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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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70 will dead and severely injured. >> the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. >> the pictures are her roific. the terrorist attacks came without warnings. the terrorists detonated a bomb near children on swings while christians were celebrating either. >> in the aftermath of the bomb blast a steady stream of wounded worshippers were ush ared to a nearby hospital. doctors and nurses working frantically to help 300 people who moments before were celebrating easter at the city park ain l.a. hore now their christian faith taken under attack. >> the day of our worship, the day of our festival and they
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have killed innocent people. >> pakistan claimed responsibility for the easter sunday attack. the bombing killed 65 people who gathered to worship god at easter which they believe is the resurrection of jesus christ. the joy was marred by the als leaving so many in sorrow. >> my cousin told me 17 of our relatives are dead. father of my grandchildren. my son had has a 2-year-old daughter. oh my god you should not have left me my son. >> the providence has declared three-days of mourning. they vow to bring the terrorists to justice. the state department condemns the killing of innocent people and they stand with pakistan. one detail noticeably missing from the statement is the fact that christians were celebrating easter and specifically st targeted. >> kelly wright life for us.
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thank you, kelly. horrible story there. now to another fox news alert a peaceful square paying tribute to the brussels victims erupt in chaos. water cannons clash with police. this as anti-terror raids continue across brussels. greg palkot is live with the latest on the story. >> we will get to that clash in a moment. the scene today at the memorial behind us is quiet while it is cold and rainy and windy, but the crowds are small right now. the police have been active for the last 24-hours. there were raids across brussels as well as across the country of belgium in the last day. 14 different ones. four have been detained. we are waiting to see if any will be prosecuted. the italians arresting a guy who
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faked passports to get some of the key terrorists into this country from syria to commit these attacks. holland died to terror attacks. all told 8 suspects with direct links to the attacks here and in paris are still being sought. more sad news for the united states. until addition to the couple we told you about yesterday, justine and stephanie schultz, the state department confirm it would go more americans have been killed in last week's attack. fox news learned earlier the wife of a u.s. military officer and the spouse of a u.s. government employee was killed in the attacks. the two state department talk about now could be these two people were killed in the ugly double bomb blasts at the airport. finally, yes, to the clashes, at least 10 arrests have been reported after the messy back and forth involving extreme right anti immigrant protestors and peaceful mourners here.
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police had to use water cannons and tear gas to push several hundred black. the group blaming government policy to some degree for allowing the terror to happen and calling for a crack down against isis, perhaps against immigrants, too. it is a broad brush being painted right now. one more note. it was thought that the airport here was going to be open tomorrow. that would have been a major sign that brussels is going to be back to normal. the damage was severe. >> greg wal cot working around the clock for us in brussels. thank you very much. powerful new pictures of the american missionaries hurt in the brussels terror attack. they shared these photos as they continue to recover there. they were critically injured in one of the two airport explosions.
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"fox & friends" friday about the terrifying blast. >> i was conscious to all of us even in the several hours following. the first blast went off to my right about 10, 15 meters. i was in the back of the delta check in line. the blast was really loud. even lifted my body. >> what a courageous young man. all three mr. remain in a belgium hospital before they can return home. despite the horrors of the attacks on brussels president obama reaffirms the united states promised to bring in over 100,000 iraqi and syrian refugees in his weekly address. >> as we move forward in this fight we have to wield another weapon along side of our air strikes, our military and counter-terrorism work and diploma diplomacy. that's the power of our example. our openness to refugees flame ice ill's violence.
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-- i say sillsil's violence. >> well new overnight a major win in the fight against isis. they have recaptured the ancient city of palmir -- palmyra. it is known for the 2,000-year-old ruins many of which were destroyed when isis took control of it last may. >> the vatican's easter mass. pope francis is urging the world use weapons of love to end terrorism. catholics around the world listen and remember the victims of the attacks in brussels. the 35,000 people that pack saint peters square facing tight security check on their way into that area. >> well, to politics now and the war are the wives continues between gop candidates donald
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trump and ted cruz. rich edson joins us live with the latest on that. >> good morning abby. accusations unsourced claims denials and an ugly fight over their wives. donald trump accuses senator ted cruz of buying the rights of a provocative photo of his wife and using that photo in an advertisement to suggest that melania trump is unfit to be a first lady. a super pac is responsible for the ad. trump claims cruz is responsible. >> from what i hear somebody bought the rights to it and he was the one or his campaign bought the rights and they gave it to the super pac. >> the ad they put out was deplorable. as soon as i saw it i denounced it and said it was wrong. but it wasn't us. >> it follows cruz claiming trump charging cruz has had multiple affairs. trump denies planting the story. cruz denies the story.
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with them continuing to split delegates the california primary may matter this year. it is held on june 7th usually too late to influence the presidential primary. now is uscla times poll shows trump leads cruz 37 to 30 with john kasich at 12. trump has a wide lead in the delegate count over ted cruz sh though he is short of the 1237 needed to secure the nomination. >> it is really getting ugly between the two. thank you, rich. a big weekend for bernie sanders as he crushes all three in washington,al bass l-- alask hawaii. >> we are beating donald trump by bigger margins. a lot of super delegates are looking at which democratic candidate is in the best place to beat donald trump. i think some of them are beginning to understand it is
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combern knee sanders. those flijs can change at any time up until the convention. the current delegate count sanders 1,004 clinton 1,712. jury election begins today for the fourth trial of the new york millionaire accused of murdering his wife 14 years ago. he is accused of bluj dgeoning s wife to death. that conviction was overturned. a second conviction was overturned because of court errors and last year the jury deadlocked. the defense claims two workers in texas are to blame for michelle's death. her body or a murder weapon has never been found. >> to el chapo noup and his top money man who has been captured.
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juan manual el ver rez is accused of laundering $4 billion for the drug kingpin over the last decade. he operated currency exchange centers in four countries including here in the u.s. he was captured in southern mexico with a warrant from the u.s. >> oo and sad news, the women who brought math into the homes of millions of americans has passed away. the roman catholic nun and founder of the world television network died on easter sunday. she has been suffering declining health since having a stroke in 2001 and has been bedridden for months. she was known for her mother evangelical live show. she was 92 years old and will of course be missed. pack your boolts whether thy are for rain or snow.
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>> it is wet here this morning. maria molina is here tracking it for us. >> a very active weather pattern through out the beginning of this, would week. we are dealing with one storm system bringing in the rain across places like new york city and other areas across parts of the northeast. this is the same storm system responsible for severe weather across parts of the midwest. on easter sunday we saw reports of larger hail maybe strong wind gusts with a lot of these storms. that storm racing eastward bringing in rainfall across places like new york state, pennsylvania and down across mid atlantic and the carolinas. it will be a slow commute for those heading across the united states today. we have a storm system moving inland and it is spreading heavy snow. you are expecting significant installations across the u.s. and utah. we have winter storm warnings in effect. as far as severe weather goes it will be quiet today and into tomorrow looks like midweek
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across parts of the plains. it could get very active. we are going to keep you updated on all of this. let's head over to you heather and abby. >> we will check back with you. the final four teams are all set after an incredible show down going into the second half with a double dig get lead. virginia collapsed. syracuse came back in the final 10 minutes of the game to take the victory over top seeded virginia 68 to 62. the orange is tin the final fou. final four drought is over. it is a competitive first half but the tar heels were able to storm back in the second half to beat notre dame 88 to 74. this is the first time north carolina is heading to the national semifinals since 2009. villanueva will play oklahoma followed by syracuse against
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oklahoma. >> play time tragedy, a child killed when a bouncy house blows away. the two people now face charges. >> a high speed chase takes a wild turn. what happens when a car jacking suspect tries to jump into a police cruiser. >> does the latest iphone upgrade feel like a downgrade? you are not alone.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". a 7-year-old is dead and three under arrest after a bouncy house accident. it was blown away by strong winds at a british traveling fair. it slammed to the ground and
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rolled down a hill nearly 500 feet away. >> it was a freak gust of wind that put everyone unawares. it will pulled the safety stakes out of the ground so this little girl had a day out with her family and lost her life. >> a man and a woman from the firm that runs that attraction are facing manslaughter charges. a traditional easter event descends into madness in connecticut when a massive crowd of parents push and stomp their way into an egg hunt. a 4-year-old boy left trampled bloody and shoved in the mood as pushy parents went to grab the 9,000 easter eggs across the streets from the pez headquarters. pez says the majority of the parents didn't wait for officials to officially start the hunt. >> what a nightmare. frightening moments when a pipe bomb exploded. that plast about 3 miles away from disney land where thousands
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were visiting. it metal pipe bomb went off in the alley also putting a whole in a wooden fence there. several homes were voluntarily evacuated about an hour for safety of course. this is the third recent pipe bomb in the area. one exploded in november and another in december. >> a welcome easter relief to a nation will guard man battling the biggest wildfire in kansas history. a holiday snowfall in barbara county helped fight the flames of the 620 square mile fire. cruz now upping the containment to about 81 percent. there's still work to be done. fire crews are looking for flare-ups as the threat of high winds rolls into the great plains. at least six homes have been destroyed. a first time ply ermis takes of flame's emergency exit for the bathroom door. accidentally inflating the evacuation flight this all happened while the plane was getting ready for take off in southwest china. boarding had just completed when
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the passengers heard a loud hissing noise when the crew went to check it out they realized a woman activated the slide when she tried to open the emergency exit. passengers removed from the plane while the slide was put away resulting in a two-hour delay. >> are you having trouble using your iphone since the latest update. don't all of the updates seem to cause that. you are not alone again. lauren simonetti from our sister network fox business with how bugs in the new software have been a major set back for apple. >> apple's latest for ios 3 is causing users devices to freeze. as complaints pour in apple says it is working on a fix. a background check battle. uber drivers as a best way to vet them. they oppose them. other cities don't vet its
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drivers and its own background checks are sufficient. however pair rerports in los angeles and texas are considering tighter checks. how about this? alaska airlines are testing electronic bag tags that are not only more efficient but usable, too. use your app to check in to your flight then activate it to display all of your flight information. that man verses super man getting awful reviews but dominating the box office. a march opening record get this $170 million yet it only has a rotten tomato score of 29 percent. customers at 1,000 mcdonalds mostly in the south can today order the breakfast mcgriddles all day long as mcdonalds considers expanding the full breakfast menu across the united states. sending it back to you. the time is currently about 21 after the top of the hour. breaking the law but not facing consequences. the new proposal coming straight from our attorney general.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. is isis ramping up their nuclear arms. two belgium nubbing liar plant work hers ers defected in 2012 and joined the terror group. they fought with a brigade with other belgiums which include ab due hamid ab beaued. one employee killed in syria the other convicted on terror charges back in 2014. the safety check tool causing
2:25 am
mass confusion after asking users worldwide if they were safe following the bombing in pakistan. a glitch asked people nowhere near the area if they had been impacted by the blast. the company apologized after the urgent notification was sent to countries thousands of miles away sparking fear and confusion on-line. >> that's not something you want to mix-up. >> a search underway for whoever placed a tombstone swept across social media. it was engraved with the frontrunner's name and it reads made america hate again. the headstone was removed last night. donald trump is a grandpa again. the gop presidential frontrunner ee vo evanka trump announced the birth of her son on twitter saying the family feels quote incredibly
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blessed. >> so cute. >> congratulations. the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. major league baseball pitchers dodging balls during games from batters in the box. what about during practice? the pitcher who took a throw right to the head. >> unbelievable. one life down eight to go. meet cupcake the cat who miraculously survived being mailed across the country. this is incredible. about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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. .
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bringing a dog with you. bringing your dog to the office can boost pro duck tiffity. good morning to you. welcome to "fox and friend first. >> i am heather childers. >> i am abby hunts man. we are back with the fox news alert. christians targeted in a bloody easte easter attack in pakistan. 70 are dead three others hurt. now claiming responsibility for the terrifying attack. kelly wright is in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> they have declared two-days of mourning. he vowed to find those responsible for the attack to bring them to justice. the heartbreak is palpable.
2:31 am
you can see it on the faces of those. a massive bomb a city park near children playing on swings as christians were celebrating easter. >> it is a despicable act of terror. >> he was so upset because it is a day of worship, the day of our (indiscernible). >> the taliban crew says it specifically targeted christians in the attack. pakistani officials say a large number of muslims were among the dead and wounded as well. more than 300 people were injured in the explosion. 65 people were killed in the blast as many as 70 may have died in the blast as they
2:32 am
gathered to pray and worship. most of the victims were children. they were standing with the people of lahore pakistan. christians celebrating easter were specifically targeted. >> such a horrible story. thank you to another fox news alert now a peaceful square paying tribute to the bruce ills terror terror attack victims. water cannons used to break up protestors as they clash with police. rick palkot is live in brussels with the latest. greg, good morning. >> good morning. not too many people here today. pretty calm. basically it was rainy, windy and cold but it was very hot yesterday at this memorial to the victims of the terror blast last week. they say that at least 10 people, maybe more were arrested after anti immigrant extreme
2:33 am
right protestors basically barged into the crowd of peacef peaceful mourners. they had to use water cannons and tier gas to push them back. this is the extreme side of the growing obsession with policing and society in general. meanwhile we are getting confirmation a word we have been getting on background for a few days that along with the kentucky couple justin and stephanie schultz two more americans could have been killed in that blast last week. we had heard that the wife of the u.s. military officer and the spouse of a u.s. government employee were killed at the airport. this could be the additional two the state department is talking about. that means all told four americans killed at that terrible blast at the airport. the search for terror suspects continue brussels police are saying 14 anti-terror raids in
2:34 am
the city and across belgium. they are still holding four people charged with terrorism. a guy police think was faking passports to getter wrists in from syria to turkey into europe were the immigrants were he was arrested. another suspect a terror suspect nabbed in holland. there is a new report out today that claims there are eight active suspects that is directly linked to brussels in paris across europe. it is an active anti-terror war going on right now. >> greg palkot reporting around the clock for us. thank you so much this morning. >> secretary of state john kerry deflecting the tango in baseball game waive. he should have cut his trip short amid a brussels attack. kerry going after gop
2:35 am
candidates. >> every leader i meet they ask about what is happening in america. it is clear to me what is happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> terry was referring to republican campaign rhetoric that amplified in the wake of last week's terror attacks suggesting that sur ray lens programs should be started in muslim communities. >> new overnight a terrifying propaganda video out of north korea. have you seen this? it shows a nuclear attack on washington, d.c. it is a four-minute clip called last chance. uses computer animations to show a missile landing next to the lincoln memorial. it warns the u.s. of a nuclear attack if provoked. it ends with an american flag burning. they threatened a nuclear strike in retaliation over recent tests of a long range rocket. >> that is frightening. more tensions in chicago in a search for a new top cop. mayor rom manual rejecting all
2:36 am
three finals in the surge for the city police chief now he will have an interim replacement. he asked eddy johnson to fill the spot and asked the police board to conduct a new search. gary mccarthy was fired back in december this after one of his officers jason vandyke cause charged in a murder of teenager laquan mcdonalds. loretta lynch wants to get criminals to get out of jail free card. the u.s. attorney general threatening to cut off funding to local court systems if judges don't eedz up on low level criminals. instead of jail times or fines to commit a crime they said they would be sentenced to community service or some cases granted amnesty. the u.s. will seek a sky rocketing crime rate within five years. loretta limp's proposal for
2:37 am
clemency to low level criminals lead to a surge in violent crimes? log on to for more. >> the war of wives donald trump and head cruz. rich edson joins us live from wa washington, d.c. with the latest. >> oo national enquirer says cruz has had multiple affairs. super pac ran an ad with pictures of melania. trump says cruz bought the rights to the gq photos of his wife. he denies that. this is the latest of the republican frontrunners far from a policy discussion. this race evolved into another fight between the two over their wives. >> this story is garbage.
2:38 am
it is tabloid snare. it came from donald trump and his henchman. the only person who voted on the record is roger stone the chief political ad viseor to donald trump. >> this is p a parting of ways. >> from what i hear melania did a cover shoot for gq a very strong modeling picture no big deal, but it was a cover shoot for gq, a big magazine. >> the republican frontrunners continue to add delegates remain short of the 1237 needed to secure the nomination before july's republican convention in cleveland. with that a primary usually held too late in the season to matter and the presidential nominating contest is now looking consequential. california's primary is in early june at a new usc la times poll shows trump leads cruz 37 to 30 and john kasich at 12. >> rich edson live for us. thank you, rich, it never ends.
2:39 am
>> a big weekend for bernie sanders as he crushes hillary clinton in all three caucuses in washington, alaska and hawaii. >> we are beating donald trump by much greater margins than secretary clinton. a lot of the super delegates are now beginning to look at which democratic candidate is in the best place to beat donald trump and they are seeing it is bernie sanders. >> clinton has vast majority of super delegate support for now. but the pledges can change any time up until the convention. the current count sanders 1,004 and clinton 1,712. >> big weekend for bernie sanders. >> pack your boots whether for rain or snow. maria molina is in the weather
2:40 am
center. good morning maria. >> good morning. you are going to need the boots across the eastern u.s. and western u.s. across the east they are dealing with rain. we had to deal with severe storms yesterday in parts of the midwest associated with the same storm system. now it is bringing in rain across new york state, pennsylvania and down into the parts of the mid atlantic. it will be a slow commute for you as you try to make it into work today. we have winter storm warnings and watches across the northern rockies and we are going to be dealing with cold air and heavy amounts of snow. dangerous travel conditions across that part of the country. it moves eastward and midweek this week we will have a severe weather outbreak. we will have an update on the threat this week and into the gulf coast and into the planes. you could be looking at severe weather. the temperatures behind the
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storm bringing in rain across the east is much cooler out there. forecast high temperatures staying cool across the great lakes and warmer across parts of the plains. >> maria molina thank you so much for that. scary moments on the map when a blue jay pitcher is hit in the back of the head by a ball.this. >> the blow to the back of the head. >> hutchinson dropped to one knee to give his catcher a throwing lane but the throw hit him right in the head. he was forced to leave the game but was able to walk off the field luckily on his own. >> hope he is eek. >> look at this chicago cubs outfielder jason hi ward swarmed by pees against the seattle mariners. pretty smart play. watch right there trying to get
2:42 am
away from the bees. didn't work. officials delayed the game for about five minutes before the air cleared and the players reached the field. >> heard he got stung like 15 times. >> the time is 42 after the hour. the out of control crowd that caused a roof filled with the kids to crumble. >> accused of censorship after pulling a controversial movie from the tribeca film festival. how he is responding this morning. your resume shows a critical difference in your job hunting. we will break that down. the dos and don'ts up next. ♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready.
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>> the film called vaks from cover up to conspiracy accuses them of trying to hide the links between vaccines and autism. he pulled the film because it was no longer contributing to a positive discussion surrounding the topic. >> he gave her a great tip and she still trashed him on social media. served former president bush and wife laura, a waitress took to twitter this morning. they tweeted out the photo we showed you with this message bush did 9-11 but he did me a solid and left me a good tip. she is getting aloss of bush back from saying it was just aboa joke. >> maybe they will be looking for a new job. when it comes to resumes, don't copy and paste. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business with what
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to send to employers and what to put on-line. cheryl? >> good morning. linkedin is so critical in job hunting. you dread it but you got to do it. but these days having a linked in profile is also something every job seeker has to have. there are differences between the two. according to the daily news on your linkedin profile you want to let your profile tell a bigger toer renot copying and pasting your resume but expanding and adding more. think all of the things you didn't have rhyoom for on your resume put it all there. you can tailor the resume but it is not possible on linkedin. you want to make sure you appeal to all of them. back up your claims about your work ethic and other traits by adding recommendations from a former boss on your profile. resumes are formal but your
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profile shouldn't be. it is a time to get personal. write like you talk as if you are having a conversation with your friend. it is a great place to show a resu personality that your resume p can't. >> log on to foxbusiness.c >> bringing a dog to work could boost your productivity. workers are 30 percent less stressed and more trusting of co-workers after playing with their dogs. experts say it is because of a love hormone that is released after playing with their animals. a number of u.s. companies allow people to bring their furry friends to work. i think we should incorporate that here. i have a golden retriever he is my best friend. >> i am thinking about getting one baby. >> you should. changes your life. a high speed chase takes a wild turn. what happens when a car jacking
2:49 am
suspect tries to jump into a police cruiser. it is mesmerizing and a huge hit on-line. this display now going viral. >> brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." i bet you could do that. >> i am a little bit stunned i thought i was abby's best friend now it turns out it is her dog. >> let me tell you what's coming up the next three hours. this is a story. he's a grandfather and a presidential frontrunner -- a grandfather again i should say. talks about the foreign policy that lasted over 90 minutes with the new york times and much more. ben carson weighs in on the president's refugee proposal as well as the president's foreign policy and the manic named hotbed dr. devon anton will be here giving tips on pup pe lovers. he is pumped up to be on the
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show. joel is kind of mad.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." less than ten minutes to the top of the hour. america's symbol of freedom under attack. more than a dozen bald eagles killed in one month in maryland. now there's a $30,000 reward for whoever is responsible. u.s. fish and wildlife officials say there was no visible sign of wounds to the birds, but testing showed the raptors did not die of natural causes. authorities believe the birds may have eaten poisoned rodents or were killed by chemicals someone sprayed on the field. to a quiet florida neighborhood that's being terrorized by bird. some hawks. they're nesting their eggs and
2:54 am
di dive-bombing people who get too close. >> one of the gentlemen is 88 years old. he's been hit so hard, he to go to the hospital and get a tetanus shot. now he wears a pith helmet to get to his mailbox. >> there have been at least 14 incidents so far. wildlife officials cannot remove the hawks because they are nesting and protected by state law. a police chase takes an unexpected turn as a suspect stops and tries to steal another car, this time from a police officer. it started yesterday when the suspect jump behind the wheel of a pickup truck. cops and tv crews followed her the entire way, capturing the dramatic moments that she charged at officers. she was eventually tackled and taken into custody. this is the definition of
2:55 am
teamwork. it is going viral, understandably. look at this incredible video showing students in japan standing in lines with their arms linked as the rope turns, the kids jump through. one line after another, perfectly in sync, four times in a row actually. the video has gone viral with more than five million views. >> unbelievable. look at that. the time is currently five minutes until the top of the hour. a family-friendly easter event takes a totally wrong turn. how the easter egg hunt turned into a major drug bust. and one life down, eight to go. meet cupcake, the cat who miraculously survived being mailed across the country. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont.
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my school could be fast. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪
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when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at before you leave the house, here's what's happening -- the taliban claiming responsibility for an easter attack on christians in pakistan. 70 dead, hundreds more injured. former illinois governor rod blagojevich could find out today if the supreme court will hear his appeal. he was convicted of corruption for trying to sell president obama's old senate seat. the white house easter egg eastern this morning. the theme is "let's celebrate." ♪ and now it's time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." up first, the good. this cat surviving eight days inside a box after accidentally being shipped in the mail. cupcake has made a full recovery. the bad, a college party in maryland takes a terrifying turn
3:00 am
when a roof collapse was people dancing on top of it. three people injured. the ugly, police in a normally quiet washington state community were able to get 45 pounds of unlicensed pot off the streets thanks to a guy screaming at an easter egg hunt. that wraps up "fox & friends first." have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning. it is march 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. dozens of christians murdered on easter sunday. all of them targeted for their faith. the latest on the terrorists taking credit and the white house's response. plus, donald trump says enough's enough, and it's time to put america first. the administration's response -- >> every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. it's clear to me that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> our r -- are republicans really the embarrassment? okay, great arm?


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