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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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intensifies. john hardy is live in brussel with the latest. >> heather and cheryl, those reports about the second bomber. i want to be clear about this and a little bit careful. they are unconfirmed. we are reaching out to the federal prosecutor in belgium to see if they have any comment about that. there has been no comment so far. this is a very important point that there may have been a second metro bomber. i want to show you real quick we are outside of the euro star and one of the main metro stations here in downtown brussel. you can see there's a security presence. there are soldiers where people are being screened. behind that there are police standing guard. transportation remains very
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limited here. we are starting to get a clearer picture about a suspect involved and the latest reports. i want to start with the surveillance footage from the airport. it shows the three men. it was initially believed najim was the man in the white jacket. now he is in the dark jacket on the left. the person in the white jacket who is yet to be identified remains at large. that suspect continues to be hunted by police. in the middle is one of the brothers. ibrahim was the suicide bomber that carried out the second attack at the airport. his brother khaled carried out
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the metro bomb. the abdeslam was arrested on friday. he will be arraigned in court on terrorism charges. i mentioned transportation being limited here in the city metro transportation is limited. the airport remains shut down at least through saturday. we security presence, soldiers and police. that will remain the case and the hunt for suspects continues. >> many families living in fear praying their loved ones are found alive. the four americans are still missing including kentucky
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couple stephanie and justin schultz. they are taking back original statements saying they were alive. the search on for sasha and alexander kokowski. they were on the phone with the family during the last before the line went dead. john kerry traveling to brussel tomorrow to mourn the more than 30 lives lost. >> first a baseball game now the tango? president obama under fire for staying on his trip instead of heading home. >> garrett tenney is live with us on washington, d.c. >> president obama is defending his response to the terrorist attacks in brussel. in a joint press conference with argentina's president obama argues terrorists want to change our daily lives and changing his schedule would allow him to win. defeating isis is his top
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priority and argued his strategy is working. >> i have a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat ice ilsil and to eliminate the scourge of this terrorism taking place around the world. >> a few hours later president obama was dancing the tango. the he also takes shots at ted cruz for suggesting surveillance of muslims in america. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. the father of senator cruz escaped for america, the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope make no
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sense. >> as we have seen in previous terrorist attacks public sentiment is not playing to his favor. more than half of americans are in favor of banning nonu.s. muslims from entering the united states, something the president has been an outspoken critic of in the past. thank you very much. the president is trying to touk tough on terror. the words were simply not enough. >> these are just empty words. he said we have to unite to defeat the terrorists. they are giving interviews on espn. we have to do something concrete. also it is the duty of the commander-in-chief to rally the people, to send a message we will fight and destroy the evil scourge. not enough to say we are on top
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of it. remember the day before san bernardino the second largest attack on u.s. soil after september 11th both the president and secretary kerry said isil is contained and we are winning this war. this is not how you win wars. >> he also warns jihad is already in america and that is a signal we aren't taking the threat seriously enough. north korea defying u.s. rules by testing a rocket increasing the threat to the united states and south korea. the country claims to have successfully lunaunched a solid fuel engine boosting the power of the missiles. north korea called their exercises nuclear war moves threatening an all out offensive. the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. newly discovered debris is
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highly lick lie from t-- likely the plane. they were recovered in mozambique and the paint on the parts matches those of malaysian airlines. the new information helps confirm their belief that the plane went down over the indian ocean with 239 people on board. seems so long ago at this point. now extreme mweather. colorado digging out from a powerful spring blizzard. white out conditions making driving impossible. some of the drivers actually ditching their cars. >> denver international airport is back open after being shut down for hours. thousands of flights were canceled and now the upper mid committe west is in the cross hairs. maria molina is here tracking the storm. >> it is massive spanning many states across parts of the plains and into the upper midwest. you are looking at severe weather possible with the storm system.
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let's take a look at the radar. you can see over the past 12-hours this massive storm system has been impacting areas in colorado, across kansas, nebraska and extending it into the upper great lakes. a widespread system. with the warm sector we have storms from texas to arkansas to missouri and portions of illinois. the big concern is we expect the white out conditions and near blizzard conditions to continue out here across iowa and minnesota and into wisconsin and green bay you have a blizzard warning in effect because of a combination of the snowfall and strong winds producing white out conditions. we can see as much as a foot of snow locally heavier amounts in the warm sector there's a threat for tornadoes across parts of the southeastern u.s. including alabama, mississippi and parts of tennessee. let's head over to you. >> we will check back with you. there is snow out in the west, midwest. legendary baseball catcher
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turned hall of game catcher has passed away. after baseball he moved on to a memorable 58 year career in the broadcast booth retiring a year ago. garagiola was 90 years old. march madness in high gear with a round of the sweet sixteen. number 3 miami will take on number 2 villanueva at 10 tonight. maryland will take on number one kansas at 9:40. the west region texas a&m going to take on number 2 oklahoma. defending champs number 4 duke going to take on oregon. tonight getting fun. the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. chilling connections. a web of terror now linking the attacks in paris to the attacks in brussel. how the terrorists plan their
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>> dashcam video shows the moment police save a woman from
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her burning car. >> ma'am, stay with me. stay with me. >> you can see the officers rush over while the car is still on fire. one officer even smashing a window to reach the victim. she was eventually pulled to safety and expected to be okay. a 5-year-old girl being hailed a hero after saving her mom's life. surveillance cameras capture a meant the woman had a seizure falling lifeless into a pool. her daughter jumping in dragging her to the shallow end. >> allison immediately went and rescued her mom. >> i feel like she saved my life. it would have turned out a lot worse than it was. >> the woman was under water for more than five minutes. doctors say she would have died if it weren't for her daughter's quick thinking. heather? >> a fox news alert for you. chilling new connections
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revealed between the paris and brussel attack. take a look at this map. it shows the web of jihad and just how close the suspects in both terror attacks were located. how could they be plotting all of this under the noses of police? steve rogers a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. thank you for joining us this morning. that's something people have been trying to figure out how all of this could have happened in such close proximity specifically where all of the suspects lived andnd grew up mole lamb beak -- molenbeek. >> we have to face the reality we are living amidst world war iii. these aren't criminal bangang t are combatants well trained by organizations that are supplying them with arms, ammunition, lots of sophisticated equipment and the ability to operate very effectively as we saw in
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belgium. that map you have up there shows a very, very sophisticated network that was set up not within 24 or 48-hours. we are talking about many months perhaps a year or so. >> could dough go back to years after that you have the abdeslam brothers living there and it could have been going on for years that they were connecting. >> could have been going on for years an the tragedy we are witnessing this is a prelude of what's coming here. i know people don't want to hear that. those of us who speak like this say we are alarming everyone. we are sounding the alarm. we are trying to send signals out like germany did. piece by piece, step by step isis is doing the same thing. they are beginning their march toward the west. >> that number surprised me when i heard that that 400, 450 fighters. we had also heard about the 5 or
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6,000 or so of europeans all across europe who had gone to syria to train with the terrorists as well. so there could be more to come. >> there's more to come and there's probably more here. but when you hear they are sending fighters, they are sending military combatants. >> are they individual wolves and are the individual wolves creating sub cells? >> i believe they are radicalizing people in different areas of the world at this point. these individuals are setting up cells connected to the network. there's a commanding control somewhere, somehow probably in iraq at this point that's why the military has to take the command headquarters out. >> you think from syria and iraq. >> syria, iraq, afghanistan. it is a world war. it is a world war. it is a worldwide network, and they are preying on our weaknesses. we are treating it as a law enforcement problem as criminal gangs this is a military
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operation. >> spreading like a germ. >> big girl. >> thank you for joining us. we will have you back for sure. >> the time is 17 minutes after the hour. donald trump leaves the -- leads the delegate count but f count heels. which candidate will be best against hillary clinton. >> we have all taken naps during the day. (laughter) >> but the short sleeps, they could be killing you. the shocking new study you have to hear. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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laachraoui >> welcome back to "fox and friend first. the race for the white house getting tighter on the republican side. we have brand new fox polls that shows ted cruz is gaining ground on donald trump. jackie ibanez has all of the numbers for us. >> with just under four months until the republican convention donald trump's once dominant lead shrinking. nationally trump takes 41 percent of the vote. but ted cruz close behind with 38 percent inside the five point margin of error. john kasich with just 17 percent. among voters who consider themselves very conservative cruz has a 13 point lead over donald trump 48 to 35. trump holds the evangelical vote with 43 percent to ted cruise's 39 percent. but that, too, is within the 7 point margin of error. when asked how the nominees should be picked at the convention 59 pert of voters say
2:23 am
whoever win the most delegates. 35 percent say there should be some flexibility in the rules if there is no majority. when it comes to hypothetical match ups ted cruz and john kasich out perform trump. against hillary clinton kasich wins by 11 cruz by 3 and trump trails the democratic frontrunner by 11. against bernie sanders kasich wins by one point cruz loses by 4 and donald trump losing the worst to bernie sanders. doubled while trump is up 5 percent. that's not a surprise with names like jeb bush ben carson and marco rubio all exiting the race. >> jackie ibanez, thank you. in your health, everybody loves a good nap, right? (laughter) (screams)
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>> that snooze could be taking years off your life. napping more than 40 minutes a day increases the risk of heart disease. if you keep the naps under 30 minutes you are in the clear. just a little tired. >> here's something to think about. if you are tired and you pick up that coffee drink this morning, breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day. a study shows eating or skipping breakfast either one has no effect on weight gain. scientists say skipping it doesn't necessarily make you eat more later. they say fast studies saying the opposite are just theories based on observations rather than scientific fact. okay, battery cooler camera? what makes a smart phone really smart? consumer reports named the best smart phone ever uren simonetti reveal the winner. gad morning, lauren. >> consumer reports say the top smart phone is samsung's galaxy
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x 7 because it has a great camera long battery life and lastswice as long as the iphone 6 x and has a super fast processor and it is water resistant. just before intring break hollywood price hiking prices go out 20 percent to $90 on low demand days 115 on peak demand days. starbucks wants you to drink more coffee and has prepaid debit cards. the cards will be offered through chase, there are a few fees you have to pay here including fees for card replacements and foreign transactions. there's a new start up and it is called boom and it is planning flights from new york to london and the next 3 and a half hours will be tested the end of next year. tinder wants to hook you up with a presidential candidate. the dating app out with a new swipe the vote feature that helps you find out the white
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house hopeful for them. >> is it based on appearance as well for presidential candidates? >> be interesting to see who comes out on top. >> the time is about 25 minutes after the top of the hour. we have long thought prisoners released from gitmo go back to terror. the stunning admission from a pentagon leader about the danger to americans. >> and it is a super hero battle being played out in real life. the religious bill setting up a show down for marvel and disney. real cheese poeple don't eat pasteurized, processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51 percent real cheese. with sargento natural cheese slices,
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>> it is thursday march 24th. we are into another suspect in the brussel terror attacks as the manhunt intensifies for this man seen with the homicide bombers. a chilling connection uncovered between the brussel and terrorist attackers.
2:30 am
we are live in belgium. >> talk about flying high. the break in the case of the flight aiden tants accused of leaving 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at the airport. >> can't wait for that one. >> an incredible end to patriotism emerging from devastation with the firefighter and the flag going viral. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am cheryl casone. it is 30 minutes after the hour. breaking news in the terrorist attacks. a a second attacker on the run now. john huddy has the latest for us
2:31 am
now. >> good morning to you. there have been a number of raids again overnight looking for the other airport bomber. as you mention there are reports about a second possible metro bomber that carried out another attack with the initial bomber on tuesday. those are unconfirmed as i mentioned at the top of the hour. we are reaching out to the federal prosecutor's office here for some kind of comment as they have not commented yet in law mont the brefrn paper and news network putting out reports of a second bomber. unconfirmed. i want to set the scene for you outside of one of the main train stations here. the euro star, the european train network and also the local metro. you can see there are soldiers that have been checking people, checking bags and also there's a heavy police presence here as transportation remains limited. as i said earlier, the airport remains closed. let's get to the headlines
2:32 am
having to do with these bombing suspects. again let's take a look, the cctv video surveillance video shows the two men, najim laachraoui it was believed he was wearing a white coat on the right but officials say he was one on the left at the airport. the guy in the white houcoat remains at large. we don't have an id of him yet so we are waiting for more on him. in the middle there were the two brothers, in the middle of that ctv shot is ibrahim el bakraoui. they carried out a suicide attack. ibrahim is in the middle. his brother khaled carried out the other metro attack. in another important development having to do with one of the brothers, turkish officials say
2:33 am
ibraham el bakraoui they were warned he was kicked out because he was from belgium. apparently from turkey those warnings may have been ignored. all of these men reportedly had ties to per rist bomber salah abdeslam who was arrested in brussel on friday. he is due in court to face terrorism charges today. the terror alert remains the highest as overnight raids continues and the search for at least one other bombing suspect continues as well. >> john huddy live in brussel. thank you. >> new questions and fears emerging about the brussel plot. the head of the house intelligence committee now says americans may have been targeted. >> if in fact it becomes crew that american airlines and united and delta, that the
2:34 am
explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy is also targeted, those are two locations where a lot of americans can be killed. >> congressman says it comes down to where the attacks happened. television it was right near united and delta airlines stands and the other was close to the u.s. embassy. the baseball game and now the tango. president obama under fresh fire for staying on his trip to cuba instead of heading home in the wake of the brussel attack. garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. whether it is a baseball game or the president president obama is not letting the attack disrupt his visit. he hit the dance floor doing the tango with one of the
2:35 am
performers. his argument was terrorists want to disrupt our daily lives and he's not going to let them win by changing our plans. despite the contradiction at a joint conference with argentina's president, obama sadie feeting isis is his top priority. his strategy for doing so is working despite recent reports to the contrary. >> it is the top priority of my national security team and our military and intelligence officers. it is the top priority of our diplomats. but we are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working. it will work. >> and there is always seemingly time for politics as well as the president took some time in his remarks to go after texas senator ted cruz for suggesting additional sur ray lens of muslims in america. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of
2:36 am
neighborhood sur haveveillancsu father of senator cruz escaped for america. the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. >> the president has been against any halt or ban against muslims entering the united states. more than half of americans are in favor of doing just that. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you. >> the former director of defense intelligence agency lieutenant general michael flynn who served under president obama says more attacks are coming because the president has not defined the enemy. >> we have not clearly defined why they are coming at us the way they are coming at us. there is a deep seated ideology within the islamic religion.
2:37 am
it is a strongly held cancerous form of this religion and we have to recognize it for what it is. it is the term radical islamism that everybody gets bent out of shape about. all of the people who want to be politically correct and want to apologize for using a term like that, it is very, very real. >> now to extreme weather. powerful spring blizzard making a mess for travelers in colorado. white out conditions making it impossible to drive. the denver airport even shut down in expected derailment today. wildfires burning out of control in kansas and oklahoma. wind and dry conditions fuelling those flames. but that snow, okay, not over yet. maria molina is tracking what is next. >> all kind of extreme weather out there. across the plains we have dry
2:38 am
conditions. to the south and west of the storm system and also some strong winds. that is what elevated that fire danger. right now we are dealing with our storm system bringing in heavy snowfall across parts of the midwest and also into the great lakes region. winter storm warnings remain in effect out here as well as a bla blizzard warning in effect in green bay and surrounding areas as well. the concern isn't only for snowfall accumulation which could exceed a foot in some areas but also for strong winds that could gust over 30 miles per hour and that's what is going to be producing white out conditions out here. continuing from iowa into wisconsin and into parts of the great lakes. in the warm sector of the storm severe weather will be possible today. not only looking for the threat of damaging winds and large hail but isolated tornadoes across areas from tennessee down into mississippi and alabama. let's head ore to you. >> thank you very much, maria. an admission about the danger of releasing detainees from gitmo.
2:39 am
we have been warning about this. during a hearing defense department official paul lewis was asked how many people were killed because of prisoners who were released from the detention center. what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo. >> the admission adding more fuel to republicans opposed president obama long plan to shut the prison. they would not say whether they occurred before or after president obama took office in 2009. a massive drug bust involving a 400 yard super tunnel under the u.s. mexico border. after a 16 month investigation federal authorities ceasing more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana trafficked through a home in california from a tunnel that starts at a restaurant in mexico. four people arrested. the tunnel located 32 feet below the ground was complete with electricity and a rail system.
2:40 am
a jetblue flight attendant caught trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine through a tsa checkpoint has turned herself in. marsha reynolds surrendered to agents. she was trying to catch a flight from lax to new york when she was randomly stopped at the checkpoint. realizing she was busted she ditched her bag and shoes and took off running. she is going to go before a jury today. >> nice try. >> the young black bear was seen roaming around even climbing a tree hanging out there for hours. they tranquilized it and relocated it. the ironic part, the school's mascot is a bear, just not a real one. >> maybe it is. well, the time is 40 minutes after the hour. americans, they value honesty in their presidential candidate. what brand new polls revealed
2:41 am
about which of the remaining contenders are the most trust worthy. >> this little goldfish making a big splash on-line. take a close look. why he is all smiles now.
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>> the race for the white house heating up on the republican side. jackie ebb ban nez -- ibanez is looking at the numbers. >> adds the republican convention draws closer ted cruz closing the gap against frontrunner donald trump. trump takes 41 percent of the vote. ted cruz close behind with 48 percent. on the democratic side clinton gets 47 percent sanders 42
2:45 am
percent. sanders had a three point lead following his big new hampshire win there. for presidential match ups 72 percent would be satisfied if the contest was between cruz and clinton. 57 percent satisfied if it was trump verses clinton. bernie sanders is considered the most honest and tst worthy with kasich at number 2. 34 percent of voters say hillary clinton can be trusted with donald trump one point lower. trump taking the lead who asked voters who would scare them if they were president nearly half of the country said trump. there's a quiz on this later. >> i just took a lot of notes, actually. jackie, thank you very much. >> oo do you find it offensive? every university student is traumatized by the trump talk on campus. they complained and protested.
2:46 am
some students calling it a violent act. the school's president now vowing to hunt down whoever wrote trump 2016 on the sidewalk in chalk. spying on social media accounts to find them. in the past they have written black lives matter in chalk and received no punishment. it is superheroes. the state passes a controversial religious liberty bill allows businesses to gay customers. guardians of the galaxy outside of atlanta right now. if the bill becomes law they will take mare movie making business somewhere else. heather? >> look at what is going viral for you this morning a powerful scene of prayer at a washington coffee shop. it started when a woman in tears pulled up to the stand where the bar rist taws learned their
2:47 am
husband had just passed away. they stopped everything that they were doing to pray with her. that's nice. and a tiny goldfish making a huge splash on-line. you can see why. the ook closely. yes. he has his own set of braces. the fish named mr. hot leaf was born with without a lower jawbone. how in the world can you do that? >> why do you do that? >> because he couldn't eat or drink. bay watch being revamped for the big scream but which is which? >> they visit with "the rock. which mitch is the one. >> 47 minutes after the hour. terrorist digital footprints how they may have used technology.
2:48 am
>> emerging from devastation, the story behind the firefighter and the flag going viral. >> brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i know steve doocy wants to do a story on bay watch lifeguards. i have more to talk about. there may be another attacker on the lose in brussel. rudy giuliani will join us as we track the latest on the hunt to get this guy and find out how they pulled this off. we will get his take on the campaign trail. as well what's going on on the right as well as hillary clinton's big speech on the left. mexico has a plan to keep trump out of the white house. yes, mexico. fast tracking u.s. citizenship to create a voter block. will that work? is that even evil? that is ian behind camera one. don't go away.
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is there a lack of digital foot print when it comes to the war on terror? now, the paris arrests may have accelerated the brussels attack but with the lack of social charter is the dark red breeding terror cells under the radar. >> joining us now an analyst and former provider for the state white anti-terrorism program. good morning, morgan. >> good morning. >> there's two schools of thought here. either the terrorist, going old school, we found a lot of burner phones on they're using the dark net but those two different strategies. what do you think they're doing? >> both. on the one hand they've got intelligence parlance. it's called trade craft. they're using the burner phones
2:53 am
on a regular basis so it's hard to track. but on the other hand, they're understanding how to use the encryption technology like telegram. then when you add the dark web on top of this, you know, the ability to put out really hard core propaganda and to be able to recruit people it makes it very tough for our law enforcement to stay up on this. >> and how they are staying on top of what we're doing to track them down? are we giving out too much information to begin with? >> you know, that has been one of my concerns, i was speaking the a terrorism conference in atlanta, the day before paris. happened and i spoke with a special agent in charge of the fbi field office, the u.s. attorney. there's well-known there's 30,000 apps that the fbi is worried about and most of these we have absolutely no control over. they have a pretty good idea of what's called signal intelligence are right now that's why the terrorists in afghanistan know when the
2:54 am
satellites come over ahead. the old school techniques are hurting us. they've spent very few dollars with the billions we've spent on the infrastructure. >> you know, morgan, if the fbi can't unlock an iphone, how are they going to be able to help brussels authorities? >> you know, a lot of this is going to get back into what kind of human intelligence do we have. are we tracking people? the eu, we have borders, i've been in those exact laces in brussels. the eu, downtown, near the airport. there's just so much people coming in because the borders around the same as they used to be. so you've got these people moving around. they're helping them with trade craft. they're helping them with information and techniques. guys, this is tough. this is not something solved overnight. we've lost a lot of our capabilities and now we're trying to figure out how do we get it back. >> thank you. the time is 6 minutes to the
2:55 am
top. hour. out of control. a high-speed chase ending in a violent crash caught on camera. and an incredible image of patriotism emerging, the firefighter and the flag going viral. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house,
2:59 am
here's what's happening for you today. a mass hiv manhunt under way in brussels for a possible terror suspect in connection with the subway attack. and denver international airport just reopened after being shut down for hours due to a powerful spring blizzard. and a flight attendant who tried to smug 70 pounds of cocaine on to a flight is facing a judge in new york. marsha reynolds sprinted out of the l.a.x. airport before being caught with the drugs but turned herself in yesterday. an incredible image of patriotism emerging from devastation. this firefighter going viral after rescuing an american flag from a fire. next, two armed robbery suspects reportedly crash a stolen truck on the run from police. one suspect thrown from the truck, another took off on foot. both were arrested. finally, the ugly.
3:00 am
talk about a party of a truck hauling beer crashed into a truck hauling treat 0 lay clips. we'll let you decide. that wraps up for today. thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first." "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning, it is thursday, it's march 24th, i'm ainsley earhardt and this is a fox news alert. the manhunt intensifies as officials reveal a fourth brussels suspect. and now reports that there could be a second attack eye alive and on the run. the breaking details just straight ahead. and a clue left behind. the key piece of evidence found inside that building right there. that includes the latest correspondence, the last correspondence, between one of the brussels bombers in his isis cell. >> hi, fired up about isis, you can only imagine, calling out


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