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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 27, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. isis has wrought terror. throughout the middle east and europe. the slaughter in paris, and the downing of a russian airliner. isis also came to america with a
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largest terror attack since 9/11. these are some of the faces of people arrested on u.s. soil for helping to support or plot terrorism in the name of isis. since 2014, more than 80 have been arrested. a teenage girl trying to leave colorado to join isis in syria. a man who ambushed a philadelphia police officer. and a man who's now under investigation for his role in an isis-inspired mass shooting. >> we are not doing enough on the home front to defeat isis. >> if you look at the history of this city, we're largely a blue collar town. we're on the suburbs of los angeles. we are about 215,000 people and, you know, we're kind of a poor town. >> the chief of police in san bernardino, california. >> this city of many ways struggled for many, many years. the primary employer in town is government.
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we don't have a target like new york city and the world trade center. >> although no one knew it, there was a target. and on december 2nd, 2015, terror came to san bernardino during a holiday party for 80 people at the inland regional center. >> about 11:00, there were two gunmen that burst through the doors of the conference center. they opened fire on the people that were in that room. the gunmen in this case using semiautomatic assault rifle ar-15 style weapons. there was an immediate police response. the first police unit there within four minutes of the 911 call. the seconds had escaped before the first units had arrived. 14 people were killed. 22 people were wounded. >> before their escape, the two shooters left behind an explosive device on the table. >> it was essentially a pipe bomb device attached to a remote control. it didn't go up. >> substantial enough it would
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have done considerable damage? >> would have done some damage inside that room and probably caused significant injuries. >> in the chaos following the shootings, a hunch by one of the witnesses led law enforcement to their first suspect. 28-year-old sayed farook who worked for the county as a food inspector. earning $53,000 a year, his job gave him a county issued iphone. >> one particular person in the room that knew mr. farook had told one of our officers that although the suspects were masked coming back into the room, there was something about his -- the suspect's body language and stature he thought maybe it was sayed farook. he was at the event in the morning hours. 10:30 in the morning he left. a couple employees noted he left and they thought that was odd. >> the real surprise was that the second shooter was farook's wife, 29-year-old tashfeen malik. born in pakistan to a wealthy
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family of landowners, malik moved to saudi arabia with her family. she returned to pakistan in 2007 to study pharmacy here at this university. after returning to saudi arabia, malik met farook on a dating website. farook went there to meet her in person in 2013. they were later married there and flew back to the united states together in july 2014. malik was admitted to the country on a fiancee visa. america's current visa waiver program can allow extremists to slip in undetected. many continue to exploit the fiancee visa for sham marriages or disappear after overstaying a visa. >> 30 countries in europe, fill out a form, get on an airplane and come to america for 90 days and makes us less safe. there's gaping holes in the program. >> clearly it's golden passport
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to the u.s. >> frank salifo is director. of the george washington center for cyber and homeland security. >> we are looking at ways to tighten up the visa waiver program. >> we do know that shortly before this incident took place there was a pledge of allegiance from her to al baghdadi and isis. the information that we have would indicate she had a lot of idealistic component coming the country. >> they lived in nearby redlands with their baby daughter. the 62-year-old mother who worked in the building department of a major california hospital also lived with them. the morning of the massacre, they left their 6-month-old daughter in the care of the grandmother. >> shots fired. >> eventually, we saw him near the redlands address. as soon as that marked unit fallen in behind the suspect car, the back passenger who turned out to be tashfeen malik
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opened fire at the officers behind. >> all hell broke loose as the couple engaged in a wild gun battle with police wielding the ar-15 style rifles. the officers fired 380 rounds and the shooters managed to get off 75. two police were wounded, both farook and his wife were killed. >> i don't know that we know why they chose this event. these were folks that six months before thrown a baby shower for him and had given him and his wife gifts for the birth of their child. >> during the search of the apartment, alongside the baby toys, police discovered a bomb factory in the garage. there were 19 pipe bomb components and thousands of rounds of ammunition. the first seeds of the san bernardino terrorist attack sown in 2004 right here on this quiet street in riverside, california. that's when a young enrique marquez moved into this house right next door to the family of sayed farook. farook lived here with his
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mother, older brother and two sisters. when they weren't working on cars together, farook indoctrinated marquez into the ways of islam. soon he began to frequent the mosque in nearby corona. in the years leading up to the shootings, farook and marquez discussed radical islam and listened to tapes of the cleric anwar anlaki. >> there's seven degrees of connection to him in almost every case. >> in 2012, enrique marquez bought materials and two of the semiautomatic rifles that were used in the san bernardino shootings. marquez filled out the information saying they were for him. isn't that illegal? >> illegal in the sense of a straw purchase, absolutely.
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we know that back in 2012, they had discussed these are the plots to attack a community college in our area and also launch an attack on a freeway here in the inland empire, as well. >> dabiq, the islamic state's propaganda magazine, quickly gave a shoutout to the terrorist couple. >> it opens first two pages of the magazine by lauding the san bernardino shooters and particular laud for husband and wife team engaged in jihad and heeded the call of al baghdadi to attack the crusaders in their homeland. >> another person in san bernardino who came under fbi scrutiny was this man, a cleric at this mosque. allegedly a haven for islamic fundamentalists. in december, it was reported that the cleric had exchanged nearly 40 text messages with farook in the weeks leading up to the july 2015 terrorist attack on two military sites in chattanooga, tennessee.
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now a legal battle is raging over the authority's attempt to crack farook's government-issued iphone. despite the frenzy of texting, the cleric and colleagues now claim they barely knew farook. >> about a month ago he started. we did not think of him. he's not really local. >> the investigation into the san bernardino attacks continues. in february, when the fbi raided the home of farook's older brother, thick envelopes and a computer were among the items removed from the premises. at the same time, enrique marquez sat in a jail cell awaiting a july 2016 trial on terrorism charges. >> the fbi said they didn't have any connection with domestic or foreign terrorist organizations. >> you have isis which has said go, do your attacks, do what you're going to do in our name which has added a whole new fear in this country in many ways.
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why are so many americans inspired to join isis? that's next on "war stories." m
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now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. the threat posed by isis to the united states is growing in terms of scale and scope. >> isis has been calling for attacks for well over a year against westerners, particularly americans. and they feel like, of course, they succeeded. >> past year we saw three successful terrorist attacks on u.s. soil. saw tennessee in chattanooga. obviously san bernardino and garland, texas. >> but why are more americans heeding the islamic state's call to the battlefield. >> there's a single profile and unfortunately there isn't it's the ideology. >> many analysts like to focus on the fact that isis on twitter, snapchat and whatever else and they put out glossy magazines and videos and that's process.
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that process would not appeal to people unless the substance appealed to people. and the substance, again, is a literal understanding of islam. >> many say the united states efforts to counter isis' deadly narrative have been weak unlike the successful campaigns in world war ii against japan and germany and the cold war with the soviet union. >> we had radio free europe. >> this station daily hears of the iron kcurtain with the trut. >> we were countering soviet infiltration by promoting capitalism, promoting freedom. >> we've ceded the battlefield and we need to push back. the same rigorous planning that goes into the war fighting efforts needs to go into our cyber efforts. >> his program on extremism team at george washington university tried to understand the recent surge in american jihadis.
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in december 2015, they released the report. isis in america. from retweets to raqqah. hughes is one of the authors. >> since march 2014, we have had at least 80 arrests of people charged with isis related charges and they run the gamut, old, young, rich, poor, black, white. over a six-month period, we looked at 300 accounts of american isis supporters and we found twitter is the platform of choice. >> here are some of the images they found on social media. >> youave an account where they're just posting out quotes from anwar alaki. this is an image a lot online. the islamic symbol of bravery. >> one of the most interesting things was how brash everything is. >> sarah jokes is a research associate. >> this is a foreign fighter from i believe somewhere in europe. and he has been with isis.
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actually comes from tumblr. a girl posts over and over again. in love with this guy. it's totally bizarre to see this in the frame of a terrorist organization. >> isis has taken it to a whole new level. this is an engaged social media platform that can bring together like minded individuals in the far flung corners of the internet and the deep web. >> people aren't just passively viewing the material. they reach out to radicalize and recruiter online and get the materials they need or get the phone number in turkey who to call when you land. >> once they realize they got somebody, they'll go into what we call dark space in areas that we can't even monitor on the internet even if we have a court order to understand what they're directing and either inspiring or directing the small and medium-scale attacks which are much more difficult to stop.
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>> encryption made it nearly impossible for law enforcement to track terrorists who have gone dark on the web. to do so will require more cooperation from u.s. tech companies. >> and we need to build trust between silicon valley and d.c. and ultimately the american people and i think it's a trust deficit that's impeding further cooperation because, yes, there's a freedom of speech issue. but you know what? there's also a terrorism issue here. so i mean, basically, you have three options. we want to collect information to get a sense of who their networks are. you don't want to shut down all of the facilities. two, we can actually start shutting down this information and we need to do more there. quite honestly, the american viewer, the fox viewer has a role here potentially to identify, flag information and twitter and some of the other social media platforms attempting to do this but not enough. third, we have to push back.
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>> the removal of isis can only be done by isis. obama can't do it, cameron can't do it, merkel can't do it. it has to be people that are muslim that understand islam. >> the dilemma facing islam, it's the silence of the moderate
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muslim. >> the bottom line is the muslim world is dominated by theocrats, thugs and dictators, what i call the islamist mafia, and we can only defeat them if we start to take back the mantel of islam. >> the idea of the islamic state is just a bad idea. >> born in bombay, india, to a very conservative muslim family, asrah came to the united states at the age of 4 and grew up in morgantown, west virginia. >> it's a bad idea for the 21st century. it's a bad idea for christians and jews and muslims who do not want to live according to this strict interpretation of islam, and it's a bad idea for women. >> her goal of changing the hard line interpretation of islam became a very personal one after the attacks on 9/11. >> i was a reporter for "the wall street journal," on book leave. i went to pakistan. there, my colleague from "the wall street journal" danny pearl
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came to visit me. he went off for an interview from which he was then kidnapped and murdered by a man who practiced this interpretation of islam that is very much the ideology of the islamic state today. and what i realize very personally is that it's my duty as a muslim, it's my duty to stand up against the ideology of extremism. >> today, she's a member of the muslim reform movement, started by dr. zudi jasser. >> the movement was started in december 2014, a group of us as muslims stood together with this declaration, and what we're trying to do is be the change we want to see in the world. what we assert here is the idea of islam in which we believe in peace, homeland security, and secular governance. >> so many of us who have been doing similar work, i called them, sent them notes and said
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listen, let's have a summit of all of us who really get this and want to take ownership for it, and we can make a two-page declaration that is a fire wall, that clearly delineates not only for ourselves and muslims, but for all of the west. how do you tell who are the islamists that are working against us, versus who are the reformers and the classical liberals, if you will, that are working with us? >> december 4th, two days after the attacks at san bernardino, the newly-formed members of the muslim reform movement held a press conference at the national press club in washington, d.c. >> we have seen islam become a regressive interpretation because of so many of the sexist, intolerant, and even violent interpretations that the saudi government has exported over the last four decades. >> following the press conference, she and the rest of the group took their declaration to the saudi finance islamic center of washington.
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>> one of our brave souls in the miss lam reform movement went like a stealth fighter across the courtyard to the front door of this mosque, and he taped to the front door of the mosque our declaration for the muslim reform movement. quickly enough, a staffer from the islamic center of washington ripped down the declaration, but we had made our statement. >> we stand against violent jihad. we stand against the idea of the islamic state. not only isis, but all islamic state. we stand against the caliphate. we stand for the equality of member and women. we stand for free speech. we believe ideas don't have rights, human beings do. >> so what we have to fundamentally do is challenge those governments of qatar, of saudi arabia, of iran, of pakistan, and we have to say, these ideas are not okay anymore for the 21st century, and that's
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what we're doing. and can i tell you what's happening? we are hearing from muslims. and they are saying thank you to us. they are saying thank you for standing up with courage, because we fear challenging the status quo, and we are so grateful to you for being our voices in the world. >> there's more "war stores: fighting isis" just ahead. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) i won't. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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ideology. and allow no sanctuary for terrorists anywhere. more has to be done to protect our homeland. the fight against isis is a war story that deserves to be told. good night. breaking news overseas again. terror strikes. an explosion shatters easter celebrations in pakistan, killing 60 people and injuring 300 others. and sadly, those numbers could tragically rise. the blast ripping through a park in lahor in an area crowded with christians celebrating this easter holiday. the local police chief points to a likely suicide bomber for this terrorist attack and says most of the victims are women and children. we will bring you more of these details as we get them.


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