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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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attack near paris. we have the details. >> the guy they caught in paris is on the outskirts north of paris. he was in the advanced stages of plotting an attack. officials say he was not in any way connected to the people rounded up during raids last night. listen to this. (indiscernible) >> that was obviously a blast during one of the raids. it was most likely a flash bang used by police as they go into the areas. it does not appear there were any explosives inside an apartment that were detonated. six people were arrested including two people in a
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neighborhood in the brussel. being out here, it is a normal looking neighborhood. that has been the case with a lot of these areas where the suspects have been. they live in apartments including the people here in a cafe. they had no idea the raid happened. clearly the people next door to the apartments heard that bang. that said the raids in brussel again, among others that have been continuing since tuesday's attack. there are concerns even though the threat level was dropped a notch. there are concerns more pacts are in the planning stages and they could be more of an official state, the situation remains quote-unquote brave. police are hunting for one of the suspects involved in tuesday's attack. the person in the white coat from that sur have i lens video in the airport, a major concern is he could be in the stage of trying to plot another attack before police end up cornering him and arresting him. that is something that abdeslam,
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remember the paris bomber aest ared on friday, that's something officials say he was trying to pull off as well. that said, still concerns about a possible situation arriving as we now go into easter weekend and again more raids are likely to happen as the hunt continues for at least one suspect. cheryl, heather, back to you. >> john huddy live for us in brussel. thank you. nuclear ambitions. investigators in brussel unravelling a web of terror plots planed by the belgium attackers, among them a dirty bomb. garrett tenney live with that coverage. >> cheryl, investigators in brussel belief the bombing and metro station were one of several plans the terror cell was considering for the attacks. one of the other plans according to local reports in belgium include detonating a so-called dirty bomb with nuclear materials.
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this comes as they raided the apartment of ibrahim and khaled el bakraoui. they uncovered hours of secret surveillance they took of an official as home. they believe these types of terror plots are all too common. >> there's another plot where they are looking at breaking into a nuclear facility to steal radioactive material. in my book i talk about the use of radioactive material being brought across in the western hemisphere across the u.s. mexico border and a dirty bomb explosion going off in the houston shipping channel. these are real situations we need to look at. >> they featured images of the
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aftermath. they have the frontrunner calling brussel a horror show. they warn of more isis attacks in europe and the west. >> president obama still under fire for being to a baseball game and doing the tango as the terror attacks rocked the world. >> they say it is not about the optics. it is a much bigger issue. oh oo i am less concerned about the fact that he was dancing in argentina than i am about the fact that we are losing the war in radical islamism. it is not just brussel and paris where the attacks have happened. in 2014 the islamic state had 20 countries outside of iraq and syria that killed 2,180 people and injured 1,170. the president of the united states told us in november that isis was contained.
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they are not contained. they are carrying out. they are getting stronger, on the march across the world. >> he also says the president has underestimated isis from the beginning. that is part of a larger part of -- part of a larger problem. >> the wives ted cruz verses donald trump. it is getting ugly. >> heather, donald trump's feud with ted cruz taking the nastiest turn yet. the attack on heidi cruz with the fiery comments. >> it is not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife ks you mess with my kids that will do it all of the time. donald you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> it started with an on-line ad showing trump's wife melania who
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is nude. meet trump's wife mel ln yaw or you could support ted cruz. they posted this un photo next to melania caption no need to spill the beans, the images are worth a thousand words. cruz says he has no affiliation with the super pac responsible for the initial attack. trump refused cruz's claim once again calling him dishonest. i didn't start the fight with liein' dead truz. he knew they were putting it out pens highilyin' ted. both candidates are now on the campaign trail vying for votes in wisconsin. >> anna kooiman. thank you very much. >> they are looking into problems at polling places. voters waiting up to five hours
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to cast a ballot during the primaries. they are joining the call for a federal investigation. >> whether this was intentional, whether it was just incompetence, i don't know. when people show off at the polls they should be allowed to vote and not spend that have he their day waiting. they cut the poll the 20 percent lead to go delays. a fiery collection between a frait train and truck forcing an entire town to evacuate. hundreds of people forced to flee as firefighters rush to put out the flames. residents are not allowed to go home until all of the propane is cleaned up which won't be until noon today. it forced an 82 car plane off the tracks and two crew members
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to the hospital with minor injuries. a flight attendant tried to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine at a checkpoint is free on bail this morning. marsha reynolds turned herself in to dea agents on wednesday. the former beauty queen was trying to catch a flight from lax and new york last week when she was kel elected for a random screening. she sprinted out of the airport leaving her shoes and bag behind. a family spokesman says reynolds didn't know what was inside the bag. instead of the friendly skies united airlines pilot is facing charges for allegedly running a prostitution ring. he's accused of owning and operating brothels and office buildings. he used a flight school and charter service as a front to make sure women who worked for him had legitimate employment records. they believed the women advertised on-line and paid $400
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a week. a man who rushed donald trump during an ohio rally he's about to face a judge. >> i have to do it myself. >> 22-year-old thomas mass sam mow hopped a barricade and made it to the stage where the frontrunner was talking but was tackled before he could get close to trump. he was charged with a misdemeanor that could land him up to a year in prison. >> ice storms leaving three people dead. icy road had an 18 wheeler kill two people. another person was killed the same day in another crash. >> the weather is continuing where another cluster of destructive storms are set had hit the gulf coast. maria molina is here.
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>> we are tracking the extreme weather. the storm systems will be gone. before then we have to deal with it across the eastern part of the u.s. we are tracking the storm system eastward with a cold front. on the northern side of it we have places like northern maine and vermont. we are dealing with freezing reign and wintery mix. roadways could be dangerous. it is a tough commute out there. we have warn will and advisories across maine and new hampshire and parts of vermont. even across places like watertown, new york. temperatures a lot colder. you will be in the 20's today in buffalo. pittsburgh 40 degrees. the storm system continues to move eastward. it will be chilly as we head into saturday. >> thank you, maria. >> the world of comedy losing a
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legend. gary shandling has died. >> i love going to the laundromat because you see people wearing the last thing they want to wear. you never notice that. people wearing bermuda shorts and a naru jacket. >> he suddenly passed away from a heart attack. known for his dead pan delivery he was a hit at sketch rightiwr and stand-up. he found a niche with sitcoms including the gary shandling show. leg terry comedian dead at 66. >> so talented>> in a tournament of upsets, the high seas are now cleaning out. >> cross the baseline. >> the number one seed the oregon ducks knocking off the defending ncaa champion duke blue devils. number one kansas holding off.
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number 5 maryland 79-63. all higher seeds advancing to the elite eight including oklahoma in the west and villanueva in the south. >> the time now is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. in grand theft auto on the streets of arizona the dramatic street fight and the veteran not letting the suspect steal his motorcycle. >> a controversy brewing for starbucks. the chain taking on the election with a full page ad. >> is it their place to get political. >> do americans really know what it is all about? >> what does easter signify? >> the beginnings of a new mom opening the womb. you both have a perfect driving record.
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review all of the requests filed for hillary clinton's e-mails or as hillary put it, see, i am creating jobs already. i told you. >> starbucks is brewing up fresh controversy. the coffee guy an getting political with a new full page ad knocking vitriol and hatred. patricia stark is live with a look. >> good morning, heather. a new full page ad is running the new york times and wall street journal. in it starbucks is asking people to quote go beyond the hatred and vitriol of the election season. it wants to focus on compassion, respect and shared responsibility. in part the ad reads when you read the headlines strocroll through your social media feed and list tone the candidates you can mistake america as a nation lost. it wants customers to see a different story of america one not bound by party affiliations or religious belief.
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another ad words are categorized and separated into two columns on the left a long list of negative traits all of which have been used at some point by political opponents on the right a more positive traits. every day we have a choice. this is the latest instance in which the company is offering its $0.02 on politics. last year ceo howard schurtz had a mocked campaign called race together. he asked customers to talk about race with baristas. despite the ad he has not spoken out against the candidate. what do you think about this? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or e-mail. >> thank you very much. well, fox business alert for you right now. a new warning for new moms. your baby's food could be making them sick. my colleague lauren simonetti from the fox business network with the recall you need to know about. good morning, loren.
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>> good morning, ladies. gerber is voluntarily recalling baby food after reports of three babies getting upset stomachs after eating pouchs of gerber baby. it could lead food to spoil during transport. volkswagon recalling cars worldwide. a clip of the pedal baring which over time could make it impossible to brake. 2011 and 2016 models are affected. playboy might be up for sale. the magazine and business assets could fetch half a billion dollars. hugh heffner turns 90 next month. he put the playboy bunny mansion up for sale back in january. >> are you going to separate those? >> looking like a total laundry mat. am i supposed to use one machine for shirts, another for pants?
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>> doing your laundry without doing your laundry. >> they have a solution when clothes are dipped into the solution then exposed to sunlight the spain disappears just like that. >> a new app let's you rent out your pooch, bark and borrow. it is free for now t. it is great for owners. they can get a sitter for now. they get a watch a dog sometimes. back to you. >> i don't know about that one. >> a major health warning for women. how caffeine could effect your chances of having a baby. >> yoga, supposed to be relaxing. i think it is, but why are parents forcing the schools to ban it? you like that hot yoga. >> love it. >> first a look at the gas prices for this easter weekend. national average is $2.02. 22.
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>> you know nam mass ta in the classroom. they say sorry for teaching yoga. this after they were outraged with the class ending with a hindu word meaning the light in me is light for you. this is just like praying in the classroom. they have banned the word but they will continue teaching yoga as a way for students to de stress. a startling new warning for couples. if you are trying to have kids caffeine is linked to a higher risk for miscarriage. a brand new study says two cups of coffee should be limited daily for both partners especially women who are already in the early stages of pregnancy.
2:24 am
they don't know the exact relationship between caffeine and miscarriages but say multi vitamins can help reduce the risk. you want to check in with the easter bun de before she stops by this weekend. there are several popular chocolate makers four including dangerous levels of lead in their candy. they include brands you may already have at home including hershey's, godiva. all of the products are safe and meet government standards. it is good friday and easter is two-days away. how much do average americans really know about the holiday? well, jesse waters went to find out. >> you know what holiday it is this sunday? >> memorial day. >> passover.
2:25 am
>> i am terrible at this. >> father's day. >> what do you like to eat on easter? >> candy. >> i will probably order something from boston market maybe. >> barbecue. >> ham. >> roast beef, broiled beef, broiled beef. >> what is this? >> medicine. >> get a spanking. >> jesus. >> watch your mouth. >> representation of christ, i guess. >> why do you celebrate easter? >> because of jesus christ was born. >> what happened on easter? >> i am honestly not sure. >> jesus rose from the grave after three-days. >> someone rose on easter? >> who was that? >> what does easter signify? >> the beginning of a new mom opening the womb. >> what does easter signify? >> jesus dying for our sins. >> what does the easter bunny have to do with jesus?
2:26 am
>> he brings all of the eggs. jesus lays them. >> is the easter bunny in the old testament or the new testament? >> i would have to say the old testament. >> all righty then. >> a little sad. >> 26 minutes after the hour. the shocking laws that could have police arresting people behind the attacks. >> a brand new tool with bulletproof cop cars. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify.
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wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. >> it is friday march 25th. several people rounded up overnight terror raids in belgium as the manhunt continues with two more attackers. brand new word the brother bombers had nuclear ambitions.
2:30 am
we are live in brussel. o >> the war over the frontrunner ted cruz rips into donald trump. >> donald, you are a sniveling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> this morning donald trump responds. >> the material girl causing controversy. why the signs had neighbors burning up. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. i am heather casone. >> i am heather childers -- cheryl casone. this while police catch another terrorist plotting a deadly attack near paris. john huddy is live in brussel with the breaking details today. john? >> cheryl and heather, that
2:31 am
person according to french officials is on the outskirts north of paris. they say he was plotting a large scale terror attack. we are waiting for more information but this happened late yesterday evening. officials say he was not connected to the attacks here on tuesday. the fallout from the attacks continues. listen to this. >> that was an explosion during one of the raids last night in which six people were rounded up by police including two here in the neighborhood of one of the suburbs of brussel. today there are reports that investigators are identified also a syrian man as a suspect in tuesday's metro attack. yesterday there were reports of a possible second suspect. now it is coming out this may
2:32 am
have been -- may be a syrian national. we know khaled el bakraoui was one of the bombers and his brother ibraham was one of the two suicide bombers. there was a guy in the white coat in the airport video. the concern is he may try to pull off another attack before police can hunt him down and the search continues. >> investigators in brussel with a web of terror plots by the belgium attackers. among them a dirty bomb. >> heather, good morning. officials have now increased security with several behm gum nuclear power plants after investigators discovered the terror cell may have been trying to build a birt tee build for the attacks.
2:33 am
this comes after they raided the apartment of the brothers el bakraoui and uncovered video had he they had taken of a belgian official as home. the dirty bomb was one of the several attack plans they developed and u.s. lawmakers say these types of terror plots are all too real. >> there is more plot where they are looked at breaking into a nuclear facility with the radioactive material. they talk about the use of radioactive material being brought into the western hems tier fear-- hemisphere and a di bombing going off in the shipping channel. these are real scenarios. we need to be on top as policy americas. >> isis released a new propaganda video celebrating the attacks in brussel with images
2:34 am
of the aftermath. the presidential frontrunner donald trump earlier this week calling brussel a horror show. the nine minute video warns of more isis attacks in europe and the wealths. garrett tenney live for us. thank you. >> making sure the terrorists get their beauty rest. sounds absurd, right? >> laws like this for creating a safe haven for isis. >> including one who makes sure they aren't obscured for the night. >> belgium where the bombers struck this week intelligence agents cannot tap telephones nor can they look into computers. it is against belgium law. they are restrained from raiding private homes from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. no matter what you do they can't come in and get you. belgium wonders why it is a terror target? the incredible laxity on
2:35 am
immigration and the ultra immigration makes it hard in europe and other terrorist groups. if the far left had its way here we would be just like belgium. >> there is strict rules on sharing information about possible terrorists. like the ones who carried out tuesday's attacks. several european con he trues don't share information with countries outside of the european union like the u.s. >> the campaign trail hot as ever. the gop frontrunners waging a war over their wives. ted cruz taking direct aim at donald trump. anna kooiman is here live with the latest. >> good morning, anna. >> good morning anna and everyone at home. ted cruz taking its nastiest turn yet. attacks on his wife heidi cruz e with his firing comments. >> i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it
2:36 am
every time. you are a sniveling coward. >> it was showing trump's wife melania with the caption trump, your next first lady. >> he took pokes at hid de cruz i will spill the beans. then an flattering picture of heidi with melania with no need to spill the beans. a picture says a thousand words. called him dishonest saying i didn't start the fight over the gq cover pick of melania. he knew the pac was putting it out. he said it is because of trump's weak showing on tuesday. both candidates are on the campaign trail vying for votes in wisconsin.
2:37 am
easter weekend could be a wet be one for millions across the country. >> maria molina tracking the holiday forecast. >> it will be a relatively quiet weekend coming up across the united states. tracking the storm system moving eastward and it will bring in threats of thunderstorms across florida. that threat for storms will continue as we head through the weekend out there. stay safe. across new england early this morning we are dealing with winter weather. we are dealing with freezing rain, snow moving through. the storm system will be exiting the region behind it chillyer temperatures heading off for easter weekend. that is something to watch out for. ahead of the storm system we are relatively mild out there. california 64. 50 degrees in new york city. here's a look at the cooler air moving eastward. it is chilly out there early
2:38 am
this morning in chicago. 30 degrees. you are only at 29 in minneapolis. high temperatures pleasant across the area today. take a look at what happens we could be looking at warm temperatures across the gulf coast oespecially for florida. 80's out there across the northeast. 50's and 40's in the forecast. that will remain to be the story out there as we head into your easter sunday. it will be a scorcher in orlando 87 degrees for the forecast high. areas further west 47 degrees and could be a chance for thunderstorms. parts of the mississippi valley in tennessee and areas in the southeast. heads up you could be looking at severe weather for your easter sunday across parts of the south. head over to you. new overnight, the rolling
2:39 am
stones arrive in cuba for an historic free concert. >> they expressed excitement about being on the island. >> i am sure it is going to be a great show. >> tonight's concert comes three-days after the president wrapped up a visit to the communist run island. >> 500,000 people are expected to attend. >> the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a veteran putting his combat skills to use on the streets of arizona. the dramatic chase and the suspect messing with the wrong man. >> the sky is the limit for the army. the brand new technology downing drones in seconds. >> somebody get this real life kung too pan-- kung fu panda putting the real one to shame.
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. .
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>> incredible video out of arizona. take a look. a veteran using his combat training to take down a guy allegedly trying to steal his motorcycle. watch as the suspect gets out of the truck and pushes the vet off the bike until he realizes he's messing with the wrong guy. the veteran plans to press charges. heather? >> the sky is the limit for the army. the defense department showing off his high-tech cyber rifle that can down drones in seconds. checking out the technology at west point. it doesn't shoot bullets but it
2:44 am
sends out radio signals telling the drone to power off causing it to crash to the ground. >> more threats and danger on the job. the nypd taking a major step to test them. >> they are testing new cars with armored panels and bullet resistant glass that could with stand small arms fire. they are giving us a look from the new york auto show. >> good morning heather and cheryl. in the past if you wanted to armor a vehicle it could cost 50 to 60,000 dollars and add costs to the vehicle. that is not the case especially in new york city in the past two years alone three police officers have been killed with gunfire through their windows. by adding the ballistic plating to the vehicles it could save lives and give officers more confidence. they were mounted outside of the door they will stop the kind of caliber weapons they expect to
2:45 am
find. they are mounted on the outside so the officers are reminded they are there and also easier to repair this they are shot at. they have these panels in the windows as well about an inch and a half thick. it allows the officer to speak through this open area. the goal of the nypd is to outfit all of the cars. this is a pilot program. they are going to put it on 60 to start with. they want to protect every officer. now with the new technology it is light weight and affordable. >> when the glass became available we were interested in testing it. they want to police at police officers what they see. everything goes in cycles. we are going back to the cycles where it is a tough job out there and we have to protect the police officers as much as possible. >> ford motor tore company is offering the option to police departments and government agencies all over the world. they added 8 pounds of armored piercing protection per door.
2:46 am
it is capable of stopping rounds from hand guns to shot guns even ar high powered rifles. the same with this stuff. although if you went to this company they would armor your personal vehicle. it is all about protecting the safety of the officers on the street. >> the time now is about 15 minutes through the top of the hour. the border with the plan to get illegals working for progress. >> a new controversy is working for starbucks right now. they have a full paged ad. is it a way to get political? your e-mails are pouring in. we have over 15,000 activities
2:47 am
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el-bakraouiel-bakraoui oo giving illegal immigrants jobs on capitol hill. that is one representative's option. the american dream employment act which would allow nondocumented people known as dreamers to congressional offices even though they came to america illegally as though they came to america illegally as kids. kirkpatrick says that those who hold temporary work permits should still be entitled to government jobs. the nba is calling it a time-out. north carolina could lose next year's all-star game over a controversial new law which doesn't allow local governments to pass ordinances protecting the lgbt community. the nba taking to twitter saying the law is basically the opposite of what the league stands for. >> that ordinance allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of the sex they choose. starbucks brewing up fresh controversy this morning.
2:51 am
the coffee giant getting political with a new full-page ad knocking vitriol and hatred. >> in it, starbucks says it wants customers to see a different story of america, that's a quote. one that's not bound by party affiliations or religious beliefs. we asked you what you thought about this. comments were overwhelmingly against starbucks. >> don on facebook says, starbucks is a coffee business, and that's what they should stick to. >> tammy says, i don't drink coffee, but any corporation that gets political loses me. tired of the p.c. >> and charlie writes, enough of the social commentary, just pour some coffee. well, a professor uses his comforting skills during a lecture. an 80-year-old woman is taking the term fearless to new heights. >> we have the headlines from serious f.m. 116 is here with carly and what's trending. hello. a college professor is going
2:52 am
viral for playing babysitter in class. retired marine katy humidity sfrees said she had to -- humphreys said she had to bring her little girl to school when her sitter fell through. when the little girl began to fuss, professor darin willoughby picked her up and held her for the entire lecture, telling the class one of the greatest gifts is being able to hold a baby. >> okay. also an adorable photo showing the tender side of friendship? >> that's right. a photo of two kindergartners holding hands during nap time is touchingriato hearts around the world. it was shared and captioned with the bible verse, "beloved let us love one another for love is from god." >> and an 80-year-old woman who literally throws caution to the wind. >> reporter: a high-flying grany is shocking folks around the globe after video of her hanging from a 100-foot pole hit the internet. 80-year-old carla will enda is a veteran daredevil.
2:53 am
her grandson, nick wallenda, is known for his high-wire performances without a safety net. dinners must be fun in their family. >> this might be my favorite. a bear is giving "kung fu panda" a run for his money. >> reporter: that's right. he's got nothing on this guy. a panda bear in japan appeared to be practicing his best karate moves. the photographer who captured it in action says even though it looks like martial arts, it's more likely his handlers were giving him a workout to keep him fit. whatever it was sure is cute, right? >> i love that. he's adorable. >> dangerous but cute. >> getting in shape for bathing suit season. >> that's right. very true. thanks. >> you can hear carly shimkus on sirius x.m. 115. 53 minutes after the hour. a shocking mistake reduces the wrong house to rubble. the technology that sent the wrong place crashing down. and madonna trying to make her own border line.
2:54 am
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58 after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. six terrorists are taken down in a raid in brussels, all connected to tuesday's attack. police near paris also arresting a terrorist in the advanced stages of a terror attack. police are still searching for the two terrorists seen here. a fire explosion between a freight train and propane truck forcing an entire minnesota town to evacuate. residents are not allowed to go home until all the spilled propane is cleaned up which won't be until at least noon today. and the man who rushed donald trump during an ohio rally seeing his day in court. thomas dimassimo is facing charges for entering a secure area and could see a year in
2:59 am
prison. time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." up first, the good. an heroic and adorable act out of aurora, colorado. firefighters pulling a dog and her four puppies from a burning home, snapping these photos after the rescue. three people were pulled to safety. and the bad. a texas home is accidentally demolished because of a google maps error. lindsay diaz was ready to make repairs after tornadoes ripped through in december. instead, a company that was supposed to demolish a duplex a block over mistakenly tore down diaz's home after trusting google maps too much. and the ugly. the material girl has neighbors burning up. now she's mocking people on line who took offense to her self-posted "no parking" signs. she says she can't get out of her $40 million mansion if people use up the public parking spots in front of the driveway. the dot not amused. >> spent $40 million. let's keep talking about the
3:00 am
war of wives on the campaign trail. as donald trump and ted cruz's wives get thrown into the fray, should family be off limits when it comes to politics? log on to the "fox & friends" facebook page for a live debate. keep talking. >> we hope that you have a great weekend. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning on this good friday. it is march 25th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we begin with this -- a fox news alert. after a train, as you see there, going up in flames, now the race is on to clean up the carnage on the tracks. >> we'll tell you more about that. and six suspects now swept up in the terror raids last night alone in belgium. six more. [ explosion ] >> ah. >> oh, boy. and while investigators try to track down the third bombing suspect, we're lea a curfew set on when the cops can conduct a terror raid. we're not kidding.


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