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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  March 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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saturdays right here on fnc. i'm eric boling in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you.beers. julie banderas. >> the brussel's terror are attack claims the life of a third american. the family of 30-year-old justin shults confirmed he was killed in the airport bombing. his brother p tweeting, the last thing my brother told me he loved me. rest high on the mountain. >> and the search for the men responsible for the heinous act, a now suspect is now in custody. he is last of throw men suspected in the airport bombing. the attacks killed 31 people and
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left 270 injured on tuesday. thousands are paying respects to the victim and adding candles and flowers to a memorial in brussels. and brussel's confirmed that a retired diplomat is among the dead. >> that is among the victims. and we count a former colleague. and to the united nations and had several other posts. >> and among the battle against the terror raging on elsewhere, isis claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing in a stadium in iraq. the u.n. urging to unite against the isis. mike to bin is on the ground. what do we know about the suspects in police custody right now? >> reporter: he was one of six
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people picked up in the flurries of police activity. he was pulled out of the car in front of the prosecutor office. he is done work as a self declared journalism. that is a pose he put on the web. hkmz they will only identify him as fa dlshgs isel c. terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder. belgium media said he was caught on video, the person on the far right of the screen in the light coat. the bomb ultimately didn't go off. it was said to be the largest of the bombs. since theattacks on tuesday nine people were captured and two of them charged with participation and activities with a terrorist organization. >> what do we know about the
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american victims? >> reporter: sadly, we have confirmation that justin shutz was killed. he's out of tennessee. his family released a statement. justin died as a result of the bombs in the airport in brussel's belgium. keep the family of family of stef no in your prayer. last anyone saw of here she was waving good by and there are only four unidentified victims. three of them were the attackers. and 24 innocent people were killed and 28 innocent people were killed and 24 of them is positively identified. >> there is also word of cancelled events going on. are things getting back to normal inxd brussels at all? >> reporter: no.
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the airport remains closed and makes the goal of reopening on tuesday. it was march against fear but it is cancelled in part because the terror threat level is too high and a police forces under staffed and over worked. to put public event would strain the police force. most retail stores hired security. and you open your coat or bag and even people outside of a business and talking on the phone getñr shooed away. julie. >> thank you very much. meanwhile the attacks inflensing the presidential campaigns. brip an. how has it played out on the republican side. >> reporter: the attacks have
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led to hard line rhetoric with donald trump and ted cruz. looking to appear the toughest on isis and the terrorism threat. for cruz, he's continuing his call to carpet bomb isis and patrolling and securing muslim neighborhoods in the united states. he would revive a new york counter terrorism surveillance program to target muslims and apply that program nationwide. it was ended by de blasio who slammed cruz for the idea that is reprehensible. cruz defended his plan to work coptively with muslim and said really that the plan will work. >> it engages cooperatively with the muslim community and got involved to represent radicalization and terrorist cells from forming and preventing the acts was terror
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before they are carried out. >> reporter: meanwhiledonald trump issues the statement of banning muslims temporarily to the united states. trump said muslims are not policing their own communities and pushed for water boarding and america should rethink nato calling it obsolete and too expensive. hillary clinton said turning our back on nato is like christmas for russia and vladimar putin and blasted trump and cruz as two loose cannons. >> we can't allow our nation to pit groups of people against one another. we can't give in to panic and fear. >> reporter: the septemberor sand sand had a similar message saying the war is against isis and not islam, a religion,
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julie. >> does donald trump benefit when the conversation is about terrorism. he's made a huge deal as he talks about how he will put a stop to this once and for all. >> perhaps, his rise to front runner status is on a tough immigration stance and some ideas are unconstitutional and nonamerican, a roept fox poll do you favor or oppose banning temporarily muslims>jl united states. 50 percent of the voters said they are in favor. and in polling after the san bernardino and paris attacks, highest percentage of americans fearful of an attack. and the majority of the republican voters said he was the most well equipped candidate
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to deal with terrorism. fox news is america's election headquarters and a good night for sanders. three states holding caucus. alaska, washington state and hawaii. over 100 delegates are at stake. hawaii started empties ago and sanders will win alaska and washington state. but he still has a long way to any to catch up to hillary clinton in the over all delegate count. kristin fisher is live in seattle. senator sanders having a great night. but does he have enough or potential to catch up to hillary? >> reporter: it is it a good question. with2'q@ bernie sanders has momentum, but the math is really hard to see how it would go on his side. washington state, this is one of
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the most progressive states and sanders is one of the most progressive senators in the senate. so it is bernie sanders would win the state. but what is surprising how he is winning. he's winning in counties where hillary clinton had hoped to win. he's winning in eastern counties and more rural counties where hillary clinton had campaigned earlier this week. turn out today was very high. the precinct in downtown seattle told me they are seeing record turn outs higher than 2008. another reason he has a lot of white liberal democratics in the state. and historically it is not clinton territory.
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obama won in '08. it will not likely make a dent in clinton upon's lead. none upon of the caucus states are winner takes all. hillary clinton can likely pick up a significant chunk of delegates. and so bernie sanders may have momentum, but hillary clinton has the math on her side. >> that's what i was thinking. senator sanders winning big in alaska and hawaii, too. >> reporter: hawaii wayñi out west. hawaii is the wild card out of the three states that caucused today. there was not a lot of polls and none of the candidates campaigned there and if hillary clinton is going to win a state, it is going to be in hawaii. bernie sanders picked up an
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endorsement, congresswomen in hawaii endorsed him. we'll see if her endorsement helps him to get a win. to come in midnight eastern time. >> a busy day for democrats, remaining republican candidates are taking a break. donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich not holding events today. but the candidates will gear up with april 5th in wisconsin. four days later democrats caucus in wyoming and republicans will convention in colorado. and finally on april 19th, both republicans and democrats will be going to the polls and
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primary here in new york. so we'll stay tuned for that. and coming up tomorrow, an interview you don't want to miss. fox news sunday will sit down with senator ted cruz. we have a preview. >> are you in over your head-on foreign policy. >> i will tell you who is in over their head. barak obama and hillary clinton and the obama administration. they are are more mad at me than isis and terrorist that murder us. at least two americans murdered in brussels and may be many more. our prayer ares are with them. we need the president who brings the full force and fury against isis. right now isis launching a wave of suisicide attacks. coming up. brand new disturbing video of
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and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> we have new video to show you causing the chaotic scene moments during a massive bombing inside of a soccer stadium. it is disturbing, i warn you, watch. 41 people in all died in this horrific blast. another hundred were hurt. it happen in a stadium an hour outside of baghdad earlier this week. isis is now claiming responsibility. the attack latest of iraqi and syrian forces and continuing to make claims and regaining
2:17 am
territory. this time special operation forces, defense secretary carter said the second in command of isis was killed. he equated the u.s. strategy of picking off the top terrorist as destroying the isis cabinet. he acknowledged that the fate was far from over. garrett teny has more. >> reporter: officials tell fox news this operation went as planned and looked like something out of a holiday movie. early this morning ab- dullli was riding and special forces surrounded the vehicle. he was given the option to surrender and within seconds started shooting. they were killed.
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>> the removal of the isil leader will hamper operations inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> reporter: defense secretary said he was the third isis leader taken out this month including the isis minister of war. >> leaders can beñr replaced, however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they are experienced and so eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result. >> reporter: though carter are and the chairman chiefs of staff said the war on iowa sis is far from being over. >> momentum is in our favor and a lot of reasons to be optimistic in the next several months but we are not about to break the backs of isil and the fight is over.
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>> reporter: they believe the u.s. will send additional forces to iraq in the next few weeks and adding to the 3700 troops there already on the!-ñ ground we have an inside look at how this workings. mick and keith making history once again. rolling stones play first ever concert in a country that&2h. to boundary rock
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>> crews responding to a scene of a home explosion inq?nxsouth michigan. the blast put a father and four children from the home and
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trapping another child beneath the rubble. first responders were able to rescue the child and miraculously all six victims are expected to be okay. >> he was thrown out of the house. >> i agree 100 percent. i can't explain it. i don't understand how we don't have more severe injuries. >> the cause of the explosion is investigated. a propane tank may be responsible. >> law enforcement xperimenting with bulletproof technology to give an armored upgrade in the field. rick has more. >> it is a shocking demonstration of the kind of threats law enforcement faces every day. new rring vehicles is no concept. but technology advanced where materials are light weight and affordable. >> it is it a tough job and we
2:24 am
have to protect the police. >> three new york city cops were killed by gunfire patrol car. nowñi there is ballistic protection on 60 vehicles. putting ballistic inserts in the windows at the fractions of the weight and cost of older systems. >> bullets are not flying all day, but i imagine&gpjx there i degree of confidence when you are in the vehicle and know you are protected. >> that's the purpose to give cops more protection. >> reporter: hardware created the panels the nypd will deploy. >> new technology and fiber ares become available first time man has surprised spiders in density. they are so thin they can be put
2:25 am
on the average car. joishgs it is an option on pursuit raided vehicles. there is testing that showed up it wases holding up. >> hi powered handgun range from 38 caliber up to a 45. and penetration. >> reporter: they provide cover to officers under fire. a feature they hope not to need but are greater are -- grateful to have. >> just in time station used the robotic arm for safety. there is fresh food and three d printer and easter eggs. it is it is first of three scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks.
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>>im julie banderas. this is the fox report. time for the news. voters hitting the polls in three democratic caucus. senator bernie sanders having a big night winning the caucus in alaska and washington state in dominating fashion over hillary clinton. let me begin by the people of alaska for giving it. it was 30 percent of the vote in the state of washington, we are above 75 percent. iran denoticing involvement in the cyber attacks on the u.s. seven people were charged with trying to hack us down in new york. and iran's foreign minister said
2:31 am
they don't support the acts. and a new suspect in custody in the brussel terrorist attacks. he is the last of the three men suspected in the bombing. people are adding flowers to a memorial. throw americans are confirmed in the dead. belgium is a hot bed for terrorist activity with the highest number of foreign fighters per capita of all pe pene -- european countries. we look at the rise of terrorism in belgium. >> brussels is seen as a citadell of islamic terrorism. >> reporter: the reasons are plentiful. from open borders. >> that allowed islamic terrorist in europe. >> reporter: and growing disa tacted young muslims where the
2:32 am
economic challenges are numerous. they are caught between parents tradition and desire to be in european society is. >> once they are plugged in. they will invest in their communities f. you are struggling about that and don't feel plugged in, you might check out. >> reporter: belgium has the highest number of foreign fighters on the battlefields in syria and iraq and only to return some of them placing attacks closer to home. and there is segregated neighbors and a brussel subbush. and some argue a subset of the residents condone the activity or look the other way. >> there was a tangible problem in political correctness. and no go zones and people exageerated and you can't
2:33 am
confront them. >> reporter: belgian authorities are trying to keep up. the head of the domestic intelligence aenls warned about the threat for years and pushing for resources and personnel and told that budget cuts make it impossible. in washington. >> artistousing a tractor to cut a giant design in the brussel building in veronna,itily. it is one of the famous symbols there is a trying face in the middle of the symbol. it took nine hours to create. >> and we have the top story around the world in 80 seconds. cuba, the rolling stones holding the first ever concert in
2:34 am
havana. and the show drawing tens of thousands of people and some calling it the biggest concert in cuba history and days after president obama would be the first sitting president to visit cuba in over 50 years. south korea. activist there are using special balloons to drop loaf lets in south korea. they are urging them to stop dictator moon. it isxd six years since the war ship was sunk by a north korea submarine. >> anditily. pope francis mre siding over the procession. cross. and represents the crucifixion of jesus kroift and the pope spoking gaents terrorism in the the mass and condemning violence by the sham slam militants in the wake of an attack. in china, it is a bird and plane
2:35 am
and hundreds of kites. people gathering for the world's kite- flying festival. the competition will go on for weeks with the finals taking place in april. that is it a wrap around the world in 80 seconds. >> a team of archaeology lending credence about about shieks peer. it isiéj(ãprobably thorough the skull is missing from the grave. they used technology to investigate shakespeare finaleracying place. it is rumored that grave robbers made off with the skull in 1794. if true, they ignored a góçkxwa on theçó poet's grave cursing anyone who disturbed his bones. new developments in the battle against cancer. could exercise replace
2:36 am
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>> new details of secretary carter's use of a private e-mail account for government business. he did so in his first ten months in office on. news of the private account first broke last fail. the pentagon chief acknowledged he made a mistake and stopped the personal account. he didn't stop until two months later and they contain classified information by the way. a group of men on the run after a carjacking. >> texas, police say the group of suspects, tried to steal a gold chained in of the memorial city mall. and the man resisted and walked outside and headed for his car. the suspect fired seven times
2:41 am
and hit several cars. no one was hurt. >> arizona, a man led police on a high speed chase in phoenix and crashing in the cars as hec÷ tries to get away. he even tries to steal a motorcycle, but the rider who is an army veteran fights back. the suspect gets back in the truck. and crashes and flips the vehicle. the suspect was wanted for a hit and run earlier this month. new jersey, a heavy fire rips through a two story building and causing the roof to collapse. it houses businesses on the first floor and apartments on the second. the cause of fire is under vchgz. >>on d.c. the national cherry blossom underway as the blooms are now at their peak.
2:42 am
100,000 people are expected to come admire the sea of pick and white along the potammac river. >> it is beautiful. we haven't been here for 15 years. >> japan gave the trees as a gesture of friendship. >> research suggest that exercise plays a bigger role in fighting cancer than previously thought. breaking a sweat will that stop the spread of the deadly disease. >> exercise can impact cancer in many way, including bolstering the immune system and affecting the growth factors that causes cancer ares to spread. women who report regular exercise have a 20 or 30 percent reduction of cancer coming back or killing them. >> we want to know how much of
2:43 am
the drug you need or exercise you need to get this affect and what are the mechanisms and how does it work and who does it work for. >> exercise made sense to me as something you would want help knowing what to do and help care for your body in multiple ways and not just through oncologist. >> dr. jones makes it clear that exercise is not meant to replace the treatments, but act in concert with them. mora agrees and believes that more on prevention needs to be done. >> patients ask me what i can do? patients are looking to participate in their care. and to also be empowered to make themselves better. >> where we want to go in the future is can we harness the affects of exercise as another weapon against cancer. but can we use exercise as
2:44 am
a weapon in combination withstandard cancer treatment? >> scientist and doctors say it is it all about caring for your bodies including exercise in an effort to treat cancer by not only focusing on oncology. >> and a wildfires in kansas is largest in the state's history. two homes are destroyed. kansas national guard setting up to black hawk helicopters to battle flames from the air. l!ç they could get help from mother nature. in the form of rain or snow. >> you act so surprised. you know spring time in the plain states. >> yeah, you do see snow. this is an unusual winter and more of a zósrñsurprise. >> kansas got severe weather and tornado watches and snow and
2:45 am
then the wildfires danger which is crazy. we also have the wildfires danger in the southwest. we have red flags in arizona and new mexico and then the storm system where they broke records in terms of snowfall. and march is the snowiest time. and spring skiing is awesome. and some cases, over two feet of snow for the snow lovers there. and as i mentioned. we broke records. widespread spring snow and 32 inches of the stuff in nebraska and south dakota and expecting more of the same as we head in the early part of the work week. 10-15 degrees average. çó and ahead of that can see potential of severe weather for tomorrow, eastern sunday. and isolated tornados in ohio
2:46 am
and mississippi river valley and people are planning outdoor events for tomorrow. be safe and stay indoors. and we could see the potential of flooding in the gulf coast. and again, that ohio and tennessee river valley we'll watch carefully. there's your forecast. that is with your eastern bunny andçó not good in the gulf coas and southeast. the rest of the country looks pretty good. >> not bad at all. >> i am worried about the severe threat. and northwest will get that. here in new york city. cool and doing easter egg hunt. >> that looks ominous in the michigan lake. >> it will be invading michigan on sunday is. >> i really like the blue. >> you know religious cultures
2:47 am
break bread. i will break peeps with you. >> this is yellow. >> and i would have loved to brought them in. but i can't and so here we go. >> why are peeps only available at easter time? can we talk about that? >> i don't know. they are amazing and(if you let them sit out and they are stale they are better. >> have you put it in your mi cowaive. it blows up a giant peep in your microwaive. it is it like a science fiction. try it the at home. and be careful and probably run your microwave. >> happy easter, everybody. peep, peep, peep. >> we'll see you later. >> bye. >> worshippers gathering in to
2:48 am
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order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. catholic worshippers attending an easter celebration in jerusalem welcoming the holy day
2:52 am
with prayers and songs. ♪ ♪ [singing)] faithful gather for a candlelight vigil at the church of the holy seplucure. and tonight fox nows lauren green has an faceinating story by the men and women of science to prove the unseemingly unprovable about faith. >> did a supernatural being do something? that makes something a miracle. it is not can you come up with a scientific explanation. did god actually do something in a person's life. >> pastor and film maker stephens raised thousands to fund a documentary and investigating medical miracles happen. >> i want to know if god did
2:53 am
this stuff or it is it a fairy tale that con artist are trying to persuade the public. >> he set up a website. one man named chris from portland, oregon area. he had pseudoobstruction syndrome and paralikewised his intestines. he would get nutrientsb)lfrom tubes. when he was 16 years old he was brought to a service. >> i felt a shock from my right shoulder and down through my chest and to my stomach. it felt like god jump-started my stomach up. and right then and there it was healed. >> his condition had no cure. stephens enlisted the global medical research institute and fielding claims like chrises and
2:54 am
bring in physicians of all faiths to determine if it took place after prayer or a scientific explanation. >> i get experts in the particular field to evaluate the case and let them decide whether or not it meets the bar or not for a miraculous healing. >> stephens is halfway through the project with experts vetting medical records. he hopes to show it in churches and theater ares. >> a surprise guest came by a bernie sanders. it was a fly by and how it wound up stealing the show. ♪ ♪ [singing)][engines revving] ♪ you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching]
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no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. >> so the democratic caucus is so the democratic caucus is under way in hawaii and bernie sanders is hoping to pull off a trifecta tonight. he's already projected to win the caucuses in alaska and in washington state. now, he spoke a short time ago in wisconsin. another key state that will vote only days from now. >> all right, you ready for a news alert? we just won the state of washington.
2:57 am
that is what this is about. looks like today we've got a landslide victory in alaska. we're going to win in washington. we're waiting for hawaii. with your help we're going to win right here in wisconsin. >> so if sanders wins hawaii which by the way the polls close at 12:00 a.m. he'll have won five of the last six contests over hillary clinton, but she'll have a sizable lead in the delegate counts. numerically it doesn't seem possible bernie sanders can catch up to her and be awarded the nomination, but nonetheless for bernie sanders. a good chance he'll win all three, a trifecta. well, a bird was apparently feeling the bern. the little bird landing on the podium at a bernie sanders rally in portland, oregon. the moment wasn't lost on the senator though. >> maybe some symbolism here.
2:58 am
i know it doesn't look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for word peace. >> the bird didn't poop on him so it wasn't good luck. people get excited about animals so you could say that the bird was the word. this thing is going viral online. especially on twitter with the #birdie sanders. everyone wants to take a look at their best and look their best for easter sunday. especially if you're a panda at the national zoo. cameras captured how this bear got himself ready in the bathtub. ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
2:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
good morning, everyone. happy easter. it's the 25th -- 27th of march 2016. i'm anna kooiman. we need to get to the fox news alert. tragedy strikes an american family this holiday weekend. two u.s. citizens now among the dead in the brussels airport bombing as we get the brand-new details on the men behind that terror attack. breaking news from bernie sanders. >> get ready for a news alert. [ cheers and applause ] we just won the state of washington. >> and


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