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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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allison's mom said it was a seer on a seizure that made her drop to the bottom. the little girl learned to swim at age 2. we will see you tomorrow >> back again . >> it is good friday. have a great day. >> happening now start right now. go. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. a major development in the brussels terror attacks. welcome to happening now, i'm jon scott. >> i'm anti-huntsman in for jenna lee program belgian media is reporting a second attacker is believed to be on the run in connection with the subway attack. this as a manhunt intensifies for the man in the white jacket you can see here on surveillance video accompanying the two suicide bombers at least four americans are missing in the wake of these horrific attacks do we get a live report from brussels in just a few moments. jon: at the manhunt continues for the suspect in the bombings there are warnings about new threats to a top european
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security official says isis is taking quotes, a more aggressive stance toward europe and says investigators are focusing on potentially 5000 suspects, many of you are back in europe after traveling to syria. our former deputy assistant secretary of defense under president reagan and a fox news national security analyst. this has to bekate, a national security nightmare. go . >> it's even worse than that. go 5000, this is the europe pole. that the police organization that oversees all european police forces but he says there are 5000 europeans who have gone, left europe, going to fight with isis and training and are back in europe you go another intelligence agency has said there are 500, anywhere from four or five, 600 experienced isis fighters already in europe and they are the masterminds propel those are the guys who are bomb makers and will set up sleeper cells. those are the guys who carry out terrorist attacks like the
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brussels attacks. what this does is it totally overwhelms the european police forces and intelligence community ability to get in front of it. they will always be playing catch-up abroad. jon: that wave of migrants we've seen over the last few months, that only complicates the situation there . >> that's a really good point john because they are talking about the 5000, the 500, that's already there. the german development minister has said we expect maybe 8 million migrants to be coming into europe starting in the spring over the seven months of the summer and isis has said in fact one of the terrorist captured has bragged that they had come through, they are hiding within those migrant waves so however bad it is now it's expected to get a lot worse. jon: there are simple
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explanations i guess for the problems they had in tracking these guys. for one thing, just translating an arabic name in french or german can give you different results so they can't even maintain consistency about trying to track the people they're worried about their go. >> this is a big problem that we don't understand in the united states because we don't speak english but if you're translating from arabic to france, let's say the name by sharp your that can be spelled one way, it gave can be bas h er, if it's going to arabic and french or french to german, italian to greek, somehow those names can get scrambled as the intelligence services try to cooperate with those people and law enforcement so even if they were organized which they are not but even if law enforcement was organized to talk to each other, they have that additional problem and the other thing john, that's very troublesome is once somebody gets in the european union, once they are in greece or italy, they can travel freely throughout the continent.
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though nobody stops them at the border. who are you again? where are you going? we know the terrorists we've picked up so far who had been involved in that terrorist brussels attacks, they were hiding in plain sight. they were being protected by the communities in which they were living. jon: it raises questions about the much-maligned no-fly list the us maintains if the europeans can't even keep track of the names or keep consistent with the names of the people they suspect, those people are basically on plane ticket away from the united states aren't they? if they have a european visa? that's why it's troubling for us because if they have a european passport and they're not on any databases or they don't come on a no-fly list and we have seen that a lot of them have not been flagged by belgian or other security services all they have to not do is buy a plane ticket to jfk and present themselves to go there got the automatic visa waiver and there inside the
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united states. they are really are just one plane right away. jon: is it possible, i mean i'd like to believe that these threats from isis are empty threats. they're just trying to rattle people,scare people about the number of attackers they have ready to go in europe . is that possible or is that wishful thinking? >> look, they're going to brag that they are 10 feet tall and they're not but if you look at the numbers, the sheer numbers even if it's only half the numbers they're talking about and you compare that against the crisis where there is no security, for example in the brussels attacks, this bomb went off in the arrival area. not crossing security and at the gate. this one was pulling up to the curb with a suitcase. that means every airport in the world, except for israel nobody has that security before you get to the gate we need to rethink the whole system. jon: there is a steady parade of people going to visit israe
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. law enforcement officials trying to figure out how they can harden some of these targets that have been so soft for so long. put on your national security. what do you do in this country to try to stem the tide of isis arrivals andpotentially prevent this kind of thing , these kind of attacks we saw in belgium from happening here? it needs to be a comprehensive approach to go take a step back. we are facing an enemy that are equivalent to world war t two and the nazis or the cold war and we don't solve it by throwing a couple thousand troops in the middle east or maybe take away some of the pieces in the united states. we need a comprehensive program with all western civilization, all european countries. probably even with russia to stand up and say only the united states can lead this and it needs an economic component. it needs a visa integration component who is here and what are they doing here? it needs a military component,
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it needs all the kind elements of national power that we assembled to defeat nazis and communists. this president is not going to do it. it's going to beup to the next president because i don't see any other world leader in a position to do it. it's got to be the united states and it's got to be the american president . jon: our national security analyst, kt. tune in this friday, march 25, 10 pm eastern went colonel oliver north and blake adam bring you a special war storie : fighting isis right here on the fox news channel. abby: while lawmakers differ on how to deal with president obama's nominee for the supreme court, it turns out that average americans believe the senate should consider the president's nominee while he is still in office. this according to a new poll.
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48 percent they say approve of president obama's nomination of merrick garland to the supreme court and that is compared to 27 percent who say they disapprove. leland vineyard is live in washington this morning with more. good to see you. reporter: good morning. a poll in another area where the obama administration quivers as it continues its full-court press against republicans. democrats hoping to exploit a growing divide among gop senators over whether the current force of denying merrick garland at a senate vote is a good idea. the hardliners often cite this speech from ben senator joe biden back in 1992 is enough to hold up merrick garland's nomination. >> the senate judiciary committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until after the political campaign seasonis over . reporter: those words have proved problematic for biden's boss the president.
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in less than an hour the vice president will shall we say attempt to clarify a few points in a highly publicized speech to georgetown university law school saying in part, during his time in the judiciary committee as chairman and ranking member , all eight supreme court nominees got hearing and every single nominee including justice kennedy in an election year got an up ordown vote by the senate . continuing with what vice president will say, not much of the time, not most of the time, every single time. that's becoming around 12:30 eastern. the american people seem to agree with biden. that same poll shows 60 percent two percent of americans say the senate should consider merrick garland while obama is in office. democrats overwhelmingly agree, 87 to 8 euro democrats, independents agree, 63 ã31. republicans disagree two ã33. republicanleadership is sticking with their base . >> whether it's before the
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election or after the election, the principle is the american people are choosing their next presidentand their next president to pick this supreme court nominee . reporter: so far a number of senators have agreed to meet with merrick garland. on public senator publicly said his colleagues should man up in his words and both. abby: very interesting to hear how the american people feel. thanks. jon: more fallout from last year's biker shootout in texas. new charges filed in connection with that terrible melee. federal charges unsealed in cyber attacks on us banks and the new york state dam. why investigators say the iranian government may be behind those attacks. also we want to hear from you. do you think the us is equipped to prevent a brussels style terror attack? i like is up and running.
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go to, get your thoughts into the conversation.
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abby: right now some crime stories we are watching. 48 more bikers indicted in connection with last year's deadly shootout outside the restaurant in waco texas more than 150 people facing charges in connection with those classes. nine bikers died, 20 others injured when rival motorcycle clubs had a showdown. the ball ended in a shootout with police. a competency hearing today for a man accused of fatally shooting pete three people at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. the judge ordered a mental evaluation last year after robert dear said he wanted to represent himself. dear facing more than 150 charges in connection to the november shooting. a manhunt in indiana for saline anger management, a 14-year-old girl last seen at a father's home in the town of spencer. the child's mother says her father was having a party and she disappeared after midnight.
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she wins father said someone kidnapped her from his home overnight. the toddlerdivides her time between her parents. police are asking the public for help in finding shay lynn . jon: fox news is learning seven individuals with tiesto the iranian government are charged in cyber attacks on us banks . and on a dan in new york state. the cyber reach of the bowman avenue dan and ryan brooks, that's a new york city suburb 30 miles to the north of the city allowed hackers to access the control system prompting a federal investigation. laura ingle live with more. reporter: the seven alleged cyber spies were experienced computer hackers who were employed by iran based computer companies with ties to the iranian government and are accused of disabling bank websites on more than 176 days between 2011 and 2013. the attack targeted some of the largest financial institutions,
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many headquartered in new york city and resulted in hundreds of thousands of customers being unable to access their accounts in tens of millions of dollars being spent by the companies trying to stay online through these attacks. >> we now live in a world where devastating attacks on our financialsystems , our infrastructure and our way of life can be launched from anywhere in the world just with a simple click of a mouse. with when such an attack is motivated by greed or directed by an arm of the nationstate, it must and will be met with a strong law enforcement respons . reporter: in addition to the banks, a dam just outside new york city was also hacked through a cellular modem which enabled the attackers to access the control system. while they did not gain operational the control they were able to access information. the hackers all live in iran and are not expected to be extradited anytime soon but the fbi says they will be held accountable. >> we will work together to shrink the world and impose costs on those people so no matter where they are they will we will try to resent and no
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matter how hard they work to hide their identity and tradecraft, we will find ways to do that she'll then identify them. reporter: today's indictment is only the third announcement by the us which has described this as part of a strategic shift in recent years to discourage foreign governments from cyber hacking into us governance and corporate computer systems. jon: scary stuff. laura, thank you. abby: coming up: rising california to bring lexi home. the community rallies in support of a family fighting to keep their foster child. and president obama facing more criticism for his reaction to the brussels terror attacks. e controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. the usaa car buying app iwas really helpful.aa all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier
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jon: our family in santaclarita california fighting to keep their foster child. six-year-old lexi was taken from her foster families home monday. social workers removed the native american girl to take her to relatives living in utah. rusty and summer page, the foster parents have been trying to adopt lexi for the last four years . >> were going to continue focusing on winning her back. but at the end of the day there's a whole and it's a big hole. >> we do clearly have a lot of support. >> . jon: friends and family holding a vigil wednesday in support of lexi and the foster family. alexi was taken from her foster home because of the indian child welfare actwhich attempt to keep native american children with biological relatives .
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abby: as we get new information from brussels concerning a second suspect in the subway bombing, president obama is facingcriticism for what some are calling an inappropriate response to the terror attacks that killed at least31 people. let's bring in colleen , a correspondent for the wall street journal article and melinda , thank you for being with us today. we appreciate it. the last two days, the president has received criticism not just from republicans but for going to the baseball game, doing the wave, doing salsa dancing in argentina while much of the world is mourning what happened in brussels this week wall street journal had an interesting piece this morning and according to his aides, they say the president approach partly reflects his belief that over reacting to a terrorist attack however horrific it is only elevates extremely groups like isis in a way that exaggerates their influence so colleen, the take away from that is as much criticism as he'sgetting the president knows exactly what he's doing and is doing this on purpose . >> he's been consistent in this response. he's received this criticism in the past and he's long said we don't wantto elevate the
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terrorist . we don't want to be paralyzed by fear. we need to continue living our lives and so there's an argument to be made about that and he was in the middle of a historic trip to cuba. he's the first president to visit cuba in eight years.the problem becomes that we didn't just see images of him meeting with other leaders, we saw images of him at a baseball game, wearing sunglasses, doing the wave with castro and last night in argentina doing the tango and these optics have given his critics ammunition to say this isn't a serious response to be doing the tango in argentina. abby: in politics you know that optics matter and this wasn't in the united states what has happened but there were a number of americans involved, we still have four missing americans so you can stay in cuba but maybe not go to the baseball game. who's advising him? who's saying this is going to look fine? >> i wouldn't presume to know who said this is going to look
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fine but as colleen says, he has been super consistent on this his idea is , i don't let the terrorists tell me what to do, when i can and cannot do and the optic he wants people to see is that we are doing what we do. you do not influence every aspect of our life and liberty. on the other hand, yes, he's been criticized and he has also said that going after and decimating isis is our top priority. what i've been more surprised that since the president's reaction which wasn't as expected has been the reaction of the public. after the attacks in paris both times you heard there was really thisoutpouring of love and support for france that you haven't seen after these attacks in belgium . and some of my conservative friends have said well, that's what they get for their policy
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of opening borders which reminded me very much of what you heard from some liberals after 9/11 that this is what we get for our support of israel. this comes down to our policies and then and now i disagree with both of those, blaming the victims. abby: what do you think? do you think we respond to politically to events like this? is this criticism of obama fair? >> everything is viewed through a political lens in these debates so it certainly is predictable that republicans would say he needs to come home and it's not surprising that the white house is this is the policy that we have been following for a long time and we're going to keep doing that. this is complicated for the white house by the fact that this is playing out in the middle of the presidential campaign so the political stage is crowded at this point and president obama is not just acting in a vacuum at the only person on the political stage so you see all the presidential candidates intently focused on the brussels attacks and
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complicating things for president obama is the fact that he is saying i'm going to keep doing what i'm doing and we need to not give in to fear but then you have hillary clinton giving a speech about the terrorist attack and even though she doesn't disagree with president obama's policies, she's saying we need to respond intensely to this and as obama is saying, we can't get into fear. hillary clinton is giving a speech saying i understand your fear. i'm responding to that. melinda, what is the right response? you don't want to respond in a panic in reaction to an attack like this but you also want to show us the president of the united states you are there for the people. the most important job is to protect us i think he would have been criticized either way. had he cut the trip short or just kind of changed the entire agenda of the trip he would have also been criticized as weak, look at him, these
8:27 am
totally in a reactive mode. he doesn't know what he wants to do. he's letting isis push him around so i don't know that there ever would have been a right responsebut i understand what he's attempting to do in rejecting that life goes on . abby: we'll leave it there. thank you for being with us. jon: police in brussels expanding the search for suspects after the deadlyterror attacks. what we are learning about the investigation and how the warning signs were missed . plus, millions of americans digging out after a powerful storm packing high winds and heavy snow. where this thing is headed nex . >> it's kind of like getting slapped in the face the whole time because it's coming hard all day. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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and villains need cars. ♪ jon: a quick look at what's still to come. six jurors in the whole hogan 16 trial speaking out. why they say they were absolutely correct in awarding the former pro wrestler $140 million in damages. and major developments in the trial of the former colorado sheriff's deputy accused of killing his wife. after new testimony appears to conflict with the account by the prosecution's star witness. a legal panel takes up the case. plus the nypd unveiling its latest effort the city's finest safe after a string of execution style shootings.
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we've got a live report coming to the new york auto show. abby: now to alert on major developments in the russell terror attacks. state media reporting a second attacker is believed to be on the run right now in connection with the subway attacks. this asthe manhunt intensifies . you can see him there on the surveillance video. accompanying the two suicide bombers. at least four americans are still missing in the week of these horrific attacks. on his live with us in brussels with the latest. reporter: added, we still don't have a clear picture. we still haven't received the ideas of most of the victims at this point including many of those americans and as we start toget a clearer picture about the suspects , quickly i want to show you the scene here outside the train station. this is basically a central brussels, kind of like the penn station as i've been describing in new york. is absolutely packed. you can see the enormous crowd and this is because of the security, number one it's rush
8:33 am
hour. easter weekend so already a busy time of year but also be intense security in the wake of tuesday's attacks. we've been showing you this all morning, the soldiers posted up here, the police, they are checking people's bags as they're going into the terminal though it is very very crowded. it is very tense as well. as i mentioned, we are getting a clearer picture of the suspect involved. we've been showing you a lot through the cctv surveillance video from the airport showing three of the bombers.the man in the white coat remains at large . ibrahim el-bakraoui, i want to talk about him. he's in the middle of the picture. turkish officials say, and this came out overnight that ibrahim el-bakraoui was deported to the netherlands in june and belgian officials were warned that he posed a threat but those warnings according to turkish authorities may have been ignored and we know his brother khalid el-bakraoui carried out
8:34 am
the metro attacks, the subway attacks and they are now reports of a second bomber who may be at large as well. we are also learning more about najim laachraoui who also carried out the air or bombing. he is on theleft side of the picture we've been showing . najim laachraoui was described as a isis bomb maker tied to the terrorist bomber salah abdeslam who as we know was arrested here on friday in brussels and he was arraigned in court today on terror charges. extradited back to france and from what we understand he will be told is not cooperating at this point with authorities. the terror level here abby remains at its highest. the security is unprecedented again as you can see behind me. earlier, we tried to go into the terminal. we were immediately pushed out by soldiers and security.
8:35 am
that's totally understandable. the airport meanwhile in brussels remains shut down. that is likely to be the case through the weekend at least through saturday again as the investigation continues and the hunt for the suspect continues as well. abby? abby: some veryunsettling times . john, thank you. for more on this let's talk about it with and who is the officer of the fight. the secret service agents inside account of security failings in the political machine. he's also a former secret service agent for president obama so thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. as new developments are coming, we are learning more about the terrorist attacks and the plotting that went into it. what we continue to hear from isis is that this is just the beginning , that they are testing things out for the real attack . obviously that is cause for real concern. you understand this threat better than most of us. how should we be thinking about it? >> abby, we are in the first
8:36 am
chapter of a totally new terrorism book and i would make the case that this started with mumbai, the mumbai attacksthat , this is where it all started. this soft targets, small arms tactical assault model. they switched the terrorist groups from a to ap to isis, from a 9/11 model which requires a lot of logistics and planning to this small arms model where a couple of rifles and homemade explosives, you can call the exact same amount of carnage and terror as you did in 9/11 and this is exceedingly difficult to stop. abby: you mentioned 911. times have changed in all these years. we are definitely facing are soft targets. we see attacks at metro stations, at the airport and this is exactly what isis is wanting is for us to change our lives and live in fear. how much harder is it for us to stop these target attacks without completely changing our lives?
8:37 am
>> that's a great question. two points on this. it's very difficult to stop because we are in what i call investigative breadcrumbs. when you are planning an attack inflating in flight training, you need large amounts of money, up to $1 million. 9/11 cost depending on estimates, it leaves a lot of breadcrumbs. it leaves flight instructors who may be suspicious but when you are out there in your house drive firing an ak-47 and mixing peroxide components for obama, no one, it's possible no one may see you ever. there's no suspicion there. there's no investigative breadcrumbs left behind. combine that with frankly the administration, president obama's focus on not calling out the terrorists which from my law enforcement sources is filtering down to investigators on the ground who feel like some components of the muslim community are being given special rights because they're afraid to investigate their, afraid of being accused of islam a phobia and you have a dangerous cocktail. these attacks are almost
8:38 am
impossible to stop in our current law enforcement and counterterrorism posture. abby: in brussels, they were at high alert before this happened. they had warnings that the terror attack waslikely to happen . do you think that isis is one step ahead of us? >> i'm glad you mentioned that because i've been sounding the alarm along with a lot of other people in the security arena. you have to understand was at the highest level of a possible and it did not stop these attackers from carrying out their plans almost exactly as they had planned beforehand. it didn't deter them one bit. i don't mean to scare anyone and there's no need to panic. you are exceedingly unlikely to be involved in a terror attack but we do have to change our approach to counterterror and law enforcement. there's no question about it. we have to name of the enemy and secondly we have to look at breaking down our unnecessarily bureaucratic law enforcement and counterterrorism infrastructure.
8:39 am
we have an alphabet soup of federal agencies that can't talk to one another. it's causing a lot of problems. i was a part of it for 12 years. it needs to be extra we are looking at this once a month. abby: we showed a map of brussels and the suspects that were involved in the terrorist and the brusselsattacks. you can see how close they all were to each other and yet how long it took to even find one of them . >> yeah, and these were not random attacks. they were done close to the united states embassy, done near the american airlines counter at the airport. a message was intended to be sent here and when they put out the social media post that there are 400, 500 more of these bombers that areready to move , sadly abby i don't think they were kidding. these are not veiled threats. these are real threats. there are people ready to be activated at a moments notice and their ability to pull this off despite again, belgium's heightened terror threat and the fact that salah abdeslam
8:40 am
was already captured should be sending shivers down the spine ofevery counterterrorism unit over the world in the civilized country. we are next. we've been already in san bernardino . abby: dan von gino, former secret service agent. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. jon: now a fox extreme weather alert. commuters in colorado facing dangerous icy conditions this morning on the heels of a powerful blizzard packing gusty winds of nearly 20 inches of snow in some spots. the easter bunny is going to be a snowshoe hare. militants across the midwest are bracing for weather as well. we are live in the extreme weather center .
8:41 am
reporter: i know you love skiing in colorado. i want to share with you some of these snow totals coming out of that area. some areas picking up more than two feet of snow fall so i'm sure the ski resorts are happy in colorado but the storm really did bring travel to a halt across parts of that state and also other areas across portions of the midwest and now extending even into the great lakes and parts of the northeast. you see the storm system bringing in that wintry mix across the great lakes and also across far northern areas, parts of new york state in new england expected to see winter weather so we have advisories issued across these regions and also warnings. taking a look at our forecast model you see the storm system will eventually continue moving eastward but there's a sharp contrast in temperatures. we are looking at warm temperatures south of it and cold to the north of it. additional snowfall totals out there, some places picking up more than six inches out there and here's a look at current can see 65 degrees right now in pittsburgh. we had northward and in buffalo you're only in the 30s so a sharp contrast in temperatures here with the storm system and we are expecting storms and
8:42 am
some of them could bring severe weather, the threat for tornadoes isolated across parts of alabama, mississippi and southern parts of kentucky. over to you john. jon: so that heads up. you. abby: coming up, a woman's death eventually ruled a suicide. now her husband is on trial for her murder. testimony from the prosecution conflicts with what another of his witnesses had to say legal panel on what these different accounts could mean . they say when mr. clean saw all the different things his new smart phone does... reminded him of his magic eraser. it's not just for marks on walls... it's tough on kitchen grease... and bathroom grime too. he's your... ...all around-tough-cleaner, mr. clean.
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a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. jon: now former colorado corrections officer is on trial for murdering his wife. coroner originally ruled ashley false's death a suicide just days after she was found shot dead in her bedroom. the case was closed in march 2012, even before all the
8:46 am
evidence was tested but in april 2014, police reopened the case after a local fox reporter went back to reinterview some witnesses including one neighbor who said he heard ashley's husband tom confessed to shooting her. police arrested tom holland on the second degreemurder in november 2014 . he is the one on trial. but that neighbors testimony conflicts with what another witness had to say. let's talk with our legal panel about it. a former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor as well. thanks to both of you for being here. there are so many questions in this case but it has to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. the one neighbor says he heard through an open window phallus saying i killed my wife but his own sister, again they were both teenagers at the time, his own sister said that she testified that sheheard him say something like i did something to my wife . >> wife died tragically from
8:47 am
one gunshot wound to the head. she been having an argument for that. that's not in dispute. the question is did she after this argument then shoot herself or did the husband kill her? a neighbor who through an open window said he heard that the defendant said that he shot his wife. a clear confession. however the sister of that neighbor who was then 15 years old is saying she was in the same window hearing the same thing and did not hear that so was really hurt. there's another deputy at the police department who supposedly will testify he also heard a confession but he hasn't testified yet so we don't know whether his supposing confession will become credible when he testifies. that's an important piece of evidence. jon: they have brought in apparently to the courtroom, they've reconstructed the bedroom where this took place and they have re-created the bullet hole in the wall after the bullet passed through the victim's head and a trajectory showing how the bullet was
8:48 am
fired. she supposedly was on her knees when she committed suicide. it would seem that that would go a long way to proving what might have happened here. >> you know john, jurors are expecting these days to see csi style evidence like that.we call it the csi effect but that doesn't mean the prosecution doesn't have a huge problem here because of inconsistent testimony. as a defense attorney, that's exactly what we want. you have one witness saying i heard a confession, his own sister standing right next to him at this upstairs window saying i didn't hear that. we have one deputy sheriff who says he confessed and several other deputy sheriff to say that he didn't. we have the state's own expert that ruled this a suicide for several years. that's a treasure trove for the defense in this case. jon: we had a picture of the accused dan. he was found on the night of
8:49 am
the incident. there he is. apparently he had fresh scratches on his chest. he says that was from shaving his chest. i don't know. they look like something a little more substantial than you would get with a razor and that's a big point of dispute. >> was there a struggle before the wife was shot and killed? one piece of evidence for the prosecution is are these scratches on his chest? he saying it was from shaving. there are a couple of photos that seem to be moved in the room where this happened. the prosecution is saying that is also a sign of a struggle. the defense issaying that is not part of the struggle, those removed for other reasons so whether there was a fight physically before she was shot is clearly important to see whether the defendant shot her whether she killed herself . jon: he was in the interview room, we just saw him there pounding on the table and
8:50 am
saying no i did not kill my wife. is that typical behavior for somebody who is innocent or is it somebody, is it the behavior of somebody trying to cover up a crime? >> who knows? that will ultimately be an issue for the urine. there's no textbook on how somebody is supposed to act when their wife and mother of their children is suddenly killed, whether it be from a suicide or from them. i think i'd watch that video, he didn't know it was being recorded and it seems to me like somebody who was incredulous that they are being accused of murder in the minutes and hours following the death of his wife. the one he is a sheriff's deputy. you would think he would expect that there would be a camera at some point but again, until it's important we will see what the jury decides pro-choice layton, dan sure. thank you both. >> thanks john. abby: jurors in the whole cogan
8:51 am
trial breaking the silence after awarding the former pro wrestler more than $100 million in his case against gawker media. why they say their decision was absolutely correct you if youthen you'll know howouth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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jon: happening now the new york city police department taking steps to protect its officers in the wake of the recent shootings. testing new patrol cars with armored panels and bullet resisting glass covering parts of the side windows. able to withstand small arms fire. live at the auto show here in new york city with that . rick? reporter: we've seen too many incidents of police officers being targeted by criminals across america. in the last two years three new york city police officers have
8:55 am
been shot and killed through their side windows while sitting in their cars. the nypd is hoping these new bullet resistant videos will give those officers an extra degree of confidence. there's a pilot program. they've announced 60 of these vehicles with these externally mounted panels. they put them on the outside of the door because they are easier to repair and reminds the officer that this is here. they are able to withstand the kind of bullets police officers are most likely to see and they also have these ballistic panels in the windows about an inch and a quarter think that will stop all its but it allows the officer in the vehicle to still talk to people. there's a window that goes out up and down but they can still talk to people and goal is to make these cops as safe as possible and now that the technology has advanced to this point, these things are like and affordable enough for the department. >> when they became available we were interested in testing it because it seems like in urban areas that's where the perpetrators want to shoot at the police officers. this goes in cycles and we are
8:56 am
going back to that cyclewhere it's a tough job out there and we got to protect the police officers as much as possible . reporter: ford motor company offering ballistic door panels as an option on new vehicles. government agencies around the world, they added eight pounds of armor piercingprotection per door , ballistic great ceramic tile within arabic backing. it's capable of stopping rounds from shotguns, even high-powered rifles. ford and specify how much this new armor will cost but it's not available to the general public so you wouldn't be able to buy it for yourself anyway. you can only up armor your car, there are shops that can do that if you think you need it. jon: it's unfortunate that costume. thanks rick. abby: coming up next in new hour of happening now, federal agents but a drug ring between mexico and california. seizing 3000 pounds of marijuana and traffickers operating a massive the panel that connected our restaurant
8:57 am
in california with a house in mexico. an incredible rescue in california. sheriffdeputies save a woman in a car that burst into flames after colliding with a truck .
8:58 am
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9:00 am
jon: we'll be back with our second hour in one hour. >> still in your yellow. jon: that's right. harris: fox news alert now, europe on edge and the rest of the world as well. authorities have strong evidence now a second terror suspect may be at large, and they are still searching for several people. now they're using surveillance video, and they say they can see a man helping carry a large bag before it blew up in that subway station. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros, rachel campos duffy, fox news contributor ebony be williams is here and today's hashtag one #oneluckyguy, you know him, from to o'reilly factor, jesse waters


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