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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and at the same time when anti-muslim a2 sentiment has spiked following the brussels attacks. thanks for being part of "the real story." here's shep live in brussels. >> announcer: now "shepard smith reporting" live in brus else. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. here in brussels where tonight security officials say the terror threat level to greater europe is bigger and more dangerous than they had feared. that's the word from
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carrying a black bag right next to this guy. he's the bomber who died in the blast, the younger of the two brothers. we vrnlt seen the surveillance images. the government has not released april he them and dote w don't fwhoe if the mystery suspect is dead or mk?çaliv, holed up somee or died or missing. then there's the man in white seen in security cameras. we don't know what happened to that third man either. sometimes in the meantime on th> streets of brus else some of the messages of sadness and love are giving way to anger, rage at the terrorists who murdered innocent men and women, the frustration that the government can't seem to root out the terrorists before they strike. >> we have to be careful because they are walking around between us. it's maybe today. it's maybe in a month.ee½ it's maybe in one year, but they still areíñ going on for attackg us. >> in the beginning i was very sad, of course but now it's
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anger. a lot of people feel anger here. >> and today isis is promising more bloodshed. the terror watch dog group flagged a new islamic state propaganda video today. it has imajz of flames and jihadistsary kaerring guns and in it the terrorists brag about the attack on brussels. there's also anger over the belgian government's delay in identifying the victims. the united states state department reports therepy are several mission americans who are not on a list of wounded or dead. part of the delay in identification could be due to the devastating design of the bombs themselves. we're getting pictures of the nails and screws and boemts that went flying during the explosion. some of the shrapnel impossible to recognize now twisted and stained with blood after ripping through people's bodies. today we're hearing from one of those victims, a 20-year-old woman who arrived to check in for a flight when in her words world ended in one second.
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>> translator: i found myself on the ground, tland was ash everywhere. it was all gray. i was covered in somesm stuff. it staink of burnt pig. so i got upt and i got out as fast as possible. then people told me i was burned so i figured that out. i was passed a mirror so i half saw myself burned. but i didn't really want to look. and it was burning. it was burning. i didn't feel that so much. it was the burning that felt worse. >> terror in belgium and concern across europe is fox's top story at this hour. in a moment i'll talk to a state department spokesman live about the delay in getting information of families to missing americans. first to mike tobin here in brussels. mike, you're getting indications that the belgian government missed some warning signs leading up to this. >> that's in addition to the turkish statement yesterday that the man had been flagged by him. we now have information coming from the "wall street journal" that a local judge here with specialty into the paris investigation had issued an arrest warrant for the brother.
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for whatever reason, the arrest warrant was not executed. he was free to attack the subway two days ago. subsequent to that, the interior minister offered his resignation as did the justice minister. the prime minister has refused their resignations due to what he called the situation of war, shep. >> we sxyju about the one bombe in the subway stations. there's report of a second man carry egg bag over his shoulder and somehow disappearing ff now we have another mystery man. really the best evidence we have is a sketch released to the med media. they say it was captured on security video. the government is holding it. that leaves us with two at large suspects unidentified, one from the subway and one from the airport. >> you've been speaking with someone who has concerns about the lack of information on victims here. >> m=ight. and to focus in on one story there was a belgian man whooz living in new york alex pin chof xi. he and his sister sasha were
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standing at the delta ticket count. he was engaged to an american. his father is a former ambassador to denmark. he is here tracker her down. what he found at the hospital are four unidentified survivors buxt the frustration is the government will not let my family members who are trying to find their loved ones in to either identify or rule out the people in that hospital. >> mike tobin live with us, thanks for reporting. appreciate it. let's go to washington now. the state department spokesman is with us live, mark toner. mark, thanks very much. do we know, have specifics on exactly how many americans are missing or injured? what can you tell us? >> so a couple of things. first of all, there's still a number of americans, i don't have a precise number, who are missing. we're working to compile a list and you spoke about just now your reporter spoke about some of the difficulties inherent in that process. but we're trying to compile an accurate list of who's missing and that from a variety of sources from the belgian
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authorities, from family members identifying from media, all reporting that american citizens have not been identified or have not been located in the aftermath. this is not atypical after a mass casualty event whether it's may natural disaster or in this case a terrorist attack, but we're work rg hard to come up with a credible list of those individual whoz are out there still missing. at this point in time, we also don't have any confirmed american deaths. that may change, of course, as they work to identify some of the bodies. and again, you spoke to sp some of the difficults inherent to that, given the nature of some of these bombs. >> mark, we know of a few people, we know of an american service member and four of his family members who railroad injured there. we know of three mormon missionaries from the united states who were here when this happened. we know of a brother and sister who were:j on holiday here who far as i know are unaccounted for at this moment. and then two bankers who have united states citizenship and
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are americans but were working over here at the time. aside flrom that, do you know o anyone else? >> we do. again, i can't -- because ofvtc privacy act laws i don't want to get into we can't give a list of names. but we're tracking all of those individuals that you just mentioned, certainly in the case of the wounded service member but also some of his family that have not yet been located. it's a very fluid environment, and that's not offered as an excuse. just it's the reality of the situation. as you mentioned or your reporter mentioned a lot of these casualties were taken to different hospitals. we're trying to get from thewí belgians credible lists as they identify the nationalities of these individuals who were taken in the aftermath tocí hospitals. it's been a difficult process. we're working hard. we've got a team on the ground of consular officer whoz are working this also back in washington 24/7. >> mark, you may know of former ambassador who's
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concerned about this lack of information. here listen. >> they're frustrated that now 2 1/2 days later at least a half dozen families haven't been told whether their children or loved ones are the ones who are still@ in this hospital alive. we know there are legal issues. we get that. there are issues of investigation. we understand that. but human compassion in my opinion trumps all of that.:' >> the lower third there, the words at the bottom are wrong. mbassador to denmark. mark, i certainly understand his frustration. >> i do, too. >> is there anything that the state department is involved with here beyond the identifying of americans? >> well, look, anytime we have access to some of the injured americans, you know this, but we go in and we offer whatever support we can. and immediately our first thing is to connect them with their family members. you know, some of the reports
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you just gave are agonizing. we know of our families who are out there just trying to find their loved ones and locate them in the aftermath of this atact. we get it. there's an urgency here. we've got to do better. the belgians have to improve how they'res getting information out. they're coping with a mass casualty event. we get that. but it's our responsibility and our duty to find these americans, locate them, offer what support we can, and also get back to the families as quickly as possible. >> mark, in the last half hour or so, the -- i'm sorry, please go ahead. >> i was goingo say, of course, secretary kerry is going to be on the ground tomorrow. he'll be holding meetings with belgian officials and also european union officials as well talking about how we can increase our counterterrorism cooperati cooperation. >> it sounds like that's in order. in the last half hour or xwso, mark, the belgians have lowered their domestic terror threat level from the÷d"8 highest leve which means an attack is imminent to the level below that. is there a new directive for
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americans who would travel in brussels, in belgium generally or in europe in general? >> so we put out a travel alert right after this attack, but that actually was in the works even before the brussels attack. unfortunately because we had seen a pattern from ankara it paris in december that isil and other terrorist groups are intent on carrying out these kind of attacks on innocent civilians in europe. so we sent out a travel alert, and that travel alert basically said there may be future events like this. there may be future attacks. we all need to be vigilant. we don't want to keep americans hope. we want them to travel and do business and we want them to see europe and travel. but they need to be vigilant. frankly, it's just a reality in the world we live if told that all americans need to have that kind of street sense and have the awareness andness the information. that's where we come in, that we provide them with assessments. when'd and when weñ have credibe threats we are obliged to inform americans so we encourage any american who is traveling to
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europe or elsewhere, enroll in the embassy program so we can get you the information as soon as possible. >> does the state department, mark, have any information about terror suspects now in the united states? >> we don't have any credible information about a threat to the united states of an attack, imminent attack. we also don't have any information about any of these individual whoz might have traveled to the united states, no. >> mark toner eshgs live from the state department, smokesman there, mark, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. ahead, how terrorism can run in the family. the brothers accused in the attack here8risç in brussels ar two in a long list of siblings who have turned to terror. there are specific explanations about why this happens. and we'll look at them next as fox reports live from belgium's capital outside the old stock exchange building in the center of the city where hundreds and hundreds of young people have gathered to chant and sing into the wee hours of the morning about solidarity, togetherness and stitching together their
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patchwork of a community. it is in some ways an atmosphere of celebration, celebration that people who don't normally congregate together of many religions, of many"a ethnicitie and languages are now coming together to talk at least of peace. the words to begin a trend they hope as fox reports live from belgium.
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the deadly÷gr attack here i brussels is just the latest example of terror strike involve
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willing suspects who are siblings. in fact, brothers have played a role in nearly every major terror attack onv western soil since the attacks of 9/11. the hijackers on september 11th included three sets of brothers. the co-author of a book on terror siblings telz the "new york times" in today's edition that research shows as many as one-third of all suspects in terror attacks come from the same family. trace gallagher with more on this live this afternoon. trace, what do we know about why so many terrorists turn out to be brothers? >> well, shep, experts say terrorist organizations are always worried about infiltration so when family joins family it becomes a great vetting mechanism because brother vzs have a tendency to trust and follow each other. that family bond also ensures against insurance against betrayal like one brother going to police. brothers working in tanld emalso limits the detection capabilities of intelligence agencies. for example, cell phone and internet chatter is almost
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nonexistent because if you live in the same house, you can talk directly.h but experts also warn against this whole s theory of brothers radicalizing brothers. listen. >> sometimes people do this for very simple reasons, you know, they have a brother ne look up. to they have a cousin that they felt was wronged so they're dog this out of revenge. that's what makes counterterrorism so difficult. there's no silver bullet to identify exactly dwr people join these groups or why they conduct the attacks they do. >> we should point out one rare example which is the unabomber which was caught because his brother tipped off authorities. shep? >> that's true. i had actually forgotten that. we have actually observed trace that during terror attacks the brothers tend to split up and attack separate venues. >> a perfect example where you are in brussels, one of the brothers attacked the airport, the other went to a train station. during the paris tacks, a few months ago investigators say one of the abdeslam brothers blew
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himself up in a pub while salah abdeslam failed to blow himself up at all. experts say terror cells usually separate family because they don't want to take the chance of one sibling convincing the other to defect or an older sibling not wanting to watch a younger sibling die. but while it appears to be a pattern, it is far from a rule. during the charlie hebdo attack, the groupie brothers went in together and on 9/11, two sets of brothers hijacked the same planes but brothers involved in attacks dates back more than a hundred years when french anarchists did the same thing. shep? >> trace gallagher. thanks very much, live for us this afternoon. >> we're just getting started on a reporting of the threat from what officials say is a knelt work of thousands of islamic state fighter whoz officials report have left europe to train on foreign soi:y we'll speak with a former head of counterterrorism operations
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the islamic state's nlt to establish terror cells here in brussels and in other major cities has helped create unprecedented threats across the european continent. that's the word from the head of the european union's law enforcement agency today. i reported earlier his warning about an isis network of at least 5,0$5,000 terror suspects. dean pomeranz is a former assistant director at the fbi and also served at the head of that agency's counterterrorism division and is live with us this afternoon. steve, thank you. >> you're welcome, shep. >> what are we to make of what he said today? >> well, it's an interesting figure and serves as a warning.
12:22 pm
you know, the term eye suspect," the term he used really has no legal meaning and is a broad range of people who would fit, people who they have very specific information about, people they may ú'ly have bits and pieces of fragmentary intelligence about. but it's a large number of people, and i guess i would say that all of those people ought to be of some concern. they register on the scale, and that's a lot of people. and requireds a lot of resources. it's not a figure that surprises me. you take europe and the number of the size of the population, the event that's have transpired in the middle east and elsewhere and the number of refugees and size of the muslim community in those countries and that's not a surprising figure to me. >> he also warned, steve, of a new and aggressive strategy to attack across europe. and by that, am i right to assume that he's talking about this warning that isis has sent out now or directive that it
12:23 pm
sent out, don't just attack in areas of high concentration don't just aattack where there are television cameras attack anywhere and everywhere and have a rhythm to it rather than a grandness to it. >> yeah. shep, i think that's a good interpretation of what we're seeing now. look, this thing has developed a life of its own. we can go back -- you picked the time frame. we've seen middle east terrorism for decades but it certainlyúó s become more aggressive, more vir lant as time goes by, larger attacks more aggressive attacks more of them, directed at civilian targets increasingly. this is the time that we live in. it's the nature of the movement. all of this is about religious extremism, and that's what's fueled this thing and is attracting converts and the more success they have the greater the impetus for people to join that movement. that's part of the culture in that part of the they talk about riding a strong horse and that's part of that culture and that's what we're seeing now.
12:24 pm
and until we can be -- we can have decisive victories and sustained decisive victories of a law enforcement variety, of a military variety, of a diplomatic variety, this is going to continue. it's the times we live in, shep. >> i've spoken with a lot of people here about this issue, trying to understand thewk difference between the challenges that we face in the united states and the ones they face in europe specifically here in brussels. it's been explained to me like this. we're talking about a neighborhood not like in the united states where people assimilate but here where they stay to themselves before law enforcement doesn't speak to outside law enforcement where they don't really have opportunity for schools where they don't speak the same language they don't have much hope hand they don't have job prospec prospects. then in comes this idea to young very well neshl people sounds like something gets ahold of. i have hope for you. i have a vision for you. of course, it's not real and it's cataclysmic. how do you begin to get into the
12:25 pm
neighborhoods and break that cycle, cycle of hopelessness that's exploit xmroited by these outside groups these terrorists these cults? >> shep la, that's the $64,000 question. i don't think anyone has an answer to that yet obviously you try to get into these communities and you try to counter the kinds of brop gand dha that they're engaging in. but that's a very lengthy, difficultos process and shep i kind of believe that that has to come from within their own communities xs i don't think i impose that from the outside. i think this has too come from within, and there are certainly people in those communities who give out a different message and who don't follow that kind of philosophy. and they have to be more forceful and speak out, and we've got to be there to support them. but i think essentially it's got to come from within, not from without. you know, that ideology flows from a part of the world that
12:26 pm
has been under dictatorship and poor government and poverty and ignorance for a very long time and along comes these people who say we have a solution for you. we have -- the reason that you live the way you dothat we're n culture and a dominant society is we've turned away from the teachings of our faith, and if we recapture that and acknowledge the strength of our faith and the teachings of our prophet, we can become dominant again. and many, many people have followed that philosophy and as long as they do and as long as they achieve some measure of success, this is going to be a problem. >> what i keep hearing here, though, is this is not a new problem. that for decades this neighborhood has been isolated unto itself. there's been almost no outside communication. live, school, everything right there by themselves. and no one has come to offer anything with a huge unemployment rate. nothing for children. no opportunities.
12:27 pm
no prospects for getting out ofa that neighborhood. really nowhere to turn. and it's been that way for a generation. no one has said, here, how about this? isis came along. there has to be someone else who can 0go in and somehow gets into these sorts of communities and say we have something better for you because unless and until someone does, the locals tell us this is going to keep happening. >> zyeah. i'm sure there's some truth to that. and obviously we have some of those same kind of issues in our country. in our communities where there is a history of poverty and a history of unemployment and such, we have not seen that turn to the kind of violence that they have in europe, but over time, you know, a lot of times this -- we just follow what's happening in europe. so we have our own issues here, our own problems, and we need to attend to those, as they do in europe. and there is no at this point in time i don't think anybody's got
12:28 pm
a foolproof solution to this, shep. and until they do, it's going to be the responsibilities of law enforcement and government to counter this. >> yep. and their neighbors for that matter, steven. thank you. i kind of doubt that this feed of what's happening behind me is going to them. the kids are singing "amen amen" on the steps back behind me. joining hands and talking about coming together and reaching out and being one community. if there's a way for someone to get intoó those communities and offer that same hope and that same spirit that we're feeling here because it's palpable. it may just look like kids singing on steps behind us but when you're here and you realize what this community has been through with bloodshed in their public places where someone you know has witnessed something and yet the kids are out here by the hundreds even thousands singing and talking about togetherness. it's a powerful hoemt. something like it needs to reach
12:29 pm
these communities in some way. there's word the fbi is teaming up with belgian officials in the investigation of these attacks now. the feds have said repeatedly that there is no specific credible threat in the united states, even as isis releases this new video calling for supporters to wage jihad. plus a month from the attacks happened in brussels, a month ago, the police na neighborhood visited the location where the suspects were apparently building the bombs, the bombs for the paris attack and the bombs for here the police visited. so what happened? i'll get more from the ra soeted press bureau chief who reports that story. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live from brussels.
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12:35 pm
metro station, the subway jutáurt(ujuj say this man showed up in surveillance pictures at the metro station carrying some sort of black bag. he was said to be standing with the known subway bomber, one of those terrorist brothers. now, we don't know why the prosecutor put out a sketch instead of the surveillance pictures or a still picture from the video. we don't have a way to know. but this the artist's sketch of the man investigators say might be identified as a second bomber or an xmris of some kind at the metro station. we don't know whether he died in the blast or if he's holed up somewhere hiding. prosecutors have not been specific, but they did release that sketch so we wanted to bring it to you. and as i mejsed isis has released a new video in which it braises the attacks here in blus els and isis calls in this video for supporters to follow its example. we're learning the fbi has sent a team of agents to join the investigation here in belgium. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more on this live in washington this afternoon. catherine, tell us more about this video.
12:36 pm
>> shep, whathm stands out abou the nine-minute video that i've watched in full is that it has a feeling of being prepackaged or preproduced and sitting on the shelf wait forge an attack to go down. it uses american and european news reports to bookend the video, the bulk of the video showcasing belgian foreign fighters. there's target training but it did z not contain video of the suspects at least the ones we know about linked to the brussels aattack. this is not a martyrdom video. thir>9@m%11e video with the effect of the pile-on. they're trying to take full advantage of the strike in brussels at the same time warn that parts of these types of attacks on soft targets are in the pipeline, shep. >> now, we're told that the fbi has taken on a new role in this investigation here in brussels. what do we know about th new role? >> well, shep, this morning at an event here if washington announcement indictments in a separate cyber case both the fbi dregtor and the attorney general says there is no evidence of a
12:37 pm
plot against the u.s. domestically. >> while we have received no specific credible threats to the homeland, we will continue to remain vigilant in order to ensure that we can keep the american people safe from harm. >> meantime, the fbi has sent a fly team from its new york office to brussels to independently gather intelligence and to back up the belgian authorities as well as a forensic team from its branch in quanti quantico, virginia. this team is really for high-level cases and they handled the electronics from the san bernardino attack in december. we're also told the fbi is ramping up its surveillance of american citizens or legal permanent residents who have traveled to syria and returned home. we first reported here on fox that there were four dozen individuals who were considered so high risk that they were being tracked by something kuled the elite mobile surveillance team. this is 24/7 surveillance. now we've been able to make the connection through a congressional source that the 48 are in fact individuals who traveled to syria and then returned home to the u.s., shep.
12:38 pm
xz catherine herridge, very interesting. live in washington, catherine, thank you. we're now hearing from one of the first responders to show up at the scene of the subway station bombing here in brussels. >> translator: i heard a boom, a flash of light and they started running. those who still could run started run. i went back home and the first thing i did was to fake my 2-year-old son and hug him really tight. there are people who will never go back home. >> some 20 people died in that attack and more than 100 others were hurt. angela charlton is here with us in brussels, the associated press bureau chief of countries including france and belgium. has been working this story for a while. angela, thanks. >> hello. >> i've been readáling your reports from the house in brussels, we've called it the bomb factory, it is a place where they found all the bombs aft taxicab driver led them to where the brothers had been. police had been to that place before. >> police had been to that place before, a month ago.
12:39 pm
they were called initially for a traffic incident, a car, something fell on a car in front of the building. the police came and went up to the apartment and registered that they went to the apartment, but they said there was no one there. >> and was there follow-up? did they continue to investigate? do we know? we have found no sign of follow-up. we do not know. the police and prosecutors are not commenting. >> how could you explain to viewers in the united states how it is that police and federal police don't speak to each other and you have this hotbed neighborhood where cops don't follow up on matters like that? ot of it is down to the structure of belgium. it's a very dispersed kind of a country and also there's a stovepiping of information so that police have one bit of information but they're not necessarily sharing it with the next town over, the next neighborhood over even. and it's really structural. some of it is it by design, and that's been ag this whole case. really for over the last year.
12:40 pm
>> well, clearly theyabç'x reco that this disjointedness of security services was a problem because there used to be like 80 different police forces. they cut that down to 6 and realized there needed to be more cooperation. is it a history of distrust and mistrust? is it more structural in what are the roots of it? >> i think it's a little bit of both. in some of it is cultural as well. this really is a bi-cultural country split between a french and flemish half. there are bits of regional distrust. i think it will take a bhiel to get over it. i think there ace recognition now that something needs to change. >> is it the reporting of the associated press now that the authorities are carrying out more operations there trying to get more basic human intelligence from there, trying to develop sources and the things that officers in difficult neighborhoods do all around the world? >> our understanding is that, yes, they understand they need to do that. how far advanced; they are i don't know.
12:41 pm
that's a long, long work to do that kind of thing as we know from other countries. it's not something that's going to happen overnight. >> these bombers, the two brothers especially, they grew up in that neighborhood, went to school there, they know everybody in that neighborhood. what effect has this terror on the world by their own people had on that neighborhood? >> people are really upset. they're confused. they're perplexed. some are embarrassed but some are quite defensive as well, and they feel that the world is ganging up on them and assuming that they hid terrorists. but it's neighborhoods like that have often for a long time they've felt isolated and a little bit alienated from the mainstre mainstream. >> well, they've been isolated and alienated from the mainstream. they certainly have not had hope or jobs or the kind of schooling that would allow you to escape such a place. but often people within a community will say, we have to take this. i've been asked by so many of our anchors anduaw reporters inw york, is there a new sense of
12:42 pm
urgency, are people now coming together trying to disseminate information? and the long and short of it is, our reporting is that that's not exactly what we're seeing. >> i'm not seeing a coordinated effort at this point. i'mz seeing individuals. i even just talked too someone here on the square from that neighborhood. they were a muslim family that's talking about the need to do this kind of thing. but i think again it's going to take some time for people to actually come together to coordinate this kind of effort so it has a long lasting effect. >> i keep referring to this crowd because from all that i've been able to learn from the short time i've been here, fem who lived here for generations this sort of coming together is particularly unusual. we talk about the fwo different brussels and the many different belgiums to have all these different cultures together, languages, economics, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, this is highly nooushl, santa ana? >> this is highly unusual. and i think it ra lost people on the square are hoping it will be a turning point, that this is really bringing people together in a way they haven't seen
12:43 pm
before. >> people at home say, those are just words, of course people come together. but it's not like the way people in new york came together on 9/11. t with each other all the time. that's not how it works here. >> not in the same way that we're seeing here on the square this week, not at all. >> angela, nice to meet you. appreciate your reporting. thank you. a lot of the investigation now focuses on brussels molen beak neighborhood where analysts say helped breed the terror as we were just discussing. but what do the people who live there say now? that's next.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
.... test. test
12:46 pm
14 minutes before the hour now, analysts looking for the root cause of the terror here in brussels will tell you about a city divided. in some areas people live in poverty and relative isolation. people here speak many different languages, flemish, flench r french, german and arabic, even security forces are divided in the same ways. brussels now has six police
12:47 pm
departments, six different police departments for one city, of about a million people. greg palkot is live in the molenbeek neighborhood an area known for a hotbed of extremism. greg? >> reporter: shep, welcome to molenbeek. it has a high level ofm poverty big youth unemployment and a large muslim population, just some of the ingredient that's have led to a number of high-level, high-profile terrorists and jihadis coming out of here. take a look at what we saw. this is the molenbeek area of brussels, and this is the building where saleh abdeslam the paris attack suspect was arrest in a raid by police last week. some people think that he had a hand in the attacks here in brussels this week. some think what happened here could have triggered them. the area has been described as a hotbed of islamist radicalism and in fact several of the paris attackers, including abdeslam
12:48 pm
came from here. but's also a working class area. those willing to speak on camera told us, it's sadded terror that happened this week. sad for our kids and nobody knew abdeslam was staying here. we would have told someone. off cam are,dm though, one explained this was the only place the paris suspect could have hidden, a safe and a dangerous haven. shep, we spoke to the assistant to the mayor here, and he's pretty frank. he said that over the years the federal government did not provide activities, as he called it, for the young people, filling in the gap radical mosques, extremists providing their own activity for the people here. and now they have to face the facts, as he put it. one more note, shep. in our day here, the fox news team has been impressed by the friendliness, the generosity of these hardworking people for the most part. but we also must not forget that
12:49 pm
there are some ugliness coming out of here and a lot of blame to go around. back to you. >> greg palkot reporting live from will neighborhood where the two brothers of bombing grew up. a woman we saw in one of iconic images from this weekend's coordinated attack is now in a medically induced coma with an effort to help her recover from her burns. her photo appeared auld over the world in the,é hours after the attacks and in fact her relatives in india told the associated press when they saw that photo it was their first indication that she had actually survived. you can see her on the right with her yellow top torn open there. she's a 40-year-old jet airways flight attendant from mumbai and a mother of two children. an airline manager says she has burns over 15% of her body and a broken footd. a family member says she has been responding well to treatment. meantime, in the war against isis, iraqi military commanders say they've launched an operation to take back mosul,
12:50 pm
iraq's second largest city. but two senior united states defense officials tell fox news that the iraqi forces have not started invading and they're still 70 miles from the city in invading. the islamic state captured mosul almost two years ago now. senior u.s. officials said the iraqi military does not have enough troops. they hoped that the operation would start by april or may 2015 and now military leaders say it may not even happen this year. meanwhile, forces are trying to take back the ancient city of palmyra. isis captured that city almost a year ago and destroyed a lot of the roman ruins there.
12:51 pm
if they can retake back the city, it would open up a road to the eastern province that isis mostly controls. we'll be right back.
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12:54 pm
as we continue to cover the news here in belgium, we've just gotten word of developing news in new york. on the political front, of course, it's unescapable, even all of these thousands of miles away. this is an interesting one. the political candidate ted cruz is lashing out at donald trump for going after ted cruz's wife. cruz had just called donald trump a sniveling coward, of all things. trace has more. trace?
12:55 pm
>> an anti-trump super pac put an ad showing melania trump nude from 16 years ago. he was furious and said, "lying ted cruz just used a picture of melania from a gq and ted cruz tweeted back, the pic of your wife is not from us, donald. if you try to attack heidi, you're more of a coward than i thought and today ted cruz said this about donald trump. play it. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward. leave heidi alone. >> will you support him for the nomination? >> i am going to beat him. donald trump will not be the nominee.
12:56 pm
>> ted cruz said if he were to become the nominee, what was the beans that donald trump threatened to spill. trump's campaign or former campaign adviser said it might have something to do with marital problems or depression she suffered from some ten years ago. more to come. >> incredible. absolutely incredible. we'll be right back. you owned your car for four years,
12:57 pm
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earlier today behind me at place de la bourse, people stopped what they were doing for a minute of silence. today is the second of three official days of mourning across brussels. thousands of people have visited this square. now a makeshift memorial for the victims of the attack that shocked the city and the continent and our world. i'm shepard smith, fox news,
1:00 pm
reporting from brussels. a manhunt is on. police in belgium now searching for two suspected bombers in connection with the brussels terror attacks, the latest suspect is shown carrying a large bag along the subway bomber who blew himself up. this is "your world" and i'm in for neil cavuto. how is the white house responding to those attacks? ben carson in a moment on that and other things. first, mike tobin in brussels. mike? >> reporter: well, we know that


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