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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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cherry blossoms in full bloom around the capital city. we'll see you next sunday. on our buzz meter, the on our buzz meter this sunday, the-degenering into a war over the wives with donald trump angry over a nude picture of his wife making twitter to expose ted cruz's wife and the senator lashing out. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald you're a sniveling coward and you leaf heidi alone. >> are the media wallowing in this sleazy stuff? the presidential campaign is rocked by the bombs in belgium, shifting the focus to tough terror talk and finger pointing.
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>> donald trump and barack obama have to understand one thing, that america does lead the world. >> it's interesting that you have the leading candidate on the republican side saying torture first, ask questions later. >> i think for years president obama's strategy for containing isis is a dangerous policy and is putting the united states at risk. >> you look at ted cruz talking about orwellian presences in neighborhoods where muslims live, that's the last thing we should be doing. millions more in damages against gawker producing that sex tape against hulk hogan. >> i will be naked forever, you know. until my children's children's children's die because of the internet. >> we'll talk got the impact of journalistic freedom with the fox reporter hulk just
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interviewed with. this is media buzz. trump made an unwanted appearance in the campaign when the group make america awesome posted this on facebook. saying this could be america's first lady unless people vote for ted cruz. and then this tweet which we quickly deleted and we stored after others found it. wow, ted cruz, that's some low level ad you did using the picture of melania. he would be a coward to attack his wife heidi and both of them responded to reporters. >> you probably know by now that most of the stuff that trurp says have no basis in reality. >> i don't get angry very often. you mess with my wife, you mess
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with my kids, that will do it every time. >> and then there were the allegations in the "national enquire enquirer". to analyze the coverage of this increasingly sleazy campaign. gail trotter, ashley marker, who cover s donald trump for the "nw york times," and julia kaczynski. >> with the two front-runners sliming each other, how can journalists resist? >> it became past of the discussion and they west back and forth. and it was kind of salacious and fun. it's not good for democracy, but it's fun. it speaks to character, and it speaks to what voters are looking for. i spoke to republican base voters, and among those who didn't love donald trump, said
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it wasn't stylistic. >> gail, which is the more important along these competing themes for the press blaming cruz for a smaller pac ad. that has nothing to do with the cruz campaign. or is it ted cruz calling donald trump a sniveling coward in front of the cameras? >> you have those things that the media can be errreporting o those three different things. i'm disheartened by the coverage. and the media is creating this he said, he said, because donald trump does what no other candidates are willing to do and he goes places that no other candidates are willing to go. so in this case the media covering it, cruz is doing the same thing as trump is doing,
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when cruz complemented donald trump's wife, and as you noted, trump retweeted an insulting picture of heidi cruz and made a commentary as well. >> julie, trump said he might have to spill the beans on heidi cruz and there was speculation that this might have to do with a period a decade ago when she was going through the depression and there was strain in their marriage. what do you think of that particular tactic? >> the tactic that donald trump is once again going into the gutter, the media hasn't been covering it smetically, the reality is that ted cruz had nothing to do with this ad, but it's nothing more than a picture that conversely, you've got
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donald trump, instead of coming out and saying, i'm proud of my wife, she's a beautiful woman, i'm very proud of the fact that she made the cover or "gq," goes and attacks heidi cruz, who's an innocent bystander of this, that reminds me of 9/11 when we went to iraq and got saddam hussein for it. poor heidi cruz ends up a victim of all of this. and the media has been covering it that it has been a tit for tat. >> it's safe to say that senator cruz has seized on that. >> and a fox tweeted, seriously, taking a little shot at donald trump, who has taken plenty of shots on her. but there's a report in your paper. the democratic strategy is to portray trump has an unabashed sexist. some critics see the attacks in
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the latest of a troubling pattern, reducing women to their physical appearances and then disparaging them in troubling ways. donald trump has gone out of his way to -- >> when the media covers this and reports on what donald trump is doing, is sort of exactly, it gets to a pattern, right, a pattern of character. as you said, when donald trump retweeted that tweet, you could argue as him not just objectifying heidi cruz and being unfair to her, but also objectifying his wife. what donald trump said about carly fiorina, what donald trump is saying about heidi cruz and even his wife, voters can see a pattern of behavior, when voters see a pattern, it sticks in the eithers. >> let me turn to this other matter now, we were not planning to touch this story about ted
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cruz a"the national enquirer enquirer," not because "the national enquirer" has not done some good stories in the past. but this particular story has no concrete evidence of cruz having multiple affairs. but when this article got media attention, cruz was quick to denounce it. >> it is a complete and utter lie, it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> and there's the opposite problem, there's no evidence that trump or his campaign was behind this. trump says he had no idea, doesn't know about it, had nothing to do with it. so the dilemma for the press here is whether to run with unproven allegations talking about rumors and supposed
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snitches, they shouldn't run with it. >> under the law, a public figure has to have a much higher standard to prove defamation itself. if you look at the article, it conceals the identity of fife women. >> i think many news organizations, not all were trying to ignore it, but then as we just played, senator cruz, at a meeting with reporters, not in response to a question. how does that change the equation? >> those rumors have been around for a while in washington and a lot of media organizations did nothing with them, didn't even try to report them. they appeared in the enquirer. and the morning begins, and everyone is thinking we're going to steer clear of this muck, there's no names, there's no
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vetted sources. >> so it wasn't something you were going to report on? >> no, we weren't going to report on it. but when senator cruz came out, we had to report on what he said. then it becomes injected into the discussion. >> when you were taking issue with ted cruz blaming the pac. saying this morning he says he thinks the cruz campaign may have bought the rights to this picture and given it to this small pac. but cruz is asserting a very serious dirty tricks campaign on trump that it seems to me that he doesn't have any evidence to back up. >> to me, defamation goes both way, he could potentially be accusing donald trump of planting the story, when he
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hasn't. look at what donald trump has done so brilliantly in the press. he did a very detailed story with where he talked about his vision for the country if he were president. for an hour and a half. full of details, frankly it made our heads spin a lot of it. frankly it doesn't matter whether ted cruz had affairs with one or five women. somehow allmall we're not talki about essentially what hulk hogan was talking about in his gawker trial. >> the enquirer denies being influenced by anyone other than it's reporters and editors in per suing this story. and it's true that trump is friendly with the ceo of the
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enquirer. and the only person quoted on the report as cruz pointed out in this piece, saying, well, these rumors have been out there, but that's not enough for journalistic standards. the enquirer was right in the--j it doesn't have the story nailed down, but it does get to a more definitive story. this is before most news organizations were acknowledging the enquirer story. it was exploding on twitter and online. one was adriana cone, and the other guest was a campaign worker for ted cruz. look at what happened. >> i would like ted cruz to issue a statement, whether or not the enquirer statement is
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true, that he has had affairs with many women, including, you were named amanda, will you denounce the story, or will you claim it? >> cnn has no reporting of what you're talking about coming from "the national enquirer." >> what's out there is tabloid trash, if someone wants to comment on it they can talk to my lawyer, it's categorically false, you should be ashamed for spreading this kind of smut. >> i'm just speechless thinking about cnn and baldwin and the anchor allowing her to go on a national station like cnn and republish that defamation, it's shocking that she didn't cut off the discussion right away. >> kate baldwin should not have let it go on.
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>> somebody concerned with somebody else on television, when did you stop beating your wife. there's no excuse for it. i have sympathy for indicate baldwin, because she probably didn't know this was where it was going. this is where we have gotten to in the cycle. we're accusing women of having --- fox is going to be with hulk hogan on his $140 million verdict in that gawker trial. n hogan's trial and the bombing in hogan's trial and the bombing in brussels and h
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hours after the terror attacks in brussels, donald
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hours after the terror attack in brussels. that kicked off a fierce debate among the pundits and the candidates. >> it was what donald trump said about waterboarding and what else he would do had hillary clinton responding quickly. >> hillary clinton wanted to prove her national security credentials and trump wanting to appear more presidential. >> presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz both pushing controversial plans to fight isis. hillary clinton says they're guilty of being bigots. >> the belgian bombings, what a tragedy push the media and the candidates into a more serious debate about terrorism? >> i would hope that would be the case, but i don't think so, any time we have a terrorist attack in the west, we have wall to wall, 24/7 coverage of the attack because viewers want to know what happens. but as soon as the coverage is
10:19 pm
released, the coverage dies down and the press can't come forward with any of the information that the public wants to know. they want to know how do we defeat the bad guys, and does the press have any information about credible threats. and the media doesn't come up with that, so we don't get into the bigger debates on how do we handle this. >> we were talking about in the first segment, this was a dominant story for reporters covering the campaign, was it not? >> it wasn't something we covered in terms of just itself, but what the candidates were saying about it. but it also changed the lens through which we were viewing what we were saying about it. he made some kmenls about -- >> some of them are. >> about getting out of nato. >> or at least adjusting the u.s. role in nato. >> yes, adjusting, and those comments are sort of viewed through a different lens after the atacks and the interview you
10:20 pm
mentioned, the long, 100 minutes with the "new york times" on foreign policy. but it led our home pages on our front page, i think our readers may be interested in reading that of the man who may become our next commander in chief. >> it's going to continue this way until this election is over, and i fear it's going to continue this way even after the new president is sworn in because the building behind us is so completely polar'sed that there's nobody working with anybody else anybody. i don't remember right after 9/11, people turning on each other. i fear this is a new normal for us, not just in the press, but in the public at large. >> do you think the media have overplayed this story. conservative criticism that president obama stayed in cuba after the brussels bombing, didn't cut short his trip and
10:21 pm
went to a baseball game? the optics were not great. >> the president got a lot of criticism in conservative media for this. his response was, the goal of terrorism is sort of to disrupt our ordinary lives and he was not going to disrupt hiss life. it didn't seem to me that it was a huge story, but it seemed that you had some polarizing comments about what republicans are going to say versus what democrats are going to say. >> definitely the conservative media covered it, but i saw it picked up by the main stream media as well. certainly those pictures of him with the argentinean tango dancer was a contrast to those people suffering in brussels. >> immediately addressing, aside
10:22 pm
from the fact that this is what you do when you visit those other countries. ashley parker, thank you for joining us this sunday. more on how the media is covering the belgian bombing case. and charles krauthammer on whether it's too late for conservatives to so much donald trump. i thought i marrie d an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures.
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>> the awful news from brussels the awful news from brussels broke last week and broke early in the morning on tuesday. joe, television news has devoted a lot of resources to this story with anchors like lester holt, matt lauer and others going to brussels, how long will this focus last? >> i think it will last a fairly long time. because what we're seeing here is the media is using the paris playbook. what does that mean? after paris, yes, you cover the
10:26 pm
terror attack, but there were raids, there were arrests, so i think the media has seen what happened in paris in november and saying we're going to keep our resources there for some period of time and perhaps maybe another shoe will drop another . >> considering the controversy between trump and cruz about their wives and all that, do you think this is the moment when the story turned serious and gave this kind of tragedy the attention it deserves? >> absolutely, because the fear is very real. if you remember what the president said after the tragedy in skab, he said i'm not watching enough cable news to know how much fear and anxiety is out there. the security line to go through security is about 20 feet from the main entrance way and all i was doing personally was seeing if someone would be walking in
10:27 pm
with one glove on their left hand. the fear is very real and it's a new reality and we live in, and unfortunately, it has nothing to do with cable news coverage or fearmongering by the media. >> president obama's remarks that were reported, the notion that cable news is whipping people up beyond a, say, rational response to the fear of terrorism. but there's always interviews not just what the national security experts and the efforted generals and whatnot, but local police, and local authorities, could this happen in our town? do you think that has the cumulative affect of making people more scared? >> it does because when you look at the soft tarpgs that have been getting hit. san bernardino at an office christmas party. and then in brussels. before the securities check point at an airport and an a subway, if you're just a regular person in new york or even a
10:28 pm
suburb of san bernardino. this is a problem, it's reality. >> so do you feel it reflects the actual, legitimate concerns of people that their towns, cities, stadiums could be next and not just overdramatizing by cable news? >> i absolutely believe that, and we're seeing it, not only in towns obviously san bernardino and brussels and paris, but even there were two attacks in turkey this month, that barely anybody was talking about. that is a nato member. and one has beened in istanbul, four people killed by a suicide bomber. it's now happening everywhere, and from what we're seeing, it's going to continue to happen for a long time. coming up, charles krauthammer on why his war of words with donald trump turned to personal on both sides. just
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does the stop trump movement have any chance of will donald's detractors in the media have any affect. i sat down with charles krauthammer here in studio one. welcome. is it fair to say that for many months you misjudged donald trump's appeal to many republicans? >> yes. >> why? >> because i found his appeal so unappealing that i found it unfathomable that he would amass such a large constituency. i'm still mildly amazed, but i'm not denying it. >> last august in the candidate
10:33 pm
casino, you had more money on bush and rubio. and now you've got 80 bucks for trump and 10 for cruz. when i interviewed donald trump a couple of weeks ago, he brought you up and said you never have anything nice to say about him, he says that many of the commentators he feels has a kind of personal hatred for him. >> i think he feels that way about just about anybody. you remember at the end of a maureen dowd column. and she said how do you feel about x, y, z, and if you look at that, athletes or whatever. yeah, so and so, good friend, good guy. everything is in relation to how he feels about him. so i'm sure he feels -- i have
10:34 pm
absolutely no animus against him as a person. obviously he's a good candidate, and maybe he will win, although i would be surprised, i think he would be very bad for the country. that's the only criteria by which i judge him. >> when he gave the speech to apac, you said he's just uttering the proper cliches. politicians utter cliches all the time. >> i would have said that about any of the other speeches. i didn't find any of them creative. i actually think he doesn't know the middle east very well. i said i would be neutral. the language of the middle east is a host of code words, even handed as neutrality as a certain meaning, so of course it was interpreted as anti israel which is what it means in the lexicon. i am sure that is not what he
10:35 pm
meant. he meant it as a layman. so here's a guy who doesn't know the language, doesn't know the issues, didn't know hamas from hezbollah, was clearly reading a speech that was written for him. if you have a ted cruz speaking, or a hillary clinton, especially hillary clinton who's been immersed in these issues, i think he did very well with his speech. >> donald trump, as opposed to ted cruz, do you feel that he is not really a conservative? >> if it were only that, i think my opposition would be a lot less than it is. there are other candidates who are not that conservative. take a rand paul, he's a libertarian, conservative in some way. he was not somebody i would have supported. but i hardly argue against his candidacy the way i have against trump. there's also the manner of
10:36 pm
temperaturement, which i continue have to spell out, it's written all over him, written all over the stuff he's done with cruz, megin kelley, and that kind of donald trutemperam wrong for the president of the country. kru cruz may not be a likable guy, but you don't elect somebody because you want to have a beer with him. but the question is, does he have the judgment, does he have the wisdom, does he have the self restraint to be in the oval office. >> the republican party can either go along with trump's nomination, which would rupture the party, or deny him at a republican convention which would rupture the party. which do you think? >> i think both could be true. but i think it's how they go
10:37 pm
into the convention, if trump has mostly the majority, 20 or 30 seats, i think you can argument he had the minority. but if he's simply ahead of cruz -- >> he's on the 16th hole of the golf course. >> on the 16th hole you're ahead by two, it's not a gimmie at that point. >> last question, which will have a bigger impact on the campaign, the bombings on brussels and all the issues it raises or all the talk about ted cruz and donald trump and their wives and all this tabloid stuff. >> i would divide the answer in two. in the primaries, i think it has been, will be terrorism. the trump campaign took off like a rocket after the paris attacks. it seemed to rhett tetroactivel
10:38 pm
neutralize some of the stuff that he said. i think the wife stuff, the gutter stuff, the crazy stuff, that's going to carry over. it's not going to affect the primary, because people, they know who trump is, they have been expose to him very heavily. but i think when you get in the general election, when the democrats are going to unload, i think it will be a different story. >> charles krauthammer thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. and apple versus the fbi, is the company getting sympathetic coverage for refusing to help the feds in the athleticism indication? $140 million against gawkers?
10:39 pm
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the jury in the hulk hogan sex tape case awarded another $25 million in punitive damages after it imposed a $115 million penalty in the main lawsuit. he still defends his decision to post the video. do you feel any remorse about posting that sex tape now? >> you know what? i don't. we didn't post a sex tape, we
10:43 pm
posted nine seconds of sexual activity in the exempts in a much, much longer tape. >> the judge and gawker tried numerous times to get you to settle in arbitration behind closed doors, why did you want this to go to trial? >> it still makes me cower when i leave my house, and i meet people, what do they think, what do my kids think? so i never want to leaf my house because of how it affected me. but i wanted everybody to know how it affects people's lives. >> diana, hulk hogan two had talked about this sex tape with howard stern and others says he was fighting against invasion of privacy, he lost got other than
10:44 pm
1$150 million. >> i don't think he was doing it in in the name of journalists, i think he was doing it to clean up his image. him and his lauwyer said no, we are going to vindicate hulk hogan's reputation. so it was about him. and in the long run, it was about defending people's privacy. he said that he w. >> the excluded evidence that gawker said could have turned the tide here involved hulk hogan's real motivation in filing this suit was ensuring another tape didn't come out in which he made racist comments. here's what he said to you. >> along with me behaving horribly, if i could make people
10:45 pm
understand that that one moment doesn't define me. also those people who really don't know me. i'm not a racist. >> your thoughts on that exchange? >> this man, when he came and sat down with me, it bloodshot eyes, it just looked like he was going through the greatest match of his life. it's hard to know somebody's heart when it comes to racism and what their intent was, you can't really judge that. but this is really interesting, the hulk hogan camp and hiss lawyers were able to withhold that racist rant from the trial. but hulk hogan's legal camp did not want the jury to be poisoned by hearing that rant. >> these massive awards are being turned down on appeal. but there's a lot of private
10:46 pm
stuff about people's lives. do you think that some people were rooting for hulk hogan, not because he was sleeping with his best friend's wife, but for taking on gawker? >> the jury said that gawker was very arrogant and nick dalton have been very unapologetic, they have been trying to make this okay by using the freedom of speech. but where do you draw the line? there is a line of ethics in journalism and they like to walk that line. >> when you're reporting on a celebrity, online gossip in particular, and you think the person might sue and get a jury and get a big verdict, it might act as a deterrent, what do you think? >> considering that gawker is
10:47 pm
unapologetic, there's going to be more sites that have -- we will see more cases like hulk hogan in the future. but perhaps someone will think before they go and hype something up. but i don't see much changing. >> i think it will be a bit of a deterrent and i think that's needed. after the break, a glowing time cover story on apple ceo ted cook on refusing to allow the fbi to force them to hack an iphone but now it may not be necessary. tem... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats. hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now!
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10:51 pm
bad guys for refusing to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. an unnamed third party provided information that could allow the feds to hack into the phone without apple's help. so apple was starting to get better press in this battle. why is that? how is apple doing that? >> outside of this legal battle. apple made some things on its website. but they have embarked on this media campaign that's really unprecedented in apple's history. >> they don't really talk to journalists too much. >> and it's usually not their ceo talking about it. we saw several interviews with tim cook, and we saw the fbi backtracking because the third party came forward about a potential solution. this week apple is certainly winning the media battle about this issue. >> they've been doing conference calls with fbi, doing an
10:52 pm
interview with nbc's david muir and then there was a cover story on ted cook, what i think about civil liberties, what i think about the founding principles of this country. >> they gave ted a lot of room to make hiss case. i can see why this unprecedented access made the reporter happy in a story that had not been told for him. he probably wanted to keep access to him for future stories. the reporter did show some bias, he used language that the ceo set up, to talk about the government operating system. so they started using his language throughout the rest of the story and i thought that was a bit biassed. >> i have seen a turn in the tenor of the coverage. the "new york times" reporting that hackers would go to the government with word on being able to unlock an iphone, but
10:53 pm
would not go to apple, why is that? >> apple historically has not very much of anything to reward hackers for coming forward with security flaws. google pays hundreds of dollars to these hackers to uncover these flaws. >> isn't that buying off the hackers, paying them off? is there anything unsavory about it. >> i think it does feel unsavory, but they are getting -- what they want is monetary reward for what they're finding and it's what they do for a living. and apple is not giving to a million dollars for a security find for apple. >> not really just uncooperative with the federal investigation, but unpatriotic, so it was challenging to turn this around. >> it was charging but the way
10:54 pm
they even gauged and willing it helped with the backtracking from the fbi and they have come out on top this week on the issues of privacy and security. >> they said the only way they could do this with the terrorist phone was to get help from apple, and now? >> they backtracked, wait, there might be another solution. and they did get criticized across the media for doing that. still to come, a list of all the people and places with donald trump loves with one rather surprising names. >> i love the hispanics. i love the evangelicals, i love the mormons. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all.
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shandli shandling. a late night host that scored with his guests. it was kind of a hall of mirrors for the fake sincerity and the nagging entrepreneneurosis of h. >> you're just great. >> come on, you're lynch for zbod's sakes. >> this was a ground breaking show back in the '90s. and many paying tribute to garry shandling s influence over the years. this or that group or this or that set of people or this or that state or people. jimmy kimmel is on the case and the abc comedian rounded up a few examples. >> he spread so much love that we pieced it together to make this powerful donald trump love bomb. >> i love the old days, i love free trade, i love my company. i love what i'm doing. i love hopping around.
10:59 pm
i love the way they twist and turn. i love nascar. i love potatoes. i love helping people. i love howard kurtz. >> oh, what am i doing in there? oh, right it was when he called on me in a news conference a while back. he has told me he thinks i'mary with him. but he has told me when he doesn't think i'm fair. i was waving my hand and i could not get a question in. politics, alas, love can be so fleeting. >> politicians are a little fickle when it comes to their loving and journal misses. >> the bromances and romances in politics and media rarely last. happy easter to you and happy easter to all of you. hope you like our facebook page,
11:00 pm
so send me some questions about the media, we're back here next sunday at 5:00 eastern. check us out for the latest buzz. an american couple confirmed dead and more arrests in the brussels terror attacks. what are we doing to keep the homeland safe? today the top law maker in the house intelligence committee reacts. >> i'm worried that this was, indeed, some type of attack on americans. >> congressman devin nunes on why he thinks americans were the target. only on "fox news sunday." and is the criticism president obama faced for doing the wave and dancing the tango amid the terror threats fair? >> i have a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isis. >> we'll ask our s


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