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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  March 27, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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what can you do if you receive a prostate cancer diagnosis, dr. samadi. >> it's still today in 2016, 30,000 men die from prostate cancer. how do you know if you have prostate cancer. the answer is it's asymptomatic. you should have no symptoms: that's why they call it a silentle killer. it's important to go to the doctor, get your psa, know your numbers and look at the trech . treatment. your protate typically would feel soft and smooth like the palm of your hand. if it feels like a knuckle and it's firm that's a problem and we will get an mri and biopsy and we are able to diagnose you. >> i have a couple of questions. i know we are going to get the your psa number, eric. what is a psa number? what does that tell you as a from. >> go ahead marc. >> of course we have -- it starts with me, and then it ends
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up with david. so prostate specific anti jen is not a specific protein for prostate cancer. david said this many times. it shows you there is something going on? the prostate. that's key, arthel because when you have a psa over 4 only 30% of the time is the prostate cancer. what else could it be? the gland has grown, it could be an infection. a lot of times we might try an antibiotic first. can i bring the psa down before i start to worry. we try to find out whether the glan is growing. we follow a trend of volts. if the thing starts to zoom up, then we start to worry. ed a david said we do it in conjunction with a digital rectal exam where we are feeling for an abnormal psa. >> i want to ask you about the exam. is there another way to do it? a lot of men don't like the
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old-fashioned way. >> today we can get genetic tests. we have urine tests called pca 3 tests and also we have mri imaging studies we can get. if you fine a lesion on the mri, certainly on our sensor, we have mri fusion meaning we take pictures with the ultrasound and fusion it with the mri images and we'll find out what area of your protate is susceptible to cancer and we'll go after that. what do you do with a diagnosis. we've seen adds about radiation and surge. one size fits all is the wrong medicine. you have to talk to your doctor. what i like about surgery is the fact a lot of times you remove the prostate and surgery is the only one that can give you an accurate stage.
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psa should be 0 after surgery. so you can rest at night, which is not the same as radiation. eric, if somebody will get surgery first and the cancer comes back after surgery. you can get radiation after surgery. but if you get radiation and the cancer comes back you can't debt surgery. >> cancer can come back after the prostate is removed. >> five to ten% of the time. >> you talk about following the psa. you go to the doctor, get a blood test and you goet the psa number. it says where the range is. but you have got follow like a stock market chart. they don't do. that i brought out my psa. >> by the way it took five years to get eric's psa. >> i have it too, now, we all have it. >> that's the point, you get the blood test -- i'm going to show you my psa. in january they did the bloods. i had a 3.18.
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i don't know what that means, a year ago i had a 2.40. now i'm jumping up. a few years earlier i was up at almost 3. and a few years before that, i was at 1.43. dr. samadi, i doubled from 2006, and marc, should i worry? >> i say no. i'll tell you why. assuming that your prostate exam is natural, the digital and rectal, that you don't have bumps or originals. i wouldn't over with. the magic number is four. the increase that you are seeing is equal to you getting older and your prostate is getting bigger -- i'm sorry but you are getting older. if you are below 4, i can tell you there is an 85% chance below 4 that you do not have prostate cancer. that's what i like about the psa, it can be reassuring. >> i don't have to go to the doctor to check the psa, i can see the internist. >> yes and no. yes, you can come to me. yes, i can screen.
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but if i start telling eric there is something wrong, his first question is how about a yourologist? specialists have a role, too. >> people should get their psa at the age of 40, especially if you have a family history of prostate cancer. you should know ahead of time. if it's over 1.56 at the age of 40 that's a big red flag. so the number 4 is not always the case. i want to know how big the prostate is. you may have an 80 gram prostate and that's why your psa is higher. the size of the prostate has something to do with your psa. the bottom line is if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer there are low risk ones at that we may watch but we can save your life because as long as it's contained -- all the myths
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about inkent tense and such, those have to do with the experience of the surgeon. >> you are basically saying if you are at four or under you should be yen is really okay. >> you should be okay. if there is any doubt -- again, there are things i may find that marc or internists may miss. but if there is any doubt we would get an mri and look further. >> dr. samadi, you are chief of robotic surgery. is that available in every place in the nation? >> there are a lot of robots out there, but the experience and the person behind the robots is what determines your outcome. i have done now well over 7,000 surgeries. we have team. i perform the entire case. the whole center is dedicated to prostate cancer. that's one of the reasons why i say you have been extremely instrumental in saves lives by just giving this website. if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer and you are
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confused, go to prostate cancer send your information, and we will be glad to help you. >> is robotic surgery available to everybody in every state? >> it's out there. we have about 1,000 robots out in the united states but people don't know how to use them. so you want to go to center of excellence, people who have done at least a couple of thousand of these. >> the key point i want to emphasize is we are going in the direction of less invasive surgery. it makes sense, the less surgery you have, the earlier you get home, the fast you are he you are back on your int feet. the key point, make sure your surgeon has a lot of experience. and once the prostate is out, you shouldn't have a psa. it should be zero. then surgeons can follow that. >> there is sex after surgery. there is quality of life after surgery and couldn't fence because of the new technology with the way we do the operation
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saves your quality of life. >> thankfully for now i'm not there yet because i'm under four. >> we apologize for calling you a old man. >> good, doctors. some up there is a troubling report about women looking to conceive. why doctors are urging them and their partners to stay away from coffee. the new warning is next. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. okay. some concerning news about women and caffeine. this after a new study finds that drinking too much coffee while trying to conceive can lead to a miscarriage. this applies equally for men and women. dr. siegel?
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>> you made a great point. let's start with the fact that caffeine can affect men's sperm so it can affect the ability to conceive. the focus of the study is miscarriage in the first try messer. it's shocking to think that men drinking overtwo cups of coffee today. again we are talking about caffeine, not coffee. but calf ian in the early part of pregnancy when you should be taking folate and vitamin b 6 which decreases miscarriages, caffeine increases. why? heart rate goes up. blood pressure is going up. you are not sleeping well. i think the reason men are involved at that point is they are not sleeping, they are heart rate is going up and they are bugging you. and you are stressed and that's the number one cause of miscarriage. the result was 98 miscarrias cas out of 344 people being studied.
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i think the message is have a cup of coffee or two. but be aware because calf ian is everywhere, in your soda. >> tea. >> chocolate bars. >> more sp more research has shown coffee is extremely healthy for you. we have talked about it reduces the risk of diabetes. three to four cups of coffee can reduce the risk of parkinson's disease, prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis. but the exception to the rule is if you are pregnant you should not be on caffeine or coffee, if you have reflux, arythmia, heart disease, if you have anxiety or sleeping problems stay away from coffee. for pregnancy, i think what it does when it comes to enin it changes sex hormone and can maybe change the motility of the sperms. i think in women obviously the caffeine plastics passings through the placenta.
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it hasn't resulted in eight attention deficit or behavioral. that study has already been done. but i think up to 200 milligram is what american society of gynecology and object stratics is saying. >> two cups or less. >> eight ounces of coffee is about 140 milligrams. so two cups a day. >> one word of caution. if you stop drinking your coffee, beware, don't take some headache medication or something that i definitely don't want you to have during pregnancy. >> sometimes if you do cold turkey off of coffee you get headaches. >> emphasize prenatal vitamins. >> folic acid and vitamin b. >> b 6. >> and folic acid. as you get older, your skin gets thinner. that can spell trouble. coming up, the doctors will tell us about that and what you can
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we're back now with "sunday housecall" and the doctors. in our segment, should i worry.
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which every week we talk about everything that worries us. one viewer writes i'm a 78-year-old man and my skin is getting thin and my skin tears easily. is there something i can strengthen my skin? dr. samadi, you get older and your skin thins. what do you do? >> it's a normal process of aging. man or women can do a lot of things to strengthen the skin. what happens as we get older, the membrane under the skin, the collagen and the basic cell membrane fade away. you're dehydrated and it's fragile and easy to break. what do do you? your son -- sun out there, put the sunscreen, that's important. stay away from very hot shower. that dries up your skin. there are things you can do to moisturize it. besides all the clean on the
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outside, you can take vitamin a. it's a, c, e. c is great for building more kol gin and more elastic and give that you fresh look. and e, repairs the membrane under the skin. vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin c. >> what do you do when a patient sees you with this? >> make sure they're wearing long clothing, wearing that wide brim hat and hydration is key. david touched on this already. they got to drink a lot of water. got to use the skin creams that are moisturizing creams. the skin itself has an acid that enables it to repair itself. it will only do it, eric, if it's moisturized. moisturize your skin, that will help to repair itself. vitamin a is found in orange, yellow, green vegetables. this is the beta carotene. red is the peppers, dark green
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would be spinach. i guess you got to help me out. >> all the vegetables. >> also, milk and eggs are very good. >> but you don't want to really take vitamin a. you want it in the foods you eat. same with vitamin c. you want that in the vennell tabls that you eat. there is something you might take. >> what's that? >> rhett noid. it's a vitamin a cousin. >> do i need a prescription for it? >> no. you can get that over-the-counter. i am not recommending it. by the time we're talking that, you should be going to a dermatologist. you can get microdermabrasion, laser, botox, fillers. all of that, too, to repair skin that you've done everything you can for. >> i would stay away from vitamin k. once your skin is thin, the vessels are on the surface and you can get the bruising. you've seen them. don't take vitamin k on your own until you speak to your doctor. i use a cream that comes from
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israel. it's called haava. it's a cream. you put it on in the morning. >> where do you buy it? >> drugstore? >> order from israel. >> but you can get it -- i can get it. >> dr. samadi. >> you want them to stay away from vitamin e for different reasons. >> it causes many problems. for nail, hair, skin it's good for you. >> are you caught in a sex slump? coming up, we'll take a look at foods that promise to help you get your mojo back the natural way. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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you have to feel healthy... on the outside your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. welcome back. sometimes giving your sex drive a little boost can be as easy as going to your fridge. dr. siegel, what should we be eating? >> i'm glad siegel is starting with this one. >> i would start by saying go out to the romantic dinner. it dofrnt matter what you're eating unless you have candles, glass of wine and romance. >> come on. >> there's been a hoopla about the different foods. the only one i am convinced about. pumpkin seed gives you zinc,
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that improves your testosterone level. you probably have a normal zinc level. the one i'm impressed with is pom glegranat pomegranate. they gave everyone the juice for a fortnight. it's two weeks. a pomegranate juice for a fortnight, testosterone went up, got happier and friskier. >> we're showing broccoli, pumpkin seeds you said, doc. blueberries, chocolate. >> all of those are fantastic. the best way for men to boost their testosterone is to lose the belly fat. when you lose that, your testosterone goes up. that's a start. going back to the food, you know, sardine and oyster is full of zinc. you become like a bombshell. your testosterone -- >> this is women too. women can eat sardines and zinc as well. >> they can certainly do that. for women, i want them to take a lot of avocado, watermelon and
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pomegranate. these are vasodie lay tors. they bring a lot of blood flow to that neighborhood and keeps the women happy. >> for the women, avocado, watermelon. >> any leafy vegetable is healthy. almond. >> what is it with pomegranate and sardines? that sounds disgusting. >> you don't have to eat them at the same time. they increase the zinc. >> what does that do? >> good for healthy prostate, increases testosterone and makes that area healthy and you can take care of business. >> it's like a -- >> you got to lose that belly fat. david's first point, you lose your belly fat, you relax, you decrease your stress, have a nice romantic dinner. happy easter. >> the five foods are pomegranate, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, blueberries and chocolate. and women, you add watermelon and avocado to that.
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>> love the pomegranate. >> you have to know how to drive the whole thing as well. happy easter. >> happy easter. >> happy easter everyone. thanks for joining us. they're the doctors. tension in brussels as far right demonstrators clash with police at the sight of a makeshift memorial for the victims of tuesday's terrorist attacks. this as police launch 13 new raids in three cities. we'll take a closer look at the lives of this young american couple killed at the brussels airport. three states feeling the bern for sanders in democratic caucuses proving he's still a force and


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