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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and allow no sanctuary for terrorists anywhere. more has to be done to protect our homeland. the fight against isis is a war story that deserves to be told. good night. breaking news overseas again. terror strikes. an explosion shatters easter celebrations in pakistan, killing 60 people and injuring 300 others. and sadly, those numbers could tragically rise. the blast ripping through a park in lahor in an area crowded with christians celebrating this easter holiday. the local police chief points to a likely suicide bomber for this terrorist attack and says most of the victims are women and children. we will bring you more of these details as we get them. >> hello, everyone.
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welcome to america's election headquarters. >> other stories are following at this hour. several suspects in belgium now in custody following new anti-terror raids today. what we are learning about these new arrests. >> plus, bernie sanders sweeping to victory last night in three contests. he is still behind democratic rival hillary clinton in terms of delegates. but next, hear why he says this race is far fromer. and donald trump sitting down for an extensive foreign policy interview with "the new york times." what he said about america's standing in the world and what he says he would change with our allies if he moves into the oval office. but first, we begin with the latest from belgium, where an american couple is confirmed among the victims of those horrible bombings carried out by those radical islamic terrorists. police carrying out more than
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one dozen raids in locations across bufls. authorities will not say for sure if the raids are tied to the attacks, but they did take four people into custody. meanwhile, protesters disrupted a memorial that was being held for the bombing victims. those demonstrators shouting anti-immigrant slogans. >> well, we had hooligans coming from different football clubs who came to brussels, and we knew for sure that they would create some troubles here. but we could confine them and guided them back to the train station so they could get their train. >> and for the latest on the terrorism investigation and the arrest, let's go live to mike tobin, who now is in brussels. >> what you see behind me is security to prevent bombers from getting into the plaza in front of the stock exchange where that memorial is growing. what it doesn't do is prevent
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what we saw today. hundreds of self-described right-wing soccer hooligans descending on that memorial. they we are black masks. some of them had shaved heads. they chanted anti-immigrant slow ga gans. they did the nazi salute. they chanted slogans of the famous soccer teams. as the riot police tried to clear the hooligans off the plaza, that led to clashes, then you had the water cannons come out. the pepper spray mocame out. there was a spokesman for their fan organization. he resigned, saying he didn't know any of this was going to happen. meantime, the manhunt is ongoing. there's an active scene in r rott rotterdam right now, as they have moved in at the request of french authorities. that scene is active as we speak. there was another arrest made in italy. and here in brussels, some 13 homes were raided. there are eight people still at large.
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there are described as belgian and french. all of them islamists. eric? >> thanks so much. and as we've been reporting to you. another alert. as mike just reported, another developing story in the terror investigation north of belgium in the netherlands. that's where, as mike said, there have been dutch police arresting a terror suspect there at the request of those french authorities. they suspect him of potentially plotting another attack. details are not yet known of what was being planned. they describe the suspect as a 32-year-old frenchman taken into custody in the port city of rotterdam. police are not releasing his name, but say he will be extradited to france through other people. also detained in these raids. we'll bring you more information as this terror investigation continues. meanwhile, we are also learning more about an american couple from tennessee confirmed to be among those killed in the brussels attacks. justin schultz and his wife stephanie were listed as missing
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after the suicide bombings at the brussels airport. they were dropping off stephanie's mother, watching her walk through the security when the terrorists detonated their bombs. will carr live from los angeles with the details. what a horrific story, will. >> absolutely. we've just learned that president obama reached out to the couple's families and told them that justin and stephanie epitomized all that's good with america, and said that his thoughts and prayers are with their families who have really been holding on to hope since last tuesday because they had been told by local authorities there in brussels that the schul schultzes may have been at a hospital. turns out that is not correct. they were killed in the bombings at the brussels airport. justin was 30. he had just had a birthday a couple weeks ago. he was from tennessee originally. stephanie 29. she was from kentucky. both went to vanderbilt university. that's where they met in graduate school. they went on to become
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accountants. they got married. they had been living in the heart of brussels since 2014. then last tuesday, they were at the airport doing something so many people across the world do every single day, saying goodbye to a loved one. they were waving to stephanie's mother as she was going through security just as the bombs went off. justin's brother taking to twitter, "knowing that i'll never be able to see him again hurts, but it's worse that my future children will never get to know their uncle justin as he would have been a tremendous role model. please pray for my mom." secretary of state john kerry also weighing in on their tragic loss as well. >> the united states want you to know is praying and grieving with you. for the loved ones of those who have been very cruelly taken from us, including americans. and for the many who are injured in these despicable attacks. >> for the schultzes, traveling
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was a passion. they ran with the bulls in spain. they also loved london, paris, germany, and outside of their tragic loss, we know that two other americans were killed in the attacks, although their names have not been released publicly, and around a dozen were injured. >> this is definitely one of those stories that is tough to report on. will carr, thank you so much. >> absolutely. syria's president praising the recapture of a key city from isis as "an important achievement in the war of terrorism." government forces had been fighting isis militants for three weeks, trying to take down the ancient town, but and were supported by war strikes. palmyra was once considered syria's top tourist destination because of ruins. many of the artifacts were destroyed when they captured the city nearly one year ago. turning to politics now back here at home, a clean sweep on
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saturday for senator bernie sanders. the vermont senator winning all three of the democratic caucuses that were held yesterday. he won decisively in alaska, washington state, and hawaii. senator hoping the victories will spark more momentum for his campaign as the race turns to the more liberal races. despite losing all three states, mrs. clinton holds that comfortable big lead in the delegates, but senator sanders, he vows to continue his quest. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead, and we have with your support coming here in wisconsin, we have a path toward victory. >> so what do his wins mean for the race? christian fisher live in seattle where he won with the details. hi, kristin.
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>> sanders, he didn't just win yesterday. he won by a lot. 40 points in hawaii, 46 here in washington, and 64 points in alaska. i mean, those are just monster margins. but he is still way behind in terms of delegates. going forward, sanders is going to try to make the case that his campaign is the only one generating enough excitement to beat a republican in november. clinton hoped to win in some of the more rural counties, but sanders swept the state. he won every single county. but the amount of delegates barely even made a dent into clinton's overall delegate lead. this morning on one of the other sanders shows, sanders was told he would need to win a whopping 73% of the remaining delegates. sanders disagreed. listen to why he believes he still has a path to the democratic nomination.
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>> you're assuming that every super delegate who supports secretary clinton will stay with her. you're not taking into consideration the fact that in are hundreds of super delegates who have not yet made a decision. we think we can win many of them. >> we'll see. sanders had already moved to the next state, wisconsin. held a big rally there last night. clinton will be there tomorrow and tuesday after taking the easter weekend off. and then it's on to new york, where nearly 300 delegates are up for grabs. even if sanders is able to pull out a win in both wisconsin and new york, it will still be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to catch up in terms of delegates, especially those super delegates. >> all right, kristin, as the race next month now moves east. the gop candidates taking a break from the campaign trail for ooegser sunday. but the race for the white house not stopping entirely. two of the candidates appearing on the sunday talk shows to outline their answer thes on
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foreign policy. gary tin knee has more now from our d.c. bureau. >> the gop candidates may be off the campaign trail this weekend, but after the terror attacks in brussels, national security and foreign policy are front and center. on fox news sunday, texas senator ted cruz shot back at president obama for criticizing him this week when cruz suggested we patrol muslim communities for radical individuals. >> it's rich seeing barack obama attacking me when he just got back from a baseball game with the castros, celebrating and toasting a communist dictator who tortures and murders his citizens. >> cruz also blamed hillary clinton and president obama for failing to stop isis by allowing it to grow with a weak foreign policy plan. er. >> this policy of weakness and appeasement does not work. i think the american people are tired of it. you noticed obama and hillary seem more mad at me than they are at isis and the terrorists who are murdering us.
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>> donald trump respondsed to the terror attacks by saying he doesn't think europe is a safe place to visit right now and criticized for letting president obama for wanting to allow more refugees in. >> nobody knows where they're from. nobody knows who they are. and they're coming in here by the thousands. and let me tell you something, we're going to have problems just as big or bigger. >> trump and cruz are nearly tied, with trump holding a very narrow lead, though he is still ahead by more than 270 delega delegates. the next primary contest for the republicans is april 5th in wisconsin, where 42 delegates are up for grabs. >> okay. thanks, garrett. one of those foreign policy hot spots is the refugee crisis in europe. several hundred iraqi and syrian refugees tried to keep others
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from reaching the border. the protesters upset over the closing of that border. they say they're trying to keep others from reaching it. investigators have successfully downloaded all the information from the flight recorders on the fly dubai plane that crashed in southern russia. aviation officials from the united arab emirates say the quality of the data retrieved is "satisfactory." the passenger jet went down just over a week ago, killing all 62 people onboard. the cause of the crash remains under investigation, but strong winds may have played a part in it. one state wants more people to be more aware of what you're doing when you're walking around. they've introduced a new pressure to keep you off your cell phone. >> i'm down with that. >> where it's happening, and what they want in terms of punishment so you don't bump into anybody else. walk into the street and get run over by a car. plus, the city of new haven
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wants yale university to pay you have. why they want the money and how they plan on getting it. >> republican presidential candidates now turn their attention to wisconsin. what's on the line and who could win in the badger states? >> wisconsin, the entire country is looking to this state. so i ask each and every one of you from now until election day to devote your time and energy to picking up the phone and calling friends and families and loved ones. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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jail time for texting while walking on public roads. and the mayor of new haven, connecticut, getting behind a push to revisit a statute from the 19th century. the statute says certain colleges, including yale university, must face taxation on real estate generating more than $6,000 in annual income. the ivy league university strongly objects to the proposal. fox news is america's election headquarters. the republicans are taking a short break for now in the presidential nominat nine days until the next one. that's in wisconsin. it has 42 republican delegates up for grabs there, and it is the last of what's called the big rust belt states to vote before the whole race moves east to the big states of new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, and others. senator ted cruz has been in wisconsin. he's making sure voters there, he says, can send a message for the coming contests.
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>> a victory here in wisconsin will have powerful national repercussi repercussions, will impact each and every primary coming up after this. >> melinda is editor-in-chief of "roll call" and joins us now. good to see you. they say it's going to be would have been the biggest turnouts in four decades in wisconsin. so who stands, do you think, to most benefit from that? >> they're really close races on both sides. i mean, cruz is actually up a couple of points in the last couple of polls. but running really at a statistical dead heat with trump, so absolutely anything can happen on the republican and the democratic side there. >> let's take a look at that poll right now. you're right. they are neck and neck. donald trump, he's at 32%. ted cruz is at 30%. that's certainly in the statistical margin for error. john kasich staying in the race.
1:21 pm
what happens when or if scott walker or paul ryan issue an endorsement, two wisconsin natives. who could have more sway in this race? >> well, scott walker is under a lot of pressure to endorse ted cruz. he has said that he will either endorse cruz or kasich. he is not going to be supporting trump, which should come as no surprise. i think that wisconsin is one of the rare places, actually, where an endorsement by the governor could have some impact, not only because walker is popular there, but because in wisconsin, there is not that split between the establishment gop and the more tea party branch of the party that there is really across the country. and you just don't have the animus there, i think, for the feeling that this is an outsider's year that you have in a lot of other places.
1:22 pm
i think it's very interesting, for example, that talk radio, conservative talk radio in wisconsin is anti-trump, whereas nationally conservative talk radio is certainly a lot more supportive. >> why is that? you talk about paul ryan, he gave that speech basically criticizing the rhetoric of this campaign, and that's a criticism of donald trump. >> i wonder if talk radio isn't at the heart of why there is not that split. because there just haven't been those fissures. i have wondered if part of the reason isn't that a lot of the very popular national talk radio people like rush limbaugh, like sean hannity, live in florida, have places in florida just as trump does. it's just a theory. i don't know that to be the case. but in wisconsin, they have really lashed out at trump as not a conservative. especially on defense.
1:23 pm
have really been pro-cruz and saying that really trump doesn't have the history as a conservative that some of the other candidates do. >> one name you left out is mark levin. mark has been very pro-ted cruz. so do you think or see a potential ground swelling that could be potentially anti-trump and could help lift up cruz, if you have, as you say, the situation with the establishment? you have the ground area of the conservative radio locally there. anti-trump, which flips basically from a lot of other places around the country. >> i think one of the big unknowns is -- and i wonder how this is going to play into governor walker's calculucalcul allegations of sex scandal involving ted cruz. he who has vehemently denied it.
1:24 pm
we don't know if there's any credibility in the story whatsoever. but when there's that uncertainty about is there more to come out, is this going to gain credibility? you just -- i think that's a big unknown for what happens in the coming days. will everything come out before the wisconsin primary and will people hold off giving an endorsement until they know more about that, i don't know. >> and finally, quickly, what do you think will happen? any guesses? >> if only i knew. i think if nothing else happens, cruz does have a pretty good chance of pulling it out there. >> all right. we thank you. and we'll check back with you after the folk gos to the polls. >> thanks. >> pope francis with a message of hope, celebrating before the thankful in st. peter's square. what the holy father is saying about terrorism in the wake of the brussels attack. and the horrible bombings in
1:25 pm
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flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. hundreds of protesters in belgium clashing with riot police. the scuffles breaking out during a rally in central brussels, where a temporary shrine was built for victims of tuesday's terror attacks. at least ten people have been arrested and two police officers were injured in the clashes. in pakistan, there's been a tragic deadly explosion that ripped through a crowded park where christians were celebrating easter. at least 65 people were killed. 300 others were injured. and an ambulance helicopter crashes in alabama, killing all four people onboard. the victims, including the pilot, two medical officials,
1:30 pm
and a patient. the cause of the crash is under investigation. pope francis celebrating his third easter since taking over the papacy. today he delivered his easter sunday message during mass at st. peter's square. the holy father spoke out against what he termed blind and brutal terrorism, a reference to the horrible attacks in brussels. he also expressed concern over the plight of refugees who have been turned away by european countries. brian yanis with more on what he said. >> hope, renewed faith, family, beautiful eggs, and even peeps. he said. >> hope, renewed faith, family, beautiful eggs, and even peeps. christians commemorate the day they believe jesus was rez rektded. -- resurrected. calling on the world not to
1:31 pm
forget its migrants and refugees. particularly from syria, while denouncing the recent terrorist attacks in turkey and in belgium. >> translator: may he draw us closer on this easter feast to the victims of terrorism that blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. >> meantime, u.s. and nato troops serving in afghanistan away from their families, attending gospel and group prayer services in kabul. >> for a lot of people, their spirituality is a foundation of who they are. and it gives them hope, it gives them joy, and it connects them to family back home. >> and in iraq's beleaguered christian community, believers celebrating easter at a church in the middle of baghdad. the christian population there has dwindled from 1.5 million to an estimated 275,000 in what many call a genocide at the hands of isis terrorists.
1:32 pm
and in yet another reminder that we are in an election year, in mexico city, mexicans burned and imploded ten-foot-tall paper effigies of donald trump, president obama smoking a cuban cigar, and an isis fighter. it's part of their annual holy week celebration called burning of judas, in which they set fire to their judas judases. no shortage of eclectic ways of celebrating this holy week. happy easter. >> and from us, happy easter to you, too. the terrorist attacks in brussels this past week highlighting national security concerns here at home. and fears about the growing threat of extreme worldwide. gop presidential candidate ted cruz addressing those fears and laying out his strategy to defeat isis on fox news sunday. >> if i'm president, we will
1:33 pm
utterly and completely destroy isis. we will arm the kurds on the ground. we will use our forces to defeat them. and we won't put our forces into combat with the rules of engagement that obama is so fond of that tie their arms behind their back, that make it impossible for them to fight and win. that is wrong and that is immoral. >> let's talk about it now with ted cruz supporter and a texas state senator, connie burton. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you for having me on. happy easter. >> happy easter. thank you. senator cruz there talking about isis. is that the main concern on the minds of his supporters, connie, and if so, let me just go here first, and we'll go past this. how does cruz stay on message and not get dragged into potential scandals? eric's guest earlier, the editor-in-chief of "roll call" thinks there is another shoe that could possibly drop. >> well, he just does what he has been doing. he's going to continue to do that. where he's going to focus on the issues and he's going to talk about what he's going to do as
1:34 pm
president of the united states. i think people are beginning to realize -- in fact, i know they are, the race is definitely -- i feel a change in the race. particularly since donald has attacked ted cruz's wife heidi. people are sick and tired of this, these personal attacks. and they want to stay on the issues. we live in a dangerous, dangerous time. and ted has been talking about what he'll do as a leader, as a president of the united states. at the same time, we've got a gop presidential candidate who is attacking the wife of one of the candidates. i think it's becoming increasingly clear who -- that people are moving away from donald and moving toward ted cruz. >> and we don't want to stay on this issue, because there's reports that a cruz campaign pac put the first -- the first blow, if you will against melania, but
1:35 pm
let's move past that. let's talk about this. >> well, i want to ask you, though -- >> trump has 274 more delegates than cruz. several hundred delegates, as you know, ms. burton, are heading into the rnc july 18th. they're uncommitted. so what's your plan between now and then to court those free agent delegates, also to grow delegate numbers during the remaining ten weeks of primaries and caucuses? >> well, i will tell you, that's certainly the campaign who will be doing that, and they've got a fantastic ground game. and they are doing what they need to do in each state for those delegates. i will tell you here in texas, we are strong delegation for senator cruz. i myself am running for national delegate to be on the floor, to fight for ted all the way. i am a committed -- excuse me, i'm a committed supporter of ted cruz and will fight for him on the floor of the convention. but i cannot let that go. we cannot just say there is
1:36 pm
speculation that ted cruz's campaign had anything to do with -- >> not his campaign. summiters -- >> they are saying he's breaking federal law. that's what you're accusing him of when you say that. >> i don't want to -- ms. burton. >> you can't make those kind of accusations. >> i did not. i simply put out there what the reports were that a possible pac supporting senator cruz put out that first bloesm aw. because i agree with you. that's not what this campaign should be about. june 7th is the california primary. a 172 republican delegates up for grabs. before that is the new york primary. that's april 19th with 95 republican delegates at stake. is there any foreshadowing to suggest that cruz can beat trump in those two particular states? >> absolutely. absolutely. what is happening is what senator cruz wanted to have happen all along. when we get closer and closer to a two-man only race, which it
1:37 pm
basically is at this point, you begin to see the contrast between the two. between donald trump and ted cruz. and you begin to see that ted cruz's policy -- where he sits on policy is very different than where donald trump does. and you can tell that donald trump has many of the same policy positions as hillary clinton. so that's where you will see the stark differences between the two and that will only help him and it will only widen the gap between senator cruz and donald trump. >> okay. the issues are what people want to hear about. ms. burton, i thank you. happy easter again. and by the way, you're in colleyville, texas. my mom moved about a for six years. >> i'm so glad to hear that. >> she's back home now. >> i'm glad that she's here. i'm sorry that it happened. >> thank you so much.
1:38 pm
have a good day. >> thank you. back to what's happening overseas, airport security has been under the microscope after the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels. coming up, a look at how europe can improve its screening system, and can they root out those dangerous radical islamic terrorists who live so openly among them? you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles.
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♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ european jewish groups are condemning the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels. the european congress calls the attacks shots at the heart of europe that must be answered. this comes as a troubling report sheds light on some airport screening processes throughout europe. an israeli security expert is quoted as saying europeans are 40 years behind israel in terms of airport security. what happened must be a wake-up call for the belgian government. the growing attacks are more
1:43 pm
than a wake-up call for our very civilization, and few live with that threat more than our next guest. gerald rubenfeld lives in brussels, he cannot get back home right now because of the bombing, the airport being closed. first, our sympathies to you and your countrymen on the horror of what you've gone through. >> thank you. >> what do we do, how can we defeat radical islamic terrorism as the west and the world defeated the nazis decades ago? >> we need to give the necessary financial and manpower levels to the secret service in belgium. but at the european level, we need to maybe think about european fbi, because we saw those terrorists are going from one country to another. the attack in paris, most of them -- all of the terrorists operated from brussels. and then they went to paris to
1:44 pm
hit. the terrorist attack in 2014 in brussels, the jewish museum, the french algerian terrorists came from france. so we need to rethink about this and also to wage the war, and it's a new kind of war. we are not fighting against an army with uniformed soldiers with tanks. we are fighting against people who are among us, who are like me, belgian citizens who have a belgian passport, belgian i.d., and it's very difficult, it's more difficult to identify them. so we need to give all the resources to fight them. >> why has it been such a failure? why has there been such an acceptance of the islamic jihadi philosophy that has flourished and allowed to fester in that neighborhood that has grown and produced these terrorists? is it a failure of government
1:45 pm
policies? is it a failure of the security policies? how did it get to this point where you have, in effect, the enemy living among you? >> there is a major political responsibility. it was foreseeable, the prime minister says when the terrorist attack happened, it was foreseeable, that it was expected. we didn't know when and where. and what is the political responsibility? there was the mayor who was a socialist philippe morrow. when there were riots in brussels and other cities in europe, instead of putting back the rule of law, instead of putting the policemen and even the soldiers to bring back the rule of law, some of them, the security, the quiet, the peace, some of them being radicals.
1:46 pm
>> so they basically handed over, as you say, the rule of law to the islamic activists and to others, and they didn't crack down enough, or monitor what was going on enough in this community? >> not all of muslims are radical, but some of them are. and they took profit of this. and the reason of this, it's for political and demographic reasons. you know, some belgians think they would pay a political cost for this. so they are very relaxed on this. >> and finally, do you think it now will change? >> the future will tell. the good news is that there is a new mayor, and she seems more eager to fight against this. but it has to be a global fight. the islamists are waging a global fight against all the western world. we need to unite all together,
1:47 pm
and to fight back. because we have no choice. it's an all-out war. it's them or us. they want to impose a new way of life. and when they are doing this, what is at stake is really the future of european dem industoc. i would like to highlight one point. we see the rise of the far right party in europe. and some people don't trust any more the political democratic parties. they think that it will be possible to cure the plague, which is islamists, the cholera, the far right. you should remember that you die of both. so i would expect from the political traditional party, so extend and to show the strength of the rule of law. if not, we'll have even bigger problems in the future. >> all right. joel rubinfeld, we thank you. >> thank you. >> it is the challenge of our
1:48 pm
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>> new revelations from donald trump regarding his views on key foreign policy issues. "new york times" conducted an interview with the g.o.p. frontrunner causing it a 100 minute interview on foreign policy. donald trump insisted the united states should cut ties with countries that receive united states aid and offer little else
1:52 pm
in return and i quote, "not isolationist but i am america first. we will not be ripped off anymore." and now a former advisor to four united states ambassadors to the u.n., and fox news contributor. rick? >> first, your assessment of donald trump's position on nato? >> a problem because he views the foreign policy decisions as budget decision. he looks at budget and said, boy, we are spending a bunch of money and not getting much. that is the right conclusion to say we are spending a lot of money and not getting much but the wrong decision-making process to jump and say, therefore, we should get out of the nato. nato and the u.n. only work with united states leadership so if we are not getting a lot out we have to change our leadership there. we have to be more aggressive. it is a multi-lateral city and you cannot blame the entities but have to blame those
1:53 pm
participating because not is a collection of cups the can you not blame the nato entity but blame the countries who are not organize the right way. >> listen to donald trump on abc this week and we will talk about it. >> nato is obsolete, done at a time you had the soviet union, which was obviously larger than russia is today. i am not saying russia is not a threat. we have other lets. we have the threat of terrorism. nato does not disuse terrorism. nato is not meant for terrorism. nato does not have the right countries in it for terrorism. >> moving on, risk, i understand you do not have great admiration on secretary hillary clinton's handling or approach with russia. tell us why and then if you think that donald trump has betting understanding of dealing with russia say he and vladimir putin would get along great. >> i spent a long time negotiate against the russians and they
1:54 pm
are good. they understand their end game. you will never win the russians over by talking about moral arguments. donald trump has a point you have to convince them on economic issues or punishment open trade issues. you have to give them something. they are not going to do the right thing. that is where secretary hillary clinton went wrong that she hit this reset button with russia because she felt like we could do more. she stood there with the russians and said, let's have a new path. it was very naive to think the russians would ever do the right thing for moral reasons. she underestimated the russians. the russians have hoodwinked her when they have been in negotiations with her and dying to have her as president. donald trump is being naive when he thinks he is just going to be able to move them because it is like a deal. he is viewing the russian negotiations like a hotel deal and you cannot do that. you have to understand the
1:55 pm
russians have strategic interests and they not going to do the right thing if they are paid off. when you look at both of them they both have the wrong experience donald trump and hillary clinton and i would not trust either of them with russian policy. >> if you put together a power point presentation on foreign policy 2017 -- i leave it there, i am running out of time. >> next time. >> thank you. >> we will be right back. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before.
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♪ here comes peter cotton tail ♪ >> an easter egg hunt from the sky a helicopter dropping eggs hundreds of feet to kids in tampa, florida. >> and they were at a high school field. >> the eggs were filled with chocolate. even easter bunny turned out 50,000 candy eggs were dropped from the helicopter. >> great. >> you do not get bopped in the head. >> could you. think positive. >> are you going to eat the
2:00 pm
easter benny. >> peeps. peeps. >> love peeps? >> peeps are only one day a year. i have been told there are christmas tree peeps and october peeps. happy easter! >> on sunday, the republican contest heads straight into the gutter. first, by degenerating the war over the wives with donald trump angry of a picture of his wife making a twitter threat to expose ted cruz's wife and the senator lashing out. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it every time. you are a coward, donald and leave heidi along. >> and cruz saying a "national enquirer" article is garbage. the presidential campaign is rocked by the bombs in belgium toughing to tough terror talk and finger-pointing. >> donald trump and president obama have to understand one


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