorism strike. there time in belgium with coordinated attacks in brussels. it was in the height of the morning rush hour. at least 31 people are dead and more than 200 injured. no surprise isis has claimed responsibility. the latest jihad is just four days after the arrest of a key suspect in the paris attack, be he was captured two miles from the metro station. was his arrest tied to today's terror? what the analysts are saying. but


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