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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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them. on the left you see the brothers, khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. they both had criminal backgrounds and blew themselves up at the airport. the man in white is suspected to be najim dna was found on the paris bombs as well as in an apartment used last week by abdeslam one of the attackers. that man is still at large. one of the airport bombs blew up the american airlines airline jacket. another suicide vest was found undetonated. it was a taxi that dropped them off. it was reported police heard they had too much luggage. they had to leave one bag behind. police are searching an apartment where they were picked up a a search is underway. according to sources so far chemicals have been found in the apartment as well as one bomb and an isis flag. that bomb was one that wouldn't fit in the cab so the death toll could have been higher.
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the question now is how many more networks are out there in europe. in the heart of the city about an hour after the airport blast another ripped through a subway station. they scrambled down the tracks as smoke poured behind them. the identity of the attacker there is still unknown. that attack took place across the road from the u.s. embassy. many questions about how the two brothers who were on a criminal list, who had criminal backgrounds were able to pull this off. remember some of the paris ak -- attackers were on a most wanted list. >> three of them were on the most wanted list in belgium. >> the worst may be yet to come. the u.s. is already warning european leaders more widespread attacks with soft targets are on the way. garrett tenney joins us live from washington. this is what security officials have been saying for
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months. after the latest attacks those are coming a lot stronger. they have issued a travel alert for the entire european continent warning additional attacks could be coming in the near future. terrorist groups continue to plan near term attacks through out europe targeting supporting events tourist sites restaurants and transportation. the allies have been working extremely close to prevent these kind of attacks. officials say law enforcement agencies across europe are overwhelmed and call the terror cells spread across europe quote ticking tiefsh bombs. >> we have been worried about europe for quite sometime ever since terrorists. the tenth terrorist attacker has been taken in custody.
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>> abdeslam is thought to be the logistic planners. possibly this one as well. he had been planning additional attacks. brussel a few days earlier police found stockpiled heavy weapons in an apartment they believe to be his. >> isis claiming responsibility for the terror attacks that rocked brussel killing at least 34 people and injuring more than 200. he is a former he islamic extremist and author of radical my journey out of i say ammist extremism. >> what were your initial thoughts that you heard unfolding hours ago?
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>> we were expecting these attacks. we knew they were coming. isis warned belgium specifically they would be next. >> they were working around the clock to try to prevent such attacks and despite that they found they were unable to prevent this from unfolding this tragedy. >> how big is the threat this will come here and how do we avoid it? >> i think what we are face something a global jihadist insurgency. two in pakistan, two in turkey, one in the ivory coast one in
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nigeria and one in maumee. there's an unprecedented level of insurgency. we are reaching levels that we have yet to fathom. as western governments they have yet to fully comprehend. it is unfortunate and very sad thank for me to sit here and say to you almost certainly there will be more attacks coming this year as well. we saw a lot of different numbers around. 6,000 europeans all across have traveled to syria to be trained and have returned these different countries that you are referencing. do you think they have returned here in>> it is likely, of course. we have had in the united states there have been some attacks from people who claim allegiance the last being in san
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bernardino. it is likely there can be attacks in the united states. what is more likely currently as the state department is warning is that there are going to be more attacks on the continent of europe. we in the united kingdom are lucky. perhaps because of the separation between us and the continents of europe in the form of the english channel and the fact that the border here does have checks coming into the u.k. are not part of the system it is more difficult for those returning to get back into the u.k. despite the fact that even from the u.k. up to 2,000 -- anything between 800 to 2,000 british citizens have come to join isis. >> so the refugee crisis, what do we need to do about that? some of these individuals that have been involved specifically in the paris attacks were using fake passports or they fake their identities to merge refugees going to and from different pleases. what should we do about the
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refugee crisis here in the united states? do you think it is a danger that could happen here? >> what the situation yesterday indicates is that president obama has demonstrated recently president obama and his policy turning a blind eye or turning the other way to the problem in syria the way the pendulum has turned so far toward isolationism. that is no longer sustainable. ignoring this you have the migration that you just referred to. primarily that causes instability within europe. we have a vote to choose whether they died s decide to leave. all of this could impact the unity of europe and stability therefore of the european union. if the european union breaks up it effects the interests of the united states. i would say america can't afford
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to ignore the problem in syria with isis in iraq and syria. i would say the president has been ignoring this at his peril. >> in terms of refugees coming here to the united states do you think we need to rethink that policy? do you think that some current political candidates have suggested that should be frozen and should not happen right now? >> of course everyone should redouble the checks on the borders but i don't think the united states has the sheer number of refugees. that indicates an acute level of concern. those checks need to be redoubled and terrorists need to exploit the systems to make sure they don't infiltrate western countries. it becomes difficult to differentiate between genuine
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exploiting and they are testing borders which is primarily by their religion. it is what isis does and it wants isis to divide the world muslims and non-muslims. i don't think that policy is the way forward. it jeopardizes the secularism they have tried to destroy. it is a difficult situation. and one we continue to battle. turning now to our other big story developing yao night, the race for the white house critical votes in three contests out west. we are in phoenix with the results overnight.
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>> they extended their lead not by winning the contest but here in arizona. 58 delegates were at stake and the winner will take them all. 75 percent of the vote counted donald trump has a commanding lead. he is at 47 percent followed by ted cruz at 27 percent. john kasich didn't campaign in arizona and it showed. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders 57 percent to 49 percent in arizona. turnout was strong in arizona, utah and idaho which had caucuses in democrats only. people waited up to four hours after the polls had closed. they reduced the polling by two-thirds to save money and it paid in a bad way.
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clinton spoke in washington state which will hold caucuses on saturday. >> arizona, like washington and across the state will be expressing their views and counting their votes in the weeks ahead, understand this is not just a contest between different candidates. this is a contest between fundamentally different views. >> ted cruz did accomplish one important thing last night. he did win utah. the votes have not been counted. he will get 50 percent plus one. 40 dell gatsz for ted cruz 58 that is not much more than it was heading into last night's contest. >> the time now is 11 minutes
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after the top of the pouhour. the attacks being felt here in america. what she says he can do now to stop terror in his tracks. >> president obama spent the day at a baseball game doing the wave. the fresh round the criticism he is facing on that. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. with extraordinary offersmance on the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. ♪
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>> welcome back. backlash from president obama's response to the brussel attack. >> the president spending less than a minute talking about it before heading to a baseball game. kristin fisher is live with us from washington.
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>> president obama is defending his decision to stay in cuba and attend that baseball game. he equated it to what red sox player said after the boston marathon bombing that the city was strong and would not be intimidated. >> it is always a challenge when you have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world particularly in this age with 24/7 news coverage. you want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. but the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's order near relives. >> the image of him sitting next to raul castro at a baseball game hours after a major terror attack in the heart of europe did not sit well with any of the republican presidential candidates. >> i am a little surprised the president is going to a baseball game when i believe he should
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and i as president would have cut short my trip. >> it is similar to how he handled the paris terror attacks how he went golfing after the killing of foley. he talked about it for just 51 seconds. the president spoke more about it with espn at the baseball game. his initial statement lasted less than a minute. krigs tin, thank you. >> he can add to that the fundraiser in las vegas following benghazi. >> doesn't look good. >> the time is 20 after the hour. the attacks in brussel they felt here at home but what is our role in preventing the next attack? our next guest, what he says we can do now to stop terrorists in their tracks.
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el bakraoui >> the investigation into the brussel terror attack ramping up. >> howard gutman a former special assistant to the fbi director. he knows the area like the back of his hand as he does brussel. you were with us early yesterday morning when chaos was on the streets. we appreciate you being here then and back today. off the top, your response to how people are feeling in brussel. here we are the next day. so many people i am sure still
2:22 am
in shock to what has happened in their own community. >> it is a combination of shock and depression. the only thing i have seen anything like this is what the people in washington felt when we were leaving our law offices during 9-11 trying to find shelter not sure what happened. now there is some calm that there won't be continued explosions today. depression has set in. if you go by the train station there's a loan flower cordoned off and people watching the site in disbelief. >> we were looking at pictures of the memorial going on there. >> there has been additional information that has come in that two of the suspects were brothers and the third suspect they are still looking for is directly linked to the paris attack. with your experience there, how
2:23 am
large do you believe this cell to be? >> it is a real odd finding so far the two brothers reported were not ji addists. they pulled off local money store robberies and gotten into shootouts and stickups and armed robberies. looks like someone did a good job recruiting sort of low lives. how do you get low lives to blow themselves up? i think the facts aren't all piecing to the yet. some blew themselves up at the airport who the hill blell blewl bake. we will see how it plays out. it looks like this was a cell that was bigger than they thought and people from different walks of life. it doesn't all add up yet. i suspect we will have to learn far more. >> we want to clarify for people, we have just received new information. initial reports have said the
2:24 am
two individus in dark clothing were the two brothers who have now been named in this attack. that's not the case. instead it is one brother who apparently was involved in the airport explosion, and then another brother as you were just mentioning that was involved in the explosion at the train station. they are still looking for the suspect there in the lighter colored clothing. >> howard -- >> did they find -- i am sorry. >> as we know and we learn more about the suspect heather was just talking about new details coming in there from the mole la molenbeek community. you know it well. help us to understand the community and why we are seeing such terror coming out of it. >> the molenbeek community itself is a second and third generation moroccan turkish arab community.
2:25 am
the parents came a generation ago to do labor jobs in belgium when belgium was thriving. them generation has found itself sort of on the outside looking in. not much work. 40 percent youth many went to syria when assad was using chemical weapons and they have come back. i suspect there are 500 attorneys in belgium. it would take 5,000 to follow the 500. these brothers were not them. these were local brussel. they did not grow up in molenbeek. this would raise more questions than it answers. >> where are we getting that information where is it confirmed from in terms of the brothers one at the airport and one at the train station. >> the reports are coming out of rtbs which is the newspaper and
2:26 am
it is leaks out of the belgium police department. those leaks some are true, some were not. their fingerprints are around but i suspect they are paid for hire. >> the next question where are those two individuals in the dark clothing if they aren't the two brothers we have been talking about all morning long. are they still alive or are they on the run as well? okay. we will continue to hash that out for you. the time now is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. >> america on alert in the wake of the brussel attacks. we are live at jfk airport with how america is stepping up security to keep us all safe.
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don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. >> it is wednesday march 23rdrd. this is a fox news alert. we have learned two dead
2:30 am
terrorists accused in the brussel bombings they are brothers. there's an international manhunt right now for a third suspect. >> the number of dead rising 34 people killed in the coordinated attacks at the brussel airport and metro station. at least 250 others hurt. isis has taken credit and warning more attacks are coming. >> police conducting raids across belgium. one turning up isis flags. they are increasing security across the world and at home. >> we have team coverage for you anna kooiman is on the security in america. we start in london with the investigation. reports have been indicating two of the attackers in brussel were brothers. we are trying to determine wh e whether they were at the airport or the metro. another one may be on the run directly connected to the attacks back in november. the three attackers at the airport seen here on the screen
2:31 am
the two on the left have been reported to be brothers. still waiting to confirm if that is true. they have criminal backgrounds. they were known to the police. the man in the white is expected to be zarqawi, he's the man whose fingerprints were found in the paris bombs. that man is still at large. they blew up the american airlines check in desk after the horrific scene had cleared people scrambled to escape as they did so the body count continuing to rise. a taxi dropped off the attackers at the airport. he told police he had too much luggage and had to leave one behind. he went to the apartment where he picked him up. the search is there. chemicals have been found as well as a bomb and an isis flag. it is thought the bomb they found wouldn't fit in the cab. isis has claimed responsibility by the news agency. the question now is how many more networks are out there.
2:32 am
any suggestion this is connected to paris now seems to be true. the dna found on the explosive vest found on the same man that was found with abdeslam. there could be another attacker in the pipeline. benjamin hall, thank you. america is on high alert. people at home are now being asked to take extra caution in light of the attacks in brussel. anna kooiman is live for us at new york's john f. kennedy airport with what is being done to keep us safe. hi there, heather. good morning to you and good morning to everyone at home. the bombing that happened at the airport in brussel yesterday. if you remember it happened in the ticketing area outside of the security zone. there is talk this morning of possibly extending that second perimeter. some are for that and some are against it. meantime many airlines here in
2:33 am
the united states they canceled hundreds of flights in light of the attack. of course the attacks are front and center in the minds of travelers today. these things are becoming more and more common. >> a little bit of an area but this has got to go on. >> if we quit traveling that gives the terrorists what they are looking for. >> can't just change other lives based on what happens in belgium and what happens elsewhere. >> extra bomb sniffing dogs random screening and foot patrols are in place. new yorkers are noticing heavily armed officers in the subway stations through out the city. they are also trying to access
2:34 am
crime deterrents. they are paying special attention to landmarks like one world trade and grand central station. >> it is about confidence, the idea the public can feel confident in this city that we will do everything to try to deter and prevent an act from occurring. >> everybody gets nervous. you don't know what the scope of the attack is going to be, how oh straighted it is. >> they have issued a travel alert with the near term attacks through out the capitol then. terrorist groups continue to plan the near term attacks through out europe with restaurants and transportation. they are urged to be aware of the surroundings with public places using transportation and also to pay particular caution around religious holidays large festivals or events. that alert doesn't expire until the 20th of june. the dhs have also said there is
2:35 am
no specific or credible threat in the united states. they elevated security measures are in place, because of the threat of lone wolf style attacks that may be copy cats and not connected directly to a terrorist group. there's always a concern for that. back to you. >> you can definitely feel the police reince in new york city. 34 people killed in those terror attacks in belgium yesterday. more than 200 others were hurt. of those injured at least nine were americans. the u.s. clearly has a personal stake in this fight, but what role do we play in preventing another attack? joining me now is admiral the ally commander in nato who was stationed in brussel and author of "the accidental admiral." appreciate you being with us this morning. >> this is something that hits close to home four years as the nato commander in brussel. your reaction to what happened yesterday? >> my family and i used that
2:36 am
airport 200 times during the course of my four years as the to commander. i think the way americans need to look at this is on a population adjusted basis. it is a small country maybe 10 million. if you don't the math that's a 9-11 event here like 3,000 being killed in the united states. a very tough morning in belgium. >> we start to think of it happening in the united states. i took the subway home you could see more police officers than you normally see. does this mean the terrorists are living, that we are living in fear and many of us feel unsettled right now? >> i think they achieved that objective of getting us so concerned about our day-to-day activities. we know we have to move forward. >> how do you do that?
2:37 am
use of nato our principle ally in europe working together intelligence cyber and so forth. secondly interagency cooperation getting department of state, department of treasury, department of cia to work together. thirdly it is the private sector. in other words, we need our commercial entities to cooperate with government and building securities. so those are kind of three levels of response. lastly we are not going to solve this by going after the symptoms. the attacks. we are going to need to go into syria and iraq and go after the islamic state where they live. >> we know isis wants to attack the west. there have been warning signs particularly in europe in places like brussel and london p. there continues to be a high alert there these attacks that happen and explosions that take our lives. did that surprise you knowing they are wanting to do this? >> it did not surprise me. the only surprising thing was that it took so long to happen
2:38 am
in belgium. because as you heard the ambassador say there's a high percentage of individuals in that community. higher per capita than anywhere else in europe. belgium was always going to be the center for the attack. secondly it is a huge symbolic target because of the presence of the european union and nato in that city. i think we will see more of this. we will address the causes long-term in these communities, short term we need hard power in syria. we need to do the kind of cooperation i talked about. >> admiral it's a rae minder we are all in this together. >> indeed we are. >> we need to fight this together. >> we have to. >> admiral, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate at that. >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. donald trump and ted cruz both coming out with big wins last night. what does it mean for the race
2:39 am
for the white house. our political panel weighs in.
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liberty mutual insurance. >> the attacks in brussel making terror the most important topic on the campaign trail taking on isis has been a cornerstone of the gop candidate's campaign. >> but to the democrats not so much. did the democrats get it all wrong? let's ask our political panel. >> he is a republican strategist and former white house spokesperson for president george w. bush. thank you for joining us again. >> thank you. >> as the results unfolded today, how do you think the attack in brussel impacted each of the individual candidates? mercedes, i will start with you. >> i think this is becoming again one of the top issues we are seeing in this campaign. obviously we saw cruz and trump
2:43 am
and kasich speak strongly of the fact that the obama administration has been unable to contain isis and the fact that despite the u.s. led coalition efforts in dealing with this issue that we are still in a very vulnerable position. i think the issue of open borders again is raised because of the fact when you look at what's happening in europe one of the biggest issues you are seeing in those countries is the facthat there is no control of the borders. the candidates were able to stalk strong on the issue as opposed to what the democrats are offering which as hillary clinton said yesterday open borders being something that she supports. >> chuck, hillary clinton today did reference what happened in belgium. she also took it as an opportunity to take a little bit of a slam at donald trump, although not by name.
2:44 am
>> it is two different elections. if i was a republican ooppty i would be doing what he is doing giving red meat at the base. just like they did in long lines in arizona tonight. same with democrats you are going to bring up donald trump's name try to motivate people however they can to get them to show up. national security to her point is becoming a part of it especially when you have a horrible attack like this happening before a major election. >> you look at the mood of the country, mercedes, there's a real concern among both republicans and democrats about where this country is going, about our future in terms of national security and whether or not you agree with donald trump, you talk about the lines in arizona where people waited for two, three, four hours to vr do. he's saying a lot of things to ra resinate with americans. >> i think the democrats obviously as chuck says there's
2:45 am
two different elections going on right now. you look at the republican lek terror at the gop they are upset with the fact that obama is not only weak on foreign policy but they see the economy remain stagnant their wages are stagnant. there is a frustration that has been built up not only against obama but against the republican establishment as well. where they feel their voices haven't been heard. you look at arizona for example. over 72 percent of the gop electorate voted for the antiestablishment type of candidate which is either trump or cruz. so room for kasich or rubio, that is obviously not resinating right now in the gop. you look at the democrat side that is more of a clearer picture where hillary clinton is very much in the lead. but again hillary or bernie. hillary in particular will have to defend the fact that she will follow in obama's foot steps in terms of foreign policy and the economy. >> chuck, i will let you respond to all of that. let's take a look at the
2:46 am
election results from today the primaries and caucuses that happened. we showed what happened in arizona with the democrats. clinton winning there over bernie sanders. we have told you that donald trump 47 percent of the vote overwhelmingly over ted cruz in arizona. winner take allstate for them. he gets all of those delegates. then in utah was the opposite. ted cruz overwhelmingly on top. i believe it was john kasich who was in second there in utah. you can see 69 percent for ted cruz. he crossed over the 50 percent threshold so he will get all of those delegates as well. bernie sanders overwhelmingly taking utah and iowa. so -- i am sorry idaho i should say. we don't want to go all of the way back to iowa. so chuck, looking at the numbers and the results, it is the year of the outsider. >> it is march madness season everybody has the college
2:47 am
brackets all blown up so does both sides of the moss success. on the republican side there will not be a majority of anybody that will get close to the 1237 you are going to need. oent democratic side bernie could come in with 40 to 45 percent. what hmercedes said people will feel aing on both sides. get your popcorn. it will be a great time. >> amen. >> depending on whose perspective you are taking on. >> chuck, mercedes, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate your insight as always. >> it is a wild ride. >> it is. not ending any time soon. >> the time is currently 10 minutes to the top of the hour. we have seen what terrorists are capable of in europe and the rest of the world. did you know there are terror training grounds in america where they are and what they are doing. but first steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox & friends."
2:48 am
>> coming up at the top of the hour, new details about the brussel bombers from a man who knows that community called molenbeek like the back of his hand. plus experts say foreign policy doesn't determine the presidency. will the terror attacks change that. ted cruz joins us. we have a busy three hours right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. i can get over 60 sheets mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back to "fox & friends first." isis taking credit for the bombing attacks in brussels that left at least 34 people dead and more than 250 injured. how did the suspects evade the attention of the belgian
2:52 am
authorities long enough to commit the deadly acts? let's ask ryan morrow, a security analyst at the clarion project. he joins us once again with some more insight. so we do know some additional information that's come in that at least three of the paris attackers were named on a list of 80 folks by belgian authorities with suspected ties to terrorism. yet, they were still able to evade authority. >> i'm not surprised for a few reason. one, resources are limited. that's true even in the united states where the homeland security had a report that said the radicalization of americans is at an unprecedented height. we've never experienced this before. federal resources are pushed to the brink. that's in the u.s. imagine what belgium and europe has to deal with. it's hard to keep track of everyone. also, the fact that you have these hostile muslim community within -- within europe that may not necessarily support isis, but still reacts investigation
2:53 am
tennessee vall -- reacts negatively. when they arrested one suspect in brussels, police had rocks thrown at them. >> the specifically known as maalbeek, where two of the brothers, salah abdeslam, captured friday, they grew up there. >> they have family ties. there's aible tribal mindset. if you view the government hostile and they come to arrest a member of your community, they'll react to a single unit. >> they became aware of them in june. the pis attack happened in november. and then four months later, they finally capture him. could this happen here in the united states? are there communities similar to what you're talking about here? >> definitely. the ideology, the one part of radicalism that believes in separatism, that american culture is not for you, that it's a threat to your faith and family, will result in radicals trying to buy private property,
2:54 am
trying to live within their own community. they may live in america but not become american by their identity. and there's a group named jamat elfuqra that for decades has bought in some cases 100-acre compounds. it's linked to terrorists. historically -- one of their villages in texas, that's just one. they say they have 22. their headquarters is named islamburg in new york, but they get a lot of positive media coverage because although there's a lot of concern about this, sometimes they get harassed, and people threaten them. they get sympathetic media coverage and comments from officials and end up looking like the good guys when they are not. they are rabidly anti-semitic with a horrible history of violence. >> the fbi made a statement in 2007. in the statement they said the documented propensity for violence by the documentation supports the believe that the leadership of the moa ex-tals membership to pursue a
2:55 am
membership of jihad or holy war against groups it considers enemies of islam. >> muslims of americans. that's what jamad elfuqra goes by in the united states. it sounds more pleasant. an intelligence report produced by the fbi, i was given a tape -- we don't know the date. we see at the islamburg headquarters in hamburg, new york, women getting guerrilla warfare training. >> why can't we go in and get them? >> they're not designated as a foreign terrorist organization. we've arrested some suspects engaged in criminal activity. as a whole, you can't go in and start raiding their homes and villages. >> thank you very much. ryan morrow, very interesting stuff. we appreciate it. >> unsettling. the time is five minutes until the top of the hour. terror just took a name. two brussel bombers identified as brothers. the latest on the investigation as day breaks in belgium. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
2:56 am
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3:00 am
the men were known to police for crime but were never connected to terrorism. >> police saying khalid had rented the flat where salah abdeslam was arrested last week. >> bombs set off inside a crowded brussels airport. now we'll pass it on to "fox & friends." have a good day. good morning. it's wednesday, march 23rd. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. breaking overnight, we now know the identities of two of the isis terrorists who blew themselves up at an airport and train stations in brussels. they are brothers. and this just in, a third suspect has been arrested. we are live there on the ground with these breaking details. also breaking election news. moments ago, we learned that jeb bush is about to endorse somebody. who would that be? stick around, we'll tell you in a minute. >> i have a hint.


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