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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  March 26, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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this is the second time it's happened in the carolinas, the second time it's been a lousy movie. that's why the prison business in america is really good, up 15% for the year. >> happy easter to everybody. "the cost of freedom" continues right now. anti-terror raids intensifying right now amid reports isis has unleashed 400 fighters across europe. america's mayor says it's time for action. >> we have a solemn treaty with the country of belgium. an attack on belgium is an attack on the united states of america. it may be -- >> you're the lawyer, i'm not. >> an attack on france, an attack on belgium, is an attack on the united states of america. >> rudy guiliani says we're at war and it's time to starting at like it.
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charlie, you say it's time we have to spend like it. also here, ben stein and carrie sheffield. charlie, the money that we've already spent 6.5 billion in the last couple of years finding isis, we have to spend a lot more? >> right. let's be clear, when reagan spent the soviet union into the ground, we had a huge peace dividend in the 1990s. there will be a peace dividend when we destroy isis. i want to make one other point regarding mayor guiliani, i think he's wrong. we're not in a conventional war. we can water board every one of the guys we capture and get their secrets out of them. we do not need to put ground troops in. we can bomb, according to donald trump, the you know what out of them. >> we're spending $11 million a day, carrie, we've dropped a lot of bombs, not as many sorties as people think. a lot of generals say we need to declare official war and put
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troops in on the ground. that means a whole lot more money. >> it does mean more money. we've got so much oil money. we've got so get saudi arabia in here, the jordanians. why not have a coalition where we're not the only ones picking up the check here? in syria, they knew this president is not going to sign off on this. this pretty has shrunk the military budget. i just don't think this is going to happen. the pursestrings aren't there right now. >> ben, that's a great point. we passed our military power. yet isis -- listen, getting rid of this number 2 guy that we did this week, that's a great thing, he's the treasurer. i can't even remember their names, it's like a revolving door. ultimately the pinprick approach hasn't seemed to work and we're going to have to probably figure out a better way. >> this is not like world war ii. we don't win this door by capturing berlin or having a surrender in tokyo bay. isis has a multi-brained,
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multi-headed operation. even if we were to kill all of them in syria or iraq, there would still be hundreds, maybe thousands of them in europe. i don't know how we get rid of them. that cancer has already metastasized and is in the world bloodstream. i don't think you can get rid of them by killing as many of them as possible in the middle east, although i certainly am for that. the amount we're spending is pennies compared to the product and wealth of this country. how do we get at this answer? you cannot spend a cancer to death. >> the way to kill the cancer is philosophical reform recall spork the moderate muslims who can reform from within. >> the moderate muslims are being slaughtered all over the middle east. i'm not sure what role they're going to play without american might behind them. i'veisagree a little bit with ben in the sense that no, there's not a tokyo orber lynor
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berlin. but there is a raqqah. it's going to take will and money to get this done. >> i don't agree, you've already made the case, charles, that you said we're spending $11 million a day. that's a lot of money. this is an esoteric issue. if you told me i could change things radically by spending $22 million a day, i would say that's probably not a factual statement. we're going against a non-state actor here. so i'm not convinced -- and by the way, we've made a prudent decision not to send troops in, because it's not at all clear that it would work. >> what's great about this being a nonstate actor is that we can send in our special forces and we can execute their leaders when we want and we should be bombing the you know what out of them and killing them. >> we are. >> and go into their neighborhoods and shooting them right between the eyes. >> we are doing all of that. >> let adam finish.
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>> there are 49,000 muslims in brussels. >> we don't bomb brussels. >> we're capturing a few of them. >> the good thing about u.s. intelligence is it's intelligent. it can find people in the u.s. and overseas when went to. yes, we can go to their homes and blow their brains out. >> hold on one second, guys. here's the point. the two brothers involved in that were on the u.s. terror watch list. i'm not sure what the communication problem is. >> there you go. >> the notion that somehow that isis does not have physical assets, they don't have oil wells, they don't have troops that should be targeted, they don't have headquarters around this country, in syria and libya, that we should invade and eradicate, unless we get to the root, guys, i'm confused about this, that means will and money. >> you're absolutely right. we should be completely freezing
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every asset. these guys are sloshing oil around, that's how they're funding their slaughter, because they have access to funds. we should be shutting down that immediately. we should be completely boycott, divesting, sanctions, any nation that trades with isis. the money will run out. we can't feed a soldier if you don't have money. >> you just said it, they were on the list. we know who they are. let's start killing them. let's start executing they will. let's find them and blow their brains out where they live. shoot them between the eyes. >> how much money do you think it takes to feed one terrorist carrying knapsack full of explosives? >> of course. but that's not what i'm saying. >> i agree, and i agree with you, charlie, we should kill them. but spending more money and doing these dramatic bombing things in raqqah, that's not going to stop the ones who are already in europe. >> that's true, but let's kill
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them where they are now and then go to europe. >> the bottom line, i'll go you to on this, adam, unless you kill the root, unless you destroy the root, that's what feeds the operation. that's what feeds the mythology of isis winning this war against the west. when that is eradicated, you start to get rid of the terror network, it collapses afterwards. we've done a lot of bombing and we are spending billions of dollars. that alone is not working without a plan to win this thing. >> the problem is, and charlie is a big one for criticizing donald trump, but he sounds exactly like donald trump. >> i agree with him on this one. >> because we are already doing all the things -- >> no, we're not. >> -- that you're recommending. let me finish, charlie. the honest statement is that we can do all these things, we can double all these things, and that won't solve the problem. we have to be honest with
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ourselves about that. charles articulated it very well. we're trying. it's a very difficult situation. and foaming at the mouth about it won't make it a less difficult situation. >> we are doing pinpoint bombings that we're afraid to hit collateral damage. >> one at a time. we're at war. we're at war. whether we've declared it or not. one of the big issues is on the money side particularly when it comes to nato, cary. we pay 22%, there's no communication there, it's not effective. is there a time for us to figure out a way, europeans, you have to put more physical and economic skin in the game. >> intelligence. >> they have to put money into itless also. we're paying the bills. >> the europeans love to say they're the conscience, they love to moralize and say we're swine, we're violent. but we're the ones actually backing you up. they do need to step up, i
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completely agree. because of their socialist policies, they don't have disposable income the way we do. >> ben, you make it sound like a hopeless situation. i understand the terrorists are embedded. but the idea that we're not going to have a decisive plan to eradicate them once and for all starting with their headquarters, i don't get that. spend the money, get nato to spend the money, and let's win this thing. >> the headquarters is in the mental disease and in the sick, twisted brains of the people in isis. there is no headquarters that can meaningfully be bombed in raqqah that would stop the terrorists in europe. these people are mentally sick, homicidal maniacs. we do not stop them by bombing raqqah. charlie is totally right. go find them and then shoot them, absolutely, totally right. but firebomb these towns where the great majority of people are innocent civilians, i don't get that at all.
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>> we're not going to firebomb brussels, okay, not even neighborhoods of brussels. let's leave it there. we're done with this segment. a smashed tablet found at an apartment tied to the brussels terror suspects. is it a reminder why u.s. tech companies need to help track down terrorists right now? today, at least one those brussels terror suspects was in police custody before, then released. now u.s. officials are saying released gitmo detainees have killed americans. some americans say it's time to stop being too pc when it comes to stopping islamic terrorists.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm uma pemmaraju. belgian authorities are revealing that dna analysis has confirmed the identity of one of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. they say the 24-year-old terrorist was the same bomb maker behind the massacre in
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paris last november that killed 130 people. the prosecutor also confirming he was the bomber seen on the left side of the surveillance video pushing a luggage cart at the brussels airport before those deadly explosions. in iraq, isis now claiming responsibility for another deadly attack. a suicide bombing at a soccer stadium near baghdad. at least 29 people killed there and 90 others injured. witnesses say fans were watching a championship ceremony for a local team when that bomb exploded. the deadly blast coming as the iraqi military claims it's making new gains against the terrorist group. i'm uma pemmaraju. now back to more "cavuto on business." european authorities ramping up efforts to nab more potential terrorists after those attacks in brussels. kerry says apple has to ramp up its efforts to help security officials here do the same
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thing. >> it's funny that tim cook is now standing up even though there are multiple instances in which they were cooperating. it's mixed signals but it seems fake, it seems hollow. that aside, we need these tech companies to step it up and to say american security is important and we need to save lives here, because, you know, what do you have on your phone that's so important? you have a bunch of pictures and selfies, what's the big deal? >> you really want to know what's on my phone? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> we don't want to know. >> if you commit a crime, the question is should police have a right of access, if you're assumed to have committed a crime. >> maybe adam could help us out with this one in this sense. i'm just looking, waiting for the rational response from apple, why she should be able to tell the u.s. government to pound sand on terrorism. every time i look in stories about this, i just don't -- i never get a rational excuse from
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apple why they can just tell -- flip off the federal government, you know, in trying to capture terrorists. >> two things, adam. we know apple and tim cook have talked about the fact that creating this key makes everybody's phones vulnerable. i don't even remember that commercial they would based on 1984, the book, during the super bowl. they've always had this narrative that it's us versus the government, we're going to keep you safe from the government. and, you know, i think it's wearing thin with the general public, but that's been their position. >> well, you know, it's interesting. i initially was exactly where charlie was on this. my perspective was, apple just needs to step up and help out. their perspective is, they help out quite a lot. what you said, i think what cary said is right, they do help. in many instances what they objected to was being asked to create a whole new product. they said to the government, you create it, you know how to do it, you do it, but we can't be in the position of doing it.
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it's just just governments they want to protect users from, it's bad guys, criminals. >> it was a little disingenuous, all of that in my mind, at least, apple's response. twitter this week, they shut down a few of these accounts that sort of echoed terrorism or cheered the brussels attacks. but it feels like, again, twitter, apple, doing too little, too late. >> there doesn't seem to be the slightest question, what's more important, the security of americans, keeping americans from being bombed or blown up, or if apple keeps a good reputation with a bunch of techie nerds in silicon valley. >> right on, ben. >> that's not even a close call. >> so you work with a lot of tech people. is there something to it? because the libertarian position is exactly opposite of ben, they're saying, once you give in
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to the tearyranny of government having absolute power, it's over for everybody. >> nobody is saying absolute power. nobody is saying we want to be china, that would be horrendous. but the edward snowden disclosure, he didn't even showed abuse, he just showed tactics. this is a tactical thing, saying we need tools to do what we need to do to protect american lives. we need to think about, like if you want to talk about moral clarity, the moral clarity is we need to save lives. if we need to -- it's metadata. >> first and foremost, that's what we need. >> we've done far more authoritarian things than having apple help catch terrorists. i'm not saying i agree with those authoritarian things. this is just low-hanging fruit, for them to be doing this, the only thing i can be thinking of is tim cook is looking for a cheap marketing ploy. >> let me bring adam in here for
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one second. >> i just want to point out, again, i'm not 100% on their side at all, but they have said, if this was in the cloud, we've answered many of these requests, we've helped out law enforcement many times, we can do that. but we created the phone in such a way that the bad guys can't get into it, now you're asking us to devote our resources, it's a bad precedent. >> they're one of the biggest companies in the world. >> it's a principle. >> of course they can do it. >> adam, if the richest company in the world wants to, they can throw a few bucks at this thing. >> i get that. so do they. you should be scared of the united states. >> this segment is over. you can bring it up on twitter later on. hillary and bernie compete for delegates today. a big name liberal is calling
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and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. coming up ahead of more key races burning a boost by calling hillary clinton a wall street hypocrite. plus, in the
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as hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in three more states today ralph nader is weighing in and he has some harsh words for one of them. >> hillary is a hypocrite. at the same time she is denouncing big money politics she is taking big money corrupting her politics. she says one thing to the voters and does exactly the opposite in terms of her campaign cash sources.
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>> charlie, i have a feeling you agree with that. >> as someone who followed wall street 90% of my career. she is the king of crony capitalism would be her husband and, you know, all the nonsense going on with the republican nomination for primaries is taken away from the fact that big money has their hooks into hillary clinton in such a huge way. both through the clinton foundation and through her personal contributions. and that she is lying about that connection and she's misleading the american people. and it's a shame because what's going on in the republican party is basically overshadowing one of the greatest travesties of all time. >> although going to tell you -- ben stein -- >> like a socialist. >> bernie sanders has been hitting her hard on this over and over again. you have someone like a ralph nader hitting her hard over this and we know she has taken gobs of money from wall street and yes trying to be the anti-wall
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street candidate. >> hilarious last night and i was watching her and she had just come from two parties of billionaires raking in their money. this is a woman who has gotten bribed by $25 million from the king of saudi arabia alone. this is the queen of all bribe taking in all history. >> be careful. >> before i bring you in, adam. i want the audience to take a listen to one of hillary backers from wall street and he's pla explaining how the wink and the nod actually works. let's listen. >> try to get elected and get the nomination. i think if you go back and look at your state when she was the senator in new york state, i think you would say she's probably one of the best senators that wevñ had. if you're running you have to win. as long as you read the tea leaves the right way. >> that was john mack.
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no one is more wall street than him. what do you say? >> i understand what he's arer saying and i agree. i think we should be careful with our language. bribe taking is a criminal, a criminal offense. a wink and a nudge is not. and none of this surprises me. this is not a news story. i'm going to say that she's been bribed by wall street her entire public career. >> is she going to get away with this stuff? >> well, young people, my generation says no. that's why they're voting in droves for bernie sanders. because even though i think bernie sanders' policies would drive this country bankrupt. young people see him as authentic. i understand that. but she's going to win. >> you going to vote$ñ -- >> one thing we know is wall street will spend a lot of money on both sides of the aisle. i want to thank carrie and charlie very much. the names that keep your money secure in these uncertain times.
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names to help keep you secure when the world gets scary. >> the low volume index, charles. >> ben? ó;q6hank you very much, guys, the cost of freedom continues with dave asmin, the place to be, fox. what i can tell you is that unfortunately there were americans thatáhave died. >> closing guantanamo bay and admitting that americans have been killed by released gitmo detainees. and this is we're finding out one of the belgium attackers was arrested before and released by authorities over there and another one might have been kna nabbed if they didn't prohibit overnight raids. let's go in focus to find out with steve forbes and e


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