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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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taciturn when writing to "the factor." i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. it's 9:00 p.m. on the east coast and we have two major stories. a desperate manhunt under way after a deadly terror attack in the heart of europe. here at home, voters heading to the polls in three critical states. this hour, arizona, idaho and utah. this is salt lake city, utah where caucuses are under way. i'm bret baier. >> and i'm martha mccallum. it is a big night of politics ahead. but first, isis claiming responsibility for the bombings that rocked the city of brussels this morning. belgian officials release thing picture, a stunning image that
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shows three suspects they believe are responsible for the attack. and now massive raids under way for the man you see on the right hand side of that picture. back in the u.s., criticism from republican presidential candidates came strong and fast. >> if they're coming from certain other places and if they're muslim, they have to be checked very carefully. they're not assimilating easily into other countries. we're not babies. we can't do this anymore. >> it's long past time that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by its name. and utilize the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism, to defeat isis. >> if i had been president, i would have cut short my visit and flown home, which should be made cheer when people die and
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bleed in europe, we die and bleed a little bit right here in the united states of america. >> and that leads to the other big story of the night. 229 delegates at stake this evening. over three states. doors have now closed in idaho caucus sites where 23 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats. the two big prizes of the night for both sides, arizona and utah. >> and the republican side, the battle for ball gadelegates hea. donald trump leading the pact with 681 delegates. senator ted cruz with 425. senator marco rubio may be out of the race but he has 19. and john kasich with 143. >> carl cameron is in palm beach, florida. but first we start with sheppard smith who is in london tonight. >> reporter: just after 1:00 in the morning on wednesday here in london, 2:00 a.m. in brussels. virtual lockdown here, some
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transportation is back up and running. the threat level at its highest and three days of mourning ordered across the nation. counterterrorism forces have been operating. in one home, they found an undetonated bomb packed with nails with an islamic state flag and unidentified chemicals. but still no sign of the suspected terrorist who got away. interesting, here in the united kingdom tonight, our sister network sky news is reporting that a taxi cab driver led them to the apartment where they found all of that. he said -- prosecutors said the two men in the black detonated the belts, and the third man, they believe he tried to detonate an explosive on his luggage cart as well. it didn't go off, and in the chaos that ensued, the police were coming in, the bloody victims were headed out. he escaped in all of the
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madness. this all began in the brussels airport. travelers were checking in for their flights in the main hall. two bombs went off on luggage carts as you saw in those pictures. strong enough to blow out windows and collapse the ceiling. injured a lot of people in their lower extremities. smoke and flying dust making it hard to breathe or see. pools of blood, bodies with missing limbs. and now sources say the terrorists planned this event for maximum bloodshed. belgian media reports one bomb was filled with nails, which sliced through the victims of the the airport. at least nine americans are among the wounded, including these three missionaries from utah. the 19-year-old man in the middle there happens to be a
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survivor of the boston marathon bombing. the pentagon confirming a u.s. air force service member was hurt along with five of his relatives. several of them are critical as fox reports live this hour. outside the airport, a stampede of survivors running for safety, not sure what to do or where they were going. >> a lot of people with blood and just run out of the airport. >> everybody was running, running, running. then we sat there like ten minutes and we heard "evacuate, evacuate." >> then as the emergency crews responded, another bombing in the heart of brussels and right as close as you can get to the headquarters of the european union. a picture of the damage shows the power of the blast, the metal doors blown outwards. those blurred objects at the bottom of the picture, victim's bodies. survivors left to find their way
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out inside the train tunnel. [ screaming ] only the sound of that baby echoed through the subway as people tried to find their way out through the daylight. there survivors trying and hugging. officials in belgium cause this the country's worst disaster since world war ii. tonight, reaction pouring in from around the world. the french prime minister saying, we are at war. president obama saying that the united states stands in solidarity with belgium. he's ordered flags to fly at half staff in honor of the victims. >> we heard reports about raids continuing in brussels and the efforts to track these guys down. any latest updates from there? >> we know of four location. authorities will say there are multiple locations across the country, but piecing together
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the media reports, they've raided a number of different apartments. interesting, they're not letting out much information here. if they have the identity of the man for whom they're looking, the man in the light colored coat with the black hat, they're not releasing it. if they know who carried out these attacks, they're not he will -- they are not telling us. they have received a lot of criticism forgiving the details of what salah abdeslam had been saying, concerns that some of these attacks, though planned well in advance, might have been expedited. high alert across the region. >> shep, thank you. so the people of brussels mourning the victims with vigils and memorials throughout the city, as we revisit this scene once again in a horrific way. around the world, countries gather to show their own grief,
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their own solidarity in paris. the eiffel tower lit with colors of the belgium flag. the people there know all too well the pain and horror of this kind of attack. they lost 130 people who were murdered just four short months ago in paris. and in berlin, the brandenberg gate lit in black, yellow, and red. and in rome, changed to show support for the people of brussels as well. bill hemmer has more. >> reporter: i want to take you into the area that shepard was describing a moment ago. we can locate the airport, the train station, we can show you where the neighborhood is, where there's been so much concern going back to the events in paris four months ago. put it in motion here. molenbeek on the western edge of
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brussels is of significant concern tonight. here's the main city. the airport is located -- airport is located out here in the northeastern edge of the city. here is the train station. if the attackers came from molenbeek, this is a range of 12 miles. it's 8 miles back to the train station here. just on the eastern edge is where you find the european parliament buildings and where the eu meets. again, i mentioned the central brussels area here. this is a neighborhood we were told at least one of the raids was focused on and carried out. that's where they found explosive devices inside at least one apartment and also an isis flag. until we're told otherwise, keep a close eye on this neighborhood and we'll see what comes up in the investigation. martha, bret? president obama reacting from havana, cuba, saying the u.s. will do whatever necessary
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to help belgium bring those responsible to justice. >> this is just another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> the remarks were very brief, 51 seconds to be precise, before the president pivoted back to u.s. relations with cuba. which drew criticism from the republicans. senator, thank you for being here. >> hello, bret. >> your reaction to this attack and what we know about the effort to track down those responsible? >> well, we hope for a spoed sp recovery of the ones wounded.
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attacks are happening all over the world. we're all vulnerable and we need to recognize that fact. it's great we're going to help the folks in brussels bring these people justice. what we need to do is start preventing these attacks. we have to defeat islamic terror and be serious about this. >> what is the threat here to the u.s.? is it credible? is there anything specific? what is the isis threat here to the homeland? >> we do not know. we're told we do not have any credible, specific threats. but it's a real threat. and we saw it in ft. hood, texas. we saw it in chattanooga, tennessee. we saw it in san bernardino, california. there is a plot foiled in milwaukee, wisconsin against a masonic temple at the end of january. as long as isis remains undefeated, they're going to be perceived as winning and they put their roots further down,
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they're spreading out, they're gaining a foothold in libya, in afghanistan, some of these groups are affiliating with them. so we may be nibbling around the edges and defeating them in iraq, but i would argue they're not losing strength, they are growing in stature. that's why they continue to carry out these terrorist attacks. >> early on "special report," i talked to the house chairman of the homeland security committee, mike mccaul. here's what he said. >> we know the mastermind of the paris attacks claimed he brought in 90 terrorists into europe, greatly concerning to the safety of europe. i would say because of the foreign fighter threat to europe, and the close proximity, they're at much greater risk than the united states. having said that, we're given the way that this isis video talking about a paris style attack in the united states,
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that we are on a high state of alert. >> so tonight, senator, what is the biggest threat? >> it continues to be people in america that are self-radicalized. i would also say our completely unsecured southern border is a threat. when i was in honduras and guatemala with general kelly, he was talking about a different classification of illegal aliens, special interest aliens from somalia, from syria, from yemen, from pakistan that get detained in central america but get released and they can come through our southern boarders. so again, the threat is the fact that islamic terrorists are absolutely dedicated to attacking civilization. i know president obama says he wanted to end all these wars, but the only way you end war, is one side has to be defeated or both sides have to agree to end it. islamic terrorists are not agreeing to end the war.
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>> it seems like belgium is not prepared for this fight to quote a counterterrorism official, buzz feed had a quote from one official saying we don't have the people to watch anything else and we don't have the infrastructure to investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals, as well as pursue hundreds of open files of investigation that we have. it's an impossible situation and honestly, it's very grave. that's a belgian counterterrorism official. >> well, listen, the threat in europe is higher because they are so much closer to the middle east. it's a lot easier for terrorists to travel and they have much larger muslim populations that haven't assimilated. they've become self-radicalized. so i think the threat is higher in europe than it is in the united states. i'll give secretary department of homeland security jeh johnson credit trying to engage the communities. we have fewer numbers of people
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that have tried to go to syria that have gotten over to syria. again, this is a worldwide threat. we have got to take it seriously. >> senator johnson, thank you for the time tonight. as the search continues this evening for brussels, the presidential candidates weigh in. donald trump calling for a halt to the u.s. visa waiver program which allows 20 million people to visit the united states each year. >> look, we're having problems with the muslims and we're having problems with muslims coming into the country, and we are seeing it, whether it's california, where they killed the 14 people. the two young married couple, i guess she possibly radicalized him. >> and she was here on a fiance visa. >> she came here on a fiance visa. they say he wasn't radicalized. >> carl cameron is live tonight in palm beach, florida, with the trump campaign. good evening, carl. >> reporter: well, there are two
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contests tonight, one in arizona, a primary, 54 delegates and winner take all. in arizona, donald trump is favored in large measure because of his staunch immigration rhetoric and the types of things he's been saying, keeping visitors out with a moratorium on travel and greater surveillance on muslims. he's made a number of comments that fed his very, very positive reaction in arizona. and with the help of sheriff joe arpaio, he has good odds going on with that. ted cruz is favored in the utah caucuses. 40 delegates there, and it's technically proportional. but if a candidate gets over 50%, it becomes winner take all. cruz has the benefit of the senator from utah, mike lee, who has been campaigning and helping organizationally. and mitt romney, who voted for cruz, made a point of saying that, has been sparring at donald trump saying a lot of donald trump's foreign policy isn't responsible.
6:17 pm
so cruz has an opportunity to pick up delegates and if he gets lucky, win it. john kasich has been really going after president obama for staying in cuba, going to a demonstration baseball game while all this is going on in brussels. it's his attempt, because he's not likely going to be in the delegate count, it's impossible for him to get the delegates at this point, so it will have to be in an open convention. >> we will continue to set the stage for a big night of election results. we'll get analysis from our top political analysis, including the campaign cowboys, and bring you as a results as soon as they come in. and the candidate with plenty of stake tonight, fighting for every last delegate. the big question, though, what is the impact of today's terror
6:18 pm
attack still ringing in the ears of pollsters. >> isis has declared jihad. they have declared their intention to murder. >> looks to be a fairly sophisticated, coordinated attacks, is deeply distressing. >> i'm a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game. had i been president, i would have cut short my visit. >> the day will come when isis -- >> in my opinion, this is just the beginning. it will get worse and worse, because we are lax and we are foolish. ♪
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voting continuing in winner take all arizona right now. polls closed there at the top of the hour. we have live pictures in phoenix, and the caucuses in salt lake city on the corner of your screen. we'll hopefully have results for you later in the evening. in fact, i know we will. >> we will indeed. in the meantime, let's bring in the campaign cowboys to get a look at what they're expecting tonight. chris wallace and karl rove join us. and joe trippy, former howard
6:23 pm
dean campaign manager. good evening, everybody. welcome to you. >> thanks so much, martha. the campaign cowboys are ready across the country tonight as we do our soundings in key swing states. karl and joe obviously tough to talk about the political impact of this terrible attack in brussels, but it does have a political impact on what voters think is important and who they think might be able to best protect them. karl, your sense of the political impact? >> i think you need to divorce it from the general election and the primaries. in the primaries, this is lightened concern about terrorism and it generally takes time for this to work its way through. i thought it was smart for all three republican candidates to be seen today talking about it. i think it would tend to perhaps help donald trump because of his call for excluding muslims. but the fact is, the other two candidates, both had strong and
6:24 pm
effective statements. so i expect a modest impact tonight. we'll see how it plays out. >> and joe, your sense of the impact, both on the republican and democratic side? >> well, i agree with karl, it takes time for this to filter through. but look, the last time that this happened around the paris attack, donald trump grew seven points and surged into that front-runner status, again on his call for a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states. so you've got to expect that it helps him. i thought cruz may have crossed the line a little by so quickly using the as a way to jab trump in a statement this morning. i wouldn't go there. i think it's best to -- i think the bulk of their statements were all fine. the other person it hurts is bernie sanders. he's always been uncomfortable
6:25 pm
in debates talking about foreign policy and iraq, syria, those things. and obviously, hillary clinton, in terms of democratic primary voters, is seen as having a lot of experience in this area, and democratic primary voters see her very favorably in that way. >> let's talk about the races tonight. karl, what is at stake in utah and arizona and what specifically are you looking for? >> there are 98 degrees, 58 in arizona, 40 in utah. i'm looking for 50 and 50. in arizona, the recent polling shows donald trump in the lead. he's likely to take the state. it's a winner take all. the question is, now that we're down to three candidates, after 32 other races, is he going to break 50% tonight in the state of arizona? the polls indicate he might. the realclearpollices has him at 38%. if he is going to be the nominee
6:26 pm
and avoid a contested convention, he has to start winning more than 50%, as a sign he's consolidating the republicans. in utah, utah is a proportional state. if you get to 50%, you get all 40 delegates. i thought it was interesting, this ask going to be the first real test of the strategic voting that mitt romney has been talking about. he's endorsed ted cruz in his home state of utah. he's made robo phone calls for him. and the most recent polling had cruz getting close to 50% but not exactly there, but leading donald trump in third place. trump has a mormon problem, because of his immigration stance is at odds with the mormon church and just the way he campaigns is greatly offensive to a lot of mormons. >> let me just bring in joe, because we're running out of time. joe, what are you looking for on the democratic side tonight?
6:27 pm
>> i think hillary clinton has to win arizona. people expect that. the polls indicate that is the case. and if she does, it really puts bernie sanders in a dark spot in terms of the delegate count tonight, because even if he wins idaho and utah, she's probably likely to come out of arizona with enough of a delegate lead that she expands her lead again. and to give you an example of the problem, in idaho, she was defeated by barack obama 79-17. it's not likely sanders is going to be able to expand on that lead and she's probably likely to do a lot better than 17 this time around, even in idaho. so i think he's got -- these were supposed to be the states where he started opening back up and gaining on delegates. doesn't look like it's going to happen. we'll see. >> so bret and martha, another big primary night and another big primary night which
6:28 pm
terrorism hasnce again cast its shadow. >> so true. chris wallace, thank you. back to the terror attacks in belgium. the latest on the massive search under way at this hour for a suspect who may have knowledge about what happens next in brussels. what we know right now about those responsible for the attack. [ screaming ] >> many people crying. [ sirens ] >> everybody was running, running, running. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people around the world.
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an intense manhunt underway for a suspect after the deadly terror attack today in brussels. authorities believe two men may have been suicide bombers while the third was an accomplice. they're looking for him now. witnesses describe the chaos and fear. >> i heard an explosion. and then i just go under the sink and then the second explosion went. and everything is black. >> i was running away from the
6:33 pm
explosion. i thought there could be a third one, so i didn't know where to go. >> i was so scared. i feel like it's the end of the world. >> at least 34 people were killed. some 200 wounded. catherine herridge is live in washington. what's new on the investigation tonight? >> we first drew your attention to the two men on the left believed to be the suicide bombers. today, a u.s. official confirms the investigators believe the detail is significant, and they're telling congress about it. there are two scenarios being explained to lawmakers the single black glove was described as evidence of a possible detonator. the second scenario that's being briefed is pulled from an al
6:34 pm
qaeda manual that add vises leather gloves should be worn to avoid a static charge. and the guy on the far right, the video quality is not great, but he appears to be wearing a disguise. the color between his face and nose appear uneven. he was described as an escort and minder to keep the bombers on track. tonight, homeland security issued a statement from secretary johnson saying based on the review of the intelligence, they did not see a specific or credit threat against theite a itunited state this is a similar scenario we saw play out in brussels, yet this was able to go down at the airport and the metro station. donald trump today doubling down on his call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. >> in my opinion, this is just the beginning.
6:35 pm
it will get worse and worse, because we are lax and we are foolish. we are foolish. we can't allow these people at this point, we cannot allow these people to come into the country. we are allowing thousands and thousands of people to come into our country, and we don't even know where they come from and who they are. >> let's bring in our panel. tucker carlson, co-host of fox and friends wmd. dana perino, former white house press secretary, juan williams, steve hayes and general jack keen, retired four star general, and a fox news military analyst. tucker, your thoughts on donald trump's reaction today? >> a lot of people say he's gone too far. we know that what we're watching in europe now is a direct result of their immigration and refugee policies, and we know that the problems we face potentially are the result of our immigration and refugee policies.
6:36 pm
it doesn't mean that trump's soluti is the only solution. but if that was your goal to keep the country safe, you wouldn't have what we know. donald trump is probably going too far, but he is saying i care most about protecting the country. that's a winning argument in an election year. >> you look at all the polling in the states, as i recall, in the republican side, about 70 to 75% of people say they agree with a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states. that has been consistent. from a political stand point, has donald trump tapped into something people are worried about? i would say yes. the problem in belgium and other places in europe has been what's happened in the last 15 to 20 years. these were not new refugees that
6:37 pm
have just come into belgium conducting these attacks. they are well ensconced in the area and they are abetted and helped by all of their friends and neighbors in the neighborhood. it took four months to find salah abdeslam from the paris attacks, and there's probably more where that came from. >> let's take a look at president obama's reaction today. he was questioned when he went to a baseball game by an espn reporter. let's take a listen. >> it's always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, particularly in this age of 24-7 news coverage. you want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. but the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives. >> his ordinary life was not disrupted today. he went to the baseball game. you thoughts? >> i think he's right. the terrorists seek to invoke fear. the question is, should
6:38 pm
president obama left cuba and cut his trip short in order to signal that he was in command and control of this situation from the american perspective and that he was acting as a good shepherd, if you will, protecting the american population against any possibility of attack here in the homeland. i don't think that was necessary. i think what was key here is the president aware of what is going on? is he helping to provide strategy, support. he said he's going to do everything he can to support the folks in brussels and nato as they go after the threat. that's where the fight this at this moment. >> let's bring in general keen. we saw the president after the paris attacks deliver a statement and he conceded later that he had -- he didn't have the right emotion or tenor.
6:39 pm
so today with this reaction, does he have it right? >> well, certainly his statement that underscores you go about your normal life so not to give in to the terrorists is one thing. the second thing is, to be at a public recreational event like a baseball game given the carnage that took place in belgium is inappropriate. whether the president terminates his trip or not, i would suggest he does not. my problem with him and my problem for a number of years, the world is starving for american leadership. we have a major long-term problem dealing with radical islam and its political and religious ideology. we have no plans to deal with that. and we have a near term operational issue to destroy isis in syria and again, we have absolutely no strategy to do that. >> general, when you talk to counterterrorism officials, there is this sense that the threat from the isis expansion,
6:40 pm
the size and scope of this threat, really concerns people. >> yeah, absolutely. just think about it, in the short time that al baghdadi occupied syria in 2012 and began to establish the caliphate in 2014, in two years' time, he's expanded into nine other countries, a major safe haven in libya, three more countries to be performed as well. and he has a worldwide follow bring he's conducting attacks in tunisia, in turkey, lebanon, blowing up a russian airliner, multiple attacks in europe and in the united states. his worldwide following is expanding the threat, is expanding, and we have no strategy to stop it. >> steve, the president's reaction today followed a pattern of the way we've seen him react to previous attacks around the world even at home in san bernardino. >> this might be the least shocking development in all of this. this is the way that the
6:41 pm
president sees this threat. he said from the beginning of this administration that he doesn't -- he thinks the bush administration exaggerated the threat and he doesn't think jihad terror is the threat that many republicans do. so we've seen it in his response to the christmas day bomber, and the times square bombing, if you just look at what the president said about isis, he called them jv. the day before the paris attacks he said they were contained. then after the paris attacks he said it was a mere setback. several times he has acknowledged that he does haven't a strategy. we heard this once again from military officials briefing congress before. in a sense, i think this episode, this one moment sort of encapsulates president obama's approach to foreign policy. because you have allies today as the president is taking in a baseball game who feel perplexed and insulted at what the
6:42 pm
president is doing. you have enemies being engaged and i would argue indulged. you have the down playing of the threat of jihadist terrorism. that's the obama foreign policy. >> panel, thank you. voters casting their ballots today. arizona and utah, the republican candidates looking to pick up much-needed delegates. we'll be with you as the results roll in. and charles krauthammer is standing by to react as the world leaders pledge to defeat the terrorists responsible for today's brutal attack in brussels. but first, this from senator john mccain. >> this is not like an earthquake or a tsunami. this is the result of a failed foreign policy and national security policy of this president who wanted to get out from all wars and didn't either realize or care that wars don't stop when you get out. incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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6:47 pm
those who want to go at war against our freedoms, democracy, what we represent. >> these are appalling and savage terrorist attacks. these were attacks in belgium. they could just as well be attacks in britain, france, germany or elsewhere in europe. we need to stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win. >> reaction pouring in from world leaders as isis claims responsibility for the attacks in brussels. let's bring in charles krauthammer. charles, your thoughts on this day as you hear those world leaders weighing in? >> it's words, words, and words. we heard them after paris. we heard them after the london attacks. we've heard them forever. what they need is leadership, and that has to come from the united states. without leadership from the u.s., nothing happens. everyone knows that. and there is absolutely none coming from president obama. the criticism right now is that
6:48 pm
the tone that obama is using is flat, affectless, and sort of disconnected. that is all right. that is all true and correct. but his problem is he really doesn't feel it. he doesn't feel it. after the beheading of james foley by isis, he made the announcement, remember, he was on vacation. and then he hopped into a golf cart and went golfing. that's something he thinks he later said was a mistake, i should have shown some emotion, as if it's a performance. he doesn't feel it because he doesn't feel that islamic terrorism is a threat ultimately to the u.s., either he thinks perhaps we are responsible for our actions against the islamic world in the past or he thinks if it bleeds it leads, people
6:49 pm
get all upset. but it isn't a real threat to us. like for example, climate change or arms control. the problem is, he hasn't learned anything. this is who he was when he came into office. and after all of this and the growth of isis and the threat around the world, he hasn't learned. he hasn't changed. >> on the flip side, you have the emotion projected by donald trump about terrorist attacks and clearly the strength he projects and what he says. ted cruz had a statement as well as john kasich today. on the republican side, how do you think this plays out? >> as a political matter, i think as we saw with the paris attacks, it helps trump, because his entire campaign is to be a tough guy, we're not going to be kicked around. but what he said yesterday was
6:50 pm
that he wants to essentially leave nato or let it decline. there's no coherence. yes, on an emotional level it helps him. in terms of policy, it exposes him as not having one. >> do you thinkso, do you think tonight? >> well, i think it will have a marginal affect if anything but going through the convention, yes, i think these kinds of things help him. if there's ever a mass casualty attack in the u.s., it will be tremendously helpful to him. i don't mean to blame him in any way for that but the emotion he evokes by saying i'm going to do it, i'm not going to tell you how, i have to keep secrets, that's how had an appeal. you see the appeal and would have increasing appeal. >> obviously the importance is loss of life trying to track the guys down now tonight but the politics plays tonight. charles, thank you. >> my pleasure. two biggest electoral prizes of the night up for grabs right now. polls set to close in the state
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
peter doo sy is live in salt lake city. hi, peter. >> hi, martha. there's a line at the front door for folks to come in to vote and you look. when they get in, they're seeing standing room only classrooms everywhere that you go in this entire school. this is what it looks like in a science lab where folks decided to caucus in person and you see just as crowded next door in a science classroom taking care of local business right now. utah republicans casting ballots on the internet since 7:00 this morning. first of its kind endeavor in the state. casting ballots on the internet can be complicated because some folks trying to do it from the couch encountering problems, didn't figure out the pin number. 30 digits long. a lot of folks thought that you could register today and vote. as it turns out, the deadline last week and now how big a
6:56 pm
prize that the beehive state is. if they get more than half the vote, they get all the delegates. coming up, donald trump sits down with sean hannity. that is up next. you can worry a. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27%
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that is a live look. the freedom tower in lower manhattan. in honor of the belgian flag.
7:00 pm
the world banding together in solidarity. >> that is it for us for now. polls closing in arizona at any moment. we'll be back with the results of there and idaho and utah. first, here's sean hannity. >> exciting. this is a fox news alert. two major stroirs. republican and democratic presidential candidates facing off in the arizona primaries and utah caucuses. the polls in arizona officially closed and results could come any moment and democrats holding primary in idaho. republicans and american samoa in caucusing there. front-runner donald trump will join us. we'll get his take on the terror attacks of earlier today. europe on high alert after the city of brussels rocked by radical islamists to


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