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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you john. >> are you coming back tomorrow? >> you'll have me. >> let's do it. >> heather childress in for gretchen on "the real story." have a good day. the brusle terrorism investigation growing as the hunt is on for two alleged accomplices. i'm heather childress in for gretchen and this is the real story. raiding parts of brussels in efforts to find the terrorists that left 31 dead and 270 hurt at an airport and a train station. investigators have identified three suicide bombers pictured on the top of your screen there and they're searching for two unidentified suspects there on the bottom. greg palcott is live for us on the ground in brussels. greg, where does the manhunt stand right now? >> reporter: intense, heather. the suspect list, as you alluded to, is growing. let's give you a little background of what police are finding out. it's coming from the terrible metro or subway bombing that we saw on tuesday leaving 20 people dead, well over 100 injured.
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turns out on surveillance video a second man was seen alongside the main bomber and he was carrying a large bag, possibly carrying explosives, so he is possibly on the run. and, yes, from the airport bombing another unidentified man is being sought. now that one of the suicide bombers has been identified as the bomb maker, not just for the attacks this week, but for those horrendous terror attacks back in november of last year. and speaking of the paris terror attacks, in court today the lawyer -- the one main suspect that had still been outstanding, saleh abdeslam was held. a lot of security outside. a lot of attention. he, in fact, now wants to be extradited back to france to face the music. go figure. also, the lawyer saying that he claims saleh abdeslam, he knew nothing about the attacks in brussels this week, but i've got to tell you, heather, in the past half hour we're seeing a
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new report that he, in fact, was part of the planning for this brussels attack, that it was not just going to be bombings, but it was going to be rifle -- automatic rifle fire as well, along the lines of what we saw in paris. so it could have been much worse according to these reports. back to you, heather. >> greg, what is the status of security on the ground there? >> reporter: it's very tough. i mean, you can see me, we were here in maalenbeek. i'll step aside. there's a military truck there, a lot of police. this is the police headquarters. some soldiers, this is the staging ground and if we go to our video, we'll see what we saw. we actually went to the house where last friday there was a raid on the building that came up with the arrest for saleh abdeslam. this area has a lot of poverty, big muslim population.
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fertile ground. i to have to say it is a solid working class area, too, so the two groups intermixing. we had spoken to people that a guy like saleh abdeslam hiding in plain sight here. one person said he had no idea he was here, if he did, he would have turned him in. another person said, however, a little bit more cagey. he said, hey, listen, this is probably the best place he could have hidden, among his people where he grew up. basically, again, finding safe haven in a -- sometimes a dangerous territory. back to you, heather. >> down the street from the house he grew up in and around the corner from the bar that he and his brother owned. >> greg palcott, thank you. some of the suspects previously known to authorities, yet somehow it seems that red flags were missed. we turn to chief intelligence correspondent kathryn harris is live in washington. what is the latest from the u.s. state department? >> reporter: at this hour we've got an ongoing news conference at the state department and
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spokesman mark toner says 12 americans are still unaccounted for. he said an unspecified number may, in fact, be dead at this point. he didn't quite say it in those terms but what he did try to explain to people in a sensitive way, it's a mass casualty inches den. wh -- incident. when you're talking about the amount of tatp, it could vapor rise people who were next to it. that's one of the reasons that we are struggling with the identifications of individuals who were killed or injured at this point. >> kathryn, what about the new video that isis put out? i'm hearing reports of a new video. >> what stands out of a nine minute video is it has a feeling
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of being prepackaged or preproduced. it uses american and european news reports to book end the video showing belgian foreign fighters in syria. their target practice and training but significantly it does not contain video of the suspects responsible for the brussels attack, at least the names and faces that are public at this point, so in no way is this a martyrdom video. this video, in effect, is a way to pile on. they're trying to take full advantage of what happened in brussels and at the same time warning that more are in the pipeline. >> scary stuff. kathryn harris, live for us, thank you. some analysts say that the terror attacks in paris and brussels could just be the beginning. isis has trained at least 400 fighters who are spreading throughout europe. that's according to the associated press. each terror cell has been given
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a green light to choose the time, the place, the method, all of that for maximum carnage. the growing threat posing a major challenge for the european union and its open borders policy. as investigators dig deeper, they are confirming more targets. we have the national security analyst for clarion project. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> so we've spoken several times over the past couple of days, and the new information that's coming out is making more and more of a connection between these two events, which we suspected from the very beginning. why brussels and belgium? >> well, you have -- and this occurs in other european countries as well, you do have a muslim community there with a bit of a tribal mindset where if there is a crime and the authorities go in, even something not related to isis, there's a negative response from the local community. there were reports in the european press that when the one
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individual was arrested, instead of people cheering that they got the terrorists, there were people throwing things at the cops. there are stories like that across europe. >> yes. >> you have that and you have the presence of supposedly nonviolent but extreme groups there that set the foundation for this recruitment to happen. what do you do about that when they're using free speech to advance the violent cause but they're not violent themselves. >> let's take a look at where all of these isis foreign fighters are from. we have a map and you can see in terms of belgium where it ranks there, it's number 6 with 42 for every 1 million people. how does that correspond to what has occurred? >> well, it just shows you that there is a problem coming from within the country. it's not just about foreign fighters coming into a place like belgium, then radicalizing the place. no, it's actually being bred there and then it results in foreign fighters going overseas to develop the threat in places like the middle east. there's a strategy. it's not just jihad for the sake of jihad. in isis's propaganda magazine.
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for 12 pages they talk about a strategy, they call it the gray zone. >> what is the gray zone? >> well, let's say there is three types of muslims. loyal to the west and fully adopted their ideology, there are the true muslims in their mind, the isis supporters, and a huge amount in the middle, the gray zone. the way you distinguish the gray zone, you provoke a violent and oppressive response for non-muslims towards the middle and they believe that will push them into the isis camp. they say this for 12 pages. >> so in simplified terms, what they think they can do is come over in these communities, muslims who have not swayed one way or the other, they can sway them by actions that they force the community to take on, the community leaders? >> they're hoping for an anti-muslim backlash that radicalizes the communities and says, you know what, maybe isis had it right after all. >> if we go back to these,
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abdeslam, the two brothers, we often hear these people are repressed, can't get a job. they were business owners, you know, so it's not like they -- >> right. >> -- didn't have the successful track as did the boston bombers. >> it's not two separate things. when there's a back -- lash, it's true it's not about desperation. in fact, when you look at -- >> it's not about necessarily economic hardship. >> right. those that join isis are more likely to be from the middle class to the upper middle class. that's why i'm not surprised that this area of belgium is a working class neighborhood because that's what you would expect based on the data. >> in terms of it coming over to america, i know that we've heard numbers recently the ones we just reported from the associated press, 400 or so fighters who have trained and returned, an original number all across europe, 5,000, upwards of 6,000 people who have gone to syria to train. what do we need to be worried about in terms of americans who
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have gone abroad to train? >> obviously you have to worry about those who come back. they say there have been dozens of cases where people have gone and made it back into the country. >> there are investigations in every state right now in america. >> right. then you also have to think about who are they going to radicalize? those that have traveled, you have some information on them. who are they talk to and bringing into their cause. you're not going to have much information on them. >> there are communities like the ones you discovered. >> al fukra is not isis but a similar separatist ideology, anti-american, ain't-western. this is bigger than isis. it does exist in the united states. >> all right. ryan, thank you so much for joining us. i'm sure i'll see you again. >> thank you. >> all right. terrifying moments in a parking garage to tell you about as a driver plunges four stories and lands upside down. what caused it? and an update on the driver's condition. senator ted cruz and donald
11:11 am
trump calling for a crackdown on muslim communities which makes this, hillary clinton meeting with muslim leaders all the more important. why is she making a play to strengthen her ties within the american muslim community? >> it would also be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing populated areas into oblivion. proposing that doesn't make you sound tough, it makes you sound like you're in over your head.
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welcome back to "the real story." the baltimore county police department releasing this terrifying surveillance video capturing the moment that this suv plunges from the fourth floor of a parking garage. it lands on the sidewalk upside
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down. police say that the 23-year-old woman behind the wheel was pulling into a parking space and she accidentally smashed through the concrete barrier. amazingly, officials say, that she was not seriously injured. that is amazing. to hillary clinton now getting set to meet with muslim community leaders at usc. following her speech yesterday at stanford university taking on the donald trump and ted cruz over their remarks in the wake of the brussels terror attack. after her muslim meeting mrs. clinton is off to the glitz of hollywood though for a pair of fundraisers before taking a break for the easter weekend. chief white house correspondent ed hen have i is live for us. hillary clinton seems to be raising the stakes in her effort to brand donald trump as unfit to be commander in chief. is that what's going on? >> reporter: clearly what she's doing today, meeting with these muslim leaders here at usc to suggest that some of the comments from donald trump, ted cruz have been racist.
11:16 am
she's going after them also in the last couple of days saying that comments by cruz, for example, about wanting to send police into muslim communities in america, she's pushed back on that. has cited support from the nypd because of muslim american police officers and the nypd saying that this is an unworkable plan. this is her trying again to show that she has better credentials to be commander in chief in a time of a very dangerous world, but republicans are pushing back pretty hard and saying, she had her chance to take on isis and failed as secretary of state. watch. >> she had her chance to do it. she helped create isis. hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> reporter: interesting you have rudy giuliani going at her from the right but on the left bernie sanders said hillary clinton as secretary of state by toppling gadhafi led to the spread of isis across libya. so from the left to the right
11:17 am
her time as secretary of state being questioned, heather. >> speaking of feeling the bern, bernie sanders refusing to get out of the race but now he is hedging a little bit on whether he will eventually endorse clinton? >> reporter: that's right. he was asked in an interview when all of this is said and done, you're behind among delegates big time, if you get out of the race eventually will you endorse clinton and will you get your supporters behind her in the long run? he hedged and basically said, it depends on what the democratic establishment gives me. watch. >> if i can't make it, and we're going to try as hard as wean until the last vote is cast, we want to completely revitalize the democratic party and make it a party of the people rather than just one of large campaign contributors. >> reporter: sounds like a shot there at clinton as well because while she's here in california as you noted, two days of fundraising in northern califor coming back next month, two more
11:18 am
fundraisers with george and amal clooney, $100,000 a plate for those. big money, heather. >> ed henry, enjoy the glitz and glamor of los angeles. we'll see you back later. coming up, police cars around the u.s. getting an upgrade. why police departments feel that it's a change they have to make. plus, a key suspect in last year's terrorist attack says he wants to get out of brussels as soon as possible. why he may no longer be fighting extradition. >> i think it's, whatever, he had to go back to france.
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especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. welcome back to "the real story." syrian troops are advancing into the ancient city of palmyra
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looking to retake it from isis. syrian government forces are being backed with russian airstrikes after the troops managed to capture several hills and high ground around the town this week. the town's famed for its roman ruins has been under jihadist control for nearly a year. >>. while the manhunt continues, he's one of the main suspects in last year's paris attacks taken into custody last week after a police raid in a brussels suburb. according to his lawyer, he now wants to leave brussels as quickly as possible and is no longer fighting extradition to france. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. thank you so much for joining us. >> of course, heather. good to be with you. >> so he was fighting extradition and now he's not and wants to get back as quickly as possible. >> it's a head scratcher. the whole thing has exposed a serious weakness in the french
11:23 am
and belgium police system. you have him being interrogated by four sets of people, belgian investigators, belgian prosecutors, french investigators, french prosecutors. someone in that group is leaking what he's saying to the press. if that happened here the leaker would be fired and perhaps even prosecuted. why? because you don't want the leaked information to affect what he's going to say. you don't want him to be able to send a dog whistle to his confederates, which is probably what happened here. they leaked something that he wanted out there. it was a signal for them to attack the airport. also, importantly, when you gather raw information from a suspect, you don't act on that until you corroborate it. you don't know if he's telling you the truth or not, so that's the setting. now why he wants to leave may very well be a fear for his life even in a belgian prison which probably houses other isis people. he wants to get out of town. remember, he was supposed to blow himself up.
11:24 am
>> that's what i was going to say. >> he chickend out? >> yes. that makes him an enemy to the people who sent him no matter what kind of a dog whistle, if i can use that phrase again, information he gave to their confederates. >> to go back to the first comment that you made because i've heard other people say that perhaps they moved up the attack time because they were afraid they were going to get caught, but you think there may have been some sort of signal that, you know, inadvertently was leaked and that it came from saleh abdeslam, meaning do it now. >> the signal either was to do it now or to do it so that you can get out of town because they're going to force me to tell them who you are. so it might have been a cover, a subterfuge, or it might have been actually a command. we don't know and we may not know. we do know that they've stopped leaking. what have they leaked? that he's stopped talking. now we don't know if he's stopped talking. >> good point, yes. >> we just know they've stopped telling us whether or not he's
11:25 am
talking. >> maybe they've figured out they shouldn't do that. these terror attacks becoming all too common. each time something happens we see an increase in security, but it doesn't seem like there are any long-term changes taking effect. >> you know, i have been offering a radical solution. when government fails, like it failed here, it gets rewarded. what are you talking about rewarded? >> what are you talking about rewarded? >> it gets more money. it buys more hardware. it hires more people. it gets a bigger budget. >> right. >> it doesn't suffer for its failure. a private entity looking at those computer screens knowing they're going to lose a fortune if they don't recognize two guys with a gloved hand and another guy with a big nose, if that's not enough to draw attention to themselves, i don't know what is, government failed to look at that. the photo of that is a still taken from a five-minute video. >> so there was someone watching that camera. >> correct. >> or should have been.
11:26 am
>> there was apparently nobody watching. this was just being fed into a computer chip. if a private company was on the hook and could -- and was risking losing a fortune if it fails to look at the monitor, it will report what it sees and then the government security people can approach these guys, isolate them or neutralize them. >> hopefully people here in the united states if that's going on here take that lesson and don't -- >> well, i hope so as well. you know, our colleagues in the u.s., our intelligence and law enforcement colleagues have been complaining for years about their colleagues in belgium. there's something about the culture there, which does not appreciate danger as quickly as thanks be to god the people who protect you and me and most of the folks watching this now. >> yet another reason to be proud to live in the u.s.a. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. happy easter to you. >> yes, you, too. >> thank you. former speaker of the house newt gingrich worked closely
11:27 am
with governor john kasich 20 years ago but he's not endorsing kasich. why not? what about reports gingrich is working with donald trump? we'll ask him about that. plus, connecting the dots between brussels and the paris attacks last november. two links. shepard smith is live on the ground in brussels. we will continue to remain vigilant in order to ensure that we can keep the american people safe from harm. ng this event, you can get a great deal on this jetta. it drives great... volkswagen believes safety is very important so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm..... .....and seven stability-enhancing systems... hmm... ...for more confidence... on road trips. hmmfff... hmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... hurry in and get a $1,000 volkswagen reward card when you purchase or lease select new 2015 or 2016 volkswagen models.
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as authorities investigate the brussels bombing, they're finding more links to the paris attacks. police discovering that all of the brussels attackers that have been identified so far have links to the soul surviving paris suspect saleh abdeslam but he said he had no knowledge of tuesday's attacks. shepard smith is live for us in brussels. shepherd, how exactly are all of these suspects connected? >> reporter:ell, heather, this is a first. they now have tied all of the suspects to both of the bombing situations so we now noah cording to authorities that it's all together. i want to let you know of something we just learned in the last 30 seconds. here in belgium they've just lowered the terror threat level from the highest possible to the next lower level where it was prior to the attacks here in belgium. what does that say to us? it says in the initial reporting that at least for now this cell which conducted now we believe both the brussels attacks and
11:32 am
the paris attacks is no longer able to function or they wouldn't have lowered the attack level -- the alert level. they said they wouldn't until they were sure that all of this was done. now they've lowered it. so take that for what it is. here's how they tie them altogether to the paris attacks. saleh abdeslam who was brought into custody on the 15th and the bomb maker whose dna was found on all of the suicide bombing belts in paris and to the location here in belgium where they found his remains. we know that saleh abdeslam and the younger bomb maker traveled together to hungary last year. they set up some sort of safe house. the authorities won't be specific about what they did. the effect of that is to tie the bomb maker from both scenes and saleh abdeslam who was believed to be the one who set up all of the contacts, they're both tied
11:33 am
together. the authorities who were involved in this investigation, both locally and across europe. they've lowered the terror level which suggests to me that they believe we're safer now than we were prior to their knowledge of all of this. so it sounds like this terror cell, they believe at least for now, is under control. >> well, shepherd, we had reported that they were still looking for two suspects, so do you think that since they've lowered the terror threat level either they've found them or they think they've left the area, they're no longer a threat? >> reporter: what i believe is there's something we don't know. i can tell you what we do know. the authorities have now told local media organizations throughout this region that along with the younger of the two brothers who blew himself up at the train station, there was another man. here's what we know. according to the authorities, the two men, the younger of the brothers who blew himself up on the train was walking with
11:34 am
another man who was carrying some sort of black bag we believe over his shoulder and walking next to the bomber who would blow himself up on the subway train as it goes from the authorities. as the bomber went on the other train, the other man who's yet unidentified and for whom they're looking disappeared. that's not to say he went running off, did some sort of disappearing, they don't have anymore sightings after that. there were witnesses who saw this man, and we believe that there were, but authorities are citing closed circuit television video. they've not given a description of this man and they've lowered the terror alert level. is it possible they're sitting on him? is it possible they know he died at the subway station. they're not releasing it. all of that is a possibility. the lowering of the threat level will be interesting. >> possibly discovering they
11:35 am
residential released too much information to begin with. shepard smith live for us from brussels. thank you so much. we look forward to seeing you again at 3:00. a lot of breaking news developing. thank you. well, the world is watching as belgium is in full crisis mode following tuesday's deadly terror attacks. the bombing fueling concerns that similar attacks could happen almost anywhere. so what, if anything, can be done to stop this? newt gingrich is the former speaker of the house. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> good to be with you. >> so what do you think we can do here at home? >> well, i think we have to learn some lessons from belgium. part of it is you have to screen people and you have to know who people are. this is a major factor with the syrian refugee argument. where we're a little different than the europeans is we assimilate people very well. there are not many neighborhoods that resemble maalenbeek.
11:36 am
they have areas that are increasingly dominated by islamic supremacists because the police don't go into the areas. this guy was out from november on and nobody would turn him in. i think they have a very deep problem. in this country we need to continue here to the muslim american country to be watching for radicalism. >> you tweeted out we need a bigger guantanamo. what did you mean by that? >> ye r yes. i think when you run into the the killers like we saw and like the killers in san bernardino, we're going to end up with more terrorists being locked up. they need to be locked up not in a facility like the u.s. legal
11:37 am
system. there's some reports that isis may have sent 400 terrorists into the system. many disguised as syrian refugees. how are we going to take care of these people, maybe for their entire lifetime. the people released, a significant number have gone back into the field. >> they were testifying to that fact yesterday on the closure of guantanamo. >> yes. >> we want to move onto the presidential race and who you're supporting. >> oh, look i'm for the republican nominee. i have three very good friends who are running and i talk to all three of them. donald trump i've known for years. john kasich i served with for 16 years. terrific budget committee chairman. he was the only man to balance
11:38 am
the budget for four years. ted cruz is a brilliant debater and brilliant lawyer. we have three really good people in this race. i am for the republican nominee. i'm happy to talk for all three of them. i think it's important we focus on the republican nominee. >> i was trying to get you there. there are reports that you are advising him? is that true? >> i talk to all three of them. they're all good friends of mine. i talk to all three of the campaigns. >> wasn't there a meeting just recently with a group of republican leaders, calista was there, was the purpose of that meeting to sway them to support donald trump as the candidate if he gets the needed delegates? >> i think it was put together by senator jeff sessions and part of his purpose was to set the stage for trump to come to washington a lot more often.
11:39 am
a couple of weeks ago i went to a john kasich rally. we have three terrific candidates. trump is the front-runner. he is in a real fight. cruz had a very good day in utah. wisconsin is up for grabs. it will be a few more weeks before it settles out. >> why do you think the establishment is so against donald trump? do you think that they should be forced to sign a paper as the candidates were forced to sign after the first debate that they will support the candidate, whomever it is, if they get close to 1237? >> we don't have an official establishment. there's no club so you couldn't get a group of people but i think it's a great irony that ted cruz and the establishment has bitterly opposed under other
11:40 am
circumstances is now becoming the recipient of the jeb bush and other people have decided compared to donald trump they suddenly love ted cruz. this is a wonderful example of america at work. here you have two outsiders. kasich, of course, is also picking up some support. i think tommy thompson and others are going to support him in wisconsin. i think probably it will run all the way until the beginning of june. >> i think so, too. i think you're right. newt gingrich joining us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the calendar may say that it's spring, but look at this. a nasty snowstorm pummelling the midwest. so nasty one governor is declaring a state of emergency. plus, donald trump, speaking of him, is leading the way in the race. but even if the delegate maps add up for him, new poll numbers
11:41 am
have people asking, can he beat hillary clinton? >> donald is a gift to hillary clinton. he's the only candidate maybe in the country that hillary clinton could beat in the general.
11:42 am
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welcome back to "the real story." the justice department announcing charges against seven iranians allegedly linked to the hacking of a control system for a dam north of new york city back in 2013. the breach came at a time when some iranians were trying to hack american banks and it raised fears about foreign hackers targeting u.s. infrastructure. the seven defendants have ties to the iranian government. they're charged with cyber crimes including disrupting bank websites and attempting to shut down that dam. donald trump increasing his lead in the gop race this week. he now has 739 delegates as he
11:45 am
attempts to reach the 1,237 needed for the nomination. that magic number. ted cruz maintains that he is the only one that can beat trump but he now trails him with 300 delegates. in a potential match-up hillary clinton would beat donald trump 56% to 42%. joining me now is ed rollins a former principle white house adviser. alan holmes, host of the alan holmes show. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this number and how it all adds up. even if trump secures the nomination and comes up short in poll after poll against hillary, will that possibly change should he get the nomination and we start campaigning for the general? >> it's a totally different game. you don't run a national campaign, we run a state by state campaign.
11:46 am
each side has 20 states that won't go away. then you have 10. if he's 20 points behind in ohio, i worry about that. if he's 10 behind in a national poll, i don't worry about it. what i do worry about, i think he has problems with women. i think he has to quiet the rhetor rhetoric. >> a hard time going against hillary clinton if he's the nominee to keep his mouth shut. >> i think at the end of the day, you've been around this as long as i have, alan, this will be a nuclear war. they'll do everything they can do bomb each other. >> you make an interesting point though. he's already trailing behind when it comes to women accusing, you know, all the things he's been accused of in terms of women. how will he be able to debate hillary clinton without being accused of that? >> well, first, he has to get
11:47 am
the nomination. he has to change his tone. he has a list of things he's said against women going back for decades. that would be used by democrats. >> even if he makes valid points against clinton they'll say, oh, look -- >> they're going to go after hillary clinton's history. they're certainly going to go after donald trump's history. >> they're already looking into his business dealings. >> it will be ugly if he's the nominee. even if he gets the nuclear option, write in. if he gets a number of delegates. republicans would like delegates not to stick. >> if that happens, he goes in with a minimum of 1100, he gets the majority. if he doesn't and it goes to a second or third ballot there will be a real war. the truth of the matter is he's brought new people to the game
11:48 am
and at the end of the day if you don't make sure -- this is a game of addition. if you don't make sure your own base is solid then you're in a position of weakness. you have to start reaching out. >> how many republicans will vote for donald trump and support him because they may not want that person leaving their -- >> there will be some democrats. obviously mrs. clinton is having problems with young democrats, young women. >> not likely to vote for donald trump? >> i don't think so. >> he could bring as you mention new people into the party and make states for play that otherwise would not be in play. >> i think he begins with that base and the democrats begin with a significant base. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see what happens. you're right, it's all according to the math. nypd taking steps to protect their officers after shootings. how they're making police cars
11:49 am
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welcome back. bulletproof vests and now bullest proof cars. police views cruisers getting an update. nypd will begin testing bulletproof vehicles later this year, this as officers face assailants armed with more and more powerful weapons and bullets. rick leventhal got to ride in one of the new cars and join\s us live at the auto show in new york. hi, rick. >> hey, heather. in the past if you wanted an armored vehicle it could cost you $50,000 to $60,000 and add
11:53 am
hundreds if not thousands of pounds of weight which is too much. it's a good thing that's no longer the case because in the last two years three new york city police officers have been killed sitting in thevb their cs getting killed through their windows. these cars are equipped with 60 vehles, mounting the external ballistic panels on the doors. they can stop the kinds of bullets officers are most leichtly to see on the streets of new york. they put them on the outside because they're easy to repair and reminds the officers they're here. they're putting the panels in the windows also. they have glass that will go up and down. but the extra panels will protect the officer in the car and allow them to speak to the public through it. the goal according to the nypd is to protect as many officers as possible and with the new technology they're able to did it as an affordable price. >> when the glass became available we were very interested in testing it because it seems in urban areas that's
11:54 am
where the perpetrators seem to want to shoot at the police officers, they want to shoot at what they see. soon we're going back to cycles where it's a tough job out there. we have to protect the police officer as much as possible. >> mien while, ford motor company is offering ballistic door panelspw is offering on ca. they offered -- they say it's capable to stopping rounds from shotguns, high-powered rifles even. they wouldn't specify the cost, but it's not available to the general public. only too police departments and government agencies. this kind of stuff, heather, you could purchase on your own from different shops. but right now the nypd is hoping it will help save officers' lives. 60 of them in the pilot program. >> can't put a price on a life. rick leventhal, thanks. one elderly man refusing to go down without a fight. during an apparent home invasion, the incredible details. stay tuned to for this story, it is up next.
11:55 am
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a texas mom is thankful for his little girl who says she is a hero. surveillance video shows 5-year-old alison noticing her mom was having trouble in their family pool. alison goes right in, pulling her mom to the shallow end, making her head is above water and then she runs to her aupt for help. her mom tracy underwauld thankful for5her daughter's quick thinking. >> i don't know what happened but i went into a seizure. whenev%wx/n did, i dropped to te bottom of the pool and went completely unconscious. hands down i feel like she saved pi life. >> doctors confirmed that she had a seizure and say she would have died if she was under water for five more minutes.
11:59 am
an 85-year-old man in floor is recovering today after fighting off an armed robber in an apparently home invasion. the gray haired superhero, bob, says he semly refused when the suspect asked him to hand over his things. >> i'm 85 years old. i'm thinking, i didn't go all through life for some guy to come steal what i got. put the gun right in front of my head. where he had it, it waslose that i could -- i took a hand and slap tdped it away. he held yop it to it and hit me in the head with it. >> the police later say besides bumps and bruises bob is expected to be okay. they caught the robber. pope francis washing and kiing the feet of migrants at a refugee center outside of rome declaring them children of the same god in a gesture of welcome
12:00 pm
and at the same time when anti-muslim a2 sentiment has spiked following the brussels attacks. thanks for being part of "the real story." here's shep live in brussels. >> announcer: now "shepard smith reporting" live in brus else. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. here in brussels where tonight security officials say the terror threat level to greater europe is bigger and more dangerous than they had feared. that's the word from


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