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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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envoy, they've said isis infiltrated the refugee population. go to and twitter and let us know what you think." right now. this is a fox news alert. security officials now telling the associated press 400 isis-trained attackers have been sent to europe and instruct to do find the right time and place to carry out more terrorist attacks. this alarming information is coming just 24 hours after a terrorists attacked brussels killing 34. at the same time, our state department is now warning all americans headed to europe to be very village leapt and alerting them of potential danger in 28 european countries. and at this hour there is new information continuing to pour in about the attackers and the bomb-maker. the bomb maker's d.n.a. found at the brussels airport and suicide belts used in last year's paris attack. tonight, it's confirmed. he's dead.
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there is also new information about the planning of this attack$u÷@h4(p@ it was not supposed to happen on tuesday. fox team coverage in europe and across america starts right now. we start with fox news shepard smith. shep is in belgium. shep? >> greta, the bombmaker was nijum, and they have been looking for him since march 15th. you mentioned his d.n.a. found at both scenes, both attacks. his d.n.a. bass on every suicide vest in the terrorist attack. it is confirmed as you mentioned najim is dead. extraordinary turn, really. one thing we have learned over the years is that these terror cells like to protect their bombmakers. the bombmaker's job is the most important of them all. the technical skills to do such a thing very volatile substances with which they are dealing. yet, he was one of the attackers at the airport who killed himself. of the throw shot -- the shot of the throw guys though have been from the cctv still, he is the man on thexz left najim and he along
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with the two brothers carried out the terrorist attack. they went to the bomb-making factory, found many more bomb-making materials behind. enough for some seven more suicide vests. but apparently they are stilling will for more attackers. the local authorities tell us not only is the man on the right in that picture of throw men missing, the one who ditched his cart and according to witnesses went running off. they believe there are others who may have been involved in some way. they are actively searching even now in the middle of the night for them and those terror raids will continue according to the local authorities for the foreseeable future. one of the two brothers who killed himself in this attack should have been in jail. we got word today from local authorities that turkish authorities found him ibrahim, they found him on the border with syria. he was trying to bring something across the border and the turkish authorities alerted belgium authorities and sent him to amsterdam. the thinking was that the belgium authorities would be able to tie him to terror
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and lock him up. they couldn't. they let him free and he blew himself up in the terror attack here yesterday, greta. >> shep, if the bombmaker has now been killed and these bombs are so profoundly unstable. can we take sort of a breath, take a dope breath for a second that there aren't any more bombs coming or are there a lot more reports about sophisticated bombmakers out there? >> well, that's the question that i have been asking all day. you know, we know that there were three bombs, two which blew themselves up. one which they found in the airport. we know that authorities then went to the house and found another bomb, or at least a::nj suitcase filled with nails and bolts. but they had talked about the people who want to do go to the airport with the taxi driver saying that they want to do put five bags in there. so is there a missing bomb somewhere? we don't know. and as for the other suspects for whom the authorities insist they are now searching, we have no information on who they are, where they may have come from or what their ideas
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might be for going forward. if it's time for a deep breath, the authorities here are not saying so. they have kept theo terror level at the very highest meaning they believe, at least, an attack could be imminent. >> picture of the throw in the airport, two on the left wearing the dark clothes, the one on the right wearing damascusy, the one on the left you identify as the bombmaker, the one in the middle is someone i understand blew himself up. that means the guy in the kh missing unnamed, unknown. what is the theory his role was in this whole bombing? >> interesting to me, greta that they don't -- if they have a theory, they are not sharing it. they profess not to know who he is, where he came from. they say they don't know anyone who has seen his picture. they don't have any reason to believe that he had any previous terror activities. lots of questions. can i throw them out was he one who gave them a ride? really didn't realize what was happening and when he did he took off running? if so that's the kind of guy who would normally go to authorities afterwards. did he make a decision not to blow up his own and go save his own life and is
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hiding out somewhere in one of these neighborhoods where clearly they have access to help? that's a possibility. or do the authorities know something else about him that they are not yet sharing with us? i simply don't know. but it is one of the great mysteries that remains tonight as they continue to search for people who may have been involved. >> shep, thank you. and investigators are now racing to piece together the puzzle of how these terrorist suspects were connect to do each other. fsn correspondent jack is live. how are these terrorists connected to each other? >> well, firstly, the two brothers, i will take you through what i understand of their history a little bit. the he willv+7 the elder ibrahim 29 and the younger khalid 27: in the airport bhiew himself there. they are both belgium citizens. that's an important note it looks like this terrorism was likely to have been homegrown.
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now, i object about him was sentenced to in prison 2010 for opening fire on police officers. he was sentence to do nine years in prison. at the moment we don't know at which point he was released or why he was released but his sentence would have run until 2019. we also know he is the one who left a note, a will potentially on a computer that was found near a property in the scarbeck area of brussels. he felt he was being followed and he felt things were on his tail and he would be in a cell next to him. him we believe to salah abdeslam who was arrested in brussels on friday. khalid the 27-year-old younger brother, he was the man who set his bomb off at the male beck metro station just down the road from where i am here. he is 2 it 7. he was sentence to do five years in prison in 2011 for armed robbery and car theft
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he was the one that rented an apartment in the runup to salah abdeslam the paris attacker's arrest. he had rented that apartment name.a false greta? >> jack, where is the mother of these two brothers or sisters or any other siblings? any idea how they got radicalized? i assume maybe they weren't radicalized, maybe they are just pure evil. either way they are evil. any information about their families? >> at the moment we don't know much about them apart from their relation to one another. we are starting to piece together some links to salah abdeslam the paris attacker and a link to him. at the moment woe don't know too much about their extended family. presumably, we know that one of them, actually, might have a citizenship from the bahamas, as well as a dual citizenship with belgium. we don't know too much more apart from that. we think the younger one might have the bahamian
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citizenship. we are expecting to hear more about them in the coming days and hours. that brief history is about as much as i have been able to piece together so far throughout the day today. >> jack, thank you. and terror raids uncovering the suspected bomb-making factory and the time of explosives found in the bomb factory matches the type of explosive device used in the paris terror attack. former marine corps staff technician staff joey jones goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. how is it going? >> very well. how sophisticated are these bombs? could you teach me to make one? >> i probably could teach to you make one. absolutely. there are two major characteristics, the actual system how it's initiated and then the explosive used. both of those things can change and interact with another. in this instance they used tcap a very sensitive and volatile explosive but also very powerful. how they implemented that and set it off is yet to be determined. but it's very, very simple.
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>> simple in like how long would it take to teach me and if you can't teach me can i learn it on the internet and how long would it take? >> making the bomb itself is something that you can learn by taking apart a flashlight. simple loop circuit with a trigger and some type of initiator. the actual explosive the tcap that's where we are getting a lot of clues here as to the so sophistication of the bombmaker. tcap is something we saw in iraq and afghanistan but not particularly because of its volatility and chemistry behind it unfortunately the chemicals used hydraulic acid furyk acid. acetone chemicals you get at wal-mart and stores like that. hard to track and harder to control. >> if tatp is so volatile. what about about getting into a cab with a couple of these bombs and driving around? >> not something i would want to do, i will tell that you. it is a volatile substance. obviously they had experience with this substance to have that ability to do that then on
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top of that, one thing i noticed yesterday as soon as i realized it iséy tatp, you are not going to make that or send it overseas or to another country. you are not going to pang it and send it off. the bombmakers are having to go where they use the tatp and use it within blocks of that hopefully we can find a trail of these guys going in and out of the country and clues for the next attack. >> can i get tatp in this country if i want to do create one of these bombs and how easy is it to get? >> if you have a wal-mart, chances are you can create it the information is out there. they there are very popular websites. timothy mcveigh used the cookbook. there is information out there. at the end of the day somebody has to run you through the chemical process. that's not as preventlily known. that's why you are not seeing it all the time. in iraq we saw basically fertilizer and diesel fuel. simpler process and more stable. >> having watched all these
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explosions and someone cass was coming into the stores and pressure cookers. i would be suspicious if someone bought two. you only need one why would you buy two. is there something that something maybe is not right might tip off the authority? >> a purchase, a transaction of its own would be really hard. you know, we really need to rely on human intelligence right now. we need to have assets within this community, within the sl k state, at least, identifying where these cells may be. once you get a reason, a city, then you can look at department stores or places of commerce that buying more than a certain amount of hydraulic acid, what are you going to use that for? we talked earlier or yesterday about the nails and how the radius of a blast may be 30 meteors but when you -- 30 meters. when you put nailed on that bomb it just became 100 meters. each one of those became a projectile. hard to track those kinds of things. human intelligence is going to be our greatest asset
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right now. >> staff/>u sergeant, thank you, sir. >> yes, ma'am. >> terror investigation are ripping apart the safe house rented by the brussels terrorist brothers. former director of intelligence general mike michael flynn goes "on the record." good evening, since thank you for having me. >> are we giving our intelligence here in the united states everything they need to do their jobs. >> you know, greta, let's lay out a couple of things here. and i won't get too long in the tooth here. but, first of all, having staff sergeant johnny jones on our team is an incredible asset because woe are going to need him in the future to. specifically answer your question, the intelligence services of our country are doing everything that they can but they need to be unleashed when it comes to developing much more human intelligence not only in iraq and syria but helping our friends and allies around the world. woe have to be able to do more. we are going to have to put the resources into that. they will have to shift resources from other
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priorities that were involved in. and, you know, what you laid out, greta, up front, you laid out kind of the what has occurred here in this latest attack. we're going to have more of these attacks. and worry going to have more of these attacks, greta, because we have not clearly defined why they are coming at us the way they are coming at us. i believe i know why. and the other thing is the so what? what are we going to do about it? what action are we going to take? we are going to see more of it and keep meeting like this, sad to say. >> what is the why? why do you think they are? >> the why? because there is a deep seeded ideology within the islamic religion. and it is a strongly held cancerous form ofzi religion. and we have to recognize it for what it is. you know, it's the term radical islamism that everybody gets bent out of shape about and everybody that wants to be politically correct and want to apologize for using a term
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likeq; that, it is very, very real. and we're talking about a large, large number. when, if you look at the last six months, since october, we have had 75 attacks, at least 75 attacks that are resulted in death or serious injury outside of iraq and syria. so, in other places around the world. that's just in the last six months alone. i mean, some of those have resulted in over a hundred deaths a couple of times. we are talking about hundreds, if not thousands of people killed, and certainly thousands of people wounded in the last six months outside of iraq and syria. so, the campaign plan that i believe this enemy is on is being very effective. our strategy, greta, is not working. >> all right. president obama hasn't said radical islam or at least i don't recall if he has. he certainly gets criticism for not saying it. would it make a difference if he embraced that term or not? >> what makes the difference is clearly defining the enemy that we are facing. once you do that, once you.
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>> does he do that? does he do that? >> no. he doesn't do that obviously he hasn't done that and, you know, it's funny, i listened a little bit to secretary clinton today. she came close. she came very close. she called it radical jihadiism. we have got to get off the dime, greta. this is really unbelievable. i, frankly, you know, to be very blunt, i'm sick of it because we are going to have another one of these attacks and we have to -- you know, you are doing your job, the media is doing your job to dissect the bombs and the individuals and all of the tactical things but at the end of the day we are going to continue to have these attacks and we're going to continue to have these introduces like this if we don't figure out an international strategy. and we're going to have to get the muslim world involved. muslim world has to wake up. otherwise, it's going to bite them in the rear end. >> all right. if you were in the oval office with the president tonight, and he said what should i do? am i doing enough?
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your answer is what? >> my first thing would be get back to the oval office because this is a problem that we have that we have to come to grips with. my first thing with him would be we have to organize ourselves much, much better than of this country. and we have to make sure that we have the leadership involved that needs to be involved and has the authorities to basically doing what they are being asked to do. when our military, our intelligence, our other resources that we have to keep coming back to the national security council and to the white house for mother may i's, nothing is going to happen, greta. it's not going to happen on the enemy operating on. they are operating on much higher speed today both in social media and in the world of cyber as well as tactically on their battlefield. brussels is their battlefield. paris is their battlefield. san bernardino is their battlefield. we don't look at it like
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that. we have to do that that's the first thing i would do is tell the president that then we need to start figuring out what we need to do internationally. we have to get our own house in order first. >> general, thank you very much for joining us. i hope you come back soon. >> i hope i don't have to come back for another reason like this. >> indeed. brussels attack is sending shock waives of fear around the world. issued a travel warning to all americans in europe. fox news correspondent greg palkot is live in brussels. greg, what's the story on the fear going around europe and this warning from our state department? >> the mood here, greta, is somer for -- somber for sure. shocking as well. we are standing in front of the metro subway station that was the deadly scene of attacks yesterday. 20 people killed. more than 100 people injured. belgiums involved in the casualties but also international, other european nationalities involved as well as americans. right now we know that, for example, there were at least 12 american casualties.
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so this has sent a shock waive through the belgium society for sure. they are asking questions about their own law enforcement authorities. there are several police operations that is police authorities operating in just this city alone. and they are saying if this dysfunction might not be up to the task of 21st century terror. that's what we are seeix3 right now. some very sophisticated techniques. people across europe now are looking at this. we heard manuel vols yesterday the french prime minister say all of the world is at war with isis, with terrorism, and, in fact, that's because of the reach ofw and questions that people have, greta, that the open borders that are all a part of this european union system might actually work against them when it comes to security. they are having huge refugee flows coming from places like turkey, and syria, and taking advantage of that isis and terrorists. yes, as you noted, even the u.s. state department getting involved and doing a
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cautionary note to american citizens about coming to europe. but the idea of shutting all of europe down because of this kind of terror attack i don't think anybody would want that. we spent some time in the makeshift memorial that's right in the center of this city today. we were talking to the people, and i got to tell you, greta, it was moving because you felt the feeling of solidarity, that people came up here and said they wanted to be with other people. we have heard that same feeling a year ago january when the first wave of paris thai attacks. -- terrorist attacks. second wave in november anger. we could see that angerpó come here, too. not only just authorities but also the terrorists and those supporting the terrorists, greta. >> greg, thank you. you talk about the symbolism. i have a thought about the symbolism i'm going to give at the end of the show in my off-the-record comment. i hope president obama is listening to that.6g greg, thank you. donald trump is now calling for terrorists to be
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tortured. what is the rest of 2016 presidential field saying and how is president obama handling these threats? lieutenant colonel oliver north is here next. also a spat about the spouses. wives of some of the 2016 candidates getting pulled into that ugly political pá's com
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♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> our fight against isis and radical jihadist terrorism is far from finished. >> it was part of a global jihadi being waged by radical islamic terrorists. >> the problem is we don't fight on the same level. we have laws that protect everybody.
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>> we willkz together crush and destroy isis. >> we cannot contain isis. we must defeat isis. >> i served 18 years on the armed services committee. you see, when brussels happened yesterday, i knewñ$bq how to talk about it. >> he attacks a guy last week. it looks like retaliation for his capture. if they would have put him through the grill 10 minute7f after the capture, he probably would have ratted them out and probably stopped this horrible terror attack that took place. >> the brussels terror attack fueling the election year battle over terror and keeping america safe. lieutenant colonel oliver north goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> greta. >> all right, sir, i don't know if i should ask you this but out of the candidates both sides of the aisle i know you are going to say you will not pick one on the democratic side of the aisle. who do you think will keep america the safest and why? >> look, the president who takes over in january is going to have enormous challenges overcoming the mess that the o team has left behind. the person that i'm going to vote for needs to rebuild
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the u.s. military, because it's today too small to deter a war or win one. this is the reason we have a military. number two, they need to define the enemy. general flynn just said a moment ago define the enemy is not just isis it is radical islam. number three, they need to define victory. no safe havens for terrorists and joe did you know ford is going to say that in the special that you see on friday night. number four, we have to reassure our allies, israel, egypt, tokyo, seoul. they don't trust us'!anymore to back them up. we don't have their back and they know it, number five, put putin and beijing on notice, no more aggressive expansionism, just say it, do it. make sure it doesn't happen. number six, the homeland of the united states of america needs to be protected. they need to deploy an abm shield because now you have got icbm's being put in pyongyang, north korea the poorest countõon the planet and iran they are both building nuclear
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weapons. you have got to stop that connection between iran and the democratic people's republic of korea. that nuclear icbm proliferation is the greatest threat we that we face right here in this homeland. you notice i skipped over this all this stuff. the franchises from hell have been doing it to us for a long time. it didn't just start in brussels. somebody is finally paying attention. there is ways to deal with that, but none of these candidates on either side are talking about rational things that need to be done. look it, these guys ought to be out there, greta, talking about the things that do make sense. for example, stop relying on signals intelligence because the throw aways and encryption defeat all of that. number two, good intelligence, like the kind ray kelly at the new york police department included human intelligence. we don't have any. general flynn just mentioned that stop bragging about the successes. salah abdeslam was talking and everybody talked about what he was talking about. for heaven's sake, why tell the enemy what we're learning about them.
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finally, hardenydéh the airport lobbies and train stations and do video profiling. they had it. that picture we keep putting up of those three guys is video profiling and nobody did anything about it? should president obama come home from argentina? we have a live picture of him now in argentina. does it matter if he comes home or not. >> it hardly matters because this president doesn't have a strategy for dealing with the imminent threat of isis attacks just like we had out in san bernardino. i mean, san bernardino is just another example of what we just saw in israel. they are going after soft targets. soft targets. they don't go after hardened targets anymore. this is not a sophisticated operation like 9/11/01. that was a very sophisticated operation. you have to defeat isis turkey, and iraq. had you a guest on your show, greta.- muammar sad next to you and
11:28 pm
described the things that were happening and nobody in the government of the united states has even taken the time to talk to him. you did. you cold the country what this guy want to do do. he has no backup whatsoever from the united states of america. finally, they have to deny radical islamists safe havens anywhere on the planet. do you that and you will get my vote. >> i have got to go. of course, as the colonel noted don't miss his war stories, fighting isis hosted boy the colonel and lee babin. that's this friday at 10 chock p.m. only on fox news channel. and us were the brussels terrorists targeting americans. we go back to brussels next. also developing new national polls, fox news national poll, is there a change in the
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[sirens] >> i feel like it's the end of the world. >> it was not something you felt on the ground. >> i heard an explosion. now the ceiling is going down, and i just go under the sink. and then the second eggs motion went and everything is black. [sirens] >> people don't know because they are afraid. i think we should continue living our lives like we did before. >> it's a working at a. if i stay at home they have won and they are not going to. >> it's strange how we are
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feeling. it continues and we are going back to work. >> that was horrible. and a massive international manhunt is on right now. belgium investigators trying to piece together how a cell of isis terrorists was able to plan and carry out this barbaric attack in a city that's actually been on high alert since the paris attacks. and new clues tonight found in a will left behind by one of the terrorists suspects who blew himself up while killing 34 innocent people. live team coverage across the globe. we begin with fsn kevin ozebek. who left the will behind and what did it say. >> the suicide bomber who left this will behind is brahim bakraoui. he was a known criminal. belgium police knew exactly who he was. in this will he said that he was basically afraid of being captured and afrañ of ending up behind bars. now, greta, this is exactly in line with what security analysts were warning in the days leading up to the terror attacks on tuesday.
11:34 pm
they said as belgium and french police were getting closer to knowing exactly who is making up these cells, and as they were getting closer on closing in on these cells, there was that fear that these cells would all of a sudden accelerate plans to attack. based on this will from bakraoui that looks like that's exactly what happened here. >> here, brahim is the older one, the one who left the will. the one that he thought people were following him. he gotóñús sentence to do nine years in prison in about 2010 or 2011. it's only 2016. wherever happened -- whatever happened to that. i don't mean to pick on the belgium authorities tonight because there is a lot of grief tonight in that city, but what happened? >> well, first off, greta, we don't know why he was released out of jail early. we don't know how he got out of that sentence. i think one of the most interesting developments today actually came from all people the president of turkey just hours after they
11:35 pm
held a news conference today identifying the brothers. even though belgium police knew who they were, it didn't appear they had any ties to terrorism. the turkish government came out with a statement saying that the oldest brother, brahim was spotted in turkey last summer and it appears that he was trying to get in so, turkish police deported him back to europe. and according to turkish government officials, they warn the belgians this particular man may be a militant. despite that warning, the turks say that the belgiums let him go any way because there was a lack of evidence that, of course is, a very black eye on the belgium intelligence service. >> okay. that they have sent back to belgium that they have warned the belgiums about that they're not talking about tonight or is this brahim the single one. >> greta, we don't know the answer to that right now.
11:36 pm
we do know there is this very great fear that hundreds of europeans have left this continent to go to syria to be trained. only to then return home to plan attacks. in fact, the a.p. came out with a big report on that just today. so this has been the fear of european security analysts and agents for a long time now. so the big questions are who else is out there, how many terrorist cells are operating in europe and when, exactly do they plan to strike? we know from these isis propaganda videos that london is a target that prime minister david cameron has popped up on these isis propaganda videos and isis is warning that there will be other attacks here on this continent. a lot to be fearful for but european intelligence agents say they are working as hard as they can to identify these people to try to detain them, question them, interview them, and figure out what exactly they are planning. >> and of course they are working hard tonight. kevin, thank you. and, tonight, we are also learning that the terrorists
11:37 pm
may have been aiming to kill americans. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is in washington. catherine, that's bad news. a.p. is reporting the security officials say that there are 400 isis trained attackers have been sent to europe. this is all very bad news tonight. >> well, that's right, greta. based on the evidence so far as well as classified briefings, the house committee told reporters today he believes the terrorists were targeting americans in brussels. he says that for two reasons. number one, the suicide bomber oné the subway train that detonated near the stop closest to the u.s. embassy. and, second, when you look at the layout of the airport, he says the two explosions were near the check-in desks for american, united, and delta. you take these two pieces of data and combine them. he says that is of significant investigative interests. this comes on the same day state department warned americans in europe there is ongoing eminent threat of a terrorist athaksin larr to what we saw in brussels. this time targeting sporting
11:38 pm
events, restaurants and other tourist sites. warning americans to be vigilant and not edge gauge themselves in large crowds. final point on isis and 400 fighters being sphached to europe, you know, the bottom line is that our contacts say that's probably a pretty credible number just between france, germany, and belgium. they have 600 citizens between them that have traveled to iraq and syria and then returned to their countries. so, in fact, 400 may be a little conservative, greta. >> not to scare everybody but to be quite realistic, there are all these nations come into this country where you don't even need a visa. anyway, catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. and one of the suspected suspected brussels bombers is still on the run. weave take you back to brussels as the terrorist is hunted down. is there a new man dominating the g.o.p.
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sneaferred ted cruz added 40 delegates to his count. and today we have brand new national polls. 40% picked donald trump and three points behind donald trump within the margin of error ted cruz 38%. john kasich getting just 17%. the "on the record" political panel is here from real clear politics caitlin huey burns and from "the washington post philip bump. philip, well, i think donald trump will be disappointed with these numbers. >> i think he will. he; showing him doing well. >> who blames him? >> i think this is an outlier. interesting to see what happens over the long-term. what we see consistentfully polls kasich is less of a factor two man race between trump and cruz which is what this follow reflects. >> kasich is a huge factor because he has 17% and both of these two gentlemen, cruz and trump are neck and neck and you have got to win ohio. when you see these numbers, i think we are looking at a vice president although kasich says he is not running for vice president. >> right, if kasich got out
11:44 pm
i'm not convinced that that would benefit cruz, necessarily. i think if he were to leave the race, his support would also, some of it would go to trump. kasich is making the point of a more of a general election argument when you look at theañ hypothetical match-ups in these polls hillary clinton is beating donald trump and ted cruz. >> but not kasich. >> and not kasich. and now, you know, he can't get through a primary, he can't win the number ofçi[gñ delegates needed outright but his argument is that he can do better in some of these states coming up. >> all right, governor jeb bush has finally endorsed. that mystery is over senator ted cruz like his son has also endorsed cruz. are you surprised? i expected kasich. i thought he would endorsistic. >> not really. i mean is, there any more establishment of a person than a bush? >> isn't he more likely to do a kasich-type. >> if it weren't a situation -- i mean this isn't a raise between cruz and kasich and trump. it's a race between trump and 1237. the race is whether trump gets to that mark. the establishment like the bushes don't want him to get
11:45 pm
there the smartest way at that is ted cruz. >> are you surprised at that endorsement? >> now i'm not. >> you were earlier. >> if you asked me a few weeks ago and i would have been surprised. now we are seeing several establishment figures, whatever the establishment means rig)añ now, lining up behind ted cruz. even scott waukesha hinting he would supportf>pzt which could be a meaningful endorsement heading into that wisconsin primary in a couple weeks. >> i'm very biased in favor of a lot of attention on wisconsin. that's my home state. that's the primary i like to watch most of all. it's my favorite primary. anyway, don't go away. more news from the campaign trail ahead. the 2016 race is now war of the wives. that's next. and how did one of the suspected bombers manage to get away? we are back in brussels. we have new information coming up.
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20167 race is becoming a family affair. and nasty one. donald trump and senator ted cruz, the two loading g.o.p. candidates taking swipes at each other's wives. an anti-trump super pac posting ad on super media shows trump's wife melania posing nude in her poddling days. meet. donald trump were firing off this tweet lion if you try to attack heidi, you are more of a coward than i thought. #classless. and today, heidi cruz spoke about donald trump's tweet. >> as i said, you probably know by now that most of the things that donald trump says have no basis in
11:51 pm
reality. test test kay there is -- day there is something new. this is coming critical time for republicans. we just had the brussels' attack. ted cruz wants to be talking about foreign policy and he wants to draw contrast with donald trump on foreign policy and isn't getting a chance to do that as he said earlier donald trump is changing the conversation and focusing on this. >> what would he go after mrs. ted cruz about. i guess she worked at goldman sachs and there were also the loans that ted cruz one place he reported, one place he neglected to. is there anything else? >> sure. >> what is trump going to do? >> well, there is a suggestion -- cruz is right. that wasn't from cruz's campaign. >> that was a super pac. >> that was a super pac. >> that supports him. >> well, again, to try to
11:52 pm
stop trump. but, essentially one of the people behind it liz maher who used to work for scott walker said trump had been going around telling the story about heidi cruz's days. she suffered from a severe bought of depression -- bout of depression when they moved to texas. >> dirty. >> sad incidence. reported by buzz feed. in my personal opinion it's not the sort of thing fodder. >> it's painful. personal even for this kind of campaign. >> agreed. >> how does it resonate? is her -- i mean, where -- where is fair game with the wives and where is not? >> well, i think, you know, both have been campaigning in a sort for their husbands. i think perhaps records or, you know, past careers and that kind of thing. i think this is just getting, you know, way too into difficult, odd territory and especially at a time that these candidates don't want to be getting into this and don't need to be getting into this. >> so what's going to happenb
11:53 pm
>> i mean, if you had asked me this last august when everything was new, i would have said obviously trump supporters will not look favorably on this how could they after he does this thing. nothing bruises him. his supporters are very very loyal. this has little effect to donald trump but to the point. i think a distraction. >> ted cruz can take this to his ad vantage. we saw that the post did an editorial using his children. he really fought back and tried to kind of change the story around. maybe get some momentum out of it in some way. >> certainly not dull. caitlin, philip, thank you both. a brand new greta talk podcast just released. have you been watching the hit show fx the crime story the people versus o.j. simpson. week gloria all red the family that represented nicole brown simpson. new information out of europe this hour has the hunt continues for one of the terrorist suspects in belgium.
11:54 pm
i have an important message for president o
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11:58 pm
this is a fox news alert. isis is invading europe just 24 hours after the brussels attacks. security officials telling the associated press that 400 isis trained attackers have been sent to europe and told to strike. also tonight, the palmmaker in the brussels and paris terror attacks is dead. one of the fellow terrorists is still on the run. an international manhunt is on. and today investigators identified these two brothers as the suicide bombers who blew themselves up at the brussels airport and train station killing 34 innocent people and injuring hundreds more. let's all go off-the-record now. this is a plea to president obama. mr. president, come home. cut your trip short to argentina and rush to the white house. you are the leader, the last remaining super power and with the terrorists striking again and striking our close friends in europe we americans need to send a big message to our friends that
11:59 pm
in their time and grief and need we stand with them. and you, as cutting your trip short and returning to the white house sends that big message. and, remember, after the massacre at charlie hebdo you let everyone down by not going to paris and marching with other world leaders. this would be a chance to reverse that and i know, of course you are returning to the white house is not going to stop terrorism, no one thinks that. but symbolism really matters. remember how after 9/11 queen elizabeth directed that our national anthem be played at buckingham palace ♪ [national anthem]?w >> that meant a lot to americans. so, mr. president, we need that powerful symbolism of the president of the united states standing with europe. not just in words but in action. doing something symbolically big. so, please, come home. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor.
12:00 am
we leave you with the scenes from brussels where they are gathering to pay tribute to the victims of the terror attack. good night from new york city. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show donald trump defends his wife's honor. stay tuned to find out which one. and a new new york city law means the mets will have to stop using chewing tobacco during the home games. i guess as a decent human being i don't care about that. and finally the reviews for "batman v superman" are in and it is great that this batman doesn't have nipples. they do think it is great that bruce wayne doesn't either. back to you


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