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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  March 26, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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everybody is agreeing with everybody else on this. i like that. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. thank you for watching. continuing with eric bolling and "cashin' in." >> it is standard, good policing to direct your resources to where the threat is coming from. we should do the same thing with radical islamic terrorism. ted cruz calling for more policing in muslim neighborhood of america so we don't become the next brussels. president obama begs to differ. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. which, by the way, the father of senator cruz escaped for america.y the land of the free. the country that we are. and it's not going to help us
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defeat isis. >> who has a right to keep us safe from terrorists? our crew this week, jonathan, jessica, morgan. welcome, everybody. now, gina, who has it right? ted cruz or nobel peace prize winner president oba winn winner? >> ted cruz. we are at war right now, eric. i thinknchyp that's the part th obama seems to not recognize while he's out dancing and golfing and doing the wave at baseball games. this is a real true insurgent war. and we're talking about keeping all neighborhoods safe. we're talking about keeping people around the mosque safe, too. because if any area is at risk, it will% be where the hot bed o the activity is going on. that makes all americans safer. this is not the same thing as what obama is trying to compare it to, as, for example, in cuba, where they arrest people for free speech. totally different thing. >> john, are we violating anyone's personal liberties by having extra scrutnies on areas
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we think there are hot beds of terror? >> muslim americans rights are upheld more in america here than they are anywhere else in the world. i think to gina's point.h jihadism is at war with the west and it needs to be destroyed as obama talks about when he's doing the tango or whatever it is. i think it's going to necessitate a total war in the middle east and in saudi arabia. but in the interim, at least working with these muslim communities just as we work with gang communities where there's gang violence being festered and work with these communities where there's possible hot beds of local home-grown terrorism because, you know what, obama's job to protect those communities, as well. >> now, some people on the left are saying if you target these muslim communities or specific mosques, that would be considered profiling. but good police work has a tenditancy to be kind of like profiling. >> a littledñ bit. what ted cruz is citing.
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commissioner bill bratton came out and said ted cruz doesn't know what he was talking about. it was disbanded in 2014 because there was not one piece of usable intelligence whata they got out of eight years of doing that. i understand what ted cruz is saying and just riling people up and that policy would make us less safe and two lawsuits that had to be settled against the nypd and revising their procedures. >> let's be honest, ted cruz wasn't specifically like the nypd. >> he said the nypd. >> correct. however, he's saying muslim neighborhoods in america, not new york city. >> well, he used that as the model. that is the model. we know 9/11 happened here, obviously. everyone will look to new york as an example and the fact that he cited it and there is no white paper and no plan. he just said patrol and secure. what does that mean ted cruz before you go into muslim neighborhoods. >> hold on, john. let me get morgan in here.
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there is a very large somali population in the twin cities near minneapolis, morgan. would it be wrong if there was extra scurutiny put on those neighborhood? >> i think law enforcement official os need to use a threat-based approach whenever enforcing their communities. we have muslim americans who have fought and died fighting for this country. they're in the fbi. they're in the cia. so, nox! reason as john pointed out that law enforcement communities can't work with muslim communities the way the way that they do with gang communities. and there's also no such thing, really, as muslim communities in america. muslims live side by side with muslims and jews and that makes this country great. this ignores the reality of how we really fight isis. talking about what we do in america and the truth is no stopping or defeating isis unless we go after in iraq and syria. >> true. we all, we all, most of us would agree. >> the president would not
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agree. >> but let's -- >> the team leader of isis. obama doesn't know the numbers. >> hold on, we're saying with extra scrutiny from muslim communities and ted cruz suggesting. hi, john. >> tremendous political. we want to talk about political. this is exactly it. this notion that somehox5 if we patrol. if we do investigations and we do police work in america to keep americans safe. somehow you're going to radicalize people that are already here simply by doing their job. your job. that is the president's job to eliminate radical islam wherever it is. whether it's in mosques or churches or synagogues or schools or anywhere else. that's his primary job and i think he's dropping the ball because as gina talked about, he's comparing police work with the destruction. >> let me throw something at gina. gina, just let me throw this at you. brussels has not been known to
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send a lot of fighters in the fight against isis. i would say france has and the other neighboring country, germany, has. brussels hasn't and looked what happened. terrorists killed 34, 30 something in brussels. jonathan's right. playing around and trying to prec their feelings. the terrorists feelings so they don't get mad at us is getting people killed. >> it is. we can't just fight this war abroad. %!%m is an insurgent war. to keep americans safe. all you have to do, eric, is look back as far as san bernardino. this happened and that wasn't even that long ago. this has happened on american soil. it is the jihadists who have promised us this will happen, again, on american soil. we have to take more action on american soil. it's that simple. >> jess, haonestly, you don't want specific areas looked at with more scrutiny than others. okay, so --
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>> and we're not suggesting we take away all people's civil libe liberties. i'm not suggesting that. that is why there is a line at the airport. >> policing and then just making these broad brush declarations which is what ted cruz was doing here. we have this from donald trump, as well. go am to the mosque and ban muslims and there needs to be lz specificity and ted cruz came out and suggested this in light of what happened in brussels. the population of brussels 6% are muslim and 1% muslim for the entire nation. the second most educated group here. 10% of muslims are doctors. >> once again, there's just a terrible -- but you're doing a straw man. you're saying that ted cruz or any of these candidates are talking about surveilling every single muslim and knocking on every single muslim door. that's not what they're talking about. >> give me a plan with >> okay. >> stop, i'll give you an
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example. >> hold on, gina. >> guys, hold on. >> allow me to do this, jessica, do you remember in san bernardino as jonathan points out neighbors saw boxes going into that home. which would- be bombers and the neighbors said this. i didn't want to say anything or look suspicious. >> i talked about it and i agree would the panel that day. if you see something, say something. of course. i understand the importance of targeted policing. what i don't understand is why the republican candidates are riling people up. >> riling people up.]l i will tell you something. most of america agrees with what the republican candidates are saying. a majority of americans agree with that. >> show me a bunch of liberals who think that is a good idea. >> not just the american people riling people up. >> do you understand the difference between a majority and you picking out a specific group? they were not part of the majority. they are part of the minority.
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who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. donald trump anti-establishment measure and now house speaker paul ryan is pushing the establishment to earn back america's faith in government. >> looking around at what's taking place in politics today, it is so easy to get disheartened. when people distrust politics, they come to distrust institutions.j7 they lose faith in government. they ,+oñ faith in our future. we can acknowledge this. but we don't have to accept this. and we can't enable it either. >> okay, morgan.
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whose message is winning out here with the american people? the outsiders or the establishments also known as insiders? >> eric, i think you would have to have your head in the sand over thelast nine months. i think the real question going forward is which outsider is going to get the nomination? trump or cruz. >> what do you say, jonathan. by the way, i like paul ryan, john. but this establishment thing, i think morgan is right. this is the year of the outside. they're getting like 80% of the vote, too. >> i don't understand, eric. if by establishment you mean establish principle and by outsider. >> not at all, john. not even the definition of establishment. the lobbyist. the money, the infrastructure and the selling political favors for re-election donations. that's what we would call the establishment insiders. >> okay.
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aith in ple keepi government, eric. understanding the importance of government and a constitutional government. that's what makes this country unique. what makes us special and this country your life belongs to you. so, people i know are frustrated but i hope they don't give up on the idea of a constitutional republic in which every individual's rights are protected. >> that seems very nice, but, gina, let's put it this way. republicans have been sold a bill of goods. smaller government and we're for the people. but we're not really getting that. our taxes have gone up among republican presidents, as well. >> absolutely. our founders did not say anything about having faith in government. how can you have faith in government so bloated that it completely lies to you all the time and everything that it tries to do. and paul ryan is so tone deaf it's almost astonishing here, eric. how does he not understand that the cynicism that's been bred in
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the voters doesn't come from outsider candidates like ted cruz and donald trump. it comes from him and people like him in the establishment, not keeping their promises. when his first act was to not even do anything about obama care and the budget. how he cannot see it is he that is the problem and his colleagues. i don't know. >> what do you say, jess? where are you on this one? >> i think that you shouldn't trust either the outsides or the insiders. but i think paul ryan, gina is completely correct. it does sound tone deaf that republicans in congress havef 1% approval rating and not that democrats are doing much better. they haven't delivered. who seem perfectly willing to shut down and a majority of republicans would prefer. >> we'll leave it on there because we have a hot debate coming up. devastated by donald. college students needing
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counseling after someone writes pro-trump messages in chalk on campus. the crazy story and the double standards surrounding it, next. >> i've seen support for bernie sanders in chalk. that, to me, would be more controversial. >> did it raise any controversy? >> it raised no controversy. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ it's my job and it's i takealso my passion.rises. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep...
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this is a fox news alert.
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breaking news in the terror investigation in brussels with authorities now saying a suspect in those attacks now in custody. belgium prosecutors identifying him and there is no confirmation yet that he was the third bomber at the airport but belgian media reporting that he was the third man running from the brussels airport after two of his accomplices blew themselves up at the airport there. meanwhile, new signs that brussels remains a city very much on the edge. a government official now urging people not to hold a rally there tomorrow in solidarity with the victims of this week's terror attacks on the subway and the airport. he says the police are already stretched thin and are needed else where to protect that city. now back to more of "cashin in" .
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jonathan, what is going on in american colleges? . >> it can be traced to the progressive education in the 1920s that practiced at all of these colleges. it's frightening that it's not like there are a couple of college kids. these are tomorrow leaders. these are the advisers to tomorrow's leaders being trained by professors and administrators who are anti-free speech, anti-capital lic anti-capitali anti-capitalism. >> the student body president says, "the way this story is being covered suggests that our students are afraid of chalk.
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they are not. they are afraid of hate and everything that comes with it. and trump 2016 were written, yes but build the wall was also written and it was written prominently, immediately outside of our cenro latino." >> i think it's important, obviously, that a distinction be drawn between trump 2016 and "build a wall." all of it is free speech and protective and critical for all minds, young minds, old minds. it's all part of what makes america great, now that we're going to be making america great again, as donald trump says. but writing, "build a wall," he's the most divisive -- >> ready or not, he wants to build a wall to stop tim interrogati
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immigration. how is that hostile? >> he's talking about undoing birthright citizenship. >> upholding the law of the land. >> which is constitutionally protected is upholding the law of the land? i have liberal laws and they don't call for the -- >> preventing illegal immigration and sending back people who are here illegally is the law. i have a 17-year-old going to college pretty soon. emory is a pretty good school. i see that going on and i think, wow, that's going on at college campuses? >> you need to look for a school where they don't placate the mentality frailty. when they complain that it's painful that someone wrote in chalk "trump 2016" and for him to acknowledge and validate that is to make these the kinds of people who are going to come out of emory and how sad is this,
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screaming because someone's cross they wore on their neck offended them. this is not healthy. we need to teach students to buck up a little bit. i've taught in universities. this kind of placating distracts from what is truly academic. >> your thoughts on this latest microaggression? >> well, as an economic conservative, i'm against bernie sanders free college for everyone because i don't think that's good policy. but seeing these stories reminds me of why i'm against free college for everyone. the kids in a way i can sort of blame them but the faculty i blame more. this is silliness that these adults would allow this sort of patronizing behavior to come out of our college campuses. yes, we can blame it on the kids and colleges all we want but where are all of these idiots that allowed this to happen? >> we'll have to leave that there. as brussels was burning,
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test. i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. okay. time to wake up, america. this week, president obama departed on a scheduled trip to communist cuba. the president offered a lifting of economic sanctions on cuba. the president offered to lift the travel restrictions to cuba as well, some valuable assets he handed over to fidel, recall and the communist regime. what do we get in return? we got nothing. president obama got a few mojitos, a good cigar and a baseball game. the cuban deal is proof that he can't make good deals. what happened next shocked us all. a nato ally of america, brussels, the bombs tore through an airport at a subway platform killing more than 30 and yet our president was unmoved. he decided to keep to the schedule and check out a baseball game.
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well, he actually did away with raul castro. check out this side-by-side video. on the left, obama is taking in a ball game and the blood is still being mopped up from the floor. several americans were unaccounted for at that moment as well. sadly, it was confirmed that a brother and sister, fellow americans, were among those blown up at the brussels airport. wow. president obama wants to lead from behind and those are his own words. in effect, president obama is the purchaer va yor of what i c limp wristed. i prefer an iron wrist over a limp wrist. by the way, leading your dance partner in the tango does not mean leading the war on terror.
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i don't begrudge president obama for his cuba trip. i only wish he would have stayed there. i'm bob massi. for 34 years, i've been practicing law in living in las vegas, the center of the recent real estate crisis. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now, well, it's a different story. the american dream is back. and nowhere is that more clear than the sunshine state of florida. so we hit it from the strip to the beach to show you how to live the american dream. i'm going to meet real people who are facing serious problems. take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe. and give you the tips that everyone needs to navigate the new landscape because information is power and the property man has got


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