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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the bomb maker is confirmed dead. blew himself up in the attack at at airport yesterday. continuing the coverage throughout the afternoon and evening, i'm shepard smith, fox news, brussels. this might not be it. in fact, this might just be a preview of coming attractions. a new report released that has hundreds, maybe hundreds of isis fighters released and fanned out throughout europe to do what they did in brussels, times god knows how many, we have the latest in brussels. mike. >> reporter: well, neil, you can see behind me that the people here in brussels are not intimidated staying in their homes despite the new information that the islamic
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militants have dispatched hundreds of fighters ready to attack. perhaps that's one of the reasons that brussels retains the highest security level four with officers saying there's still a very real threat. >> translator: the investigations carried out by the technical and scientific police are ongoing on the the various crime scenes and will continue for many hours, perhaps days. >> reporter: security video captured three involved in the airport attack. the far left individual blew himself up. he has been identified as najim laachraoui. also identified as the bomb maker. he is dead. to the far right in the light coat that individual did not detonate his bomb. he is still at large. the guy in the middle is ibuprofibrahim el bakraoui is dead and his brother is dead. that individual killed to.
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authorities out here knew of the brothers. they had heavy rap sheets. the president said he had warned dutch authorities about ibrahim el bakraoui after kicking him out of the country. said that he had radicalized. on another subject, a tip from a cab driver led police to an apartment. that is one of the neighborhoods populated heavily with immigrants. there they found 33 pound of the closive tatp. that is probably the most common explosive we see in homemade bombs. there were detonators and chemicals and a suitcase full of screws to act as shrapnel. police found a computer in which ibrahim el bakraoui wrote that he felt police were on to him and he felt pressure to act quickly. beyond that, police say they're withholding a lot of information about the investigation because they don't want to tip off the
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terrorists. we know of one person at large. they chose the plural terrorists. >> thank you. we have another twisted side story to this, targeting americans anywhere they can find them, including europe. >> reporter: thank you. based on the totality of the evidence the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee told reporters he believes the target was americans because one of the suicide bombers debt ntonated h office near the u.s. embassy and there were explosions near the american carriers. when you marry up that information they believe the connection is significant for investigators. >> if it becomes true that american airlines and united and delta that the explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was also targeted,
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those would be two locations where a lot of americans can be killed. >> he told reporters that even if the suspect in white is captured or killed, it will not shut down the cell in brussels, adding isis is not contained. meantime intelligence sources with firsthand knowledge of the investigation told fox news late last night that there were two closings at the airport as you saw in that diagram, but they believe the bombers were targeting the highest concentration of passengers and not a particular airline. >> thank you very much. of course we're really focusing as well this idea that maybe brussels was as i said a preview to coming attractions, that many more attacks are planned as we're getting indications that isis might have released hundreds of planned attackers throughout europe. from our homeland security secretary tom ridge with us. good to have you. the president of homeland
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security secretary says he does not say any legitimate current threat here in the u.s. what do you think of that? >> well, i think it's probably based upon the complete absence of specific information, but i don't think under the circumstances after san bernardino, with two attacks in paris, a couple of attacks over the past several years, that anybody associated with homeland security or the security of this country is doing anything other than at a heightened level of readiness. you must be at this time and frankly since it's a global threat, it is a clear and present danger to american interests and american citizens, not only here but overeasy. >> you know this idea of fanning out so many operatives, so many attackers throughout europe, do you think that is a creditable
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or real threat and the intent would be multiple brussels? >> the first i've heard of this press report i thought there was probably a little bit of hieber bolly associated with it, so whether it's 40 or 400, the one thing we've learned over the past couple of years is that there is a network of enablers embedded throughout europe, france, germany, belgium and no matter how many they would release, whatever that number is, they don't operate in a vacuum. they don't operate by themselves. so i'm not as concerned about the number as i am about regardless of the number they've already got an infrastructure pretty well situated throughout europe and for that reason i think you're going to see europe in a heightened state of vigilance for a long time. >> what is your understanding of how many you need to pull off an attack? in paris it seems six to a dozen. here maybe six, could be a
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dozen. but again, that is in keeping with 9/11 where it was little more than 12 to 16 guys. what is that about? >> well, i think you said it quite accurately neil. we focus on the suicide bombers, but their ability to secure the -- everything they need in order to build the bombs, there's a technical capacity there as we found out in brussels there were probably members of the community providing safe haven for the individual they finally apprehended. so while we focus on the individual bombers and attackers, there is a network probably three, four x larger than the attackers involved in advancing their jihadist cause.
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>> you have to wonder if that intent is evidence that maybe these attackers were planning to make this an easter monday attack when of course europe celebrates that day as easter, all stores, businesses are closed. there would be more people out on the street, presumably more people at transportation centers, airports, train stations, so that they really wanted a high body count. they got a significant count being as it is yesterday, but what do you make of that and that this is all timed to get the crowds when the crowds are there? >> these bar barns are going to try to maximumize the impact of their actions. airports as we've seen in the past and public transportation facilities, passengers packed in going from stop "a" to "b," it'
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a maxum number of casualties. it's unlikely -- they may have expedited this, but normally they'll attack, they'll move when they are ready to move and when they think they can maximize the impact of their assaults. i guess if we look back at this what transpired, we'll always wonder whether or not the news associated with the apprehension of the individual in brussels and that he was revealing a lot of information, it may have expedited it in the sense that our colleague's been captured, he's not being silent and we better move in order to assault and bring this assault to fruition, but normally they're going to move when they're raet
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ready to move and they can maximize the casualties. >> do you think this is beyond, as the president was saying today, targeting and continuing the fight against isis at its core, root them out in syria or iraq or wherever, because they are everywhere, there's sleeper cells everywhere, they're fanning out hundreds of these guys in europe, that now this is beyond getting them in a single area? >> i think -- again i was very disappointed in the president's brief statement about the attack. the first place you need to strike is the sanctuary arenas, there are areas in syria and iraq. we know for a fact that -- again, if we eliminated assad some time ago and kept some troops in iraq and if the president would have represeact
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previous presidents have done, you eliminate the training grounds, it becomes much more difficult for them to operate. i truly believe that we are going to deal with this radical islamists as a permanent condition of the world and we have to accept that, but do you have to go about it much more aggressively to root out the sanctuaries and to deal with so many aspects in dealing with these terrorist groups and the notion that, well, they're everywhere and we can't do too much about it, it's almost like we're going to move i think reme remental. hopefully the next president will provide the international leadership that american presidents have historically done and our friends and allies have looked to us to provide that leadership. >> tom ridge, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. i want you to look at
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something yesterday that might disavow some republican party officials of the notion that donald trump has a ceiling. these long line in arizona, half of those voters there in a very crowded race, because a lot of those old names were still on the ballot, half of them voted for donald trump so there goes that 30% ceiling. after this.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. look at these long lines yesterday. i could repeat throughout the state and a lot of people dismissed them saying people want to vote, it's a nice day, but when you agree that donald trump won half the vote and all the original candidates were still on the ballot -- ben carson got 2% of the vote and he's been out of the race, that's the map of the race. so this so-called 30% ceiling --
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first it was 20% and then 30% and they said no more than 25%, he got half the vote there. what ask this true ceiling and what's the talk you can't go much further than that? what do you make of it that maybe you could argue that arizona is a different case, he's very popular there with his illegal immigration position, but we have seen his collective take on nights, tuesdays, whether super or otherwise, gets higher and higher and higher. what do you make of it. >> that's right. of course trump didn't crack 50% in arizona, but he certainly overperformed there. he's over performed in a whole lot of states and i should point out cruz really over performed in utah, but the point really is that trump is performing beyond where he needs to be performing to win the 1,200 plus delegates
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that he needs to win to clench this nomination before we go to an open convention in cleveland. he's doing what he needs to do to win the nomination. if he continues to over perform as he's been doing, particularly if he does so in wisconsin, he will win this nomination. >> what do you think of that? i don't want to leave out utah where heavy morman vote had ted cruz winning and donald trump was third there, but otherwise he has a mathematical chance -- i'm talking about donald trump -- to close this deal by the time we get to cleveland. what do you think? >> we have seen talk what could happen if trump goes there without the 1237 delegates upfront and it boils down to it's a jump ball and we don't know what's going to happen. certainly it's not guaranteed
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for trump at all. so plan a is just to win enough on the way. and the 58 delegates he got winner take all gets him there. as far as i can tell if looks like he needs about 54 or 55% of the remaining delegates up for grabs. he did a little better than that on tuesday, but he's going to have to keep up that pace beginning two weeks from now in wisconsin and then especially two weeks after that in new york state. >> you know, let me ask you a dumb question. what if he's at 30 away, 1,200. he has 1,200 delegates. would there be a concern of the party to stop him? i understand -- and i tell people it has to be 1,237, half the delegates plus one, or would donald trump avoid that by striking a deal as do many
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potential nominees to close the deal to avoid that fate. >> the truth is that nobody knows right now. a lot of that would depend on what rnc chairman decides to do. up until now he's been definitive that a majority is a majority. it's not an arbitrary number and that if no candidate reaches a majority a plurality is not the same thing. that does not mean that trump can strike a deal. all it means is that right now we simply don't know what will happen if trump fails to clench a majority, that 1,237 number before we get to the convention in cleveland in july. >> do you groo he wiyou agree w? >> i think there's going to be a know it when we see it fairness involved. if trump is close you have to look at some of the delegates in the states that would be bound to support him on the first
1:20 pm
ballot and not bound after that and then they think about what they want to do with the voters for their state. if he's fair away, it's anybody's guess. >> you still need the 1,237, bottom line. no matter who you are. getting back to brussels and some developments here. we're learning that the fbi is sending up a fly team from the new york office and evidence tech te techs. so we're involved to help them. more after this.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton the leading democratic candidate for president of course laid out her strategy for countering terror, but it turned out to be a speech about narrowing the field of raek candidates. she went after donald trump for suggesting that we close down the boarder. she went after ted cruz saying that his idea of carpet bombing isis is simply not worth it, simply not workable and it was interesting because ted cruz is firing back and saying that hillary clinton as the architect of the obama foreign policy is someone who let isis fester. watch. >> there's no reason to think that hillary would be any different than barack obama. hillary was the architect of the obama foreign policy that has been a disaster across the world. >> it would be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing populated areas into owe blifon.
1:25 pm
proposing that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you're in over your head. slogans aren't a strategy. lose cannons tend to miss fire. >> reporter: she went on to attacking nato. she said vladimir putin would be celebrating what's going on here. hillary clinton is trying to look past bernie sanders. she wants to lay out her line of attack and be seen as a calm, cool, potential commander in chief, but what we're finding is those ted cruz comments is that her tenure as secretary of state is could wind up cutting both ways. >> thank you. general, what do you think of the way she, without mentioning their names she went after the response of a ted cruz or donald trump, was that
1:26 pm
effective or was it more the same? >> i don't comment on political comments. >> i understand. >> by candidates. i will tell you this. that the strategy that we have right now is absolutely failing, it's obvious that isis is winning. just look at it. they've expanded into 12 countries. they have in the last year connected terrorist attacks in many countries. they brought down a russian airliner. paris, san bernardino, california and now belgium. that is a strategy for them that is working. the source of all of that comes from one place and one place only and that is their safe haven in syria in the vicinity -- in the general vicinity of raqqah. we have no strategy whatsoever to do anything about that. the general who provided testimony about a week and a half ago before the senate arms service committee when asked the
1:27 pm
question are there any plans to deal with raqqah, he said i'm not aware of any strategy or any plans to take raqqah. that is stunning that we have no plans or strategy truly to defeat isis. >> general, we touched on this before. did you ever get a sense it's too late for the convention approach we might take to focus on iraq and go after isis when apparently they've elevated to the point where if we believe these wire reports they can send out hundreds of soldiers around europe to do god knows what, they're not only sleeper cells, they're active cells all over the world. >> they do have a worldwide following and that list of countries that they've conducted successful attacks i may add is certainly formidable and it's going to increase. certainly you have to have good defense in these countries and the belgian police have demonstrate in h
1:28 pm
demonstrated that to a certain degree. i sympathize with them, but that will never by itself stop this. the only way to stop it is to defeat them, take away their led legitima legitimacy, take away their ability to recruit. that requires largely a military strategy to do that. a ground campaign supported by effective air power is the answer using our allies in the region and others to do that. it doesn't require that sizeable force to deal with that. believe me, every battle that they have fought against the kurds they have lost and now they have some battles against the iraqi army which we have retrained. this is not a significant military force. they are a significant terrorist force, but that goes away once you destroy this force.
1:29 pm
>> i know you don't comment on politicians. sometimes i think if i can get you when you're tired recollecti, you might blurb something here, he said that an attack is taunta mount to a war on that country. we have an obligation to make good on our nato commitments. isn't that a dangerous level to equate a terrorist attack anywhere, although as it is with an act of war that could be played out again and again as it has over just the past year? >> no, i think -- i think mayor's absolutely right. the israelis have always understood that a terrorist attack is an act of war. in our country prior to 9/11 presidents did not sign up for that. they thought the response was
1:30 pm
the criminal justice system. this president i think that he always believes the response is a criminal justice system. he said as much in terms of helping the belgians and that is why he is so passive and modest when he's using the war instrument against isis in syria and iraq. it's not decisive and it's not con conventional. i firmly believe that when a nato country is attacked like that, nato should get together to deal with isis in a way they would deal with any act of war. they're leaders. they do not have the political and moral will to do this. only american leadership can get this done and sadly this american leader we have is not going to do it. so this is going to continue until we get a new american president, whether it's a democrat or republican, who i'm hoping will have a much better
1:31 pm
and tougher strategy to deal with this. >> do you think regardless if it's a democrat or republican handling this that we've seen a shift in how isis goes about doing what it does, that it's quite satisfied with not necessarily going really, really big, airports, fixation on airports, but that they're quite happy causing complete havoc, but scaring the you know what out of people across the globe in doing so? >> it's interesting that you kbrou put your finger on this. isis writes about what they're doing and why. the reason they are conducting terrorist attacks in europe, they want to divide a nation that also exists to a certain degree between muslims and non-muslims. they want to bring that to a height where there absolutely is an arkansasy. so what they're trying to get
1:32 pm
when they attack belgium and paris, france, they welcome an overreaction on the part of the police in terms of raids being conducted in those muslims communities. some of those raids are justifiable. some probably are not and they're increasing the allen nation. they want that. >> thank you, general. stick around. >> good talking to you, neil.
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. all right. the latest from brussels right now. word the attack yesterday was actualliy planned on another da. >> the plan we're told by multiple sources authorities now believe was supposed to happen on monday, easter monday they call it where in the united states we celebrate good friday, sometimes people take that as a holiday, here nationally easter monday, the day after easter is a holiday. according to multiple sources authorities believe that that was the day on which this attack was planned, that the two brothers and others were to go to the airport and the subway station and it would happen the day after easter because that's when holiday makers would be flying around and moving on
1:37 pm
subways in large numbers. why was it moved up? the working theory is that the man who is in custody salah abdeslam, who was brought into custody last week. they were afraid he was talking to authorities and authorities mentioned that he was. so out of fear that the attack might be thwarted they went ahead and did it yesterday, which would explain a lot of things if true. for instance the two brothers called for a taxi. the taxi showed up, the older brother was upset because he couldn't fit but three bags in there. all of the bombs didn't make their way to the airport. some were left behind at the bomb makers house because the authorities got a call from a taxi driver and said i had these weird guys that wanted me to take them to the airport. this may be the guys in the picture and it was. that's where they found the bomb making home. so the attack,he working
1:38 pm
theory is it was supposed to be on monday and they moved it up earlier because salah abdeslam might have been talking. >> the understanding was that they would have bigger crowds, but they would still target the airport, they would still target the train station? >> that is my understanding of the working theory from multiple sources, that they had planned it for that day so they could cause maxum carnage. they knew there would be a lot of holiday makers in and out of those transit systems and maybe they had a different way to get to the airport than a random cabbie who they called. if there's good news out of this i suppose it's that. >> i notice you're by the stock exchange there. it will be closed the remainder of the week, right? is most commerce activity shut down there? >> well, something i didn't know until recently, the stock exchan exchange itself is just a building. they use it for buildings and the like now.
1:39 pm
the stock exchange is digital, though it is shut down. it's a national holiday as put into place by the government. the worked theory was that all the commerce would be shut down, that grocery stores and banks would be closed, you wouldn't be able to get coffee. that's not the case. places are open to accommodate all these thousands of people who have come out to show peace with those who died. there is commerce. people are out and abouins are . you can travel. the idea being if we shut ourselves down, the terrorists win. we don't want them to win again. >> thank you very much. this easter monday was the plan, then what? we go to the john f. kennedy international airport in new york. i'm wondering if the impact on travel period. what are you seeing?
1:40 pm
>> reporter: we are seeing an impact, a lot of airlines have announced that they had to cancel and reroute some flights after what happened on tuesday and that has long-term effects as we move through this holiday weekend. but what we're seeing here at jfk is of course what you might expect, a ramped up security. we're talking about more machine guns, long guns, canine units, extra baggage checks. it's happening here and also at our area airports and the big train stations, grand central and penn station as well. the new york national guard, new york state troopers and the nypd have spread out to detour terror activities, which some of the major airlines have to take into account and tell people to allow extra time for. we've been talking to travelers here today at jfk and they say while they are being cautious,
1:41 pm
they still have to get where they're going. >> i've taken off on runways where there's smoking wreckage at the front. it's what you do. >> after hearing about what happened i guess yesterday, it was very disturbing to me, but you know what? i do believe life has to go on. >> and global security experts say gathering effective intelligence on terror plots before they are carried out continues to be a top priority. that's where some of the focus really has to maintain. u.s. officials maintain there's no creditable security threats here in the u.s. that they can share with us. there has been talk about pushing out the perimeter for the security checkpoints. the brussel attacks happened in the area between where passengers get dropped off and go through security checkpoints, we we know is accessible to anyone. we spoke to the head of the cia about moving the checkpoints out
1:42 pm
further, something they said would be a challenging undertaking. >> in order to reduce the ability of isis to use air terminals as targets will be extremely difficult to do. the logistics in size and design of our airports was not all put together with an eye toward avoiding terrorism. >> reporter: and he says we have to work with what we have right now and many other security experts point out that there is a lot that is working and it will continue to be this way as we move forward. neil. >> thank you very much. as you might imagine from the recent days' developments boarder security is a hot issue. front and center, the sheriff is so hot that even hillary clinton is mentioning him in speeches again and again. sheriff is next.
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arizona yesterday. phoenix, anywhere we looked last night when fox business was covering this live, you're missing so much. i don't have time for that, but look at these lines. i'm thinking of the issue that was number one on arizona and that was the boarder and i'm thinking of a guy who has made that a very big issue because he likes to remind people it is a huge issue. sheriff joe arpaio and i'm thinking what candidates, two certain ones come to mind have been saying about him. take a look. >> sheriff arpaio who has made a career, a political career of demonizing immigrants and preying on vulnerable people and communities. >> when i see people like sheriff arpaio and others who are -- who are treating fellow
1:47 pm
human beings with such disrespect, such contempt, it just makes my heart sink. >> first of all, get his name right. secondly he's not going after immigrants, he's going after illegal immigrants, those breaking the law. he doesn't get a fair shake in the mainstream media, but sheriff good to see you. what did you think of that? >> you know, the senator made a comment, which i call a vailed threat, if he is president, which he won't be, he will have the power. watch out joe. what is he talked about watch out joe. i know a holder a 100 days after he took office he's going to try to beat that record. hillary, she's got me and trump on her campaign videos that
1:48 pm
she's dplofloating around. >> donald trump, thanks in large part to your support, wins the state by a country mile and almost half the vote in a very crowded ticket that still had pretty much all the candidates who had long since dropped out of the race so overly thbviousls a very important issue, but does it bug you that you're called a racist and you have said those who have broken the law. do you say that is infur rating? >> when they can't get you on anything else, they throw the race card. i'm not going to get into my personal family. i'm not going to go that route, but i was the director to mexico. covered that boarder for 35 years. they can say whatever they want to say. i'm going to keep enforcing the laws and let them keep coming after me. >> hillary clinton took it to a
1:49 pm
new level, right? she's saying you're almost an anti-human being. >> maybe she should have spent more time in mexico when she was secretary of state and get the mexicans from flooding our country with poisoned heroine, drugs, illegal immigration. how many times has she been to mexico, including the president? they travel all over the world. she's the secretary of state, the most important official other than the president and now she's complaining. it's her fault that we have a lot of problem. she wants to go after me, be my guest. i think it's an honor that she keeps mentioning my name. >> if she did become president, you had a tough time with this administration, you could really have a tough time with her. >> i don't know. i'm kind of a good guy. i've been able to negotiate around the world with officials. if she wants to invite me to the white house, i'll be glad to go. >> do you ever feel tempted to
1:50 pm
say here's how you pronounce my name. >> if she me to well she can't pronounce my name. she's handlers tell her what to say. let her keep talking. it doesn't bother me. i'll keep doing my job. >> those prompt readers bug me. >> thank you very, very much. we're learning a little bit more about a suspect that might be still on the run. or not. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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. what we tended to discover in the case of paris and now brussels, they can't hide very long. we're obviously trying to track down this guy in the black hat and the white jacket. it is just a matter of time. what are they doing to track this guy down? >> it's good to be here. i think they're trying to look for his internet signature, social media, dna. the character who supposedly got away, according to afp today, his name is larouche. it looks like he was one of the suicide bombers killed in the airport. but belgian authorities. he is he is came. is this a major intelligence failure? and we're hearing numerous sentences which suggest that it is. >> they have these so-called safe zones. that got a lot of people upset in paris. them that's not the case.
1:55 pm
you don't go in and they don't go out. i don't know if it is that bad. but there is an understanding in some communities, we huddle together and leave it at that. they know things, they don't say things. assuming guys like this go to such domes, whatever you want to call them. and authorities are leery of going into those zones, what do you do? >> well, to paris and brussels attacks have sho a new dimension to this problem. there are safe havens in syria and iraq, now we see safe havens in europe. and it is an especially serious problem because apparently the muslims in belgium are far less asimulated in this country. this is a divided country between the french and the dutch speakers. i think the islamists have taken advantage of that. >> do you get a sense with this latest report that isis has sent
1:56 pm
out hundreds of recruits to do god knows what across europe, small, large cities alike, hundreds of them. there's no way to verify that. but multiple the placesave been reporting that. what kind of intelligence, are they sharing information? what? >> i think they're sharing more information than they were sharing. but based on what happens in brussels, it is clear to me there is an isis network operating in europe. and that if they were using brussels as a hub to carry it out, i don't think this was the last attack. bear in mind one of the paris attackers said he had 90 isis colleagues in europe toward conduct terrorist attacks. >> that's amazing. thank you very much. former terrorism analyst. we're in the middle of holy week, folks. and brussels, the airport is closed right through good friday. they're leery. we're a little leery.
1:57 pm
as they continue the vigil in brussels, a remind per kit happen anywhere. stay close, stay safe. good luck.
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hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." our reaction to the results of yesterday's presidential elections in a moment. but first to the new developments on the terror strikes in brussels. an intend manhunt is journal way for this man seen on surveillance video in the brussels airport. we was two other men believed to be the suicide bombers in yesterday's attacks. another bomber now confirmed to be the brother of one of the suspects blew himself up at the metro station. at least 34 were killed. more than 200 injured.


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