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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a cilic yachlt pope frances will lead the mass by marking the 14 stations of the cross beginning with jesus' death sentence and as his body is laid in the tomb. and that wraps up "real story." here's john in for shep. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. first from fox this afternoon, striking back at isis. american special operations forces taking out the islamic state's number two. a move one source says was a direct response to the terror group's bloodshed in brussels. the pentagon confirms the death of this guy, a well known terrorist. he was the islamic state's finance minister, the man in charge of the money. he died in a raid inside syria early yesterday morning. the defense secretary ash carter says the terror leader is one of the targets they took out. >> we're systematically eliminating isil's cabinet.
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indeed, the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorists this week. >> secretary carter's counter part, the secretary of state john kerry is in brussels confirming the news one family dreaded hearing that, their loved one died in tuesday's terror attacks. alexander and sascha pinzowski were about to fly home to new york. they were on the phone with their mother at the moment of the blast the phone line went silent. they lived in the u.s. the state department confirms two american citizens also died by we are awaiting for official word on who they are. a dozen americans were also hurt in the attack mshgs are still recovering in the hospital. one of them, the mormon missionary mason wells, he's the teenage are at the scene of the boston marathon bombing in 2013. he was unhurt then but in this latest attack in brussels airport, he was much closer to the blast. >> it's very loud. when i went off, my body was
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kicked off the ground a little bit. and i felt a lot of -- a lot of really hot and cold sensations on the whole right side of my body. i got really hot and really cold. and i -- we were close enough i actually saw fire in front of my face and also down on the ground. we were kind of surrounded by fire for a brief moment. but it was -- it was very surreal experience. >> meantime, to day more dramatic police raids in belgium as security forces hunt down possible suspects in the attack. mike tobin is live with the latest on that in brussels. we start our team coverage with jennifer griffin at the pentagon. what can you tell us about the operation that killed this isis leader? >> john, what is most notable about this operation is that it was planned and executed by u.s. military commanders in the wake of the brussels attack carried out by elite u.s. special operators less than 48 hours after that attack.
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>> leaders can be replaced, however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they're experienced. and so eliminating them is an important objective. and achieves an important result. >> the momentum is in our favor. i think there's a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about the next several months. but by no means, would i say that we're about to break the back of isil or the fight is over. >> there are still 35,000 foreign fighters that have joined isis in iraq and syria from more than 100 countries, john. >> so this isis guy we killed, what more do we know about him? >> he was in essence the finance minister of isis. he is also known as abdel raman. he was an iraqi who joined al qaeda in 2004 and was released from an iraqi prison in 2012
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shortly after all u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. he is a former psychics professor, was al qaeda's leader in mosul and had a $7 million bounl bounty on the head. he was designated a terrorist in may of 2014. pentagon officials are describing this as a very big get, jon. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. belgian forces shot and wounded a suspect who they say was holding a bag of xbloexplos at a trolley stop in brus wells -- brussels with a little girl at his side. prosecutors say officers shot him in the leg. the "daily mirror" newspaper reports the girl was about 7 years old and police led her away from the suspect. they also say the man was one of three suspects police arrested during counter-terrorism raids today. witnesses report hearing two explosions as the operations began. mike tobin live at the scene in
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brussels. what else happened there? >> i can show you the aftermath here. you can see the glass broken as the gunfire happened around here. this individual described as of arab dissent was shot in the leg. he was at this location. the witness accounts differ. one thing we know is that little girl was coax aed away with the little girl before he was approached by the bomb robot. something in his bag alerted the authorities ultimately he was dragged off in this location taken in for questioning. one of two people shot in the leg today, one of three people arrested and a plflurry of poli activity. >> what prompted the raid today? >> there's a lot of information that it was related to the paris raid in the northern suburb of paris. an individual named reddic cricket was picked up. he has a history back here. in july he was convicted in belgium of recruiting isis fighters. when you look at the bomb, a very active bomb was taken from his apartment there, the
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components of that bomb are nearly identical to the bomb that was made in this neighborhood or the bombs that were made in this neighborhood by the people involved in both the airport attack and the attack in the subway. the french president says this was a terror network and says that most of this particular network has been dismantled. jon? >> let's bring in mike baker now. he's a former cia covert operations officer. so, mike, we got a big isis guy in apparently syria. and we did it with boots on the ground. we did it with a special operations forces raid. what does that tell you? >> well, again, i think it's important particularly in this political season to acknowledge the success in a we're having. can you follow this trap of bee moaning the administration if you're on a particular side or the other. but, frankly, you know, we are having some impact. and any time you get a catch
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like this and he was significant, i mean, he's been in this business for a long time. he came up in al qaeda in iraq under zarqawi. he had taken on additional responsibilities after we managed to kill omar the chechen who had been running the war operations. so this was important. but it also shows the quality of the intelligence hopefully is improving. our ability to locate and identify these individuals and then act on it quickly as jennifer griffin pointed out is heart warming and it shows that impact. it may not be as fast as a lot of people would like, but, you know, with a little bit more effort, with additional resources on the ground, more aggression in terms of our strategy, i think we can get there. >> you heard the skeptics who say, look, you get one guy, another one pops up to take his place. >> well, that's absolutely true. they sometimes do seem to have a bottomless well of recruits and operators who can move up. now -- it's also true that,
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quite frankly, sometimes when you lose a senior leader, it doesn't necessarily have the same operational impact as if isis lost a trained and experienced capable bomb maker or a street operator. but it is still significant. it's still important. >> you say, though, there is a danger in having this kind of success on the ground against isis. >> yeah. i think in a perverse way, what we'll be seeing is the more success we have in terms of taking back territory in syria and iraq, in increasing hopef hopefully this air campaign, putting more resources on the campaign and to lead the successful raids and operations, the more that we do that, you get them on their back foot, the more likely it is, frankly, that we will see them focus on outside activity like the brussels attack. so the more success we have on the ground and degrading that
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force, we have to be aware and realistic about this the more likely they're going to say we're going to focus more on the network and eu and try to carry out more attacks against the west. >> brussels, obviously, bagged that guy at the bus stop today, big bag of xbloexplosives on hi. they seem to be getting better at running down the suspects. but they had warning that something was in the pipeline. where was failure here? intelligence? investigative technique? >> intelligence and investigations can always be more efficient. you can always strive to get them better and quicker and act on operational leads more efficiently. frankly, though, i would argue that what we're facing -- what the eu is facing and what brussels in particular is facing, not so much an investigation to intelligence failure, it's a failure of a political legal system that for years now has been weighted very heavily on the side of privacy and civil liberties and the extremists, the terrorists now
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are taking advantage of that. the investigators and the intelligence services can only work within the framework of what the government allows. and there is a layered bureaucracy in terms of what the investigators can do. they're prohibited from a variety of types of surveillance, of aggressive house searches, of the way that they can interrogate or interview or have access to suspects when they arrest them. >> so even this guy who they picked up in brussels who was wanted in connection with the deaths of 130 people in paris, they couldn't interview him? they couldn't interrogate him? >> well, i mean, now there's been sort of this howl going up that, you know, look, they picked him up and between the time they picked him up, arrested him on that friday and the time of the attack, they only interviewed him once. well, it's not because they, you know, they sat around and said well, you know, it's not worth our time. let's sit down with him one time. it's the way the system, the legal system works in terms of trying to protect, as strange as it sounds, trying to protect
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salam or the suspect's rights. and the legal framework that is around this. we should always try to do things better. but we have to step back and understand that there's a bigger discussion here. they need to look within the eu after all these years of creating this system that is so heavily weighted on privacy and civil liberties that at some point they're going to need to move that pendulum to the center and take into account things they -- look, the belgian government in the wake of the paris attacks, they came up with 24 plus recommendations for the protocols and procedures. they haven't acted on any of them. because they have to work through this enormous bureaucracy. >> mike baker, formerly with the cia, now a diligent, thank you, mike. >> thank you. fox alert now. the islamic state claims responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing at a soccer game today.
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iraqi security officials say at least 29 people died, 60 others are hurt. they say it happened at a stadium about 30 miles south of the capital. more details as we get them. and more ahead this hour on the fight against terror including what else we have learned about a possible target, a possible effort to target nuclear power plants. but next, the state of the race for the white house. we'll speak with the rnc national spokeswoman about where the party stands and where it is headed. hey!
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just when you thought the nomination couldn't get any nastier, there's there. ted cruz says donald trump planted a story in the "national enquirer" that accuses cruz of having multiple affairs. >> let me be clear, this "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> donald trump responded, he says he had nothing to do with the story in the "national enquirer." trump goes on, "ted cruz's problem with the "national enquirer" is his and his alone and while they were right about o.j. simpson, john edwards and many others, i certainly hope they are not right about liein'
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ted cruz." this comes after a bitter back and forth about their wife. they accuse of starting a fight. meantime, there is a quieter battle going on behind the scenes, the fight to line up support from delegates ahead of the convention in july. up for grabs, many of the delegates that went to marco rubio who has since dropped out of the race. the head of the republican of the national committee indicated they are preparing for the possibility of an open convention. let's bring in lindsey walter, national spokeswoman for the rnc. an open convention? what would it look like? >> yes. we're preparing for all scenarios. we are at the rnc gearing up for the open convention and we'll be ready if that does become the reality. >> the -- there are concerns being expressed by donald
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trump's campaign that some of the delegates out there being awarded might not necessarily be loyal to trump even if they are awarded as a trump delegate. how do you work that out? the first ballot, they are required to vote for the candidate that they are pledged to, correct? >> what happens if the delegates and how they are -- whether they are on bound to pledge to the state party rules and, yes, if we go to into an open convention, there is an entire process. each candidate will have a delegate going into the open convention and then once you get there, it's up to the state party rules as to how the delegates work out from there. >> trump and i suppose some of the other campaigns are maintaining that the party is not being fair to them. how do you answer that question? >> we're here to ensure an open, fair, and transparent process. that's exactly what we're doing. we have been open from the beginning. we are preparing for all scenarios so that we are ready,
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whether very wwe have someone who does reach the majority or review end up in an open convention. our role in this is to ensure that we have an equal and fair to everyone and that's what we're doing. >> what happens if trump rolls into the convention with 1200 delegates? you need 1237. he says he should be the nominee in a situation like that. what do the rules say? >> the rules say that you have to have a majority. the minority does not win. the majority win. and this has been a rule that has been in place for decades, for as long as we've been having this process. and so if you're short, that doesn't mean -- you have to reach that number. we can't just say well you were close. that's not how the process works. the process says that you have to have a majority. and the minority does not determine who our nominee will be. the majority does. >> so 1200, 1235 votes wouldn't make donald trump the republican nominee? >> in order to be the nominee heading into convention, you have to hit 1237. that is what the process has
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been and that is the majority and again the majority is who determines this, not the minority. >> the process is complicated and not necessarily everybody understands it. but again, the charge coming from some and is that republican national committee is trying to stack the table, stack the deck against trump. >> the rnc, our role in this is to facilitate. we do not set the rules. the rules are set by the rnc rules committee. and that rules committee is compromise of 112 delegates, one man and one woman from every state. these are delegates elected at the most grassroots level. this is not up to the rnc. we don't determine who the delegates are. the voters make that decision. >> we have the three candidates on screen there. kasich, cruz, and trump. you probably know scott walker, the governor of wisconsin and one time candidate himself said the other day that he thinks possibly none of those three might emerge from the convention as a nominee. is that a possibility?
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>> anything is possible. i think that scenario is highly unlikely. we have two candidates who could reach the majority. we have three would are running. i think if you look at it, the three would are there, if we do end up in an open convention, they're going to have representation on the floor. they're going to have the delegates through this process who are there for them. i think, you know, anything is possible. i would say very highly unlikely that you see an outsider candidate come into the floor. i believe that -- our eventual nominee will be one of the three candidates running for president now. >> lindsey walter, the spokes woman for the rnc. thank you. >> thank you. ahead, the democratic side. bernie sanders has a chance to make a dent in hillary clinton's lead this weekend. he's promising to stay in the race until the last state votes in june. does he really have a shot or could he end up hurting the party's chances in november? we'll talk to the dnc's national press secretary next. every day you read headlines about businesses
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bernie sanders trying to gain ground on hillary clinton this weekend. alaska, hawaii, and washington state hold caucuses tomorrow. the total of 142 delegates up for grabs. as always with the democrats, it's proportional. sande sanders' campaign staffers are saying they hope to close the gap with clinton. right now she's up by more than 700 delegates according to the associated press. sanders vowed to fight all the way to the convention. he argues he is the better candidate to take on a republican in november. our latest fox news poll backs that up. you can see sanders does better than clinton in hypothetical matchups against all three gop candidates. he would beat donald trump and ted cruz and he's in a statistical tie with john kasich. clinton also beats trump but by
12:25 pm
a smaller margin and loses to cruz and kasich. meantime, the sanders campaign is moving ahead with a lawsuit against the democratic national committee over access to the party's voter files. this goes back to december when a sanders staffer accessed the clinton's campaign records. the sanders camp called it an honest mistake and fired the staffer. the clinton camp claims it was no accident and the dnc blocked sanders' aides from accessing all party files. the campaign sued and the dnc backed down. sanders' team just filed papers to keep the lawsuit alive. let's bring in the dnc's national press secretary. mark, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> this lawsuit, how much of an embarrassment is it?going to, y havoc within the party at a time when you're trying to show unity? >> well, you know, we've had production -- productive discussions thus far. and we look forward to resolving this quickly and ammicbly.
12:26 pm
>> you think can you do that? >> yes, we do. >> bernie's people seem to be, well, feeling they haven't been treated fairly in this process. >> well, as has been previously reported, we continue to have the productive discussions and we do think this will be resolved quickly and ammicbly. one thing i'll also say is our voter file is exceptional. this is a unified file. every campaign is putting together data at the local level, state level, national level. and they're putting all that data back into voter file. and that gives us a comprehensive understanding of the electorate across the country and all campaigns are able to access that. that stands in stark contrast to where the republicans are which is sort of fragmented system will not be nearly as successful or helpful to them in november. >> as a representative of the party, you're not supposed to, you're not allowed to take sides. but bern ji hopiie is hoping to
12:27 pm
in washington state. 101 delegates up for grabs. one of the biggest prizes, you know, of the states that are out there. what kind of a contest are you expecting? >> well, i think you're going to see a competitive contest. and that's something we've seen throughout this race. you know, you had tens of thousands of people show up at rallies for both candidates. you've seen a huge number of small dollar donations that are being made by people across the country. and, you know, that's a really important thing. it means that come november, we're going to have a unified party, a strong party and part of that is because our candidates are focused on the issues. they're focused on job creation. they're focused on getting more folks ensured. they have a great record to run on if you look at the last seven years. you see six -- excuse me, 72 straight months of job growth, private sector job growth. you see more than 20 million people who didn't have health insurance before. they now have health insurance. and that really stands in stark contrast to the republican side.
12:28 pm
>> if you're looking for a unified party come november, wouldn't it help you a lot more if one of these candidates were out of the race by now? >> no. i think that, you know, both candidates are going to be continuing to campaign hard. i think what's most -- what's great for democrats, i should say, is that you have increased enthusiasm. you have new voters coming out across the board. you have people that are excited about this race. and really want to understand where the candidates are on both sides. and unfortunately, thus far, the republicans have been hurling insults at one another, whether that's on the debate stage, whether that's about respective spouses. and so that stands in stark contrast to where the democrats are right now. >> one of the sanders campaign venues is going to be the stadium where the seattle mariners play. he's hoping for 50,000 people to show up there. when you say the enthusiasm is there, is it, you know, is it
12:29 pm
building for the sanders campaign? >> well, i think you're going to see enthusiasm nonstop. i think there's going to be an enthusiasm gap between republicans and the democrats. you have chaos and confusion on the republican side. you have a candidate, the party standard-bearer now, donald trump, who is, you know, taking outlandish and unacceptable positions on a number of different things, whether that's foreign policy or whether that's domestic issues as well. and i think that's really going to depress turnout come november. >> but you also have, you know, a democratic socialist running in bernie sanders, you know, on your side. is america ready to elect a guy who puts socialists in the title? >> i think america is ready to connect with and vote for the candidate who talks about things they care about whether that's job creation, whether that's health care and a whole host of other issues. i think that will be the most important thing. looking at the republican side right now, there really isn't a kanlt da
12:30 pm
candidate that does that. they're in dire straits come november. >> the democratic national press secretary, mark, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> more ahead on the investigation in belgium. officials say they are limiting access to nuclear plants there after reports that the brussels attackers tried to build a dirty bomb. we'll have details on that. plus, secretary of state john kerry in brus tolls day where he pushed back against critics of the countries's counter terror efrl efforts. a live report from belgium's capital.
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. pope francis jufbt finished a good friday service at the vatican. he spoke to a packed st. peter's basilica. in the next hour, he is set to start the provide session through the coliseum in rome. an explosion rips through a
12:33 pm
town. a train hit a propane truck. all 200 people had to evacuate the town for a little while. investigators are trying to figure out why the truck was on the train tracks. >> and a specialist here in new york says american doctors and hospitals waste nearly $3 billion worth of cancer drugs every year. it's because single dose packages have too much merchandise for one person but they have to toss them for safety reasons. more details in the british medical journal. the news continues right after this. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve.
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some criticism over the handling of the extremist threat is frantic and inappropriate. that is the word from john kerry who is defending belgium's counter terror efforts. as i mentioned, he's in brus tolls day where he met with the belgian prime minister. he confirmed fbi agents are in brussels helping with the
12:36 pm
investigation which fox news reported yesterday. belgian officials have admitted they missed warning signs, some of the brussels attackers had linked to the terror network that carried out coordinated shootings and bombings in paris. if they were tibl stay undetected by belgian police and build bombs. yet the belgian prime minister says he is refusing to accept the resignation of two government officials. greg calkot is live with more. greg? >> john, secretary of state kerry, along with meeting with belgian and european union officials today is paying respects to all those who died and were injured including among the 31 dead, we learned today two americans were killed in tuesday's attacks. it was also giving advice and assistance to embattled local leaders clearly overwhelmed by the devastating effect of the isis-backed attacks this week. we sat down with the secretary. we pressed him on whether the obama administration's slow and
12:37 pm
steady approach to dealing with isis was now enough. take a listen. >> don't we need to pick up our pace? doesn't the united states -- >> we are picking up our pace. the president put special forces on the ground in syria. we are more engaged with more people doing more things than we ever were before. >> we also had an address criticism of the president's activities during his latin american trip in the aftermath of the isis attacks in brussels. again, listen. the optics of president obama being in cuba at a baseball game and tango in argentina which wh is going on, do you have any feeling about that? >> the president every single day is making decisions that are life and death with respect to dash and respect to this war. he has to also continue to be president of the united states.
12:38 pm
>> secretary kerry said the isis attacks on civilians in places like brussels are increasing because the u.s. is putting pressure on isis in their home turf in syria and iraq. little consolation for the folks here who now feel that they are in the crossfire. bal back to you, jon. >> thank you. nuclear agency is taking away the entry badges of some staff members at nuclear plants. a spokeswoman says it's not necessarily linked to the brussels attack. but this comes after reports that two brothers who set off bombs in the city were trying to make a radioactive weapon, a so-called dirty bomb. according to a belgian newspaper, they spied on a top nuclear researcher to try to blackmail him into giving up hazardous material. the brothers reportedly planted a hidden camera outside the researcher's house. fox news has not confirmed the report and the plan apparently failed. last month belgian officials say they found a video linked to a
12:39 pm
person working in the country's nuclear industry during searches after the paris attack. brian walsh is here. he is the international editor for "time." brian, do we know how many people are being frozen out of their nuclear program because of this? >> we don't know. we know they have taken away secured id cards. it's hard to believe there is no connection to the brussels attack. and that really remind us that biggest risk when it comes to potential for gathering materials for dirty bombs doesn't come from terrorists like actually attacking a facility or somewhere elsewhere materials may be kemept but tha the possibility that an insider will take it. that's the real risk. that's what we see here. >> the idea behind the dirty bomb being that you don't have to build a nuclear weapon to vaporize a city. you build a regular bomb like the kind of thing we saw in the airport that spreads radioactive material over a city and essentially poisons the city for
12:40 pm
ions to come. >> exactly. you don't need a nuclear warhead. that's what makes it so worrying. it's not that difficult. they know how to make bombs. you don't have to go into a nuclear plant to find radio logic materials. hospitals have them, industrial centers have them. and we know that a lot of those are not really taken care of, especially hospitals. even after 9/11, there wasn't a security stepped up to to make sure that people wouldn't take the materials. it is something that we're very worried b something on the mind of those working for isis. they know the damage this kind of bomb could do not just in terms of loss of life but the financial damage if you were to render a part of new york city uninhabitual for centuries. that is hard to imagine. >> but the belgian authorities have been sort of behind the eight ball on this investigation from the beginning. you say that there are indications or at least hard to believe that this is not related to the terror attack? >> it's very hard to believe. and also they essentially start scale down and virtually shut down the plants shortly after
12:41 pm
the attacks. it doesn't raise a lot of worries, i thichlt but given the mistakes that have been made on the part of the belgian authority and the lead-up to this attack, they wouldn't be able to really make sure they're securing the materials. it's not just belgium's problem, it is the united states' problem. the materials are so widely scattered. that's what makes it really worrying. it's not too hard to find a place where you could get the materials and it's not an incredibly highly hard effort to make one of the bomb. >> you have to wonder, i mean, part of the reason that belgium brought in so many workers from north africa, places like that, is to be their labor force especially after world war ii. so there may be some relatively medial jobs in these plants being filled by people who don't particularly feel part of belgium society. >> we don't know really. we can only hope that they actually are trying to secure those that access to actual
12:42 pm
material. it brings back to the idea that this is a country clearly unable to keep track of its own population whether it comes to these kind of investigations. this kind of threat. and whether it's going to be something like we've seen with the brussels attacks in terms of bombs and with paris when it comes to the use of guns. i would worry about what the next step would be. >> how many nuclear plants are we talking about? it's fairly small country. >> well, there are two that are particularly close to brussels that are impacted here. i know there are others in belgium, certainly france, of course, which has the own problem is a very nuclear dependent country. a lot of plants there. that country has been much better when it comes to investigating and heading off some of the attacks. we're less worried there. it's really a problem for almost any country that has hospitals. >> and this attempt to blackmail or extort nuclear material from one of the belgian scientists, that went nowhere? >> it did go nowhere. that seems like something out of a movie plot, trying kidnap, put some ransom or pressure on an
12:43 pm
official. that didn't go very far. not that any attempt with the nuclear plants and what this ended up doing is going towards sadly softer targets in the case of an airport and subway station. >> bryan walsh, thank you. major cities ramping up security after the attacks in brussels. they could reportedly use more bomb-sniffing dogs. according to yahoo news, the number of canine teams on patrol in the u.s. skyrocketed 400% since the attacks of september 11th. now there aren't enough dogs. a psa spokesman told yahoo news the agency is considering purchasing privately trained dogs for the first time. yet another american is behind bars in north korea. kim jong un's cronies are using the man as a tool in the country's propaganda machine. wait until you hear about his supposed confession. that's next on fox news.
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north korean officials are pa parading another american on tv. of course other prisoners who were later released set the north koreans coerced them into confessing. last week the country's highest court sent a 21-year-old american student to prison for 15 years after he confessed to trying to steal a poster from his hotel. we have more. trace, what else do we know about this new american detainee? >> jon, the 62-year-old was born in south korea and then moved to fairfax, virginia, and became a naturalized u.s. citizen n 2011 he relocated his frayed and hotel services company back to south korea and commuted every day to a special economic zone in north korea which is where he was arrested back in october. today at a news conference, kim tongue cho admitted he was a spy in cahoots with south korea, he then apologized to his family
12:48 pm
and described his acts as shameless and begged for forgiveness. during the well orchestrated news conferences in north korea, experts say it's not enough to admit you're guilt. prisoners have to shower praise on the north korean political system. the state department has stay add way from commenting about north korea parading our citizens saying it only complicates the efforts to secure their freedom. jon? >> and all of this comes amid rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea. >> and that's mostly because north korea's ramping up the nuclear testing by firing long and short range missiles and boasting that it's in the process of acquiring the capability of placing a nuclear warhead on its rockets. the u.s. and south korea are conducting military drills in the region which north korea calls rehearsals for an invasion. experts know that in the past north korea has used some u.s. detainees as a way to gain concessions from the u.s. or as a way to get a high profile american to visit the country.
12:49 pm
but even with the help of the u.s. government and well known civilians, gaining the release of someone like university of virginia student can take a while which itself tends to harm our diplomatic relations. jon? >> wow. trace gallagher, thank you. some folks could see hail, strong wind, even a tornado or two this holiday weekend. nor'easter forecast ahead. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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in wisconsin, two people were killed after their van spun out of control on a slick interstate. fox news chief meteorologist is live in the extreme weather center for us. rick? >> there is another storm coming for colorado behind this one that we're about to see as well. take a look at the snowfall totals from this last storm. not just colorado but you go into iowa and nebraska, south dakota, wisconsin, minnesota, you get the idea the all of the states with at least a foot of snow. and that's a lot of territory that saw that storm. and it's still impacting us, bringing a lot of rain to florida today. we have warmer air filtering in and rain in there. the second storm is coming here tonight. we'll start to see it across parts of colorado. the last storm was more of a
12:54 pm
denver in the front range but more toward northeastern parts of colorado. this time the storm track goes farther south. southeastern colorado and parts of new mexico for this one will be looking at this storm. nonetheless, march is actually the snowiest month along the front range so it's not uncommon at all to get a lot of snow there. people thinking spring. also fire danger will continue throughout the day today. really strong winds along and in front of this system. >> and easter sunday, how's it looking? >> everybody hoping for spring. we do have spring storms we're going to watch. severe threat along the mid mississippi river valley. could see a tornado or two and a lot of the southeast is going to be very, very rainy on sunday unfortunately. so get ready for kind of to do your festivities inside. hide easter eggs inside if you can. maybe around the chicago area. northeast, looking good. central plains really, really nice. southwest still baking. take a look at that. 88 in phoenix.
12:55 pm
pacific northwest, showers. overall temperatures not that bad. >> i remember indoor easters in colorado growing up. could be another one. rick, thank you. as rick just reported, strong winds making it difficult for crews fighting wildfires in the lanes. the largest one started tuesday in oklahoma and spread into kansas. people say they can smell the smoke more than 400 miles away in st. louis, missouri. hundreds of firefighters are working to control the fire. at last check they had just 15% contained. flames destroyed one home but so far no reports of anybody badly hurt. folks in our nation's capital can see the city's famous cherry blossoms. the national park service tells us they're at peak bloom. 70% of the trees are blossoming. more than 1 million people are expected to check them out this year. the trees originally came from japan. the country gave washington about 3,000 of them back in 1912 as a symbol of friendship. we'll be right back with a look
12:56 pm
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit nighttime in belgium. a live look at the memorial set up in the shadow of the belgium stock exchange. the city wraps up the last of three official days of mourning. the wounds left after these terror attacks will leave lasting scarlast ing scars on this city and its people. on this day in 1863, the u.s. awarded the first medals of honor. president abraham lincoln signed the law to honor troops during the civil war. the first awards went to a group of union soldiers who captured a train in enemy territory and sabotaged confederates supply lines. the highest military honor a
1:00 pm
service member can receive after the u.s. started recognizing our military heroes 153 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. "your world" is next. more terror raids in brussels. at least three suspects detained. witnesses hearing two large explosions. police shooting one suspect they say was carrying a bag of explosive materials. how deep is this network? we're going to take you inside the terror den used by two bombers in the belgium attacks. first, to mike tobin in brussels for the latest on those raids. mike? >> reporter: i'll show you the latest scene here at the tram stop. one person was shot in the leg. you can see some of the broken glass that's leftover in the aftermath of the gunfire. police tape put up. wh


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