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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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[ coins clinking ] this is a house of prayer! >> hey, this is my livelihood! >> get malchus! >> not a den of thieves! [ indistinct shouting ] down with the money lenders! >> down with the money lenders! >> ah, no! help! [ grunts ] [ indistinct shouting ] >> behold the king of the jews! [ indistinct shouting ] >> turn out the guard! >> no, no, no! no, he's mad! no, no! no, no! [ indistinct shouting ] [ animals bleating ] ♪ >> hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! hosanna, jesus... >> my house will be called
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the house of prayer. you have made it a den of thieves. >> you'll die for this! >> hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! hosanna, jesus... >> nazarene, order them to stop this blasphemous praise! >> stop? if they stop, the stones themselves would cry out! >> guards, arrest him! >> arrest that man! >> ...king of the jews! hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! hosanna, jesus, king of the jews! [ indistinct shouting ] >> [ breathing quickly ] [ grunting ] [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ grunting ] aah! ohh. >> enough! guards, hold your place.
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>> guards, hold the line! hold the line! >> what i came to done. [ coins clatter ] [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ >> our impotence in dealing with this man will bring about the disdain of the romans. he invalidates our authority, both in the temple and in jerusalem. >> if he leaves and returns a triumphant leader, pilate may decide to deal with him instead of us. let's judge him here, in this room, and stone him to death. >> how? the mob makes his arrest impossible. he's surrounded by hundreds who venerate him. >> i have seen a weakness. >> hmm? >> tell us. >> betrayal, by one of his own. >> impossible. they worship him.
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>> perhaps not all. >> judas iscariot. [ chuckles ] [ horse snorts ] >> the tax collector. >> [ chuckles ] wasn't sure you'd remember me, going as you go, seeing many faces. >> but few horses like this. >> yes, to be admired he is. you should have a fine horse, be finely mounted as befit those who serve a king. >> you were at the temple. >> in truth, no. i long for the rewards of heaven, but i take the coin and let the credit go and ignore the promises of kingdoms yet to come. and facing what you face, hearing the sighs of the dying on the hill of golgotha. were i in your place, my every breath would tighten with fear. >> a horse such as this costs what? >> a stallion of his blood, who could be had for 15 pieces of
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silver. [ chuckles ] but i also know a man who would offer you 30 pieces of silver. >> in return for what? >> willingness to choose life over death. >> where would this man be found? [ indistinct conversations ] ♪ >> i need to speak with malchus. asher sent me. ♪
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i haven't much time. >> when and where can we find him alone? >> the others are always at his side. >> the twelve -- or better said, twelve minus one. >> tonight, we will eat the passover meal here in jerusalem. >> where? >> i don't yet know. a room. it was decided without me. >> so far, i hear nothing worth 30 pieces of silver. >> i'll leave that meal and come here. >> doing this, you save your life. >> yes. that must be why i do this. ♪
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[ donkey snorting ] [ indistinct conversations ] [ door creaks open ] ♪ >> everywhere, there is talk of you. an inn gave us food and lodging and would accept no payment. >> my son is hailed for bringing a message from god. >> and those of nazareth. >> believing you to be the messiah? yes. some do. >> and you? [ indistinct conversations ]
7:12 pm
>> that's a good one. yes, i-i know. >> so great will be my pride when i hear you speak at the temple. >> i'll not speak there again. >> but on the road, many were coming to hear you. >> well, that's over now. >> i've come all this way. you'll deny me that? >> i mean, the decision isn't mine. i can't speak of it with you. mother, i have so longed for you. [ breathes deeply ] the pain of absence has been terrible. but now it's too late. >> too late? what do you mean? >> james, take her to nazareth. >> have you lost your mind saying this? >> i beg you spare her from what must come. >> where are you going?
7:13 pm
[ door creaks ] >> jesus? >> come. we must go. ♪ >> you wash our feet why? >> call me lord and place me above you. i wash your feet to show that no master is greater than his servant... and no messenger is greater than the one who sends him. come and eat what god has blessed on this passover night. >> this is a meal fit for a king -- our feast. [ indistinct conversations ] >> start carving, matthew. [ indistinct conversations ]
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[ laughter ] >> what? oh. [ laughter ] >> yes, yes. >> brothers, let us talk of what is written and what prophets have said. it's in the scripture. he who shares my bread has lifted his heel against me. i tell you now, before it happens, so when it does happen, you know that i'm he. >> no one questions that. >> many will. and one will betray me. [ cup thumps lightly ] >> how can you say this? >> i have been loyal. we've all been loyal. >> he's testing us again. >> brothers, i'll be with you only a little longer. take what i've said -- that, in me, you'll have peace in a world of anger and despair. take courage, for i have overcome the world, but where i now go, you cannot follow. >> i'll follow.
7:15 pm
i'll lay down my life, go to prison, to death. >> peter, this very night before the cock has crowed, you'll deny three times that you know me -- i tell you now. >> where is judas? ♪ >> the garden of gethsemane. they will go there to pray. >> it's dark in that garden. how will my men know which is him? >> i will greet him with a kiss. ♪ >> later. ♪ >> [ crying ] >> oh, my darling, not another
7:16 pm
dream of the baptist. >> i gain the sleep... >> oh. >> ...the rest i so desperately need, and then i awaken. there that thing is beside me! >> no. no, it is gone. these are dreams. >> one of the servants told me it wasn't found. it wasn't buried -- the head! >> no. it was eaten by jackals in the desert. >> his follower brings this horror. jesus takes revenge. >> tell her that the sorcery of the nazarene will have an end. >> you tell me he will die, too. [ breathing deeply ] ♪ >> father, take this cup from me... this bitter cup.
7:17 pm
if it's not possible that this cup be taken away... your will be done. [ footsteps ] ♪ >> [ sniffling ] ♪ >> so i'm betrayed with a kiss. take me. let them go. >> you don't give orders to me! >> aah! >> aaah! aah!
7:18 pm
leave him! grab the madman! bind his hands! >> save yourselves, for me! you must live! go! >> no! [ chains clinking ] ♪ >> [ grunts ] ♪ >> [ breathing quickly ] i'm going to jerusalem. >> no, my brother. they'll find you. they'll kill you. >> i'm going. >> [ breathes sharply ] ♪
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>> it's cold, and the hour is late. >> and the matter urgent. >> the matter being? >> we've been told the temple guards have arrested jesus of nazareth. >> an issue of your faith. >> an issue of law. >> law beyond my providence. >> both our laws and yours -- violated. he's been taken to the house of caiaphas, not to the temple and the chamber of hewn stone. his trial will be unjust. >> sometimes, things are done for expediency. >> no, cicero writing about your roman law, claims where there is
7:24 pm
immorality, there can be no expediency. this is immoral. >> roman troops to the home of a high priest. [ chuckling ] are you insane? >> governor, i ask as a devout jew, do not allow this man to be murdered. >> if he is stoned, it's beyond my purview. >> they want him crucified. >> a punishment only i can pronounce. [ breathes sharply ] >> will you? >> [ breathes sharply ] it's late, and i am cold. ♪ >> you are accused of acts of sorcery. >> spreading lies, corrupting others.
7:25 pm
>> i spoke openly in synagogues, a temple -- places where jews came to hear of god. >> they came to hear of god. the words you gave them came from satan. >> why not ask those who have heard me? they know what i said. ohh! >> this is the way you answer the high priest? >> [ breathes sharply ] [ blows landing ] [ grunting ] [ coughing ] [ indistinct shouting ] >> i command you, let us through! let us through! >> please, make way! >> open this! >> you truly claim you are the son of the blessed one? >> [ breathing quickly ] i am.
7:26 pm
>> you have heard blasphemy from his lips -- these words and more -- his claim he's a prophet. blindfold him. >> [ breathing deeply ] [ coughs ] >> give us a prophecy, o prophet jesus. >> [ groans ] [ coughs ] >> who struck that blow? prophets are all-seeing. >> stop! >> ohh! >> stop this disgrace! >> you dare to interfere? >> annas, we are shamed by what we see. >> if this -- this cabal is to be called a trial, then i demand that we are included. >> you are but two. this blasphemer will be judged by a majority. [ cane thumps ]
7:27 pm
>> what's happening? >> jesus is a criminal, posing as the messiah. >> not a man who walks on the waters, who feeds the multitudes. >> you saw these wonders? ask yourselves -- would priests lay hands upon him if he were truly the messiah? >> people are fooled by sorcery. >> you -- i've seen you with him before. >> no, no, no. i don't need this nazarene. >> it's too dangerous here. we should go. >> no. >> come on, simon. [ indistinct shouting ] >> she says you are a follower. >> she's wrong. >> deny it under oath. >> i deny him. now, enough. [ cane thumping ] >> [ breathes sharply ] [ sighs ] >> the vote is against you. >> [ sighs ] >> [ grunting ] ♪ >> make way! >> make way! >> move aside! [ indistinct shouting ]
7:28 pm
>> he is the messiah! [ indistinct shouting ] >> punish him! he's a liar! [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ ♪ [ goats bleating ] these goats -- where do you take them? >> to the temple. >> for sacrifice? he leads them to death. he's their betrayer. yeah. i want that rope -- just the
7:29 pm
rope. i'll pay. here. >> unless i lead him, the herd will scatter. >> scatter and be saved. >> i need the rope. >> here. [ coins clinking ] buy more goats, 10 times these. [ sniffles ] 10 times 10... or a horse. yes. now you imagine it, owning a horse. i know the feeling. ♪ [ goats bleating ] ♪
7:30 pm
[ horse whinnies ] >> governor, you'll not open the gate? we've brought a criminal for judgment. >> take him and judge him under your law. >> free him! >> free him! free him! free him! free him! >> no, punish him! no, punish him! >> he will hear the charge. silence, i say! >> he should be executed for speaking against the rule of caesar, claiming he is king of the jews. >> are you king of the jews? >> my kingdom is not of this world. >> i hear no support for your charges. >> his cryptic speech is but a ploy. he is a criminal.
7:31 pm
we have witnesses. >> he began his crimes in galilee. >> galilee? then take him to the tetrarch of galilee. he should judge this man. >> take him to the tetrarch! [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ >> there he is again. he is one of them. >> i don't know that man. you're mistaken. >> you're lying. [ cock crows ] [ cock crows ] >> all is as he said. >> where is god's army of angels? >> what do you hear?
7:32 pm
>> caiaphas is bringing him here. hearing jesus comes from galilee, pilate wants his blood on my hands. he wants my name to curse the lips of every jew. >> sillaeus, leave us. go! >> i will deal no more with holy men. i'm a stone wall, herodias. >> i'll not argue. jesus threatens priests, but other than a mob hailing him king of the jews, he is no threat to you. his death need not be upon our house. >> i cannot simply hide. >> face him. let the mob see who is truly fit to be king of the jews. [ chuckles ] >> release the messiah! [ indistinct shouting ] >> release the nazarene! >> blessing for the prophet!
7:33 pm
>> release him! release him! [ indistinct shouting ] [ shouting stops ] ♪ >> i'm told you work miracles. do something -- anything wondrous. make bread fall from the heavens. [ laughter ] feed us a morning meal. >> feed us! >> my preference is lentils and barley. [ laughter ] do something! a miracle could save you. [ indistinct shouting ] it is said that simon the magus could fly, hmm? but can jesus the nazarene fly? [ laughter ] release him. let him be borne aloft. go! wsssh!
7:34 pm
oh, oh! look! look! there he -- there he goes! no. i-i'm wrong -- a bird, not jesus. [ laughter ] he makes no wonders, but is hailed as king. let him be adorned as a king. >> come, come. >> make him a king! make him a king! [ laughter ] the purple robe of royal office. [ laughter ] no king should go forth without a staff. >> yes, bring a staff! >> yes! [ laughter ] >> look at the king with his staff! >> crown! give him a crown! >> crown, crown! >> yes! >> crown! bring him a crown! >> patience, patience. nothing has been forgotten. [ laughter ]
7:35 pm
>> aah! ohh. [ breathing sharply ] >> and behold the king. pbht. >> he's the real king! [ indistinct shouting ] >> i give you a royal threat to caesar tiberius. bring him back to the romans to be judged for sedition. >> you cannot dismiss us. he expects you to deal with this. >> bring him back to pilate. i'm done with him. whhhht! [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ >> why must you cater to these priests, the tetrarch? >> without them, i cannot easily govern these people. >> kill him, and you'll bear the wrath of his following. >> i must do something. i cannot simply set him loose. ♪ >> guards, halt! ♪
7:36 pm
>> scourge him. >> what's happening? >> let me through! master! [ indistinct shouting ] [ bird cawing ] ♪ >> aah! >> his cry. [ sniffles ] [ whip cracking ] >> [ screaming ] >> my baby boy. oh, my baby boy. [ crying ] [ whip cracks ] >> aah! >> no, no! you mustn't! [ whip cracks ] >> aah! >> hold her! hold her! >> ohh, ohh.
7:37 pm
aah! [ groaning ] [ whip cracks ] aah! ohh. [ whip cracks ] ohh! >> make the guard stop! no! [ whip cracks ] please! [ whip cracks ] >> aah! aah! >> [ gasps ] >> [ crying ] [ whip cracks ] >> [ gasps ] >> ohh! [ indistinct shouting ] [ groans ] ♪ >> scourging is punishment enough. he may not survive -- many don't. >> end this threat to order. end it. let the death of this one man prevent the deaths of many. ♪
7:38 pm
>> crucify him. >> crucify him! >> no! >> crucify him! crucify him! >> [ crying ] >> please! >> crucify him! >> no! >> crucify him! crucify him! >> [ crying ] >> crucify him! crucify him! [ both crying ] [ indistinct shouting ] >> jesus, king of the jews! [ indistinct shouting ] >> [ breathing sharply ] [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ >> jesus, king of the jews! >> betrayed, humiliated, and
7:39 pm
soon, agony beyond what you can imagine. [ laughs ] >> oh! >> is this the glory of god you bragged of? >> glory... [ ragged breathing ] as i expected. >> no! the temple is god's glory! [ indistinct shouting ] >> god's glory is love. [ ragged breathing ] to know love... is to know god. ohh! >> get him up! escort! >> then love me...sweet jesus. [ indistinct shouting ] >> i do love you. i do love you. >> i will hear rage from your lips, hear it as you hang nailed to the wood! you will vomit forth a -- a -- a hatred that will put a lie to your words!
7:40 pm
>> why are you afraid? >> die, false prophet! >> liar! >> punish the blasphemer! >> here is a false prophet! >> take him to golgotha! >> a false king! mock him for his lies! come, take joy at his suffering! oh, great king, great prophet! mock him. go on! come! move! >> ohh! >> move! honor the king of the jews! [ indistinct shouting ] >> get up, false prophet! >> get up! >> get up! >> crucify the king! [ indistinct shouting ] >> false! >> liar! >> false king! >> liar! liar! >> false king! >> liar! >> take him to golgotha!
7:41 pm
take him! take him! take him to golgotha! >> take him! >> take him to golgotha! >> liar! liar! liar! liar! liar! >> [ groaning ] [ hammer clanging ] [ gasping ] [ hammer clanging ] [ groaning ] [ gasping ] forgive them. they know not what they do. [ hammer clanging ] [ groaning ] ♪ [ ragged breathing ] ohh. [ sniffles ]
7:42 pm
[ groaning ] >> he spoke. he cursed you. >> no. he asked his god to forgive us. >> [ groaning ] ♪ [ ragged breathing ] >> of all his followers, only you -- of all of them, only you? >> [ crying ] >> peter claims he can see no more of his pain. >> [ breathes sharply ] >> the others fear for their lives. [ indistinct conversations ] ♪ >> wh-- wh--
7:43 pm
why have you forsaken me? [ wind rushing ] >> if his father has forsaken him, we are all forsaken. >> [ crying ] ♪ [ horse whinnies ] ♪
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[ indistinct conversations ] >> aha. ah. >> [ groaning ] [ ragged breathing ] it is finished.
7:49 pm
[ gasping ] [ exhales deeply ] >> he said it's finished. >> [ gasping ] [ crying ] ♪ >> my son. ♪
7:50 pm
>> i am nicodemus. and this is joseph of arimathea. we offer a shroud, and we have a tomb for jesus. ♪
7:51 pm
>> i thought this would end as you said it would end. >> it is ended. all i ask is for assurance of that, certainty that -- >> what -- that he will not reappear? >> of course not. all i ask -- >> enough! enough.
7:52 pm
>> do not tell me that priest delays our journey. >> we'll be on the road to caesarea as planned. [ door closes ] >> what brought him here? >> fear. >> the man is dead. what more could he want? >> he wants the tomb guarded by roman soldiers. >> he, of all people, worries the nazarene will return from the dead. >> he claims concern that the followers of jesus will take the body in order to make it appear that he has risen. >> which do you believe? >> i believe that guarding that tomb is a waste of roman soldiers' efforts. [ chuckles ] let's begin our journey. [ wind rushing ]
7:53 pm
♪ >> [ vocalizing ] ♪ >> [ chuckling ]
7:54 pm
>> [ vocalizing ] ♪ >> [ chuckles ] >> [ grunts ] [ birds chirping ] [ sighs ] [ whispering indistinctly ]
7:55 pm
[ water splashing ] [ breathes deeply ] [ grunting ] [ laughs ] [ grunting ] ♪ yes. i am simon and called by you peter, the rock of your faith. and i will be your fisher of men. >> he has come -- come back to us! ♪
7:56 pm
yes. ♪ >> according to early christian tradition, simon took the mission of jesus to rome, where he formalized the nascent christian church. the romans sentenced him to death. it is claimed he asked to be crucified upside down so that his death would not be the equal of jesus. the romans granted his wish. early writings speak of james preaching of jesus in the jerusalem temple. it's said he was stoned to death, supposedly for challenging the temple's high priests. the fates of other disciples are consigned to legend and apocryphal texts. andrew was crucified in greece. thomas was speared to death in
7:57 pm
india, simon sawed in half in persia, matthew murdered in ethiopia. according to tradition, john was not martyred, but spent time in exile on patmos and lived to 90. scholars debate the authorship of the gospel of john, held by some to be an eyewitness account of the life of jesus. antipas continued pressing rome to be named king until his efforts offended the new emperor, caligula. antipas and herodias were exiled to gaul, where they died in obscurity. pontius pilate was recalled to rome, while joseph caiaphas, without his roman ally, lost his position within the temple, whereas the story of jesus,
7:58 pm
a humble carpenter of nazareth, gave birth to one of the world's foremost religions. today, there are more than 2 billion christians worldwide. ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
the world of islamic extremism. that's it for "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith. tonight, on "war stories" -- isis ruthless and expanding the so-called islamic state. >> isis is hot wiring apocaly e apocalypse. >> fierce fighters standing against isis. >> parent are a fighting force. our efforts anemic so far. >> attacks in europe and in america. >> the threat is growing in terms of scale


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