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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to "happening now". we begin with a fox alert. we are getting new intelligence from the house. that the terrorist behind paris and brussels attacks are all connected. >> the police are launching a manhunt for the surviving suspects. the intense manhunt for a third terrorist identified in the deadly airport bombing in brussels. will new evidence lead investigators to those behind the savage attacks?
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>> gop front runner donald trump winning big last night in arizona and leading democrat hillary clinton racked up a victory in the grand canyon state and both soaring in new polls and a wild police chase all caught on camera and how it ended, it is all happening. we begin our second hour with a fox news alert and an extremely fluid situation following the brussel's terrorist attacks. i am jon scott. >> belgian authorities identified two suspects as brothers that were killed after detonating their bombs. this as they search for the man shown here who is a isis bomb maker whose dna was discovered
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on a belt in november. they are looking for several other people linked to the attacks that killed 30 people and left hundreds more wounded in the european capital yesterday. >> i was just one floor under the explosion but i was just going to take the elevator, but it was full and so i didn't get in. and then when the elevator came back i was going to step in the elevator and i heard a big explosion and there was black dust and people started yelling and everywhere there was broken glass and people dropped their luggage and it was horrible. it was just like a horror movie. i just can't describe it. >> in the meantime security
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operations are ongoing with belgium in the highest alert level. we have coverage with kathryn herridge and start with greg in brussels with the latest there. greg? >> reporter: jon, we'll tell you about the search for the suspect ises in a moment. let us show what you are seeing. this is the metro station way down there. we are kept back 200 yards. the m is where it is. this is the deadliest attack. 20 people killed and 100 people injured. this boulevard is usually one of the busiest in brussels all around european union. and then the u.s. embassy a symbolic location. it is intense hunt right now. they are looking for a man in the white jacket seen in the surveillance video from the
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airport. police haven't said it but source ises are calling him na ji. and he made the bombs here and in paris. he got, way from the airport scene and he's hunted. we had a false alert and thought the police had called him. two guys got away and there were two brother bombers. kalid was killed bombing the metro station and ibri ham at the airport. he didn't want to end up in a jail and that's why he went this way. it was found in an apartment where police are saying was a bomb- making fact row and residents were shocked at what was happening there. sources of nails and chemicals, a very evil place and that isis
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flag there. >> what about the mood in brussels, what is it like? >> reporter: we mixed with the people here, reminded us of two time its last year in paris. shock, display, sorrow, anger, it goes through the range of emotions and there was a minute of silence here in brussels and across the country, a very moving scene. a memorial in the center of town, kind of a makeshift scene. let's listen to two people. >> it's better to be together and be united in this kind of situation. >> are you shocked? >> of course, i am shocked. what do we do to them? >> it is not belgium. it is all of the people who came here with their hearts and. not only people of belgium but humanity. >> reporter: there is a memorial left of me.
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you will get caught up with the lamp but also flowers remembering the attack. a sign that canned in three language. why is this happening? why is it happening again and again? these are the questions that people are asking again and again. >> for more on the investigation in brussels, we'll go to catherine who is live forrous capitol hill. >> reporter: i came back from a briefing from the house intelligence. based on the evidence, he sees clear connection between the paris attackers last november and this group in brussels this week. even if they catch the guy in the white who is a fugitive at this hour, he did not think that the cell would be effectively
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shut down. nuniz has been receiving intelligence briefings since the attack on tuesday, told us based on the totality of the evidence he believes that the terrorist were targeting the american citizens. the attack was on the metro subway nor the american embassy and airport, two explosions were near the three american couriers in the ticketing haul, american, delta and united airlines. in the meantime we heard from the president about his strategy and he put it this way. >> as it's challenging to find, identify, very small groups of people who are willing to die themselves and can walk in a crowd and detonate a bomb. and my charge to my team is to
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find every strategy possible to successfully reduce the risk of terrorist attacks even as we go after the beating heart in places like iraq and syria. >> during the comments, president obama said the number one priority is defeating isis, we asked the congressman if that was his experience with the administration. he called their strategy a bad strategy and to think that it would suck sowed is an outrageous statement. the limited bombing cam 59 is not containing isis and he call would for an international conference bringing leaders badly hit by isis to come up with a strategy. they are begging for american leadership in this area because there is none from the white house. >> catherine, unsettling, thank
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you. two american election headquarters now voters in two western states. gop side, donald trump wins arizona and cruz emerged victorious in utah. and bernie sand sand winning utah and idaho and hillary clinton maintained the largest delegate lead by taking arizona. dan is reporting live from phoenix, now. >> reporter: jon, the western states settle issed nothing. the front runners didn't win everything but run the biggest contest. they have a lead. 58 delegates to donald trump with a resounding victory over ted cruz. he came the 20 point margin all the way in the counting today. john kasich who sat is out arizona was a nonfactor.
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ted cruz focused on getting 50 percent plus one in utah because that earned all 40 of the delegates and he did that and much more. >> we are hoping to break 50 percent in utah and got skoin to 70 percent and we are seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton crushed sanders in aurz but was crushed in idaho. it was a wash and since clinton has a big lead is bad news to bernie. washington state votes saturday and if the sighs of rallies are indication he is get a big majority of the delegates. turn out was huge. some people waited in line four hours in phoenix. apparently a lot of independents came out to vote in arizona, but they were turned away because it
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was for only democrats and republicans, only. dan springer, thank you. a new poll taking stock where it stands. donald trump with a commanding lead over cruz and kasich and hillary clinton over sanders. booel talk about it with jackie senior politic's edeightor. and alex with the daily caller. something interesting is happening on the republican side. the establishment seems to have found their candidate. >> one of the most amazing developments of what is a very, very unpredictable cycle. the republican establishment seems to have a moment where they are accepting ted cruz and endorsing ted cruz. mitt romney helped out ted cruz in utah and now jeb bush coming out and saying ted cruz is the
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guy republicans should get behind because that is the best way to beat donald trump. the reason it is wild and i don't think anybody would believe you a year ago is ted cruz has been on the scene not that long since 2012 and he got famous rallying against the establishment. and romney and bush have critized cruz since he's been there, too. it is because they think he is the best way it stop donald trump. it is it amazing for them to say ted cruz is their guy. >> there doesn't seem to be any love lost between ted cruz and donald trump. senator ted cruz on on donald trump on fox and friends. >> this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. i am grateful to have jeb's support and in the last ten days it is mitt romney and mike lee
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and mark lavent. talk about the broad spectrum of the republican party. that is the full range and what we with are seeing as republicans coming together because if donald trump is the nominee, hillary wins. >> jackie what about this. all of the sudden there seems to be a coalescing of republican stal wards who not that long ago was not for them. >> there is interesting things about ted cruz talking about donald trump. in the beginning of the process ted cruz hugged donald trump tight. and it so manied like sort of hoping when donald trump went by the way side ted cruz would get people who support donald trump. in addition to that changinging, all of the establishment figures are lining up behund ted cruz. mitt romney and lindsay graham
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was part of a ted cruz stump speech of what was wrong with washington and the republican party. it is sort of you know, up and down and down is up right now in the republican race. you know, there is a question of why not john kasich? he hasn't shown beyond the state of ohio he hasn't showed viability. look at wisconsin on april 5th. that will be john kasich's waterloo. >> and talk about up and down. bernie sanders is compleszing confidence when it comes to a race against donald trump. listen to this. >> democrats are noticing that in every national poll, bernie sanders does significantly better against donald trump than does hillary clinton. >> and so alex, give us your
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assessment of bernie sanders' strength against trump? >> they are making the same thing clear. they are in it to the end and the next primary and caucuses that end in june. that is a big take away. hillary clinton and donald trump are in the same position. it is a fight to the end. >> this race will go on. thank you. >> coming occupy "happening now", illegal immigrants linked to terrorism getting a free pass in the country. the loop hole they are using to stay here and is anything done to close it?
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>> a dramatic police chase caught on tape near houston, texas. two suspects inside of the truck. they carjacked the vehicle and took off and led the police on a wild chase.
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the truck smashes into another vehicle in the intersection. the driver of the car injured but will be okay. the police caught up with one of the subs. and the accomplice expected to be be okay but they are in trouble. >> terror attacks in brussels raising concerns from people in so- called interest interest. and some of them are claiming asylum saying they can't go home because of fear of persecution. >> reporter: illegal immigrants are trying to get in the united states. when someone discovers a loop hole everyone tries it including those tied to terrorism.
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individuals who gulf countries have got ep into the united states using a loop hole used by this happeneds of central american women and children by claiming fear of persecution and triggers the a sylum claim. that means they can remain in the u.s. pending a full immigration hearing which can take 5- 8 years because the courts are so back loged. >> the words out. make a fear claim and you are in and in this age of modern communications. that word spreads quickly. >> reporter: 47000 immigrants claimed a sylum from pakistan, syria and iraq and egypt among other countries tied to
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terrorism. that is more than in '07. they used to it be jailed awaiting the hearing and president obama waived that rule. they claim to you arrive negligent u.s. prior to 2014. that's the date that the president gave establishing sanctuary for immigrants. border patrol agents are told to release them even without proof of residency. >> when the administration fails to enforce the immigration laws and turn the blind eye to fraud and abuse and rubber stamping credible foreclaims at a rate high as 92 percent are. the integrity of our system is undermined. >> cent percent of those fear claims are fraudullent. >> that is an unsettling.
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>> and a manhunt under way for a deadly suspect in the brussel's bombings.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert. the state department issuing a travel warning for americans going to europe following the terrorist attacks in brussels. two brothers are believed to have detonated explosive deviceses and suicide attacks in the airport and metro station. there is a manhunt for another suspect in the terrorist attack. we'll bring in tom, a columnist for the national review.
10:26 am
thank you for being with us. >> this is alarming. the president of turkey said he deported one of the suspects back in june to brussels, and belgium took him in and released him saying they didn't have enough evidence to keep him. that is one of the suspects who blew himself up in the airport. >> the exact opposite happen here and we stopped it. tyrog pugh is an american who travelled to egypt and turks. the turks did the same thing. the u.s. arrested him and a couple of things the reliance on our foreign partners. we need their help. >> thomas, the state department is issuing warnings for americans traveling in europe. this is what isis wants to
10:27 am
happen. they want us to live in fear and second guess ourselves when we board a subway. they want us to cancel our trips to europe. does this mean they are win something >> it does. and it is pathetic that the administration on one said pull away from europe and closest allies in the uk and france and belgium and germany, but at the same time when you look at the threat posed by isis in iraq and syria and the other terrorist groups in boca ha ran. and the administration is much more in a position to not engage with that threat. the message to isis is you will be rewarded by american fear of the attacks in europe. you will damage those economies because of the absence of american tourist and the administration will not change
10:28 am
course and undertake a more efficient strategy against you. >> and now, the investigation is underway. they are trying to get information to figure out how it all happened. and the terrorist living in plain sight in brussels and they captured abdeslam on friday. what are they asking him to get more information to help all of us? >> the belgian mistake is that they were probably surveying. you want to watch and have hundred percent of the net boshing. and i think frankly what happened in belgium, they were watching them and waited too long and coupled with the affect and said public announcement that abdeslam was cooperating. and the cell was thinking their days were numbered and so they went active. >> we hear from a number of
10:29 am
experts in order to defeat isis, we have to work close with our allies around the world. we continue to hear that time and time again. the president of turkey trying to share that information with brussels and they end up releasing a guy that blows himself up and killing innocent people. how can we stop these attacks from happening? >> it is it a specific problem with brussels. efficiency and information goes to die. the way you do it empower the existing li asson relationships. and what you do. you say to the wrofs sharing information. don't go through the bureaucratic protocols unless it is top secret information for the nation and push that information sharing. but at the same time, europe, while europe is not a good ally
10:30 am
on defense spending on issues of nato. but isis, there is a threat of needing to do more and would be willing to do more. and this is why you see the british government saying more actions needed and criticizing the obama administration. the administration doesn't want to back off from that trend because the president wants to leave office saying i was drawing down and patient. >> isis made it clear they want to hit americans specifically. and when ever things like this happens, should we be concerned? >> yes, but listen, there is two types of protection, one physical protection in the city with uniformed officers with heavy weapons. that is a physical and up front part. the part you don't see is the part that is our safety net here and that is intelligence
10:31 am
component. tom touched on this a bit. the idea when it comes to intelligence you are doing active intelligence. you have a terror threat list and people nominated and you are not waiting for them to come and decide if they are a threat. if you wait we have lost. it comes down to intel itigence and we have the best in the world. >> but certainly unsettling times. tom, thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. >> house speaker paul ryan with encouraging words for an audience of government interns today. >> i want to talk to you about what politics can be. america is the only nation founded on an idea, not on an identity. >> democrats are calling ryan holofor not naming the elephant
10:32 am
in the room. more on that ahead. this is joanne.
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10:36 am
out their plot. police seen taking bags and boxes out where the suspect bombers lived. the lieutenant is a retired special forces operative and a frequent guest. >> good afternoon, jon. nbelgium is europe's most vulnerable country, why is that? >> the police services, more than a dozen police departments serving the city of brussels. part speaks french and other part flemish. it is ideal for a enemy of isis to exploit that vulnerability and society. >> they seem to have done that. the attacks coming on the heels of one of the people arrested.
10:37 am
they thought there was a fount of information. but instead a huge and deadly terror attack? >> i consider maalbeek a forward operating base forisis, cut off from belgian society. a neighborhood where for decades people have failed to assimulate and radicalized internally. i consider maalbeek a fob. it is just like we had bases in afghanistan and iraq. it is the most dangerous place in europe for isis to spring from. >> if maalbeek is the command center. there is ra qqan and there doesn't seem like anything from the administration but a limited air campaign. is that a mistake? >> it is just not enough, jon,
10:38 am
the latest strike report from operation inherent resolve list vehicles and fighting position and rocket rails destroyed. we are bombing things and reporting it internationally in previous years wouldn't have left the debriefing room when the pilots landed back on the ship. we are doing so little we have to elevate the information to make it more important. >> is it a lack of targets or a concern over civilian casulties? >> part of it is dew to weather this time of year. lack of target is a possibility. and we know our rules of engagement in terms of civilian casulties. we not to harm civilian population. but these guys blend in with the civilians and you will root out
10:39 am
terrorist within civilian terrorist by sending guys with guns to it shoot them in the head. >> you also have advice for americans concerned about a terror attack here. one of the things in san bernardino, a neighbor was suspicious but didn't want to be accused of singling people out. what do you say to americans are are concerned? >> no one is going to accuse you if you make an anonymous tip to authorities. it is better to let the authorities go investigate. please give them a reason to go. give them a cause or a reason to go. and knock on the door and see what is going on. i would encourage everybody. if you have a neighbor and this lady leaves for work wearing a head scarf. introduce yourself and ask her
10:40 am
polite questions. it is appropriate to it ask someone about their family. it is the most culturally appropriate thing to do and great reason to know your neighbors better. >> lieutenant, mitch, thank you. >> criticism for house speaker paul ryan after his remarks on the state of politics. he condemned political discourse saying politics is about ideas, he didn't name any names. doug has more on that. what are you hearing? >> hi, abbey, the speaker's remarks reflect more and a realization of the huge role he will play of the chairman of the gop convention if no candidate roaching the threshold. a contested convention is still a possibility.
10:41 am
hence ryan's need to stay neutral and call for civility without naming names. >> our political discourse, the kind we see on tv, and the kind that we experience among each other, it did not used to be this bad and it does not have to be this way. now, a little skeptism, that is healthy. but when people distrust politics, they distrust institutions. >> moments after that call, it was broken. harry reid fired off a statement. speaker ryan, running a do nothing congress and supporting donald trump. >> rean has never supported trump and critized trump's language. but reid's statement pales to
10:42 am
which the candidates. trump accused cruz of disrespect of melania. that is an ad, be careful lion ted or i will speak about yours. donald if you try to attack heidi you are a coward. and cruz is getting endorsements of mainstream republicans. including jeb bush. but trump has a 14 point lead over cruz and cruz still trails if kasich gets out of the raise. >> so lovely. doug, live for us in washington, thank you. >> a lot to chew on there. >> belgian prosecutors reveal two of the suspects behind the terrorist attacks were brothers
10:43 am
and one of those men pictured in the middle. the one on the right remains at large after errorous reports of him being captured. how can this happen? the next guest said he knows what went wrong. we'll break it down, coming up. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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>> the world is starving for american leadership. we have a major long-term problem with radical islam. and no plans to deal with that. and we are not leading in the global alliance and we have no operation to destroy isis in syria and no strategy to do
10:47 am
that. >> that was general jack keane speaking out in president obama's response. it comes as belgian authorities identify two brothers as suicide bombers behind the attacks. they say several other people linked to it the attacks are at large. mike is a covert operation's officer. and a global intelligence. and mike thank you for being here. you understand upon what goes in the investigations and people are scratching their head to say how did this happen? you have terrorist living in plain sight in brussels for months and who knows how long making bombs and then these attack happen, how? >> not live nothing plain sight. i know what you mean, but look, salah abdeslam who was the
10:48 am
logistic's guy in the paris attacks, he was hidden by a network of family and friends in a tightly monitored community of extremist in brussels. and from an operational standpoint, the public said how can you not pick him up. it is like we are trained to a episode of 24. jack bow per gets to the terrorist before it goes off. but the real world is messier than that. and it requires step by step negotiations. if anyone watched what was going on in the eu in the past 3 or 4 weeks, this attack would not come as a surprise. the frequency of the raids that the authorities were investigating were ratcheted up because of concern of an attack. and when they picked up abdeslam
10:49 am
that likely pulled up the launch date. the metro and airport attack was surveyed and picked the targets and managed the logistics and probably when salah was picked up it was ratcheted up. >> the man behind the paris attacks arrested four days before this and this took a long time until now. and you are thinking because that is when he was arrested, they said let's go for it. >> it is it likely it pulled up the launch date again. i understand the frustration and people look at the process and want it to speed up and be a 0 sum game. that's not the way it works. belgian authorities are efficient. but when you talk about all of the street work and chasing down. it was like an episode of
10:50 am
a thriller. once they picked up salah. they knew they had other suspects to locate and pick up so they were racing to do this. they knew they had an imminent attack. the french and u.k. authorities concerned about what was developing. they didn't have the specifics nailed down. >> yeah, so many live scenes. we all want the answers. so many of the questions. >> thank you. >> in the wake of those attacks, fox news getting an exclusive ride along with the new york police department counter terrorism team. next we'll show you what they're doing to keep this city safe. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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hi everyone. i'm heather in for gretchen today. we are getting new details indicating the brussel's terrorist may have been targeting americans. our state's department says not all americans are yet accounted for. plus, explosives and detonators and bomb making factory found in the suspect department in the middle of brussels and ted cruz responds to donald trump after he says he'll spill the beans. that's ahead on the real story. see you in a few minutes. >> cities in the u.s. ramping up security after the attacks in brussels. here in new york fox news was invited to ride along with the n.y.p.d. counter terrorism teams as they control the city in the wake of the terror bombings. reporting live from the subway station there, rick. >> reporter: john, we are below ground at one of the
10:55 am
businessiest stations in new york. 500,000 passengers and travellers every single vontae and these are some of the 55 police officers who have been assigned to patrol these busy platforms every day and night. the counter terrorism efforts begin above us on the street and subway entrances where some of new york's finest are doing random bag checks before riders can board train. there's been a support underway for the torch teams. it's k-9 heavy weapons. these are trained cops with tactical gear deploying to the city's businessiest rail stops on a continuous but unpredictable schedule. the goal here the preeverying or prevents and interrupting terror operations. similarly trained herk lease teams are underway and ready to respond to any incident at any
10:56 am
time according to the n.c.p.d. and all teams are equipped with bomb sniffing k-9's. also including vapor weight dogs that can work large crowds tr k tracking scents on people. this is all part of the counter terrorism overlay that's so important. >> some reassurance there. rick. >> rick, thank you. >> and we'll have more breaking news on the terror attacks in brussels. stay with fox news for the latest. we'll be right back. the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on, grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing what you love.
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time for the final 30 and a glimpse at the future of warf e warfare. a group showing off rifles that can shoot down drones. set up for ash carter visiting built by the army. it has been described as a wifi gun. no bullets.
11:00 am
the rival works by wosending a beam that jams the system of the drone and disables it. >> that's cool stuff. it has been great to be here. >> great to have you here. this woman has been up for 12 hours doing this. >> i have. they work us hard. i love being here. be here tomorrow, john. >> heather is in for gretchen on the real story which starts now. >> thanks we start now with a news alert. i'm heather in for gretchen and this is the real story. police identifying the man at the center of your screen as one of the homicide bombers who attacked the airport. his brother not in the picture is believed to have blown himself uptaking others with him at a metro station in brussels. the man on the left still unidentified but police searching for the guy on the right. he is stil b


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