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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 26, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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information on our website at be sure to send me your questions or property stories at i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. this week on "the journal editorial report," deadly attacks in brussels raising new questions about europe and america's commitment to fighting isis. plus, with terror making a return to the campaign trail, a look at how the presidential candidates are responding to the threat. and ted cruz renewing his call for john kasich to exit the republican race. but can he beat donald trump one on one as the campaign heads east? find out after these headlines. hello, everyone. this is a fox news alert. a massive manhunt in brussels leads them to faccal cheffou.
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investigators believe he could be the man in the hat and white jacket that you see here in this surveillance video with two of the other suspected terrorists. and the rolling stones rocking it out in cuba last nig night playing in front of fans in cuba in that island nation and comes days after president obama's historic visit. i invite you to join me for my show at 3:00 with more news and a special guest including lieutenant michael flynn and oliver north. now back to "the journal editorial report." welcome to "the journal editorial report." islamic state took
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responsibility for the attacks in brussels that left 30 dead and hundreds more injured and left security alarms across the united states. president obama who came under fire this week for pressing ahead of his tour of latin america in the wake of the attacks calling defeating isis is his top priority. >> this is any my number one priority. i've got a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isil a and to eliminate this barbaric terrorism that's been taking place around the world. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan and columnist mary and bill mcgern. bill, reports this week, more than 400 terrorists have come in from syria and iraq via islamic state threatening europe to strike whenever they feel they
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are able to do it. >> right. >> we've got a bigger threat there than i think a lot of people thought we did. >> right. including the president. this week we saw a good snapshot of what president obama is about. i think the criticisms of him continuing a tour are kind of weak. >> i agree. >> the big problem he has is he doesn't have a strategy. his strategy seems to be back in his old dorm room and fighting the people the cold war. and what he says on isis is contradictory to that. a long war against radical islam, it's not going to be a divisive battle. we've been very undecisive. we can't even say how many troops we have in iraq. it's the worst lesson of vietnam, the gradual lie zags of sticking more and more people in there. >> let's talk about the threat in europe. they are really coming out, these terrorists, out of -- some of them are europeans but they've traveled to syria and iraq, been radicalized or
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trained or both and then come back. and that's the nature of this threat. >> yeah. what's really remarkable and what we're finding out now is really how little coordination there has been in europe amongst the european states and also inside of belgium how little they have been able to mobilize against this. belgium has something like 6% of its -- something between 6 and 8% of its population is muslim. and in the city of brussels, it's almost 24%. now, these people are largely peaceful but you also have something like 560 belgians who have gone to syria and iraq to fight and come back and there is evidence that at least one of them traveled five times back and forth before he was caught. there's something wrong with the intelligence there. >> a lack of intelligence. intelligence, surveillance and interrogation. those are the three best tools that any government has to be
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able to cope with terrorism. they are inadequate on all fronts. >> not only inadequate on all fronts, europe is inadequate in a way that you would not go so far to say that it threatens its very existence but it does threaten what prime minister michel calls their way of life. they do not share intelligence well with one another but they don't do anything well with one another. this problem began because you had all of these migrants throwing into europe. european states got together to perform a policy for the migrant crisis. they were incapable of doing it because they had conflicting policies and conflicting policies with the european union. the exact same thing is going on with terrorism. they are smothering under the bureaucracies that they have created in those countries and don't seem to be able to get out of it. >> they also don't seem to be wanting to do anything about the problem in syria.
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there are some bombing the french and germany is doing nothing, essentially, in syria or iraq to contain isis. unless you go to the source of this problem, you're never really going to get your arms around it. >> well, that's true but i think this comes back to president obama because i think that the u.s. is the natural leader for this. and he has not exerted that kind of leadership and if you're not a believable, you know, leader in a crisis like this, you're not going to get people behind you. there's too much political risk domestically. >> let me read something, bill, from jeffrey goldberg's article in "the atlantic" summing up president obama's thinking, exhaustive reporting here. "he has never believed that terrorism poses a threat to america kmen sure rate with the fear it generates. even during the period in 2014 when isis was executing its
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american captives in syria, his emotions were in check. valley jarrett, oem's closest adviser, told him people were worried that the group would soon take its beheading campaign to the u.s." that's from a general supporter of the president. >> the points of difference between jimmy carter, we had a similar kind of chaos in the world. jam president obama knows what he's doing but doesn't believe what everyone else does. his thinking, he's not sharing that with the american people that, you know, to say isis is his top threat and also have these beliefs that are incompatible. he's sort of giving the public one thing and we're allowing the civil war to upend the whole region. when we come back, terror returns to the campaign trail as
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we need to be targeting isisident, i will utterly destroy isis. we will use overwhelming air power, carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> it would also be a serious mistake to be carpet bombing areas into oblivion. that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you're in over your head. >> ted cruz and hillary clinton two of the presidential candidates weighing in after tuesday's attacks in brussels brought the issue of terrorism back to the campaign trail. mary, donald trump says the terrorism issue plays well to
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him because it's vindicated him on muslim immigration, in particular. how do you think it cuts into the campaign? >> well, i think in the primary it will help him because a lot of his supporters like the idea that he wants to use torture against people that he catches. you know, cut off any muslim immigration to the country. i mean, that's a line of thinking from his supporters and i think they will be mobilized by that. but i think in the general election it will be a problem for him and i think hillary clinton in her speech at stanford this week was very good at describing how complicated this problem is. she doesn't have any answers either. but her speech was a lot more informed, i think, and a lot more eloquent and elegant in terms of thinking about the moving parts here and also the reality that we're not going to start rounding up muslims in this country. it's just not going to happen no
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matter how hard talking trump is. >> what is the difference between obama's policy and hillary clinton's as she outlined in her speech? is there much? >> there isn't much. and you know what, hillary should be pressed on that by the republican candidates. why and how is your policy going to be different than barack obama's. but you know what, paul, that's not going to happen. i think as big of an event as this is, it has changed nothing in terms of the presidential campaign. >> nothing at all? >> nothing at all. the reason is, a serious policy has to admit that in addition to bombing from the air, you're going to have to insert some u.s. troops to guide that or to support our allies down there. ted cruz is adamantly against that. >> right. >> john kasich is more or less against that. his position is ambiguous and i think hillary clinton can argue back against either one of them and you end up with a policy of pl bluster on the other side and donald trump wins the bluster
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argument. >> she calls for an intelligent surge as if they are not already doing what they can and calls for an acceleration of the pace of the campaign against isis without any details. so that's not much of a difference, bill. but john kasich has said once -- on occasion that he would be willing to support ground troops. >> yeah. >> we need to lead. i agree thoroughly with dan, what's missing with this is we keep defining what we theneed to by tactics. we need forces. there's 30, 40,000 isis fighters. we need forces there. no one wants to say that. what we should be doing is defining our mission and then finding the resources to meet the mission. we just had a couple of generals testify before the attacks in brussels that the president basically does not have a strategy to defeat isis in syria and iraq and increasingly libya. >> and the republican strategy is represented by donald trump and ted cruz and is really an immigration strategy.
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it's shut off from the borders and this week cruz said he would patrol and secure -- wants to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods in the united states. are we really going to deploy people to walk the streets? and what good would that do? >> paul, i think what's going on here, these politicians don't feel that americans have the stomach to engage in the kind of fight that bill is talking about. and, you know, it's an election. they want to win the election. they are not going to tell the american people we need to go over there. >> and to be clear, we're not talking about 150,000 troops in iraq. former generals have talked about maybe 10,000, 15,000 -- >> trust me, we have more support than ever from the partners the region. you look at what president bush did with the anbar awakening, the muslim allies there. we have a lot more sunni arabs that would be willing to fight if we could give them logistical
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support and so forth. >> i think the candidates are not making a case for why i we have to do that and you're not going to get there until -- >> you are basically saying that terrorism might play to hillary clinton's benefit in the general election because she would be -- she's trying to portray herself as the adult, the experienced one, the sober, you know, she knows the world, builds alliances and that might work to her benefit since there's not a lot of other distinctions with the republicans? >> that's exactly my point. john kasich and ted cruz are ambivalent about their policy and trump's policy is to bomb them to the stone ages. when we come back, the race heads to wisconsin and then on to new york, ted cruz calling on john kasich to get out. but can he beat donald trump one on one? >> let me tell you, i drop out and donald trump will absolutely be the nominee because i don't
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♪ a split decision in tuesday's republican contest with donald trump notching a big victory in the arizona primary, and ted cruz winning decisively in utah. and as the race heads now to wisconsin on april 5th and new york two weeks later, a new fox news poll finds ted cruz closing the gap with donald trump nationally. with john kasich a distant third. but in a general election match-up against hillary clinton, that same poll shows kasich with a double digit lead and the the only gop candidate to top the 50% mark. so dan, does the utah result and these new polls show that donald trump losing -- is losing some
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support among republicans? >> i think it does suggest that. we are in a very interesting inflexion point in this campaign for the nomination. because people -- as we get closer to the possibility of a brokered election, republicans start thinking about who can win in november. and these polls, real clear politics average of five major polls has hillary in the head-to-head, beating donald trump by 11 points. and bernie sanders beating him by 17 points. something is going on there. and i think as we go into these final primaries, donald trump has somehow got to display that he can raise his ceiling, raise his game, which means raise the tenor of his campaign. because if he keeps going as -- with the status quo, he's going to remain flat against two of these democratic opponents. >> big gender gap growing in particular, mary, for donald trump. but ted cruz gaining new doorsments this week. jeb bush, mitt romney, the club for growth. so he's consolidating some support among mainstream
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republicans not yet showing somewhat conservatives and moderates in the poll -- in elections. but he is gaining some support. >> yeah, dan says something is going on there. the something is that the majority of americans would not vote for donald trump. that's what's going on there. and it's -- i think the fact that ted cruz is gaining some momentum. i think it's a little comforting to people. but when you look at ted cruz's negatives, they also remain a problem. i mean, he has gotten these endorsements from jeb bush and other important republicans, but i am looking at this general election poll and i think it's very doubtful that ted cruz could be elected president of the united states also. >> he loses in real clear politics average by 2.9 points so it's close. and these are early. there are several months to go and we don't know how they would debate head-to-head. but ted cruz says john kasich has got to get out, because donald trump has a big lead in the delegates, no question with
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b that. and neither ted cruz nor john kasich, i think, can get enough votes themselves to get the nomination. certainly kasich can't and cruz almost can't. so donald trump still has a big advantage. cruz says kasich has got to get out. what do you think of that? >> the way i think about it is, i look at these primaries the way i look at my ncaa brackets. they have blown up by different things. the idea that someone she houldt out, on the one hand donald trump has yet to go over 50%. john kasich is making the case for himself. he needs to win a few states. there's this pesky thing called voters. >> kasich needs to win. >> win some states. >> here's the problem that cruz has. he's going into these eastern and pacific coast states, washington, oregon, california, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, rhode island. he's not shown that he can win among the moderates and somewhat krchts in those states, and maybe trump would do better than he would in -- among those
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voters. >> well, kasich's argument has some plausibility, which is that if he drops out, his voters are going to migrate to donald trump. or at least most of them will. because kasich has this kind of blue collar, broad appeal, which, believe it or not, trump does have. >> sure, of course he does. >> cruz has a very targeted appeal to white voters, christian voters. wisconsin is the big test. ted cruz is there big time, he has a sophisticated campaign if he comes in second to trump or beats trump. >> i think he's got to beat trump. he's got to deny him those delegates in wisconsin. that's a very big state. >> but the point about, you know, cruz's supporters being white, middle class, upper middle class people, he's trying to say that he can win the presidency. merely by attracting those voters and getting that vote out. and he says, i don't need hispanics or any minorities. and i think republicans are worried about that. not just for the election, but if it starts to define the party like that, that is troubling for
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winning elections from here to etemperature. >> the best kasich argument, i can beat her in november, the polls show it. we have to take one more break. when we come back, our hits and misses of the week.
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1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. time now for "hits & misses" of the week. mary. >> cuba's known mostly for its propaganda and most things in cuba are overrated. cuban education, cuban health care, cuban medicine. and i want to give a hit to the tampa bay rays for beating the cuban national team 4-1. they have shown like many other things in cuba, cuben baseball is overrated. >> all right, mary. bill. >> miss to connecticut. if a group of state lawmakers have their way, they won't have to wait for bernie sanders to learn about socialism. they're drafting a bill that would tax schools with more than
9:59 am
$10 billion in document, which happens to be in connecticut, just yale. >> the 1%. >> right. >> dan. well, paul, i'm going to give a big hit this weekend to the little sisters of the poor. on wednesday, the supreme court heard their contraception and abortion case against obamacare. and this case is about religious liberty and moral conscience. now with justice scalia's death it's not clear they're going to win this case. i would say this weekend we should hail the little sisters of the poor, the best charitable organization in this country in anyone's religion forg tall for religious liberty. >> hear hear. but it looks to me they're going to be best, 4-4 tie and justice kennedy if he goes the other way, it would be 5-3 against the little sisters. so that antonin scalia death really is going to make a difference. >> sad commentary the way this administration has gone after the little sisters. >> and religious liberty in general. all right. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us at jer on fnc.
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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. belgian prosecutors tell fox news they have made a new major new arrest. they have charged this man with participation in a terrorist attack, and murder. we'll go live to brussels for the latest. plus, one day after we learned of the death of isis' number two leader in syria, we'll take a closer look at our country's efforts against the islamic terrorists in the middle east and why critics are saying the president needs to be doing much more to wipe them out. decision day for democrats in three key states. so can bernie sanders turn the tide against the hillary clinton delegate juggernaut while the gop candidates try to focus attention away from tabloid talk and on their campaign promises to end the stu


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