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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you've got another one. this is number -- rachel: eight. harris: whoo! eight is enough! [laughter] rachel: he did it. harris: ebony as well. we'll see you back here tomorrow for "outnumbered" tomorrow at noon eastern. sit right where you are, "happening now" now.
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a burning car with a woman pinned inside. pulled out with just moments. it's all happening now. but we begin with a fox news alert on a new link discovered between the terror attacks in brussels and those in paris of last november. welcome to the second hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> i'm abby huntsman in for jenna lee today. one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up in the brussels airport is also believed to have been a bomb maker for the paris and brussels attacks. officials say he was a key recruiterer for isis who rented a house used as a hideout by the paris terrorists. security is stepped up in major
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cities abroad and at home, out of what attorney general loretta lynch calls an abundance of caution. >> i want to make sure that we will continue to remain vigilant in order to ensure that we can keep the american people safe from harm. president obama remains in argentina today but we're told he is receiving regular updates on the investigation. we have live fox team coverage. chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris is in washington. we begin with greg palkot in brussels. >> reporter: hey, jon. we're coming to you today from the molenbeek area of brussels. it has been described by some as a hotbed of islamic radicalism. you can see heavy security behind me in the center of town. we'll get to that in a moment. let's update you on breaking news regarding the the manhunt for the fugitives involved in the latest terror attacks here in brussels. there could be a second man
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involved in that deadly metro attack that left 20 dead, well over 100 injured. a horrible attack. a second man seen in surveillance video carrying a large bag, possibly with explosives inside. the main bomber is a guy named khalid el bakraoui. it is now revealed today that police were already looking for him on terror charges prior to this attack this week. he was helping out the paris attackers. it's pretty much certain now that one of the suicide bombers at the airport is a guy named najim laachraoui. and he, it is believed, made the bombs, not just for the attacks this week but for those terrible paris attacks last november. that leaves at the airport another bomber, unidentified. basically the police could now be looking for two fugitives associated with the attacks this week. meanwhile, at the main courthouse today in brussels, huge security presence for a trial for salah abdeslam, a
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hearing for the man. he actually didn't show up, but his lawyer did. and believe it or not, he wants to be extradited to france to face the music for his role in the paris attacks. also his lawyer is saying he had no idea about what happened this week in brussels. now to molenbeek. we are here, one reason, last friday, there was a police raid at a building where they arrested abdeslam. we went to the neighborhood, talked to people, got a sense of the place. again, hig poverty rates, a big muslim population, fertile for jihadi recruiting. but we must say it is also a solid working class area. we talked to the people here. they gave us a mixed reaction on abdeslam who was right in their presence. one person said it was horrible, he didn't know he was here, and if he had, he would have told the authorities. another told us, jon, hey, this is probably the best place he
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could have been hiding, with his people in the place he grew up, kind of a safe but a dangerous haven. back to you, jon. >> hiding in plain sight. greg palkot, greg, thank you. now for the latest on the ongoing investigation. catherine herridge joins us live. isis has released a new video, catherine. >> reporter: that's right, good afternoon. this is a carbon copy of some of the videos we've seen in response to the attacks in europe. what's striking about this video is it seems to have prepackaged, kind of sitting on the shelf, waiting for an attack to take place. the only thing relevant to the brussels attacks is at the very beginning, and then again at the end. the middle showcases so-called foreign fighters from belgium. interestingly enough, it is not a martyrdom video.
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it does not have individual of the handful of individuals who took part in tuesday's attack. so it was sitting on the shelf waiting. they added the news footage and then rolled it out as their way of saying, more is in the pipeline, abby. >> we know that europe is on high alert right now. how is this new information impacting the fbi and what they're doing at home? >> reporter: at the start of the show we heard from loretta lynch, who spoke to reporters this morning, who said there was no specific or credible evidence of a threat to the united states. that's what they're all saying publicly. although i would add, that is the same situation the brussels authorities found themselves in on the eve of this attack on tuesday. but here's what's happening behind the scenes. the fbi has sent a fly team. this is out of the new york office, to engage with the investigation in brussels, to do their own interviews and to gather intelligence. so to take what happened in brussels and see if it has any implications here in the united states. they sent one of their forensic teams from quantico, virginia,
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to help with evidence collection. these are some of the best teams in the world. but here's what you won't see that's going on. the fbi is really ramping up surveillance of about four dozen individuals who are already subject to what's called the special surveillance group. this is around the clock surveillance. these are individuals, i'm told by a congressional source, who have traveled to syria and then back to the united states. so these folks who have ties to syria and to isis, they're really under the thumb of the fbi now in terms of surveillance. they're watching them to see if they'll take what happened in brussels as a catalyst to act in this country, abby. >> new and unsettling developments. catherine, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. brand-new fox polls indicate a tightening of the 2016 republican field. the poll shows donald trump maintaining his lead with 41% support. but senator ted cruz is actually inside the margin of report, just 3 percentage points behind
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the gop frontrunner at 38%. and some good news for governor john kasich of ohio. he actually does best against hillary clinton in a head to head matchup, beating her by double digits. ted cruz also wins by 3 percentage points in this theoretical matchup. while clinton beats donald trump by 11 points. let's talk about those results with the online editor from "the weekly standard" and a reporter from "the boston globe." annie, some prices, and i suppose for the gop establishment party stalwarts, perhaps some nervousness from those numbers. >> you're absolutely right. those numbers are exactly why the republican establishment is trying to hard to stop donald trump. there's a perception here in washington that a trump nominee
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would essentially hand the white house to hillary clinton. i will say i think there should be some skepticism if you look at those numbers. that's because most americans don't know who ted cruz is, and they absolutely don't know who john kasich is. and what that means is, once there's some sense of trying to define them, once the democratic super-pacs would start going after either one of those, i think those numbers would slip. i think you just do need to think we're a little bit further away from november, and those numbers would change, just because those two candidates are so poorly defined nationally. >> it's also interesting, though, because a senator from vermont who was little-known actually does better than hillary clinton when you put him up in a theoretical matchup. look at the results of our poll asking, you know, if bernie sanders were the nominee. he gets 52% to trump's 38. he gets 47 to ted cruz's 43. the only republican who beats
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him, and again, it's inside the margin of error, is john kasich, 44 to 43%. pretty strange numbers. it's a strange year, daniel. >> totally. those numbers right there, they show the weirdness of this election. if each party nominated the person with the best chance of winning, it would be a kasich versus sanders election. we're not even close to that. instead, both parties, republicans and democrats, seem most likely to nominate the person who is least likeable in their respective fields. for the republicans, obviously donald trump, and for the democrats, hillary clinton. these matchups help solidify the two theories of the race we're seeing going forward. we're seeing the trump theory, which is that everything changes, so you can throw all these polls out the window. but the one that you wind up with, is that it could be disaster year for the republicans also. there's a very, very wide spectrum of results that i think
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we're looking at when we analyze this race going forward. there is the obvious one, you know, where it could be really bad for the republicans, but if everything changes, perhaps everything does change and these numbers don't really mean that much, which is the trump theory. >> there is another poll that i wanted to show you and get your reactions to. voters, again, national wide, these are republicans and democrats, were asked would you feel enthusiastic if particular candidates were to become the next president. hillary clinton actually tops the list, and she gets 16%, sanders at 14, cruz at 13, advertise with trump at 13, kasich at 8%. if only 16% of americans are enthusiastic about a clinton presidency and even lower numbers for those other candidates i showed, what does that say about our political process? >> it certainly shows that people do not like the choices that are in front of them.
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and you see that at every event that i go to. even nonpolitical events, quite frankly. i was in florida at a nonpolitical event, people were coming up to me and saying, gosh, are these really our choices, because i don't really want to vote for trump and i don't really want to vote for clinton, what do i do? i said, look, you're going to have to make a decision probably between those two. i think it does go back to -- i mean, i'm very surprised by those clinton numbers. i think it does get to the fact that even though a big chunk of america has a negative view of her, she does have a core support of people who are so excited to vote for a female president. and that's something her campaign has been trying to push. i don't think they've done it quite as well as perhaps they would hoped. but i think those numbers are actually kind of optimistic for the clinton campaign. >> back to the republican race, daniel, both the trump and cruz campaigns have been trying to push john kasich out of this
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race, but he can point to those numbers and say, look, i'm the guy who does best against hillary clinton. >> he has been pointing to those numbers. miss problem is not how he does against hillary clinton. it's how he does against donald trump and ted cruz. as your previous poll shows, you can't crack 20. donald trump is clearly the favorite. ted cruz is close. he's closing the gap. he's helped consolidate a lot of support that went to jeb bush and marco rubio and all of these other republicans that have dropped off previously. but john kasich is just not popular among republicans at this moment. again, he hopes he'll go to the convention, he'll win everybody over at a contested convention and will say, i can beat hillary clinton, none of these guys can. but it does seem far-fetched considering that most voters don't seem to care about electability at this moment. >> 2016 will be a race for the books. daniel, annie, thank you both.
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>> thanks, jon. >> thanks. coming up on "happening now," authorities say a flight attendant sparked a coast to coast manhunt after she left behind some very suspicious luggage at the airport. and new developments in the search for the missing malaysian flight. >> looking at the drifting pattern we've studied so far, the plane ended in the south india ocean. it followed a drifting pattern. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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people killed in the tragedy. authorities say the co-pilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane into a french mountainside. an investigation revealed that the co-pilot had been concealing mental health issues from the airline, prompting a call for greater transparency and support for pilots. right now malaysian officials announced they have completed analysis of two pieces of debris, revealing those pieces almost certainly belong to the missing malaysian airl e airlin airliner. the pieces were found off the coast of southeast africa. in parts match the specifications of a boeing 777, the same model that disappeared two years ago, and the only 777 still missing. the flight was carrying 239 people from kuala lumpur to beijing. crews are searching for the wreckage in the southern indian ocean. a strange story for you, a jetblue flight attendant is in
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custody today after police say she ran away from the l.a.x. airport leaving behind her shoes as well as a bag filled with nearly 70 pounds of cocaine. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has more. >> reporter: she is expected to appear in court in brooklyn in the next year, facing up to ten years in prison. she's a jetblue flight attendant. but on friday she turned up at the american airlines terminal at l.a.x. looking to get on a flight. she used her crew badge to skip the public security line but was selected for random screaming. as she was led to the screening area, she apparently kicked off those gucci heels and ran. officials didn't chase her because they say they were more concerned about what was in her bag. here's what they found. almost 70 pounds of cocaine. street value, around $2 million. and officials say it's highly
10:20 am
likely ms. reynolds had done this before. >> someone bringing in 70 pounds of cocaine, this is clearly not her first time doing this. no one's going to trust a mule with that amount of product to come through the first time. and the fact that she brought that much through clearly states that she didn't believe she was going to be searched. >> reporter: how it appears ms. reynolds still managed to take a jetblue flight to new york over the weekend. but she surrendered to authorities yesterday at jfk airport. two major security concerns raised by all of this, abby. one, how, after running, was she still able to get on a flight? and two, especially in the light of the brussels attacks, if someone can get 70 pounds of cocaine all the way to security checkpoints at l.a.x., could they do the same with 70 pounds of explosives? this all sounds quite humorous but there's a deadly serious point here too, abby.
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>> absolutely, what a bizarre story. glad she's in custody. jon, thank you. one of the navy's greatest mysteries solved after a vessel is found after being missing for over a century. and why ted cruz says he will defeat donald trump. >> i would to take a minute to speak to the 65 to 70% of republicans nationwide who recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head against hillary clinton. that donald loses to hillary clinton. d. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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right now the u.s. navy announcing it has solved a nearly 100-year-old mystery, discovering the wreckage of the uss conistoga which went missing after leaving san francisco with 56 sailors on both. they found the wreckage 30 miles off the san francisco coast. experts believe the boat sank after taking on water during a storm. and now to america's election headquarters. democratic candidates campaigning out west today. hillary clinton is in california for several events including fundraising while bernie sanders holds rallies in washington state. a new fox news poll shows clinton back in the lead nationally, a change from last month when sanders had a 3-point edge on her. meanwhile, republicans are gearing up for contests in
10:26 am
wisconsin and new york. ted cruz tries to keep donald trump from racking up more delegates. let's bring in leslie marshall and lars larson, welcome, ladies. ladies and gentlemen, i should say, sorry. >> that's all right. >> it's getting ugly between ted cruz and donald trump, i won't even get into the battle about their wives, i think that is beneath all of us. what is news today is ted cruz saying that donald trump might be vulnerable in places like new york and wisconsin. here he is yesterday, talking about new york being a battleground state. listen to this. >> new york is going to be a battleground. it's been a long, long time since the state of new york had a voice nationally in selecting the republican nominee. we are competing hard in the state of new york. the people of new york know donald trump.
10:27 am
new york will be decided congressional district by congressional district, on the ground, all across the state. we are building a grassroots army. >> so the new york primary is coming up, it's april 19th, there are 95 delegates at stake, that's an important state. lars, you look at the recent polling in real clear politics. donald trump up 40 points against ted cruz. is cruz seeing something all of us are not? >> of course he is, he's trying to win and has to ignore the numbers and just keep on fighting. i understand he wants to win. we all know that mathematically it's extremely unlikely for him to win the number of contests in the next couple times that it's going to take to get him anywhere near to the 1237. we know that statistically trump is likely to get near or to the 1237. that's at least mathematically possible for trump. cruz has to keep pushing the way he's pushing, because what else can he do? admit that he's effectively lost?
10:28 am
and you've still got john kasich gumming up the works as well, who ought to have dropped out a long time ago. >> interesting. leslie, wisconsin is another one that ted cruz is talking about. you look at the real clear politics poll, trump is up, 32% to 27%. that primary is april 5th, 42 delegates at stake in wisconsin. is he hoping that maybe he can get an endorsement by governor walker? >> he's not only hoping for an endorsement of governor walker, but if we look at governor walker, he comes from the same roots as ted cruz, the tea party roots are what i'm talking about. the polls are more accurate than we have have seen in the past. then again, after what happened to the democrats in michigan, you just can't bank on those polls. but that percentage is close enough for cruz to actually take wisconsin. but i agree with lars, he doesn't have the numbers, and he's not going to get new york. even if he wins wisconsin, it's just another checkmark in a state. more numbers in the delegate
10:29 am
column. it doesn't get him to the nomination and it doesn't get him to trump the donald. >> abby, i hope cruz realizes he's being used as a pawn. the republican establishment doesn't like either one. they're using cruz to play the spoiler against trump, hoping that the power brokers in the republican party can show up in the convention and knock both of them off the stage and replace them with jeb or mitt or paul ryan. cruz is being used. >> he might be the last man standing as an alternative to donald trump. a year ago, many people did not think ted cruz would get as far as he's gotten. you look at lindsey graham, a few weeks ago, i'm going to quote this, he said, if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody would convict you. now lindsey graham has come out and endorsed ted cruz. so maybe ted cruz is the one
10:30 am
with the last laugh at the end of this thing. >> i'll never be able to explain senator graham on any of his positions on the issues. i want you to notice something. when jeb and mitt come out and endorse ted cruz, they say they're endorsing him in the primaries and caucuses. they do not say they're going to stand up for him at the convention. because i don't think that's their plan. they're saying, ted, go in there and mess it up for the donald and when we get to the convention, we'll see who's going to be the nominee. that's the game plan and that's what's angered so many conservatives in this country when they look at what the party is trying to do. >> hillary clinton won't say this, but who do you think she's more concerned about going up against, a donald trump or a ted cruz? >> ted cruz, without question. not just because that's what the numbers show, but also because the republican party has and still does a very strong evangelical base. ted cruz, like a lot of politicians, says what they want to hear. and i think that ted cruz
10:31 am
actually believes a lot of what the donald says that may not believe himself. and that is who i think that the party would rally behind. if you look at the numbers in various polls, there are republicans who say if trump is the nominee, they'll vote for hillary. there are republicans who say if trump is the nominee they'll stay home. and we don't see that exact sentiment with cruz. for people who view him as an antiestablishment, non-gopper, that's appealing, as it is with many of the trump supporters. he's also an inside the beltway person, depending on where you're standing and how you look at it. he is a part of the establishment, he has been a part of the gop, even though he's fought them. that may appease some of the old school gop-ers. an intense siege under way in syria right now as government forces push into the isis stronghold of palmyra under heavy air cover, but not from
10:32 am
u.s. planes. a live report, next. a disturbing report that europe is decades behind in terms of airport security. what can european nations do to try to get ahead of the growing terror threat? we'll talk to someone who was at the jewish museum in brussels when it was the subject of a terror attack in 2014. ders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) i won't. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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a fox news alert as an investigation is under way in the horrific terror attacks in
10:36 am
belgium. isis strongholds are getting hit in the middle east, including the historic town of palmyra in central syria. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with an update. jennifer? >> reporter: jon, the pentagon is not confirming the syrian government's claims. but isis appears set to lose a key piece of property in palmyra in central syria. it is the syrian government forces of president bashar al assad, aided by russian air strikes, that has led to isis losing control. there. the ancient city of palmyra was taken over by isis in may of last year. they began by blowing up the archeological ruins at this protected unesco heritage site. now isis has been pushed out of palmyra by bashar al assad's troops and the russian air force. the iraqi military, on the other hand, claims the operations to retake iraq's second largest
10:37 am
city has begun. but according to u.s. defense officials, that's not exactly true. iraqi forces is still 70 miles outside of mosul, according to u.s. officials. 200 u.s. marines from a small base are supporting the iraqi military with artillery fire, clearing villages in what is known as shaping operations. for months, u.s. pilots have been doing the same. senior u.s. military officials have said the iraqi military doesn't have the strength to invade mosul right now. that would require 12 iraqi brigades, about 36,000 iraqi troops. currently there are only a fraction of those forces in northern iraq. senior u.s. military leaders have expressed doubt to congress in recent testimony about mosul being liberated in 2016. the head of the military's defense intelligence agency among them. >> mosul will be a complex operation. i'm not as optimistic as you
10:38 am
say. it's a large city. i'm not optimistic we'll be able to turn that in the near term, certainly not this year. >> in february of last year the u.s. military said the mosul operation would occur in the april-may time frame of last year. the operation has been repeatedly delayed as iraqi forces have focused their main efforts in anbar province in western iraq, jon. >> but as the russians are mounting these air strikes, they've also said they're getting out of syria. >> reporter: that's the russian two-step. >> well-described. jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. well, a disturbing new report in the european jewish press, quoting an israeli security expert as saying europe is 40 years behind israel in airport security, and that the brussels terror attacks should be a wake-up call for all of europe, because plotting for the next attack is almost certainly under way. david harris is the executive director for the american jewish committee and he joins me now.
10:39 am
this hits very close to home for you, because just a few months ago, during the paris attacks, you were in brussels, and you were on lockdown. what was your reaction when you heard about what happened on tuesday? >> actually i was in lockdown this week as well. i was in brussels on tuesday. i went out in the morning from our hotel in the center of brussels, and all of a sudden i began to hear sirens. i saw army vehicles racing all in one direction. clearly this was not about a fire or low level crime. something was going on. and unfortunately, having seen or been close to other terror attacks, whether in israel, europe, or here in the united states over the years, it was clear this was something big. got back to the hotel, turned on the news, heard about the airport. within a few minutes, very close to our hotel, a short walk, there was the attack on the subway station. and brussels was then locked down and panic, because no one knew of course whether there would be more attacks. where were you safe? it wasn't clear at all.
10:40 am
>> it gives me chills to hear you say that. there were warnings for some time that there could be an attack coming in europe, particularly in brussels. were you surprised by this attack? >> i can't say i was totally surprised. brussels unfortunately has seen several attacks. nearly two years ago it was the jewish museum of belgium, four people were killed. then the viewers may remember last year, there was that incident on the train between brussels and paris were thankfully three courageous american soldiers stopped the jihadist terrorist who otherwise would have created havoc. then in november, a few months ago, the city was on lockdown because of the attacks in paris. brussels has been known to be a center for jihadist activity. and per capita, belgium may have the highest number of foreign fighters in syria and iraq. that suggests a big problem. >> we kept hearing that the paris attacks was going to be a big wake-up call for europe.
10:41 am
talk to us about this israel security expert saying that in israel they're 40 years ahead of where europe is when it comes to airport safety hem is that true? if so, what is israel getting right? >> i don't know whether it's 40 years or not. nonetheless, going to israel a lot as i do, israel is way ahead in understanding the psychology of terrorists, the evolving way in which they plan attacks. israel is planning for the next war, europe is planning for the last war. there's a perimeter that begins as you enter the airport by car. they stop you at a checkpoint. on the sidewalk, as you get out of the car, they're watching you again. they screen your luggage before you check in. so there are various layers. by the time you get to the plane, there may be six, seven, eight layers. it's a very different approach than we've seen elsewhere. israelis have developed a
10:42 am
national resilience. they've toughened themselves, they're not going to let the terrorists win. this is not any one country's problem. we all live in this world together. >> david harris, we're glad you're back here safe. thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. tune in this friday, march 25th, at 10:00 p.m. eastern when colonel oliver north brings you a very special "war stories: fighting isis," right here on the fox news channel. a massive drug bust on the u.s./mexico border. >> reporter: the tunnel itself is 415 yards in length, located less than 300 yards from the international border. >> a once-secret tunnel used to move tons of drugs across the border. how this passage was hidden from authorities and how much mar marijuana was discovered when they found it.
10:43 am
and also coming up, a counterfeit drug is having deadly consequences. a sheriff of a county hit hard by this crisis joins us next. >> if people are going to go out and buy what they think are xanax on the treat, they could end up not waking up. ♪
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don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. welcome back to "happening now." right now, drug smugglers busted at the u.s.-mexico border. police arrested four people after discovering this drug tunnel in southern california. more than 400 yards long, it links a house in california to a restaurant in mexico. border patrol officers seized almost 3,000 pounds of marijuana after finding this tunnel. new information about a deadly drug making the rounds in florida. it's a small white pill designed to look like the anti-anxiety drug xanax. but it is mixed with an
10:47 am
extremely strong opioid called fentan fentanyl. 50 times more potent than heroin, often prescribed to cancer patients. that combination is killing people. nine overdose threats reported so far linked to this pill. the sheriff of pinellas county, florida, is on the phone to talk about it. where is it coming from, sir? do you know? >> that's what we're trying to find out right now. one of the concerns we have is whether it's being manufactured locally. if somebody's having to take xanax and take fentanyl, mix it together, and put it on the street. it's a great question. we're trying to figure it out. we're concerned it may be manufactured here. >> we just had on screen a bottle of the real xanax. you're not going to go to your pharmacy, buy a bottle of xanax or buy a prescription of xanax from your pharmacist and find out that you're getting the fake stuff.
10:48 am
this is stuff that is sold on the streets. >> right. and that's what the message is to people, they need to stop buying this stuff on the street. they need to get it through a reputable pharmacy. it's cheap, that's the problem, between 3 and $5 on the street. people can get it cheaply. the only problem is, they're not getting xanax, they're getting something that's killing them. people need to go to a reputable pharmacy and not buy it on the street. >> as you said in your news conference, you spend $3 on a pill, take it, and you don't wake up. >> that's what's happening, unfortunately. our undercover detectives found another nine confirmed buys from drug dealers. if it wasn't bought had i undercover detectives, we could easily have 18 dead people. people need to know they run a real risk. it only takes one, all it takes is one, as soon as you take it, it's fast-acting, you're dead. >> we're looking at some of the fakes. they're pretty good.
10:49 am
they look like, you know, authentic pills that you should be getting from your pharmacist. there's just a slight difference in the size of the thing, right? >> right. so that means that the press they're using, they've gone to great lengths to make the actual xanax pill, and people taking them quickly, buying them on the street, they wouldn't know the difference. they're getting it cheap. they'll pop that pill and they won't wake up. >> so far you're seeing them in pinellas county and just about nowhere else, is that right? >> yeah, we checked with the state labs throughout the state of florida, and no state lab has received any of this combination. there's fentanyl on the street, but no with xanax. we're trying to figure out why uniquely here. we saw some information about it occurring in san francisco last fall. so the only piece of it that we really have been able to determine, there's none in
10:50 am
pinellas county. >> sheriff, we wish you well trying to get this thing rounded up. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> thanks. it's one of the most important days of the year for roman pope francis do this year to send a message of compassion? but, first, this -- >> i can't -- >> that's right. you're looking at a car up in flames after colliding with too much larger vehicles. how quick thinking first responders helped the driver escape alive. with hydrogenated oil...
10:51 am
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hello, everyone. i'm heather childress in for
10:54 am
gretchen today. authorities in europe trying to untangle the web. how did some of the brussels known to authorities carry out their plan. donald trump complacency and ted cruz wants tighter security in their neighborhoods. hillary clinton is sitting down to meet with community leaders. plus, when you hear the name hillary and trump and what comes to your mind. we'll talk about that and more at the top of the hour. back to you. welcome back to happening now. pretty incredible story here. dash cam on be a florida police car capturing a life-saving rescue. this was the scene after a woman in a camry collided with some much bigger trucks. she was conscious after the crash but was trapped by her seat belt and the airbag and her car was on fire. one officer broke open the window and he and another police officer pulled her to safety.
10:55 am
she was taken to the hospital and is now in critical condition. now more than one billion catholics worldwide are celebrating holy thursday, the thursday before easter. pope francis marks the occasion with a traditional foot washing ritual. lauren green has more. she's live in our new york city newsroom. lauren. >> these are the most sacred days in christianity, the week leading up to easter. pope francis sending another bold message. the pontiff washed the feet of young refugees during the ritual commemorating the day jesus washed the feet of the 12 apostles before his crucifixion. he kissed the feet of not only men but women and noncatholics. a vatican called the pope's gesture an eloquent tradition. traditionally only catholics
10:56 am
have been recipients. pope francis broke with custom washing the feet of women and nonchristians. there have been a deluge of refugees entering europe and fleeing isis. by washing some of the feet of them the vatican said the pope wants people to pay attention to, quote, the weakest in this historic moment. he wants us to pay attention to the most vulnerable. the pope earlier this week compared jesus to today's migrants saying he experienced shame from religious and political authorities who shuffled him around as nobody's problem. john. >> lauren green, thank you. well, we are watching our top story, the attacks in brussels. a new report surfacing of a second suspect on the run and new links to the terrorist attacks are revealed. more breaking news from brussels. that's next. a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
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you john. >> are you coming back tomorrow? >> you'll have me. >> let's do it. >> heather childress in for gretchen on "the real story." have a good day. the brusle terrorism investigation growing as the hunt is on for two alleged accomplices. i'm heather childress in for gretchen and this is the real story. raiding parts of brussels in efforts to find the terrorists that left 31 dead and 270 hurt at an airport and a train station. investigators have identified three suicide bombers pictured on the top of your screen there and they're searching for two unidentified suspects there on the bottom. greg palcott is live for us on the ground in brussels. greg, where does the manhunt stand right now? >> reporter: intense, heather. the suspect list, as you alluded to, is growing. let's give you a little background of what police are finding out. it's coming from the terrible metro or subway bombing that we saw on tuesday leaving 20 people dead, well or


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