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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 28, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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questions about the media. media buzz at fox deuce tune in and this is a fox news alert. a taliban faction claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing in pakistan. and they say that christians celebrating easter were the targets. the bomb went off in a busy park in the city of lahore. busy with families celebrating the holiday. at least 63 people were killed. hundreds more injured. most of the victims are women and children. and we're told that the bomb detonated not far from several children's rides. the national security council issued a statement condemning the "cowardly attack" and saying that the united states stands with the people of pakistan
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against terrorism. i'm heather childers in for harris faulkner. thank you for joining us. this is the "fox report." we'll have more in just a moment. but we begin with politics. a big weekend for the sole challenger to hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders sweeping hillary clinton in three western caucuses. hawaii, alaska, and washington state. and he won in dominating fashion, taking at least 70% of the vote in each state. sanders talked about what he calls a real momentum shift. >> a lot have not yet declared. then you've got super delegates are in states we win by 40 or 50 points. i think their own constituents are going to say to them hey, why don't you support the people of our state, vote for sanders. >> despite those dominating wins, sanders still trails
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hillary clinton by a wide margin. this delegate count includes the so-called super delegates that are free to support any candidate of their choosing. kristin fisher is live for us in seattle. kristin, what are some of the big takeaways from yesterday's contests? >> well, heather, two things really stand out. the high turnout, and the huge margins that bernie sanders won by. in hawaii, he beat her by 40 points. here in washington state, 46 points. and in alaska, 64 points. i mean, those are huge margins. here in seattle, we saw near record turnout. the state's democratic party says that there's a good chance that more democratic voters came out to caucu yesterday than they did in 2008. and 73% of them voted for sanders. clinton was hoping to win at least some of the more rural counties out east, but sanders swept the state. he won every county going every single county. so going forward, sanders is going to try to make the case that his campaign is the only campaign that's capable of generating enough excitement to
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beat a republican in november. >> definitely a decisive victory in those three states. but is he any closer to overtaking clinton's delegate lead? >> it depends on you ask. most analysts say no. clinton still has a nearly 300-pledged delegate lead and it grows to more than 700 when you factor in the super delegates. but bernie sanders would disagree. bernie sanders believes that he'll be able to woo some of those super delegates over to his side. >> this morning on one of the other sunday shows, sanders was told that he would need to win 73% of the remaining delegates in order to clinch the nomination, which is nearly impossible. but sanders sees it differently. >> you're assuming that every super delegate who now supports secretary clinton will stay with her. you're not taking into consideration the fact that there are hundreds of delegates, super delegates who have not yet
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made a decision. we think we can win many of them. >> so far, hillary clinton hasn't talked or tweeted about her wins or losses. she took easter weekend off. in wisconsin, 96 delegates are on the line, so it is another must-win for bernie sanders if he has any hopes of catching up to clinton. >> clinton knows firsthand that the super delegates can change their minds, so we'll see what happens. kristin fisher live for us. thank you. meantime, switching gears to a scene of hope and a scene of healing in brussels. but it turns violent. anti-isis protesters holding a heated rally in the square where thousands of people have laid flowers in honor of the victims of last week's terror attacks. riot police using water cannons to break up those fights. at least four more suspects have been arrested. but officials have not said if these raids are related to last
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week's attack. and here in the u.s., president obama calling the family of jason and stephanie schultz, a couple confirmed killed in the brussels airport bombing. more on the american victims in just a moment. but first, let's head over to mike tobin live on the ground for us in brussels. mike, walk us through what happened there today. >> reporter: with tensions already high, hundreds of self-described right wing soccer hooligans descended on the plaza here, where people come to mourn, where this memorial was built. they had the black facemasks on. their heads covered. a lot of them had heads shaved. they did the nazi salute. they chanted anti-immigrant slow gans. they chanted the slogans of their soccer teams. and that created a lot of friction with the people who came here to mourn. so ultimately, you saw the riot police come out with their shields at the ready. with their helmets on. the water cannons came out, as did the pepper spray. there were ten people arrested. the police were not gentle in
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the process of arresting these people. but ultimately, the plaza was cleared out. these people, as we understand, the hooligans, as they described themselves, have gone back to their respective homes and the plaza is peaceful once again. >> it appears that people behind you are continuing to mourn their losses. there were candles and flowers. mike, law enforcement, they've been very busy. not just there. all over europe today. what's been going on? >> this latest raid was in rotterdam. it was carried out at the request of the french authorities. it traces back to a raid last thursday in the suburb of paris. in that raid, an individual was picked up, he is described by the french interior minister as a high level operative in the advanced stages of planning an attack. now, belgian media reports that a phone number was taken from the residence, and that led authorities to rotterdam and resulted in this particular
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raid. the individual who has been picked up, he has not been identified, but we're hearing through local media reports that he had a long-standing relationship, and that they traveled to syria together. heather? >> mike tobin live for us. thank you, mike. the attacks in brussels are pushing national security and foreign policy back into the spotlight of the presidential race. the republican candidates, they're speaking out about the state of the war on terror. and how the u.s. should respond. garrett tenney has more on that from washington. >> reporter: after the terror attacks in brussels, national security and foreign policy are front and center. on fox news sunday, texas senator ted cruz shot back at president obama for criticizing him this week when cruz suggested we patrol muslim communities for radical individuals. >> it's rich seeing barack obama attacking me when he just got back from going to a baseball game with the castros, celebrating and toasting a
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communist dictator who tortures and murders his citizens. >> cruz also blamed hillary clinton and president obama for failing to stop isis by allowing it to grow with a weak foreign policy plan. >> this policy of weakness and appeasement doesn't work. and i think the american people are tired of it. they're tired of the lectures. you notice obama and hillary seem more mad at me than they are at isis, than they are at the terrorists who are murdering us. >> donald trump responded to the terror attacks by saying he doesn't think europe is a safe place to visit right now and criticized president obama for wanting to allow more refugees into the u.s. after the attacks. >> we're allowing thousands of people to come in here. nobody knows where they're from. nobody knows who they are. and they're coming in here by the thousands. and let me tell you something. we're going to have problems, just as big or bigger. >> trump and cruz are nearly tied in the latest national fox news polls with trump holding a very narrow lead there, though he is still ahead by more than 270 dell gots. the next primary contest for the
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republicans is april 5th in wisconsin, where 42 delegates are up for grabs. >> garrett tenney breaking it down for us. thank you. the u.s. response to the brussels terror attacks just one of our topics tonight. with the fox news political insiders. what is being done now, and what should be done in the future to protect america and our allies? the possibility of a contested gop convention, will republicans still be squabbling over a nominee this summer? if so, who comes out on top? and bernie sanders' landslide victories in all three democratic caucuses held saturday. can he close the gap on hillary clinton before it's too late? we'll talk about all of that and more. but first, more on the deadly terror attacks in brussels, and the two americans who lost their lives there. who they were, and the president's message to their families as the world continues to mourn. plus, a new blow for isis on the battlefield. a key city now back in syrian hands. h
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welcome back to the "fox report." back to brussels for you, where two americans missing since tuesday's terror attack are now confirmed dead. a married couple, justin and stephanie schultzs moved there for work. they were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport when the blast happened. will carr has more live for us from los angeles. we heard president obama reached out to the families. what did he say to them? >> that's right. he called both families and said that both justin and stephanie epitomize all that is good with america. he also said that his thoughts and prayers are with both families, as they continue to remember this couple that they say were very much in love. they graduated from vanderbilt. both went on to become accountants. they married. they moved to brussels in 2014. family members say that both justin and stephanie had a
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hunger to explore the world. they ran with the bulls in spain. had plans to go to finland soon. but it was all cut short when they were waving goodbye to stephanie's mother last tuesday when the bombs went off. justin's brother taking to twitter stating, the last thing my brother ever told me is that he loved me. go rest high on that mountain. knowing i'll never be able to see him again hurts, but it's worse that my future children will never get to know their uncle justin as he would have been a tremendous role model. please pray for my mom. stephanie was always so happy. i really enjoyed any chance i got to be around her. the world lost two amazing people today. it's not fair. even secretary of state john kerry weighed in. >> the united states i want you to know is praying and grieving with you. for the loved ones of those who have been clearly taken from us. including americans. and for the many who are injured in these despicable attacks.
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>> two other americans were killed in the attacks that we know of. their names have not been publicly released. around a dozen americans were injured. heather. >> will, is this the couple whose family was originally told that they survived and they were being treated in the hospital? >> that's right. there was some mixed news that the family got. they were told that they might be in the hospital by local authorities. obviously that report came out to not be true. they also had heard that they were okay. again, that turned out not to be true. obviously the family quite shocked. and now in mourning moving forward after this tragedy. >> so sad. will carr live for us. thank you, will. and our prayers and thoughts with all of those families involved. a historic city no longer under isis control. state media and an opposition monitoring group reporting that syrian government troops have recaptured the city of palmyra,
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home to ancient roman ruins, many of which were publicly destroyed by the isis thugs during their ten-month occupation of the city. the syrian government retook palmyra with help from russian air strikes. vladimir putin called to congratulate syrian president bashar al assad on the victory. this comes as isis continues to slowly lose territory, both in syria and iraq. switching gears. vatican city bustling with easter activity. pope francis using the holy holiday to send a political message, though, and a look at some other easter festivities around the world.
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welcome back to the "fox report." we are following up right now on a story that we told you about last night. an army veteran who fought off a man trying to steal his motorcycle now rewarded with a brand-new set of wheels. brandon jenkins, he was stopped at an intersection in arizona -- do you remember this video? when a man on the run from police knocked him off his bike. jenkins fought back, though, and the suspect bolted back to his truck. when he sped away, he ran over jenkins' motorcycle. but he wasn't without a ride for long. the motorcycle's manufacturer kawasaki is giving him a brand-new bike for free. so the story has a happy ending.
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it is easter sunday, one of the holiest days on the christian calendar and one of the church's most important figures celebrating the day. pope francis presiding over a mass at st. peter's square in the vatican city. for tens of thousands of faithful followers. but they're just a fraction of people celebrating easter sunday all around the world. and bryan llenas with those details. >> hope, renewed faith, bunnies, colorful eggs. even peeps bring easter sunday to life. first and foremost, today christians commemorate the day followers believe jesus was resurrected. today from the balcony of the vatican, as you just saw, overlooking tens of thousands in st. peter's square, the pope sending a hopeful message during
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his traditional easter speech at noon, calling on the world not to forget its migrants and refugees, particularly from syria, while denouncing the recent terrorist attacks in turkey and in belgium. >> may he draw us closer on this easter feast to the victims of terrorism that blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. >> back in the states, the first family celebrated at a historic baptist church in virginia, while u.s. and nato troops serving in afghanistan away from their families attended gospel and group prayer services in kabul. >> for a lot of people, their spirituality is a foundation of who they are. and it gives them hope, it gives them joy, and it connects them to family back home. >> and iraq's beleaguered christian community celebrating in a church in the middle of baghdad. the christian population has dwindled from 1.5 million to an estimated 275,000 in what many
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call genocide at the hands of isis terrorists. in mexico city, mexicans burned and imploded ten-foot paper effigies of donald trump, president obama smoking a cuban cigar, and an isis fighter. it's part of their celebrations, as a symbolic way of destroying evil before easter. no shortage of eclectic ways. anyway, happy easter to everyone back home. >> happy easter to you, too. another tradition we'll talk about, the easter eggs. in florida, easter celebrations starting high in the sky. look at this helicopter dropping more than 50,000 candy-filled eggs to the kids waiting below. and then they blitzed the football field to grab the eggs. yeah. talk about a sugar rush for that one. and the easter bunny entertained the crowd in the meantime. a tampa church hosted this event. i'm wondering how they didn't break. i guess they had a lot of chocolate in them.
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>> i was that kid that only got one egg. >> out of all those eggs? >> it happened. my mom consoled me, but that happened. >> aw. we'll have to give you more. >> the terror attack in brussels. it is shaping the conversation on the presidential campaign trail. some candidates faulting president obama's strategy in the war against isis. we will talk about that with the political insiders. that is up next. plus, christians around the world, their easter brings a message about virtual renewal and hope for eternal life. the brussels terror attacks remind us that this message is needed more than ever. especially for the victims and their families. coming up, hear from the son of late supreme court justice an toe -- antonin scalia, how their family is taking it to heart as they cope with his loss. >> his resurrection shows that his teaching on forgiveness, love for one's enemy, that all
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of those things ultimately triumph over violence, over death, over all things.
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easter. it has special meaning this year for the family of late supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed away in february. elizabeth brand had a chance to sit down with scalia's son, father paul scalia, to talk about the power of faith in times of suffering, and how his family is celebrating their first easter without their dad. >> i'll be with my mother and some siblings. and we will observe it going to mass, and celebrating our lord's resurrection, which gives us hope and eternal life and gives us hope to see our dad again. >> it is such a hopeful time, this weekend. but i also want to ask you, how do you celebrate this holiday at a time when people are feeling so much fear across the globe? in light of brussels, in light of the headlines that are sprayed across the news that people are reading. how do you celebrate easter and
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how do you tell folks in your congregation that? >> sure. in a sense, easter is precisely sort of designed and ordered to address that, because our lord's resurrection from the dead shows the triumph over all of those human attempts to seize power, to control things on our own, to design the world that we wanted. his resurrection shows that his teaching on forgiveness, on love not only for one's brother, but love for one's enemy, that all of those things ultimately triumph over violence, over death, over all things. >> if folks come to you because they're losing faith when they see this, what is your response to that? >> first, that on good friday, we see jesus in the midst of all of our suffering, uniting himself, uniting god himself being united with us in our suffering. and second, on easter sunday, we
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see jesus triumphant over all of that, that he has come and united himself with us in all of these things, and today, he triumphs over them and gives us hope and assures us that he has the last word. >> there are all alongside the fact that we are seeing these terror attacks, they go hand in hand with the fact that there are millions being persecuted across the middle east and other parts of the globe. how do you lead by example? how do you keep the faith alive in times like this to persevere through this persecution? >> first, i think being conscious that christians are united with one another in the body of christ throughout the world, and so our prayers for those who are being persecuted precisely because of their faith in christ, we unite our prayers. we pray for them during the liturgies leading up to easter and on easter sunday itself.
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so those prayers for them. and then praying for ourselves, that we can bear witness to that same faith, and that we can bear witness when it's difficult, as they are called to do now. >> well, father scalia, i wish we had more time. we thank you so much for joining us. again, we're thinking of your family this easter, and happy easter. >> happy easter to you. thank you. the obama administration taking heat for its response to the brussels attacks. and terrorism as a whole. critics like republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz say that president obama has been down playing the problem for years. >> this was part of a global jihad being waged by radical islamic terrorism. it is a jihad being waged on europe, being waged on israel, and being waged on the united states of america. and for seven years, president obama and hillary clinton and this administration have been so bound up by political correctness, they've refused to acknowledge what it is we're
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fighting. they've refused to even name it. >> let's bring in the fox news political insiders. pat caddell, a former pollster for president jimmy carter, and fox news competitor, doug shoan, and john, i'll start with you. president obama. let's just talk about the fact that he stayed in cuba after this happened. did the wave, and did the tango. good idea? >> well, i think going to -- first of all, i don't think he should have even gone to cuba, if you want to get into it. to cavort with a bastard like raul castro. and what kills me is in the media in america papering over the behavior of the castro regime in order to make it look wonderful that our president has finally gone there. and things that the media has liked over the years. gay rights. okay. look at the record of gay rights of the castro regime. what they've done to gays in that country is frightening.
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anti-semitism under castro. unbelievable. not reported anymore by our media. >> i was going to say, why aren't we hearing a lot about that? >> that's my point. the media is in the tank with obama. and that's part of a bigger pattern here. which is the president of the united states goes there and puts his good housekeeping stamp of approval on a bastard like raul castro, while other bastards are killing innocent people. this is a bad theme here. >> and doug, i think that you're trying to jump in here. not only that, he then chose to stay there. >> yeah. i think, heather, it is tragic that given the brussels attacks, he didn't come right home. but it also has to be discussed in the context of the tragedy of today. where more than 60 people were killed by a taliban splinter group in lahore, pakistan. because they were celebrating easter sunday. and this is a group that has a
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loose affiliation with isis. clearly from what john is saying, i think pat would probably agree, this president has not been systematic, strategic, or aggressive enough in taking on isis. and the tragic murders today in lahore, pakistan, linked to what happened in brussels, suggests we are facing a worldwide jihad, that we are not fighting back aggressively and successfully. >> and primarily women and children in that incident that happened in pakistan. >> yes, absolutely. >> so pat, what should the president be doing? >> well, you know, he's never going to do what he should do different. he's going to do what he has done, which is go and embrace communist authoritarianism. make a wave, but never engage against the real human rights violations, the dissidents in cuba. look, he didn't go to paris after we had the charlie hebdo massacre. he didn't go last fall. in fact, no one from america
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went from the state. biden, kerry. no one went to represent the united states. his view of all of this is it's a problem that should go away and it shouldn't trouble me. the american people have nothing but disgust and disdain for the president's positions. and i believe in this, just as i 3-to-1 disagree with his willing unwilling to identify radical islamic terrorism for what it is. you know, i think -- and i think that basically, what he's going to do is do this. we have murders going on in africa, boko haram, burnt boys in a church after they kidnapped the christian girls. this is going on all over the world, and he leads nowhere. he is all about his tangoing in argentina, which will become the description, he tangos while the world burns. >> but, of course, the white house, they do have their own explanation for it. if we can bring up this sound from john kerry.
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this is what he had to say. >> the president of the united states's schedule is not set by terrorists. the president of the united states has major diplomatic responsibilities. he has to engage with other countries. that was an important part of trying to build a relationship and achieve some of our goals with respect to human rights, with respect to transformation in syria, in cuba, and elsewhere. and i think the president -- you know, life doesn't stop because one terrible incident takes place. >> but secretary kerry, we've heard this before, john. >> oh, gosh, watching that. there is no transformation in cuba. that's what has so many of us upset. the president goes there. what did we get in return for it? yeah, he goes to a baseball game. great. but did people get let out of jail? no. more people were put in jail. did more people get -- >> and he said give them the list. >> did more people get human rights because of the president
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bestowing the special status on cuba? no. meanwhile, to build on what pat and doug said, there's a lot of other anti-american stuff going on around the world that isn't getting enough coverage. for instance, this week we learned iran has been hacking the united states, including the power grid and a dam in upstate new york, seven people indicted by the justice department. came and went as a story. this is a serious thing. they're meddling in the internal security of our country. they're firing off icbm missiles. no sanctions are put on them. they're getting money out of us like crazy. and by the way, just to be frank, where are the republicans about this? >> that's what we're going to talk about. we're going to talk about that and how all of this impacts the political races going on. coming up after this break, the race for the republican presidential nomination could come down to the wire, as all three candidates say that they are in it for the long haul. and the pressure is mounting with growing talks for and against a
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welcome back to the "fox report," and political insiders and donald trump accusing senator cruz of playing dirty. he says cruz's delegate win in louisiana and talks of a contested convention are proof of a political system that is crooked. >> i've brought people into this party by the millions. you understand that. they voted by the millions more. it's one of the biggest stories in all of politics. and i have a guy going around trying to steal people's delegates. this is supposed to be america. a free america. this is supposed to be a system of votes. >> the fox news political insiders are back. pat, i'll start with you and get your response to this as we
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begin this particular segment. >> well, i believe that he is -- you know, donald trump has got, i believe, serious problems now. i think he has driven his n negatives up so high. rather than dealing with this issue, the efforts of the establishment to rig the rules and rig the system against the american people. he has spent it having tweeted crazily over personal attacks with him and cruz, which is a terrible mistake. as i said, he has an acceptability threshold. i said this several weeks ago. that he needed to meet, and i'm afraid he's not. that is why i believe he's now in trouble in wisconsin and pennsylvania. but his larger point that the system -- ted cruz is participating with the establishment on the basis of can delegations -- the republicans are not electing, only electing anti-trump
1:44 am
delegates to parade, masquerade as trump delegates. meanwhile, to control the rules, the committees. and this is what the american people are at war with. the political establishment. and it is going to destroy the republican party. >> and doug, it's what republicans accuse democrats of having a problem with when it comes to super delegates. pretty much basically the same thing. what cruz is trying to do. >> it is, but here's the distinction, heather. on the democratic side, even with bernie sanders's three wins yesterday, which i know we'll get to. hillary clinton is still comfortably ahead and will almost certainly get the nomination. but on the republican side, what pat said is exactly right. this is basically starting to slip away from donald trump. if he does not win wisconsin, doesn't win pennsylvania, there's new polling out in california showing the race dead level even. if he's 100, 150, perhaps even
1:45 am
200 delegates short, the establishment in my estimation will succeed in stealing the nomination from him. the most likely beneficiary, ted cruz. that's what's going on. >> and will that be what the american people -- the american electorate perceives as having happened, stealing? >> well, i think we're jumping a little bit ahead to where we're going to be in july. i prefer to look where we are tonight. and we opened up tonight talking about these horrible attacks. and, you know, we criticize the president for being unpresidential we thought last week. but look at these candidates on the republican side who are trying to say we should be president. how did they conduct themselves last week? really not well. they went lower. the race went lower at a time it should have gone higher. and where is a foreign policy coming out of one of these guys? >> well, donald trump did apparently sit down, i think it was with "the new york times." >> and wouldn't answer -- i read it all. he wouldn't answer questions.
1:46 am
he didn't answer questions. he talked about how good looking the people are at the editorial board. this is unpresidential. i get his tweets. pat, we've talked about it. that this is out of control what's going on. lack of candidate discipline. and lack of an inspiring message to grow his support, which is why i think pat's right. he is in trouble. >> let's take a look. we have this poll, though, if you compare all three of the republican presidential candidates when it comes down to who can beat -- if clinton is the democratic choice. kasich coming out on top. but he has absolutely no chance of getting the delegate count needed to win. so if you look at those numbers, then, you know, a push for a contested convention would perhaps be warranted. do you think? >> could be. i mean, i think -- we have wisconsin a week from tuesday. >> can we get into this? >> yes, you can. >> i'd like to get in here a second on this point. it's back to trump's problem. which is he has not raised the
1:47 am
level of his campaign. he has the most powerful platform ever for a candidate right now with a republican base in civil war with the republican establishment in washington. and he is sacrificing it by wanting to get into these. i must attack everybody, personal attacks, and whatever. and twitters and whatever. this is a failure of his campaign, and i believe it's now -- you see the numbers on the general election. he's driving voters who were for him away from him who are finally saying this is too much. and it's showing up in the general election. >> heather, if i can -- >> if they win -- >> if i can add to what pat is saying. ted cruz is ahead by three points. the establishment says he can win, trump can't. that's why i said what i did about this race moving in his direction. >> the establishment says that. but do the people want to hear what the establishment has to say? >> but the numbers say it, too, heather. trust me. >> all right. senator bernie sanders --
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>> i don't know that they want cruz in the end. >> hold on. you can finish that statement in just a minute after we go to break. senator bernie sanders dominating the primaries this weekend. we talked about that sweeping democratic caucuses in three states, but hillary clinton still leads in the delegate count. does sanders stand a chance? the fox news political insiders coming back. >> don't let anybody tell you we can't win the nomination or win
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so i will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs. but we have come a long, long way. you will have to concede, in the last ten months, we do have a path toward victory. >> senator bernie sanders sounding confident after dominating the democratic
1:52 am
caucuses this weekend. but the math could still be against him. as hillary clinton maintains a massive lead in the delegate count. the fox news political insiders are back. john, pat, and doug. and i will start with you, doug. do the math for me. is it possible? >> it is possible. but it is very, very unlikely, heather. bernie has to win in wisconsin on april 5th, which is certainly possible. but the make or break date for him is april 19th in new york state. the state hillary clinton represented in the u.s. senate before she became the secretary of state. they are planning, the sanders campaign, a very aggressive attack-oriented strategy for new york. but new york is make or break. unless sanders can embarrass secretary clinton in new york, it will be virtually impossible for him to win the nomination. >> and he's counting on some of those super delegates changing their mind. clinton knows firsthand that they can and will do that.
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>> well, here's the deal. i disagree with doug's earlier statement. the democratic party is just as rigged as the republican party. it has been rigged for her, and the refusal to recognize that the giant donkey in the room is the fbi and the trouble she's in. they are bound and determine that the establishment controls it. bernie sanders has just won five straight victories and the voices are get out, get out, get out. but doug is right. all of them are lap dogs for her. when she said no one died in libya, they let it go. when she gets up and lies every day and won't give up her speeches, i think she's got a real problem. and i think before this is over, i think wisconsin is going to be critical for both parties a week from now. >> and clinton as well, huge negatives when it comes to honesty, whether the people trust her, whether people just like her in general. >> let's take a big look at the whole thing. we've got five candidates
1:54 am
running for president left. and at least four of them, really if you look at them, are deeply flawed candidates. hillary, all her dishonesty problems. sanders, 74-year-old socialist. is america really going to go for that? trump, who had the most upside for a while, but as pat so well put it, he's frittering that away. cruz has a limit. kasich, if he could get nominated, could do well. >> some people said they don't recognize him in this particular campaign. >> it fits the pattern of a lack of leadership in the country. we're looking for somebody not to scream at us, not to castigate us, but to inspire us, to lead us, and to unite us. and none of these candidates are even trying to do it. >> nicely said. so what do we do as we head into, you know, the summer and into these conventions? >> pray for another candidate. >> okay. we are going to have some final thoughts with the insiders when
1:55 am
we come back in just a moment. so stay with us right here on th
1:56 am
final thoughts with the fox news political insiders. pat, i'll start with you. >> in light of the people's legitimate concerns, on this easter, to paraphrase what
1:57 am
martin luther king said, from galatians, america's political class will better watch out, the people will not be mocked, and i have said it before. they may not have perfect vehicles. but the american people are coming, and they are coming for the political class, whether they like it or not. >> doug? >> yeah, on easter, i think we just have to say a prayer for the people who were gunned down, killed in brussels, killed today in lahore, pakistan, and hope as john and pat have quite eloqu t eloquently today said, that our political leaders across the board rise to the occasion. >> and john, final thought. >> i don't know who the next president is going to be. all i know is in november, we're electing somebody. maybe someone who's in the race. maybe someone else. but what i know about the next one who wins is if they listen to the lessons of christ that are learned, especially on easter, forgiveness, kindness, and we try to draw upon the best
1:58 am
of the american people, that candidate will go up like a rocket ship. the nastiness, the negativity is taking them all down. and none of them, for some reason, can't figure this out. >> i said that the other day. i said i do have faith in the public and their ability to differentiate and tell authenticity in terms of the candidates. who is authentic and who has the best interest of america in mind? well, that is how "fox report"s this easter sunday, march 27th, 2016. i am heather childers in for harris faulkner. for myself and the political insiders, happy easter to those who celebrated. thank you for watching. have a great week. "killing
1:59 am
2:00 am
70 will dead and severely injured. >> the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. >> the pictures are her roific. the terrorist attacks came without warnings. the terrorists detonated a bomb near children on swings while christians were celebrating either. >> in the aftermath of the bomb blast a steady stream of wounded worshippers were ush ared to a nearby hospital. doctors and nurses working frantically to help 300 people who moments before were celebrating easter at the city park ain l.a. hore now their christian faith taken under attack. >> the day of our worship, the day of our festival and


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