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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the dozens dead, hundreds wounded and countless impacted. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. belgium under siege, a terror attack and isis is bragging. [siren. >> it was very loud. >> i was running away from the explosion but i thought there would be a third one so i didn't know where to go. >> heard an explosion. all the ceiling was coming down, and then i just go under the sink. >> and the second explosion went and everything is black. >> we just ran. went for the tarmac. all my life, this never
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happened to me. >> i'm so scared. i feel like it's the end of the world. >> the carnage is rocking brussels, brutal isis terrorists setting off suicide bombs at two locations, busy international airport and inside a packed train station. those bombs packed with nails and shrapnel. injuring more than 200. at this hour, at least one of those suspected terrorists is on the run. of belgium is overshadowing today's presidential primaries in two states. we begin with live team coverage across europe in our nation's capital as well. fox news foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in brussels. greg, what's the latest? the brussels airport behind us. it is mostly in the dark. no planes going in or out. we were watching belgium troops roll in there about two hours ago. it is under heavy heavy
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guard. that is the scene of the terror we saw earlier today here and also in the center of the city at a subway station where terrorists also set off explosions. right now the focus of police and law enforcement officials are away from this airport and they are on the hunt for those who were involved in the attacks. they are circulating one picture showing a man white they call a along with him are two men in black, believed to be the j in this attack. that they told are searching for a suspect from the subway bombing which was also very deadly. they are panninge- and sweeping out across brussels, going house to house, door to door. it seems like they have come are saying is a bomb factory for the terrorists, greta. they are saying that they have found in this one
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apartment yet another bomb with nails inside, with plastics alongside and chemicals and an isis flag. it's believed all the explosives constructed for today's activities happened right there. but, again, the toll is huge. at this airport and at the subway station, all tolled, over 30 dead. over 200 injured. among those injured, at least nine americans. a u.s. airorce colonel and his family of five, his wifed f. al, three mmon missiori from uta injured at that airport. remember, greta, it was just four days ago that salah abdeslam tt remaining outstanding individual tied up with the paris terror attacks from last november was arrested. and over the weekend prosecutors investigating him, interrogating him, said that he claimed he was
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setting up yet another anning more attacks,ay in brussels. experts areing to figure oe meant by that. were these the atthat planning or was this simply a revenge attk by his isis bre against w enforcement authorities for arresting him? isis has claimed responsili for this. there is no confirmation that that is true. but law eorme a poliofficiere are ha yet anotherar on they ei hands, that terror striking at t very heart of europe. greta? >> gre in that picture that we have of the three, two men on the left who suspected suicide bombers, the man on the the khis suspected to be t subjt manhunt tot, why do the he is alive? how do they know these two are blown up as s bombers andhis man is alive? >> well, there are some tors that people
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e, the two men in black have a black glove on one hand. each one of them. they are thinking that that was to hold the deston nature for their suicide belt. and they believe that at least one, maybe both of them blew themselves up. this man in the white, could he be a string puller? could he beáthe organizer? one more interesting note, we have got to tell you, what terror comes down to. it comes down to basics. there is a new report out tonight that these three guys got in to a taxicab that they had called for, coming from their house. they actually were carrying more the cab was too small. so they left some of those explosives behind, maybe that's what the police saw tonight. so, it could have been even worse here at the airport, but these are deadly, deay pe dealing with the realities of moving around this city, greta. eoe, killers.
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anyway, greg, thank you. as we talked about with greg take a look again at this photo. police are using this photo to identify the three suspected terrorists. the two in black are believed to have blown themselves up as massive innocence in that airport. the man in the tan coat didn't below himself up as far as we know. catherine herridge has been working her sources. catherine, what you can tell me? >> well, an intelligence source who has direct knowledge of the investigation on the ground at the airport has told fox news tonight new details about how the explosions unfolded inside that passenger ticketing terminal. they told us the two men with the bombs there in the black and the tan entered the ticketing hall and then they split up. one went to aisle 3 and t other went to aisle 11. aisle 3 is where brussels airlines was ticketing passengers. aisle 11 also is where delta
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tickets passengers. we were told that the focus was on hitting the highest concentration of passengers based on the movements of the bombers and the closed circuit television footage, rather than a specific airline. so it was maximum carnage. the third individual was described to us as kind of an escort or a minder whose job was to get them, keep them on task, keep them focused, and get them to their target point or destination point and not have any premature detonations by clearing people out of the way in front of those luggage carts. >> and then very cowardly after the two blow up, the coward on the right then flees the situation, destroying all those lives. any -- so it doesn't appear that there is an american carrier specifically targeted. >> not at this point. >> big crowds were being targeted. >> that's right. the emphasis to us from this contact who has first-hand knowledge of the investigation on the ground
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from for maximum casualties once they got inside that passenger ticketing terminal. the other thing we were first to report here on fox today was about this black glove. woe spoke with two former law enforcement officials and a former military bomb tech who said there are two scenarios and we confirmed tonight that these two scenarios are being briefed by lawmakers to homeland black gve can beas the fbi. wh c dead man's a dead mantc means that once the gri i off the cart handle, it's that lack of contact that causes the device to explode. so, if you shoot the bomber, the device goes off regardless. okay? and then the second scenario, which is being brief to do lawmakers is that the black glove, and this is well-established, in the al qaeda literature, which this is a good example of how it is shared back and forth with isis, is to reduce the static charge. a static charge can cause a premature detonation of a
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device. so we were first to report that here on fox today, the significance of the black glove and now we understand it's also beingui7 brief to do lawmakers,reta. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. and today's horrific terror attacks putting the entire world on edge. hit the polling booth tay, terror and the safety of americans is one the voters' biggest concerns. just a short time ago 20166ir presidential candidate john kasich went "on the record." governor, nice to see you, sir. >> yes. nice to see you, greta. terrible day. >> i was going to say it's no surprise though we all expected this and could happen tomorrow and could happen next week. if you were president of the united states, what could do you to try to alleviate the chances it's going to happen again and again? >> well, greta, i think first of all that we need to really examine our vulnerabilits worldwide. i mean, in terms of of us in the civilized world. and we need to take our
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military experts and we need to be honest with one another as to where there are holes and then we need to go and fill those holes. secondly, there isn't any question that we need to move on military action in a coalition against isis. both in the air and on the ground. insurability that here at home w haveur joint fbi, homeland forces made security, state and local law enforcement and they need to have the resources and the tools they need and that's why the issue of encryption has risen to the level that it has where maybe we are starting to see a resolution there. and then we all have to be vigilant. and so it's a number of things that have to be done and we need to work together as a civilized world. >> i know that you have said that president obama should come homei america. why should he come home from south america? what difference would it make? >> well, because this is an attack on the heart of europe. and the idea that we're just going to be kind of clever here and not try to draw
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attention, i think, is a big mistake. if i were president, i would have come home. i probably would have finished of my speech. i would have come home. and then i would have assembled my intelligence and military community. i would have spoken to all the world leaders. and then i would have sent my people to europe to meet with their folks so that we could get in a position of where we could begin to understand exactly why we're not picking some of these things up and what is going wrong. look, we know we don't have the strength and human intelligence that we need and that isxs exactly why we cannot afford to alienate all the muslims in the world, who, by the way, are condemning this act of murder, you know, in overwhelmingqk numbers. we need to have the whole civilized world working together, to share intelligence, to be able to -- to stop these, to be able
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been radicalization over there. they have some rules and laws that have prevented the sharing of dated that that is critical. they have to take a really hard review and we will all have to work together. greta, when they die and bleed in europe, a little bit of us dies and bleeds here in the united states of america. >> governor, thank you for joining us. obviously, you know, very tough day for the world today. thank you, governor. >> thanks, greta. >> the streets outside of brussels train station eerily quiet. just hours ago screams filled the air as terrified people ran for their lives. fsn reporter was outside that train station all day and is live in brussels. jack, you were out there. tell me what you saw. >> when i arrived at my office, which is just exactly where i am standing now, i was greeted with people running up the road behind me, around 300 meters down the road from where i'm
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stood is where the train station is. the train arrived at around 9:00 a.m. local time and there was an explosion on on that train. we know at least 20 people were killed in that attack. a friend of mine was on that train even. this is hitting very close to home for us who live in the city. he was lucky enough to escape by prying open the doors on the metro and running out of the train station. he told me the story, saying that he was terrified that somebody would have walked >uáu gun shooting. this is a really, really hard-hitting attack for us, for those of us who live and work in the city who ordinarily reporting on policy decisions of the european union and, today, we have been reporting on a terror attack in the heart of the place that we live. >> jack, tell me about this neighborhood or this area of molenbeek, describe it for me. >> so i think it's really important first off, greta, that we differentiate the train station right in the heart of the european
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quarter and monthlien -- molenbeek brussels come moon next to the city center which there is a high muslim population and many of the paris attacks and potentially these attacks are believed to have been orchestrated and planned from. they are two separate areas. the molenbeek area took a lot of heat following the paris attack. and that's where salah an is he lamb on friday. maelbeek is a small serves the european union right in the heart of the europe mean union district here. >> the point of hitting this train station -- i mean, i can't jump in the minds of these terrorists but was to at least try to go after the heart of brussels or one of >> 9:00 a.m. on a tuesday morning, greta, is when many of the civil servants that live and work you're mean union is getting off
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maelbeek. rush hour. busiest stations for people to get into work into these definitely targeted hit specifically to hit those types of people, we would assume. obviously, this is link to do those two explosions up at the airport. the international airport that we all use to make our business and pleasure trips in and out of this city. many people obviously with the long easter weekend would have been planning to fly out of this airport later on this week. we are expecting the airport will be closed tomorrow and for some time. this is a direct hit on civilian population here in brussels. people living and working in the city. >> jack, is the city -- does it feel like it's on lockdown right now? do you get a sense that people are definitely inside? has it somehow returned back to normal at this time. i realize it's very late there. >> well, at the moment, in this area obviously it's very quiet.
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but that would be expected on a tuesday night in an area where many people ordinarily would work. but, there is an eerie quietness across the city. some the transport networks have now reopened. national trains across belgium are running again. a cup perform the metro lines are on and some of the buses again. but it's very scared city. it's not the sort of attack you would expect, well, potentially you would now following the paris attacks and charlie hebdo attacks back the year before. but, you know, brussels is ordinarily a very civilized city. many of the people that come and work in the eu institutions, europeans brightest and best to get jobs in the eu institutions. so, this is an attack on a very civilized city and on parts of that city, heavily populated at those times of the day. it's incredibly shocking attack we have seen here in brussels. >> jack, thank you very much.
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and investigators scrambling to piece together everything they can about these terrorists, not just to catch the one on the run but to identify, thwart, any other possible terrorist plans. but with so much of brussels already under a terrorp microscope since the paris attacks, how do these attackers stay under the radar. we would like to point out as recently disclosed he has been advising donald trump on foreign affairs. nice to see you walid. >> nice to see you, greta. >> i don't know how you catch tastes or prevent them. no i don't mean to pick on law enforcement or people or nation of belgium. how did these people stay under the radar? >> there is the theory that the terrorists adopt when they cannot leave the country or -- want to leave the country or region europe living in the belly of the dragon. that's where basically the safest in those neighborhoods. and then they know that the police have done the first patrol, the second patrol, they are safe, they have a circle of inhabitants who protect them and tell them in anybody is close. this is the best they have instead of living in a down or village where they could
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be captured easily. >> i don't have any doubt -- i have no information but i still believe this to be true is that somebody knew something. if i own a hardware store and someone comes in and gets 10 poxes of nails or something, i mean, people do know things. neighbors here things. they see things. you know, tonight there are a lot of people who probably should have spoken up. >> absolutely. i mean, you have those, a, who knew about them but were from the community and intimidated by them. they are not going to be speaking. and then you have maybe those who in law enforcement knew about that. they did not really there conducting a raid because of political considerations. this is a challenge happening today. >> it's so easy to commit these acts of terrorism. my heart does bleed for law enforcement, because you can't catch every one of these. i mean, every time it happens, we reverse engineer and say why didn't you see the clues? the fact is these are soft targets. they are very easy to hit. >> they're. actually the terrorists in this case have discovered two areas. non-secured areas and the one leading to the ticketing
4:19 pm
area which have happened unfortunately today. >> that's before security? >> that's way before security. >> way before security. >> they don't have to challenge security. they don't have to go -- this is all operative. this is a zone across the world were tens of thousands of:m people. then you have arrival. have you thought of arrival areas. you can go in actually and pick up people and do the same scenario. >> people waiting forrt"]n peope arriving. walid, thank you. >> thank you. >> the brussels terror massacre shutting down the entire country of belgium. "on the record" takes you back to europe where our shepard smith is standing by. that's next. plus, we are also covering big news right here in the united states. tonight is primary night. and the polls are closing any minute. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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this is a fox news alert. brussels the capital of belgium is on lockdown. at least 34 people massacred. 200 hurt coordinated terror attack. shrapnel ripping through the bose of travelers brussels airport and train station. isis is bragging they did it as soon as the story broke, shepard smith hopped on a plane, shep joins us live in from london, shep? >> greta, security has been vastly increased across much of europe. here in london and across the united kingdom. transportation hubs, increased screening, trains and planes into belgium have been stopped. the belgium and british flags lowered to half-staff at number 10 downing street in london today. the british prime minister david cameron offering solidarity. >> these are appalling savage terror attacks. i have spoken to the prime minister of belgium to give
4:24 pm
our condolences to the belgium people. we absolutely stand with them at this very difficult time. these were attacks in belgium. they could just be attacks just as well be attacked in britain or in france or germany or elsewhere in europe. and we need to stand together dependence these make sure they can never win. >> the threat level here in the united kingdom now severe level. that's four on a scale of five. severe meaning an attack is highly likely. in brussels tonight, a candlelight vigil at one of the blast sites in a country the streets and have for months. locals vowing to stand with the victims. fear, they say, will not carry the day. in paris, the eiffel tower lit with belgium's colors, solidarity with the people of belgium. certainly the attacks this morning sent a shutter of recognition across the front capital. across that country 1600 additional police fanning out to transportation hubs.
4:25 pm
in italy the fountain lit. and berlin's brandenburg gate lit. people laid flowersir. 12:30 across much of western europe. we are getting word that many of the train line also be up across the country i have side countryside. the head says that airport will be closed entirely throughout the day on wednesday no word yet on when it will be reopened as they search for one attacker in particular and anybody who may have had advanced knowledge or assisted the attackers in brussels today, greta. >> shep, thanks. horrific photos and videos showing you the ugly aftermath of these deadly coordinated terror attacks. a man who was there who witnessed this carnage firsthand is next. plus, delegates are on-the-line tonight. continuing election coverage
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4:30 pm
>> a few minutes later someone came from the back of the metro to the front of the metro opened up the door and installed ladder and had us evacuate on to the track. >> some of these may have been aimed at american targets. brussels is on complete lockdown. they are searching houses in that intimate district in molenbeek. >> standing in front of an airport that is shut down. no airplanes coming or going. shut down by terrorism. >> and isis admits it. the inhumane and barbaric group says they are behind today's slaughter in belgium. the attacks happened during rush hour belgium series of bomb blasts and those bombs killing 34 innocent people and injuring more than 200. at this hour massive international manhunt is on for anyone who played a part in this evil plot. reporter kevinqlh@ ozenbeck
4:31 pm
joins us. >> actually, greta, it was surprisingly easy this morning. i was in france over there working on a story. found around when we found out about all the breaking news here at home it was several hours after the height of the chaos. we were expecting border checks because local media was reporting that. actually, i was able to cross into belgium from france very easily one thingóóñó i did notice, greta, traffic moving the other way belgium police pulled over every semi-truck that was trying to leave belgium for france. obviously belgium police do not want anyone connected with these attacks to be able to slip out of the country. so it makes complete sense that that that's one of the things we witnessed coming back into belgium from france. >> you have covered the paris attacks and august the raids and searches in belgium.
4:32 pm
is it fair to compare and contrast how it happened on the ground today? >> no matter where this happens, because we have talked so much about this before, greta, no matter if you are covering a car bombing in beirut or an explosion in istanbul or in paris, here in brussels, it's always pure chaos and fear. and, of course, that's what the terrorists are after. and one other thing that you and i have talked about so much on the program is this really as shocking as this was in brussels this really was not a surprise. we have heard from belgium authorities in the past few days after the capture of salah abdeslam that there is the risk as belgium and french authorities close in on these active terrorist cells here in brussels that could motivate them and sce them and spook them to accelerate any plans. we also know that back in december right around christmas time this city, brussels, was put on a very high alert because belgium intelligence had information
4:33 pm
that a cell was planning imminent attack then. that never happened. unfortunately tuesday morning it did all unfold here in brussels. and now that's why there are these house and apartment raids happening, not just here in brussels but all throughout belgium because belgium and french police do want to cch q any remaining pocketsf cells to try to prevent devastating attack from happening again. >>of course, they are appears in that picture on the rht right there. you can s it but the man in the tan jacket. say it's no surprise itt. happened today the sick aspect is i wouldn't be surprised if it happens tomorrow, the next day. we have all becomejz so accustomed to terrorism and stunning that we surprised ever anymore. >>ea sad statement, isn't i ened a, of course, thi attack is putting all of europe on alert. now, that was the same situation right after the november 139 terror attacks. greta, i'm coming to you
4:34 pm
live right outside from the european commission. i see it right on the other side of this camera. we know after the paris attacks that the eu tried to push forward a lot of legislation to try to crack down on security all across the continent. one of the proposals moving through the eu is this passenger name record which would give european intelligence agencies all the names and information people flying in and out of the eu. the whole reason that's trying to be pushed through is because intelligence officers say that will help them track europeans who have left for syria. were trained there by isis, and then return to initiate an attack on the homeland. the numbers are quite startling. intelligence officers believe there are hundreds of europeans who have left to be trained in syria and have returned home. so the numbers arej5 startling. and that's why there are so many efforts on all these different levels to try to improve the security. all across this continent. >> kevin, thank you.
4:35 pm
and -- inside the russells airport -- brussels airport he saw that horrible carnage. cedric joins us on the telephone. thank you so much for joininggr us. tell us what you heard and saw. >> i heard a big explosion. i was one floor under the explosion. i was just going to take the elevator but the elevator was filled, so i didn't get in. and then when the elevator came back, i was just going to step in the elevator and then i heard a big explosion. and a big wind of dust came right at me. my face was under dark dust.
4:36 pm
everyone was yelling. everywhere there was broken glass and people dropped their luggage. it was just horrible. it's just like a horror movie. i just can't describe it. >> well, we just saw the picture of you with the black suit all -- the black explosive, dust or ceiling, i don't know what that is all over your do you have any sort of sense of how close you were to where the bomb was detonated? >> i was very7close. i was just one floor under the eggs -- explosion. the floor above me was the check-in for the flight. and i just went that way. and thank god i had very black because the elevator
4:37 pm
was -- wasn't full, i get in and maybe i was dead. >> and you are very lucky, cedric, and i regret that so many others were not as lucky as you were. cedric, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> the brussels slaughter terryi possibility of an attack in america. should you be worried tonight? that's next. plus, it is primary election gh here in the united states. voters in arizona and utah are making their presidential pick. our coverage continuesu' straight ahead.
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here's the plan. you want a family and ar, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means yo mreoving to the middle of nowhere the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of thi you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. this is fox news alert. americans on high alert. the coordinated attack in brussels is causing chaos right here in the united states. rick leventhal is in new york's times square. rick? >> nowheren a is security tighter here than in new york city considered a prime target for terrorists with 20 foiled plots since 9/11. so within hours of those bombings in brussels the nypd's counter terrorism teams have been activated
4:42 pm
and deployed with hundreds of officers with heavy weapons and tactical gear. long rifles, radiation and explosive detectors, canine teams and a massive show of force at major transit hubs like station designed to act as deterrent and a source o comfort and reassurance for new yorkers including the half a million people who pass through the times square subway station every single day. the nypd says it's using every tool in counter terrorism toolbox to try to thwart future attacks that surveillance of individuals already on law enforcement radar keeping an eye 24/7 on anyone suspected of terror tie-ins this region. and the nypd is getting plenty of help, not just from federal friends but also from state police and national guard troops who are activated by the governor today along with transit police and officers from the port authority which protects new york area airports and the world trade center site. again, no actionable intelligence steering authorities in any particular direction.
4:43 pm
no specific credible plots. just focusing efforts on the kinds of targets hit in belgium with a greater scrutiny of people and the bags that they are carrying, greta, and we can expect to see this kind of beefed up security not just here in new york city but in every major cities and major airports across the country not just for the next few days, greta, but probably for some time to come. >> rick, thank you. >> so how you can at home know that everything is being done to keep you safe. former department of homeland security under secretary for intel analysis charles allen goes "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you, greta. how are you? >> good. are we safe? >> i think we are safe. >> we are safer than europe. we have been safer than europe for a number of years. the attacks in europe were forecast they were going to occur. we have a very good federal, state and local way of handling counter terrorism in this country. i helped build an intelligence arc can he architecture at the homeland security. that work is being carried
4:44 pm
on. worked closely with state and local officials when i left. we have centers across the country and police departments that i think are outstanding. new york city which was just on is the best prepared for any terrorist attack as it should be. >> it seems to thee these targets are so soft. could the belgium law enforcement really have protected themselves from this? it seems so easy to do these horrible crimes. >> it is very easy and being in the hub of europe and being where huge place where migrants come. it is not the intelligence and security services we haves[ here. we penetrate. >> we're better? we're that much better? >> we are substantially better. because we have technical intelligence, national security agency and because we have the central intelligence agency that's on the offensive globally against islamic extremism and they are very good. >> i think somebody knew something in this one. someone sold all the nails to somebody. neighbors saw somebody.
4:45 pm
if citizens don't speak up. >> this was a complex and well-planned attack. there was a network there that's been in place for a long time. support out of syria. by isis. and you are absolutely right. but the penetrations were not deep enough and the belgium are, the germans. the french in particular that triangle has to do a much better job of getting that radical extremism. >> just a moat to the viewers out there. if you know something, say something. i mean, the simple thing to help law enforcement, speak up. anyway, sir. nice to see. >> you it's great to see you again, greta. thank you. >> several americans are among the 200 people injured in the brussels terror attacks. take you back to the scene of that who horror next. and today's terror attacks overshadowing our degeneration,d senator lindsey graham isam standing by.
4:46 pm
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this is a fox news alert. it has happened again. paris in november and now brussels. rocked by coordinated isis bomb attack. 31 people dead, murdered, and at least 200 people hurt. political europe reporter is live on the ground and talking to witnesses all day1d long. tara joins us on the phone from brussels. terror, what you have learned? >> well, we learned today that the taxi driver that brought the airport actually helped the police figure out the identities of the attackers. he thought it was suspicious that their luggage was so heavy and that they wouldn't let him help them with it. and so he directed the police back to their homes and helped with some of their this afternoon. also we know a third bomber left a suicide vest. he is on the run. the situation is developing and raids are ongoing.
4:51 pm
the attack in the metro is actually extremely close to our office. it's a metro that i take every morning but i was on my way to to cover the attack at the airport. i luckily didn't take it my colleague was on the train. before i had a friend that was on the train that actually -- he was three cars behind the one that exploded and had to crawl his way out of the metro. it's just been a horrific day. i think we are all trying to figure out who has been affected and who hasn't. >> and, again, they have got this manhunt for that man who we see in the picture on the right so often in the khaki. tara, thank you very much. >> right. no problem. >> and the brussels terror attack leaving the world on edge and, of course, we all knew this was coming. we didn't know where and when and ÷we don't know who is next. member of the senate armed services committee senator lindsey graham goes "on the record." good evening, sir.
4:52 pm
>> thank you. >> i guess it's no surprise to you that this has happened, is it? >> no. what i have been saying for two years in the bottom line here is the goal is to destroy isil. if we don't destroy them, they are going to hit us here. 'f. we don't come up with a ground component to go into syria and iraq to take back the land they hold, we are going to get attacked here. they are planning attacks against our country as i speak. you suggested if you see something, say something. here is what i am going to tell you. i see 40,000 jihadists in iraq and syria that are intent on attacking the united states and destroying our way of life. and we don't have a strategy if we don't come up with a ground component, we're never going to beat these guys from the air. >> all right. president obama is not coming home to the united states. is he heavily criticized because he didn't go to paris. and when charlie hebdo attacks hand in march with should the president come home or continue his trip to
4:53 pm
argentina. >> i could care less where he goes. if he doesn't change his strategy nothing will change. can he go and sit in the pentagon until january 2017. if we don't come up with a regional army to destroy this isil army, they are going to hit us here in america. the only way you beat an army with another army. we don't have a game plan to destroy isil. is he trying to run out the clock and pass this on to the next president. with all due respect to senator cruz, you are not going to destroy isil by carpet bombing them. to donald trump you are not going to destroyc# isil by shutting off a flow of refugees out of syria to us and the world. the only way you are going to destroy isil is to get a ground component and army, go in on the ground and kill these guys before they attack us here. how many more attacks too we have to suffer before we understand we're not winning? >> all right. senator, on the campaign today, the candidates were consumed with the horrific news of these attacks in brussels. >> today our thoughts and
4:54 pm
prayers are with the people of brussels. >> today, of course, is a sad day for the entire civilized world. >> in my opinion, this is just the beginning. it will get worse and worse because we are lax and we are foolish. we are foolish. >> this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. >> i'm a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game. if i had been president, i would have cut short my visit. >> their target is each and every one of us. >> and as the candidates react to the terrorism news out of europe, polls are closing and just hours in both utah and arizona. senator, you are supporting senator ted cruz but i just heard you make the remark with all due respect to senator cruz carpet bombing isn't going to work or something to that respect. that surprises me you criticize him that way. >> i like ted. he is a better alternative to trump. is he a real republican. he understands the threat better than trump. dew but did you hear from anybody a game plan to destroy isil?
4:55 pm
i know exactly where they are. i know exactly how many they are of them. i know what they are up to. so what i would like is for us, as republicans to come up with an alternative to obama's strategy and that alternative is create a regional army, 90% from the region. 10% us, and go in to syria and iraq and kill these guys before they attack us. >> and i might note that we haven't carpet bombed in decades and senator cruz still hasn't walked that one back. anyway, senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and we are just minutes away from the polls closing in arizona and utah. stay with us. eds villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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. this is a fox news alert. isis bragging and claiming responsibility for the barbaric blood shed slaughtering 34 innocent passengers and injuring 200 more. in paris, the eiffel tower and in rome the fountain both lit up in the colors of the belgium flag.
5:00 pm
and stay with fox news throughout the night for continuing coverage of the brussels terror attacks. tonight's primary election. o'reilly is next and brit hume's special coverage. good night from washington. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [siren. >> this is the scene as it unfolded, terrified passengers running for their lives. >> [screaming] >> you can see the scale of the devastation. >> another terror attack. apparently isis driven, kills more than 30, juries more than 200. will the world ever confront this madness? >> the attack in brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed immigration policy in europe that"c has allowed a massive influx of radical islamic terrorist into europe. >> senator


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