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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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and don't miss a new episode of "war stories" this friday at 10:00 p.m. hosted by colonel oliver north. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith. this is "the kelly file. this is a fox news alert. i'm mike tobin in brussels. the islamic state dispatched some 400 terrorists across europe. this information coming through the associated press. meantime, we are learning more about the three men caught on security video at the airport just before the attacks. the man to the far left identified as najim laachraoui the manned in middle killed himself.
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the third person in the shot is still unidentified but for whatever reason his bomb didn't go off and presumed alive and at large. officials say they warn dutch and belgium security that ibrahim was radicalized and dangerous. now here's hannity. welcome to "hannity." tonight in the wakely of the deadly attacks in brussels, trump and cruz are calling on america to get much tougher in the fight of radical islam. the democrats, on the other hand, they'd rather be politically correct. here's what donald trump said last night. >> we don't fight on the same level. we have law that is protect everybody. you know? you can't do this and that. don't touch them. don't hurt them. please. meantime they go around killing people. they have no laws. we have the laws to protect them. it's absolutely crazy. >> i agree with you that we should use advance terror enhancement interrogation
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techniques on him. >> beyond waterboarding. beyond waterboarding. >> explain. >> you catch the guy week and looks like retaliation for his capture. if they would have put him through the grill, ten minutes after they capture him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped the horrible terror attack that happened today. >> and senator cruz condemned the attacks and yesterday put out this statement saying, quote, we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized and today doubled down on the remarks. >> it is interesting in the last 24 hours when i called for proactive policing directed at islamic terrorism the reaction of democrats, major deblasio here in new york held a press conference blasting me, attacking me. democrats are more concerned about political correctness than they are about keeping us safe and why people are so fed up.
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we need a commander in chief whose priority is keeping the american people safe and that's what i'll do. >> now, true to form, democrats like president obama and hillary clinton, they're ignoring the real threat that's posed by radical sl radical slammists. >> we should carpet bomb iraq or syria. not only is that inhumane, not only is that contrary to our values but that would likely be an extraordinary mechanism for isil to recruit more people willing to die and explode bombs in an airport. as far as the notion of having surveillance of neighborhoods where muslims are present, i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes
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absolutely no sense. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it's dangerous! >> all right. here with reaction from "the new york times" best seller "duplicity," newt gingrich. mr. speaker, this is very interesting. i think this is a key moment because hillary clinton and bernie sanders is saying, oh, we have got to keep the borders open. they're also saying we can't use enhanced interrogation. we have ab da sldeslam in jail probably knows where terror cells are in belgium and across europe and won't use enhanced interrogation tactics. what is your reaction? >> well, first of all, i think that the seriousness of the threat becomes more obvious every month. you have becomings in paris. you have bombings in brussels.
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you have knifings in california recently. you have 14 americans killed in california a few weeks ago. i mean, go down the list of -- ask yourself how many times do we have to see this and how many countries? which includes, by the way, mali, several attacks recently. includes parts of west africa where there have been several attacks, includes turkey. how often does this have to happen for our leaders to realize that we are at war? that the other side is currently winning. they're recruiting faster than we are killing them. and that all the rules of the game right now are peacetime, criminal justice rules of the game and they're not going to work. you're going to have to move towards a much more wartime footing of very serious surveillance. there's nothing wrong with saying that we can identify people who are dangerous and when we do we should track them
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and find out what they're doing and monitor them. i would recommend people go back and look at the period about 1938 to 1942, and look at the steps that were taken by the united states under a democrat with a democratic congress to protect america. they took some very tough steps. >> let me juxtapose. i mean, with the carnage we saw yesterday and hundreds injured and 34-plus killed and juxtapose that with the president and after lecturing by murdering dictator thug raul castro how to improve america, the president gave 51 seconds to the attacks in brussels and then goes to a baseball game while we're all viewing the carnage. the president of the united states next to a murdering dictator drinking beer and doing the wave. watch this.
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and then the president won't even acknowledge radical islamic terrorism. he said they're the jv team and contained. he was wrong on all accounts and can't use enhanced interrogation for the guy in custody. how does he justify this? what is wrong that he's friends with all of the wrong people and alienates the right people like the friends in israel? >> look. as you said -- >> i'm glad i make laugh. go ahead, laugh at me. >> not laughing at you. i don't want to cry and laughter's the second best choice. i mean, you warned in 2008, you were the one person who consistently aye ayers. you talked about radicalism in chicago. you raised the issues of who obama was really and the only person i think who's a major figure that got it right. obama is a radical left in many
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ways the first anti-american president. i mean, you go out and you watch him and you think, you know, how can you stand in front of a murdering thug, who was viciously anti-american? how can you be seen at a ball game with a dictator who, by the way, arresting people while obama was arriving. i mean, the dictatorship in cuba has done nothing to accommodate the united states. just as the north koreans do nothing, just as the arraignians do nothing. all of them treat obama with contempt and because he earns it. he behaves in ways that are weak 'allows them to take advantage of him and i think that's a fact. now the question is, do we follow obama with somebody who's equally susceptible to weakness and confusion? hillary clinton who last night after the brussels bombing said, we should n't really be afraid. i mean, is she just out of
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touch? i know she had secret service since 1992 but the fact is the rest of us don't and we have every reason to be afraid. >> i'll go back to abdeslam salah. killed 134 people in paris. this attack in retaliation to his arrest. and the analogy is simple that i'm using. if three kidnappers come into your home and they take your two children and they throw them in the back of the van and you run out of the house and tackle one of the grees but the other two get away with your kids and you have the guy on the ground, what methods would you use to extract the information as to the location of your children? now, i'm going to be perfectly blunt. there's nothing i would stop at to get that information quickly. very quickly. whatever it took. if i had to spend the rest of my life in jail, i'm willing to do.
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we're talking about the potential of thousandless and thousands of people being killed by these cells and, yet, they find it offensive that we would ask tough questions in a way that's uncomfortable for them. >> look. bill clinton and i created the hart roadman commission. i served on it as i stepped down as speaker. it said after three years of study in march of 2001 before 9/11, it said the greatest threat the united states is a weapons of mass destruction going off in an american city, probably by a terrorist group. nothing that's happened since then has reduced that threat. and that's what people need to realize. hillary clinton isn't talking about one or two people setting off one or two bombs. she doesn't understand these are people who want to get nuclear weapons. these are people who want chemical and biological weapons. these are people loving to kill thousands and thousands of americans. and to take it lightly, to tell us not to be afraid is
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delusional. you have to ask what planet these people live on and certainly is not earth. >> you know, i actually -- just to come full circle on my take on obama, and i was criticized a lot and i was even told by very close friends of mine i was putting my career in jeopardy going so hard on obama's radicalism. i really was. people who you know, who you would know, and my conclusion now is he is a frank marshal davis, a.c.o.r.n. that grew up in the church of gd america and reverend wright and started the political in terrorist ayers and that's the indoctrination. he's never had a sister soldier moment. you were there when bill clinton said the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we have known it. can you name one instance obama has gone against the radical indoctrination? i can't think of one. >> bill clinton yesterday said all of the migrants in europe
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are a major problem. he's the first democrat i've seen who admitted that -- and that all of these people coming in from syria, all of these people living in middle schobru is a huge problem. the belgians, by the way, i think they have changed the rule and as recently as last year, they had a year that you could not have a police raid after 9:00 at night until the next morning because it was -- it would be inconvenient to the people in the house. >> oh my goodness. we have take a break and come back and coming up, i'll go one on one with univision anchor about the donald trump immigration. why he's calling him racist and is he misquoting him? after last night's republican contest, the delegate count and reaction from chairman priebus. what if there's a contested conference and they want a consensus candidate?
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flonase changes everything.
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there's no doubt we need serious scrutiny to the visa waiver program and the visa waiver program was designed for a different era when those from europe were not perceived to be threats. >> doesn't matter a muslim, atist, christian, whatever, you can come in and doesn't have to go through the security checks for a visa. is it time to stop that? >> yeah. it's time to stop that, absolutely, jerry. frankly, look. we are having problems with the muslims and having problems with muslims coming into the country. >> in the wake of yesterday's deadly attacks in brussels, cruz and trump criticized the visa
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waiver program allowing people to enter the u.s. without a visa. does the u.s. need to clamp down? joining us now is jorge ramos. good to see you, sir. i got to -- i don't know any other way to put it. >> great to be here, sean. >> i have watched your coverage and i have listened to the things you say. you throw around this word racism with a sense of being so casual i find offensive. and on numerous occasions i notice you take what donald trump out of context which i think is fundamentally unfair, shows that you're not objective in your own opinion and i think you like to portray yourself at such and sabaning 1.5 million people coming into the united states because of their religion or calling all mexicans criminals and murderers and rapists, that is a false
7:17 pm
characterization on your part. why do you do that? why don't you report it honestly and then give your opinion? >> i'm just -- i'm simply reporting what donald trump has been saying. >> that's not true. >> when he says that mexican immigrants -- when he says that mexican immigrants -- >> some. >> criminals and traffickers, rapists. he is wrong. i'm a mexican immigrant. i know for sure the fact is, the fact is that the vast majority of immigrants in this country are not criminals, not rapists. he knows this. >> he's -- wait a minute. >> immigrants are less likely to be criminals in this country. >> i've been down to the border. >> the number of immigrant this is this country absolutely nothing to do with the number of crimes happening in the united states. >> excuse me. i sat through an intelligence briefing on the board we are the border officials and governor rick perry and showed the numbers and put up on the screen over an eight-year period that there were 642,000 crimes committed by illegal immigrants against texans including rape and murder.
7:18 pm
that does not talk about all mexicans. but you characterize it as donald trump said all people and that's false, sir. that's not true. >> no. donald trump said, donald trump said mexican immigrants -- >> some. >> are criminals, rapists and drug traffickers. that's absolutely wrong. let me tell you. >> do you acknowledge some are? hold on. answer that. >> i'm not here to defend any criminals. >> you agree some people are? >> let me just give you -- sean, let me give you some numbers. in the last 25 years, the number of undocumented immigrants grew from 3.5 million to 11 million. we agree on that, right? at the same time according to the fbi, violent crimes decreased 48%. so, therefore, the more immigrants that you have, the less crime you have in the united states. that's a fact. >> that's insanity. that's nuts. >> that's a fact. >> jorge, listen, i just told you -- >> i mean, talk to the fbi. >> i just told you i have been
7:19 pm
down to the border. >> the vast majority of -- >> excuse me. jorge, i have been down to the border. i have seen gang members arrested. been in drug warehouse that is are massive that -- wait. let me finish. targeting the children. tunnels dug. i've been in every capacity you can imagine. 642,000 crimes committed against texans alone in an eight-year period by illegal immigrants, not undocumented. illegal. you take trump's comments out of context. he said a temporary ban of muslims because he was listening to james clapper and james comey. you don't tell the whole story. why not? >> well, that hasn't happened. we cannot immigrants here for what happened in belgium. that's on one hand. on the other hand, you cannot blame all immigrants for what some of them did. >> i didn't. nor did trump.
7:20 pm
>> for what happened in sandy hook? you're not fair. >> you are talking about apples and oranges. >> be more challenging with donald trump. >> i don't need lectures from you. you got an agenda. you support open borders. you support illegal immigration. >> no. i'm just simply being -- >> you're willing to risk the lives of americans in the process. >> tough on republicans. >> the point is -- i have to tell you something. >> i'm independent. >> you're not independent. that's a lie. >> march the 9th -- >> you don't support the rule of law in america. >> i've been tough on donald trump and tough on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> big deal. you want a medal? coming up, part two of the interview and laura ingraham and much more, heather nauetr is here to break down the delegate count and i go one on one with
7:21 pm
chairman priebus. do they leap over trump and cruz with more delegates and votes and states? what would that do? more coming up on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." part two of my interview with jorge ramos. >> i saw your forum on march 9 in north carolina. you had an hour with donald trump. more than 30 questions and comments. not even once did you challenge donald trump on the largest mass deportations, banning -- >> i've asked him that in prior interviews. you would seen i've asked the question. i've asked the question! >> the sexist questions on women. >> you're missing the point. wait a minute. you are taking -- i don't need your lectures. thank you very much. you don't care about the 642,000 texans. you're taking -- wait a minute. you're taking his comments out of context. >> the transcript is right here. >> out of context. you're calling him racist.
7:24 pm
you're calling him bigoted and misrepresent what he said and you think you're the superior reporter. i don't need lectures from you, jorge ramos. >> this is -- >> you called him a racist. >> i don't know what's in his heart but i know exactly what's coming out of his mouth and what he's saying about mexican imgrants, what he's saying about muslims and what he's saying about women is completely unacceptable. >> last question. >> he's absolutely wrong on that. as journalists we have to -- >> here's my last question. >> i cannot talk to him. you can talk to him and you can be much tougher on him. >> i don't need lectures. is it true people that entered the country illegally and not respected the laws and sovereignty have people come over from the border and committed rape, have they committed murder? have they committed crimes against americans? and do you doubt what the law enforcement and border patrol told me about texas alone in an
7:25 pm
eight-year period 642,000 crimes? is that true that those crimes are happening? do you recognize that truth or not? >> i am not here to defend any criminals. i'm sure that some immigrants commit crimes. >> murder? >> but the vast majority -- >> murder? do some murder? >> are not criminals. >> not answering the questions. >> yes, that's happened. >> do some murder? do some commit rape. >> of the pain that american -- >> absolutely. it's happening. >> thank you. >> i cannot blame the whole immigrant population for what some of them have done in the same way. >> donald trump said you agree with? >> name all u.s. citizens for for some of them did oklahoma or san bernardino. >> he said a temporary -- wait a minute. he said a temporary ban on muslims because our director of national intelligence james clapper, fbi director comey and our -- >> making a discrimination.
7:26 pm
>> defeating isis all said, all said that isis will infiltrate the refugee population. do you think we should gamble with the lives of americans or would you support a temporary ban until we can absolutely vet them 100%? >> you want the make discrimination official. do you want -- >> are you going to answer one question? are you going to answer one question? you sound like hillary. should we have a temporary ban and listen to our intelligence officials or not? >> of course not. of course not. >> of course not? >> because here in the united states we have -- >> you gamble with the lives of american. >> terrorism -- >> you're going to gamble with the lives of americans. >> we cannot -- >> i'm not willing to do this. >> we are not gambling anything. >> i'm not -- >> convinced that the country can defend itself the way we're doing it right now and you should not blame immigrants for all the problems that we have here. if you cannot blame immigrants for europe. >> told by the intelligence
7:27 pm
community isis will infiltrate the immigrant population like they did in paris. are you willing to gamble with the lives of american people? i'm not. >> are you willing to change the nature and the essence of the united states, the tolerance, the acceptance? i'm sure that hannities came from somewhere else. >> ireland. legally. legally. all four. at the turn of the last century. >> i came here legally, too. and you know why? if we're talking about undocumented immigrants, you know why they're here? millions of us benefit from them and because thousands of undocuments immigrants -- >> el salvador, all over the world, come in legally. so we can vet you and make sure that you want to be a part of our family and not an enemy of the american people. that's fair. is that not fair? >> they're here because we benefit from their work and hiring them. >> they're here and don't respect our laws. >> impossible to deport 11
7:28 pm
million people from this country. >> you have to think twice about throwing that racist word around and if you wrote me or trump or quote anybody, please do it accurately in the future before you lecture us on how to do journalism. >> well, i have -- i have the transcript of your interview with trump. >> i've asked him about the comments numerous times. >> one hour with him. >> i don't repeat old interviews. i have done old interviews with him. i don't need lectures from you. i don't need lectures from him when you misquote candidates. >> listen to this. >> you misquoted him on purpose and you put in your opinion that when he's a racist. >> exactly the same sound bites you're using. >> all right. i got to go. i got to go. i'm way beyond. >> those seeking power. >> you will get the last word. thank you. and when we come back, laura ingraham with reaction to the interview of ramos and heather nauert recaps the gop races, explains where the count now sthands and rnc chairman priebus
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six is greater than one changes everything. this is a fox news alert. i'm mike tobin in brussels. a tip from a cab driver led police to the bomb making factory. that factory in an apartment in an immigrant neighborhood here in brussels. the cab driver says he picked up three men there that looked like the airport attackers caught on video. one was upset because the bag was small. they insisted on handling the bags themselves. when police followed the tip, they found chemicals used in bomb making, detonators and tatp, an explosive in homemade bombs and a suitcase of screws intended for shrapnel. standard in bomb making. police found a laptop and a garbage can belonging to ibrahim
7:35 pm
el bakraoui and he felt that he needed to attack quickly. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." joining us, editor and chief, contributor and friend. laura ingraham, how are you? >> good the see you. i have to comment on the jorge ramos back and forth earlier. i had a chance to listen to it. as he was speaking, and as he -- you had to pull it out of him to admit that some of the illegal immigrants who cross our borders commit a lot of crimes, not just one but a lot of crimes and looking around the internet and i found pedro, victor ramirez, jose villagomez, attempted murder, murder, rape of a 14-year-old girl, 60-year-old woman murdered. the list and the crimes sprees committed by people who are not supposed to be in this country,
7:36 pm
doesn't mean all people, but it means there is a segment of this population that is doing tons of damage to this country, killing people, terrorizing people in their own homes and property. that's not our -- that's not america either. he said that's not america. is that america? >> i sat through that intelligence briefing with governor perry. i'm down to the border a lot. helicopter, all terrain vehicle. stupid on horseback. >> i saw you on roller blades one time with spandex. >> no, thank you very much. >> yeah. >> i was there when gang members arrested. 642,000 crimes including 3,000 murders and i played the tape so many times on this show. >> i love it. good to see it. it's the truth. >> i mean, yet, the word racism thrown around. racist. >> because that's show -- but, sean, he likes to talk over you because he wants to shut down the debate. once you start getting into the actual -- when you look at the
7:37 pm
crimes and they were -- these are people released by isis, excuse me, isis -- i.c.e. released by i.c.e. and not honored on the detainer and committed worse crimes. the story is out there. you have done a great job covering it. >> i think this might illustrate something to change with republicans because i think they have been weak and feckless and lacking a rutter and ineffective dealing with obama. they don't fight back. hillary calls whoever the nominee is racist, sexist, war on women, hate granny, want to poison the air and water and throw everybody over a cliff. >> right. >> that's a narrative used every year. because it's effective. >> not just that, you know, paul ryan came out today and he gave a big speech and i think some of it was fine but he gave a big speech about how the tone of the republican campaign was troubling. >> good grief. >> i mean, when did paul ryan talk about obama talking about
7:38 pm
punishing your enemies and every time someone's called a whacko bird or a loud people as lindsey graham likes to call the actual voters. he wasn't using that language but it's the conservatives, trump or cruz another day. it's nice to talk about what the democrs have done to this country and tone and with the insults as you nailed ramos on. >> what do you think happens if we get to a convention fight and i'm not sure we get there but if we do and you have all the groups organizing, plotting and planning that boehner wants paul ryan and mitt romney might want his name put in there -- >> might want cruz or might not want cruz. >> yeah. if they leap over cruz and trump, the people that got the most wins, most states, more delegates -- >> yeah. >> more voters and they disenfranchise them, i say it's over because the supporters of trump, the supporters of cruz, they're going away and they're
7:39 pm
not coming back. >> they call in to your show. they call in to my show. they say, look, we love the country and the party hates us or want to make it look inspector generrigged and feels rigged. there are some republicans and they actually feel more comfortable with hillary clinton than they would feel with donald trump. so i've challenged them. write an op-ed of why hillary would be a better commander in chief at a time of great peril than trump with a great vice president or trump with a great team around him. they're helping hillary if they don't urge the party to unite behind whoever has the most delegates. >> that's a circular firing squad. >> we always do that. >> look at the last 24, 36 hours, hillary wants open borders. >> of course. >> against enhanced interrogation. you have this guy abdeslam, that probably has information about
7:40 pm
terrorist cells throughout europe, especially in belgium. >> hundreds, hundreds of terrorists still in europe. >> yet we can't use waterboarding to find out what he knows. >> trump's the problem. no, no, no. sean, you don't understand. trump is the problem. all of these republicans are gnashing the teeth. donald trump's the problem. we have people who are committed to open borders, regardless of what it does to the american people, when jorge ramos would not -- took so long to concede any crime of an illegal immigrant, you have to understand for people ramos, if we have to lose some americans because it would offend the ramos utopian vision of what our country needs to be like welcoming anyone who wants to be here, they have to be able to come here. if people have to die, so be it. that's their vision of the world. >> of all the interview s and that's it. i don't repeat the same interviews of five interviews ago. >> that was silly. >> silly. i asked trump at the last interview, i put together the answers from past interviews.
7:41 pm
he says he's pro-life, pro-second amendment and we know where he stands on immigration. health care savings accounts to repeal and replace obamacare. the penny plan, balance the budget. the conservative things. i asked him, is that your promise? is that your pledge? you promise, solemn vow? yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. why does some people doubt him and disbelieve? because of past positions? >> i think, there's some reason to doubt some of these things. people disagree with trump, that's fine. i think it's good to have the conversation and the debate. >> sure. >> what i think is not helpful is when people start hash tagging their way to stomping their feet and leaving the sand box. i asked a guy who's a never trump and i like eric but he is like, well, if cruz gets together with trump i'm still not going to vote for them. okay. all right. i don't understand that type of -- i live on planet earth and not that world of perfection
7:42 pm
that everybody's going to be the perfect, you know, candidate on every issue. >> nobody's perfect. >> we supported mccain even though a lot of us weren't for mccain. >> sucked it up a few times. >> we take one for the team. >> all right. laura, love having you. >> good to see you. thank you. last night donald trump won the arizona republican primary. senator trump won the utah caucuses. heather nauert will break down the numbers and reaction of chairman priebus of what happens if there's a contested convention and, in other words, will they try to put in a consensus candidate? straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." republican presidential candidates back at it last night facing off to decide who will be the party's nominee. joining us now tonight, she of course with "fox & friends" our own heather nauert. heather? >> delegates up for grabs in arizona, winner take all contest. donald trump securing all 58 delegates in that state and then in utah senator cruz with a strong showing winning more than 50% from caucus goers and awarded all of that state's 40 delegates. sean, as you know, there's talk about a contested or even a
7:48 pm
brokered convention if none of the candidates get 1,237 delegates so here's where the current count stands. donald trump leading with 739. senator cruz second with 465. john kasich is last with 143. in order to avoid a contested convention, sean, trump needs to win a little over 53% of the remaining delegates, senator cruz coming away with more than 82% of the delegates and governor kasich is statistically eliminated and would lead 117% of those remaining delegates. also tonight, sean, we have the results of a brand new fox news poll showing how voters believe the nominee should be picked at the convention. 59% of those polled say that the nominee should be whoever wins the most delegates and 35% want flexibility if a candidate doesn't have a majority. next big contest in wisconsin about two weeks from now, the convention's in july and a lot
7:49 pm
of twists and turns until then. we'll follow it. >> thanks. it's interesting and complicated with the math. >> absolutely. >> thank you. joining us rnc chairman reens priebus with us. how are you? >> doing great, sean. thank you for having me. >> what do you think of that poll? 59% say whoever has the most delegates should win. >> well, i mean, what do i think about it? i think it makes sense, right? it does make sense but you have to have a majority of delegates just as the person there just mentioned. and that's just a way it is. you have to have a majority on the floor. and if one of the candidates has a majority going in to cleveland, it is a lock. it's a guarantee. you will be the nominee of the party. we've put provisions in place to make sure that that can't be taken away. the bound delegate rule is very clear. so if you have a majority of the delegates going in to cleveland, you will, in fact, be the
7:50 pm
nominee so -- >> say somebody's 100 short. >> i know. >> mathematically, trump and cruz have a shot. trump better than cruz right now. that's where we stand. john kasich has no shot but he's saying to me have a big battle convention floor. his hope is that he will get the nomination that people have have more votes, one more states, more delegates that he will leap frog over them. now, john boehner said things like oh, well, i think we can nominate anybody, maybe we should nominate paul ryan. the concern is with trump and cruz supporters if it gets to second or third ballot they'll leap frog over two leaders and put in maybe kasich, maybe paul ryan, all of these names. if that happens, how do you think the trump and cruz people are going to feel? i have a good idea they'll be
7:51 pm
angry. very angry. and feel like they were disenfranchised. >> right. and so, what i would say is that you have to dial it back and look at what's happening. if the cruz and trump will have the most delegates by a mile. right? so they're going to have a much more disproportionate say over the rules and have relationships with these delegates going into the convention. and would with extraordinary if something you described actually happened. so that is number one. paul ryan is not interested, number two. and so -- >> but that is not the point. >> you can't take away -- >> there is mitt romney, supports kasich and ohio. a lot of people think, and is
7:52 pm
partly true, there is a reason to stop donald trump and argue to stop ted cruz. >> sean, you're describing a hypothetical that hasn't come true. >> sean, i can't help you if you don't want to understand you need a majority to be the nominee. >> i understand it. there is a group of establishment republicans pushing it. >> sean? i get it. a plurality of the vote does not control who the nominee is going to be. it's like saying i like you tomorrow as long as it doesn't rain.
7:53 pm
you have no control if it rains tomorrow, either someone is going to have the majority or not. so i'm not going to help someone get the majority and hurt someone. sean, i understand your point is that everyone is going to be mad if the person that is in the lead doesn't actually become the nominee. >> i hear you. i understand your point. i'm saying. >> i think you're overplaying what happened on the 7th, or 8th, or 9th ballot. >> i don't think i'm overplaying. john boehner said he wants that to happen. and this is the direction that they want to go, that they know
7:54 pm
better than the people that actually voted in caucus. >> they're not going to have any delegates on the floor, sean, cruz, and trump and other people running but candidates running are the ones going to have the delegates and the relationships on the floor that will ultimately control what happens. >> i just think you need to be patient. >> okay. >> take care. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> when we come back, we need your help, a very important question of the day, straight ahead. and mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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8:00 pm
envoy, they've said isis infiltrated the refugee population. go to and twitter and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for joining us. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we must dismantle the global network of terror that supplies money, arms, propaganda, and fighters. >> hillary clinton putting forth her plan to defeat the isis savages. we will take a hard and fair look at it. >> and now in arizona we can see donald trump, he won. >> donald trump takes arizona. ted cruz wins utah. bernie sanders does pretty well against mrs. clinton but does it mean anything? we'll have the latest polling and you may be shocked. also ahead, dennis miller and a college in the south that may be scrutinizing students who support trump.


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