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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> peeps. peeps. >> love peeps? >> peeps are only one day a year. i have been told there are christmas tree peeps and october peeps. happy easter! >> on sunday, the republican contest heads straight into the gutter. first, by degenerating the war over the wives with donald trump angry of a picture of his wife making a twitter threat to expose ted cruz's wife and the senator lashing out. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it every time. you are a coward, donald and leave heidi along. >> and cruz saying a "national enquirer" article is garbage. the presidential campaign is rocked by the bombs in belgium toughing to tough terror talk and finger-pointing. >> donald trump and president obama have to understand one
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thing: america does lead the world. >> it is extraordinary you have the heeding candidate on the republican side saying torture first, ask questions later. >> i have been saying it for years that president obama's strategy of containing isis is dangerous. >> and hillary clinton does not have a strategy, either. >> look at ted cruz, talking about or welian presence where muslims live. >> is the press turning the tragedy into a blame game? >> millions more against gawker for posting the sex tape of hulk hogan who slammed the adversary to the max. >> i will be naked forever. until my children's children's children die because of the intent. >> we will talk about the impact on journalistic freedom. i am howard kurtz and this is
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"media buzz". >> an unwanted appearance on the campaign when make america awesome posted this, a new image from her modeling days saying this could be american first lady unless you vote for ted cruz and we deleteed this tweet and restored, and ted cruz, that is some low level ad you did, using a picture of melania, be careful or i will spill the beans or your wife. >> texas senator responded on twitter saying donald trump was classless and would be a coward to attack his wife and both responded to reporters. >> you probably know by now most things that donald trump said have no basis in reality. >> i do not get angry often but you mess with my wife you mess with my kids that will do it. donald trump, you are a sniveling coward.
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leave my wife alone. >> and unproven allegations in the "national enquirer" we will get to in a moment, and now, gale -- gayle trotter and ashley parker, and julie julie roginsky co-host of "outnumbered." ashley parker this is low rent stuff, but two front runter slamming each other how could journalists resist? >> exactly. it became part of the discussion and they are going back-and-forth and it is a little fun and salacious. >> you admit it is fun. >> i admit it is fun, and it speaks to senator ted cruz, to character and it speak to what voters are looking for and i was at a focus group in st. louis and among those who did not lover donald trump they mentioned it was not substantive but style. this is something that helped the voters make the stylistic
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impression of this is something you want in office or not. what you is more important for the press? donald trump coming to the defense of his wife, blaming ted cruz for $300 ads that had nothing to do where the ted cruz campaign or ted cruz with a sound bait we have seen 10,000 times calling donald trump sniveling coward? >> i disagree and say the coverage is not fun and that it demonstrates warfare by donald trump and you have the things the media can report, the three thin --. >> you are embarrassed? >> i am disheartened. the media is treat this as a he said-he said creating a false equivalent because donald trump does what no other candidates are willing to do. he goes places that no other candidates are willing to go. in this case, the media covering it is cruz is doing the same thing as donald trump but ted cruz complemented his wife and
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donald trump re-tweeted an insulting tweet, picture of heidi cruz and made a commentary, as well. >> side-by-side pictures of the two wives. >> julie, donald trump said he might have to "spill the beans," on heidi cruz and speculation it could be when she was going through depression and strain in her marriage and and it has been recorded by "new york times" and others what did you make of that? >> the tactic that donald trump again is going in the gutter, this is not victim -- even handed, and ted cruz had nothing to do with the ad but they put out a picture that she posed for, not a naked picture like hulk hogan that was hacked. >> a donald trump was vowed and she has every right to pose, but conversely, you have donald trump and rather than coming out
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and saying i am proud of my wife, she beautiful, this is what she did and i am proud she made the cover of gq attacks heidi cruz. poor heidi cruz, a victim in all of this, and the media have been covering it as tit for tat opposed from up trump was wrong and i am not a fan of ted cruz had nothing to do with this other than defend his wife. >> but ted cruz has seized on this to express outrage. >> of course. >> after the donald trump tweet of megyn kelly, fox tweeted, seriously, a shot at donald trump who has taken plenty of shots at her and broader story including "new york times" democrats strategy is to portray donald trump as a sexist and "the washington post," this is we belated reduceing women to
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appearance and disparaging them and donald trump in his twitter response said that the express going out of the its way to convince people i don't hike or respect women when just the opposite is true. >> when the media covers this and reports on what donald trump is doing it is exactly getting to the pattern. a pattern of character. when donald trump re-tweeted the tweet you could argue and a lot of voters did, not just being unfair to high difficult cruz but his wife. and the media reports what is going on with donald trump and meg were kelly and what he said about carly fiorina or about heidi cruz and his wife, voters can draw their conclusions the when a voter see as pattern it sticks there and makes the impression. >> donald trump is saying it is the press that is creating or embellishing the pattern. now, turning to the other matter, we were not planning to touch this story of ted cruz and the "national enquirer" not
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because the "national enquirer" has not done good reporting along with high profile errors but this story offers novafed of him having multiple affairs but it gets the media attention the senator was quick to denounce it. >> let me be clear the "national enquirer" story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies and it is a tabloid smear. it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> we have 9 honest problem, no evidence that donald trump or his campaign was behind the story and donald trump said he has no idea whether the piece is true and did not know about it and had nothing to do with it. the dilemma for the press, whether to run with the unproven allegations that use words like "rumors," or snitches saying supposedly. >> the story itself shows that the "national enquirer" has a complete lack of evidence.
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under the law a public figure has to have a much higher standard to prove defamation and it conceals the identity. five women in the story. for the press to run with this story, it shows they are taking something that is not sourced, that does not have evidence and trying to neither it into the campaign. >> many news organizations were try to ignore it but as we just played, senator ted cruz had a meeting and not in response to a specific question brought it up. should that change the equation? >> it makes it more complicated. the rulers have been around for a while in washington and a lot of the media organizations did nothing and did not try to report them out. they appear in the "national enquirer" and everyone is thinking we will steer clear of this muck, it is unproven, there are no names, no named sources. >> "new york times" was not planning to follow-up? >> i don't think it was
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something we would report. but when senator ted cruz comes out and brings it up we report on what the candidates say and he is using it to attack donald trump and, then, sit-in jacketed into the discussion. >> this is the flip side of taking issue with donald trump blaming ted cruz for the independent pac picture. this morning drum trump said he thinks the ted cruz campaign may have bought the tries to the picture and given it to a small pac. i don't see that evidence but cruz is making a serious dirty tricks charge by blaming it on donald trump that he has no evidence. >> he does not. defamation goes both ways he could be debating donald trump or saying donald trump or the allies plan add story he has no evidence. >> you suspect? >> exactly right. exactly right. look at what donald trump has done to the press, he did a very
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detailed story in the "new york times" where he talked about vision for the country if he were president. >> an hour and a half. >> an hour and a half, details that were head spinning. no one is focused on that. we are spending time about talking whether ted cruz may have had affairs with 1-5 women or if this is a hulk hogan situation where the picture of trim trump's wife because bought by him despite it is in the public domain. and this is why he is brilliant playing the press. we are not talking about substance or his views but we are talking about what hulk hogan was talking about, incredible at the gawk are try. >> the "national enquirer" denies being influenced by anyone other than reporters and editors but it is true that donald trump is grandly with the c.e.o. of the "national enquirer" parent company and roger stone was an unofficial advisor to trump is no more is
2:12 pm
the only person quoted as ted cruz pointed out in the piece saying the rumors are there. that is not good enough for the standards. i have done a hot of reporting on the "national enquirer", they were right in oregon and the >> jeanette: having -- and john edwards, and sometimes they run a story as a way to get sources do come out of the woodwork, although the story is is not nailed down but they want the story. we will come back do this, the news organizations everyone acknowledging the story and it was exploding open twitter and online, and this is with cnn and two guests, one was a boston herald columnist who supports donald trump and the other guest was cnn contributor who worked until fairly recently for ted cruz. look what happened. >> i would like ted cruz to issue a statement whether the "national enquirer" story is true that he has had affairs with many women including you
2:13 pm
were named. will you denoun the story or confirm it? >> it is no surprise to viewers cnn has in report open way are talking about coming from the "national enquirer", amanda. >> what is out there is tabloid crush if you want to comment you can talk to my lawyer, and it is false, and you should be anamed for spreading this kind of smut. >> i am speechless thinking of cnn and the anchor allowing her to go on national television on a station like cnn and republish the defamation much it is shocking she did not cut it off. >> it is hard to react. she had to give amanda a chance to respond and she did, forcefully, but it made me cringe this allegation was repeated to the face of a woman who is the cnn contributor who formally would bed for the
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senator. >> and you have to respond to the allegation. inexcusable, but i have sympathy for her and she did not mean this to happen and she cut it off. she is owed an this is where we are with the cycle, women having affairs. it is insane. >> cannot argue with that. fox will be with hulk hogan on his $140 million verdict against gawker. the bombing in brussels and how they have changed the coverage of the 2016 campaign.
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>> hours after the attack in brussels donald trump accepted
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an invitation to "the "today show"," but hillary clinton declined and then changed her mind. that started a fierce debate. >> donald trump said something about water boarding had hillary clinton responding. >> for hillary clinton a chance to prove national security credentials and for donald trump an opportunity to seem more presidential a day after calling for controversial cuts to nato presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz pushing controversial plans to fight isis. hillary clinton said that they are guilty of being bigots. >> have the belgium bombings, pushed the media and the candidates into a more serious debate on terrorism? >> i would hope that is the case. i don't think so. any time you have a terrorist attack in the west we have wall to wall 24/7 coverage of the attack because audiences want to know the details. they want to know what happened. as soon as the details are released the coverage dies down
2:19 pm
and the press cannot come forward with information. we do not get into the bigger debate about how to handle this. >> at least until we all get diverted into the stuff we were talking about in the first segment it was a story of reporters covering the campaign. >> not only is it something we covered in terms of the event but, also, in terms of what the candidates were saying. it also changed the lones which we viewed things. for instance, before the attack donald trump unveiled five foreign policy advisors not well-known and comments about getting out of nato and then --. >> or adjusting the united states role. >> adjusting. and the comments are viewed through a different lens after the attacks and the interview you mentioned, the long 100 minutes with "new york times" on foreign policy.
2:20 pm
we may have talked of other things but it load the front page. people are interested in reading that, the man could be commander in chief. >> are we in a post attack environment where conservative pundits slam hick on terror and liberals denounce donald trump and ted cruz. >> we are and it will continue until the election is over and i fear after the new president is sworn in because the communes are so polarized. i remember here being 9/11 and i don't remember this coverage where people were turning on the president and congress and assigning blame. this is a new normal among the public at large. >> that is when the country came together. >> do you think the media have overplayed the story, conservative criticism president obama stayed in cue -- in cuba and did not cut short the trip.
2:21 pm
the optics were not great. >> you know, the president get a lot of criticism in conservative media and the response was the goal of terrorism is to disrupt our ordinary lives and three was not going to disrupt his life. it did not seem to me like a huge story but it was certainly something where you had a polarizing commentary and you could think what conservatives will say compared to liberals. >> in argentina and dancing the woman, you thought that was legitimate controversy? >> yes, and the conservative media covered it but i saw it picked up by the mainstream media because the pictures of him with the argentina tango dancer were contrast to the people pleading in the streets much brussels. >> misstep was so briefly addressing the belgium bombings leaving aside that these are what you do when you visit the other countries.
2:22 pm
gayle trotter and ashley packer and julie roginsky thanks now joining us on sunday. more on how the media cover the belgium bombing case and whether the story will fade. stay tuned. republicans and whether it's too late for conservatives to stop him. yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?... emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances?
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2:26 pm
led to compelling television and good journalism. the media has seen what happened in paris and said we will keep our resources there for a period of time because of those reasons and unfortunately maybe another shoe will drop. >> despite what the diversions we have talked about in the program, donald trump and ted cruz and their wives is this a moment, a moment when the media turns serious and gave this kind of story, this tragedy, the attention that it deserves? >> yes, absolutely. the fear is very real. if you remember what the president said after san bernardino i am not watching enough cable news to understand the fear and anxiety that is out this. i can fell you, i flew out of la guardia in new york on wins. if you know that airport, the security line to go through security is 20' from the main entry way and i was looking at the entrance way to see if anyone would walk in with a luggage carrier and a black
2:27 pm
glove. the tension was real after the brussels attack. the fear is real. it is the any reality we live in and it has nothing to do with cable news coverage or fearmongerring by the media. >> and implicit in the president obama's remarks is the notion that table news is whipping people up beyond a rational response to the fear of terrorism. but there are all the interviews not just with the national security experts and retired generals but with local police and local airport authorities. could this happen in our town? do you think it has the effect of making people more scared? >> it does. you look at the diversity of soft targets and in paris it was a cafe, outside a soccer stadium, at a rock concert hall, san bernardino at an office christmas party and in brussels before the securities check point and in a subway. if you are a regular person in new york or a suburb like san bernardino, isis is showing it can attack anywhere.
2:28 pm
it is not cable news say it is a problem. it is reality. >> feel it reflects the legitimate concerns of people that their town, city, stadium, could be next and not just overdramatizing by cable news? >> i believe that much of we are seeing it and it happened not only in towns obviously san bernardino and brussels and paris but two attacks in turkey this month that barely anyone is talking about, a nato member, and one happened in istanbul a paris attraction, 34 people killed by isis by view side bomber and barely come of that. what was happening over there, being baghdad or damascus is happening everywhere. it will continue to happen for a long-term i am afraid. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up, charles krauthammer on why his war of words with donald trump turned so personal. >> could the huge verdict against gawker undermine press
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>> does the stop trump movement have a chance of derailing donald trump and does the media have an impact? i sat down with charles krauthammer here in the studio. >> charles, welcome. >> pleasure to be here. ais it fair to say for many months you misjudged trump's appeal to the republicans? >> yes. >> why? >> because i found his appeal so unappealing i found it unbelievable he could have a large constituency and i remain mildly amazeed by the phenomenon but i no longer deny it. >> mildly amazed and out of denial. in august in the candidate casino and special report you had more money on bush and rub
2:33 pm
me and now you have $80 for donald trump and $10 for cruz. when i interviewed donald trump in palm beach he brought you up as he often does when he talks of fox and said you never have anything nice to say about him. he said that some of the commentators, he did not say you, feels have a personal hatred for him. >> he feels that about everyone. if you ask him to evaluate anyone, and at the end of a column he was asked how do you feel about x and y and does and some are athletes, whatever, the answer is, yes, so and so he lies me, good guy. so and so, good friend, good guy. everything is in relation to how they fowl about him. so i am sure he feels that i -- i have absolutely no animus against him. i had in reason. if heap not a presidential candidate, i don't talk about him otherwise, i think he is out
2:34 pm
of his depth and obviously he is a good candidate and maybe he will win although i would be surprised but he would be very bad for the country. that is the only criterion which i judge him. >> for example when he give the speech to aipac, vowing support for israel and he said he is saying the necessary cliches. is that -- it sounds like did you not give him the benefit of the doubt. politicians give cliches all time. >> i would say that about any of the speeches. i did not fine them creative. it is clear he does not necessity the middle east and i believe when three said he would be neutral, that was not an intentional code word. the language of the middle east is a host of code words. even hand distance and neutrality has meaning so it was internetted as anti-israel which it what it means. i am sure it was not his intend.
2:35 pm
this guy does not know the language, is not influencent in the issues, did not know hamas from hezbollah a few months ago, and claimed he was reading a speech written for him. if you from -- if you have a ted cruz or hillary clinton who is versed, i would have a different reaction. i thought he did well. >> is the core of your opposition to donald trump opposed to ted cruz, is it that you feel he is not a conservative? >> if it were only that, i would have less opposition. there are other candidates wore not that conservative, such as rand paul. he is a libertarian, conservative in some ways. he was not someone i would have supported but i hardly argued against his candidacy the we i have against donald trump. it is also the temperament which why have to spell out.
2:36 pm
it is written all over him and what he has done with ted cruz and megyn kelly. that kind of temperament is so inappropriate for a president. >> do you not have that criticism of cruz? >> well, not in the sense that i see it in trump. cruz may not be the most likable but you do not elect someone because you have a beer with them. the question is, does he have the judgment? does he have the wisdom? does he have the self-restraint to be in the oval office? all the republican party can go along with the nomination that would rupture the party or deny the nomination at a contested convention which would rupture the party. is it true? >> both could be true. it depends how they go into the convention. if trump is 3' putt away from the majority, 100 or 50 seats, there is a sense in which he
2:37 pm
deserves or gets it. not, i guess he could be stopped but you could justify the argument it was swiped. if he simply is ahead cruz on the 16th hole by two, it is not a give. we all know lincoln was not leading in the delegate when he was nominated for the presidency in 1860. >> last question, which has a bigger impact on the campaign? the bombings in brussels and the issues? or the spat between ted cruz and donald trump about their wives and the "national enquirer" story of cruz and the more tabloid stuff? >> i give divided answer. in the primaries, it has been and will be terrorism. the trump campaign took off like a rocket after paris and it seed to scruff some of the scandal stuff he said and what
2:38 pm
came after is the barring of muslims. in the general election? the wives stuff, the crazy stuff, the gutter stuff, that will carry over. it will not affect a primary because people know who trump is and have been supposed to him. but when you get into the general election, when the democrats are unloading, it will be a different story. >> thanks for joining us, charles krauthammer. >> the latest on apple vs. the f.b.i. is the company getting sympathetic coverage for refusing to help the feds? first, how does a guy would kept talking about a sex tape his boast friend's wife win $140 million dollars? pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief
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>> the jury in the hulk hogan case hit ganger with more of a verdict after the $114 million verdict. gawker said the appeal will focus on ski evidence exclude by the judge and againsts the decision to post the video. >> do you feel remorse about posting the sex tape? i don't. we did not post it, we posted nine seconds of sexual activity
2:43 pm
in an except of a longer take. ahulk hogan talk of the personal impact. >> gawk are tried numerous times to get you to settle in arbitration behind closed doors, why did you want this to go to trial? >> it still makes me cower when i meet people, what do they think, did they see the tape? really, it want about that, it was about this not ever happening to anyone else because i know how it affected me. all i wanted was to let everyone know what gawker is all about and what they do to destroy lives. >> join us from new york is diana falzone entertainment reporter who has covered the case from the beginning. hulk hogan talked about this sex tape said he was fighting against invasion of privacy and got about a zillion privacy. >> he was not doing it in the name of clean up journalism but
2:44 pm
cleaning up his recommend station much he could have settled. gawker and the judge insisted on that for about 3 1/2 years but he and the lawyer said, no, we are going to vindicate hulk hogan's reputation. this is more about him and in the long run it was about the defending of people's privacy. he said he was not hulk hogan in the private moments, with the wife of his friend. >> the evidence that gawk are said could turn the tide involved allegations that his real motivation was to make sure another tape did not come out where he made racist comments and here is what he said to you. >> on top of the horrible decision i made morale, at an all-time low and with the lowest story that goes with it, if i could make people understand that one moment does not dwayne me, also, all the people that
2:45 pm
really don't know me i am not a racist. >> your thoughts on the exchange? this man when he came and sat down with me looked like he was going through the greatest map of his life and it is hard to know a part as far as racism and their intent. but you cannot judge that. i say this, and this is interesting, the hulk hogan camp, the lawyers were able to exclude that racist rant from the trial so that is what he is talking about when they said key evidence was left out. hulk hogan's legal camp did not want the jury to be poison by hearing that rants. >> now, the massive awhatevers are often knocked down but many see thises is being against gawker which has published mean spirited stuff about private lives. do you think some people were rooting for hulk hogan not because he is sympathetic, a guy
2:46 pm
sleeping with his best friend's wife but because he was on fogger? >> that has something to do with it. the jury said gawker was arrogant and nick has been unapologetic, and a federal gawker editor, they like to cloak this asen okay by using freedom of speech but where is the line drawn? there is a coast ethics in journalism and they like to walk the line. closely. >> this will have something of a chilling affect on the rest of the press, not that we are posting sex tape but when you post celebrity gossip and you think they could sue and the jury could award a big verdict it could deter. what do you think? >> considering that gawker is unapologetic there will always be sites that have questionable moral integrity.
2:47 pm
as leg as there is sole media, and smart 15s, we will see more cases like hulk hogan in the future but perhaps someone will thing before they go and type something but i don't see much changing. >> we will see about that. it will be a deterrent. perhaps that is needed. >> after the break, a flowing time cover story on apple c.e.o. tim cook for defy the f.b.i. on a hacking of a terrorist iphone which may not be necessary. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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>> you have seen the f.b.i. painting apple executives as the bad guys for refusing to credit
2:51 pm
technology to unlock the iphone of terrorists in san bernardino, but the f.b.i. had a turn around. join us is technology executive and commentator here in washington, dc. apple was getting better press in the battle. why? >> at the outset of the battle, apple made statements on the web site but since that time they have embarked on the media campaign that is unprecedented in their history. >> usually they are secretive. >> they are quiet and talk of the product and it is not the c.e.o. they scored points with the interviews and with tim cook, and we saw the fbi backtracking on their statement with the delay in the hearings because of the third party coming forward about a potential solution. in this week, apple is winning the media battle of the issue. >> as pointed out apple is doing conference calls and buying reporters to the washington office and doing an interview with david muir and there was a "time" magazine cover story on
2:52 pm
cook took and a lot of coats from the apple c.e.o. on this including what i think of civil liberties i think of the founding principles. how sympathetic is this? >> they gave tim cook a lot of room in the story to make the case. one side i can see why this unprecedented access made a reporter happy to tell the story in a way not told. and he wanted to keep access in the future for future stories. the reporter did show bias using language that tim cook described the hack. >> the government operating system. >> they started using his language and that was a bit bias. >> with a time coverage story it is bias. "new york times" reporting that hackers would go to the government with word of being able to unlock an iphone but would not go to apple. why? >> apple had not done much if
2:53 pm
anything to reward hackers for coming forward with the security flaws and other companies like google or microsoft, google pays $100,000 to hackers to reward them for finding the flaws. apple has been very stubborn and dug in and now they are going to the open market. >> isn't that buy off the hackers and pay them off? is there unsavory. >> it feels that way but they getting what they want is monetary reward for what they are finding and what they do. apple is fought going do them so they are going to the open market and getting up to $1 million for security flaws they fine. >> apple was being portrayed not as only uncooperative but unpatriotic so it was a challenge. >> it was challenging but the way they have engaged and also it helped with the backtracking from the f.b.i. they have come out on top.
2:54 pm
this week. over privacy and security. >> you would say the f.b.i., not such as far as media? >> they said the only way to do this was to get help from apple? >> new though said, well, wait, there could be another solution and they got criticized across the media for doing this. >> thank you, shana glenzer. >> list of all the places that donald trump plaintiffs. >> i love the hispanics. >> i laud saudis. >> i love the mormons. i love the evangelicals. -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come on in! [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. innovative sonicare technology
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>> i want to talk about the passing of garry shandling. it featured a thin skinned oversex late night show who scored with the guests with a
2:58 pm
last cameos by a-listers a hall of mirrors for the craziness of hollywood. >> you did great. you did great. >> you did great. >> this was a ground breaking show in the 1990s and paying tribute to him on their years. >> donald trump is always proclaiming love for this or that group or set of people or state or country and jimmy kimmel is on the case. and he rounded up a few examples. >> he spread so much love we boiled it down input it together to make this donald trump love bomb. >> i love this country. >> love the country. love the old days. i love free trade. i love building building. i love what i am doing. i love hopping around. i love how they twist and turn.
2:59 pm
i love nascar. we love memorial that fake. alove that sign. i love helping me. i love howard kurtz. >> wait, what am i doing in there? he called on me from a news conference and he thinks i have been fair but he tells me when he think i am not their and this new pennsylvania tour, this is a shock no one was hurt there and i waved my hand and could not get a question, in politics, love can be fleeting. >> it turns out the politicians are fickle as far as their loving of the journalists. >> hike women. >> i will not touch that. >> not touching that. >> the roman in politics and media, rarely do they last. >> happy easter to you and happy easter all of you, i am howard kurtz and i hope you like our facebook page with original consent and your videos so send questions about the media.
3:00 pm
see you next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern. tune in and there you go. there you go. >> and an american couple confirmed dead and more arrests in the brussels terror attacks. what are we doing do keep the homeland safe? todausteenomee today, the lawmaker in the house intelligence committee reacts. >> i am worried this was an attack on americans. >> congressman definite on why he things americans were the target original on fox news sunday. >> and is the criticism president obama faced for doing the wave and dancing the tango, was it fair? >> i have a lot of things on my plate but my top priority is to defe


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