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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." our reaction to the results of yesterday's presidential elections in a moment. but first to the new developments on the terror strikes in brussels. an intend manhunt is journal way for this man seen on surveillance video in the brussels airport. we was two other men believed to be the suicide bombers in yesterday's attacks. another bomber now confirmed to be the brother of one of the suspects blew himself up at the metro station. at least 34 were killed. more than 200 injured.
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belgium's ant-terror chief warns several terrorists involved could still be at large and are all from the same isis cell that carried out the massacre in paris. for more on all these developments, live from brussels. thank you for staying up and being with us tonight. what do you think we know today that we didn't know yesterday that is making this brussels full say there could be even more of these terrorists at large at the moment? >> i think it is more of a general thing than a specific thing. they've not been specific with us about any of that. the headline is the bomb maker is dead. this is not just the bomb maker, they believe he was the bomb maker from the terrorist attacks in november. the reason for that is they found his daniels on the bomb vest. this is the man on the left of the screen. the one on the far left. his name is najim and he was the one who was not yet identified
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from the bombing at the airport here. there is a picture of him from interpole. they had been for him for quite some time. they believe he was holed up. the bomb maker whose dna was found on the scene is dead. that's an extraordinary development. so often bomb makers within terror cells are highly guarded. the last thing would you want to do is have the man who makes bombs blow himself up in the attack but that's what happened here. that might lead some casual observers to think that maybe the last have their reign of terror is over. i suppose that's possible. the authorities say they still believe there are others involved who were out there and yet to be found. among them, the man on the right of that picture wearing the cream colored jacket and the black hat. we have no idea what involvement he had. we know he is believed to have pushed the bomb in the cart that
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was not detonated. witnessed said they saw him running away but in the chaos, he got away. authorities say they don't know where he is, who he is, what his involvement might have been. if he chickened out or if he was not aware of what was happening. they believe there are others out there. they have given us no specifics. >> we're going around the table but if i could follow up. do they think the bomb maker blew himself up because he might have been compromised because of the arrests that happened last week with one of the cohorts? >> that's certainly part of the thinking. if there were others in the cell, who would make the bombs for them? remember, this is a man who, they believe the attacks actually happened yesterday. that they came prematurely because they believe the man who had already been in custody was talking them say they now believe multiple sources tell fox news that the authorities have the working theory that this bombing was supposed to
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have happened not yesterday but on the monday after easter. the beginning of a holiday period. 16 days of easter break that begins on saturday before easter. easter monday is an important holiday here. much like good friday is in the united states. so why they would target that airport for that day when most holiday workers would have made their way away. most sources say they believe the attack was to have happen on monday but it was expedited because the other man who is in custody, abdeslam, is in custody. and talking to him and they moved it up so he couldn't thwart their efforts. >> a day of extraordinary developments, as you pointed out. you highlighted a couple of them. during your hour live at 3:00, the a.p. announce that had isis was senting up the 400 fighters to perpetrate a wave of terror throughout europe any follow up on that?
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do they still stand by that story? >> reporter: they do. and receive weechd out to a lot of sources here on the ground and other places. and all of them say that's accurate reporting. they believe that 400 people are already, have already been dispatched across europe and are trained and ready for these activities. make no mistake, this neighborhood about which we've been speaking here in brussels is an area that, self-radicalization has been going on a long time. there are multiple reports tonight that they believe this particular attack was coordinated out of syria through that neighborhood here with this one cell. that's not to suggest there are not more. the locals believe this report of 400 future attackers being across europe is an accurate one and one that european authorities will have to deal with in the weeks, months and years ahead. it is seen by various experts here. all with whom we've spoken directly that this is the beginning.
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not the middle or the end. that this is the beginning of an attack. that it will go on for a long time. >> juan? >> a day later, what do we know that the twin brothers? i was surprised to learn both were born in brussels. they're belgian citizens. i thought they were recent immigrants. no. they've been here 20 years. ibrahim was 29. he and his brother khalid had run a bar together in that neighbor for years. there were problems with them before. i believe it was 2001. 2009. they had carjacked a victim and in another, they had hijacked a check cashing place. like a currency place. after that, a cop was killed. the older was convicted.
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sentenced to nine years in prison. in belgium for good behavior and other reasons you can serve less time. so he got out. the older of course, was involved in the terror attack in paris and authorities were very aware of that. theyere searching for him. apparently the local authorities, they had 80 different jurisdictions of police across belgium until recently. now it is down to six. the local authorities have a very difficult time communicating with the federal authorities. though people in that neighborhood were aware of this radicalization, didn't know what to do about it, who would get hurt by it, they just let it go. they said that's the job of the federal police. at any rate those two should not have been on the streets. we've learn in reason weeks, police have been made aware of the house that we know was the bomb factory for the now dead bomb maker.
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they were aware of it. they were working together in operations to figure out what was going on there. then all of a sudden, this attack happened. they're well behind the eight ball and authorities admit this situation has overwhelmed them. they waited too long. >> a cple of things here, it is interesting that these brothers were known to belgian authorities and this is an area where they were operating and abdeslam taking refuge there. being kept by the community and undercover for these past months since paris. what efforts are happening as we speak to step up surveillance in that area? perhaps not pay attention to the existing laws of 9:00. that? we won't do raids after that time because of the exigent circumstances. we saw some extra measures in real-time before they disappear.
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>> the explanation that has been given to me is that the problems are broader, wired and more difficult to tackle here. there's a culture where the local police and the federal police do not cum very well with each other. the warnings didn't make their way to the federal police. then sometimes the warnings that come from the feds don't make their way to the local policeful in other words, they're not cooperating. it sounds a little like the dysfunction prior to 9/11 but much more broad and much more systemic. this is a city divided culturally, religiously, by way of language and history. to where you really do have more than one brussels. and in that brussels, it is very difficult to get information from one law enforcement agency to another. they admit, there are things that local police know but don't know how to act on. and things the federal police act on but don't have contact
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with the locals. it is a very messed up situation. to have an explosion and now realize, there is terror being launched out of there and has been for years. figuring out how to solve that problem is something they haven't done yet. it is a work in progress. they're carrying out raids in multiple locations around the city and the country side. but figuring out who is who and who might have what desires is something they haven't been able to do. >> a last question from jesse waters. >> you've been on the ground speaking to he people. is there buyers remorse about muslim immigration in the european continent? they've been coming from north africa for decades, the wave after the syrian civil war. and europe was pretty open minded about it for quite some time. you've seen the terror attacks, gang rapes in germany. i'm wondering if the tide is turning. and the population are saying, enough is enough. is that being discussed?
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how do you feel people feel about this muslim immigration situation? >> i've wondered the same thing. and i think they see it as a problem that has been created due to a lack of communication over a period of years and decades here. these people have settled in this neighborhood. mostfully and among themselves them all speak the same language. they have very low employment opportunities. unemployment is in the 30 percent aisle. in the 40% among young people them don't see hope or a way out them come together and get radicalized. people from syria come in and say there's a way. there is hope. we have friendships for you. we have a purpose in life for you. and then they're brought away to syria because of the open borders and become radicalized. they've come back. there are otherses who don't see home or opportunities in the poor neighborhoods. nether the problem from what i'm hearing, they think that the problem mostly is about the fact there hand been this a
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simulation we've seen so effective in the united states. they've remained separate and unequal. it is that stat us that has caused an attitude where this is possible. and now they're trying to figure out not how to get rid of people but how to make all the people come together with mutual understanding. not something will happen overnight or in the period of week or days. it will take a long time. you have the reality, not those who may be coming, those already here. they're already radicalized. they've already been brainwashed by this mentality. and 37 to figure out what to do about the here and now. i think they're more concerned about the here and now than 20 years ago or what they may do next year. they have to fix the problem because it is very serious. >> thank you. ahead, another election day with big wins for both trump and ted cruz. we'll be back with more. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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arizona was winner take all over trump picked up 58 more delegates and he thanked voters there with a tweet. much bigger win than anticipated
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in arizona. thank you. i will never forget. cruz picked up all of you'd you've's 40 delegates after the land slide victory and he picked up an endorsement from his former rival, jeb bush. >> we ended one a land slide of 69%, nearly 70%. what we're seeing is we're seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. in the last ten days our campaign has been supported by jeb bush, mitt romney, mike lee and mark levine. you want to talk about, that's the fum ideological range. what we're seeing is republicans coming together. because if donald trump is the nominee, hillary wins. >> the next major contest for republicans is the april 5 primary in wisconsin. a big night for both -- well, for cruz and for trump. both getting all the delegates in the respective states they
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took. how do you see the rates going so far with the numbers? >> well, trump got 59% of the delegates last night. this blew my mind. when trump endorsed ted cruz. wait a minute. first romney and now busch endorsing ted cruz. if this is an outsider year, maybe ted cruz would be smart to disavow them. he's run a campaign. i'm the other alternative outsider to donald trump. and now he's got establishments like romney and jeb on his side. i'm not sure that helps. but it does signal one thing. in any normal election year there would never be an instance where mitt romney and jeb bush would endorse ted cruz for the gop nomination. it is one of those whacky years. >> what do you think? i'm sure jeb bush is getting pressure from donors and people
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that he's close to about making an important decision to try to shame the rest of the election. >> yeah. i'm sure it wasn't easy. if you think about how much money right to ride, the pass that supported je they intent $40 million attack marco rubio. only then to end up endorsing ted cruz as that the more palatable choice. i think that was maybe a little hard to swallow. but i don't know how much pressure he was getting. i really think he was his own man. marco rubio hasn't come out yet. he's had staff around him. he said if you supported rubio, you should support cruz. but there's not a lot of effort personally on behalf of marco rubio. going into wisconsin, one person that used to be in the race that dropped out earlier, i think he was one of the first to drop out was governor scott walker. and i don't know if he will endorse one of the candidates before april 5. he might.
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i don't know how much these endorsements are mattering. i think there is a decent point, yes, in term if you don't want to be known as someone with establishment friends, god forbid, you would disavow them. if you're trying to look at a coalition and try to build out and say look how many people i can appeal to. i might not have been your first or second choice. if i'm your third choice, i can unite the party. i think ted cruz has a good point on that. >> i think the jeb bush endorsement is like the kiss of death. so if juan agrees with something i say, i'm probably wrong. i might need to rethink that. to be honest, jeb bush hates ted cruz. and romney hates ted cruz. they just hate trump more. so the whole endorsement thing rings hollow. in 2016, everybody hates politicians. it is better to be attacked by a politician than endorsed by a politician. so i don't think these endorsements matter. marco was endorsed in south
2:21 pm
carolina and went down in flames. i think the only endorsement that can move the needle is someone like general petraeus. i think that would change someone's mind. >> who are you going to endorse? >> hillary. i don't care much for endorsements. >> and petraeus. don't endorse hillary clinton. >> the empire strikes back. last night mitt romney helped ted cruz greatly. that's why ted cruz did so well in utah. he had to switch from kasich to cruz and it seems to have worked. i think what you see is the gathering of the ant-trump forces. so saying we love ted cruz. i don't think that's the point. i think the point is here is an opportunity for everybody who has put money in, to gather, to say we'll expose ourselves to the threat that comes from donald trump. let's get together. if you care about the republican
2:22 pm
party, if you are embarrassed about the way the campaigns are going, let's right now have a stop trump campaign. >> isn't that exactly why trump is resonating with so many people? because of those shenanigans? the night before ohio, mitt romney endorses, or campaigns with john kasich. that friday after that, with utah coming up a few days later, he turns his focus and endorses ted cruz. what's the next one? wisconsin. is there anyone else? >> my point to you is it is all about stopping donald trump. that's what's going on. there's a divided republican party. and the way i think of it is, people who back trump won't be satisfied with cruz, kasich or anybody else. but people who back cruz and kasich, they're not satisfied with trump. >> it helped in utah but i don't think it will stop trump anywhere else.
2:23 pm
>> this is the point. do you know what i would have loved? and this is what irritates me. and i love that. why didn't he show this fight and fire and vigor and his passion against barack obama when he was running? now he's doing it just like, i guess ant-trump jumps from kasich to cruz. he didn't have this advocacy on his own behalf but he's doing it now. it is his prerogative. but cruz was cleaning his clock. >> i think it -- >> look at the number. >> romney is from utah. he is running out of states he's from. here's the thing. ted cruz, what did he cause them? >> cartel. >> and i love that about him. he love that he pushed back so hard on d.c. and i think that was resonating. now to say i'm going to embase
2:24 pm
this wing of the party that he has pushed back on. four years that he's been in the senate. >> and he film flops on him. i think he's trying to build a consensus. we randal out of time but a comment from cruz saying, if you're going to stay in the race, you have to win some races, some states. so he was making a push for cave kasich to get out there. kasich is staying in. so are we. next, how the candidates plan to deal with the growing terror threat.
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united states postal service priority:you with the brussels terror attack a day old, the 2016 candidates are taking shots at each other over who would keep america safe and sound. first, here's hillary clinton from earlier today. >> when other candidates talk about building walls around america, i want to ask them. how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out?
2:29 pm
it would be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing populated areas into oblivion. proposing that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you're in over your head. slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> and trump has some thoughts on the democrat front-runner. >> in the case of incompetent hillary, you have one reason. she is petrified of the president because he has got her life in his hands. how they're unwilling to even mention the term when all over the world this is happening and it will start happening more and more here because we're allowing so many in, is just incredible. >> do you know what stands out? hillary took down cruz and trump but didn't provide a solution for her own ideas. >> i'm against those guys. we have to give people a reason to be for her but she has a lot
2:30 pm
of baggage. vote for me because i have a fragile relationship with e-mail servers and i like the break laws, i lying the play on the wild side and see if i can get indicted. see how much obama like me or dislikes me this week. she is not a good candidate. she has experience. what did she do with her time in office? she would rather tell you how bad the gop is. that we're the worst thing since ebola. >> she can't even say islamic terror in the same sentence. >> we fight terror every day. she won't say the. what you have to understand is, i think if you want to be the leader of the united states, the most powerful nation in the world, the strongest military, you can't just be shooting off at the mouth saying anything you want without considering the impact it has globally. so for all of us at the table, we can talk about radical islam.
2:31 pm
if you're the leader and you have to talk about people who would take that offensively, you'd better -- >> it has really worked out well. >> i think it has worked. you want to try the more radical approach and see? >> winning? >> winning? i think he would have more terror, moralize. more panic and terror. >> let's bring dana in. after the baseball game, this is going on in brussels. he is wearing the shades, back. president obama today seem to have a more serious tone. and i'll quote. we defeat isis in part by senting them a message. you're not strong. you are weak. >> i know. >> this is how -- >> remember -- after paris, one of the things that he had to do, to come out and say, i misread. i think it was san bernardino. there have been so many terror
2:32 pm
attacks. them we misread the mood of the country. we should have been more serious. this is a pattern. she is a little bit stuck. in her book she said she wanted to be a lot tougher in syria than president obama did and he didn't listen to her. now she needs to make sure that obama is going to campaign for her so she has to say, we're going to stay the course. what we're doing is good enough. but americans don't think it is good enough. what she was doing today was also signaling to what was sometimes called the security moms. so saying, i'm steady. you can trust me. i will be the one. if i can say one last thing. i think we have to go. i've been wonder whaerg donald trump would say about hillary. what word was he going to use? what adjective was he going to use? he had low energy jeb, little marco, lyin ted. he says incompensate hillary. that's an interesting word. people feeling the government is
2:33 pm
incompete incompetent. >> ted cruz has come under fire. from some liberals over the plan to carpet bomb isis and more controversially torborg target muslim neighborhoods for additional patrol. >> we're doing between 15 and 30 attacks a day. what we ought to use is overwhelming air power, carpet bombing to take out the command and control. take out the oil fields. >> if you have an area where there is a high level of gang tiflt increase the law enforcement presence and you target gang members to get them off the streets. i am talking about any area where there is a higher inls dense of radical islamic terror. >> if they had controlled it, profiling is good police work
2:34 pm
101. >> i thought we just heard from sheppard smith that they were intensely patrolling. they had heavy rap sheets i think what we've learn is that the belgian police are under manned. >> and unwilling to do the thing that they need to do. inexcusable. i think it is counter terrorism malpractice. >> there are neighborhoods the police would not go into. very muslim held neighborhoods. >> up there were areas that they were not doing. they were leaving to it others. >> earlier. >> not during our show. >> earlier in the show. >> i could be wrong but i think he was talking about a division between local police not communicating with the federal police in belgium. >> does this new attack in the
2:35 pm
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yesterday's bombings in brussels and apple's refusal to open the cell phone. the company reiterated the position that it will not be backing down. >> we did not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government. but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> the fbi, however, says it may have found a way to get into syed rizwan farook's phone without apple's phone. regardless, a lot of people are
2:40 pm
arguing that apple has an obligation to help. i know one of these people. i sit next to her daily. miss kimberly guilfoyle. >> here is the thing. he's saying this, taking the high ground to appeal to the people that buy apple. i get that. that's a business move. you have a responsibility as a citizen to be part of the fight against terror. some kind of moral or ethical obligation or bone in your body to be able to say that? right now he is saying, we're not going -- we stand by the privacy. they found a way around you. like i suggested they do. this third party is like a white hat hacker who is getting into the phone. they make multiple copies so you don't get locked out. they try it out on all the foegs. that's what you. do they found a way. so he is trying to look like the hero. now we don't need and you were not helpful and we won't forget. >> i take other side of that argument on most of them.
2:41 pm
i think by doing so would you destroy apple's business. and i understand the security versus liberty argument. and here's the extreme case. an iphone contains exact dates and time of the next terror attack that is going to happen of then would tim cook break the encryption? i would hope he would. that's not what this was about. this was about the fbi looking for information that possibly that may or may not be there. strike to gather information. i think he stood by his constitutional right to not break the encryption. given the circumstances being a specific time and place, i would hope he would do it. >> but now we know that somebody, we don't know exactly who, is helping the government. does that weaken the fbi's case against apple and their request to apple to open the phone? >> it might but the ultimate result is to get the information so they can help in the investigation. so oh well. it is kind of a bummer for the company. they suffer a major pr crisis, i
2:42 pm
think. people that love apple and people that live in silicon valley, tim cook is their hero. i think apple is on the wrong side of this. the other thing is that we expect law enforcement to find needles in a hay stack. so we have to help them. if they need the zpools the resources to sift through the hay to find needle, we should provide that. >> and by the wearing this was a government phone. so when you talk about a constitutional right. >> it was an employers -- >> but from a government agency. this was government issued for his job. >> local government. yes. >> so i want to you play john stossel for a moment. our libber air tan yenld. >> put a mustache. on. >> so the government is basically saying, they want access to your personal information on any iphone that you've been messing around with. >> i've got some nasty stuff on my phone. the fbi doesn't look great here either. i think they've been humiliated in the world by a bunch of tech
2:43 pm
nerds. then they gave an advertisement to say go by the iphone. you can't crack it. then we can crack it. we've got a guy. we've got a guy. and they're still dragging their feet on hillary. the fbi doesn't smell great here. >> but they get in on 80% of the cases. there are substantial records where they've gotten access to the apple i-felonies to. what it goes to show you, you can get into the phone. sorry. >> yesterday's attacks a sign that isis is weakening? that's what the state department is saying. we'll debate thatnd other commentary coming up next. understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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there has been some bizarre comary pertaining to the attacks in brussels. first this always spins the war to try to convince americans we're winning. yesterday the state department claimed the attacks were a sign isis is losing. >> we are seeing them resort to more traditional attacks like car bombings and suicide bombings because they are able to grab the territory they want to. they are suffering a lot of hits to their resources. they're having trouble recruiting. they're losing lots of defectors now in ways they were not before. >> you know what this reminds me
2:48 pm
of? some quarterback scoring touchdowns and the other team saying, we were halfway there. >> it was starting, the demeanor on president obama today in argentina. he was so serious. during the attacks he was younging it up with cuba. >> the optics are terrible. he didn't really change the strategy at all. now i hear john kerry will go as well. >> oh, kerry? >> some good music pretty soon. >> kimberly -- >> wait a second. call me wave. >> this guy spins the e-mail scandal 24/7. now it is seeping over into the war on terror. like the boys who cried wolf. you won't believe these guys
2:49 pm
anymore. >> the problem is they don't have any credibility. you can't say that isis is getting crushed or rolled back. they're pulling off something ahead of schedule. highly organized. they moved it up on the schedule because of islam getting custody. you have white house spokesperson, oh, things are going swimmingly. that's not helping. and it is so disingenuous. >> like if there are no terrorist attacks, the administration strategy is working. if there are terrorist attacks, the strategy is working. >> it shows how weak they are. >> i would hate to see what terrorists look like if they are strong. >> today in the "wall street journal," and i saw a list of all the terror attacks in the last couple years. it is almost daily you have
2:50 pm
something going on with deadly attacks against inning people to try to advance the political agenda. i don't understand the strange desperation to tell isis that they are weak. i don't know whether they think, maybe they have intel that tells them this really affects isis and hurts them in some way. >> juan, are we winning or losing the fight on isis? >> we're winning. they're pushing back, we're pushing them back in iraq, syria, and you have these guys. we just captured this guy four days ago. so you have this kind of event that's kind of a couple thuggish guys out of this nabl. you make it out, isis is really in charge. >> what are you talking about? >> we're putting 400 fighters, trained fight enters into europe. europe thinks we're winning the war against isis? >> we're not winning a war against these thugs who perm
2:51 pm
trait terrorist acts. in terms of isis, i think you've lost the larger picture here. >> you understand that -- >> we don't want them taking over iraq. that's the bigger picture. >> because we've let them take over iraq. we already retreated. let them take over. now we've basically kick them out a little bit? >> we dole want isis setting up new neighborhoods in yemen -- >> really bad. >> we don't want that. we have to find a way to deal with it. >> you're so off base. it's like you were sleeping through the last six months. what about paris? san bernardino? libya? are you reading these intelligence reports? >> can i sbrum you for a second? can i reapply?
2:52 pm
san bernardino, what connection? those people were lone wolves. they did it themselves. >> no. >> i'm telling you. that's why -- >> the one more thing is up next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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society of new york. we have an address right at the bottom of the screen where you can adopt it. here's what you need to do. go out and document your next best friend. everyone is holding a dog. >> this one is very happy. brody wants to get to jess. >> brody, watch the glasses there! >> i have a black dress and she is a black multipooh. very cute, right? >> can i put brody on the floor? >> sure. nothing bad could happen. >> kimberly? >> yes, well, this is very sweet. kai, you're very well behaved. i have a very important one more thing today. because eric kill born is a little boy getting a wish for the make-a-wish foundation. he wanted to meet the united states air force thunder birds.
2:57 pm
and the chief master sergeant made his wish come true. last weekend at the mcdill air force base air show in florida. they visited with 30 children from make a wish and they attended the friday practice and the thunder birds vip ten. here's the important part. she is the top enlisted leader of the united states air force thunder birds and the first female chief for the team. and she was so happy to do this for that little boy with such a sweet spirit. amazing how these young ones can change your life with their little hands. so to the family and all the best. >> you've almost put your puppy to sleep. >> these puppies are wonderful so hats off to the humane society of new york. i home you didn't miss "dancing with the stars." they danced the cha-cha cha and
2:58 pm
poked fun at his al capone special. he got a tough critique with a low score but i have to say, geraldo, you are inspiring. >> he was amazing. the votes for geraldo. >> you know what? this little puppy. i'm voting for this pumy. this is the greatest little puppy. and geraldo, he would make you dance. >> i'm very proud of him. and he had to overcome a lot to be there. >> got to vote for him. >> i get to go next. on monday, we couldn't do our one more thing so i saved it. my sister, angie perino turned 40 over the weekend. i was in denver for that. that's my mom, my sister and i. i got to see my dad who came over for breakfast. my sister made angie mcmuffins which i think kimberly would have loved. this is a picture of her at the birthday party with me with my head in my hand after she opened my present which she didn't even get. then she open ad head band which
2:59 pm
she got from her friend shelly which she said she always wanted. so happy birthday for anybody with birthdays on monday. >> happy birthday! >> you get to go now with the dog. >> i'm ready. crazy car chase down in harris county, texas. these guys running from the law. carjackers. going really, really fast. then all of a sudden, not going so fast after that. boom! >> i don't like that. >> so there was an escape. the guy got out on foot. hot foot pursuit. and the cops got them. they're both under arrest. >> everything okay with the person they hit? >> the person they hit is fine. he's in the hospital but he survived. >> can i tell you something? he's really much better. >> are you afraid of dogs?
3:00 pm
>> he's a cat person. >> i'm not a dog guy. >> i think it is funny that you're laughing so hard you're crying. it is like your make-up is running. >> set your dvrs and never miss "the five." "special report" is up next. this is the fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. there is a furious manhunt going on right now for possible accomplices in tuesday's brussels terror attacks that left 34 people dead. another of the dead, not so new jersey. maybe the bomb maker who built the devices, both for brussels and paris last november. we're learning u.s. citizens may have been specifically targeted by islamics. we're learning there are several unaccounted for but as of now there are no reported fatalities. back here at home major cities are


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