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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 24, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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[ laughter ] in the "after the show show" i'll be doing some more boxing. i'll do 12 rounds with this young lady. bill: we are going to start with a fox news alert. the brussels investigation widening by the day. the hunt is on for more accomplices. that would bring the number to 5 in the attack that killed 31 and injured 200 in brussels train station. patti ann: investigators identified three suicide bombers on the left side of the screen and are searching for the fourth
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man on the right. bill: one of the airport bombers was a suspect in the attacks in paris 4 1/2 months ago. patti ann: john huddy is on the ground. what more do we know about the attacks. reporter: there are report of a second possible bomber in the second attack that could be on the loose. one of the airport attackers in the surveillance video is also still at large. we are outside the mini station, kinds of like nornlings penn station? downtown central brussels where the euro star operates out of and also the country's metro line. people are being screened by soldiers like the gentleman over
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here. you can see one of the soldiers here. inside the terminal they are going through people's bags. very high security. the terror threat remains the highest since tuesday's attack. we are learning more about the suspects involved. reports of a second bomber. one of the bombers in the airport attack, he was already on authorities' radar because there are reports out of turkey that turkish officials say he was detained back in june and deported to holland and they gave a heads up to belgium officials that this guy represented a possible terror threat. this is a great concern and frustration on the ground, concerns about possible security lapses.
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we know his brother' khalid el-bakraoui carried out the second attack. and najim laachraoui, the other bomber in the airport was also on the -- was the other bomber in the airport and he was related to salah abdeslam. they were all part of the same terror cell. the terror threat remains at its highest level until brussels. as you can see, the security is quite intense. bill: there was growing concern more americans could have been injured in the attack. a family here at home say they have not heard from their loved ones who were in brussels at the time of the attack.
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this couple from kentucky unaccounted for as well. their family say they are worried sick. >> we were hoping we would hear something immediately that stephanie and just continue had gotten to their car or had gotten home or had somehow gotten out of that airport. we love stephanie and justin and carolyn and are praying we can get them back to kentucky and tennessee quickly. bill: the state department says a dozen americans were reported injured and it remains very glide. patti ann: americans may have been the target in the brussels attack. here is congressman devon nunez. >> when you look at sites targeted, if it becomes true american airlines and united and delta, that the explosive device went off there, when you couple
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that's with the metro stop near the embassy was targeted. those are two locations where americans could be killed. i'm worried this was an attack on americans, clearly, it's our allies, too. patti ann: we'll continue to follow these developments on the dead live attacks as we get it. bill: moving to the campaign trail. fox news has brand-new national polls that shows senator cruz gaining ground on donald trump. cruz saying he, he's not surprised by the latest results. >> what we are seeing across the country is we are seeing republicans uniting behind his campaign and coming together and joining in unity. we recognize if we nominate donald trump it hands the general election to hillary
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clinton. if hillary clinton becomes the next president, it's a third term of the obama administration and we continue with the same policies. bill: byron york, a fox news contributor. what does this suggest to you? >> i think we are seeing the effects from the departure from the race of marco rubio, jeb bush and ben carson. go back to the fox poll a month ago. those three candidates had 33 points between them. that had to go somewhere. donald trump has gotten some of it, but ted cruz has gotten a lot of it. and john kasich is up substantially, too. it takes a little while to sort itself out, and what we are seeing is ted cruz getting a good bit of that support from the candidates who are no longer
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there. bill: kasich and clinton. kasich leads her by 11, cruz leads her by 3, trump trails her by 11. >> on the hillary matchup, that poll you just put up is exhibit a, b, and c of the forces trying to stop' donald trump. they are saying if you republicans nominate donald trump he will absolutely go down to huge defeat in november and he will bring down republic chance in the senate and the house and the whole party could lose its grip in washington. that really is the main argument against trump right now. on that question you raised inside the republican race, it is what it is. trump has a serious lead in delegates. he has substantial support.
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he could do well in wisconsin a week from tuesday. new york state two weeks after that he has the opportunity to pick up a lot delegates. and there is one more note in that fox poll. they ask people, should any candidate who has the most delegates, even if he has the most delegates going into the convention, should he be the guy who gets the nomination and the majority said yes. bill: asked if you were scared if donald trump or hillary clinton or some of the other were elected president. 49% said trump and 33% said hillary clinton. that tells me he has some work to do. >> a huge amount of work. trump said i can be presidential any time i want to. but right now i have to get rid of these other guys trying to beat me. i think these numbers suggest he ought to get presidential sooner rather than later.
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general election voters share enormous concerns. this is a vase between one unpopular candidate and one really unpopular candidate. voters don't like hillary clinton have much either. but donald trump has a lot of work to do on that score. bill: byron york in washington. patti ann: secretary of state john kerry at the kremlin to meet with vladimir putin to talk about russia's involvement in syria. kerry is expected to speak with putin about how to transition bashar al-assad out of power. bill: president obama is in argentina cutting a rug, doing the tanning o -- doing the tanga
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state dinner. patti ann: a troubling new report claims the attacks in brussels will not be the last. >> the goal is to destroy isil. if we don't questions troy them there they will hit us here. if we don't come up with a ground component we'll get attacked here. they are planning attacks against our country as we speak. the lexus command performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx.
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by there is a new report from the associated press claiming isis trained at least 400 fighters launched to europe telling them to choose the time and place to inflict maximum bloodshed. lyndsey graham, senator, you are make the round this morning. 400 fighters more. do you buy it? >> they held territory the size of indiana for well over a year now. they trained thousands of people, not 400. >> european fighter who went to iraq and syria. france 1,700. the u.k. 760.
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and germany. and belgium 470. >> that's theien rule of terrorism. there are 34,000 hardenedy haddists in iraq and syria that are training. you are never going to destroy isil unless you go in and take the land away and destroy the caliphate. no one is talking about that. there is a 9/11 being planned as i speak against our country. i know where the planning is taking place. i know who is doing the planning, and the only way to stop this attack is to go in and dig them out. bill: they are learning every day and getting better than we can keep up with them. >> here is the way you stop them from getting better. have a ground component where they have to run from house to
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house. stop their ability to raise money, plan an attack and have safe havens. disrupt their activity. they can survive an aerial campaign forever. they cannot survive an army going in on the ground. bill: is that happening? >> no. bill: paris in november, now brussels. >> the ground component being trained in syria is never going to destroy isil. the obama strategy to destroy isil is a falsehood. it's a strategy to pass the problem on to the next president. the number of people we are training inside of syria will never have the capability to take isil out. the iraqi security forces are never going to take the force
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thes out with america's help. you need a regional army made up arab countries who have large armies with our forces integrated to going in on the ground and destroy the caliphate. bill: there is no commitment for that. >> we are going to get attacked unless we do that. once you destroy the caliphate, you be still have a terrorist organization problem. today we have a terrorist oormy that hold landed size of indiana. that is inflating millions of people that's very rich, very large. they are entrenched. large and rich. that means there are ground components. no one is going to stop another 9/11 from the air. and limiting refugees is something we need to look at. building a wall is something we need to do, but it won't destroy isil. if you want to destroy isil you
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need an army to go in on the ground. all i can say is bernie sanders and hillary clinton talk about we need better intelligence gathering. no, we need to destroy isil. president obama set the right goal. you won't have human intelligence if you are not in the region. who trusts america in the region. how can you work with people when you are not on the ground. where do you get the human intelligence from if you are not in the region. we have 3,500 people in iraq. we have 50 people on the ground in syria. that's not going to get the job done. bill: you said a moment ago we'll be hit. i think most americans agree with that point. president obama is in cuba at the baseball game. argentina now. we'll see him next hour talking
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about crimes committed in the 1970s. the tango last night. i know his intention in cuba. it's a legacy move. but this is a legacy move as well. whether it's march of 2016 or 2017 you have to deal with it. >> whether he likes it or not, his decision to withdraw all troops from iraq created is i will *. if he came back to the pentagon and sat there until january 2017 and didn't change his strategy, it wouldn't matter. change your strategy and couple with a ground component. the only way to protect the country from another 9/11 is to go where the terrorists are, couple with a regional army. get on the ground. fight in their backyard so they
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don't fight in ours. do the tango and make the phone calls. bill: the growing that and how they continue to evolve. here is what they use. they use the migration issue to make the immigration easier. they are using smart phones and throwing them away after one text message. how difficult is that to track. you know their bomb-making ability is bert and more noble now than ever before. there are two ways to deal with this threat. try to play whack a mole and find better intelligence and go where they have exist in large numbers and destroy them. they are very clever, they are very adaptable. they are using the refugee problem to infiltrate europe and they will come here. when donald trump says we need a
6:21 am
time out on refugees coming to america he's right. when ted cruz says we need better intelligence gathering among the muslim community he's right. but what he's not saying is we need to destroy isil. if you have destroy the systems that exist in syria, then you isolate these fighters. they have no command and control, they become easier to find out and it's harder to recruit people when you are out of business. bill: senator, thank you for your time. who saw that coming. thank you. lindsey graham. patti ann: a police officer risks his life to save a woman from a burning car wreck. we'll show you this act of heroism caught on tape. bill: prisoners released from gitmo have killed americans.
6:22 am
is the president's plan to close it too reckless? >> as far as i'm concerned, if one child is saved because she would have been blown up by someone being released, it's better to keep all 90 of those people in gitmo. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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bill: u.s. officials denying reports iraqi forces launched a long awaited operation to recapture the town of mosul. they say the u.s.-led coalition is conducting shaping operations. it's a five-hour drive north of baghdad. it fell to the terror army in 2014. the iraqi prime minister
6:26 am
repeatedly vowed to drive isis out of mosul. but u.s. officials cautioned it may take longer. stay tuned. >> what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died. >> how many americans have to die, how many people in brussels or paris have to die, civilians, what's the threshold at that point, maybe we'll keep them under control in gitmo. >> when anybody dies it's a tragedy and we don't want anybody to die because we transferred chief takenees. however, it's the best judgment and considered judgment of this administration and the previous administration, that the risk of keeping gitmo open will outweigh -- >> innocent people will lose their lives because of this, they are just part of the equation. i want to tell you this much.
6:27 am
as far as i'm concerned, if one child is saved because she would have been blown up by someone who is being released, it's better to keep all 90 of those people in gitmo. patti ann: a heated exchange during a hearing at the house foreign affairs committee over whether the administration should close guantanamo bay. a report that detainees released from gitmo have returned to terror cells and killed americans. the director of national intelligence reported this month that 5% of guantanamo prisoners reengaged in terrorism. now, you see the special envoy saying specifically americans have died at the hands much released gitmo detainees.
6:28 am
>> this hearing yesterday was not a good moment for president obama. not only did you have the revelation that americans have been killed by we leased detainees. you also had them admit if they were brought to bring sonts in the u.s., that would also be a terrorist recruiting tool. that undercuts the argument to close guantanamo. if they get moved to a prison in the u.s. and that prison is likewise a terrorist recruiting tool, what's the difference between that and here. patti ann: some of the deef taken yeefs would be moved -- some of the detainees would be moved to the united states, but some would be sent to other
6:29 am
countries such as ghana and uruguay. and these countries are not equipped with the kind of intel and security needed to monitor the terror suspects. that increases the risk they will plot more attacks. do you he grow? >> there are 27 countries who have taken detainees, agreed to accept them. you mentioned our bu if you ared uraguay. there was an exchange yesterday between the state department and congressman chris smith saying we need to know how you he wall valuate the leaders of uruguay.
6:30 am
he said we don't have an evaluation, we just believe we are right. it's why the president is not going to get this closed before the end of his term. bill: this a moment of silence in brussels outside the parliament and stock exchange there. that from brussels as we continue to track the movements of the investigators of which there are many today. the opening bell on wall street. stocks down yesterday.
6:31 am
oil prices fell 4% again. can wall street bounce back? we have some jobs numbers today. so we have a bit to chew on. patti ann: critics slamming ted cruz after the texas senator called for increased surveillance of muslim neighborhoods. >> we need a president who sets aside political correctness. in the wake of brussels, we don't need another lecture from president obama on islamophobia.
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bill: in brussels the manhunt continues for one and perhaps several wanted suspects after the bombing of the other day. the obama administration taking heat from what critics say is a lack of interest in the attacks
6:35 am
in brings. that's harsh. capital of the european union in crisis mode. the president travels to argentina. the secretary of state john kerry is in moscow today. rich, what are you hearing? reporter: the president asked to return to washington, d.c. is continuing on this latin american trip. he will speak very soon at an event to commemorate the victims of the 1976 military coup here in argentina. after this the first family head down to the patagonia region for a day trip. before he left, president obama -- as was on this trip there were calls for him to return. he has been candidate multiple times about his isis strategy on this trip. he responded by saying the
6:36 am
strategy of targeted airstrikes and special operations and financial sanctions are working though does acknowledge there are difficulties finding small groups of people willing to kill themselves with bombs. >> what can you tell us about the administration honoring the victims in brussels. >> the president has mentioned it a number of times here. but the administration is sending the secretary of state john kerry to brussels to offer the condolences of the united states. this is a year after the administration acknowledged it should have spent a high-profile official to paris. that was after the "charlie hebdo" attack. world leaders attended and we sent our ambassador to france. bill: we'll see you next hour. >> if you have a neighborhood where there is a high level of gang activity, the way to
6:37 am
prevent it is to increase the law enforcement presence and target the gang members to get them off the streets. >> muslim neighborhood, not radicals in particular. >> any area where there is a high incidence of radical islamic terrorism. patti ann: ted cruz is calling for increased monitoring of muslim neighborhoods. according to our next guest monitoring muslim community should be a key aspect of stopping radicalization. we have the author of "the battle for the soul of islam." thank you for joining us. senator cruz says he wants to empower law enforcement to go after isis and quote focus national security resources on locations where there is a higher incidence of radical
6:38 am
islamic terrorism. he's taking heat for those comments. you are an american muslim and you are saying cruz is right. >> i can't believe we are having this conversation a few days after you had a cell being held up by an organism of a community holding them away from the entire security apparatus of the eu. what dose mean by monitoring? i'm not ready to give up any of my civil rights. all i'm saying as an american muslim we want to help our community and our country be safe. we want to engage and embrace police, homeland security, and if we are going to even gang them we need to welcome them into our community and mosques, not for illegal wiretaps, but for engagement and relationship building. that happens through monitoring, knowing who the businesses are.
6:39 am
that's so they know us and know who we are. patti ann: commissioner bratton says cruz don't know what the hell he's talking about. cruz's state would alienate them. >> mayor deblasio and the current police commissioner, their spineless response of completely dismantling a functional monitoring program that was constitutional, never dismantled by any court is bringing us more into weakness, more into not knowing where the next attack is coming. and i think it's speaking to political correctness and exposing us in a way that is not necessary. and it doesn't embrace community. what they are doing is allowing the council on american islamic relations and other grievance groups to dominate the narrative in the mus
6:40 am
are somehow under sync. that radical eyes our community that we are under siege rather than working toward islam oh patriotism. patti ann: commissioner bratton says i have almost,000 muslim officers. when cruz is here he will probably have a few muslim officers guarding him. patti ann: we have muslim police officers who would be ideal to help monitor the islamic community. >> exactly. i don't even know what the commissioner is talking -- he's actually making cruz's point. we are part of the military, the homeland security, the police. our mosques are open. they are not private organizations. we open our doors to all faiths, all tries to listen to our sermon. it hud be transparent. we are not afraid of relationships with the police, and this type of almost sync-like response feed into
6:41 am
divide rather than unite as one. the radicalization take years. in order to have a good hotter-term strategy we need a long-term thaty how to defeat the theocrats all over the world. and you can't do that unless you follow the trail of the idea. not all muslims are islamists, but all islamists are muslim. bill: i think the attacks validated donald trump's entire candidacy. one of his strength is to read the obvious. he's a little like reagan in a sense. billbill: there is this today.
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you'll even get a free calculator just for requesting a quote. call... or go to today. patti ann: police in florida battling the save a woman's life. dramatic video of police pulling a 58-year-old woman out of her burning camry to safety after a collision with two trucks. she was conscious when the rescuers got there, but she was trapped behind her airbag.
6:46 am
the officers smashed the window with their batons and she was dragged to safety. she is in critical condition. >> i think it attacks in many ways validated donald trump's entire candidacy. one of his strength is to read the obvious. he saw what's happening. he knew the people who perpetrated the paris atrocities, many of them had come from brussels. he reports the obvious. everybody else thinks he's side because he's the on guy saying it. the fact is donald trump was right, hillary clinton was totally wrong, and it make you question her connectivity too the real -- to the real world. bill: newt gingrich arguing the terror attacks will benefit donald trump. monica has a new piece out today in the washington times. goodday to both of you.
6:47 am
his point is trump has bent toughest on terrorism before brussels and paris. >> i agree with with newt gingrich said. regardless of what you think of donald trump. he's someone's strength. he's projecting two things that are not sufficient sufficient for a winning candidate. he was talking about a temporary ban on allowing muslims in before we can get a handle on the situation. he spoke out forcefully after the paris attacks, after san bernardino, and after this. what the americans are looking for after 7 will be 8 years of barack obama who projected weakness is strength. bill: looking for a tough guy. >> there is only one problem with that. donald trump is talking about a systematic withdrawal from europe. i would say to you you cannot succeed in the war on terror -- bill: the debate over the future
6:48 am
of nato? >> we have to work with our european partners if we are going to stop the scourge of isis. if this becomes a political issue, i can't say who is going to win. but i can assure you the american people will lose because it will emphasize that we are hopelessly divided. >> donald trump is running on a common sense platform saying i'm just saying thing that need to be said. the american people understand the nature of the enemy. all of this political correctness about islam and the threat and so on, trump just barrels right through it and gets to the core. and the reason it's resonating is not just the strength. we are talking about life and death here. what we are talking about the violence. bill: i want to get into the debate about hillary clinton with juli -- with rudy giuliani.
6:49 am
>> if you talk about doing what she want to do, rally our forces against isis. you have got to come back to the white house and sit in the situation room and you can't leave -- >> barack obama doesn't want to rally anybody. >> she helped create isis. hillary clinton can be considered a founding member of isis. bill: hillary clinton is going to run on her record as secretary of state. giuliani is giving us a preview for how donald trump will campaign against her. isis if it did not start under her watch, certainly flourished. >> she did yesterday. she talked about enhanced security. enhanced use of silicon valley. i think she is going to have to consider as i would lyndsey graham said it more troops. but i think that's a grotesque
6:50 am
exaggeration by mayor giuliani. i think it's grotesque to caught her a founding member of isis. all this does is underscore we have no strategy and no plans. plenty to blame obama for and hillary for. but this excessive rhetoric only hurts. >> it's all fair. she supported president obama's decision to withdraw from iraq which led to the vacuum that created isis. bill: breaking news. here is the president. i want to drop in here and pick up what's happening today. >> a tribute to their memory. and it's a tribute to their bravery and tenacity of the parents, the spouses, siblings,
6:51 am
the children who love and remember them, who refuse to give up until they get the truth and the justice they deserve. to those families, your relentlessness, your determination a has made a difference. you have driven argentina's remarkable efforts to hold responsible those who perpetrated these crimes. you are the ones who will insure the past is remembered and the promises finally fulfilled.
6:52 am
bill: the context here is the 40th anniversary of the military coup that brought a dictator into power. 8 minutes now before the hour. patti ann: that's a live look at the justice department in washington. an indictment on the way for seven iranians accused of hacking into a dam near new york city. loretta lynch about to announce that at any moment. laura, i understand you have just gotten your hand on the indictment. reporter: 7 individuals have been named with tie to the iranian government. they will be charged in connection with the 2012 and 2013 on self u.s. banks and a
6:53 am
dam in new york. the indictment shows it wasn't on the back office computer breach. it enabled the hackers to access the control system. their goal, investigators say was to see how far he could get, accessing water levels and the status of floodgates. the hackers live in iran and are not expected to be extradited soon. patti ann: the department of justice is having a press conference related to -- is there any word on this from the obama administration? >> we are waiting for that press conference. it's supposed to start in half-hour. but national security officials
6:54 am
and cyber-security experts have become increasingly worried as we reported through the years and today's indictment is the third such public announcement by the government which has been described as a strategic shift to discourage foreign governments from hacking into government and corporate computer systems. a spokesperson tells fox our government takes all cyber-security seriously. we'll get more information in the next half-hour. bill: in the meantime, from europe the manhunt continues. when will they find a fifth suspect. after that, how many more. as we are learning more about the investigation and what triggered this in brussels in the airport and train station. also here at home on the campaign. this continues to be a driving
6:55 am
issue on the campaign between trump and kasich and cruz. who would do the best job as a commander-in-chief given the current climate in the world today. we'll talk about that. what americans are telling us. stand by.
6:56 am
. . . . . . . .
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bill: new developments now. intense manhunt for the missing suspect in the attacks in brussels. local media outlets are reporting may be another man on the loose. not one, possibly more. new hour of "america's newsroom." how are you doing? i'm bill hemmer. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. authorities are not commenting on reports that a fifth suspect was seen in the brussels subway station talking about ibrahim bakraoui.
6:59 am
bill: two of the them are brothers. main bomb-maker dead. the i.d. after fourth man in the surveillance video is still not known. patti ann: catherine herridge joins us live from washington with the latest. reporter: thank you, patti ann. this morning the conspiracy is growing in addition to the manhunt of the suspect at the brussels airport in the image on the right in white carewearing that disguise. belgium media is reporting a second man seen in surveillance video at metro station helping suicide bomber on to the subway trains. two brothers killed themselves in this at cac. ibrahim el bakraoui and his brother khalid. not sure whether the man with khalid at the subway was killed in the attack. note the amount of tatp in the suitcases would be essentially sufficient to vaporize those closest to it. the tatp found in the brussels apartment is seen more of premeditation in the wider
7:00 am
networks. he is tied to the bombs in paris in november and now the suspect in the airport as well. looks to be conspiracy, inner circle of five suspects and broader second quarter kel which would be the -- circle which would be the broader network fbi sent a fly team from the new york office to assist the authorities in the investigation. this is told of agents on the ground conducting interviews to gain as much intelligence as they can on the incidents. additionally fox told fbi sent a evidence response team, known as an ert from the quantico, virginia, they are deployed to brussels. they are considered among the best forensic teams in the world. based on preliminary evidence including airport explosions near american, united, delta check-in desks he believes the terrorists wanted to take out as
7:01 am
many americans as possible. >> if in fact it becomes true that american airlines and united, and delta, that the explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was also targeted would be two locations where a lot of americans can be killed. reporter: there are differing views on the assessment and location of the explosions in that airport, ticketing hall. an intelligence source who has first-hand knowledge of the investigation on the ground in airport told fox news appeared the bombers were targeting highest concentration of passengers rather than a specific airline desk. patti ann. patti ann: catherine herridge, chief intelligence correspondent in washington. bill: new fox polling numbers show the republican race might be changing. comes day of at contest in utah and arizona. ted cruz and donald trump split those races. trump in arizona, cruz in utah. new polls show cruz is within striking distance of trump, 41-38% in the margin of error.
7:02 am
trump says he has bottom the numbers but cruz argues the race will go all the way to cleveland in july. >> if no one has gotten 1237 by then the delegates elected by people will vote and we will win that vote one way or the other. i believe we are going to win this nomination and the reason is, 65, to 70% of the republicans recognize that donald trump would be a disaster. >> how do you pick somebody that had millions of less votes? because a little bit, 1237 i think we're going to get there but, don't forget, lou, i've been running against 6, seven, eight, nine, 10 people. how do you get 1237 which is half, how do you get 1237 when you had to beat all these additional. people? that is a little bit unfair. bill: we have "the weekly standard" reporter. john, good day to you. >> doing great. bill: fantastic. what do you make of this poll?
7:03 am
>> its an interesting poll. it showed that donald trump's unfavorable ratings have actually ticked up among the general electorate. while he has a committed base of support has been good enough for plurality in many states he is becoming less and less popular among the general electorate. found that in head-to-head match up with hillary clinton that trump would lose by 11 points. cruz would beat her by three points and kasich would beat her by 11 points. definitely some interesting results -- bill: there is a battle within the gop for the moment, john. do you see ted cruz beating donald trump now when you look at the schedule and way deeinggraphy is laid out in the coming month 1/2? >> he has a good shot. look at state level polling. wisconsin is only race next few weeks. donald trump was up by 10 points. only poll we had out publicly shows cruz is up by one point. that is winner-take-all state by
7:04 am
congressional district. republicans in wisconsin have very favorable view of him and trump has net negative view from wisconsin. you have wisconsin. other midwestern states like nebraska, indiana. at the end of the season that is where it will all come down to on june 7th. you have states like south dakota and montana. bill: skipping over california the you're skipping over new jersey, new york, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, up in the northeast. all those states favor trump so i ask you how does cruz beat him? >> well you can give, give trump all those northeastern states. this scenario like i said, if cruz wins california, that is the big wildcard, that is on june 7th. if cruz wins in the midwest, win in the mountain west and win california, trump will come up 150 delegates short even if he does very, very well in five north even states. if he romps in new york on april 19th. that is the math that will be tough for cruz. we can't predict a week in the future. i will not predict 2 1/2 months in the future.
7:05 am
i'm saying the path is there for cruz to stop him. bill: get back to the fox polling now. honest and trustworthy. this is stunning thing, two front runners for republicans and democrat now, at the bottom of the heap hillary clinton and donald trump, are they honest and trustworthy, 33, 34% say yes. 65, 65 say no. what does that tell, what does that say about america today? >> well, it says that americans don't trust their likely nominees of both parties. that is really interesting result. it says a lot that trump is viewed as unfavorably on that issue as hillary clinton who has been in the news for months obviously with dishonesty and classified information on her email server. i think that will be a huge problem for trump. bill: honest and trustworthy for republicans. case second quarter leads. trump up 14 points. can kasich pull this off?
7:06 am
the only possibility is if he gets the floor at cleveland at the convention that is the only route. otherwise it is not going to happen. >> not only does he have to get to cleveland, has to get to a fourth, fifth, or sixth, 7th ballot they are deadlocked and can't decide between trump and cruz. that is only scenario when you get somebody way down in the delegates becomes viable. bill: that is a big reach, right? thank you. john mccormick, "weekly standard" there in d.c. nice to have you. >> thank you. patti ann: new reports that syrian forces have entered the isis held town of palmyra. we're hearing fighting between isis and government troops have taken on the southern edge of town. isis captured this historic city in may. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. what have you heard about the fighting in syria? reporter: patti ann, we learned
7:07 am
isis is about to lose a key piece of property in palmyra, in central syria. the problem it is syrian government forces of president bashar assad aided by russian airstrikes led to isis losing control there. the ancient city of palmyra, home of two thousand-year-old roman ruins was taken over in may. they began blowing up the historic rouges at the protected site. according to syrian state television, isis has been pushed out of palmyra, not by the u.s. coalition but by bashar assad troops and russian air force. they can't determine at this time who is controlling palmyra right now. patti ann: what are you hearing from pentagon sources about the mosul operations. >> there were reports from the iraqi military claiming that the operation to retake iraq's second largest city had begun but according to two senior u.s. defense officials we have spoken to this morning that is not
7:08 am
exactly true. the mosul invision has not begun. iraqi forces are 70 miles outside of mosul. 200 marines from a small base in the area are supporting iraqi military with artillery fire, clearing villages what is known as shaping operations. for months u.s. pilots have been doing the same thing. senior u.s. military officials said recently the iraqi military doesn't have the strength to invade mosul right now. that would require 12 iraqi brigades, about 36,000 iraqi troops. currently there are only a fraction of those forces in northern iraq. in february, 2015, over a year ago, the u.s. military said the mosul operation would occur in the april-may time frame of last year. the operation has been repeatedly delayed as iraqi forces have focused their main efforts in anbar province in western iraq. senior u.s. military leaders have expressed doubts to congress in recent testimony about mosul being liberated in
7:09 am
2016. the head of the military's defense intelligence agency was among them. patti ann? patti ann: jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon, thank you. bill: so ted cruz and donald trump found something new to fight about and that is the topic of their wives. >> you probably know by now that most of the things that donald trump says have no basis in reality. so we are not worried in the least. we're focuses on our campaign and we are going to continue to do that. bill: so the criticism went back and forth. trump hitting, criticizing his rival's wife. that in retaliation for a an ad that mocked trump's wife melania. so are the candidates families now fair play? what about the issues? howie kurtz will analyze the media aspect of this. patti ann: also a spring blizzard. whiteout conditions forcing a state of emergency declaration. we'll tell you where the dangerous weather is headed next. bill: the little sisters of the poor emerging from their case at
7:10 am
the u.s. supreme court, arguing about religious liberty over the obamacare contraception mandate. >> now we find ourselves in a situation where the government is requiring us to make changes in our health care, our religious health care plan to include services that really violate our deepest-held religious beliefs. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash.
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patti ann: a powerful winter
7:14 am
storm slamming the midwest with heavy snow and strong winds. more than 30 inches blanketing parts of colorado. whiteout conditions also snarling traffic and canceling thousands of flights, leaving frustrated passenger stranded. >> i have never been stuck in the airport itself not being able to leave seven, that is my record for traveling, seven canceled flights so. >> so you've been here since 10:00 this morning? >> yes. >> doing what? >> really nothing. just trying to book another flight to get out of here. patti ann: that same storm on the move, covering wisconsin with heavy snow and bringing gusty winds, destroying visibility and making travel dangerous. ♪ >> we have grown to see a pattern with donald. when he's worried, when he's upset, when he is scared, reacts predictably. even for donald he reached a new low. another thing to attack another candidate.
7:15 am
it is another thing to come after my wife. bill: that is the fight between ted cruz and donald trump uglier by the day. the candidates wide being pulled into the fray. trump angry about an ad showing seminude photo of his wife melania. he retaliated, he would, quote, spill the beans on cruz's wife heidi. this is the facebook ad that started it all two days ago from a superintendenter pac. after that came out, rather, trump up the ante last night, retweeting this photo of ted cruz side by side with medical len yaw -- melania trump. that is how it goes. >> kind of amazing it gotten down to the level of being locker room talks. sometimes these personal dust-ups can be revealing of character. i understand donald trump wants to defend his wife. by the way that picture you just showed of her from old "gq"
7:16 am
photo shoot has been on internet a zillion times. that is not exactly new information. he tweeted first and asked questions later. he tweeted. he deleted the tweet and doubled down after other people found the tweet because this tiny super-pac, anti-trump super-pac put the image up has nothing to do with ted cruz's campaign. bill: hmmm. the ad aired in utah, right? >> yes, that's correct. bill after the mormon vote allegedly and take them away from trump to give them to ted cruz. just to recapture this though, howie, it started with the super-pac, right? what trump has said from the very beginning if you pick a fight with me i will hit back 10 times harder. and that is what brings us to today, 48 hours later. >> right. but, it is arguable that he is hitting wrong target since it wasn't the cruz campaign and cruz would be crazy to go after melania trump. here we are and they're sniping
7:17 am
back and forth and very much part of the story. when trump says he is going to spill the beans on heidi cruz. naturally a lot of media speculation, what might those beans be? could be talk about her acknowledged bought of depression a decade ago. that is reported by "new york times" and others this is gift for ted cruz because he gets to dial up the outrage meter present it as example of donald trump's temperment. bill: that is interesting. you think it helps cruz? >> i think on balance it doesn't help anybody because most people looking at this are going to say, hey, we had a terrorist attack in belgium, we have all the serious issues facing the country and you guys are engaging in this towel-snapping stuff. i don't think on balance it helps anybody. clearly cruz could have let it go. he decided to use this, seize on it as an example of donald trump maybe being a little too quick to throw charges because after all it wasn't cruz that made an issue of melania. you mentioned in the tease are spouses fair game? look, when they're out there campaigning with their husbands,
7:18 am
doing interviews, heidi cruz more so, medical hundred yaw trump less so. they're potential fair game as first ladies. i'm sure this stuff, americans would say, take it out in the alley. bill: towel snap, a long way from the washington cartel, howie. when you look how the media is approaching this story, what do you find? >> well, what i find is it is absolute catnip. at a time when a lot of complicated issues and we've all been on obsessed with the delegate math and twitter important part of donald trump's campaign, that is how he communicates messages to millions of followers, let's just say that nobody had to be browbeaten into covering this story. it is a diversion from the more serious stuff and ultimately it probably produces a lot of clicks, maybe even ratings bump. bill: do you think the media has been fair on this or do you find a shade here or there? >> i do the media have been fair
7:19 am
pointing out how this got started who to blame, all of that. there comes a point where it just is salacious stuff and while i do think, you know, as we saw with marco rubio and donald trump, exchanging insults and how embarrassing that got for everybody, it did have impact on the campaign and probably helped hasten senator rubio's exit i think there may be a character test here but mostly it is a fun, salacious story. bill: i take your point there is no room for this but this is what happens in campaigns. you've got eight months to go, howie. there will be more. >> certainly for example, if it were to be donald trump against hillary clinton, trump has already made moves in direction of talking about bill clinton's past misconduct. look, this is what gets people engaged in campaigns. also gives us a glimpse when they get off the talking points and 10-point issue plans gives us a glimpse what the people are really like? are they thin-skinned? do they lash out? in that sense is part of modern
7:20 am
american political campaigns. bill: most voters if not all, say you have to defend your family. how which kurtz. thank you, sir. see you on sunday on "mediabuzz" patti ann. patti ann: new reports on isis terror cells deployed across europe and ready to strike and commit horrific attacks like the ones in belgium this week. bill: how our government can protect americans now. the former director of the defense intelligence agency think it starts rather with messaging. >> what makes the difference is clearly defining the enemy that we are facing. once you do that, once you -- >> does he do that? does he do that? >> no, he doesn't do that. obviously he hasn't done that. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
7:21 am
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patti ann: now to those very disturbing reports from the associated press, saying up to 400 isis fighters are currently in europe and ready to attack. this coming of course on the
7:25 am
heels of the brussels bombings which mark the third large-scale terror attack in europe in just the past 15 months. let's talk with a former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division of the fbi. we have some experts assuring us that u.s. security is much tighter than europe and our screening of ref -- refugees is much more stringent and we should not worry what is happening there will happen here. is it possible to stop 100% of these plots? >> no, patti ann, it is not. we were saying same kind of thing before 9/11 that there were no credible threats to the homeland. we found out we didn't know as much as we thought we knew. the problem is, just because it hasn't happened to the scale we're seeing in brussels and across europe doesn't mean it is not going to be happening and it is not coming our way. we've been fortunate. we're protected by geography, by our borders, by good neighbors to the north and south traditionally. by the oceans.
7:26 am
by a very unique law enforcement community type of relationship all over the country but there will reach a point when that is just not enough and, as we talked about before, on this show and other shows, when you allow isis and you allow other terrorist groups to essentially be beyond your reach because you failed to take the fight to them, then eventually the fight is going to be right here in your own front and backyard, and i would never want to come out anymore and say that it can't happen here because unfortunately it has happened here already. and it may very well in fact. i think it is going to happen here again. patti ann: regarding our own backyard, it is difficult to predict who is going to become radicalized. michael chertoff on "america's newsroom" just earlier this week said there is really no good way to identify someone's risk of committing terrorism based on their religion or their ethnicity. let's listen to him. >> if you look historically back at people who carried out
7:27 am
terrorist attacks in the u.s., many of them didn't start out as muslims. they looked like anybody else who was born a catholic, a christian, or whatever, and the idea you can identify people who are risks based upon their religion or the way they look is completely salacious. it is like going after cancer with a meat axe instead of a scalpel. patti ann: so how do we identify them? >> well, first of all, we count on a long tradition once again of law enforcement and being involved with the community. the front line are the police. they know what's going on in neighborhoods. they know the people who live there. they know something that looks normal from something that doesn't. so we have to strengthen that relationship as it pertains to between the police and say the federal government. fbi agents and agents of other federal entities work all day long to do just that. so that's one thing. we have to keep our eyes and ears open. the other thing we have to
7:28 am
remember is, that many times our politicians get really carried away in a lot of rhetoric and they can become a bigger problem than what we're already facing with terrorists. they can do damage to the ability of people out in the community to lock on doors and get information. at the end of the day, it still makes me kind of just i get chills to hear some people say that we ought to really seriously consider torture and waterboarding and things like this. i will be very honest. i kind of think i will probably vote for donald trump but, i wish someone who is advising him would simply sit down and tell him, you need to pull in these people that are telling you that torture is okay and that it is effective and that it works and it will help us in the long run in the war on terror. i wish they would tell him that is not right and should call in people advising you that that they are fired. that is not a good idea. equally on the other side the kind of things that the
7:29 am
president is doing, the image of the president of the united states sitting next to a thug who calls himself the president of cuba, on a day that all these things were happening in brussels is just abysmal. when there is a widow sitting in new jersey whose husband was killed by a terrorist who's been given refuge by the cuban government along with many others. patti ann: all right. >> we have to get past these kinds of images and kinds of ideas from these politicians. patti ann: point well-taken. terry, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. bill: new fox polling shows that hillary clinton extends her lead over bernie sanders but sanders is saying he is not going anywhere. will they go down to the wire? live on that in a moment. ed henry checks in. patti ann: the non-profit little sisters of the poor taking their fight for religious liberty all the way to the supreme court. taking on obamacare. that is coming up. >> being a little sister of the poor i have learned the secret to happiness in life. it is that we can only truly be
7:30 am
happy if we're giving of ourselves to others.
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7:33 am
♪ bill: hillary clinton, bernie sanders both on the west coast campaigning ahead of saturday's caucuses there. today is mrs. clinton's last event before taking a break for the easter weekend. latest fox polling shows clinton expands her lead now by double digits, 55-42. that is a change from a couple months ago. mrs. clinton fresh off a national security speech yesterday at stanford. >> the threat we face from terrorism is real, it's urgent and it knows no boundaries. this will be one of the most important challenges facing the next president, who takes office on january 20th. our new commander-in-chief will walk into the oval office and find a world of hard choices and complex problems. bill: yesterday she and he were at the hoover institute.
7:34 am
ed henry live in l.a. now. ed, good morning to you. was there anything new in this that speech from yesterday? reporter: not really. look they billed this as a major speech on countering terrorism, when you read and listened to it, especially that piece there, it was not really about countering terror but countering donald trump and ted cruz. she was being so careful, calm and cool to contrast the republican field and say look, i would be a better commander-in-chief. the problem for her is yes, she can tout her credentials as former secretary of state but she also has to admit while she wa obama said this was the jv squad, isis. so if she does have a plan a strategy to finally destroy isis, in the general election, if she gets this nomination republicans will be saying where was that plan three or four years ago. bill: she wants bernie sanders to go away but he made a big announcement on fund-raising.
7:35 am
he is still raising a lot of money, ed. reporter: he outraised her last month by $14 million. the money is pouring in for bernie sanders. the goods news for hillary clinton it is not translating for more delegates for him. she has still has the big lead. she worries in states like california in june, you have 500 delegates at stake. he would make a last stand with tv ads, with all that money. what is interesting her not so secret weapon might be george clooney, hosting two events for her out in california next month. $100,000 a couple if you want to come along, bill. bill: get me a ticket. ed henry, live there in l.a. thank you, ed. enjoy california. patti ann: landmark supreme court case is pitting several religious non-profits against the obama administration. the little sisters of the poor among those fighting the hhs contraception mandate arguing it will force them to violate their
7:36 am
religious beliefs but the aclu says the religious freedom act is not meant to force employees to pay a price for their employer's faith. >> the line is to say that religious liberty doesn't mean the right to impose your views on others, or the right to discriminate. if the court takes away the court says, this accommodation is impermissible the court will in fact have a result that fosters discrimination. patti ann: joining us now, sister constance veith, the communication director of little sisters of the poor. the lori wyndham, beckett council for religious liberty. patti ann: >> thank you. patti ann: they give great care to the poor and elderly. under obamacare you're being required to provide insurance that includes provisions that go begins the catholic faith or face a multimillion-dollar penalty. explain your objections. >> so, the government is asking
7:37 am
us, excuse me, to include services that are in clear violation of our catholic faith and at the same time, a third of americans don't have plans subject to the mandate. so basically we're asking for the same kind of exemption that large corporations like exxon and pepsi have been given as well as the government's own plan for military families. patti ann: let's go into that more. lori windham. you're an attorney for beckett fund for religious liberty which successfully argued the hobby lobby case. you're pointing out in court there are a lot of corporations and other entities that are getting an exemption. why not little sisters of the poor? >> exactly. that is a great question. about 100 million americans fall into one of the many different exemptions to the affordable care act. the government has a lot of different ways that it can provide these offices to women. it doesn't need to rely on little sisters of the poor in order to do it. a key part of the government's case yesterday was to try to
7:38 am
convince the supreme court that its own exchanges, that it has defended before the supreme court twice simply aren't good enough for the employees of little sisters of the poor. i don't see how they can persuade the court of that. >> the court has just eight justices now since the death of justice scalia. pointed questions on both sides thus far. look at a quote from chief justice roberts. he says the petitioner has used the phrase hijacking. seems to me that is accurate description of what the government wants to do. they want to use the mechanism that the little sisters and the other petitioners have set up to provide services because they want the coverage to be seamless. lori, what is your sense of how the arguments are going so far? >> we think the argument yesterday went very well. i'm glad you pointed out from chief justice roberts and justice kennedy referred to the hijacking argument that is a great way to describe what they're doing. the government is saying to the little sisters, hey we'll come in, we'll take over a part of your health care plan. we're going to use it to do things that you can not do due
7:39 am
to your religious faith. that is burden on religious exercise that shouldn't be permitted. patti ann: on the other hand, we showed aclu quote earlier and we have this from justice sotomayor, saying quote every believer ever come before us is saying that we should in some way be damned and that is a very substantial perceived personal burden by them, but if that is always going to be that substantial how will we ever have a government that finkses? sister constance how do you respond to justice sotomayor? >> we feel there is a very easy solution to this situation which is that the government could offer plans including contraception on their health care exchanges so that women who wish to receive those services, who can't do so through our plans women who work for us, can get them pretty easily out on the health care exchange and then our religious liberty about would be respected. so it is not really a matter of government not being able to
7:40 am
function. patti ann: if the court splits 4-4, you could start again next year or accept lower court rulings. lori i understand that differs state by state in terms of signing a conscientious objecttor form, et cetera. how would that work? >> exactly. there are several parts of the country where courts have gone the wrong way and ruled against groups like little sisters of the poor and there are other states the courts ruled right way to protect religious ministries. you have strange situation where there is different law in some parts of the country rather than others. we think and hope the court will be motivated to go ahead and issue ruling for entire nation to protect religious freedom. patti ann: lori, sister constance, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. bill: 20 minutes before the hour, former intel chief that the white house is putting americans at risk by failing to call the enemy by its name. >> there is a deep-seeded ideology within the islamic religion and it is a, it is a
7:41 am
strongly-held cancerous form of this religion and we have to recognize it for what it is. bill: why general flynn argues there will be more attacks like brussels and paris if political, political correctness prevails. we will debate those comments in a moment. patti ann: plus a 5-year-old girl hailed as a hero. we'll tell you how she saved her drowning mother. that is coming up. >> alison immediately went and rescued her mom. it is a miracle, a miracle she is alive. >> it is a miracle that she saved my life. my school reunion's coming fast.
7:42 am
could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
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i love to take pictures that engage people.
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and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ bill: some breaking news now from the hague in europe. war crimes tribunal announcing a verdict in the case of serbian leader in bosnia in the 1990s. the court ruling he was found responsible for crimes against humanity including murder and persecution. they have yet to rule on the 1995 massacre in. that is the worst massacre since
7:45 am
the second world war. that word is crossing now from the netherlands. >> it is term lad call islammism that everybody gets bent out of shape about. all the people that want to be politically correct and want to apologize you know, for using a term like that, it is very, very real. bill: that is michael flynn. michael flynn is a former intel official warning there will be more attacks because enemy has not been clearly identified. flynn argues that islamic extremism must be recognized for what it is or we will not defeat it. matt schlapp, chairman of american conservative union, form political director for president bush and marjorie clifton, president of clifton consulting. good day to both of you. matt, what do you think about that comment? go. >> i thought general flynn as he left inter last night and he is spot on. how do you defeat a enemy you will not properly describe? how can you defeat an enemy when
7:46 am
you can't articulate a strategy? how is the president defeating enemy when he is sitting at baseball game with another cuban dictator? bill: marjorie? >> one you have is counterterrorism and intelligence strategy, could you argue if the strategy is working or not. there have been a lost attacks on isil camps over the last week. the second is the messaging strategy. the choice to not name these radical jihadists as islamic state is very deliberate one. the reason is calling them both islam and calling them both a state legitimatizes a group of maniacs who are terrorizing the country, terrorizing the globe right now. and in doing that we do another thing. we isolate the muslim population which does not want to claim these people as their own because it is not under the tenets of their religion that they are practicing. in the same way that the kkk who claim to be, you could say
7:47 am
radicalized christians we did not want to claim as christians, because that legitimatizes their actions. >> please. bill: we heard this argument before. matt, go ahead and address this. in following sense. is this an insult to islam taking marjories's point? >> not at all. fact is that there are many wonderful muslim leaders who also think that what's happen inside of their religion around the globe is an atrocity. the fact we have president or others of his allies feel like somehow we're being offensive to the religion of islam by saying very clearly, all of these jihadists, all of these jihadists are muslims. all of them. 100%. so it's clearly a problem within the religion to try to avoid that conversation, tell us, telegraphs to the american people that you fundamentally don't understand the enemy we face. bill: marjorie, does it matter to the terrorists what we call them? are they sitting around -- >> it does. bill: it does?
7:48 am
how so? where is the evidence to back that up? >> well, because our claiming a war on religion is very different thing an our claiming a war on group of again, maniacal terrorists. >> we're not doing that. >> well in doing that, you're right, because in doing that, in claiming a war on entire religion. >> we're not doing that. >> but in calling it islam, saying this is war on islam, this is the war on islamic extremists, extremists yes, they are but what we do to the not want to do isolate islamic and muslim population in the united states as ted cruz is now talking about. let's troll muslim neighborhoods. in doing that you already create a fear, isolation for a group that undeservedly so. bill: i wonder if these guys in brussels sitting around arguing that. you mentioned ted cruz. this is what he says about this topic we're debating now. watch. >> we have seen president obama's weakness and appeasement give rise to radical islamic terrorism.
7:49 am
isis, which president obama wrongfully dismissed as the junior varsity is the face of evil. they have declared jihad on america and president obama refuses to acknowledge that. he is so captured by political correctness he is unwilling to confront it. indeed he won't even say the words, radical islamic terrorism. bill: in that comment matt, he sauce like flynn. >> yeah, that is exactly right because i think there is real unanimity amongst people in this country who really care about these security questions that if you simply can't call the enemy what it is, how can you possibly describe it in a democracy what you will do to stop it? this is just getting absurd. let me ask you a question. if this is working, to try to play nice with the terrorists, how come it is not working on the globe? it is not work. bill: marjorie. >> my question is this messaging war or actionable war?
7:50 am
i would care more what are they doing on the ground, what are they doing in terms of intelligence, what are we doing -- >> we're losing the war. we're losing the war. bill: hang on, matt. wrap it up, marjorie. >> the words will not clank anything. bill: marjorie, thank you. matt, i've got to run. see you next week. have a good weekend. thanks. patti ann. patti ann: "happening now" coming up at the top of the hour. abby huntsman with a look at that. >> hey, patty. the hunt for the brussels terror suspects still on loose as they warn from a threat of community of 5000 suspects of radicalized individuals who left europe to fight in syria. many of them crept back across the border. keith mcfarland is on deck. is president obama no drama over the belgium attacks by design? administration staffer spinning president's tango in argentina because the president does not want to give isis attention it wants to crave? how do the optics play out with the american people?
7:51 am
we'll give a fair and balanced look coming up on "happening now." patti ann: abby, thanks. a flight attendant is caught trying to take a whole lot of cocaine inside of lax. how that incident is raising concerns inside of airports. t bt tums smoothies starts dissolving t bt the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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♪ patti ann: a flight attendant is under arrest linked to a mountain of cocaine. police say that the jetblue employee set of 70 pounds of cocaine at lax after flinging off her heels and running from security. she eventually surrendered to police at jfk airport in new york. jonathan hunt is live from los angeles with this bizarre story. jonathan, what happened? reporter: marcia gay reynolds is a jetblue employee but on friday night. she wasn't working. instead showed up at american airlines terminal at
7:55 am
lax wearing jeans and a pair of gucci heels. she show her crew badge to skip the public security line but she was selected for random screening. as she was led to the screening area she suddenly kicked off the heels and ran. and tsa screeners soon found out why. in her luggage 11 separate individually-wrapped bags of cocaine. street value of $2 million. officials say this was highly unlikely the first time she had done this. listen here. >> someone bringing in 70 pounds of cocaine, this is clearly not her first time doing this. no one is going to trust a mule with that amount of product to come through the first time. and the fact that she brought that much through clearly state has she didn't believe she was going to be searched. reporter: marcia mcclain points out if she could get 7pounds of cocaine that far, could just as easily have been some sort of explosives. patti ann: yeah. very disturbing story.
7:56 am
so jonathan, how exactly did she make it to new york? reporter: appears she simply took a flight. seems extraordinary, maybe a jetblue flight, her own company. she could have even worked that flight as flight attendant. we're not sure yet. by the way making first court appearance in brooklyn, 2:00 p.m. today. she will come back here to lax presumably to pick up those heels. patti ann? patti ann: jonathan hunt, live in l.a. bill: manhunt for alleged accomplice in brussels. are there more suspects on the loose? if so, how many? our coverage continues live from europe and here in new york in a moment. ♪
7:57 am
i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ >> . >>
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texas mom is now calling her daughter a heroperiod the video catching it all upyour call five-year-old allison jumps into the pool to push her mom who had had a seizure to the shallow end, turn her over and then run inside for help .
8:00 am
allison's mom said it was a seer on a seizure that made her drop to the bottom. the little girl learned to swim at age 2. we will see you tomorrow >> back again . >> it is good friday. have a great day. >> happening now start right now. go. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. a major development in the brussels terror attacks. welcome to happening now, i'm jon scott. >> i'm anti-huntsman in for jenna lee program belgian media is reporting a second attacker is believed to be on the run in connection with the subway attack. this as a manhunt intensifies for the man in the white jacket you can see here on surveillance video accompanying the two suicide bombers at least four americans are missing in the wake of these horrific attacks do we get a live report from brussels in just a few moments. jon: at the manhunt continues for the suspect in the bombings there are warnings about new


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