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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a! now that's a red carpet moment! ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. good to be with you today john. thanks to all of you for joining us. have a wonderful easter weekend. >> the real story starts next. >> a busy 24 hours in the war on terror. police hoping to prevent a future tragedy with raids in multiple countries. isis number two in command is dead. hello, everyone. i'm heather in for gretchen and this is the real story. brussels carrying out a new raid just hours ago. this, of course, follows a series of raids in the dead of night in france and belgium. six more arrest there. one of the raids near paris disrupting a separate terror
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plot that police say was in an advanced stage. the man hunt continues for two suspects still at large. one a suspect in the metro bombing and the other a suspect seen on surveillance video moments before the explosions at the airport. we have fox team coverage for you. national correspond nt jennifer grich live at the pentagon with more on the special operations forces took isis second in command out. we begin this hour with senior correspondent greg. he's live in brussels. what is the latest on police operations there? >> police are basically frequent fire zone. at least one neighborhood is. a hot bed of terror active a and explosions were heard, shots fired and basically the whole neighborhood was shut down about 50 police officers. exprosives were found and three suspects arrested and two injured. this is all tied to a raid
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yesterday near paris. police actions continue here to overnight. there's believed to be two fudge tifs on the run. fl there was a network of horror put on the city overthe week. >> i understand a wild was potentially one of those hostages at one point. on top of all of this, very busy day. i understand john kerry was in brussels today. >> he was hear to meet with
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leaders and pay respects for those who have been killed in the attacks. no identity on the two americans but we believe they could have been in the horror show that happened at the airport. >> here's a little of the what he had to say today. >> the united states is here praying and grooeing with you for the loved ones of those who have been cruelly taken from us. >> in my sit down with him, he defended the obama administrations slow and steady approach to isis. he claimed because we're seeing these attacks in europe, it's a result of pressure being put on isis and other locations. no consolation for the folks here to feel like they're under
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fire. back to you. >> we're going to talk a little bit more about his theory coming up. greg, live for us, thank you. in the meantime, as greg was just mentioning, the pentagon confirms an isis leader has been killed in a u.s. air strike in syria. this man was second in command and helped direct financial operations. ash carter says that the u.s. is working to wipe out the terror groups top leaders. national security correspondent joins us live from the pentagon. what more do you know about the operation that killed this isis leader, a money man of sorts? >> well, heather, u.s. special operators were the number one to kill the number two leader of isis in a rate early thursday morning. it was planned and executed less than 48 hours after the br,
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ssels attack. >> we're systematically eliminating isils cabinet. indeed, the u.s. military killed several terrorist this week including we believe hagi imam who was the leader serving as a finances minister and also responsible for external affairs. >> haji imam was an a rookiraqi joined in 2004 and released from a prison in 2012 shortly after u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. he's a former physics professor and was the leader during the ground war in iraq and had a $7 million bounty on his head. u.s. treasury designated him a terrorist in 2014.
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>> he was in an iraqi prison up till 2012. dower see this as a cautionary tail for releasing these prisoners who are already caught and captured? >> a number of the leaders of a sill were in detention in iraq back in former years including the head of isil himself in iraqi detention. that's why it's important we eliminate them. >> secretary carter confirmed for the first time the preported minister of war was killed in a u.s. air strike in march 4th also in syria as well as the third leader.
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>> jo >>. >> joining me now author of war stories and fox news military analyst. we're lucky thave you with us today. >> heather, good to be with you. >> is this solution going to require tens of thousands of american troops on the ground in syria or iraq? >> my recession is it's going to require forces on ground for assessable. >> we hear him say the long term solution is forces on the ground. is that a change in trat ji? >> no and he's been advocating
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this since he became chairman. heather, what he's talking about is not putting the second airborne division on the ground, it's talking about putting indigenous forces. i would used regional but it's the same thing. egyptians and turks. they can actually pacify what today is a hot bed of terrorism. syria cannot be taken by special operators. it can't be taken by air strikes. syria is going to be occupied by friendly forces and that's where we got to go get them. there's soonnies who want to work with the united states. they don't want to necessarily work with the baghdad government because they don't trust it. our role is to provide advice, training, support and the kinds of things that the general pointed out we're unique at. that's conducting special operations with support overhead by the american air force and the u.s. marines and of course,
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the navy. >> and we're being successful in at least tracking down their leaders. also mentioning we heard jennifer grich talk about it this is the second leader targeted just this month in addition to the groups minister of war. also isis' parent tumor. >> it's alternate headquarterers outside and the capitol. the reality, it's going to require help from outsiders. there's several thousand there now. you don't need to put them out in the frontline. you can't seize terrain. it takes rough men with rifles on the ground who are on our
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side, for change. that's the only way to eliminate isis. no safe haichs. >> i want to ask you about the isis terrorist captured earlier this week. that happened in official ca casting confirms for fox news that the brussels attack prompted the raid in syria. what type of information could lead us to such a high level leader in syria. what does that indicate in terms of terror cell in brussels and paris? are they way more sophisticated? >> the attacks are not sophisticated. this is nothing like 9/11 that took three years to put together. you're seeing simple attacks. what they've done is deployed
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people who are told to go out and do a recon and find people who want to blow themselves up. if you can stop them from being able to put out propaganda videos like we've seen and stop them from training people training bombs they have no safe haichs to treat themselves med ekly and all those kinds of things capturing the pay master is a big help. you got to pay those soldiers to go blow themselves up. >> there's some type of information they were able to get out of someone related to this brussel attack that led to him in syria. i'm sure more information will come out. >> i think that's going to take the next commander in chief. >> we'll see. thank you so much for your time today. >> happy easter.
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>> yes, you too. >> from brussels to the battlefields in iraq and on the line, the civilized world is confronting this more every single day. fox news channel looks at an indepth part of the struggle that defines our time. don't misa special hosted by oliver north and former navy seal and that begins at 10:00 eastern time tonight right here on the fox news channel. do not miss it. coming up, an incredible story of survival and fate. i spoke with a 19-year-old seriously injured in the brussels attack who survived the boston marathon bombings. plus is ted cruz stepping up a strategy to overtake donald trump at the convention. more as trump is warning the g.o.p. he will not back down. >> they want to get it convention and then they'll steel it and if you know, i sign the pledge, to me, a pledge means something.
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back to the real story. the battle heating up between trump and cruz. while trump is gaining ted cruz may end up getting more delegates in states like louisiana despite losing to trump. cruz also notching up delegates who will be at the convention and who could become the deciding factor. if trump fails to hit this 1237 delegate threshold, here's how the tally looks so far with 20 states left to vote. let's bring in the director of politi politics at the university of
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virginia. thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> let's talk about the magic number. trump keeps gaining in delegates. if he reaches the number 1237, will it be enough? >> i think if he actually gets to the number or over it to 1237 on the first ballot, he will probably be fine. you never know what tricks are going to be pulled at a convention. i can't imagine that the nomination could be taken away from him if he's actually won 1237. however, he better reach 1237 on the first ballot. you mentioned the louisiana situation where trump won louisiana but now it's pretty clear that because of some very adepth maneuvering by the cruz forces he has more delegates, maybe considerably more from louisiana than trump does. people should focus on that because i guarantee you you're going to see similar efforts
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successful. what does that mean? after ballot one it's possible that trump's support will melt away to a certain degree. obviously going to get a lot of delegates. if he doesn't get 1237 on ballot one, i don't see any way for him to get it on ballot two or three. >> just explain for folks at home, the cruz camp, what they're trying to do is a different approach. they're picking people who will be delegates at the convention and they could end up choosing the nominee. which plan the likely to work and come across as a winner? the trump plan or cruz's plan? >> trump's plan is to win enough primaries by a wide enough margin to get to 1237 with a buffer with votes to spare. it becomes very difficult for a party to yank the nomination away from someone who is actually won the listed majority of delegates.
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unless they want to party to melt down entirely. >> it could be the worst giving a name mistake by the late. >> cleveland is a great city. we don't want to call it the mistake by the lake. some rude people do and certainly, the republicans don't want to have a mistake by the lake in their convention. listen. the republicans have a very difficult choice in front of them one way or the other. it looks like they're going to be divided whether they choose trump as a nominee or cruz or goodness knows there's some other scenario we can't imagine that produces another nominee. hard to see how they're going to
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come back together. they're going to make it worse for themselves if they appear to be cheating whatever nominee reaches 1237. it could be trump or cruz. >> we'll see what happens. it appears neither side aprepared to back down at this point. thank you so much for joining us. have a great easter. we have new details about some of the victims of brussels attacks. the family of this proand sister from new york city, horrible news, they're among the dead. plus hope and faith in the weight of all that despair. a 19-year-old american badly injured in the brussels attack describes his terrifying ordeal. >> the families of those injured, i hope they know
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nchtsds welcome bark. breaking news. the state department confirming a brother and sister who lived in new york city are among those killed in the attacks. the two were at the airport at the time of the blast. a 19-wreer-old was injured. they not only survived that
11:25 am
terror attack. he was also at the boston marathon bombing. during those bombings in 2013 and he was in france during the paris attack. i spoke to mason from his hospital bed earlier. >> i was conscious for all of it. we were close enough i saw fire in front of my face and down on the ground. >> i'm so sorry. what about the two other missionaries you were traveling with. how are they doing? >> i was a missionary at the time and the four of us were very, very lucky. the others had burn wounds.
11:26 am
the four of us were very lucky to be so close and not taken more injuries. >> you've been through so many things at such a young age, how has this effected you? >> everything up to this point has mortified my personal faith that god is there. i know this. then i get the difference because i felt them. >> pretty great story on this easter weekend. that's a great, great young man there. belgian police, they are hard at work. they are swarming through brussels neighborhood taking alleged militants in custody. the latest on the rage and how authorities are connecting the
11:27 am
pieces. plus as isis spreads terror across europe, the strategy to fight them is facing scrutiny. the warning signs missed in the lead up to the attacks and how they're changing between european allies and agency. >> these kinds of governments, we call them engaging. come explain it. explain it. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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now a quick check of the headlines. friends and family had an officer killed at a maryland police station. he was shot after a man fired at a police station. the suspect injured now facing murder charges. facebook and apple among the big businesses pushing back against the new north carolina law. after the governor there signed a bill blocking anti discrimination rules protecting gay and transgender people. now to a fox news alert for you. police raiding brussels neighborhoods today. a lot of this saying the
11:32 am
operations linked to the airport and subway bombings as well to the arrest in paris to a man who may have been planning a new attack in france. >> what happened at the stop where you're located? >> well, this is part of the frenzy police activity you were talking about. four different raids we know of today. we know of two different individuals shot in the leg. one of them were shot here. the accounts are different as far as what happened here. >> there was a little girl with him. that little girl needed coached away. the guy had to lift up his shirt showing he wasn't wearing a bomb
11:33 am
belt. >> how are authorities linking the arrest to paris? >> well, they can link it particularly to the celling operating out here. the individual arrested in the paris suburb was rada cricket. he had been convicted here in belgium back in july. he was convicted for recruteding isis fighters out of this area. he was considered to be a high level operative. he had explosives compensated. if you look at the explosives, it runs down like a grocery list of the bombs made in this neighborhood of brussels. there is a connection between that and abomb factory here.
11:34 am
this particular network, he believed is very near being dismantled. heather. >> a lot happening quickly. very busy day. thank you so much. we appreciate it. isis proving that it can operate easily outside territory in syria and iraq. about one year ago an isis attack left 23 dead. tourist were targeted when an isis government shot at a beach resort. isis also claiming they took down a russian airliner killing all 224 people on board and then in november paris had coordinating attacks that killed 130 people. now belgian's government is being criticized for not dedicating enough resources to track potential threats.
11:35 am
so is anti terror cooperation strong enough? joining me now is turner, a former white house staff under both president george w. bush and barack obama. thank you very much for joining us today. >> two of isis leaders confirmed killed by forces and several raids and arrests. what's your reaction? >> i've never seen the secretary of defense more triumphant. on going raids and arrests across europe and also for the broader anti isis fight.
11:36 am
>> we learn a week before the attack isis leaders met about a strategy of attacking randomly globally. turkey also gave belgium a heads up about a suspect they let go for lack of evidence. how coordinated are the efforts that take place between europe and other countries and agencies? >> there's a lot of information sharing to a degree we don't see regularly. i think that's a pattern that needs broken. i think what we seen today is
11:37 am
evidence of how great and good intelligence sharing could really help to stem to tie of isis. >> yeah, clearly, the countries need to do a better job sharing that information. are the terrorist able to exploit the government's turf wars if that's what it is or the lack of entail sharing by moving around? >> absolutely. wherever there is any degree of a lack of information sharing, a lack of really good human and intelligence, isis and any other terror organizations are ready to exploit that ready and able to establish cells in parts of countries we call black. >> how long does that take to
11:38 am
enact? >> we do know there was a certain degree of activity there. it took months and months. >> thank you so much. julianne turner joining us. have a great weekend. >> thanks, heather. >> well, the brussels orchestra paying their respects to victims of bombings today. >> performing beethoven's ode to joy in the square there. their performance a call for peace and hem of hope for the future. and live pictures for you right now of the memorial at the square which has been growing ever since the tragic attacks. mourners gathering daily.
11:39 am
solt o some of the presidential candidates -- which is the best to take on isis? plus the feud between donald trump and ted cruz getting more intense. how this might impact the women's vote and the the race for the nomination and the general election. >> i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and family. donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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what are the chances of open conventions and what would that look like? that's coming up when i fill in for shep at the top of the hour. >> looking forward to that. well, president obama says the republicans refusal to consider his supreme court nominee threatens the justice system. the fight over considering judge merit garland is bigger than a single election. in the houston chronicle the president said give him a he hering, give him a vote. it would make it increasingly impossible for any president republican or democrat to carry out their constitutional function. democrat trying people to dial over the response. let's stick with the obama administration. for a moment taking heat for his response to the brussels
11:44 am
tragedy. president obama met are castro in cuba and kerry sitting down with putin before heading to brussels. ash carter trying to assure americans the u.s. is committed to the fight against terror. hillary clinton says the attacks shows a harder look at security. donald trump tweets quote do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. u.s. must be vigilant and smart. thank you both for joining us. >> hi, heather. >> nice to see you both. let's start with you, lisa. when it comes to in terms of candidate, who do you think will do best in terms of foreign policy? >> i think americans are going to turn to republicans for
11:45 am
leadershipment hillary clinton has an extension of failed foreign policy. objects matter here. here's a president. belgium saw the worst terror attacks they've seen since world war ii and president obama gave 51 seconds of his time and pursued a communist dictator. meanwhile, the world is burning. americans are desperate for leader shirp and so is the world. >> hillary was the only one to give a speech about what's gone on in brussels. i want to know what you think about the president doing the tango. >> i'm no one to judge. i'm a terrible dancer. i will say it looked terrible. i think personally, the baseball game was more than the tango but going back to what lisa said. we got the number two leader of isis. that is a big deal. that's something hillary can hang her hat on.
11:46 am
she was part of the administration's plan to take on terrorism and this is a major success. it goes to the g.o.p. making we're not getting anywhere. you can't say that. >> i was just wondering. that was one of the things i was thinking about. the timing after today's announcement. it has you flipping it around and talking about the positives and what's happened. we won't remember about the ways of the baseball game. >> i think honestly, the president has shown over and over he doesn't have the most sensitive responses. >> he hasn't. the problem is he looks like he's on vacation at a moment in time when the world is burning. isis is marching ahead. president obama himself has said we do not have a plan to defeat isis. majority of americans think we're losing the war against to terror. >> he shares the failed policy when it comes to the iran deal the majority of americans reject. it also comes to failed response
11:47 am
if libya. this is a woman cheer leading the withdrawl of iraq which gives rights to isis. you can't say we're in a good position against isis right now. >> it's a deal completely detached from the reality of what's gone on. >> it's factual. >> it's not factual. >> the president says the election isn't until november. it also remains to be seen whether the american public will be talking about this in the land of 500 channels and twitter, the twitter universe. 130 words or less if we'll still be paying attention to this come november. we'll see on that front. in the meantime, we want to talk about donald trump and ted cruz both over the attacks on their wives. trump had a tweet about cruz's wife heidi. where does this move the candidates in terms of trying to
11:48 am
get the women votes? lisa. >> it's really disappointing, heather. i feel like we're watching a bad episode of reality tv. i'm disappointed in both candidates they're engaging in this kind of behavior. i do think americans are going to turn to republicans but it's time for the republican candidates to step up and talk about the issues that matter to american people. with donald trump we see he's hurting with women voters and if he's the nominee, hillary clinton, a woman herself whose going to play the gender card. she's going to go to the women voters and say here's the things donald trump said about you. we need to be cognizant about it. >> you're right. take a look at this full screen. this is a cnn pull. donald trump unfavorable. 73%. ted cruz unfavorable, 60%. one of them doing well. >> yeah, i completely agree with lisa. this is not doing anyone any
11:49 am
favors. if we think back to a few weeks ago when marco rubio lowered himself to trump's level and started getting involved with those ataxes with the hand stuff. although he wasn't doing as well as we expected hemd, it's certainly hurting him and it showed a side of him voters didn't like and i think ted cruz has been doing well in part emphasizing his -- and thinking to the level attacking in that way doesn't help with people who are religious and i think it casts them in a new light people haven't seen him in. he's painted himself has the adult in the room even though if we remember the adds that's not adult but i think that it hurts everyone and only benefits hillary clinton. >> we need to keep in mind that hillary's lied to the american people. >> oh yeah. just throw it in there. big lie yar, you know. you know what, i have faith in the american public and i think they can figure out authenticity
11:50 am
when they see it. we'll see if that transit lates at the polls. >> thank you, heather. have a great weekend. >> a rant on twitter. trump's decision to pull the plug on a new experiment. heart! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. welcome back to "the real story." a mother forced to bring letter baby to a lecture at baylor university was worried about disrupting class. when the baby got fussy, the professor stepped in to help. she was trying to calm her daughter whether her professor asked if he could hold the baby. he then held and rocked the little girl for nearly an hour while feechiteaching. she says this s. an example of the kind of world she wants her daughter to grow up in. >> security is ramping up in rome at the vatican ahead of easter. officers are out in force as pilgrims and tourists from around the world are flooding in. the vatican prepared for good friday mass at st. peter's about
12:00 pm
a cilic yachlt pope frances will lead the mass by marking the 14 stations of the cross beginning with jesus' death sentence and as his body is laid in the tomb. and that wraps up "real story." here's john in for shep. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. first from fox this afternoon, striking back at isis. american special operations forces taking out the islamic state's number two. a move one source says was a direct response to the terror group's bloodshed in brussels. the pentagon confirms the death of this guy, a well known terrorist. he was the islamic state's finance minister, the man in charge of the money. he died in a raid inside syria early yesterday morning. the defense secretary ash carter says the terror leader is one of the targets they took out. >> we're systematically eliminating isil


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