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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we'll see where it goes from here. leader is well-known terrorist we're told. this press conference continues and our coverage continues with our colleagues in "happening now." have a good and safe easter weekend. more headlines now from the pentagon. >> so there you heard it. the secretary of defense ash carter, announcing isis number two leader killed in a u.s. special operations forces raid. we will have more on that breaking news throughout the hour. in meantime, major anti-terror raids are sweeping through brussels and paris that may have prevented another deadly attack in the heart of europe. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> good to be with you. i'm abby huntsman in for jenna lee. get to the fox news alert. with the crackdown investigators finding more links between the brussels and paris attacks saying one suspect had ties to the paris ringleader. as we learn two victims in brussels were brother and sister
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from right here in new york city. meanwhile at least six suspects were arrested overnight. reuters news service is reporting overnight that one of the them is the suspected accomplice of the brussels subway bomber. a live report in just a moment. >> in the meantime nor the number two isis leader, is, that this was in reaction to the bombings in brussels. >> right and they have reason
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to be happy. this is a significant victory in the war on terror but you heard the secretary of defense they that killing these leaders is necessary but not's not going to solve the problem of isis which still controls territory in iraq and syria nor will it solve the problem of militant islam is greater than anyone leader . jon: this is a guy who was released from prison in 2012 we understand. he had worked in al qaeda and then set himself up in isis as being a number two, apparently on a college physics professor your the fact that we went in with special operations forces, this was not a drone strike. this was sort of if you will a bin laden type of rate apparently there was a previous specialforces raid , remember a while back where we rescued hostages. i think we have an increasing ground presence in iraq certainly and that certainly leads to better intel core special operations in syria we just had that marine who was killed unfortunately in arrack the war is getting serious i think you know it's certainly, part of the president's job to
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convey that seriousness to the american people he hasn't spoken yet on this killing of the isis leader bureau he's left that job to the secretary of defense and chairman he will give another speech i imagine in the coming weeks responding to criticism that he's too diffident in the face of terror attacks like you saw in belgium. jon: but it was the kind of thing that the administration seems to have been loath to undertake in large part until now to most of what's been going on in syria and iraq has been obviously drone strikes and some aerial bombardment but to actually put special operations forces apparently on the ground and take out this target, do you think the administration is turning a page in its approach in taking on isil you see with this president and with the bin laden rate in 2011, is willing to order special operations into the fight in territory we do not control or even have a presence in europe in the bin laden case in pakistan, our
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nominal ally. i think president obama's foremost concern is preventing the united states from engaging in a massive ground campaign in syria and iraq so he will continue to reject the advice of military analysts who say we need tens of thousands of american troops in the region in order to seriously uproot isis from its capital in syria and from mosul in iraq. unfortunately i think the only real blow we can strike at isis to really undermine its legitimacy is in the islamic jihad movement and really set the whole terrorist campaign and its back heels would be to take that black flag down from the capital in raqqa. jon: let's turn our attention to those who would replace obama's the republican candidates setting their sights
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on the next big primary in wisconsin april 5 bureau 42 delegates up for grabs for a tight race between trump and cruz inthat state. the kangaroos they are now getting set to hold a town hall meeting at plastic factory in oshkosh. the wisconsin governor scott walker staying on the sidelines. he is of course out of the race saying there is an open convention, it's possible that the gop nominee might not be one of the three currently running your what do you make of that? why say that ? is he potentially right? >> i wonder if governor walker thinks that special nominee might have the initials s&w. i don't know. i think he's right. once those targets become unbound after that first ballot they can conceivably rally behind anyone. i don't think it will happen. i think most likely they will be choosing between the top three delegates vote getters
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and the number one delegate vote-getter who will be most likely donald trump. but the real question for trump is how close to that 1237 number does he get going into the cleveland convention? if he's within only 100 or so delegates then he's probably like to be able to get the unbound delegates.these are delegates who don't have to pledge to anyone yet. he's already lobbying them for their support so he will probably be able to cover up the balance if he's only about 100 or so behind. however if the never trump people and ted cruz people are able to rally in wisconsin and they're able to run the table on some of these other contests and deny trump a lot of delegates going into the convention, if his deficit is larger than 200 then you're going to have to see. it's really going to put donald trump's negotiation skills to the test bureau he will have a vacant going into the convention but he's going to have to work to secure the nomination.
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jon: we could see a free-for-all in cleveland? the contested convention that everybody's been in some cases dreaming or worrying about? >> it becomes possible bureau is more possible if trump loses wisconsin. it's a tight race. poll shows cruz still ahead but not only do we have to worry about a contested convention we have to think about independent republican candidacy. they are continuing discussion about whether someone can lead kind of a splinter faction, third-party independent ballot faction in november in order to block trump from the white house but also to protect some republicans in down ballot races who are vulnerable if trump goes downin a landslide . jon: scott walker has said he likely will make an endorsement in the coming days which surprised me on the heels of him saying it's possible that none of the three candidates currently in the race would be the nominee. who most likely gets scott walker's non-would you guess? >> i think most likely ted cruz. i would imagine he's having a lot of concessionsto cruz. if lindsey graham can endorse
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ted cruz i think scott walker can so i would imagine that would be the case . a lot of these major important factors in the republican party have waited too long to endorse i think so it's a real question of the timing of governor walker when he gets in, will he campaign for the person he endorses or will he kind of make a de facto endorsement and then record robo calls for whoever gets it? that might not be as effective as rallying behind whoever he chooses to support. jon: it is a fascinating year, one in which there were so many former governors in the race now down to just john cruz and most people saying he doesn't have a shot at it.republicans typically night like to nominate governors, have since the time of ronald reagan and before. what happened this time? >> i think donald trump happened. donald trump has overturned everything we knew about politics. i'm no good at math but john
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cruz has to be worse than me to think he has a shot at getting those 1237 before the convention bureau he's playing for a contested convention but i'm not sure why he imagines he wouldemerge with the nomination after playing kind of a spoiler role that benefits trump and a lot of states in these remaining contests . jon: matthew continuity from the washington free press. thank you. abby: new information on the zika virus as officials in the las vegas area are reporting the first case of that disease. the court county man who recently traveled over to central america and this comes after the head of the cdc congressional lawmakers just this week that more than 30 states are at high risk for this virus. the national respondent william lawson s is with us in los angeles. some unsettling news here. >> 275 cases now abby across the united states, all travel related meaning no one acquired the disease from a mosquito
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while here in the unitedstates. 19 our pregnant women, six were sexually transmitted. the latest case is from las vegas, a man traveled to guatemala last month. he felt ill upon returning. fever, rash, joint pain. they took hisblood and got confirmation yesterday . >> spring break, a lot of students are in south america . and with it being an international city really with so many people in and out all the time, we think we are going to see more cases. >> so this map shows how the disease is spreading. it began in brazil and is now in 40 states. 70 cases in florida, three in new york. as of a few hours ago we have another one in mississippi, a man whogot in haiti but if you look at the bottom of the screen or the side you will see 341 cases , basically in places
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like american samoa, us virgin islands and puerto rico. those are mosquito cases with no bites there. let's take a look at maui. there's a public service announcement that we have there that started running yesterday because they have a confirmed case in hawaii so the spot began running and officials there discovered their first case. the zika is a mosquito borne virus that can cause birth defects because it spreads from mother to fetus, also from a man to his sexual partners and through blood transfusions. four or five people don't even know they had because the symptoms are mild and yet they can still be a carrier and if a mosquito bites and infected person, that insect can spread it to a future victim. symptoms develop about 3 to 12 days after the mosquito bite. cities around the us are now using control to kill mosquitoes in ponds and standing water. abby: such a scary disease. lauren, thank you.
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jon: he was a no-show on thursday but will seattle man in the tree turnout for his bond hearing today? plus, colorado residents cleaning up and digging out after a massive spring snowstorm like it's part of that state. and we want to hear from you. on the presidential candidates getting too personal when the attack each of this family? i live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums jon: some crime stories we are
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watching. seattle's so-called man in the tree accepted to appear in court today for a bond hearing. cody miller spent more than 24 hours perched in a sequoia tree in downtown seattle.
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the 28-year-old eventually arrested for malicious mischief. he's expected in court thursday but refused to come out of his jail cell. the body of a missing indiana toddler found near the white river. 14-month-old lynn ammerman last seen tuesday at her father's home in the town of spencer bureau 22-year-old kyle parker is being held in connection with herdisappearance. officials say she was at her father's home , that he was at her father's house the night shaman disappeared. palin's father told authorities and kidnapped her overnight. a man spray-painted in gold arrested for driving under the influence in the san francisco bay area. officials say 21-year-old hit three cars on the freeway before leading police on a case. pursuit ended when a wheel fell off the car. >> there are so many cars on the road yesterday on the shoulders , stranded that it felt like it was part of a disaster movie. >> i was stuck i don't know how long. abby: those are colorado residents describing a snowstorm that dumped more than two feet in some areas. the sun is out with the effects of the storm are still being
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felt. alicia bennett live in denver with the latest. at least hopefully some good skiing will come out of this. reporter: absolutely. there's always good skiing in colorado when it snows but another snowstorm expected to hit this area tomorrow so they're going to get another few inches before it's all said and done. the blizzard that hit the denver areawednesday was one of the worst in memory. interstates and highways leading in and out of the city were shut down for hours in all directions . 19 inches of snow fell in denver and the colorado department of transportation ordered all vehicles off the road unless they had changed, snow tires or four-wheel-drive. hundreds of drivers worth to abandon their cars and return the next day to dig out and do the same for others. >> good karma. hopefully it comes back. >> we didn't have any so we might as well help nobody else. reporter: tree branches broke under the weight of spring snow as the power lines.
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more than 300,000 people without power at one point. many shoveling out with hard work especially for a senior resident who had a heart attack while trying to shovel his driveway. >> charlie was just a small little space. he shoveled itto get it out . he walked into the living room and collapsed. reporter: three jeffersoncounty sheriff deputies came to the rescue. they found 68-year-old charlie moore with no pulse. after reviving him and getting him to hospital the deputies returned to help out charlie moore's wife . >> somebody should through a shovel at me and said let's make sure you can get in and out so we got after it and started shoveling. reporter: a photo of the deputies as nonviral and their act of kindness is being roundly praised and abby denver international airport is running again but it was shut down during the blizzard. the first time in 10 years. added? abby: it's going to be a long weekend as well. thank you.
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jon: new developments in the legal drama involving olympic skier peekaboo street. what they are alleging in a lawsuit against the gold medal winner. plus, a lot of pundits had written off donald trump's chances of winning the general election in november but surprise them all for victory question mark panel debates, fair and balanced ahead. >> [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching]
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jon: prosecutors in utah calling for all charges to be dropped against olympic skier picabo street. she was charged with misdemeanor counts of domestic abuse and assault assault stemming from an incident involving her father in salt lake city last december. the gold medal winner rejected a plea deal claiming she acted
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in self-defense. treats attorney says she expects the judge to grant a motion saying the government had no evidence to support the charges. abby: now to fox news alert. carter announcing moments ago that the number two in command of isis has been killed in syria in a predawn raid led by us special forces prompted by the brussels terror attacks. joining us now with more on this is david tusk three, formerobama campaign advisor and a former state department official. thank you for being with us. what a big day . >> thank you. abby: off the top, your reaction that top isis leader killed by us forces in syria and this comes shortly after killing omar al-shishani, a former isis leader .
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what is your response? >> this is important. we've been talking about fighting isis here in the us, in europe after the brussels attacks. there's a law enforcement angle to fighting isis, that's happening and has not been the focus this week but we have to remember that if we really want to make progress in terms of defeating isis we have to fight them where their headquarters are. in iraq and syria. that's why this is such an important development. they taken out the number two person and had a significant impact. that creates a leadership vacuum in isis. this person they took out was doing a lot of the operational leadership so it leaves isis stranded in terms of its mission possibly. it also will create infighting within isis as to who will take over and that has to continue to happen. the operation by special forces are also important. this is not an airstrike. this was on the ground attacks by special forces and that needs to happen more for us to make progress on the ground against isis speak. abby: that is the big question when the top commander is killed. how much does is this week in isis and if there's someone else waiting in the wings to take over? >> there's somewhat always
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someone else went to pop up but there may be some infighting which will create some dissension within isis and this leader they took out was very experienced. he had worked under al qaeda in iraq. he had been in prison and had been radicalized in prison further. he was a committed, experienced leader and obviously was having some success with isis in terms of controlling some of the terror attacks so that's why this is important. someone else will pop up, will have to go after him and we have to go after the ground troops in iraq and syria. abby: a lot going on in syria right now. russia's recent withdrawal from syria leaving many wondering about the future of that country still battling a civil war. many analysts suspect that and president bashar al-assad has been emboldened and would be weakened by its sudden withdrawal earlier this month what the new york times is reporting the opposite.
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that russia pulling its troops out won't stop us on confidence and ambitions and in fact syrian government forces on the ground have only gotten stronger. david, i want your thoughts on seems when it comes to resident din, it's a battle of egos here. >> you would think with russia pulling out we would be a little closer to the possibility of a diplomatic political solution to this crisis but the two obstacles to having a diplomatic solution are still the same as they have been for five years since this crisis has gone on and those are that assad needs to step down because that's what the opposition is requiring. it's a fundamental request by the opposition and by the western powers that support the opposition and second, iran and russia do not agree to that and continue to support aside. you would think with russia pulling out it would be more likely to compromise and support assad stepping down but that has not been the message so far in the recent talks.
8:27 am
the us and western countries have to find a way to induce russia and iran, pressure aside to step down. that the only political diplomatic solution that will work. abby: sometimes we lose sight of the civil war in syria with many other things going on. how much of this emboldens isis? >> of course this emboldens isis. when there's dissension among the five security council members and there's a divide between the us and russia on how to solve syria and theirs iran which has normalized relations with the us but has a complete distinct position on what should happen to a sod, this creates a vacuum and allows isis to continue to operate and continue to be powerful. there needs to be in united front against isis and a political solution to the future of syria which includes
8:28 am
assad stepping down and there being a coalition government that isrepresentative of all the moderate forces and groups in syria . abby: with this number two in command of isis being killed today there be a concern about retaliation? >> isis is always going to try to retaliate. i think yes they probably will try to retaliate. you saw the brussels attacks, possibly retaliating or the rest of isis either on the ground in iraq or syria or in a terrorist attack in europe or somewhere in the west and possibly isis will try to do both. abby: we appreciate your insights on such an important day. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. jon: hillary clinton taking on the media and her political rivals over the lack of what she calls moderate voices in the campaign. is she right? our media panel weighs in. >> t dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control flonase controls six.
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jon: hillary clinton speaking out during a discussion on homeland security at usc. specifically on the lack of moderate voices she says are speaking out against islamic extremists. the former secretary of state sing the rhetoric of her republican rivals quote, plays into the hands of terror. >> it's become harder and harder for moderate reasonable voices to be heard. think about it. the way you get eyes or ears is to be provocative, even extreme
8:33 am
. to say things that are going to draw attention. that will get you invited back. or that will get you more responses to whatever it is you are posting. jon: lynn sweet, washington bureau chief or the sometimes and kevin mccullough, radio host with salem media group. thanks for being here. lynn, what about her point? she seems to be talking specifically about moderate voices in the muslim world of making a broader point about the campaign season overall. >> in that sound clip it seems that she was addressing donald trump, not my name and an enormous amount of free airtime he's been getting this campaign driven by his unpredictable and provocative statements. yes, that's what it seems .
8:34 am
jon: kevin, does she have a point? >> she absolutely does. we've never seen, at least in my lifetime i've never seen an election cycle that's been this toxic, this headline grabbing, this bold, this kind of advocating for punching in the face rhetorically and physically. we've gone beyond the pale in every respect you want but it's also a function of social media. i mean everybody is carrying around a little receiver with them and donald trump or whoever can instantly reach out and touch you, lynn, with ever whatever you are carrying in your pocket. >> that's true but it's another part of the story. political communication and what is the most effective tool in this campaign cycle. just think, a few years ago we thought email was the new thing but it's not only what you use to get a message out, it's what you say and i think that's the point that we are all talking about is that when you say things that are inflammatory and provocative you get more eyeballs or clicks or retweets or whatever. in this chaotic thing, the
8:35 am
master of it is donald trump. remember the term click candy? that used to be anything you're supposed to get that kind of attention. the difference now is that it's in a much more, let me say kind of a toxic political environment where you have this big republican party meltdown over donald trump. jon: and it comes in a week where we had these terrible attacks in belgium. police activity still going on now. police special operations forces go in and take out the number two guy in isis we have just learned this morning and the big spat of the week or story of the week seems to be about a couple of republican candidates insulting each other's wives. here's how ted cruz put it. >> let me be absolutely clear. our responses and our children
8:36 am
are off-balance. it is not acceptable for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. jon: why are we talking about that kind of thing kevin when there are so many other important issues burning? >> because the front runner forthe republicans is not talking policy . lynn is right. whatever we can make this screen blow up with that's exactly what donald trump has become the master of is about marketing, it's about college, it's about image, is not even telling the truth about his positions because everything is negotiable. what ted cruz is saying is this responding. his wife was innocent of anything in the transaction and of course he's going to come to her defense but in the terror attacks themselves, donald trump the day before said we got to pull out of nato. in lightof the terror attacks in brussels by a nato partner ,
8:37 am
ted cruz tried to say the next day this is really relevant. almost immediately when the super pack released the ad everything devolve into the discussion about the wives the cause of the nature of what the election campaign has become due to donaldtrump's presence . >> hold on. may i just say it is extraordinary that someone running for president as a spouse who has posed naked. >> . jon: it is. >> if that's out there i don't think it should be a shock to the candidate in question that somebody's going to use it. one of the things that trump accused, here's the point. it's how you respond. my going after cruises wife, heidi crews, it isn't necessarily the way trump had to respond. he could have said i'm proud of my wife. this is a part of her life. she's an independent businesswoman and yeah guys,
8:38 am
pretty cool but by after going after a woman in the way he di , being nasty and personal and going after her looks. jon: and an innocent party to the transaction as well. >> having a super pack use those nude photos is about as predictable as as each minute passing. jon: were going to talk about a problem donald trump seems to be having among female voters. >> and you wonder why. >> such a shock. jon: lynn, kevin, thank you both. >> thank you. abby: here's a story. retards could be a thing of the past. one company developing technology that lets you get cash on the atmwith your smartphone . lauren with the foxbusiness network live with thosedetails . >> the name of that happening is fifa and they are doing 80,000 around the country with this technology.>> this is
8:39 am
the ability to use your mobile banking at without having to put the card into the machine. reporter: you're talking about the ability to get cash out of your account with your smartphone and that should make me feel safer than using card? >> there's a lot of vulnerabilities in carrying a card. that can be compromised by skimming and that's where someone gets your number and uses it without your authorization. reporter: the whole world revolves around smartphone. what happens if someone kills your phone? >> they would have to see you your fingersand punch your id and to get . you punch that app and long in the way you normally do. i'm going to go ahead and order up a $20 withdrawal. i press this menu button that says mobile cash. it's going to generate a qr code. scan the code and it will save you want to take $20.
8:40 am
reporter: how much faster is this going to be question mark i take out my card and seconds later i get my cash. it doesn't seem that difficult. >> take out your card, put in, put in the number. with this you're just going to scan the screen quickly,10 seconds . reporter: i cannot believe doug could take money out with this in 10 seconds i'm counting him. go. >> $20 request is in. processing. the machine sputters to life. waiting to get the money out. here it is. abby: reporter: i think that's pretty close to 10 seconds. >> your mileage may vary and. reporter: it's obviously a little faster here but it's also safer. i know this is ironic. one of the most common places where information is stolen on your debit card is at the bank, the atm cause they are unattended and open usually 24 seven. abby: that's really cool and i'm all in favor of carrying such things. thank you.
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jon: in a real-life bond girl case a couple is now suing police after authorities say they lied about her kidnapping. what authorities call the hopes turned out to be the real thing so do they have a legal leg to stand on? the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. . jon: it was a real-life case of gone girl, california women kidnapping and her eventual reappearance at first called a hoax by police. then a suspect turns up and is charged with the crime. now the couple is suing the police department saying their lives were turned upside down. do they have a case? joining us with their opinions, fred tp a former federal prosecutor. arthur i don't want a criminal defense attorney and fox news
8:45 am
legal analyst. it is one of the strangest cases we reported on your on happening now. we thought it was a hoax but it turned out please even call it a hoax which is part of what's going on here but it turned out to be the real deal. >> john, the case is completely bizarre but the take away from this is look, the police only have limited resources. they can't be running down what they sometimes think is a hoax. i have a case where we took a guile for dc airplane with 3000 pounds of cocaine and he's being telling me some story about his boyfriend was kidnapped, the kidnappers fell asleep, the guy jumped through a window, chair breaks, he escapes. i'm screaming at the guy because i think it's the most bizarre story i've ever heard. two weeks later they say they have a police report of witnesses who saw a hispanic male jump through a plate glass window tied to a rocking chair. when you're in law enforcement you can't run down every lead. you have to use some sensibility and here they didn't believe the guy. with good causequite frankly. jon: can you blame the police for coming out and saying it looked like a hoax to us . >> you can't blame the police for seeing what they think and what evidence have uncovered at the time and as bizarre as this case is unlike other cases the
8:46 am
individuals can show real damages. she was supposed to get some sort of, what was she getting fred? a doctorate? >> from kaiser, yes. >> that's associated with money.what they are saying is you don't to conclusions. you came to the wrong conclusion. we were hurt financially. we want money back. jon: but the charges, false arrest, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress. you those charges fit the situation here? >> look, arthur's right. every case has three parts. it has to have damages, liability and deep pocket. what they are saying is the police unlawfully arrested the husband and interrogated him for 18 hours. which gives their case some straighter credibility is because it turned out she had beenkidnapped. as bizarre as that sounds,
8:47 am
someone broke into their house and kidnapped her. whether that's enough to win a lawsuit against the police , you have to show that false arrest, you have to show they l for no good reason. >> also be intentional infliction of emotional distress. there is a negligence aspect. law enforcement made a mistake and usually that's how people recover money. is when somebody does something but not meaning to do something but they wind up doing it anyway. jon: fred, there was apparently a bit of keystone cops here when the actual kidnapper called the boyfriend to demand ransom money and then there were a couple more calls which the police ignored. >> they missed it. correctthey thought this was an inside job . it was keystone cops. it was a mistake with which led us where we are and as to why they would turn this guy sewn into airplane mode when he's alleging his wife has been kidnapped and that is beyond mere.
8:48 am
that was a mistake and in our system of justice when people make mistakes, when their negligent that leads to money. their cases defamation. the cops accused him of making. >> that's what caused her to lose, this doctorate program or whatever she was going into. there could be potential liability. >> some trial lawyer overplayed his hand . jon: it is an arm of the government and it is not always possible to sue the government. they stand a chance of winning here? >> yes. there is certain communities about a government agency gets but here they were proactive. the police were proactive in making these statements and again, you have this action they made that created the damage.there's money damages that you can articulate and there's the city that can pay it. it's one of those cases where i hate to say, you could get thrown out of the box or they could get. >> i see them getting money.
8:49 am
jon: it is one of the strangest cases really that we have covered in some time. no surprise a lawsuit has come out of it. we will let viewers know what happened. >> happy easter. abby: moderate voters looking for a place to go as donald trump leads in the race. is thereanother choice? next .
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8:52 am
welcome back. brand-new poll shows that voter confidence in the electoral process dropping significantly just in the past month. with the decline among republicans especially notable. the numbers of republicans who
8:53 am
say the process is working as it should follow 11 points in march to only 30 percent. what does this mean for the presidential race? let's bring in our political panel.republicans is an executive vice president of jamestown associates. emily, campaign director for the center for american progress action fund. thank you both for being with us. tony, i'll start with you. the big question here, what does this election mean for moderate voters? i talked to a friend who'd been long involved with the republican vote party and i said who are you voting for? she said i have no idea. i'm going to sit this one out. if anything i'm going to write someone in. >> on both sides we are likely to see nominees of both the republican and democratic party, two candidates most americans don't trust. most americansdon't even like , with real flaws, not hidden flaws thatwe figure out once we elected them . hillary clinton, pathologically considered dishonest. as to investigations by the fbi. and with donald trump who to be
8:54 am
fair, he's given us a low-water mark in the primary process thus far. he's taken the conversation to a place i don't think a lot of people who have traditionally been involved with politics are comfortable. the difference is donald trump at the opportunity now and whether or not it manifests in the general we will see. to expand the base of voters so what you see in virginia, florida, ohio, key swing states, participation from republican party almost double in some cases. it's largely because a new wave of voters are getting engaged largely because of donaldtrump and on the democratic side bernie sanders . abby: we talked about this frustration among voters but when you look at the democrats, a number of democrats are not thrilled about the potential hillary clinton nomination. the poll shows how much she is troubling when it comes to trustworthiness and honesty so i think the winner that comes out of this election is who can best capture this middle vote.
8:55 am
>> the moderate vote is absolutely key in the selection and will be on both sides. no question, i think this really is the season of trump. he did what he does best. he dominated the media. he's done it in every single news cycle and it's not like people feel medium about him. nobody's not sure how they feel about trump. partisanship aside, what he has done is so polarizing. he's made some horrific violent comments and encouraged violence at his gathering and it's terrible for the country. republicans are doing a lot of soul-searching because they know this is not who they want to be there front runner but without partisanship, nobody wants that. he's very bad for us in america and the fact that, we talk about him expanding the debate. actually he's just pulling voters who are general republican election voters into primaries but if you look at raw vote totals, that's how
8:56 am
many people showed up, yes there are more who are voting for the republican primaries that have in past years and more for the democratic but it's just as many people showing up to vote against him as for him. when you talk about raw numbers, how many people are showing up in the polls, clinton beats every other candidate. >> i love when i hear that line. it's obviously people who support her use it. she's in a two-person contest. if you allow me to complete my thought, she's in a two-person contest and clearly it easier for her to get that considering the republicans at one point had 17 candidates on the ballot. raw numbers aside, that's not the point. i just want to make it clear. what emily's talking about is very fair in the regard of analyzing this through the judicial prism of how we analyze elections but republicans did that for the primary. we all made the same mistake. we discounted the growth that he brought to this process. lesser on the democratic side with sanders but it exists there too. that is targeted toward and anger toward elites in the establishment on the republican and democrat side.
8:57 am
this is hillary clinton, the poster child of the establishment versus donald trump, the new voice of populists in america. i think he has a chance. abby: will have to leave it there. i love it, this debate is exactly what people are talking about but thank you so much tony and emily, i appreciate it . right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal,
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>> back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: fox news alert. top isis leader is dead. u.s. special-ops killed the current section in command during a raid. defense secretary ash carter announcing it a short time ago. let's go to jennifer griffin at pentagon. reporter: defense secretary ash carter and chairman of the joint chiefs just made the announcement. they wouldn't provide details of the operation, but sources tell us u.s. special forces killed the


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