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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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easter bunny is with us, with the children. we are dyeing easter eggs and we want to thank irvan. >> how can you not believe in god when you see a flower. >> thanks irvan's flowers. have a good easter. see you monday. bill: anti-terror raids sweeping through belgium and france under the cover of night. police disrupting a plot they say was in a quote advanced stage as we learn two of the victims are a brother and sister who were living here in new york. welcome to america's newsroom. welcome back. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. as investigators begin to draw a clear line linking brussels to attacks in paris.
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the two brothers involved in the attacks may have secretly taped a nuclear facility. bill: one of the men is on u.s. terror watchlist. reporter: police are laying a hammer down in the brussels area. there is an operation going on right now as we speak where some of the bombers came from. 's 10 minutes from our location. this area is 15 minutes from brussels. it's a nice area. there were terror suspects in this area. that's when police came in last
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night. two people were arrested. a total of six people all together in central brussels and skarbeck. we talked a lot about this picture. the airport surveillance video showing the three men. the two guys in the dark jackets. those whether suicide bombers. the guy in the white jacket currently remains at large. we don't know if the operation may be going after him or if he was among them. as soon as we are done here we'll get to that other location. a possible second bomber in the metro subway attack may be at large as well. we are hearing it could be a
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syrian national investigators are looking forward to. two people remain at large directly connected to tuesday's attack, and there is an operation ongoing as we speak. we are going to get over there as soon as possible. if we have anything, we'll bring it to you, bill. bill: thanks, live in brussels now. patti ann: two dutch citizens who lived in new york are amo the 31 dead. brother and sister. secretary of state john kerry offering condolences to belgium. >> the united states is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those who have been cruelly taken from us,
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including americans, and for the many who are injured in these despicable attacks. bill: authorities say parts of belgium may have become a breeding ground for terrorists, specifically molenbeek. reporter: the area has been described as a breeding ground for terrorists. those who spoke on camera said it's sad for the terror that happened. and sad for our kids. nobody knew salah abdeslam was staying here, we would have told someone. another said this is the only place a terror suspect could
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have hidden. a safe and dangerous haven. bill patti ann: security forces uncovering disturbing details while raiding the suspected brussels bomber's apartment. they discovered the el-bakraoui brothers may have been trying to build a dirty bomb. reporter: belgium authorities are taking these reports very seriously. during the police raid back in november, belgium authorities uncovered videotape that uncovered surveillance on the home of a nuclear researcher in belgium. would use this researcher to obtain enough nuclear material for a dirty bomb, and they may
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not have been all they were planning. the attack seemed to be smaller and less involved than their original plans. who came up with the idea of the dirty bomb, where would they gain the material. patti ann: we understand that there were watchlists that both of these suspects were on. reporter: watchlists inside the united states. they were known to u.s. authorities. how closely u.s. intelligence was following these guys, all of that is unclear. it speaks to the growing concern about the belgium authorities. experts say they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of islamic radicals inside that country. evidence by them not only missing the airport and subway
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attack planning, but their inability to track count paris attacks suspect while he was hiding on their noses. bill: stand by, 7 minutes past the hour. the battle between the republican front runners getting personal over their wives. a super pac tweeted a semi nude note oh of melania trump. trump responded with insults about cruz's wife heidi. >> our spouses and children are off bound. it's not acceptable for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. it's not easy to tick me off.
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i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you are a sniffling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. bill: what does this do for or to cruz's campaign as he is trying to win the state of wisconsin in 10 days? >> you mentioned this at the beginning of the segment. but a lot of media coverage of this and a lot of donald trump spin has been they try to win over each other's wives. and super pac published this photo that was originally published in "gq."
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his hour gas said they went after donald trump's wife so we are going to go after his wife. donald trump is the one who ramped this up and not only just went after ted cruz's wife and said maybe i'll spill the beans on her but also tweeting an unflattering photo of heidi cruz which is categorically different than the offending ad that ran on facebook. bill: trump said i did not start the war with lyin' cruz. he knew the pac was putting it out. truck said you hit me, i'm going to hit you back harder. >> ted cruz did not hit donald trump on his wife. this is an important thing to remember. this is a falsehood being
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perpetuated by the trump campaign and trump himself, that this was started by ted cruz. it's important to note that and remember that as we talk about this. i think there is an escalation that donald trump has made. this is the candidate himself tweeting out this photo, unflattering photo of heidi cruz. this is the stuff you see in the biewls of the internet. for a presidential candidate to be doing that should worry a lot of people. bill: what does it matter to voters, and will it? >> i can't predict if it will matter to voters. but it should matter. and it should matter to all the folks working for donald trump that they have to defend this. you have chris christie, he's married with two daughters. scott brown is married with two daughters. sarah palin has two daughters. are they willing to defend this in i haven't heard them say this
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is wrong to call out somebody's wife like this for the candidate they endorsed, donald trump. whether voters will be swayed one way or another, i think it's worth talking about, this is something donald trump himself escalated. patti ann: trump mocking ted cruz's support for the gop establishment. >> ted cruz is just like any other politician, he says what he need to say to get elected. >> ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. patti ann: that's trump's new ad criticizing the quality of trump's endorsements. tucker carlson will weigh in. bill: what about the millions of voters who voted for trump to date. if they give the nomination to
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cruz, where will those voters go. >> i think if crew take it away from trump, i think a lot of those folks just go home. ance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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>> i think if cruz beats trump, all these people coming out, some of them came out to vote against trump, but most of them came out to vote for trump
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because it's a populist conservative, he's going to cure the border and make america great. i think if cruz take it away from trump, i think a lot of those folks just go home. bill: pat buchanan laying out a night mayor he theirio for the republican party. that was on hannity last night. you were hosting, right? >> yes, i was. bill: a lot of these folks just go home. how is that going to work? >> nobody knows how it's going to work. the part pat buchanan didn't mention is there are a lot of people in washington who won't vote for trump period. this an unbridgeable gap between wings in the republican party. the party will bear little
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resemblance to what it is now after the elect is or. it will be a different party. it will be a party with a nationalist focus. i think you will hear less about entrepreneurship and enterprise zone as the cure for poverty and middle class stagnation. you will hear much less on immigration. both parties are for mass immigration. they are hesitant to seal the borders. there are a lot of republicans and some conservative democrats who are not on that panel at all. they want controls at the borders and they see mass immigration as a threat to wages. bill: fox polling from the other day. when asked who should be the nominee, 59% said wh whoever wis
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the most delegates. >> the rules specify the guy with the majority, but can a guy who got fewer delegates make a plausible claim to the nomination. can a guy who came in second or third say i did get fewer votes but i deserve this job. somebody like mitt romney would say give it to me. the democratic party tried this. they gave it to him and it didn't end well. >> in the 1800s. this was common. this is how the party elected parts. tips there were -- elected presidents. >> the expectations of democracy were different then. this was precommunications age. he makes good point. is this a plausible scenario? no, it's not.
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bill: when you are trying to build a party, how many years have the republicans talked about expanding voters within the party. if you marginal eye those people, what happens to the party? >> it's going to be a didn't party. it will be different. the truth is as you know and everyone watching knows, the architects of the party say we want new people in the party, those people showed up and the reaction was have much like the unwashed to a wedding to which they weren't invited. who are these people in they are disgusting. they are vulgar, they are dumb, they breathe through their mouths and they are not welcome in this party. bill: lyndsey graham was sitting in that chair yesterday. he support ted cruz. >> for now. we'll see what happens in
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mid-july. trump is hitting back with this spot on instagram. >> ted cruz is like any other politician. he says what he need to say to get elected. >> ted cruz is not my fast it by any means. bill: there you have two former candidate in this race who have since dropped. >> i understand people's reservations about trump and their fear about trump. it would work better to articulate their vision to counter trump's vision. but they are not bothering to do that. oh, he's a fascist, go away. it believes me intelligent republicans with a grounding in philosophy haven't bothered to do that. have a good weekend and happy easter. >> a massive explosion rattles a sleepy town.
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bill: a train crash sent a massive fireball into the sky overnight. the explosion rattling a quiettown in minnesota.
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the tanker was filled with 10,000 gallons of propane. two railroad employees treated for injuries at a hospital. they have since been released. patti ann: extreme weather across much of the country. colorado dig out after a major snowstorm and a plea -- and a tt on the way. in the south powerful storms bringing rain, damaging wind and hail. it may have been a factor in this bus crash in alabama. downpours triggering major flooding in florida. reporter: the storm brought extreme weather across country. in colorado it brought more than 30 inches of snow. and a foot-plus in north,
6:26 am
wisconsin and even iowa. a big concern out there in places like maine and across new hampshire where we could be looking at ice on roadways. another concern is for more thunderstorms. some of these could bring severe weather across parts of florida and isolated tornadoes will be possible. patti ann: what's going to happen over easter weekend? reporter: we could be looking at storms that could bring severe weather across the plaibs and the gulf coast with a greater threat across the mid south the south and the gulf coast. please have a way to get nose weather warnings out there. colorado got hit with 30 inches of snow.
6:27 am
there is a new winter storm watch. as wehead into late tonight and tomorrow we could be seeing more significant snowfall accumulations out here. that will be something to watch for very closely. temperature-wise behind the storm system impacting the east coast, you will be noticing cooler temperatures along the east coast. known while across the rockies, chilly out there. 37 for the forecast high temperature saturday. it stays cool or easter sunday. bill: jaw dropping stunt caught on video. this man is scaling china's world trade center tower. lulu posing for a selfie.
6:28 am
this time brought along a friend. but she appears to stop short of the building's peak. before you had a selfie and you could only shoot that from the ground. a long way down. incredible. breaking news now what's happening in brussels. john huddy referred this 20 minutes ago about explosions heard in town and we can only assume it's more the anti-terror raids happening throughout the city. overnight there were several arrests in brussels and paris as well. clearly according to the authorities there was a connection here. the raid in san francisco suggesting that they had stepped in and stopped what could have been another raid that was about to be carried out. john is on his way there. so we'll talk to him as soon as we get more information.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. bill: this is a live image of police and anti-terror police responding to a neighborhood near brussels. this is a place where another raid was carried out two days ago. inside that apartment they found up to 40 pounds much this explosive that was also apparently found during attacks in paris four months ago. several anti-terror raids in belgium and france. this near paris say they disrupted a plot at an advanced stage of preparation. all this while the manhunt continues. we have no new word on that.
6:33 am
john huddy and his crew have gone to this scene we just shared with you on that live image. 9:30 in new york, belgium is five hours ahead, so 2:30 in the afternoon. patti ann: president obama facing criticism for not breaking his zmej cuba and south america to deal with the brussels attack. to including alabama senator jeff sessions questioning whether the president is taking the terrorist threat seriously. >> it's a legitimate concern that the president is not seemingly taking this seriously new. this whole idea, refusal to address the reality of the threat we face does impact our ability to defend america and help the world see the nature of the threat we face, which is
6:34 am
very real. patti ann: joining us now is ambassador john bolton. senator sessions says political correctness is damage our anti-terror efforts. do you agree? >> i think the president's view is mayor case such as much a part of the problem. if we overreact in the president's find, we'll make the situation worse. you know, earlier this week president holland of france said we were at war with the terrorists and isis. i don't think president obama is at war with the terrorists. i think the most is a quasi war re torically but he doesn't really believe in it. i believe that's harmful to the
6:35 am
united states in the long term and possibly in the short term. patti ann: secretary of state john kerry did visit belgium. as we mentioned, president, did not. you mentioned what he explains is the logic behind. i don't want to draw attention to it. but what message does it send to our european allies if we carry on as though whatever is happening over there doesn't concern us? >> it's part of the no drama obama image. but we have to get beyond the symbolism of the president together wave in havana while americans are dying in brussels. he could have reversed the symbolism. he could have gone back to washington immediately after the attack in brussels. the president's emphasis to use this quasi war, not on the word "war," his emphasis is on the
6:36 am
word callsy. as long as that's the policy he pursues, like this speech yesterday where he devoted a few more seconds to the tragedy in brussels than he did when he was in havana. until we change our policies to go after them in a meaningful way these attacks will continue. i'm just set about the president's spring break from the world. but that's not the real issue. the real issue is his determined ideological opposition to doing what is necessary. >> certain method of trying to crush isis might work short term, but ultimately they will provoke the anger fueling this radical movement. so how do we defeat isis without giving them more propaganda to use against us?
6:37 am
>> i think that argument is isis propaganda. don't defend yourself. don't do anything that might be decembedespositive. i think demonstrating strength against isis-privileged sanctuaries and al qaeda and the taliban. you december detroit enemy by destroying the enemy. any other formulation allows isis to continue to spread its ideology to convert more people and train more people in terror techniques. i don't think self defense can be said to be an encouragement fourth adversary. that attack on pearl harbor, don't get upset by that. if the president would come out and change his policies and
6:38 am
rules of engagement and get us more effectively involved against isis, that would cause our friend in america and around the world to sit up and take notice. bill: now for something completely different about march madness. south region. number one kansas take on maryland. it took the jayhawks time to find their groove. but once they did they never looked back. kansas moves on to saturday. wildcats put on a shooting clinic. nova advances, the number two seed. the number one, oregon take on number 4 seeded duke. duke, the defending champions have been eliminated.
6:39 am
this is a good game for a while. the sooners showing the aggies who is boss. more games later tonight. how is your bracket doing? patti ann: i really don't follow it. everybody in my neighborhood is excited about this. bill: particular to number ones and number twos and you will be fine, at least for a while. patti ann: donald trump is taking aim at heidi cruz. will going after the wife of his rival make his job harder when it comes to women voters. bill: we remember the life of gary shandling who created the
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bill: secretary ash carter will anoun a senior isis leader has been killed. we'll have it live for you when it happens. while that's going on we are watching the scene play out in brussels, belgium. john huddy reported there were explosions in that city. john, what are you seeing and hearing now? >> we just got here probably five minute ago.
6:44 am
we are in the car bea -- in the schaerbeek area of brussels. let me duck out of the way. down the street, i was trying to guesstimate 300-400 meters. there is a large police presence. you can see officers standing down the road. then there is a white truck. along that truck there is a white building. we have seen officers and crews going in and out. when we first got here 7 minute ago there was a loudback. probably a flash bang used by police when they go into a premises. the initial reports we are getting is one person was neutralized. i'm not sure exactly what that means. whether the person was killed or taken into custody. i don't know how many other
6:45 am
people are in this building. but this is. >> the example of the ongoing search and hunt for suspects presumably related to tuesday' attack. this area schaerbeek is where two of the attackers were from, salah abdeslam, it's a fairly large area, but a suburb of brussels. there is heavy police activity. i'm trying to get a better look as well on the view finder. there is a vehicle there. some people standing at the opposite end of the interest second. they have this area blocked off. people have been told to stay in their homes at this point. the bomb squad may be putting gear on. this gives you an idea of what
6:46 am
life is like on the ground right now as we speak. bill: we'll get back to you in 10-15 minute. john huddy on the latest in brussels today. as you know, ted cruz, donald trump are having at it and their wives are in the middle of it. how does this affect the female vote? ladies, hello to both of you. i don't know where you are on this. >> trump is going after the wrong spouse. he should have been going after the clintons, not heidi cruz. i understand donald trump is
6:47 am
upset about what that super pac did, the smear tactic against his wife. he doesn't have to go after heidi cruz. i think that escalation can backfire. when you are looking at the numbers, 47% of republican women in the latest polls said they couldn't imagine voting for donald trump. the women vote is very important and they determine the outcomes and for donald trump it will have to be part of his broader coalition effort. >> donald trump -- there is a lot of excuses people make for donald trump's behavior, to stay in the news cycle, to distract from the issues, to play to a base. this is not a base he want to tick off. maya angelo said when someone
6:48 am
tells you who they are, believe them. in 2012 president obama won women by 13%. right now 39% of gop women say they will not turn out for him. 53% of the vote in a general election are women. the only one winning out of this is ted cruz. bill: this is what corey lewandowski. donald trump has had women in corporate positions in his company and he has done amazing work with women. enthusiasm if the following were the nominee. or elected president. clinton 1%.
6:49 am
sanders 14%. trump 13%, kasich 8%. america is not happy with it choices on the table. >> they are saying which is the lesser of the evils. the problem on the gop side is the fact they don't agree on who the unifier of the party is. there are characteristics they like about cruz, case and trump. but there is not one candidate that is able to bring together the gop. bill: nomiki? >> i think democrats have the same problem. you have millennialsn overwhelmingly in support of bernie sanders. and the rest of the party, those who aren't going to turn out and vote.
6:50 am
i think that you are seeing the collapse of the establishment right now. we'll see what happens. patti ann: if you were with us yesterday you probably remember this video. check it out again. can you hear me? patti ann: a car engulfed in flames. a driver trapped inside. we are talking to the heroes wh saved that woman's life. one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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patti ann: yesterday we showed you dramatic video of a life-saving rescue.
6:54 am
two fearless first responders busting into a burning car to pull out the driver who was trapped inside. we are talking to those deputies from the indian river county sheriff's office in florida. you arrived first. walk us through. what were your thoughts when you saw that burning car and found out there was a woman inside and what did you do? >> my first thought was to get her out of the car before it was too late. i could see there was a bunch of smoke in the car. i broke the win dean opened the door and tried to make contact with the woman inside. patti ann: there were smoke and flames at your feet. you and deputy nolan who arrived moments later had to keep backing up just to catch your breath. when you first arrived your goal was to extinguish those flames, but that didn't work. you had to reach through flames and burn your own hands to pull
6:55 am
the woman out. >> my first thought was the fire extinguisher and get her out as fast as i can. >> you were reaching through flames to pull out this woman. what was going through your head. >> it was intense. but you don't think about that. it was her, getting her safe it's what first responders train for, and it's what we do every day. patti ann: deputy nolan, how are your hands now and how is your family reacting when they see this video of you have going into those flames? >> i'm doing fine. my brurns minor. the video is pretty shaky for my family to watch. i know deputy skukle's family
6:56 am
feels the same. '. patti ann: you are both heroes to be sure. the woman was airlifted to a trauma center and then transferred to a burn unit where she is receiving treatment. we wish you have the best. you are heroes, have a great day. bill: good work. wow! breaking news from the pentagon. a top isis leader has been killed. there are more arrests from overnight in brings and france as well. there are raids happening as we speak. john huddy is there. gregg just talked with john kerry. more on this fast-moving story the top of the hour three minutes away. you totaled your brand new car.
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♪ the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on, grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing what you love. from the #1 doctor recommended brand. ensure. always stay you. bill: here we go, 10:00 here in new york. a lot to talk about. fox news confirming senior
7:00 am
otherwise sis leader has been killed in syria -- isis leader. we're awaiting secretary ash carter. he will make a statement, 30 minutes live from the pentagon. we'll take you there. jennifer griffin will pick up coverage. stay tuned for that part of the story. meantime from overseas, in europe, they are racing to prevent possibility of yet another tragedy there. more police raids in brussels over the last few minutes. watching this live image now, just north of the central part of brussels. reports of blasts being heard. john huddy, reporter near the scene, has been looking at anti-terror police in the distance, making a move on this row of houses. we're not sure what has come of it just yet. we're standing by for more information there. this follows a series of raids overnight in belgium and in france. at least six arrests that we can report. this is as we learn that two americans apparently may have been among those killed in the attacks in brussels. we do know that two people living here in the u.s. were
7:01 am
killed. we're awaiting to hear more confirmmation as to others. welcome to a new hour here. a lot to get to now. as we say hello on this good friday. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." patti ann: good to be here. i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. manhunt continues for two suspects still at large. one in the metro bombing. one seen in surveillance video moments before the explosion in the airport. greg palkot is live in brussels. he just spoke to secretary of state john kerry. a lot going on. what is the latest and how is secretary kerry responding to the attack? reporter: a lot going on patti ann, bill. first to the breaking news bill was talking about, yeah, there is a raid going on right now about a mile from where we are in the sherbek area of brussels two days ago. where the bomb factory created all bad stuff that caused all the death and destruction on the ground.
7:02 am
at least one blast, as am as three have been heard. one person, quote, unquote, neutralized. there are raids in the past 24 hours here and in france. we get tough news from a state department official that two of the 31 dead in the attacks on tuesday were united states citizens. we don't have identities for them yet. we believe they could have been a the airport. yes, a short while ago we sat down with secretary of state kerry. he is in town to meet with belgium and european union official the. i pressed him on with all this death and destruction going on should the u.s. be doing more to fight isis. here is our back and forth. don't we need to pick up our pace? doesn't the united states? >> we are picking up our pace. the president put special forces on the ground in syria. we are more engaged with more people and doing more things than we ever were before. reporter: in fact kerry's point was because of added u.s. pressure that isis was striking
7:03 am
out even more than it had been before. patti ann. patti ann: greg, did secretary kerry address the criticism of the optics of the president's trip this week? reporter: yeah, we raised that question with him, patti ann. we sort of have to. again there have been critics saying that president obama's presence, for example at a baseball game ties night in cuba on his trip there while the aftermath was being sorted through of these attacks here in brussels was not quite appropriate. again, here is my back and forth with the secretary. the optics of president obama being in cuba at baseball game, tango in argentina when this is going on, do you have any feeling about that? >> the president every single day is making decisions that are life an death with respect to daesh and with respect to this war. he has to also continue to be president of the united states and do what we need to do with
7:04 am
respect to our diplomacy. reporter: kerry also took a swipe at the european union. he says europe has to establish a common database for all terrorist suspects like the united states has to prevent this cross-border terror from going on. he had a lot of thoughts and very serious day here in brussels. back to you guys. patti ann: greg palkot live in brussels, thank you. bill: again fox news confirming second-in-command for isis has been eliminated. straight to the pentagon now and jennifer griffin where we will see the defense secretary in 25 minutes. jennifer, what more do we know? reporter: what we've learned from defense sources is that u.s. special operators carried out a raid early thursday morning inside of syria and they believe that they have killed the number two isis commander. he was slated to replace abu bakr al-baghdadi if he were killed. he was on the u.s. treasury terror list.
7:05 am
there was reward for $7 million for his capture or arrest. but he was killed in the strike according to our sources here at the pentagon. we expect defense secretary ash carter and general joe dunford to make the announcement at 10:30 here in the morning. a little back down on abu afri, and known has aji amman. he is former physics professor in iraq. in 2004 he joined al qaeda, deputy to zarqawi during the iraq war, part of al qaeda in iraq. he was in prison and released from iraqi prison in 2012 we're told. at that point he joined up about abu bakr al-baghdadi and began the formation of isis. he is of turkmen background. according to our sources he is now dead. bill? bill: jennifer, as we await ash carter, how much can you
7:06 am
report on how much action is taking place in eastern syria today? as you report on that, jennifer, how much of that is led by the u.s.? reporter: well it is led almost completely by the curtish partners of the u.s. remember, we have 50 special operators on the ground in that part of syria, near raqqa. we heard recently from defense officials during testimony on the hill there is no strategic plan to take caulk a with u.s. forces. what you're see something pinpoint airstrikes as well as these depression operations raids you notice there are increasing number of special operations raids and pinpoint strikes on leaders of isis, since the 50 man special operations team is on the ground. that is because they have more human intelligence. they're working with partners. part of this syrian alliance of arab alliance that is moving closer towards raqqa.
7:07 am
but having just 50 american depression tatetores on the ground has been a real game-changer. we expect the defense secretary and general dunford to announce today they killed just a few weeks ago omar the chechen, who was very senior commander, battlefield commander in syria for isis. that was a huge hit. there have been numerous pinpoint strikes on high-value targets. that is the greatest success the campaign. bill: how would we view it on the outside, jennifer, when ash carter makes the announcement? the what does that tell us? reporter: this is very significant. they want to make this announcement two days after the brussels bombing. no coincidence that the mission was launched within 36 hours of the brussels bombing that was a decision by u.s. commanders to hit isis where they could hit them the most. that is in syria. the u.s.-led coalition in syria in terms of targeting high-value
7:08 am
targets the more and more intelligence they have and longer they're on the ground there which we've seen in the last few months, they have been ramping up and they have more intelligence to take on these precision strikes. bill: thank you, jennifer griffin there. more with patti ann right now. patti ann: that's right. joining us now is someone who knows a lot about those special operations. leave babin, a former navy seal, author of the best-seller, "extreme ownership." thanks for joining us this morning. you've been listening to the news about killing of a isis leader, as jennifer was saying former physics professor from iraq and former al qaeda deputy. jennifer referring to the increase in pinpoint strikes. how important are these special operations to the success of this war on terror? >> i think they're certainly important. my hats off to the courageous u.s. special operators out there putting their lives on the line
7:09 am
to kill these evil isis fighters we need to do more than that what is the strategic impact. what gives isis power. their claim to the caliphate gives them strength. we need to understand the real estate matters. until we go in and take cities like mosul back and run them out of raqqa we'll continue to have folks flocking to join isis and isis to inspire attacks across the world. patti ann: this guy was supposed ly second in command of isis. you want to cut the head off of the snake the problem is they keep growing more of these guys. you feel, what more does the u.s. need to be doing and what more does europe need to be doing to really cut this thing down? >> i think we need to attack them in syria and iraq.
7:10 am
that is what we need to do, what we need to see. what americans need to understand why it actually matters to us. this is evil incarnate what isis is. what you understand what they're doing, child sex slaves and crucifying people and torturing folks to death. they are horrible people and need to be destroyed. we need to destroy them about it tens of thousands. my question is, how many, how many people have to die before we actually take the gloves off and go in and destroy their so-called caliphate? patti ann: yeah. another very disturbing report that just came out yesterday we want to address now. we're hearing the two brothers in the brussels bomb attacks, khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui may be part of a plot to attack a nuclear facility. they were carrying out surveillance after top belgian
7:11 am
nuclear scientist and a top nuclear facility. how concerned do we have to be about nuclear facilities? >> we need to be very concerned about that these are evil people. they're looking to inflict as much damage and destruction as they possibly can upon the world. they want to get, want to be in the headlines. want to be in the continuous news cycle. they're succeeding in that regard. what we have to realize while the threat of weapons of mass destruction horrific, and we certainly have to protect those sites, isis has proven it doesn't take wmd to inflict mass casualties and be headline news and strike fear into western europe and america and our allies across the world. it doesn't take that and we need to understand the nature of this threat. we've got to attack them in the caliphate but we also have to take on the ideology that spawns this terrorism and this radical islamic jihadi ideology. it has got to be stopped. patti ann: all right.
7:12 am
former navy seal leif babin. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. patti ann: is america doing enough to destroy isis? oliver north and leif babin will talk about that with ininclusive interview with the with joseph dunford. this is brand new war stories airing tonight on fox news channel. bill: 12 minutes past the hour. there are ongoing raids in brussels. overnight half a dozen arrested in belgium and france. pentagon set to announce the number two killing of terrorist in isis of the as this is happening reporters are on it. mike tobin standing by live in brussels. we'll talk with mike live in a matter of minutes. patti ann: president obama facing tough criticism for his handling of the terror attacks thus far. does he have a plan for battling isis? a fair and balanced debate ahead. >> the president said we can defeat isis, he says, isil, in part by telling them they are weak. the president is not going to
7:13 am
use american power to defeat isis. he is not going to do it. much. sales event is on.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
ex. bill: again back to brussels. mike tobin is outside one of these raid areas. there is lot of information. bring us up-to-date what is happening overnight and fast-moving developments overnight. mike, hello to you. five hours ahead of us in brussels, roughly 3:is15 in the
7:17 am
afternoon. where are you, mike? >> we're in this neighborhood, best information we have right now, there is a big police line. so we can't put ice on it. the best information we have there are two active situations going on behind me. one is a house that has been raided. there is information they're hearing through police warnings there are active explosives in that particular residence facility, store, what have you. now there is another situation out here. that's at the metro stop. i want to bring in a witness, charles wellen, witness by secondhand and monsignor wellens, you say you spoke to your son inside of here. >> because i couldn't go to the shop to talk to my son. everything was closed by the police. he say to me saw a man coming out of metro station. he had a gun in his hand.
7:18 am
as they say in french and he was, the police shoot him in his legs and he fell down. the shop has been closed. can't go on to the shop. i can't go at moment because everything is closed. reporter: you said the man was of arabic descent who was shot in the leg. >> my son said, yes, yes. reporter: did he return fire? >> no, he didn't fire. my son, tried mable to file but police was, took his legs before, before he could fire. i didn't see it. my son was on the floor. didn't see it. reporter: stay safe out here. to add to the situation what we're hearing through the flemish news agency with is happening out here it somehow connected to the raids in the argentina neighborhood of paris, northern suburb of paris yesterday.
7:19 am
to make the matter more confusing the french officials said yesterday the raid and arrest in paris of one individual they called high level and active was not directly related to the brussels attack. however, we're hearing through sources that individual who was picked up been active in belgium, recruiting fighters for isis. you may have a situation with interactive net that they were recruiting for isis but wasn't necessarily connected to cell. you have two active scenes. one at metro stop. we've seen pictures which appears to show person lying on the ground. that would be the person that mr. wellens said was shot in the leg. the sources say he was neutralized. we have information there is another active situation with business or residence being raided by commandoes. possibly the raid or search is wrapping up as we speak, bill. bill: mike, from the outside, the world wonders why this has
7:20 am
been able to fester even after paris, these suburbs of the brussels. why more have not been apprehended. it clear today, based on what we're getting overnight they are moving quickly. what is your sense from police how close they to get answers. suggestion from police there is a lot more to comport port well the suggestion from police by and large is no suggestion. you have heard the top prosecutor here in belgium say, they're not going to provide a lot of information because they don't want to tip off the terrorists. notice that he uses plural when he talks about terrorists. initially talk about one person at large and two people at large. we see all active raids. we have seen a lot of increased activity from the police in security forces here in belgium. all of the raids that took place last night. the raids that and activity that we see taking place today. so they certainly have ramped up their activity.
7:21 am
we saw cars being searched yesterday. seemingly random stops with people being searched in their cars. they have picked up their activity as police are remaining tight-lipped, bill. bill: mike, thank you. we'll being back with you and others on the ground in browse sells. mike tobin live. 20 past. now patti ann. patti ann: much for breaking news in a moment. ongoing raids as we've been telling you. authorities cracking down after attack in brussels. bill: from the pentagon we'll hear from the that the number two in isis has been killed in syria. all these stories as you know are connected. ash carter from the pentagon. we await that and leave you on these live images on the outskirts of brussels. back in a moment here. let dust t between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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7:25 am
patti ann: lots of breaking news right now. out of the pentagon defense secretary ash carter is set to announce about 20 minutes from now, the number two for isis has been killed by u.s. special-ops. joining us right now, retired navy captain chuck nash, also fox news military analyst. thank you for joining us as always, captain. >> my pleasure, patti ann. patti ann: what is your reaction. supposedly the number two guy for isis. he was taken by u.s. forces in pinpoint strike. how significant is this? >> to get the number two guy in obviously significant. there is room in the organization for people to move up and certainly somebody will. what i'm interested to find out because it seems we don't keep things secret anymore, we'll probably learn how it was done, who was involved and things like that. but if it was a ground operation, if indeed was a ground operation it's a gutsy
7:26 am
move because obviously isis people are not just hanging around. you got to go keep inside to get them and they're probably very well-protected especially if you're in upper leadership like that. patti ann: we're also hearing from reuters that the second subway bombing suspect may have been taken into custody. there was someone who we were still looking for from the suicide bomb on subway in brussels a few days ago. they say they have him under arrest. they're moving really fast after the fact but the questions are coming up about missed red flags beforehand. was the ball dropped here? >> well looks like it was. it looks like either break down in communication or no communication because even internally in belgium the police evidently picked up both of those brothers last week, had them in custody and for whatever reason let them go. these, one of the guys was deported from turkey twice, and all of these things, it is like, maybe the first time you missed
7:27 am
something, okay we missed a lot of stuff surrounding 9/11 here in this country. the second time, well, okay, you missed something again. this is a pattern. that is why i think you're starting to see a lot of crackdowns in europe because the police and security forces are realizing it is time to take the gloves off and get busy because this is just going to keep happening. in belgium, for example, they have the highest per capita number of people who have left there and gone to fight in syria, like 500 of them in a country that is the size of maryland with a population of 11 million. and now they have got 150 of them back and they don't know where they are all. patti ann: yeah. you say, one of the big problems here is a lack of communication from the muslim communities in europe and also the fact that police and governments are enforcing these no-go zones? >> yeah. and you know, the term no-go sown or whether you call it no-go or swedish government calls them exclusion zones, but the fact of the matter is a lot
7:28 am
of these areas are run by gangs and they are societies insular societies within societies at large. so when you don't have a lot of normal law and presence there, and you have these areas that are very tightly controlled by gangs and, they are just ethnic ghettos, it is very difficult because they're either protecting these people because they support them, or they're protecting these people out of fear. but either way authorities are not getting information they need, and, they can't penetrate those areas. patti ann: so how does that change? >> well, i think they are going to have to just understand that they have set up the seeds of their own destruction and they're going to have to intervene in these areas, take them back, and it is going to take an effort. up until this point, patti ann, what we've been doing, i'm sorry if i have used this analogy
7:29 am
before, it is like we're treating the cough or we're treating being tired when really the underlying disease is cancer. unless we're filling to face up to it all the things come with diagnosis with cancer, radiation, surgery and chemo those are painful things to face up. the europeans are being forced to face up to because they can't drink enough cough syrup. patti ann: captain, thank you. bill: thank you. ash carter should see him in 15 minutes live from the pentagon. we'll see the secretary to announce the death, killing of second highest terrorist of isis. screen right is brussels, belgium. that is ongoing story. our reporters are all over that. back to mike tobin, greg palkot and others as our coverage continues. don't move. more headlines next.
7:30 am
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority:you patti ann: fox news confirms the
7:33 am
second-in-command from isis has been eliminated. let's go to our own jennifer griffin at pentagon with the latest. hi, jennifer. reporter: hi, patti ann. we're waiting for defense secretary ash carter and general joe dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs to make the announcement but we have learned free sources the right-hand man to abu al-baghdadi was killed in special operations raid. the man's name is al-qaduli. he is iraqi that joined al qaeda in 2004. he worked with zarqawi and emir of mosul when u.s. was still in iraq. he was in a iraqi prison and was released in 2012 according to the u.s. treasury department which designated him a terrorist in 2014.
7:34 am
it is interesting to note he was released from the prison after u.s. troops pulled out from iraq. he was released from prison. he teamed up with abu bakr teamo form isis. he was deemed to the take over if al-baghdadi was killed. we're looking at the clandestine raid where the number two was killed earlier this morning. patti ann. patti ann: it was a kill by u.s. special forces, correct? reporter: u.s. special operations forces. patti ann: people are saying with him out of the way someone else will rise up. is there talk of a successor? is this considered a really significant victory or is it more like, someone else is just going to come up into his place? reporter: no, this is considered a significant victory. it will not end isis but will certainly rattle the senior leadership. in march 4th, a u.s. air
7:35 am
strike killed equivalent of isis's secretary of defense, a guy by the name of omar the chechen. we're expecting ash carter to make that announcement and confirm that kill today at the pentagon. while the u.s. military has been so successful in these high-value targets, in going after high-value targets within the isis leadership, you are right, there is usually somebody who can take their place but this man who was killed, be a dal al rachman al-qaduli, he is a physic professor and considered a key part of the leadership of isis this is pretty big get and not to be underestimated. >> all right. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. bill: as we await ash carter, we want to bring in walid phares. thank you for your time. you're hearing of this news as we are. your reaction first? >> of course it was reported being number two in isis and
7:36 am
being targeted by special forces shows two things, number one the capacity of u.s. special forces if they want, if they are given the orders to go deep inside the structure of isis and score these victories. number two, it's a major tactical victory, being able to get to that point and eliminate those terrorist leaders is important. the other discussion is, what would that do? what would that do without seizing territory is going to be the big debate. meaning you can kill, even capture those leaders, this specific one is a veteran of two wars. he was part of the al qaeda network, zarqawi network whom we fought. again he was released to join what became isis. so my idea, there is movement out there, jihadi movement, these people travel from one wing to another wing. eliminated in battle. the question is what to do to dismantle the organization. bill: i was going to ask you how you get ahead of it, you just answered that you have to take
7:37 am
their land war they operate? >> that is basic geopolitics. i'm not reinventing the wheel. no, you are. you have to takeover overseas, the two capitals, non-capitals of isis, mosul and raqqa some are arguing the operational capital of isis is in neither one. that's a different story. you have to seize territory. that is the answer, you're right. bill: walid, quickly and jennifer griffin explained how significant this is, given his history, how quickly is the number two replaced? >> look, number two will be replaced by number three. tough understand they have a hierarchy. they have emirs, those commanders and they will be blessed by any man and there will be fatwa and also look at value of what happened. it is sending a message of fear into the hearts of not the high-ranking officers only, of the people on the ground. they got our leader. the problem with that is, they are cemented by an ideology.
7:38 am
not the regular army or national army or normal guerrillas. this is idealogical. jihadists do not fear to blow themselves up in tunnels and airplanes and metro stations will not fear a raid that will kill one of their commanders but if we seize a city, that will start to work. then everything the u.s. forces have been doing will bear fruit. bill: if you look what happened overnight in brussels, walid and also apparently on outskirts of paris, if you've been watching our coverage the last hour, you've seen these raids carried out just north of central brussels and explosions that mike tobin and others have been reporting on, what is your sense about how the governments of europe are now tackling and addressing this threat? >> well, first of all i know brussels very well. i keep going there to brief european parliament and commission and others and also have been engaging with many lawmakers from the european parliament from the 27 countries. they are concerned that though
7:39 am
now they are becoming firm after the paris attack, after the brussels attack, what they are discovering is that niece networks are deep, are large and are dispersed. now the question for tonight or for the last hours that you have reported about is this the same network involved in terrorism and brussels attacks? or have they now because of what happened and additional information, that they have received from the interrogation they are going after another network? if you are police and law enforcement this is important what is happening now. they received information. they executed those arrests and we have incidents we're all hearing about. bill: paris scared a lot of people and for very, very good reason. and brussels has done the same. but you're not here to say that it is not going to happen again, are you? >> that is the problem when you deal with, you know with public communication.
7:40 am
i mean if somebody, let's say us in the expat community we know these networks are much larger than we've seen. this is not just one gang has been dismantled, al dead. this is a real large network across europe. then this network is going to go or go down and there are other networks. the french authorities know around paris and lyon and there are other networks. the only thing they have not been engaged. we're seeing historic moments since paris where governments going into areas making arrests. this is not the case. remember 11 years ago, in 2005 in paris when you had all these incident, the security forces knew that there were jihadists among them. they did not go because they were afraid this would lead to urban clashes. they want to avoid urban clashes. they are determined to go because of what jihadists have done in paris and brussels. bill: walid. thank you for your perspective.
7:41 am
terrific analysis. walid phares on the phone. walid stand by. we'll get to ash carter in a moment. patti ann has that. patti ann: we're awaiting a live press conference from defense secretary ash carter at the pentagon. fox news confirms that the number two in command for isis has been killed by u.s. special forces in syria. that and many other developments this morning coming up next. thr. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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7:44 am
bill: hang with us in a moment. we should see ash carter within minutes from the pentagon live. we await that our reporters on the scene in brussels. as we await, bill gavin used to run the fbi. >> good morning, bill. bill: when you look at developments here and you reflect on our own country and sense of security does it change what we are doing after brussels, after paris, bill? >> i think it just turns up the volume a bit, bill.
7:45 am
this country has been pretty well-aware of what's going on and pretty capable in most of our major cities. leaders in new york and what not. they have been ready for these kinds of things. they turned up the volume to make sure they don't miss anything. they continue to pulling in dramatically with the human intelligence and signal intelligence to make sure they don't miss anything. there is always that possibility. but they are really ramping up, trying as hard as they can, also to share that information with foreign governments. bill: as you view the situation in europe, have the french and the belgians ignored this? have they made mistakes? or are they just now catching up to what are they need to be? what is your view of that? >> i think it is a combination of both. i think there was some lackadaisical approach to it. well, it happened. we got a handle on it now. you don't have a handle on it now. you have to continue to be aggressive. once this happens you have to let loose the dogs of war. you have to really go after
7:46 am
this, bill, in a vicious manner. and what they did they just sat back a little bit. now they're addressing it. is it little too -- i won't say it is too late. nothing is ever too late based on what is going on this morning. the bottom line they needed to become aggressive back when and they didn't do it. bill: take our viewers inside of law enforcement and decisions they make. why, now the question, bill, is, why would they, why would they allow this to fester, to reach the degree it has become already? how does happen? >> it happens, bill, because you have many enclaves where you have a whole bunch of radical islamic extremists who refuse to be assimilated into society whose society allows that to continue. police don't go in unless there is some major event. all those kinds of things. you can't let that happen. my big fear, bill, what is
7:47 am
happening in small scale in our own country. look at dearborn, michigan. research that. that is a terrible situation. those kinds of things are permitted to happen will sponsor these kinds of actions because people become emboldened. they made a huge mistake there, and they need to clean that out but the objective is a worldwide caliphate for radical islamic extremists. they are forming many caliphates and trying to connect them together to build worldwide. it is very, very dramatic and very, very dangerous situation. bill: have we done a better job here, bill? or do we just have the protection of an ocean? >> i think that we do have the protection of an ocean but the ocean is no object anymore with the electronic world in the way porous borders anybody who wants to come in, comes in. i think we do much better job we're attuned what has to be done. everybody's antenna on the high gain side. they're looking what is going on.
7:48 am
they're translating, interpreting all the signals intelligence and human intelligence they get. bill: ash carter will be out in a moment. i don't know if you have the time to reflect on this but number two of isis apparently killed there. he has a long record. go ahead. >> my personal opinion, it is wonderful. number two, number one but as long as we have somebody in washington, d.c. that continues to supply management change for these people letting folks out the gitmo we'll continue to see more of this. it is nonsense. bill: wow. wow. bill gavin, thank you for your time. we talked a lot about human intelligence on the ground and clearly that was the case here in raqqa, syria, to find the number two and to kill them. you wonder now, what comes next, from us, and from the other side. patti ann: yeah. bill: thank you, bill. patti ann: all right. we are awaiting that news conference from the pentagon. we are getting word as we've been saying that isis's number two firm was killed by u.s.
7:49 am
special operations forces in syria. we are going to bring that press conference to you live as soon as it happens. stay with us. n
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
iraq and syria, focusing on its power centers in raqqa and mosul. in syria, motivated local forces that we support recently took o. repelled isil counter attacks and ultimately severed the main artery between syria and northern iraq. as a result it has become much harder for isil's leaders and forces to travel between raqqa and mosul. i'm also pleased to see that iraqi security forces have moved from their staging base at machmor and are advancing into new positions as part of early stages of operations to collapse
7:53 am
isil's control over mosul. the u.s. marines we've sent mere machmor where staff sergeant cardin gave his life are now providing artillery fire at request of the iraqis to support the isf advance against the enemy and protect their forces. so in both syria and iraq, we're seeing important steps to shape what will become crucial battles in the months to come. as our partners move forward we're continuing to bring relentless pressure on isil commanders in mosul and we have taken a significant number of actions this week, one of which i already mentioned but second, we targeted abu saraf, one of the top isil leaders charged with paying fighters in northern iraq. next we targeted a number of isil associates who were directly involved in external plotting and training. these precise actions came after recent strikes that destroyed a
7:54 am
significant quantity of improvised explosive devices and bomb-making equipment that could have been used against our partners headed for mosul. we believe these actions have been successful and have done damage to isil. as chairman dunford noted earlier this week the momentum of this campaign is now clearly on our side. the united states military will continue to work intensively with our coalition partners to build on this progress as our counterparts throughout our governments work to defend our homelands at the same time. one final note before return to questions, yesterday i spoke with my saudi counterpart, deputy crown prince and defense minister mohamed al-man. we agreed to convene a u.s. gulf council defense ministerial on april 20th in riyadh, ahead of president obama's
7:55 am
participation in a u.s. gcc leaders summit there the following day. this will be an important forum to build on counterisil defense ministerial in brussels last month and to strengthen u.s. gcc defense partnerships including by reviewing and discussing way made for joint regional defense initiatives we all committed to during the 2015 camp david summit last may. chairman dunford are prepared to take your questions. i have to say we have limited time to do that because we have something else we need to do upstairs. but we're going to do that i will ask you also please respect the fact we'll not go into any further details how our coalition conducted the operations i mentioned earlier. anymore details than that could put lives and future operations at risk, hinder the effectiveness of our campaigns. so we're going to ask you be restrained in that regard as we
7:56 am
intend to be as well. let me ask the chairman. >> sir, i just join you in expressing my condolences those affected by attacks in brussels this week, in particular families of two americans that were lost. also to recognize staff sergeant cardin by all accounts a great leader who we lost last weekend in operations in iraq. so thank you, sir. >> lita. >> mr. secretary, i realize you said you didn't want to go into anymore details. i was hoping talk about what happened in syria with this latest death of senior leader was in syria and more broadly, can you talk a little bit about, we all saw a lot of al qaeda senior leaders killed repeatedly over the years. number three was killed, you know, every six months or so. what do you think this actual death suggests in terms of plots particularly those involving the west? does it really mean anything?
7:57 am
or do they simply just replace them? >> well -- >> [inaudible]. >> i will turn it over to joe after this. >> general dunford the marines that secretary -- >> take your first question first. on the question of leadership, striking leadership is necessary but as you noted it is far from sufficient. leaders can be replaced, however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior, they're experienced and so eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result but they will be replaced and we'll continue to go after their leadership and other a specs of their capabilities. i say it is necessary but not sufficient but it is important. joe? >> marines this week in their support of the iraqi offensive operation, is this something we will see more of do you think, as time goes on in the fight to
7:58 am
get to mosul? and is, can you talk about the accelerants the secretary talked about before, whether this is a key part of what you want to see the military do more of in iraq over the next several months? >> sure. leader, we've talked for some months about setting conditions for success in mosul and facilitating iraqi forces and staging around mosul to begin to isolate mosul. as iraqis announce this has begun. the marines there were in direct support of that. we put the battery to support americans that are there advising iraqi forces. also in a position to provide support to the iraqi sporeses. my difference this is not different than aerial fires, no different conceptually we've been providing to iraqis all along. with regard to further accelerants the secretary and i expect there will be increased
7:59 am
capabilities provide toed to iraqis to accelerate operations in mosul. those decisions haven't been made yet but we expect more of the kinds of things we saw in ramadi albeit a bit different tailored for operations in mosul. the primary force fighting in mosul will be iraqi security forces and we'll be in position to provide advise, assist abilities. >> it appears more of a ground combat role than before. >> no it is not. we have surface fires in al assad and other places we used those in the past. this is not a fundamental shift in our approach to support iraqi forces. this happens to be what was the most appropriate tool the commander assessed needed to be in that particular location. >> secretary carter, be a dal rachman mustafa al-qaduli, you call al-afri, was in a iraqi prison. bill: significant news.
8:00 am
we'll see where it goes from here. leader is well-known terrorist we're told. this press conference continues and our coverage continues with our colleagues in "happening now." have a good and safe easter weekend. more headlines now from the pentagon. >> so there you heard it. the secretary of defense ash carter, announcing isis number two leader killed in a u.s. special operations forces raid. we will have more on that breaking news throughout the hour. in meantime, major anti-terror raids are sweeping through brussels and paris that may have prevented another deadly attack in the heart of europe. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> good to be with you. i'm abby huntsman in for jenna lee. get to the fox news alert. with the crackdown investigators finding more links between the brussels and paris attacks saying one suspect had ties to the paris ringleader. as we learn two victims in brussels were br


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