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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'm shepard smith, fox news, reporting from brussels. a manhunt is on. police in belgium now searching for two suspected bombers in connection with the brussels terror attacks, the latest suspect is shown carrying a large bag along the subway bomber who blew himself up. this is "your world" and i'm in for neil cavuto. how is the white house responding to those attacks? ben carson in a moment on that and other things. first, mike tobin in brussels. mike? >> reporter: well, we know that
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el bakraoui was there in the subway and a second individual was seen carrying a large bag. the security footage hasn't been released. all that's been released is a sketch of this possible second individual. he seems to have disappeared into thin area and possibly he's among the dead. that leaves two people now at large. one involved in the attack at the airport, one involved in the attack on the subbay. now, also through "the wall street journal" we learn that an arrest warrant had been issued for khalid el bakraoui. for whatever reason, the arrest warrant wasn't executed and bakraoui was free to attack. on another subject, former u.s. ambassador we learn there are four unidentified survivors at a hospital. anguished families are not allowed in to confirm or rule outside indication. >> they are frustrated that now 2 1/2 days later, at least half
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a dozen families haven't been told whether their children or loved ones are the one who is are still in this hospital alive. we know there are legal issues. we get that. there are issues of investigation. we understand that. but human compassion, in my opinion, trumps all of that. >> four unidentified survivors at the local hospital and, at last report, 22 people are still missing from the blast. one final note, the terror threat level was at its highest level 4 and it's now been lowered 3. no reason given for why it was ? >> mike tobin, thanks so much. isis released a video showing brussels in flames. catherine herridge is joining us. catherine? >> what stands out about this nine-minute video, it is prepackaged and from produced and waiting for an attack to
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unfold. it uses american and european news reports with the bulk of the video showcasing the belgian foreign fighters during target practice training. it does not contain video of the suspects we know about. this is not a video that would include interviews with the men in advance. it's kind of like a pylon. they are trying to take responsibility for the attacks in brussels and say that there is more on the way in the pipeline. the state department says a dozen have been injured americans and an unaccounted number. dna identification could be near to impossible. if the bi has sent a team to independently gather intelligence and back up the belgians as quell as a team from
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quantico, virginia. here's director comey this morning. >> since we haven't seen any connection with the brussels suspects with anyone in the u.s. >> not yet. we're looking very closely, though. >> reporter: the fbi is wrapping up its surveillance of americans who have traveled to syria and returned to the united states. we first reported at the end of last year, there were four dozen individuals who were so high risk that they were being tracked by an elite team called the mobile team. these 48 individuals were the one who is traveled to syria and then returned to the united states. charles? >> catherine herridge, thanks very much. attorney general loretta lynch commenting on the brussels attacks today. >> as we've seen here, the threat in the homeland has been coming from those who are based here, who are inspired by terrorists or jihadist thinking online, isil or otherwise.
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that's always a concern of us and certainly a concern would be whether they were inspired by similar attacks in brussels or elsewhere. >> if you were listening closely, two words that you were not hearing, radical islam. so is that the problem? let's bring and ask former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson. thank you for joining us. >> always a pleasure. >> once again, we hear from the administration and they go all the way around pinpointing the problem and many people keep saying, if you don't say radical islam, how do you defeat it? >> it's interesting because it's fairly consistent throughout the administration. obviously they are being instructed not to use those terms. and it tells you that there's a basic disconnect there. and it extends itself into the policies. for instance, you look at how lax our security is on the borders. obviously if we're not taking them seriously enough to be even able to name them, we're not
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going to do what we need to do in order to secure our borders. we're not willing to declare war on islam and look at our immigration and visa policies. all of these things are things that are putting the american population in jeopardy. and there's no sense of seriousness here. >> well, what do you make -- and i could see president obama saying, hey, if we get too crazy about this, they've actually won because they've disrupted our lives and that's their ultimate goal. the wa you know, this seems to be complete indifference to the issue, not whether they are taking -- you know, not even an issue to what degree they are taking it seriously. they are not taking it seriously at all, it looks like. >> there's a real disconnect there. president obama said that isis is not an existential threat to us which means he doesn't understand the whole concept of dirty bombs and cybersecurity and all of these things. this is a new era in which we
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live. if you don't adjust to it, we're going to suffer the consequences. >> you mentioned earlier that all of america knows that this is radical islam. some think it may be the entire religion. president obama spent a lot of time preaching to us or trying to correct us, if you will. and this seems to be one of the areas where he repeats over and over again that islam is mostly the victims of this sort of stuff and that somehow the american public overwhelmingly would like to see a temporary ban on all muslims coming to this country are getting it wrong. do you ever think he will have an epiphany and say that the public is right? >> i doubt it. >> it was a little rhetorical when i asked that. >> it would be wonderful if he and everybody else would spend time reading about islam. you know, really go back to muhammad and read about his life
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and the whole story of his life and the systems brought out of that. it would give you a much better impression. islam is not an impression. it's a lifestyle that doesn't really allow the separation of religion from politics. >> right. and it was born of violence and it's been spread through violence and, of course, no succession plan has made it worse when he died. in brussels, a couple ministers have offered up their resignation. the mayor said it was within their responsibility to follow these people. what do you think is going to happen there? they've already lowered the terror threat which tells me they are still in the same line of thinking as president obama. >> they are. and this, unfortunately, is what the radical islamists are counting on and, you know, in a memorandum discovered during the holy land foundation trial, it talked about the fact that in
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america we would have people so interested in political correctness that we would allow them to destroy us. >> yeah. i don't remember. i think it was khrushchev who said communism would -- something to that effect. speaking of politics, let's come back home for a moment to the ted cruz and donald trump rivalry. moments ago ted cruz had a comment and i want to share with you and the audience. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're is sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> are you going to support him if he's the nominee? >> donald trump will not be the nominee. >> i don't know if i've ever seen ted cruz that upset. does he have a point there at all? >> well, i'll put it this way.
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there's plenty of sleeves in the political world. that's one thing i discovered. it was extremely distasteful. we have sort of come to seaccep that that was going to be the case. i was hoping that we could change that narrative and i haven't totally given up on that but these are things that not just be going on in the republican party or democrat party. aren't we adults? and can't we actually deal with the issues? there's such serious issues and it's so hard to get that point across to people. >> dr. carson, you've endorsed donald trump and you've become closer to him. when you see the tweet that he retweeted with the photograph of his wife and ted cruz's wife, what do you say to him about that? do you say anything at all? >> well, i understand that he's doing what has become popular in america. you know, tweeting and being nasty and, you know, people will come out and say things against it but they go home and do the
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same thing. you know, there's a cultural problem going on in our nation that we need to deal with from the top all the way down. i call it trickle down ethics. we need to really begin to demonstrate this at the highest levels so that it begins to take hold to the population in general. >> if it doesn't change, what do you think happens to this country? if we keep going down this particular route, one that is acceptable by anyone to sort of do these kinds of things that maybe in the past it wasn't? >> we'll destroy ourselves. as jesus said and echoed by abe brahim lincoln, a house divided against itself cannot stand. we are in the process of destroying ourselves. we need some strong leadership or we're going to go off the cliff. >> well, you were on "the view" today and you made a lot of news on "the view" but one particular clip i'd like to have the audience listen to.
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let's take a listen. >> this guy is -- i'm sorry. he's a racist and he's not good for the country. i'm sorry. i just -- i don't understand. >> what about the white supremacist? he hasn't said to them, listen, that's not what america stands for. it's too much -- you're ben carson. you're so much better than this. >> well, i am ben carson. and that's the very reason i'm doing this is because i look at the big picture. could i focus only on racial issues? absolutely. could you focus only on women's issues? absolutely. i could look at any one little thing and pick anybody apart on it. but right now, the nature of our country is at stake. >> we know that the liberals are going to carry the racist stuff all the way through the general election. it's in their play book no
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matter who the candidate is. i'd like to see stronger initial reaction from donald trump but he's refuted enough times that i think it's a nonissue for most voters. having said that, you mentioned the smaller issues. do these smaller issues, though, actually add up to larger issues? or is there a blanket answer that covers all of that? >> there are important issues and they need to be dealt with. there's no question about that. and, you know, through some of the initiatives that i'm involved with, my faith votes and some of the other things that we're going to be doing, we're looking for ways to create, you know, more peace among people, more harmony and more relationships. but also letters of opportunity because a lot of the turmoil in our society is secondary to frustration. there's been a lot of hope but not very much change. we have to put some things into effect that would allow us to once again be the can do society, not the what can you do for me society.
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>> sad to see you leave the race. glad you're making the rounds. you're a voice of reason no matter who win this is election. >> thank you. an emergency meeting has been set that could -- it's a result of massive changes to all airports around the world. we're going to tell you exactly what those are when we come back. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ they carry your fans' passions, shouhopes, and dreamscarry pads. and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff
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the brussels terror attacks are prompting calls for tighter security including outside of airports. an emergency meeting is expected next week. but is that the answer? robert is joining us now. you remember after 9/11, tech knowledge, technology, that's how we got these body scanners and everything else. i understand that it works in certain places, for instance, we always hear about how great israel is. would that have helped or prevented this? >> well, if they were on the
1:18 pm
outside of the airport, perhaps they would have identified the bombs. you have to have a ticket to get into the gate area, right? you've got to go through the magnetometer. once you pull up outside any airport around the world, you're pretty free until you get to that point. that's the area that we're talking about. do we expand that outer perimeter to come outside the airport? >> in other words, no matter what, though, ultimately, the outer perimeter is going to be the soft target. we can expand it to your house. wherever it begins and ends, that's your soft target. i guess the idea is to thin it out, the further out we push this or to minimize damage if there is an attack? >> exactly. any crowded areas, penn station, subway station, wherever you have an accumulation of people is where the terrorists are going to attack. so when you move that perimeter o out, suddenly you have hundreds
1:19 pm
of people in another location. the way we do it at the airports here in the united states, we do the k-9 units outside of the airports. there are cc-tvs all over. you use the intelligent information before they get near the airport to see who is coming in and who is on those flights. there's a lot that is done that we don't see that we do right now at our airports across the country. >> you know, what is interesting, looking at the foe graphs with these guys and gloves on the left hand and clinching the carts knowing that once they released, they would blow up, it's chilling because it's a done deal once they get those carts and they have gotten the debt nation process going but it stands out so much right now after we've learned about this, a guy with an obvious disguise on. do you think our airports are that lax right now? >> no. i think they are better when it comes to discovering these types
1:20 pm
of things. we're monday morning quarterbacking in a sense. when you look at a photo like this and see the devastation that has taken place you say, how did this happen? it was so obvious. in kt fa, there are many people pushing carts in the airport that look like that. it's a lot harder when you're on the scene and detecting that. >> they better not look like that from now on because i'll make a citizens arrest. we have breaking news from shepard smith in brussels. that's next. trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! you do? really? ding dong? -oh, pizza is here! -oh! come on in. [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. this is more than a lawn. this sorry! live life outside with trugreen,
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belgium lowering the terror threat level as the manhunt for two terrorists continues. shepard smith is in brussels
1:24 pm
with the latest. shepard? >> reporter: yeah. it's a striking contrast that the threat level has been lowered in the last hour and a half here across brussels from the highest level which, on their scale, means an attack is imminent to the next level which is where it was prior to the attack a few days ago. additionally, the reuters news agency is reporting and fox news cannot confirm it but the reuters news agency is reporting that the two brothers who blew themselves up, one in the airport here in brussels, the other in the train station here in brussels were actually on a united states terror watch list and have been on that list prior to this bombing, obviously. again, we're working to confirm that. fox news has not yet -- if we get that or are able to knock it down, i'll let you know. charles, it's interesting to me and i don't know the context that they almost simultaneously say we're looking for another suspect from the train tracks
1:25 pm
that we got word today that there was a second man, according to authorities, reporting to multiple news agencies, who was with the younger of the two brothers who blew himself up on the train. they were together on the platform, according to this reporting, one man had a black bag with him. described to us as over the shoulder. the bomber got on the train and that's the last we know of the other person. they released a sketch of him. they say they have cctv pictures of him but haven't released those. so we don't know if the authorities believe he died in that blast f. they are sitting on him somewhere and waiting for him to move, if they don't know where he is or who he is. i'll offer you just what we have, and that is that they are looking for him in addition to the man in the hat as he's become to be known from the consider. ctv pictures a the the airport. still looking for the man in the hat, according to witnesses and others, ran away from that site. they are looking for two more accomplices yet they lower the threat level. i don't know what to make of
1:26 pm
that. i'll just leave the reporting as it is. >> shep, to that point, both of these brothers have criminal records. one actually shot at policemen in the act of committing a crime and find out over and over again that somehow western officials had these guys in the palm of their hands or they were on some watch list. who's watching the watch list? >> well, apparently -- i didn't know about this watch list. one of the brothers was sent out of turkey by turkish authorities who they now say we alerted authorities in brussels. we ended up sending him to amsterdam and said that they couldn't link him to terrorism definitively, just as a criminal so they had no reason to lock him up. it's established now that they know they need to begin sharing information and it's a process that is beginning, we're told.
1:27 pm
the united states fbi is involved on some level of cooperation that's new after this bombing. the people here will tell you they've known that they've had problems for years. they had 80 separate police forces and now for this one city there are six separate police forces and now the feds. and the communication is not what it should be and they are working on that now but time is short and the condition is dire. >> shepard smith, thank you very much. we appreciate it. so what if i told you new polls show donald trump is the only gop candidate who is losing to hillary clinton in november? reaction from former presidenti presidential candidate herman cain is next. understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them,
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...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. an obama official just saying so why are we still releasing them? why is president obama so intent on releasing gitmo? we report and you decide. >> hi, i'm william duvane and right now there's a serious discussion of who .
1:31 pm
donald trump beating his rivals for now but can he beat a democrat in november? the latest fox news poll shows the gop front-runners losing to hillary clinton in a presidential matchup. get this, john kasich and ted cruz both coming out on top. reaction from former gop presidential candidate herman cain. herman, what do you make of these polls that show kasich
1:32 pm
doing so well in a general election, even cruz, while they have donald trump losing and sometimes badly to hillary? >> well, let's remember that polls represent a trend based upon the spoon-fed perception that people have gotten from various sources of media. that's number one. secondly, when donald trump has been leading so much, he's been attacked so much so there are so many sound bites out there, negatively attacking him, that helps to explain the big differential. now, the good news is, a poll also tells you what you need to do to change the perception. and now that the field of republican candidates have been widdled down to a three-person race, essentially, i believe whoever the nominee can work on closing that gap, whoever it is, between hillary and the republican nominee. so it's a trend but reality -- perception is reality for the
1:33 pm
time being. >> what's the source of the trend? in other words, what is the main reason? i know there's a lot of -- trump being the front-runner, $100 million in negative ads against him, those things start to compound a little bit. >> yes. >> what are the specific issues that has hillary beating him? where does he have to close that gap? >> he has been portrayed as being a racist, anti-black. no, he's not. a statement that he made was taken out of context and they start putting it out there that he was a racist. they start putting it out there that he's a bigot because of a statement he made about the wall. that's simply is not true. the other thing is, charles, hardly is the entire speech given by any of the candidates ever reflected in the news reports and we get hyberbole. i saw a headline, "cruz beating
1:34 pm
trump in wisconsin." well, when you read the article, which i did, cruz has a one-point lead over trump in wisconsin in that particular poll. that's not a lead but that's what people will believe because they are trying to get people to lose his momentum when in fact he is not. this is what i mean by spoon fed. they shake that perception because he's been so controversial, the perception has been shaped for now. i happen to believe that that same poll tells him and his people what they need to do in order to close that gap. >> on the controversial side, the most recent stuff is going back and forth with him and ted cruz, the super pac that wants ted cruz to win and overnight donald trump retweeted something that a lot of people found offensive. you know, that doesn't outbeat a candidate but certainly in a
1:35 pm
general election it would hurt both of them, particularly going against hillary clinton, wouldn't it? >> i think it would but i don't know that's the path that donald trump is going to take. hillary clinton has so many negatives that mickey mouse could put together a campaign if they were to put together the right messages. so i'm not concerned right now that donald trump has that differential in the polls relative to hillary clinton. we have a long way to go. remember, back in 1980, ronald reagan trailed jimmy carter by over 20 points at one time. but by election time, he had closed that gap. so i think it's a trend but should also indicate what they need to do in order to make sure that does not -- >> how did he close that gap and was he fortunate enough that a lot of things happened like the iran hostage crisis and to catch him or was it something specific that ronald reagan did to shift the tide? >> i think it was a combination
1:36 pm
of all of the things that you mentioned back in 1980 when ronald reagan was running and here is the most important thing, i think. reagan projected strong leadership. i think that's what we're seeing today, charles. and reagan was able to capture that and capture that sense of pride for the american people and that's what they responded to. that's why you had reagan democrats, independents, republicans. he captured the pride of america along with projecting strong leadership. now, i've said on your show before, that's exactly what i think donald trump is tapping into. many of his supporters are not following the social media stuff. they are out working. they've got a job, hopefully. they are not following all of that stuff. >> to your point, i'm sorry, but to your point, america really needs that morning in america feeling again. >> yes. >> i appreciate you coming on. every time you're great. appreciate it. >> happy to do it, charles.
1:37 pm
>> see you. in the wake of brussels, the administration is still pushing to close gitmo even after admitting some startling information on gitmo transfers.
1:38 pm
. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. what i can tell you is, unfortunately, there have been americans that have died because of gitmo. >> how many americans have to die in how many people in brussels or paris have to die, civilians? where is the threshold at that point? well, maybe we will keep them under control in gitmo? >> sir, when anybody dies, it's a tragedy and we don't want anybody to die because we transfer detainees. >> that's right. a foegovernment officials sayin that americans have died at the hands of gitmo detainees. the illinois congressman dan
1:41 pm
kizinger and rick grenel, let me go to you, dan. i haven't read the whole thing but i would guess that closing gitmo is not part of it. >> no. this is the whole funny thing about this. not funny. tragically funny. the president acts like gitmo is a type of propaganda tool for terrorism. look, they are killing westerners and taking over syria and iraq not because gitmo exists but because radical islamic jihadism, including anybody who doesn't believe the specific strain of islam. so, yeah, this idea that somehow gitmo is fueling this fire is incorrect. instead, it's exactly where they need to be. it's where they need to be held besides bringing them to the united states and giving them the constitutional rights that was afforded to them, to us by our founding fathers. >> well, hold on, are you saying that's an option as well that you'd be okay with?
1:42 pm
>> no. no. that's the things. keep them at gitmo. i went to gitmo and then a prison in pontiac, illinois, and my district after that. these folks are treated according to western standards. it's the same that you would see in a prison of the united states. if you bring them to the united states, what's going to happen is they are given constitutional protections like or deserved by american citizens and it's something that they didn't earn. this is according to the conflict of war. we need to keep them there until it's legal to transfer them. >> rick, i want to let the audience know that this official was saying that this detainee was released under president bush. the bottom line is, it's a detainee that was released. several have gone back to the battlefields. some have become high-ranking personnel within the terrorist networks. and still, though, the obama administration is really determined to close gitmo. >> yeah. look, i think we've got to remove politics from this. it's not president bush's fault or president obama's fault.
1:43 pm
when they release people and go back on the battlefield. what we can hold them accountable for is whether or not they don't learn from the past mistakes and say, you know, we probably shouldn't shut this down because there seems to be a propensity -- >> but they haven't learned and they won't learn. this is something that this current administration is dead set of doing one way or another. president obama made a promise to do this and he thinks it's part of his legacy. >> what he's not admitting is that he's bombing in syria. he's continuing this war. and the law of war, all of the geneva conventions, all of the international diplomatic treaties say that this is legal when there's a war going on, you can pull them off the battlefield and hold them temporarily. that is what we are doing. president obama continues to bomb, continues to push this war forward. he then can't complain that that temporary battlefield hold -- >> and to that note, would we
1:44 pm
then go forward if that were closed and interrogate prisoners and terrorists and potential terrorists? isn't that the ideal place to do it? >> i think it's an extension of o obama saying that he's going to end the war. what do you do with these people? i think adam just said it. you don't want to bring them back to the united states and get off on a technicality. this is war. this is not a burglary. >> the news in brussels, as horrific as it is -- listen, my ideas, we should double and triple the size of gitmo and start to really populate it because the war is not going to go away. rather, president obama wants to declare this thing over, close gitmo or not, the terrorists are determined to go after us. there are reports that isis has unleashed 400 more fighters to terrorize europe. what do you make of that? yeah. look, this is a generational fight where now what you saw in brussels, what you have seen in paris and san bernardino, this
1:45 pm
is going to continue. and the key is, we have to give law enforcement the tools to prevent these and arrest people where necessary but we've got to defeat the islamic state in syria and iraq and afghanistan and libya because what happens is, when the chicago bulls are really good in chicago here, everybody's wearing a jersey. when they start losing games, not as many people are wearing them. when you have these perceived successes of isis, it's much easier for them to recruit but when you begin to roll them back, destroy their caliphate and push them out of raqqa, you have a harder time recruiting and that's how you begin to win this war. you have to fight them there or only fight them here. >> at some point we have to figure out a way to take them apart. particularly in raqqa. we'll see if there's political will for that. guys, thank you very much for that. some university students lashing out over these pro-trump chalkings on campus, claiming that it caused them, get this, pain and anxiety.
1:46 pm
really? we'll be right back.
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1:49 pm
terrified of trump, chalkings. some students at the university of georgia are saying that these chalkings make them feel unsafe and unwelcome and got the university president to address their concerns. we're going to get to the statements by the student body president and the university president in a moment. but first, ashley pratt, what is going on here and jessica, i'll let you start to explain what the heck is going on. is this that safe sdploen stuzo? >> listen, i mean, if you're scared of the word trump it's going to be a really long few months. >> or life. are you kidding me? >> let's hope it's over sooner
1:50 pm
rather than later. what i would say, there's more to the story and we know that they also -- it was chalk that said "build a wall" and trump is intentionally provocative. that is his brand. he's not going to be campuses f sure. i think we need to take the entirety of the issue. which is not just using his name. it has been shown to be incredibly divisive. he has a 67% unfavorable rating. >> his name was there. and someone is telling me, they don't feel safe at school because they saw the name? >> it blows my mind, charles. i don't understand what is happening to college students. i feel like these stories are cropping up everywhere. it is mainly the democratic and liberal students who take issue with it. there are places called safe zones. you can't freely speak on campus freely anywhere. the fact they were protesting the trump 2016 chockings with
1:51 pm
stop hate, stop trump. are the trump supporters safe? it seems like they don't. i feel like at this point that's the time of environment we're creating where we can't even have a difference of ideas. they want to shut it down at every turn. >> we got a statement from student body council, the way this story is being covered spugs our students are afraid of chalk. they are not. they are afraid of hate and everything that comes with it. endorsements like vote trump and trump 2016 were written. but build a wall was also written and written prominently immediately outside of cent row latino. does that change it? >> you can make an argument that that has gone too far. they were bringing pum swastikas were there on campus. so clearly there is a history of that stuff on that campus. at the same time, those acts
1:52 pm
should be treated separately. writing trump 2016 is not a problem. differentiate between two. pro-life students could make an argument that they feel unwelcome if planned parenthood comes to campus. more often than not it is the liberal students complaining about trump 2016. they have an actual argument. and they chose to perpetuate this narrative of trump makes them feel like they need a safe space. >> right. i want to reach from a statement from jim wagner. he did meet with protesters later on. he sent out a statement and it read, after meeting with our students i cannot dismiss their feelings and kernels as motivated only by political process. instead they heard a message not about political candidates or choice, but about values regarding diversity and almost that clash with emory's own. you like that statement, right in. >> i like bits and pieces of it.
1:53 pm
i think it is important that the administration is listening to the students but the administration needs to serve a vital service in telling students when they are going too far. >> what happened to universities being the place where you went and had these discussions? someone could say, hey, i love trump and one can say i don't love trump. what happened to that? >> listen. this is not something, the liberals and i diverge a little here. and this is an extreme argument. this is not the core of the liberal base that feels this way. but she's correct. we've been talking about this the past couple years. people taking down american flags because it is a reminder of our colonial past. things that feel totally at odds. >> but jessica, this keeps happening. >> i know that it does. >> there is a difference between trump 2016 and build a wall. or trump 2016 and ban muslims.
1:54 pm
that's what students are reacting to. >> why would build a wall be something that would terrorize something? that's the presidential candidate's position. >> it is the presidential candidate's position. this is why people are protesting. not just because decided to. because people are diametrically opposed to this. not just the latino population but americans as well. >> let's leave it there. a lot of people really like the idea. >> a lot of republicans are really into it. we're not talking about the republican base here. >> we have to shift to more serious news of the day. it is confirmed with the two suicide bombers in brussels. how did they slip through everyone's fingers? at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk
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to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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brothers involved in a terror attack again. the suspects were on the u.s. terror watch list again.
1:58 pm
to greg palkot with more. >> reporter: this has been confirmed by fox news in the past half-hour or so. it is a sign of how serious these attacks were. and secondly, maybe, how belgium really dropped the ball. it has been revealed that the two brothers involved in the airport and metro suicide bomb blasts, their name are ibrahim and khalid el bakraoui. their name were in the terror lists as known possible terrorists. there are indications that belgium one way or another knew about it but they did not keep track of them. they did their handy work. one was involved at the attack at the airport and another at the metro station. another sign of the problems here with law enforcement authorities dealing with the
1:59 pm
terror attacks. this for those responsible just heightens up and the suspect list continues to grow. there is another person that now authorities are looking for, connected with that metro blast. a surveillance video showing a man next to the main bomber carrying a heavy bag, perhaps with some explosives in it. he is being sought, as well as an unidentified man from the airport now that the other s suicide bomber have been identified. meanwhile, salah abdeslam, from the november terror attacks, at least his lawyer was there. he is going to agree to be extradite to france but he claims he had nothing to do with it. other people are saying otherwise. back to you. >> thanks a lot. i have to tell you to wrap this up, belgium has gone from the highest level of alert to the second highest despite that
2:00 pm
there are potential suspects out there. despite that we have seen lapse after lapse after lapse. the two brothers associated with this were on the u.s. watch list and turkey warned belgium and all of europe to watch out as they booted them out of the country. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." belgium lowered its alert level today even though there is still an intense hunt for a second suspect who may have been involved in the bombings in the brussels be attack on tuesday. and investigators still don't know what happened to the man in white pushing the luggage cart alongside the two suspected suicide bombers. at least two americans still remain missing. bring us up to speed, mike.


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