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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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just let it all go. my hats off to dave. >> i'm going to keep working the rest of my life. he looks like the unibomber. >> "special report" up next. this is the fox news alert. breaking right now, word from france of an arrest of a suspect in what is called the advanced stages of a plot to attack that country. france's interior ministry says there were no links to the brussels attack or the paris massacre last november. also tonight we have new information on the brothers who carried out tuesday's deadly terror attacks in belgium. khalid and ibrahim were known by terror officials before the strikes. it is now believed there are at least two terrorists at large. that speculation come as two
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senior members of the belgian government offered their resignation. we have fox team coverage tonight. catherine with the latest on the brothers who carried out the attacks and what u.s. officials knew about them. rich has been traveling with the president in argentina with more criticism over what the president is and is not doing during the crisis. we begin with greg palkot who is in brussels. good evening, greg. >> good evening. yeah. the anti-terror effort as you noted, continuing across the continent. in about 20 minutes or so, we have heard from the french interior minute sister and he said that french authorities, french law enforcement officials have broken up an extensive plot in its advance stage to target a location in france. this was in the town just to the north of paris. a man was under arrest.
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and it was the result of a weeks long, months long active investigation into what seem like a very complex plot. but it was caught before it got off the ground. one more note, the interior minister said this plot, the plot that was just broken up, has nothing to do with the attacks which occurred in brusselses this past week. so here in brussels, the terror, ant-terror authorities have ratcheted down the terror alert level one notch. but the search for those responsible is not slacking at all. it is intensifying. >> the list of suspects being sought by police in question, the terror attacks continues to grow. seen in surveillance video, a second man alongside the main bomber carrying a large bag. possibly full of explosives, thought to be on the run.
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police tonight circulated a sketch of the suspect. >> the government and the competent authorities will do their utmost to shed light on both the attacks and related events. >> at the major courthouse, high security. key suspect in the paris rampage, salah abdeslam. he was not there. but his lawyers. he wanted to be extradited to franch. he said abdeslam had no knowledge of the attacks still a report said that abdeslam was involved in planning this week's carnage and tuesday's attack, thought as the blame is placed for missed chances. for example, one of the metro attackers had been sought for months on another terror charge, helping the paris attackers. two government ministers offered their resignations today. if you could everything in a row. ?
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oh 30 dead and some now 300 injured including 12 americans. several other americans are missing and unaccounted for. dozens remain in critical condition. brave 20-year-old suffering from serious burns still has the chance to joke about her plight. >> i am not going to spend my days crying. i cried a little yesterday. any way, i am going to dehydrate myself. >> a very brave lady. secretary of state kerry is coming to brussels tomorrow. he will be meeting with you're penal union and belgian officials and he will be offering assistance in the terror fight which will probably be appreciated. >> greg palgot, thank you. we're learning more about the brothers in the attack. catherine, good evening. >> late today, u.s. government officials confirm to fox news the two brothers, khalid and
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ibrahim el bakraoui were on the terror watch list. in a perfect world, there would have prevent them pr entering the united states. what we don't know is when they got on the list and whether travel to syria was involved. >> also today we have a new isis propaganda video that specifically mentions brussels. >> it is a nine-minute video. i've watched it in its entirety. it is sitting on the shelf waiting. it is book ended by news reports at the beginning and the sxenl thinlt show cases the belgian foreign fighters. it does not have interviews. this in no way is a matter dom video. just promising that more attack are in the pipeline. >> we heard from the fbi, the attorney general, anything we're learning about any u.s. connections? >> there is a news conference about some cyber indictments. they did take questions and said so far they're not seeing any
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credible evidence. right now the fbi director is focused on two things. >> first are there any connections to the united states? and second, is there any risk that any of our subjects in place in the united states will see it as a company cat opportunity? so we're very focussed on that. >> here's what's happening behind the scenes. we've been able to confirm that the team has traveled to brussels, to gather intelligence and support that investigation we understand through our contacts that the surveillance has been ramped up. they're subject to something called the special surveillance group. we know the 48 plus individuals are people who have traveled to syria and then returned to the united states. so when he mentions company cats, that's the group he's
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talking about. president obama and his team are battling through latest in a series of unfortunate optics. showing the leader of the free world enjoying himself in the midst of a terror crisis. the correspondent is traveling with the president and reports tonight from buenos aires, argentina. >> the tango. classic argentina. president obama, a reluctant participant. during the state dinner, this dancer goes to the president into a half minute dance. following returning to washington after the deadly brussels attack and then taking in a havana baseball team. critics argue the coalition against isis, he should have skimmed events like this. >> nothing goes to a baseball game but does the wave and it seem so frivolous. i think it sends a message to the terrorists that we're not serious.
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>> fairly or unfairly thesement onnics have given his critics to say, this isn't a serious response to be doing the tango. >> had he would have appeared polite had he rejected the invitation to the dance. >> he would have also been criticized as weak. look at hill. he is in a totally reactive mode. he doesn't know what he wants to do. he lets isis push him around. i don't know that there would have been a right response. i understand what he is attempting to do in projecting that life goes on. >> addressing reporters alongside argentine president, president obama delveded his unchanged eye continual raer, saying we should refuse to let terrorists disrupt our lives. >> it is very important to not respond with fear. we defeat them in part by saying, you are not strong. you are weak.
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>> the first family is spending the remainder of the trip sight-seeing in the padagonian region of argentina. the national security team is keeping him updated on the investigation into the brussels attacks. >> thank you, rich. in america's election headquarters, the dark side of talking about your rival's better half. the feud between donald trump and ted cruz is getting more personal with each passing hour and vent, you into territory that is normally considered offlimits. even in the most brutal of campaigns. we have the fox team coverage, ed henry, as the front-runner passes the hat among the beautiful people. we start with the correspondent here in washington and the increasingly ugly battle over the gop wives club. good evening, doug.
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>> good evening. late today, senator ted cruz blasted donald trump over a twitter picture that they tweeted of their lives side by side. it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a snifling coward. >> this picture is what september cruz off. the caption, a picture is worth a thousand words. earlier today the trump campaign defended the photo retweet. noting the first shot of this wife war was fired by an ant-trump super pac which the cruz campaign refuses to disavow. >> they won't go out and condemn and also ask to stand down and cease and desist this super pac. that's what's going. on. >> there are new signs trump's abrasiveness is hurting him. the latest fox news poll shows his unfavorable has jumped from
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65%. 49% are scared of a trump presidency. only 32% say the same of hillary clinton. all of which can change. >> in march of 1980, ronald reagan was 25 points behind jimmy carter. he only beat him by 11 points. we're a long way from the general election. >> the polls showing the cruz/trump race tightening, there was a 15-second video mocking the endorsements. >> what would your message be to ted cruz? a little self-restraint. >> ted cruz is like any other politician. he does what he needs to do. >> ted cruz is not my favorite. >> with the wisconsin primary set for i am a 5, after easter for maximum effect. the latest wisconsin poll shows cruz in the heed. kasich who trail at 19% is using
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this new ad. >> you live in a rusty steel town. john kasich when he lost his parents to a drunk driver. >> for those dismayed over the tone of those who would seek the highest office in the handle, it might serve to remember, president truman's letter to a music critic who trashed his daughter's opera debut. someday i hope to meet you. when that happens, you'll need a new nose, a lot of beef steak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below. >> ouch! all right. thank you vex. now to the democrats where hillary clinton isn't picking on anyone's spouse yet. but she is going hollywood and going after her potential republican dids in the fall. >> we like to say in my campaign, that love trumps hate. >> hillary clinton today doubled
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down on her attacks of the republican presidential contenders. meeting with muslim american leaders on the campus of the university of southern california to charge the gop data racist, and unfit to serve. >> it is important that we hear these voices. not just the hot rhetoric and the demagoguery. it is not only often expensive but dangerous. >> the republicans are pushing back hard. first at aipac and then at stanford university. panned by gop leaders who noticed she failed to destroy isis as secretary of state. >> she helped create isis. i mean, hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> now bernie sanders is joining the attacks by tying the spread of isis across libya to clinton's vote to topple saddam hussein in iraq. >> that that's the same thing, or a similar approach that she
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took when she was secretary of state with gadhafi. the dictator overthrew gadhafi and then we had a political vacuum and isis now has a foot hold in libya. >> in an interview, sanders rimmed clinton for flip-flops. >> that is why a lot of people don't trust her. >> the latest fox news poll found 64% of registered voters donal final her honest and trust worty. she has another problem. not only is sanders refusing to get out of the race. he dodged a question by saying it depends whether the democratic establishment gives in to some of his demands. >> if i can't make it, and we'll go until the last vote is cast. we want to revitalize the democratic party and make it a party for the people rather than just one of large campaign contributors. >> sounds like clinton who spent
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the last two years in california raising big money. she'll be back next month for two events with george and amalclooney. >> all right. thanks. up next, bad behavior from president obama's new good friends in iran. first here's our fox affiliates. in greenville, north carolina. as the republican governor signs a bill blocking cities from passing their own ant-discrimination rules. it validates the law pass in the charlotte to allow transgender people to use public bathrooms according to the gender they say they identify with. democrats in the state senate walked out of the debate on the bill. in chicago, struck down by the state report is the. the law, city officials have warmed without changes, the
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pension plan will be insolvent in 15 years. and a nashville man charged with stealing money from a charter he created to benefit the students. the charity's co-founder alerted authorities when bruce could not account for about $70,000. that's a live look at "special report." i take pictures of sunrises,
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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vice president joe biden is trying to do damage control over the comments he made 24 years ago. calling on fellow senators to block a republican president's election year nominee to the u.s. supreme court. republicans have used what they are now calling the biden truly justify their refusal to consider president obama's pick to replace the late justice antonin scalia. >> now let's talk about the biden rule. frankly ridiculous. there is no biden rule. it doesn't exist. there is only one rule i ever followed. the judiciary committee. that was the constitution, the clear rule of advice and
3:21 pm
consent. >> the speech was called an exercise in blatant hypocrisy. the cost of obamacare is going up. that's the word from the nonpartisan congressional office. it said the health care law will cost $1.3 trillion. that's $136 billion more than predicted one year ago. stocks were mix. the dow gauge 13. the s&p 500 was off 1. nasdaq finished ahead 5. weeks after more than a billion for iran, the united states is accusing seven iranians of waging cyber war on this country. the correspondent laura has the story. >> they were system at sxig widespread. >> the seven alleged cyber spies named in an indictment unsealed today by the u.s. government were experienced computer hackers who were employed by iran based computer companies.
3:22 pm
all had ties to the iranian government and are accused of disabling several u.s. based between 2011 and 2013. the attacks targeted some of the largest financial institutions. many headquartered in new york city. and resulted in hundreds of thousands of customers being unable to access their accounts and tens of millions of dollars being spent by the companies trying to stay online through the attacks. >> we now live in a world where a devastating attack on our financial system, our infrastructure and our way of life can be launched from anywhere in the world. just with a simple click of the mouse. >> in addition to the banks, a dam just 20 miles outside new york city was hacked through a cellular modem which enabled the hackers to access the control system. while they did not gain operational control, they were able to access information. the named hackers all live in iran and are not expected to be extradited any time soon.
3:23 pm
but the fbi says they will be held accountable. >> we will work together to shrink the world and impose costs on those people. so no matter where they are, we will try to reach them. no matter how hard they work to hide their identity and their trade craft, we will find ways to pierce that shield and identify them. >> this indictment is a third such announcement by the u.s. government which has been described as part of a strategic shift in recent years to discourage foreign governments from cyber hacking into the u.s. government and corporal systems. >> thank you. when we come back, we will return live to brussels to talk with shepard smith. the medical bills all piled up. so i signed up for experian. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today.
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this is a fox news alert. we're getting new details about our top story. the arrest of a french national in another terror plot. a raid is going on in north paris as we speak.
3:28 pm
there are also raids happening if brussels. let's get the very latest from my colleague shepard smith. hello, shep. >> reporter: a lot breaking. first to paris, the northern suburb where the french foreign minister has just announce that had one suspect is in custody now. described as a french national involved at a quote, high level in a plot ind stages for a terror plot against the nation. not necessarily paris itself. but somewhere in france. they believe this plot was foiled at the last minute in the advanced stages. there are live pictures there but they don't tell much of the story. we're led to believe that there's a raid underway. so first the arrests. then the search of homes looking for bomb making materials or anywhere else. separately here in brussels, two different locations, in the neighborhood where they found the house with the bomb making
3:29 pm
materials, and the chemicals in it, there are two raids underway right now. we've seen pictures with multiple reports of armed, a convoy of armored vehicles, making their way to a neighborhood that has been cordoned off. there are various support of three to five people being arrested in two separate locations and authorities moving in to raid two different buildings in the neighborhood. and that's happening even as we speak. the authorities working undercover of darkness. we know that three people have been arrested but we don't know what the charges are yet. we expect to hear more shortly as news is developing. >> do we know, is that separate from the ongoing manhunt, specifically connected to the events of yesterday? >> reporters ask that very question of the french foreign minister and he said at this stage, we can't link or not link to it anything that has happened in brussels. if they are connected, they're
3:30 pm
not giving it the connection now. the timing certainly is interesting. >> so first hand account, what is the security situation in brussels? >> reporter: here in brussels they're still searching for two very important figures according to law enforcement authorities. one believed to be a second man at the train station when the suicide bomber blew himself up. this is new today and the authorities are leading us to believe that there was another man on the platform at the train station. carrying a black bag at the time. the bomber blew himself up and this man somehow disappeared. this is a sketch of the man as provided by security officials here. they say they have a closed circuit television picture of the man but they are not releasing itful he is wanted. the third person from the airport bombing, remember the bomb maker himself killed himself as did the older of two brothers who carried out the suicide attacks.
3:31 pm
the third man is wanted. they do not have any name on him. any location. how he might have been involved or where they believe he might be headed or what they believe his intentions might be. but a imagine for those two as the raids are underway in brussels. what are the feelings in the streets among the people living there? >> well, it has been a sort of celebratory mood. much like we saw in paris in the days after the attack there. where young people came together to support continuity, togetherness, fighting against the terrorists. that. it turned cold tonight and there were two police officers out there. there have been a few scuffles and that sort of thing. kids that might have had too much to drink. i think mostly in day two of a period of mourning all across belgium, they're mostly trying to come to terms with how this has happened and how to figure out as a society, as a community
3:32 pm
how to stop it from happening again. it is difficult. >> all right. live on the scene there in brussels. thank you. u.s. defense officials are casting doubts on the iraqi military plane that it has begun the operation to retake mosul from isis terrorists. the senior american military officials tell fox news the iraqi military does not currently have the strength continue to '58 the country's second largest 60. u.s. forces have been assisting in support missions referred to as shaping operations. intended to lead us to the eventual march on mosul. the fight to take back the historian city of palmyra from isis is on. syrian state tv says government forces backed by russian air strikes have entered the town which has been held up by the terror group since last may. in that time, isis has destroyed many of palmyra's roman era relics in what the cultural agency calls a war crime. the brussels terror crisis has
3:33 pm
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isil can't destroy us, they don't produce anything, they're not an existential threat to us. it is very important for us to not respond with fear. >> the person who let him do the tango, that person ought to be looking for work in somebody's campaign very, very far away. that was a tremendous mistake. it is fine to go to argentina. you want to do the work. you have to be careful with these little photo ops, baseball games and tangos. >> let's bring in our special expanded panel to talk about that. singled indicated columnist
3:38 pm
george will, laura ingram, amy stoddard, and charles krauthammer. welcome to all of you. george, i'll start with you. the president had planned the trip. for you, is there a difference between his obligations with cuba and argentina as far as packing up and coming home? >> it is different because there should not have been there in the first place. the workplace violence as he calls it at ft. hood is part of his general pose of superior understanding. furthermore, it goes to immediately the default position. if we don't continue with whatever we're doing, then terrorists will be reassured. so if we don't tango, the terrorists have won. it is a familiar call. then he brings out the idea that more people die in swimming pool accidents than ic nonsecond wit.
3:39 pm
if do i these things that my schedule will be changed, every time there is a terrorist attack, it will happen frequently because terrorism is so frequent. which is it? i have to say on the terror issue, he tried to resist it numerous times and it became clear he was super uncomfortable. she wanted us to know set-up of that situation. but you know, aides say if the attack had been in the u.s. or more directly involved the u.s., the president likely would have come back. where do you draw the line? >> we might not be able to beat isil or obama's understanding but we can outdance isil. dirty dancing, the idea that he couldn't have turned down dance. he is the leader of the free world. that would have been just a moment. and it would have maybe been a
3:40 pm
little reassuring to people of one moment you're doing the limp wrist, raising the hand with rafael castro. the next moment you're doing the wave at the baseball game. then you're yucking it up at the dinner and argentina. doing the tango. it is part of the same old thing. after benghazi we did the brief statement in the white house. then we go to a political event. obviously after the san bernardino attacks, similar concern that he really wasn't engaged enough. even from liberals who are dying to say something negative about the president. richard haas is no right wing person. clearly, it is not sitting well with people. and i think it goes back to the thought that many of us have. for president obama, his role is not so much to be out there projecting american strength but restraining america. america is a problem in the world. whether it is with gitmo or our views on the second amendment or an aggressive foreign policy. we are the problem. the idea that he will come out
3:41 pm
there and advance american interests in the wake of this, that's not his style. >> and he said that we should not react to these situations with fearful does he get credit to that for trying to keep things calm? >> well, presidents have to keep everyone calm while they're taking it seriously. there are the optics of being on the trip and not canceling and then there's how he responds and what he says. on the substance, he's a bit in denial. he likes to rationalize about getting into a traffic accident more quickly. and that's a separate issue. donald trump or someone will be away and something hike this will happen overseas if not at home. it is just going on happen. i don't know that he has to leave argentina where there is a new president, and he is trying to make an alliance and do his job. but you can on a trip, you don't to have play golf after talking
3:42 pm
about james foley's beheading and you can on a trip say, there's been an attack. we can't make the baseball game now. or when we're at this dinner, we can have the dinner with no cameras. or i'm not, i want you to know, i will have no scenes of any festivity. this is something that i've been briefed on all day. that we take seriously. so there is a way to carry out the duties of the presidency and take your trip and not have to run home and admit that isis caused chaos and destruction without -- >> i've been waiting all day to say. this there are two separate issues here. i think he was right in not to come home. it wasn't as if he was going to change his isis strategy. if he came home. he called a meeting and the skoigs and all of a sudden, speak to the nation about how he is going to face it. he doesn't have to respond by returning. but there is the issue of simple common decency.
3:43 pm
what the founders called the opinion, the respect for the opinion of mankind. the belgians are in the midst of scraping the blood off the walls. in the airport, people are still dying. people are not yet found. and he cannot have displays of frivolous entertainment. so he should have stayed in cuba. george is right. he never should have been there in the first place. but he didn't have to get on a plane and go home. there was no reason he couldn't kansas tell baseball game. the tango is just stoop endoesly insensitive. there is a decent interval where people are killed. you 34 flags, you lower your eyes. you go about your business. which he had serious business in argentina which has a new government, pro american. important to be there. but you don't go tango dancing. you recommend the united states abroad. your image is the united states. and you can't be dancing when
3:44 pm
other people are mourning. >> and we're getting reports across the wires. reuters is reporting local news in belgium saying they've made six arrests following raids there. there is an additional raid going on apparently outside of paris. so the story is very much unfolding. >> this is a police, the police dimension of the counter terrorism. it is a big dimension. seeing what happens when the police measures fail. and in a weak state such as belgium. a strong state such as france, they'll do better. these matter. what matters most of all is the cooperation between their intelligence services and ours. and that's jeopardized by the sets on their part that we're just not serious. >> i know that a couple of pundits and analysts. this president operates from his head. not from emotions. and that may explain his reactions. >> i was thinking about how many times he's invoked the global
3:45 pm
community, citizens of the world. this is a time when our allies are really hurting. kevin is talking about how these bombs vaporized people. we have missing americans. they have trouble good identifying people. the sense of the american people is that this is not all that important. for someone who talks about the global community as much as he does, it doesn't look like so in these image that's he is all that worried about. >> stick around, panel. that's next. we'll talk about the candidates' wives club. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic
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>> our spouses and our children are offbounds. it is not acceptable for a big, lud, new york bully to attack my wife it's an action of a small and petty man who is intimidated by strong women. donald, you are a snifling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> okay. we are going to go back through the tweets so you can get the chronology of what's gone on here there was a super pac. anti-trump super pac that has nothing to do. no connection withm the cruz campaign that tweeted out a beautiful picture of melania
3:50 pm
trump. trump wasn't happy about it and he went after cruz and said he is going to spill the beans on. he retweeted a side-by-side of melania and his wife. is he upset about going after his wife. we have a new tweet from donald trump that he has just put out about this as well. he says just minutes ago i didn't start the fight with lying ted cruz. he did. he new the pac was putting it out hence lying ted. thiyz is anti-trump pac. it's not necessarily pro cruz super pac. they want no connection to this. does it matter? does it matter when donald trump is saying is he connected. >> it matters that donald trump is lying?
3:51 pm
to his voters does it matter. >> oh. no when he does something it doesn't matter to him or his supporters. and it won't. it does matter when you look at his negative numbers with women and suburban numbers general election. there is new polling all over the place. ted cruz is not a sympathetic figure. i talked about the disingenuous and false things he has said and done in the past. when you look at that man took the high road. my wife is -- your wife is lovely so is mine. heidi came out took the high road didn't attack. why is this not outyaj just that heidi cruz has been attacked thiseh way. it's not a fight. it's against heidi cruz. make america awesome. it's designed to stop donald trump. when mitt romney says vote for john kasich, vote for ted cruz on different days in different contests. that's not a problem for donald trump.
3:52 pm
it's not a super pac that either one of them have been aligned with this is not, until and unless we learn that ted cruz has something to do with, this it's just not fair. >> charles, will it matter though? a.b. talks about the numbers. when you look at the primary versus the general, there are some differences on how people feel about donald trump, women, how they react to him. first of all, you know, we all love to look like melania, if we had pictures like that, you could put those out there. >> i think what it does -- it's not going to have a direct effect and it certainly, i think a.b. is right it's going to have more of an effect in the general election than it will in the primaries, none the less, it=÷ reinforces the image that many people have, nontrump supporters that trump is obsessed with looks and he attacks people on looks. he was doing an interview on the "the washington post" editorial board and he broke into a riff on his hands, gratuitously size of his hands. we know all about that i think that diminishes him
3:53 pm
and diminishes the whole race. people are watching this and they are thinking at what point have we hit rock bottom? i thought that we might have during the last debate, apparently i was wrong. >> george, he has got fervent support. he continues to win primary contests. >> yes. in part because we are asking the wrong question. the wrong question is will his coarseness and vulgarity hurt his candidacy? his coarseness and his vulgarity are his candidacy. this is considered politically brave somehow to do. this this is a classicbaú distillation of this year's campaign. all about donald trump and one of his former wives. second it starts out with him getting the facts entirely wrong as a.b. says and then most surreal of all it's trump saying this lowered the decorum of the campaign this year. trump is the keeper of the decorum, you are in trouble. you tried to be delicate a moment ago you said what he did was inappropriate. using the fish fork with the
3:54 pm
entree is inappropriate. wearing white after labor day is inappropriate. this is just nasty. we ought to call it that. >> well, laura, what do his supporters do with this? can they separate what they maybe sees a the side show part of this campaign from content of his campaign? >> this is really good for the moment for the establishment because they have been wanting to sit back and say see, all of these people over here are the ones supporting trump. i think a lot of them would throw cruz into it as well. they are the crazy people. they hate women. they hate minorities. they hate immigrants. they are protectionist, nativists, zeno phobic. they are all happy this is happening. cruz are both doing best is when they are hitting the issues with the establishment has failed the people. the fact of this campaign is i don't believe his appeal have faret. that's saying all his
3:55 pm
support others are coarse and vulgar and like coarseness and vulgarity. he hasn't done everything right. trade and immigration, even foreign policy those are at the heart of the appeal that he has to people who call in to my radio show and people doing. it's a rejection of bushism. rubio and jeb would still be in this race if it was bushism was popular. they are not in this race for a reason. and trump should not be retweeting ridiculous tweets like this. heidi cruz is a successful woman in her own right. melania trump is a successful woman in her own right. they are both independent, successful women. but, at the same time, to make this about oh it's just vulgarity or coarseness, i don't think that captures to what has happened in this country. >> certainly about immigration and trade. >> we will leave it there. that's it for the panel. very feisty tonight. donald trump's credit -- critics say is he all about hate with you up next what he has to say about love.
3:56 pm
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>> finally tonight, donald trump's critics accuse him of hate speech, but it turns out he would really rather talk about love. >> i love building buildings. >> i love what i'm doing. >> i love hopping around. >> i love the way they twist and turn. >> i love nascar. >> i love you potatoes. >> i love people. >> i love that sign. >> i love these. people they love me, i love them. >> i love my life. >> i love this country. >> i love the old days. >> i love free trade.
4:00 pm
>> i love my company. >> i love the mormons. >> i love -- i do love virginia. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bremen. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. this is a fox news alert. terror raids underway in brussels resulting in arrests. fox news shepard smith is standing by with this brand new information. we go live to shepard in brussels in just moments. also, france, just stopping a terror plot. france arresting a man in advanced planning stages. that plot now luckily foiled. also breaking a new manhunt for a second suspect who may have slipped away in the brussels bombing. police believe the metro bomber may not have acted alone and hisáaccomplice could be on the run. that metro bombs is where 20 innocent people were murdered. president obama takes heat for dancing the tango in argentina in the aftermath of thi


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