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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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what happened. >> that's it for us. student for continued coverage of today's terror attacks. "special report" is up next. ta a look at this. this is a makeshift memorial in brussels. [ yelling ] >> for the second time in four months, radical islamic jihad has come to a major european capital and a manhunt is on right now for those responsible. bols exploded this morning in brussels, belgium. at least 30 were killed and dozens wounded including nine americans. the targets, the city's airport and a metro station. isis terrorists claiming responsibility. president obama spent the day in havana talking about the cuban trade embargo and watching a baseball game. this is a fox news alert.
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we're coming to you from fox news world headquarters in new york. this is another big night. a big presidential night for races with contests in three western states. more on that shortly. but our top story tonight is in brussels. we have fox team nch could. catherine tells us about it. charles krauthammer is here with president obama's responsibility. house security chairman michael mccall will tell us how this impacts your safety at home and what the isis threat looks like tonight. we begin with greg. >> reporter: troops are guarding the brels airport tonight after the deadly terror there. and at a subway station in town. as police fan out across the city looking for the killers. >> desperate house to house
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searches in the central of brussels has police hunt for those responsibility for the terror that rimmed through the subway station here in the busy morning rush hour. isis is claiming responsibility. a bomb and an isis flag was found in an particle of police are looking for the man in white seen at the airport moments before the blast. he is thought to be a key suspect. the two men in black are thought to be suicide bombers. at least one of them is dead. >> we feared a terror attack would happen and this is what happened. >> all told, at least 30 people were killed in the terror. more than 200 injured. more than nine americans. a service member and his family police three moral an missionaries from utah. many in critical condition. screams in arabic and then two blasts. then glass blowing out, the ceiling falling down, smoke and dust all around. >> everybody is running, running, running. we sat there ten minutes and then we hear, evacuating,
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evacuating. >> i see lots of people. run out of the airport. >> all the chaos. >> they hit a subway station near the european union headquarters, leaving more carnage and wreckage. thought come four days after the arrest of salah abdeslam in brussels. he was the last remaining participant in the paris terror. he told police he was planning new attacks. this terror thought to be revenge for the arrest or what he was plotting. >> terrorism hit belgium but europe was targeted and the whole world is concerned. >> by the way, nails were found in that bomb tonight as well as chemicals nearby. police are saying the apartment where they found all that was a bomb factory for all the explosives used in today's
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terror. >> thank you. while intelligence officials in the u.s. and around the world are trying to piece together what happened in brussels and how to keep it from happening here, president obama chose not to cut short his legacy tpo cuba. live in washington with breaking information from the investigation. >> reporter: first hand knowledge on the investigation tells fox news that there were twoexosions. one i aisle three of the ticketing hallnd the oer in aisle 11. the bombers appeared to targe the highest concentti passengers rher than a specific airline, adding american airlines was not in either location. >> a counter terrorism source tell fox ws, the h sprirt to identify the suicide bombers. onceknown, their will be gainst terror watch lists to derrell if either has contact or has been to the united states. a former senior intelligence official said the operation
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using conventional sources in suicide cell could not be done on the fly. >> these plots look fairly sophisticated. these were not the kinds of things cooked up over the week. just based on how they were done. the weaponry, the fact there were multiple locations. a lot of work had gone into this. >> among investigators, the plot was in the pipeline connected to the paris attackers and the arrest of the terrorist. today while tanning a baseball game, president obama told espn there's no justification for terrorism. >> this is one more example why we have to unite. the notion that any political agenda would justify the killing of new jersey p hike this is sng that's beyond the pale. >> t former law enforcement officials as well as a militarm
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ious people wore a single black glove holding the luggage carts. it was described as a dead man switch. >> some time of experience is needed for the implementation. the actual bringing the bomb to the airport and detonating it at the right time. it could be hard wired. two of the possible assailant hs gloves on. that could be a dead man detonator. >> armed police at dulles and suburban washington, d.c. as well as bomb snifg dogs. similar steps were taken at large subway systems across the country. >> and within the last hour, homeland security officials issued a statement from secretary jay johnson saying there was no credible threat against the u.s. but they remain very focused on the terrorists who may have a former connection
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to terrorists. >> let's focus on terrorism in the u.s. chairman of the house and homeland security committee. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> your thoughts on this. what we're learning from it and how it affects the u.s. >> well, i can't say this came as a surprise. we've been worried about europe for quite some time. ever since paris. the tenth paris attacker was taken into custody. this could have been an accelerated response. we know the master mine of the paris attacks, he claimed he brought in 90 potential terrorists into europe as tiging time bombs. greatly a concern to europe. i would say because. foreign fighter threat onurope anhe close proximity, they're at muc greatersk. we're very concerned given the latest ois videoal about a paris style attack in e united states. that we are on high alert i airports and at train stations.
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also, last points of departure from european cities and high threat countries into the united states. >> mr. chairman, counter trifl officials i've talk to seem more worried than i've seen them in years about the size and scope of this particular threat. is that fair? >> it is. it is really taking the sixth century attitude. and then using the internet to globalize jihad. it is that fact that they've had 40,000 foreign fighters pouring in to iraq and syria and northern africa. thousands of them in europe. hundreds into the united states. it is the hundreds in the united states or those who could get in to carry out these attacks tha concern us grtl wh skeith the fbi earlier, it is this encryption idea. th that they can communicate in dark space, like they did in paris. like what i think probably happened here in the brussels case that, he can't see the
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communication. you can't stop it. i was in belgium just last may meeting with counter terrorism officials and minister of the interior. i can tell you, the anxiety is extremely high. especially given that the muslim community is very segregated and has not assimilated with the rest of the country. and out of this breeds radicalism and terrorists. >> you talk about counter terrorism official in belgium. one was quoted today. buzz feed was saying this. we just don't have the people to watch anything else. and frankliering with don't have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals, as well as pursue the hundreds of open files and investigations we have. it is literally an impossible situation and honestly, it is very grave. that's a belgian counter terrorism official. >> they are overwhelmed. they are overwhelmed in will belgium and france and in terms
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any, all of europe. this is nato headquarters. the symbolic capital of the eu. the legislation we passed in the house last night deals with this counter terrorism stance to screen individuals. in addition, these last points of depart you. airports coming into the united states and finally the radicalization piece that could happen in the united states could be marked up tomorrow out of my committee and sent to the house floor. >> do you believe there are isis cells inside the u.s. currently? >> i do know this. isis individuals out of syria are communicating with individuals in the united states. that is of great concern. when there is no specific and credible threat, that's what we know about. when they can community in darkness, in encryption, we don't know what we don't know. >> you had a briefing today, right?
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>> i was briefed by the fbi and homeland officials. >> is there anything you can share? >> just that is the concern is that there are communications coming out of syria into the united states. i will tell you any potential suspects, the ramp-up of coverage is there. and we are particularly concerned about those individuals in the united states. >> at one point there was talk that there were investigations in all 50 states. >> that's still the case. we arrested over 80 isis followers. we've had 75 plots against the west. that would be in europe and the united states. we've stopped most of them. but san bernardino is real. chattanooga is real. and a paris style event in the united states is a real threat. every day we're trying to prevent. >> in brussels, it appears it is very sophisticated.
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the explosives used matching what was used in paris. there is likely a bomb maker or several that are at large in europe. >> we suspect it is the same bomb maker responsibility for the paris attacks was involved in this attack. >> this plot, the level of sophistication has been playing out. we believe in the four months. they have plotted this particular attack which really rivals the paris attacks in terms of casualties which is extremely tragic. >> your level of concern tonight. >> we are ramping up security at our airports. these units with canines at airports, subway transportation, metro and subway systems, d.c. and new york and elsewhere. we're doing everything we can. my concern is you don't know
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what you don't know. one of the potential isis followers, they're talking to people in syria who are here in the united states using encrypted ads and communications and then pulling off an active shooter suicide bombing plot in the united states. >> we appreciate you coming on. president obama is on his way to argentina. earlier he completed his historic journey to communist cuba where he promised to let cubans, or at least their dictators, determine their own destiny. >> i've made it clear the united states has neither the capacity nor the intention to impose change on cuba. what changes come will depend upon the cuban people. we will not impose our political or economic system on you. we recognize that every country, every people must choose think
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course. the president's response to the terror attack was brief and fairly low key. >> charles, he obviously topped off with how the world needs to be unified. this trip is being overshadowed now by the events in brussels. >> obama gave the terror bombing 51 seconds of his speech today in havana. i thought the whole story of his presidency a its foreign policy was seen in a split screen. on one side you had the video footage of the attack in ium. th is the real world. and on the other side was obama in a fantasy world he inhabits where cuba is of some geopolitical significance. in his mind but none in the real world. if cuba disappeared tomorrow in a volcanic eruption, nobody
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would notice geopoliticalally. but obama had to go. because this is legacy. this is settling the cold war arguments of the academic left of his university days. the people who worship. obama had his picture taken in front of a relief, which stated his world view of his ad lessent days and now he does it as president. you heard, this is hair raising stuff that the belgians are completely outmanned. the europeans have no way of tracking and that we are completely in the blind. we don't know what we don't know. that's the real world. obama calls at this time jv team. pre tends it is contained and controlled. it is not. instead he does this ideological holiday trip. in cuba while the world burns.
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>> quickly, there is criticism from republicans about whether he should have stopped this trip short. whether he shouldn't have gone to the baseball game today and the image of all that and doing the wave at the baseball game. >> i don't think a president should cut short his trim. it is sort of handing over the victory to the terrorists. the trip to argentina is important. argentina is an important country and it has just had a change of regime to a favorable pro american one. he should never have been on the trip in the first place. and he needs to make a speech about world terrorism and what he's going to do. >> charles, as always, thank you. up next, we will set the stage for a big night of election results from out west. first, let's hear from some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 5 of new york. the mayor of new jersey says the
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resort town's dismal finances will force a shutdown of nonessential government services next month if the state does not provide some money. they said police, fire and sanitation workers will continue but will not be paid until money come in in may. a 6-year-old world of chalk tau heritage is taken away from her foster family so she can be placed with her extented chocktaw family in utah. she cried loudly as she was taken away from the couple which has sought to adopt her. supporters of the family have been holding a vigil. and a live look at detroit from fox 2. one of the big stories honoring the women who helped win world war ii. 30 of the original rosie the riveters of detroit were flown to washington for a day of activities. these women left their home during world war ii to work in factories making planes, tanks and other necessities.
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welcome back to america's election headquarters. today's bombings in brussels
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bring renewed attention to islamic security and terror. it come as voters in three western states make their choices heard on who should be the next occupant of the white house. with fox team coverage, ed henry in washington state is holding a series of events today. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron in palm beach with donald trump as he awaits election results. >> good evening. in response to the brussels attacks, donald trump has once again renewed his proposal for a temporary ban on all immigrants and visitors to the united states. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out what's going on. >> he seem to again suggest he would use tort tower interrogate suspected terrorists. >> if they can and panel the laws i would do more than waterboarding. >> just yesterday he outlightning a hands off foreign policy approach though he plans to defend the jewish state.
3:23 pm
earlier he questioned the u.s. military presence in asia and the middle east and the u.s. role in europe with nato suggesting we can no longer afford to be the world's policeman. >> we will send a clear signal there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> ted cruz likened it to president obama's. >> donald trump is wrong that america should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. donald trump is wrong that america should retreat from europe, retreat from nato. >> kasich came demand president obama cut short his cuba trip. >> i think to be not in the country, rallying support behind our friends in europe is a mistake. >> today 98 delegates are up for grabs. arizona where early voting has been going on for days has a winner take all primary. >> utah's 40 delgado caucuses
3:24 pm
are awarded proportionately. cruz' favorite in utah where he is backed by mike lee and 2012 republican nominee mitt romney who now lives by salt lake city. trump leads the 56 to clinch the 1237. in case that doesn't happen, and no candidate has enough on the first ballot, the gop has begun staffing up for a contested convention. all three xaens are now aggressively canvassing their delegates, looking for loyalists. if it is not decided in cleveland, there will be a vicious fight on the convention floor. >> carl cameron live in palm beach. thanks. hillary clinton is in washington state trying to keep her
3:25 pm
seemingly insurmountable lead over bernie sanders intact. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the seattle team tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton has the twin goals of trying to put the democratic nomination out of reach for bernie sanders while continuing to make the case she's a more plausible commander in chief than republican donald trump. even though terror attacks in belgium are a reminder she and president obama have not been able to wipe them out. >> until we wipe them out from raqqah and syria, we will not be able to claim success. but we've made progress. >> her husband also struggled yesterday with how closely to align the campaign was the white house. >> if you believe we've finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us, and the seven years before that, when we were practicing trickle down economics and no regulation in washington which is what caused
3:26 pm
the crash. then you should vote for her. >> aides say bill clinton was referring to republican obstruction i just as the candidate for two straight days has focused her fire on trump's foreign policies. >> she did a series of interviews talking about waterboarding terrorists and sealing u.s. borders. >> we have to have a slow, steady, smart, strong response. >> sanders join clinton in suggesting the white house has to raise its game. >> 20% of the territory. we have to do more. >> sanders is struggling to mound a come baghdad in idaho, utah and arizona where he is still exciting the left. >> i have never seen such a progressive candidate who is telling the truth. >> exempt sandalers is facing a double digit deficit in arizona where the most delegates are at
3:27 pm
stake and clinton playing the experience card is resonating with some democrats. >> if being secretary of state doesn't qualify you in foreign policy, i don't know what else would. >> now, clinton just in the last few moments added a major speech tomorrow on counter trifl at stanford university. a chance for her to push steady leadership post brussels as a contrast to trump. >> live in seattle. thanks. the u.s. supreme court has issued the first tie vote since the death of justice antonin scalia in february. that leaves in mesa lower court ruling barring two missouri women for suing a bank for loan discrimination. the supreme court will operate short handed until a successor is determined. republicans are vowing tonight consider president obama's nominee. the d.c. appeals court judge.
3:28 pm
stocks were mixed today. three syrians have been charged with computer hacking related conspiracies in the u.s. two are accused of using the twitter account to spread a false story in 2013 about a bomb in the white house. all three of the suspects were linked to the so-called syrian electronic army and are still at large. why brussels and why now? we'll try to give you some answers about what has become terror hot spot of europe.
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3:33 pm
at least nine merges were hurt in those attacks. an air force officer and his family were among those injuries. mormon officials say three missionaries from utah were seriously injured in the attack. president obama continued with his scheduled events in cuba. why is brussels such a hot bed of islamic terror activity? >> brussels has for many years been seen as a citizen del of extremism. >> the regions appear to be plentiful. from worries about open european borders. >> that has allowed a massive influx of radical islamist terrorists. >> reporter: the growing number of disaffected young, and a younger generation feel caught between their parents' traditions and the desires to be fully integrated into european
3:34 pm
society. >> we know once european populations final themselves plugged in, they have more of a reason to feel plugged in. >> belgium has the highest per capita number of foreign fighters, hundreds who have traveled to join terror groups, only the return, some of them to plan attacks closer to home of there is an ongoing debate about segregated neighborhood likele within molenbeek. a subset either condone the activity or look the other way. >> there is a very specific and tangible problem. we talk about the idea of no go zones. some people exaggerate. the idea that you cannot confront people on the fringe of political islam. >> belgian authorities seem to be struggling to keep up. the head of the domestic agency. he warned about the threat for
3:35 pm
years. pushing for more resources and personnel often to be will bug cuts would make that impossible. bret? >> thank you. the brussels attacks come as law enforcement here in the u.s. continues to fight through obstacles to bring useful jengs in and keep the bad guys out. the chief correspondent is in wlaks the latest on that effort. >> the san bernardino terror attack brought to a head the privacy versus security battle. now the specific fight between apple and the government is on hold. with the fbi saying, it doesn't need apple's help. thanks to a, quote, party, it may be able to break into the county issued iphone used by the san bernardino shooter syed rizwan farook and left by him in a car outside his home. but the bigger issue of the inherent tension of the need to to that stop terrorist attacks at home and the right of citizens to privacy remains.
3:36 pm
>> can the government force a private person or a private individual to work for the government against that individual or entity's wishes for the greater good? >> and now the brussels attacks have reignited further debate over what more the government can legally do to prevent terror attacks at home. the republican presidential candidate donald trump today focused on keeping tabs on muslims in particular. >> you have to deal with the mosques. whether we like it or not. these attacks aren't done by swedish people. that i can tell you. >> both trump and his republican rival ted cruz called for changes to the visa waiver program which allows citizens of certain countries to travel freely to the united states. senator cruz claimed that europe's immigration policies and the the ability to obtain european passports endangers the u.s. >> we need to make sure everyone coming to america is properly vetted so they are not a radical
3:37 pm
slammic terrorist so we don't see this. >> currently people from 38 countries can travel without a visa tunneled waiver program. those countries include france and belgium. >> thank you. up next, our special and panelled panel reacts. "special report" from new york continues after a quick break. need to hire fast?
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3:42 pm
rest of the world. probably more territory around the world than at any time. and they have conducted attacks in paris, san bernardino, and now in brussels. so i would say they're winning. right? they're winning and we'll have to find additional approaches to try to undermine them. >> a sophisticated attack in brussels. at least 20 killed. more than 170 injured. we'll start there as the raids continue in brussels. let's bring in our expanded panel. k.t. mcfarland, and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends. let me start with you. this was not a surprise. brussels had its problems going after terrorists. but put this in context. it seem very sophisticated and a real big problem if you listen to the chairman of homeland
3:43 pm
security. >> i look at the poll. that's the organization that coordinates all the european police forces. he says there are 5,000 europeans who have gone to train with isis and are now back in europe. scattered throughout europe. they can move freely throughout europe. what does it take? less than 20. there are a lot more terrorist attacks in the pipelines. and it is overwhelming. not just the belgian police force but all the european police forces. >> chairman mccaul. there are investigations in all 50 states about isis. he said there were communications from syria inside the u.s. that was newsworthy to me. >> it certainly was. i think k.t. is right. it is not just europe or just the united states. we've seen as they both. the growth of isis and even as we made progress in fits and starts in iraq and syria, you're not seeing the abatement of the
3:44 pm
global jihadist movement. period. al qaeda continues to grow. they're inthe numbers and we have a president who has sadly not shown the will to defeat them. the language that he used today said, we will do whatever is necessary. whatever is necessary to confront global jihadist terror. last time he said we'll do whatever it takes after the paris attacks. this is the same replay. we get more statements. more calls for unity. more declarations of resolve and no changes. there is no change in strategy. nobody seriously thinks the president will look at this and change his strategy or redouble his efforts to defeat isis or take fight to isis. he went to a baseball game will. >> here is the president. his statement he made in cuba and something he said espn at the baseball game. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder
3:45 pm
that the world must unite. we must stand together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against scourge of terrorism. >> it is always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world. particularly in this age of 24/7 news coverage. you want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. >> whole premise of terrorism is to disrupt people's lives. >> the president admitted that after the paris attacks, he got it wrong in tone and tenor. after these attacks, is he getting it wrong again? >> he is getting it wrong for a specific audience. which is, i think, there are people in the country, especially in this political season, who want to see him be far more aggressive. the question i think really is, should he have left cuba?
3:46 pm
should he have cut short his trip given what happened today? and in my opinion, it was unnecessary. i think he has to show that as he steady hand. he commits to what he's doing. the question is about something steve was talking about. is there any change in strategy, in commitment. and i think part of this has to do with the language that he used in speaking. when he talked about supporting the ally belgium, the question is, what are the germans doing? what are the french doing? the united states is on the ground fighting isis right now. we don't have many allies on the ground with us. in terms of the amount of money spent to combat isis, do you believe the united states should bear the burden in total or do you think that he is right to say, the europeans step up to the plate. >> i don't think with respect that america yearns for the president to be more aggressive. nobody is calling for a ground war in the middle east over
3:47 pm
this. what they're looking for is wisdom. what the president said was utterly banal. talking about the news cycle. this man is not capable of protecting us. he understands the name of the threat and he is too uncertain of western values to defend them. the back drop is that the demographics of europe have totally changed. there have been over a million migrants and refugees that have flooded into europe. if you live among people who hate you, you face a greater threat than if you don't. it is a lesson that everybody is going out of the way to ignore that it is real. >> we'll talk about how this interacts with politics. with the panel when we come back.
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it is primary election day out west. we're back with the panel about how the terrorist attacks in brussels effect this election. k.t., your thoughts? >> i think it does effect this election as much as it effects the general election. the three republican candidates think they are really different but they are not that different
3:52 pm
bigger election issue is hillary clinton. she owns the iraq war. the freedom mature you can point to a lot of the problems in the middle east are hers. that is the ball and chain around her neck. now, the other election that matters is the one in june, and that's the british vote, the referendum do they withdraw from europe? they are looking at this situation saying we need to secure our borders and if britain does vote to get out of europe, it will be a domino effect other countries will follow suit. the other european union could collapse. >> one of these attacks happened just a couple blocks from the eu headquarters. it was tesktly pointed. what about donald trump. previous attacks it seemed like he got a boost. >> of course. and knowledge has nothing to do with it who knows more about foreign policy, john kerry. who knows les probably donald trump. who is going to protect you, trump.
3:53 pm
the refuge thing is huge. hillary clinton said she wanted a thousand syrian refugees moved. why is that good for us. if it is, what is it? what's america's interest in doing so. instead they call trump akñov nazi. trump is flat out no, it's bad for us. most people agree with this. that's the bottom line. i'm not saying i agree. three steps back, helps trump. >> we need to immediately halt the flow of refugees with countries with significant al qaeda or isis presence. we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radical radicalized. >> much smarter prescription what ails us than a blanket ban on muslims as trump
3:54 pm
proposes. any doubt it benefits donald trump. the core of his candidacy is strength. if you look back to the paris attacks. on the day of the paris attacks was at 24.8 in the real clear politics national average three weeks later 30.8 and three weeks after that almost 37. you can't draw oone causal relationship between those things but definitely didn't h him. i wou it helped h. >> there was one fachat a coupledas jumped a that was his comments on nato to the "the washington post" saying that the u.s. needso kind of pull back atl bit and spen ls on nato and obviously afters attack other candidates were saying we need to increase our t of nato. >> to my mind, the question that you asked k.t. is, the answer is not that it's the general election, it's in this republican primary. ke going into arizona tonight andta uh and going forward, cruz is trying to distinguish himself from trump in sayg we do need to support nato, not withdraw from europe given the problems there and the second point is that most
3:55 pm
republicans would agree with tucker in terms of banning muslims coming into the country. nice location. but that's not most americans. that's the republican primary audience. >> really? because 61% of americans say immigration is destroying the country. that's kind of a majority. >> national security and terrorism, it's already been high but does it overtake an issue in this campaign? >> as the overwhelming issue, yeah. and we are one mass casualty attack before it becomes the overwhelming majority issue on which everybody, republican or democrat cast their vote. >> panel, thank you very much. back with some final thoughts after this. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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4:00 pm
gate in germany to remember the dozens dead, hundreds wounded and countless impacted. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. belgium under siege, a terror attack and isis is bragging. [siren. >> it was very loud. >> i was running away from the explosion but i thought there would be a third one so i didn't know where to go. >> heard an explosion. all the ceiling was coming down, and then i just go under the sink. >> and the second explosion went and everything is black. >> we just ran. went for the tarmac. all my lif


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