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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the military who cringe when they hear that. monica crowley, we have to leave it there. thanks for being a part of "the real story." here's shep. he is live for us tonight from brussels. now shepard smith reporting live in brussels. >> and good evening from belgium's capitol city where breaking right now, fox news has word that the man who made the bombs for both the attacks here in brussels and the massacre in paris last year is dead. that is an enormous turn of news. his name is najim laachraoui. he built the bombs for yesterday's attack. the same man whose dna turned up in the paris massacre back in november. fox news has just learned from multiple sources that the bomb maker, najim laachraoui is the man in this photograph at the brussels airport. investigators say he is one of
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the bombers who died yesterday. not only did he make the bombs, he also died in the explosion at the airport yesterday. the man in the middle in this picture is inbra hill elbakraoui. he is also dead. the man on the right wearing the white and the hat is a mystery. we don't know where he went, if he's on the run, or if he's hold up. authorities are seeking him. >> more on the bombers coming up and a new suggestion from the head of the house intelligence committee that the bombings were a proxy attack on the united states. first, the scene of sorrow and determination, even hope here in the shadow of belgium's stock exchange behind me. all day long people have come to light candles, sing in their native languages and sing in french, english, flemish, even arabic. this city no doubt quieter than usual. some schools and shops are closed during three days of
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national mourning but brussels is no longer on lockdown and many people are going about their business, that's even as this remarkable city remains on its highest terror alert level with a word from the government that several terror suspects could still be on the loose. still, people hearsay that staying home in fear is exactly what the terrorists want. >> some people don't know what to do because they are afraid but i think we should continue living our lives like we did before. >> it's a working day and if i stay at home they've won and they're not going to. >> it's a bit strange and weird feeling but, yeah, continues. we're going back to work. >> defiandefiant. they're warning that this terror cell is larger than they first believed. media here in belgium are reporting that investigators had been hunting the two brother suicide bombers since last week, since march 15th, when their names came up in connection with the attacks in paris.
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investigators say their home was filled with tools for making bombs. in other words, they found the bomb factory. 33 pounds of a powerful explosive, enough to make dozens of suicide belts. for context, for each of the suicide belts there was one pound of that explosive. found at that bomb factory, 33 pounds. we're learning about 30 americans still missing. a pair of twins from new york were at the airport about to fly home. dutch media report they were talking to their mother on the phone at the moment of the blast. the phone line went dead and nobody's heard from them since. also, a couple from kentucky, a couple in that airport at the time, a relative told nbc news that the state department had no information on them. their phones go to voicemail.
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first mike tobin is here with us in brussels. this is an enormous development here. confirmation that the bomb maker himself is dead. we're not talking about the man who just made the bombs for this attack. this is the man believed to have been making the bombs for attacks that date back to november of last year, responsible for all of them. now he and his bombs are gone. that's huge. >> that's huge. they're maintaining the security level at its highest, at level four, and that is because frederick vandalou, the top cop out here, suggests that the investigation is continuing. the crime scenes will remain in place, even for days -- even hours and days. he said the scientific and technical police will go about their work. as you mentioned, at least one person we can't identify at this point is still on the run. as we look at this closed circuit screen grab, you mentioned the person on the far left. he is quite possibly according to sources the bomber or the bomb maker, i should say.
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pay particular attention to the person in the center. that is ibrahim elbakraoui. they had heavy rap sheets in the words of vandalou. they had connections with organized crime. we know that ibrahim el bakraoui. they had been warned he radicalized. >> this is recently. why it is they didn't put their names out still remains a mystery. are there any indications that he could be in the same neighborhood, in maelbeek can't be ignored. >> we've seen several raids in the schaerbeek area. we know they picked up one individual in the schaerbeek neighborhood with whom they're speaking. we know that the raids have stretched all the way out into
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ireland, but these are unique neighborhoods that are swollen with refugees. you have people who don't assimilate in the community, they don't speak the language. as we've seen in the case of saleh abdeslam, they don't infiltrate into these areas. >> saleh abdeslam believed to have been hiding out with the two people who made the bombs yesterday. it is becoming clear now that this was one cell. the people that we know about in that cell are all deceased and if there are others, authorities are alleging that there may be others, we don't have any information about them because the authorities haven't given us that. >> the secretary of state is going to be here on friday and really what we have from the state department right now is that the mission of the secretary will be to express condolences and meet with the authorities out here, shap. >> mike tobin with us here in brussels. thanks so much. one of the suicide bombers who attacked the airport here in brussels left behind a sort of last will. he wrote in it -- they found it
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in a computer that was in a trash can nearby that bomb factory i mentioned. he wrote on that computer that he was afraid of getting caught, that he was worried he might be found in a cell next to saleh abdeslam, the man who has since been captured and is reportedly, at least, cooperating with the investigators. the man who is one of the bombers said investigators found it on that laptop in a trash can and it reads, and i quote, being in a hurry, i don't know what to do. being searched for everywhere, not being safe. if it drags on, it could end up with me in a prison cell next to him. next to him is reported that that is a reference to saleh abdeslam. saleh abdeslam, of course, is a suspect in the paris attack. police captured him here last week in brussels and that set off all of this. meantime, the house intelligence committee of the united states, the chairman of that committee, today said that there are indications that the terrorists were actually trying to target americans based on the location
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of the attacks. that's not being reported here at all. team fox coverage continues now. kathryn harris is live in d.c. this afternoon. kathryn? >> shap, based on the totality of the evidence and the briefings, chairman nunez believes the target was americans. they detonated the bomb device near the u.s. embassy. some are still unaccounted for. when you marry up that information with the subway explosion, nunez told reporters the connection is significant for investigators. >> if, in fact, it becomes true that american airlines and united and delta, that the explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was also targeted, those would be two locations where a lot of americans can be killed. >> meantime, an intelligence source with firsthand knowledge of an investigation at the airport told fox yesterday that
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there were two explosions, one near aisle three and the other in aisle 11. the bombers plan to target the highest number of passengers rather than an american airline. >> kathryn, what else are we learning about turkey and its connections to one of the detained suspects in the attack in brussels? >> this afternoon the turkish president told them that one of the turkish people was being watched. they said it was one of the brothers who blew himself up at the airport and left behind that will in the garbage can. this morning president obama said his number one priority is defeating the islamic state though the number of foreign fighters going to support isis or al qaeda in syria has grown to a record of 36,000 despite the bombing campaign. >> my charge to my team is to find every strategy possible to successfully reduce the risk of
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such terrorist attacks even as we go after their beating heart in places like iraq and syria. >> even if the suspect is captured or killed, it will not shut down the cell. isis is not contained. its attempts are to do the same thing in the united states, shap. >> kathryn, thanks so much. jake wallace simons is here with us in brussels. he's the associated global editor for the who has been out in front of this story. i'm curious, first of all, the breaking news is the bomb maker is dead. this man had been wanted since paris and before and he's believed to have been making the bombs for this terror group from the beginning. >> thanks for having me on the show. this is a huge win for the
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police and the authorities here. it's a win they badly needed. so far the perception has been that they've been complacent, that they've received intelligence they haven't acted upon. we've heard the security services passed a list of suspects to the police, including the names of a lot of these bombers, and no action was taken. they didn't manage to stop them from carrying out this attack. we also know as you mentioned earlier that one of the main bombers was actually deported back from turkey because he had motivations to engage in attacks back here to belgium and then carried out the attacks and the police knew about him. this is badly need today gain credibility and reassure people that they're actually up to the job. >> confusing to the people at home, it would be to me, is this talk of police and security services. they're two different things. frankly here they have worked together miserably. the police patrol in the
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maelenbeek area, they still don't work together, the national security services haven't worked well with them. so when the national security services pass along information about these guys are bad and they're going to do something, the locals and nationals don't cooperate? >> that's right. sometimes it goes the other way as well. some local police who said they were having trouble getting backed up by the judiciary. when they arrested people on the street, the judiciary didn't bring charges against them and released them back into the community. they were mocking the police afterwards. this kind of feeds into this sense that the local communities here in maelenbeek and schaerbeek, they hate the please and don't cooperate. even if they don't sympathize with the jihadis. they've turned into monsters that have been protected by the
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local community and the police don't do anything about it. >> it's not a borders issue. these neighborhoods have been the same all the time. it's a matter of how they patrol those neighborhoods and the way the neighborhoods are run internally. the authorities tell us they believe there may be still terror suspects out there. we know the brothers are dead, we know the bomb maker is dead. we know there's a man who may or may not have direct connection is out there. but aside from that we have nothing in particular. what are they talking about when they say they believe there may be more? >> well, the fascinating thing when you walk around the neighborhood where they came from is how closely together they lived. there's one sort of u-shaped road. the two brothers lived and also involved in the paris attack and also interestingly the attacker who was on the euro star who was tackled by the two american service men lives right there as
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well. they all knew each other and worked together. a close knit group of school friends, childhood friends who carried out the attack. police expect that their friends and associates are spreading wider into the community might also be involved. like i said, the community is not cooperating with the police. so the investigation is very, very difficult for them. >> it's going to make things even harder as we go. thanks so much for the context. it's hard to imagine this city within a city, really two separate communities, different languages spoken, different police involved, different radicalization within their community and not only over a period of days and months but years and decades. now that the explosions have happened, now they try to unravel it all. now it's too late. they're worried about the days, weeks, months ahead about whether there are more and where they are. fox news will take you on patrol with the new york city counter police terrorism forces.
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then was captured last week. that is saleh abdeslam on your screen. as he cooperates with police fox news has now learned that the working theory among the authorities here is that this explosion which happened here yesterday in brussels was supposed to take place the day after easter, this coming monday. the working theory is easter monday is a holiday. the way we selly brat good friday in the united states, here they celebrate easter monday. it would have been a holiday. the thinking would be that there would have been a lot of holiday makers they call them in the airport and the theory is that's when they were going to have the explosion instead but instead saleh abdeslam was talking with authorities. there was a fear, according to the now working theory as
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confirmed by fox news. the working theory was they were afraid we're not going to be able to pull this off because saleh abdeslam is going to spill the beans on us. which is why the taxi cab matter would have gone so wrongly. the two brothers said we need a taxi. we want a large taxi to the airport. the taxi cab driver arrived at what we now know was the bomb making factory. the older of the two brothers was upset because he couldn't fit all but five of the bombs in the car, he could only fit three. one of the three people who was pushing a bomb ran away and is now at large. so the working theory now we've confirmed is this explosion was supposed to happen the day after easter, not yesterday and that could be the reason that these three people had different logistics than maybe they had planned. the bombing happened early. we have a lot to cover this
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afternoon if we can switch it over. when we come back, why so many terrorists become radicalized in this city. i'll speak for the director of the european institute. he says he typically takes the same train line that was bombed yesterday. he decided at the last minute to bike to work instead. why is it that this radicalization has happened in these neighborhoods in this city? what's the history? and what can we learn from it? we'll have all of that after a quick commercial break. this is fox news channel, live from brussels.
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more breaking news just coming in. this one from the associated press and i'll read the exact wording that just moved over a.p.'s urgent wires. date line, paris. islamic de has dispatched
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hundreds of trained fighters to attack across europe in a deadly wave the a.p. has learned. associated press has reported in the last minute that security officials say up to 400 attackers are now trained for mission in europe. we're waiting for more details. the breaking news from associated press, 400 attackers have been fanned across europe and are ready and trained for attacks across the continent. yesterday's attack marks the third large scale attack in europe in the past 15 months. that's because many of those who become radicalized are recruited on these streets. we have a european and external relations director. peter, thank you. >> thank you. >> the radicalization process is a hard one for people who don't live here and understand the culture to get their hands
12:25 pm
around. there are people who have lived in the neighborhood for decades. high unemployment. not a lot of way out. not great education. not cooperation with police. how has the jump been made from impoverished and lacking hope to this radicalization? >> right. if you're young, you have few opportunities where there's work or just engaging with your communities. radicalization offers you that hope. it's especially a joyride. you get community, you get action, you get purpose and you get a road straight to syria where you can radicalize. if you're recruited on the street corner, it may take as little as six weeks, we've seen that, or it may take longer. then you're on the road where the life gets meaningful. you may come back after that or even before and turn against what may seem to be your neighbors but if you live in the detached neighborhoods, you don't feel like they're your
12:26 pm
neighbors. your main association is back with your brothers and sisters in syria and iraq where the fight rages. >> this sounds like a cult. >> isis is certainly way out there. it's a violent extremist group. it's difficult to negotiate with a group like that. we believe there are others you can talk to, maybe not isis. the task i think for the community here now is to engage with all of those that are not that extreme. we talk to those who may have radical views but not yet have gone over the edge. >> associated press has said radicalized people have been fanned out across europe to carry out attacks as needed. is that a surprise? if not, why not? >> the bin laden strategy has long been to take the fight to the capitol, take the fight back to the west, so this is completely in line with that. >> so radicalization and taking attacks to europe, i know there are great concerns in italy.
12:27 pm
there are great concerns of course here in brussels and across the land. is this a problem for all of europe and is this a problem for north america as well? >> i'm afraid to say that we think most likely there may be more attacks in europe. the return of foreign fighters is still on the increase. i don't think we have sufficient intelligence to cover all of the united states. i understand you've been looking at the question of terror attacks for a long time. i think you have more with integration and immigration. communities are coming back and in a stronger way in the united states than we do here. although tonight is a good sign of the start of community engagement. >> it is a remarkable scene out here. we're locked down. our cameras, it's difficult to see, but there's been an extraordinary outpouring here. people are out on a chilly and wet day to talk about unity, love, peace. even if it's just words, it seems like it's at least a
12:28 pm
start. >> it is a start and a -- from the communities where these attackers came from, we must remember there are many groups, including muslim groups. the challenge for brussels is to ensure the us becomes bigger than the them. we need to embrace all of those who are willing to stand up and fight. >> us becomes bigger than them. thank you. counter terrorism forces have been patrolling the new york city subway systems and train says after ttations after attacks. there is no credible threat to new york, but they have ramped up the security. also as an indication to the people, we're here, we're with you. feel safe. be strong, carry on. they're monitoring the situation here in belgium as well and are in close contact, we're told, with international authorities and the fbi. rick leaventhal is live in penn station. what's happening there, rick?
12:29 pm
>> shepard, one of the nypd critical response heavy weapons teams arrived here stationed now in front of penn station and madison square garden. they're not here because of an incident or specific threat, they're here as a show of force. this city is a prime target and continue to hear about the awful attacks over seas. these guys are s.w.a.t. teams and heavily armed. their assignment is to preempt or deter terrorist operations in the city. they do respond to major incidents but the rest of their days are spent doing this in high profile locations with their automatic m-4 rifles at the ready, shepherd. >> looks like they've got the dogs bugsy out there, too, rick. >> you know, there are dozens of canine teams across new york city. many of them are apprehension or cadaver dogs. they also have explosive
12:30 pm
detection dogs and the hercules teams are obviously designed to sniff out explosive bombs, parades, large crowds or trash cans. then there are vapor dogs and the city has a number of them and just graduated eight more of the highly trained canines today. they're specifically taught to nif out explosives and dangerous chemicals on people by tiling behind them. the chemicals they can sense are tatp which is nick named the mother of satin, the new weapon of choice for terrorists over seas. if the dog senses this chemical, they get up behind the person and that alerts the handler, they stop them, question them, potentially search them. >> yeah, the dogs are the life savers when it comes to that bomb. rick, thanks. ahead from brussels, we'll take you to the bomb factory where the terrorists apparently prepared all of their homemade explosives. chemicals so unstable and deadly that they carried the name, mother of satin.
12:31 pm
ahead, what we know about it. why the terrorists are turning to it and why it is so very difficult to detect. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news after a commercial break on fox news chaj, america's choice for news and information on cable. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? sure. ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash.
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she now has a lead of more than 700 delegates according to the a.p. that includes the super delegates, party insiders, who can change their mind. sanders says he is counting on winning over some of the super delegates. back now to shepard smith in brussels. you totaled your brand new car.
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. bottom of the hour now. time for the top of the news. updating fox top story from belgium tonight. a man that lived across the hall from the two suicide bombers, the brothers, one who blew himself up at the airport, one who blew himself up at the train station. a man who lived across the hall said he had no idea he was living close to terrorists. the neighbor said he never heard anything suspicious, nothing. he only ever saw one person going into and out of the place even though we're told both brothers lived there. greg palcott is live in brooklyn tonight at the metro station where one of the bombers hid. >> shep, we are at the scene of the deadliest terror attack in
12:37 pm
brussels, the metro station, the subway station that was ripped apart by a suicide bomber. as a sign of brussels trying to get back to normal, we're seeing cars allowed to go by for the first time since the attacks, but still a very big police presence. earlier today we went to a neighborhood where police say the terrorists put together the bad stuff that did all of this damage. take a look. >> police say the schaerbeek neighborhood of brussels is where the bombs were made that killed or injured hundreds of people in those terror attacks yesterday. in fact, they say the apartment on the top floor of this building was the bomb factory. when they raided it yesterday they did find a bomb with nails inside and gallons of chemicals all around along with an isis flag. police confirmed today that they were led to the neighborhood by a taxi driver who amazingly picked up the bombers and took them to the airport. he said they were upset because they couldn't get more suitcases
12:38 pm
apparently filled with explosives into the car. this area resident said she was suspicious about them and also shocked. >> translator: we saw them at night working. we didn't know they would be terrorists doing things here. >> reporter: police had more to say about what they found inside. they found mounds of highly volatile, highly explosive material. all of the toxic chemicals and a suitcase of nails for more bombs to create even more devastating effects and a suicide note that said basically the cops are closing in, we don't know what to do. we saw what they did why i had. back to you, shep. >> indeed, we did. greg palcott across town at the subwaystation. greg mentioned the bomb factory, the place where the now dead bomb maker built his weapons of mass destruction and terror. reportedly not just for the attack in brussels, not at all, but also for the paris attacks that happened back in november.
12:39 pm
searchers and investigators that were there, the so-called bomb factory, said they found that explosive, tatp. it's a compound that looks like regular white sugar. terrorists can buy the materials in drug stores. it's called the mother of satin. it's an explosive mix that's been around for 100 years. we've seen it a lot in recent attacks, including the ones in paris and london, even the failed effort of the shoe bomber, richard reid in new york. let's bring in an explosive ordnance expert. i'm most curious now, the news that's broken in this hour, the bomb maker himself is one who blew himself up at the airport. bomb makers are notoriously protected. they are the most important element of all of this. the bomb maker is the key person
12:40 pm
in a terror attack. why would they blow up the bomb maker unless they were finished with their rein of terror? >> yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either, honestly. i think that you might have to wonder whether he was merely the maker of these few bombs or whether he ends up being a much larger, i don't know, master mind, he was the -- to use the colloquial term, i guess. normally, you're right. the bomb maker is more like a consultant that travels from cell to cell teaching individuals to make these things. it takes a lot of time, training, effort to do this. yes, very unusual for the bomb maker to be involved in this side of it. >> so clearly putting the bombs together is a difficult process. the elements that are contained within are -- they're easy to set off if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
12:41 pm
how hard would it have been for this small cell, these three men that we know of, maybe there's a fourth, to set off the bombs in the airport and the subway station here? >> i don't think it's so much hard as tedious. i mean, making tatp can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. it's not the explosive of choice if they had access to military explosives, commercial explosives to various like, you know, fuel oil explosives, nitrate explosives they would have used them, so they didn't. so there's a certain amount of desperation, like you say. they had access to these chemicals, they're easy to buy. it's frustrating to put together, but not especially difficult. but putting all of the elements together, cooking up the explosives, building the device, doing both of those things without getting yourself hurt or killed and then getting the bags to the correct location, there is a certain amount of --
12:42 pm
whether it's serendipity or planning, you know, they've proven that they can be successful. it's no one thing. it's not that the explosives are more dangerous or their bombs are any more dangerous but it's just their general competence over the last few months as you've noted. >> after the bombing at the oklahoma city federal building back in the '90s, there was then a very close monitoring of the chemicals, the fertilizers that were needed to make such a large bomb as the one that blew up the alfred t. murrow federal building there. with these chemicals and these substances it would be so much more -- is there a way for us to monitor such that getting ahead of this would be possible? >> yeah, it's really challenging. fertilizer is not tracked in many parts of the world because as you say it can be purchased in bulk to make large car bombs but the p in tapp is peroxide and that's in so many household
12:43 pm
cleaners, nail polish remover and you can go through the whole list. what can we do in a free and open society? at a certain point how many of these things can you restrict? it's annoying and tedious and slow to make tatp out of these household cleaners, but obviously it's possible. brian castner with us in buffalo. i've lost the signal. thank you for being here today. it is a very complicated mix that you can set up a bomb factory in a small home and not have anyone around you know it. the smells aren't there, the coming and going aren't there and then to be able to carry this out is disturbing at the very least. the president today said destroying the state or daesh is a top priority but the united states military has been dropping fewer bombs on isis targets lately. we'll go to the pentagon to find out exactly why as the crowds continue to gather here in
12:44 pm
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13 minutes before the hour. live in brussels. the united states is dropping fewer bombs on the islamic state these days, that's according to the report of the air force. airstrikes against isis hit an eight-month low last month. the pentagon points out it still dropped more than 2,000 bombs on isis targets over the course of the month. the military officials tell us they're stepping up strikes on areas connected to chemical weapons development. let's get more on this from jennifer griffin who's live at the pentagon this afternoon. why the decrease in bombings? have they given an explanation for that? >> well, shepherd, one reason that fewer bombs have been dropped in the last month, the air force ordered its b-1 bombers back to the bases in the united states for maintenance.
12:48 pm
despite flying just 3% of the strike missions against isis, the b-1s have dropped 40% of the bombs. they plan to deploy b-52 bombers next month. last month there were fewer bombs compared to a november high in the air war about 1,000 fewer bombs according to the air force's own statistics. a spokesperson for the u.s. military in baghdad described the drop as nearly a lull. several major ground operations have recently concluded so there is less enemy movement. as ground operations increase again the pace of air operations will also increase. >> this is my number one priori priority. i've got a lot of things on my plate, but my top priority is to defeat isol and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that's been taking place around the world.
12:49 pm
>> the president was asked about brussels, the brussels attack while traveling in argentina, shepard. >> jennifer, i readed report that it carried out an airstrike and was wondering if there was any relation to this? >> well, it's very interesting. last night the pentagon announced that it conducted this airstrike at an al qaeda training camp in yemen. we've learned from a senior pentagon official that several were killed involving manned fighter jets as well as drones. local reports say the al qaeda trainees were hit as they lined up for dinner. a very successful strike as it was reported. it wasn't against isis. it set back another paris network that sent the underwear bombers. this airstrike follows similar ones following training camps in libya and somalia recently. so no direct ties to brussels
12:50 pm
but certainly notable timing because no direct ties to brussels, but certainlily notable timing because the u.s. military and others might like to show isis and al qaeda that they did not get a win if you look at brussels. >> no question about that. separate, but great news. over in syria government forces are apparently gearing up to try to take back the ancient city. the governor says syrian forces have taken over a hill just outside that city. islamic state fighters grabbed control of the city back in may. they destroyed a lot of that historic place, including a 2,000-year-old arc. if the troops are able to take back the city, that could open up access to an eastern syrian province that isis now mostly controls.
12:51 pm
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six minutes before 9:00 p.m. here in brussels and the memorial is growing. people coming from all over this land to leave candles and then a group of students it would appear at least up on the steps of what used to be the stock exchange. it's interesting they've been singing over the last few minutes amazing grace in what appears to be three separate languages at theame time. i've heard it in english. i've heard what sounds like french. i believe they're singing it in flemish as well. you see the free hugs signs.
12:55 pm
make no mistake the people who are here tonight are speaking out about togetherness and spirituality and against hate. the sort of thing that i'm told you would rarely see here. the homeland security secretary says there's no creditable threat to the united states, but the bombings here in brussels putting a lot of people on edge. major cities are tightening securities. today there was choose at the airport in atlanta. bomb squads investigated packages. one of our correspondents was at the airport. she said somebody yelled there was an active shooter and people started running. it turned out there was nothing. what's the situation at the airport in new york. >> reporter: anti-terrorism teams are making their presence known with a show of force, a significant one at that.
12:56 pm
machine guns, canine units, baggage checks. at new york's jfk they're seeing more military and law enforcement activity. most of the security we talk about and see is preventing attacks on an airplane, rather than on an airport. the key is achieving a balance between what is practical and achievable. travels today say they are cautious, but they need to get where they're going. >> you d what you can, but nothing can be done about metro stations and bus stations and so forth so it's a calculated risk every time you get on. >> reporter: right now u.s. officials maintain there's no creditable threat, but say expect to see heightened security certainly through the easter break and for the next few months. >> laura at jfk tonight. we'll be right back.
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the bomb maker is confirmed dead. blew himself up in the attack at at airport yesterday. continuing the coverage throughout the afternoon and evening, i'm shepard smith, fox news, brussels. this might not be it. in fact, this might just be a preview of coming attractions. a new report released that has hundreds, maybe hundreds of isis fighters released and fanned out throughout europe to do what they did in brussels, times god knows how many, we have the latest in brussels. mike. >> reporter: well, neil, you can see behind me that the people here in brussels are not intimidated staying in their homes despite the new information that


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