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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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more has to be done to protect our homeland. i am oliver north. fight is a war story that deserves to be told. good night. night right here at 7:00 p.m. and fox has a big special&ó!; t 10:00 tonight. don't miss it ♪ ♪ . hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, election 2016, the kerry equation. all across europe the hunt is underway for more terrorists. daily police raids across europe trying to stop the outrage. officials say u.s. forces have killed the number two isis leader in a raid in syria. defense secretary ash carter also said that over the last few days other key isis leaders have been killed. >> we are systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. indeed, the u.s. military
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killed several key isil terrorists this week/l including, we believe that jim. serving as finance minister and also responsible for some external affairs and plots. >> meantime, secretary of state john kerry was in brussels where he said the u.s. is gaining the upper hand on isis. >> and the very reason that dash is resorting to actions outside of the middle east is that its fantasy of a caliphate is collapsing before theirí. eyes. its territory is shrinking every day. its leaders are being disseminated. its revenue sources are divind lick and its fighters are fleeing. >> small victories are measured against the sobers losses from the brussels attacks. today we learned at least two missing american siblings are among the dead. joining us now from washington to put all of this in perspective fox news
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strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. colonel peters, are we so starved for a wins a ash carter points out we killed the number two in isis that's win and we should all be celebrating this? >> well, i'm on the secretary of defense's side on this particular issue. this is big. it is important. it isép not decisive. the news we got the one he called naj -- mastav and other names. joe biden as it were. it's a below symbolically, a blow to morale. practical blow because he had a lot of experience. again, not decisive, but it does matter. >> how many number twos, how many joe bidens have we got? i remember a bunch of number twos being taken down. i'm still waiting for -- i would say al baghdadi number one would be the big daddy to get. >> well, it's incremental fight. the problem here, eric, is that president obama fierce
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the consequences of taking action, as a result of which he doesn't take action, doesn't understand often the cost of snaction are greater. in this case with him ignoring intelligence. and then calling islamic states jv team. the plague has escaped the city walls and now spread across the globe. pandemic of the islam terrorism. and because he did not act in time, the caliphate is being wounded in syria and iraq. but the caliphate now has colonies in brussels in paste. probably minor ones -- libya the threat has metastasized. as for john kerry. as for secretary kerry saying that islamic state that's desperate, i don't know, europe looked pretty desperate to me this week. >> president obama can't say
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radical islamicf' terror. he said bathtubs are more dangerous than terrorists in america. frankly, i'm more concerned about blowing up as i come to work in times square than i am my bathtub. >> he uses the word existential threat. it's not existential threat. there is no logic to that, eric. nonlethal diseases are not existential threat. petty crime isn't existential threat. fender benders aren't existential threat but they are not desirable either. and just because a threat can't wipe out every last american, doesn't mean we don't take it seriously. can i guarantee you islamic state -- dash, was a really, really, really existential threat to those two young brussels. and we, unfortunately we may get word that more americans were killed. >> what is that? are we afraid of offending tears and offends radical
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muslims? >> well, i think it's a peculiar big tri on the part of the left where they are the ones who lump muslims all together. muslims are either all good or all bad. muslims are human beings. they come in a lot of different flavors. islam comes in a lot of varieties. today, one aspect is violent extremism. and some muslims are fanatical jihadis. when the president cannot accept that when he keeps saying -- when the president of the united states purportedly a christian says that's not islam, that's like the king of saudi arabia saying the pope is not a christian. it doesn't convince anybody. but the left is so -- the president is so wed to this row manhattannization -- row manhattannization of islam that he carried with him indonesian childhood he can't get it out. back in the 70's when i joined the army, things were tough, they really. were we had a term for the
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burned out nco's and officers from the vietnam era just trying to make their 20 and retire. we called them retire on active duty. president obama is retired on active duty. he doesn't want any drama. he doesn't want any event. he will not take decisive action. >> some would call that colonel peters lame duck. we will leave it right there. next on the rundown, belgium's colossal failures that opened the door. do they make america i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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therit's consent. you can never have sex without. because sex without it... isn't sex. it's rape. it's on us to stop sexual assault. learn how and take the pledge at in the exact seeing element tonight, belgium's failure to stop this week's terrorist attacks, the intelligence failures arexd stunning. at least two of the isis suicide bombers were on a u.s. terror watch list and there were many other warning signs missed by officials. so, how can we feel safe if
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western governments are botching the fight against isis so badly? joining us now from washington to analyze jim hanson who is with the center for security policy and from los angeles, counter terrorism specialist aaron -- let's start with you, aaron. let's start with many of the failures that belgium has admitted. now, turkey has said they sent one of these terrorists back to keep an eye on this guy and they failed to follow through. what are they doing wrong? belgium needs to overhaul their entire security or, sorry, their intelligence gathering apparatus they systematically had a problem following up on intelligence leads. this is not the first time with belgium. certainly not the first time in upper. i think their intelligence organization they're their state intelligence system needs to be overhauled. the leadership where i was trained in israel would certainly, you know, be pulled if there was this many types of colossal misses. they need to learn the art or re-learn the art of
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collecting information and then analyzing the information, eric second piece they are missing is the paramilitary forces. intel is the first and most important piece of the counter terror game. once you get that intel, you have to act really fast. for every second wasted, another innocent can be blown up or killed. for every round that's missed by these guys if they're firing like we saw in the last 24 hours, innocence can be killed. paramilitary, their swat units, their special operations units need to be bolstered, equipment, training so, they can execute those warrants really, really quickly. the third is the airline failure. that airline failure at the airport, lock, i will say, this prustles is 20 years behind america. and they are 60 years behind israel. israel figured out the airline security model. they needf to take it, steal it hire the israelis, adapt it starting put in the behavioral profiling. >> behavioral, i want to pick up onf@ that right there.
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i was waiting to see if you were going to go there or not. jim, behavioral profiling behavioral only or other types of profiling, go ahead? >> absolutely not. it's not like we don't know who the problem is if you are looking for jihadists you should look in neighborhood where they hang out. i will go one at the present higher. belgium creed sovereignty over the molenbeek neighborhood. colonel peters mentioned there are colonial outposts they could have declared allegiance to the caliphate and i'm not sure the belgians would have done anything about it. >> what should they havekn done, jim? once you hear there are these outposts what do they do? do they go in and target the neighborhoods for extra scrutiny as ted cruz mentioned? >> why if they conduct these raids today why couldn't they conduct them all along? they know who the bad guys
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is. it's political correctness and criticism of islam neutering all of our security forces especially in europe and still here in the united states. we refuse to name the enemy. we refuse to investigate the enemy and not doing so like senator cruz said, we need to reinfigu programs here before we end up with molenbeeks in the united states. >> let's talk a little bit about that, aaron. europe, belgium but europe in general p.c. paradise. we seem to like that model a little00 bit. san bernardino, you guys remember san bernardino you were on reporting and talking about that. if you remember the night after the terror attacks with faruk and malik, our own adam housley interviewed a neighbor of that couple and the neighbor literally said i saw strange things happening. i saw boxes go in there. i was worried but i was afraid to say something because i was afraid of being called a racist. are we importing europe mean pc and is that dangerous? >> i do believe it's making us dangerous. i agree with everything that
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jim said also. see something, say something eric only works if you actually do it. the difference between the way we do that in israel is that israelis know that if they see something suspicious and they don't say anything, that in the end ultimately people will get killed. the political correctness in europe combined with the jumbled legal system which literally ties the hands of the operations because legally there is so many restrictions about what they can do in neighborhoods like monthlyible beck. that needs to be uprooted and those intelligence agencies need to be empowered. the law enforcement needs to be empowered. they need to do exactly what jim was saying which is start uprooting that neighbor or those pockets whether is hoards of isis sympathizers and start putting the fear and putting them on the run by getting them scared. once we flip the equation and the europeans get on board and start putting the pressure on them and applying that pressure cooker, these guys are going
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to stop feeling safe and start going oh my god, we have to start operating in other places. >> i have got to go, guys there is a fantastic discussion on that and a lot more to talk about. aaron and jim, thank you very much. up next on this o'reilly factor special. ben carson taking some heat after declaring that islam is a lifestyle instead of a religion. the doctor enters the no spin zone to explain next. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens.
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, islamic faith and politics. dr. ben carson is stirring up controversy after saying this. >> really go back to mohammed and read about his life. not only in mecca but in medina andó"his subsequent life and the hadith and the whole story of his life and the beliefs systems prout
10:19 pm
out of that. it will give you a much better. it is not a religion but a lifestyle it doesn't allow the separation of religion from politics. >> joining us is dr. ben carson. doctor, that kind of blew up after had you said that. so do you want to explain it any further islam is not a religion, it's a lifestyle. explain what you mean. >> >> a lot of people think that islam is religion, being a muslim, that is a religious component of islam, which is the lifestyle that really goes -áák, as i said, to  look at the quran and hadith and fatwa to really get a conglomeration of the many aspects of it. one of the components, if you take all of it is sharia and there is a component
10:20 pm
also that sees islam as the preeminent force in the world, dominating all others. anybody who doesn't agree with them is either eliminated or brought into7ay subjection. there is a reformed movement. there are reformed muslims like there were refmed people in the christian faith. andz are in america are reformed. they don't take in all of the stuff that i just mentioned, which is a good thing, because that would not be very compatible with our lifestyle. >> so let me ask you this. so you think the vast majority of muslims in america are of the reformed nature, therefore, don't necessarily believe sharia law supersedes the u.s. constitution? >> i certainly get that impression. you know, i grew up around a lot of muslims growing up in detroit. and i didn't get the impression that they were
10:21 pm
non-patriotic. obviously as we bring more people into our country, we need to examine carefully who they are why they are coming here, who have they been? we have to become intelligent in the way that we screen people. i wouldn't screen people on the basis of their religion or their belief system, but i would screen them in terms of what their likelihood to cause problems in our country. country. if we are noté the holy land memorandum trial a memorandum said it would be easier to accomplish civilization jihadi in america because the americans would be so interested in political correctness that they would allow theirj own rights to be compromised. >> does faith play a role in politics? does faith play a role in governorring? specifically thinking of president obama. should his faith play a role in how he treats extreme islamic terror?
10:22 pm
>> well, you know, people can say that faith doesn't play a role. but, of course your faith plays a role in everything that you do. what you believe in, what you don't believe. in even an atheist has faith in something. and it effects the way that they relate to other people and how they relate to the world. so, the real question is, in our country, in the united states of america, do we make provisions for that? and the answer is yes. the very first amendment of our constitution protects your faith and your ability to live according to your faith. and we should be very cautious of anything that dampens that ability. >> all right, doctor, you sat down with the ladies of "the view" and it got a little bit heated at one point. let's take a listen so our audience know what is went on and i would like to you comment on. >>it this guy, i'm sorry, is he a racist and he9= is not good for the country. >> what's the alternative? >> i look at the big picture. i could look at any one little thing and pick anybody apart on it but
10:23 pm
right now, the nature of our country is at stake. >> okay. i'm listening for that answer. is donald trump a racist? >> no, he is not a racist. but do you know what the left does? if you don't agree with them, you know, you are a racist. are a homophobe. you are islamophobic. they have a whole terms they are going to throw at you. what people have to do is stop being afraid of thesef# names. you know, this is like 3rd grade tactics. if you are going to let that keep you from doing and saying what you need to say. then you are a 3rd grader. >> all right. dr. carson, thank you very much for joining us tonight. thank you. when we come right back, are muslim leaders in america really able to help the fbi thwart terror attacks? a very controversial report in a minute. trugreen presents the yardley's.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jack ibanez. bernie sanders hoping for another win in hawaii, beats hillary clinton in two other races saturday, one in
10:28 pm
washington state, another in alaska, where we picked up nearly 81% of the vote. he says his wins are part of a western comeback and thinks he can close the gap on hillary clinton as they move towards the northeast. in belgium, police say they've identified 24 of the 31 people killed tuesday. including these two americans, 30-year-old justin shults and his wife, 29-year-old stephanie. they were killed at the brussels airport while taking stephanie's mom there for a flight. prosecutors say they've charged three men in connection with the attack. i'm jackie ibanez. back to "red eye." iz in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the islamic terror threat in america. after the brussels attack, donald trump and ted cruz have amped up their rhetoric against muslim extremism. hillary clinton, however, is striking a different tone. here's what she said at a meeting with muslim leaders.
10:29 pm
>> cannot allow our nation to be pity groups of people against one another. we cannot give in to panic and fear it's not in keeping with our values. it's not effective in protecting us and it plays into the hands of terrorists people who feel marginalized, left out, left behind are going to want to join something. >> but a new book is alleging that some muslim leaders in america are unwilling to help the fbi in its counter terrorism work. joining us now from washington is ronald kessler, author of theui "the secrets of the fbi." tell us what you have learned. you say the fbi behind the scenes is nervous about the muslim community. >> yeah. on the one handsome individual muslims have provided leads on plots that
10:30 pm
had been rolled up by the fbi. the fbi in general has found very little cooperation from muslim leaders. which is very very essential to plots. the fbi has an outreach program. they meet with imams with community leaders, they have tea. they smooz. in the end the leaders will not cooperate for my book "the secrets of the fbi," able to interview cummings assistant assistant director of the fbi. in charge of both counter terrorism and national security investigations you can't find a more ha author thai source on these subjects. meets with leaders, have a good time then for example in one case could you arrange photo with with me with mr. muriel fbi director. sure, i would like to you bring me some leads.
10:31 pm
and this leader said no, i could never do that i would lose my constituency. and in another case, the fbi found that there were two radicals who were actually expelled by a particular mosque. art cummings had met with the imam before. he never mentioned that these radicals. art cummings came back and said what happened? why didn't you tell us? the imam said well, you know, they weren't terrorists. they are just people who hated the government. there is this coverup mentality you see this in many institutions and government agencies. in this case we are talking about the security of thes country. >> so if the fbi is doing that, these outreach, these meetings, you say they are having a good time. they are talking, but nothing is coming of it. what's the answer, is ted cruz right that we need to start patrolling and protecting muslim neighborhoods or do we need to go further donald trump says for now let's do a temporary ban on any muslim immigration into the
10:32 pm
country. >> no. these are very blanket solutions that really will not fix the problem for one thing as far as bringing in muslims from other countries we have muslims in this country as it is and they areqm being radicalized. the fbi know what is to do focus on particular targets. leads. intercept communications. get reports on unusual explosives purchases and that sort of thick. without the cooperation of these muslim leaders, the fbi is blind sided. >> is hillary clinton meeting with muslim leaders getting cooperation? she comes out of the meeting and says, you know, we can't be bound by panic and fear. but what are the answers? it doesn't sound like she has any solutions. >> you know, it's fine to me. with muslim leaders it shows you are not prejudice addition./k &c @&c@ we all know that a vast vort
10:33 pm
of muslims are not radical, peace-loving. we all have co-workers and friends who are muslims who are wonderful people. but, you have to go beneath the surface of superficialqñd7y meetings. fbi will never say publicly we don't get cooperation from muslim leaders. the truth is in this
10:34 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. as we continue with the special edition of the factor, election 2016, the terror equation, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani entered the no spin
10:38 pm
zone with bill o'reilly this week hammering president obama's response to the brussels attacks. isis is playing in the presidential campaign. >> i don't think any of the presidential contenders have a clear vision to take this isis group out. do you? >> she has got the least. i mean,. >> bernie sanders, he has got the least. >> i don't consider bernie sanders. >> okay. but he is still a contender. >> for her to say that, you know, they stood with us the day after september 11th, we should stand with them. well, her president was sitting at a baseball game doing the wave and laughing instead of trying to rally the west against isis on the day that this killing took place. what he did yesterday embarrassed me as an american. >> i wasn't surprised because he feels that this terror stuff is just a matter of business. it's just the way the world is now. we are going to have it every month or so. we are going to have it and
10:39 pm
he felt that his detente with cuba was important enough for him to go through it i know exactly what he was thinking. i understand what you were thinking because you were in charge of new york city when 3,000 people were killed. >> if you are talking about too long what she wants to do, which is to rally our forces against isis, you have got to come back to the white house and sit in the situation room and can't leave until you come up with a plan. >> he doesn't want to do that barack obama doesn't want to rally anybody. >> she had her chance to do it. she helped create isis. hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> how didt/j÷ she help because we have a guy, an expert coming on about isis. how did she help isis? >> by being part of an administration that withdrew from iraq by being part of an administration that allowed maliki. >> run into the ground. >> shiites making a choice. not intervening in syria at the proper time. by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand. >> and didn't do anything.
10:40 pm
>> it. >> i want to be fair to hillary clinton, as secretary of state she could not force barack obama to do anything. the only thing she could have done was resign. >> that's it? >> which is what a patriot does. >> let's go forward now. so bernie sanders nothing. hillary clinton, i didn't hear anything today. donald trump, going to get him, i'm going to put a hurt on him. >> okay. >> ted cruz on this program backed away from the carpet bombing a little bit. he said he wouldn't do it in population centers. he wants to bring more intensive air in and he would support a nato declaration of war. john kasich, i'm not sure. i have to be fair to the governor. i mean, i haven't heard him be a terror warrior. >> yeah. right. i think trump and cruz probably have been the most specific on it. as specific as you would expect at this level of the campaign. there is no question they will take the war to isis. exactly how they do it, they probably don't knowãyet, until they get in if there. >> i think that's fair. they don't know. >> and i have no doubt and,
10:41 pm
you know i prefer trump over cruz. but i have no doubt that either trump or cruz, if that had happened would have been angry and shocked as opposed to. >> why would you be shocked though because it's happened so often. i ran it down last night. it's every month. every month you get this. >> because the president should be shocked because the president thinks he has defeated isis. >> he doesn't think that. >> yes, he does. >> he doesn't. >> he thinks that isis is under control. under reasonable degree of control. >> contained. >> it's not. >> of course. but you have got to look into his mind if you want to solve the problem. >> if he believes it's contained. >> yes. >> this is collateral damage what happened yesterday in brussels. this is the world we livezz in. the brave new world. you are always going to have it and he says we have to live with it. >> if he considers it contained, let's assume he does. and now all of the sudden you get an attack in brussels which proportionately like the
10:42 pm
7/11 attack when you consider the population of belgium, then he should be shocked. should say to him my strategy is wrong. >> he is not shocked. again, there is an element and it's not just democrats. it's republicans, to. that are willing to accept these terror attacks. they are willing to accept them, all right, as the new age we live. in they are not -- they don't get angry. they don't get emotional. they don't try to sit down and find out how we can destroy these people. they want to well, we will arrest the guys who did it you know, we will arrest them. >> this is why we need a leader. >> we haven't had a strong leader in this area. >> civil war was unpopular af$8i"jutt years. lincoln didn't pull out. roosevelt had to coax us into the second world war and ronald reagan had to spend money on the military, which was very unpopular, in order to defeat the soviet union that makes a great president. >> i expect you to endorse trump any moment. [ laughter ] >> you know that's going to be a controversial
10:43 pm
endorsement. >> it wouldn't be the first time did i something controversial. >> look what happened to christie. look what happened to chris christie after he did it. he got hammered. >> when i make an endorsement, there will be very good reason for it. here's my goal. i want i don't mean to hillary in the white house. she has had her chance. she is running=ñ on her record as secretary of state. what was her record as secretary of state. >> she wept to more places than anyone else. >> utter failure. she mentioned putin today. she set the relationship with medvedev and look what we got. >> i look at trump and cruz. i tell my friends it's like poker and we have three cards left. you have got to pick one of the three cards. right now, trump looks like the best one to me. i haven't made my final decision yet. >> if trump wins, you will be the director of security. does that matter? >> i don't think so i will be. i don't want to be in particular. i will be more than happy to give plenty of advice. >> you would answer the call
10:44 pm
of your country. i know you. if trump says listen, mr. maher, i don't know what he calls you. i don't know what he calls you. >> depends on whether i agree with him or not. >> i know how that is. but you would take the job. and you would be a good director of homeland security. >> i don't know if i would take the job. let's put that aside. >> do you want to make a bet? >> i would certainly -- you know something? i think it's illegal to bet on government. >> you would know. all right. when you endorse trump, i want you to come back and tell us specifically -- >> -- i will give you my detailed reason. happy easter. >> mayor giuliani also so subtle, isn't he? as you heard pill say last night it's tough to get adults easter gifts. chocolatevn bunnies don't do the trick. if you would like to see factor tickets to s miller and bill. perfect gift.
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shoshow me more like this.e.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. in the personal story segment tonight, the battle between donald trump, ted cruz, and their wives, it all started when an anti-trump super pac released a provocative picture of trump's wife from her modeling days. trump responded on twitter by threatening to spill the beans on cruz's wife and then
10:49 pm
retweeted an unflattering picture of heidi and senator cruz hit the roof. >> i don't get angry off. but you mess with my wife and kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave hide ty hell alone. >> so geraldo, the wives, fair game all of a sudden? 2016 changing all of the rules? >> i think first of all, senator ted cruz is a raving hypocrite for not mentioning the fact that it was his super pac who ran the melania nude picture on the eve of the utah mormon -- >> it's anti-trump super pac, it wasn't a ted cruz super pac. >> well, i'm not exactly sure that it's not a ted cruz super pac. i think there is coordination, even if it's just whispers and nods.
10:50 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> yes, of course, i get it. but ted cruz, he could have denounced the ad. he could have said i have no coordination with that super pac, but let me say it is obnoxious that they ran that, i deplore it and denounce it. he didn't say anything for a day. then trump hit him back. we went from comparing penis sizes to comparing whose wife is hotter. this doesn't help the gop at all. i think we're setting up -- >> where are all the women's groups? where is n.o.w.? where is your friend whoopi goldberg saying ted cruz shouldn't be putting pictures of me melania up? >> i don't know, but i had a daytime talk show for 11 years where i worked with mike walker,
10:51 pm
the chief columnist for "national enquirer." he was right on tiger woods, right on senator john edwards when he was the leading candidate for the democratic nomination in 2004, and rheeial hunter the mistress that was exposed. ted cruz said donald trump is a coward for going after heidi and it's all lies he had these affairs and he had these mistresses that used to work for him in the senate office, so ted cruz is denying it. i'm just saying that the "national enquirer" is more often right than they are wrong. otherwise there wouldn't be a "national enquirer." >> even donald trump said he has no idea about the "national enquirer" story, whether it's right or wrong, honest or dishonest. >> he also said, and i hope it's wrong. i'm sure that donald hopes it's wrong. give me a break about that. let me also say another thing
10:52 pm
about donald trump. he's older than ted cruz. he's older than you. he's my age and my generation. donald trump came up in the generation where you wanted the hottest ladies in the locker room, you used language -- i'm talking about the eisenhower administration, the early kennedy administration, that you would never use today, that would be totally inappropriate today. but i understand the guy. you see trump, and i'm not schilling for trump, but when you see he's in favor of planned parenthood, except for the abortion services. he has his daughter, one of the highest paid female executives. this is not about sex imor gender discrimination, this is two guys slugging it out. >> no doubt they are slugging it out. straight ahead, more provocative remarks from ted cruz, this time about islamic
10:53 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, just hours after the terror attacks in belgium, senator ted cruz entered the no spin zone where bill grilled him about his strategy to take out isis. >> you say you would carpet bomb them. you said that before. >> uh-huh. >> you know that carpet bombing means women and children dead in the street. >> it doesn't mean that. what i mean by carpet bombing is using overwhelming air power, not doing -- you know -- >> they hide in civilian areas. you know that. >> the first persian gulf war, we launched roughly 1100 air attacks a day, we carpet bombed them for 37 days, and after that, our troops went in -- >> it was a different situation. we degraded saddam hussein's
10:56 pm
military. we didn't bomb kuwait city. >> nobody is talking about bombing civilians. but right now, we're doing between 15 and 30 air attacks a day. it's pinpricks. so what we ought to use carpet bombing to take out their command and control, their communication, their transportation, take out the oil fields. >> they're going to hide them -- >> of course that's not the only thing. >> i called for a nato declaration of war against isis. >> and i absolutely agree. and indeed i noted this morning in the wake of this brussels attack, that it was more than a little ironic that just yesterday donald trump called for america pulling back from what nato, either weakening it or withdrawing -- >> that's because he doesn't feel they carry their weight financially. >> but that would be a catastrophic mistake. >> if we withdraw from nato at
10:57 pm
this point, it would. >> and that's what donald called for. doing that would be a massive victory for putin and isis and we shouldn't -- there's a point that matters here. donald's approach on foreign policy is one of weakness and isolationism. that's his position consistently across the globe. >> you're putting me in a difficult position, because i'm not going to defend trump. i will say that we're going to try to get him on tomorrow. >> i've got an idea. ask donald trump to come here and defend himself. he's afraid to debate. >> debate you one on one. >> i would love to do a one on one debate. you could moderate. he wouldn't argue that you're unfair. >> yes, he would. we're going to work that. >> he throws out a foreign policy position that is weaker and more liberal than obama and hillary clinton's, and then he doesn't get challenged on it because he's afraid to have a debate. >> let's talk about you. i will follow up on that debate offer. >> i think it would be terrific. >> you're taking heat because
10:58 pm
you said u.s. law enforcement could patrol in america muslim neighborhoods. that's not going to do any good. >> what i said is we should lose law enforcement to prevent radicalization and to target radical islamic terrorism. this president, president obama -- >> how do you do that specifically? >> for example here in new york city, mayor bloomberg created a courtroom that worked cooperatively with the muslim community to stop terror attacks, stop terrorist cells. >> he watched certain mosques. and deballagio has done away wit. >> he ended it because of political correctness. it's the same silliness and hillary do where, in the wake of these terror attacks, they don't say the words "islamic radical terrorism." and even worse, president obama goes on tv and lectures americans on islam phobia. enough already. we need a president that makes clear if you are a radical
10:59 pm
islamic terrorist, your day of reckoning is coming. and on january 20th, 2017, the world will change. we will come after you, and we're not coming after you to negotiate, to capture you, to compromise. we are coming after you to kill you. >> let' recap this segment so everybody is clear. you don't believe in carpet bombing cities where isis is for the civilian casualties. >> you don't wantingly target civilians. >> you would encourage nato to declare war on isis to have all that power launched against these savages. >> and we shouldn't be allowing in tens of thousands of syrian refugees. >> that's what is happening in europe. it's obvious that's happening there. and that's it for this factor special. be sure to catch my show "cashing in" at 11:30 eastern on
11:00 pm
saturdays right here on fnc. i'm eric boling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. look, there is no tv's andy levy tonight. but let's check in with mike baker in his underground layer to see what stories we will be discussing. mike? >> thank you very much, tom. the nra rewrites fairy tails so heros have guns. my kids don't need to read those. their hero already has guns. i am talking about me, tom. not you. me. and most americans will be willing to sell a kidney. likewise most who meet me in a back alley will donate one for free. and finally, should horses be forced to wear diapers?


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