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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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one of our producers, professional photographer -- >> oh. >> she's a special little girl. i love her. >> you should stick with it. >> stay tuned for the after the show show. bill: a massacre with more than 70 killed as taliban terrorists target christians on the holiest day of the year. this scene so bloody there are parts of the video of we simply can't share with you. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum the taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in a busy park in pakistan. fit was packed with families that were there to celebrate easter sunday. the taliban said that made them fair game.
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bill: conor powell is with us in pakistan. reporter: businesses are closed', restaurants. in islamabad, the capital of pakistan, heavy security across the city because there are fears there will be more attacks, a bigger presence of police. in la wh lahor, a gentleman hasn responsibility for this attack. >> taliban offshoot that pledged support for isis a yehalf ago. they specifically target christians as they did in this attack sunday.
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the attack didn't take part in a church, but in a park. this attack killed at least 14 christians. it lit a broad swath of the lahor community. they say they will target christians because of their faith. it's a strict extremist group in pakistan. bill: less than 2% of the people in that country are christian. how is the government responding. reporter: it cracked down on militants and has been somewhat successful. but it's not nearly done what it's supposed to do because the pakistani military continues to target what they see as the bad militants. instead of going after all
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militants, they go after the militants who attack the pakistani government and the state, not those who attack civilians. they are not going after all the militants. so you have a swamp of militants in pakistan. while they are hurnltsing down people responsible for -- hunting down people responsible for sunday's attack, they have a large per swamp of militants. martha: police releasing surveillance video of the third man believed to be involved in the bombing in brussels. police believe they may have him in custody after a weekend of raids that happened across europe. gregg palkot live in brussels this morning. what's the latest there?
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the video, the manhunt and the victims. >> reporter: it's our first glimpse of the attackers who laid waste to the airport. they are sooner casually pushing their carts filled with deadly explosives filled with nails. the suicide bomber on the right, he didn't go off. it's reported he's not talking to them and he's refusing to give a dna sample, so police are looking for further eyewitness confirmation. three are charged with terror in the last day. 8 prime suspects with ties to these attacks are still on the
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run. this as we get more information about last week's attacks. the death toll now 35. four more victims died overnight in intensive care. we have been told 60 remain in critical condition, which could be more bad news over 100 hospitalized. we have been told 30 people are in burn units. one american victim said there was fire everywhere. martha: what about what happened in brussels in terms of what broke out there? reporter: yesterday, we are in front of the makeshift memorial to the victims that we have been reporting from the past several days. pretty calm today. yesterday there was quite a clash. there was several hundred anti-immigrant protesters that barged into this peaceful scene.
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at least 10 people were arrested. it's an extreme sign of the upset and concern it must be said many in the population are feeling about number one, how the government is handling the terror attacks, number two, where exactly this terror is coming from, and, three, could it all happen again. back to you, martha. martha: two more americans are confirmed dead in the brussels attacks. that brings the casualties to four. the victims' identities have not been confirmed yet. a married couple, justin and stephanie schultz were confirmed dead. they just dropped off stephanie's mom who had been visiting them brussels. she was not hurt in the attack.
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bill: these people were incinerated at the airport. republican candidates ted cruz and donald trump argue the problem we have today is the lack of u.s. leadership. >> for 7 years president obama and hillary clinton and this administration have been so bound up by political correctness, they refuse to acknowledge what we are fighting and he refuses to say the words radical islamic terrorism. instead he lectures the world on islamophobia. >> mayor case not a safe place. we allow thousands of people to come in here. nobody knows who they are or from they are coming from. and we are going to have problems big or bigger than what they have got. bill: do trump and cruz have more in common on this issue
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than voters might think? >> i think they do. both have been very critical of president obama for not using that phrase "radical islamic terrorism," the idea that you can't fight a threat if you don't call it by its name. donald trump said many times he wants to bomb the blank out of isis. and both have actually talked about an america first foreign policy. trump in a recent "new york times" interview embraced that phrase. if you go back to december in a republican debate, ted cruz did, too. he said i believe in an america first foreign policy. bill: here are the quotes you refer to the "new york times." i'm not isolationist, but i'm america first. we have been disrespected and
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ripped off for many years by people that were matter, shrewder and tougher. >> you have seen it in degrees. you have seen an interview trump did with the "washington post" in which he talked about lowering the american profile in nato. you will see cruz talk about trump wanting to withdraw from the world. and become an isolationist. trump denies that. but as we enter this week of campaigning in wisconsin you will hear that a lot from ted cruz. bill: ways your guess about how this plays the out about american policy? how does cruz go after trump or vice versa? >> two big thing. i just mentioned accusing trump of being an isolationist. probably the bigger one is cruz and his allies, accusing trump of not knowing have much about
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foreign policy. you have to come away with the impression trump has not done and lot of studying to back up his instincts in foreign policy. you will see cruz and his allies hammer on that. as far as trump is concerned, you will $see him say what he's always been saying, there is no candidate as strong as he is and who can implement the policies he talks about. >> byron york for amal $is in washington. >> bernie sanders found some new momentum as he headed into this week. the vermont nor swept the weekend's contest by big margins. he's describing his wins as part of a comeback. he says he expects to close the gap with hillary clinton in the northeastern states. and he says he has work to do and maybe a big mountain to
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climb. clinton leading with 1,207 delegates. he's closed the gap of pledged delegates with the super dell gates would have to convince to come over, which president obama was able to do. hillary clinton is looking at a similar situation. bill: i want to be a superdelegate when i grow up. the mud is flying between the republican candidate. >> late at night he says attack my wife, attacking heidi is wrong. it's disgusting to see a candidate attacking the spouse of another. bill: governor huckabee joins us later. martha: the f.b.i. is wrapping up the investigatory part of
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looking at hillary clinton's emails. she could find herself on the hot seat. bill: president obama says he wants to increase the number of refugees coming into the united states. >> the worst thing that could happen is to allow people to go from the west into iraq and syria and back out. there is a failed strategy here that's getting worse. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
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martha: $syrian troops recapture the ancient city of palmyra from isis. this is the famous ruins where isis destroyed many of the historic monuments, things that could never ever be replaced. bomb planted by isis inside the ancient city. syrian forced pushed isis out of palmyra with the help of russian air strikes ending the occupation. >> bringing tens of thousands of syrian refugees to america despite the fact that isis tells us they intend to send
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terrorists with those refugees. bill: president obama is calling to bring more refugees here in the wake of paris and brussels. kt, where are you broadly speaking on this topic? >> i think the president is untethered from reality. while there are attacks throughout europe and intelligence officials are telling us we are stunned by the number of terrorist sleeper cells. the president of the youth is saying we wanted to take in more migrants. as senator cruz says and the director of the f.b.i. says we are not sure how to vet them, there are no data bases on which to vet them. we are talking about doing the same thing as europe. bill: the investigation in europe clearly showed at least 90 of them were moving back and
6:18 am
forth among the population. >> the longer this refugee program goes unchecked, the longer that we don't take care of isis and al qaeda, the more this threat will grow day by day. bill: the longer we don't take care of isis. that's syria. that's iraq. >> that's another war in the middle east. he's right to say there are many aspects to this. it's not just go to the middle east and defeat isis. isis is already on the move. they moved to europe and libya. when the secretary of state says our isis strategy is working -- bill: where is that coming from? why did he say that? >> he says we are bombing in syria and trying to take territory back from from isis. isis is not expanding.
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therefore poor isis, they are so desperate they have to try attacks in urine. bill: he said since 2014 we have taken 40% of their land. that land is desert. there is little out there, not even towns or villages. >> the islamic state has shown they have a foreign policy of sending terrorists into europe. they have an internet and online presence where they are recruiting worldwide from thrown wolves. people who don't even have to leave their country to fight for isis. they are in libya and northern africa and egypt. bill: two more points here. europe's policy of security has failed. >> completely. it's not just a security policy,
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it's the whole concept of multi-culturalism. nt to have muslim migrants come to our country. let them have their own schools, let them have their own judicial system. that's multi-culturalism. the second and third generation of these migrants who haven't fit in are taking on another track it's not even the original migrants. bill: does this help explain the rise of trump? >> absolutely. trump's main issue of is immigration and security. cruz similarly. so the rights of both of them -- the reason they are the last two republican candidates stand can is because they identified this
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crisis, the migrant crisis, the terrorism crisis, the multi-culturalism crisis, the anti-christian crisis. the american people get it. bill: here is martha. martha: the f.b.i. is reportedly in the final phase of the investigation into hillary clinton. why the feds say they are ready to speak to the former secretary of state herself. bill: . a young girl trapped in a bounce house as the house blows away and now arrests have been made. >> it was a freak gust of wind that caused the safety stakes to pull out of the ground. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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martha: fidel castro weighing in on president obama's visit to cuba. ripping the united states as an empire saying we don't need the empire to give us any presence. my modest suggestion is he, president obama reflects and doesn't try to develop theories about cuban politics. president obama just back from the controversial trip where he met with raul castro but did not meet with the 89-year-old fidel. federal prosecutors reportedly beginning the process of setting up formal interviews with some of hillary clinton's closest
6:26 am
long-time aides and also with hillary clinton herself. rich, what does this mean? what stage are they at here? >> this is even indication the investigation moving into its final phases, citing two people familiar with the probe. the report says f.b.i. agents and prosecutors will conduct interviews, attempting to determine whether the former secretary of state john kerry or her aides knowingly or negligently classified classified information through her email address or server. the state department released house of pages of clinton emails claiming 22 emails contained top secret information. hillary clinton says none of the emails were marked classified at the time she received or transmitted them.
6:27 am
but clinton opted for a private address run through a private server in her home. martha: that was problematic for her from the beginning of her state department tenure. what about the timing of this? it's tricky for the clinton campaign. reporter: this as bernie sanders continues to challenge her for what once seemed like an easy nomination. sanders just swept washington, alaska and hawaii. while the primary landscape seems to favor clinton, her critics say an indictment would alter that inevitability. bill: governor mike huckabee joins us in a moment on the latest terror attacks.
6:28 am
ted cruz and donald trump playing the blame game in their back and forth on personal attacks. is it time to change that conversation? >> these are complete made up lies, they are garbage. it's inparticular tough of how low donald trump will go. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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martha: terrorists targeting a christian gathering targeting at least 70 people, many of them women and children. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack saying christians were their intended targets. governor huckabee, good to have you with us today. we celebrated easter with our families.
6:32 am
these people endured a hoarp are you figure attack and -- a horrific attack and lost their lives. this is a group that pledged allegiance to isis. this is not a disparate group pulling this off. >> it shows the savagery of the extremists and the majority of their victims turned out to be muslims. but they don't care. these were women and children out for a park for a recreational afternoon. what we have to back up and ask ourselves is when in modern history have we seen such slaughter and carnage directed at the innocents in our society. these are savages going after the most vulnerable and innocent. it's why we have to take a
6:33 am
strong stance to beat them. and president obama's nonsense about let's open the doors and have more refugees. it's putting us in the position that europe is in and that's not a good place to be right now, martha. martha: there are so many complicated factions within this fight. but it does feel when you look at the attacks in brussels and iraq and the attacks we saw in pakistan, why is there not the ability to bring together leaders in these areas to say you are getting hit, everyone is getting hit, why is it so challenging to get some sort of consensus to fight back these group. >> it's the most pressing question. why isn't there a great level of leadership among muslim leaders to push back? there is some. i wanton fair to say both in the united states among some muslim leaders and the rest of the world.
6:34 am
president el-sisi in egypt comes to minding a somebody who has take and bold position. but it's too few and far between. we need to be aggressive in saying to people of these muslim nations, either you get with us or you are on your own. we are not going to sit back and make excuses. and one thing we aren't going to do is invite more terror into our own world. one of the thing it president said this weekend was especially off the mark when said if we were just fires in and led a bert example was his words, then we wouldn't have these horrible tragedies. that's so naive and not true. these people are not going to start being nice if we are nice. we are nice answer they kill us indiscriminately because they hate us and want to kill us all. if we don't come to grips with
6:35 am
this we'll have more of our airports look like brussels. martha: it just gets more intense all the time and shows up in more places. it's not something we can pretend doesn't affect us because absolutely it does. i want to turn your attention to the presidential election. what's coming up, to seat under belly of politics which we see in one way, shape or form when we go through this process. but the latest incarnation is the attacks against the spouses. here is a little of the sound about donald trump and ted cruz. >> this is garbage. it's tabloid smear and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. he attacks my wife, he attacks my flame. he goes to garbage and sleaze and lies. >> for him to say i had something to do with it is disgraceful.
6:36 am
he's the one that started it. they make me like the bad guy her. i'm just responding to what he does. i respond, i counter punch. but i'm responding to what he does. martha: your advice for these candidates? >> stick to the issues, talk about brussels and paris. talk about what matters to most americans and recognize families ought to be off limit. i have been in this arena for over 25 years. i have had my familiar live attacked, my wife, my children. it's the worst of politics and it should be off limits. back up here. this started when a super pac supporting cruz put out a picture of trump's wife that resulted in trump coming back and it's just escalated. did either of these candidates personally start this stuff in did donald trump -- is he the edeffort to national enquirerrer? i do it it. did ted cruz order the super
6:37 am
pac? i doubt it. i would sue the "national enquirer." after what we saw happen with wh gawker and hulk hogan, they need to fight this stuff. martha: ted cruz said he's not so sure he can support donald trump. are they right? >> if the republican voters like him enough to nominate him and they don't support him, then they are supporting hillary clinton. if you think this stuff is tough, if you think that the little back and forth between trump and cruz is rough, you ain't seen nothing yet. let me assure you it will be a bloody mess in a general election involving hillary clinton. anybody who doesn't think so has
6:38 am
never been in the ringth them. i'm telling you, they need to realize as a party we may not all pick the one of our choice but as a party and as a country we'll be better off with any of the republicans left on the stage than we will be with either of the democrats left on martha: governor huckabee, thank you. it's good to hear from you. take care, sir. happy easter to you. bill: on that first topic you are catholic, i'm catholic. i was surprised by the message from the altar, about the -- ae annihilation of christians. they are telling the flock to be aware of this. martha: it's about time. bill: we are 22 minute before the hour. we are set for final four.
6:39 am
north carolina, the only number one seed til in the tournament. double digit win over notre dame. the tarheels advance. syracuse, wow. huge upset over number one virginia. syracuse is a tenth seed. many thought they should not be in the tournament. 68-62 the orange win. meanwhile nova nation taking down kansas. 64-59 sunday. home with a 12-point win over oregon. that guy right there is awesome. the final four set to face off saturday night in houston. the number two seeds villanova and houston set to face off
6:40 am
against north carolina. martha: one by one they got picked off, all except north carolina. the team did a great job and we are excited for them to go to houston this weekend. bill: we were talking during the commercial break about how hard these guys play. big weekend coming up. so turning from that, fun and games that we were taking a break talking about to the tragedy of this tory this morning. a bounce house that blew away in the wind. now two people are facing serious charges after a tragedy for one family. bill: john kerry says world leaders are look down on america because of the tone of the race. our and debates that point fair
6:41 am
and balanced.
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martha: an easter celebration took a tragic turn. a 7-year-old girl was killed after a bounce house accident in a british traveling fair. the bounce castle flew away with a 7-year-old girl still inside. the man and woman who ran the bounce center have under arrest under suspicion of gross negligence. >> everywhere i go, every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. i think it i fair to say that they are shocked. they don't know where it's taking the youth of america. it upsets people's sense of
6:45 am
equilibrium about our steadiness and reliability. and to some degree i must say some of the questions the way they are posed to me is clear to me what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. bill: john kerry calling our election the subject of global mockery. others say it stems from the administration's policies the last 8 years. donald trump caught wind of this this morning, and on "fox and friends" he said this about john kerry. >> i'm shocked about just about everything he has done and president obama has done. it's leading this country down. bill: and he said more than that. >> john kerry talks about
6:46 am
embarrassment and global mockery of the united states but he should look at his own administration. ways embarrassing is the president of the youth deciding to go to a baseball game and do the wave with a dictator who is now mocking him while americans were lying in hospital injured and americans were missing. the president's foreign policy has been a disaster not only to america, but to everyone. i think leaders john kerry claims to be talking about in the united states. bill: i thought the whole 5 second thing was ridiculous. you do an address on it. now we are learning about these americans incinerated beyond recognition. you can still make your speech
6:47 am
in havana. but treat this with the gravity it deserves. >> he was able to take this trip and prosecute terrorism, killing number two person for isis. but what's more important is what the republicans are doing that donald trump's tape about secretary kerr christmas -- secy kerry's comments are a fiction that you are going to keep muslims, a ridge group out of the united states. i have never gone through customs and had them ask my religious affiliation. or saying we are going to pull out of saudi arabia and the middle east and leave iran. and leave israel unprotected. it's less about it being embarrassing.
6:48 am
bill: john kerry said this. the president respond to it in brussels. he said he talked to the prime minister of belgium from cuba. katie, is that sufficient? >> it's not sufficient. the fact is under barack obama's watch despite lying to the american people to get re-elected in 2012. terrorism has expanded all over the globe. we have isis in libya and they have a huge presence in europe. you head the head of every single intelligence agency testifying before congress in january that we are likely to see an isis attack in america within the year. the president seems to not want to deal with the enemy and name it and naming yemen as successes. we have the al qaeda and taliban affiliates pledging their' allegiance to isis. you don't have a president
6:49 am
willing to name the enemy and put a stop to it so we can move on with this issue. >> the notion this president doesn't go after is where is absurd. you have the head of isis being taken out every three days. they are not expanding. we have taken 40% of their territory in syria. and palmyra just got taken bang over the weekend. bill: john kerry said since 2014 we have retaken 40% of their land. that's desert, my friend. >> so is a lot of syria. i would like to know what the republican response is to that. so part response has been donald trump has had the exact same foreign policy prescription when he's pressed on what isis is, and ted cruz says carpet bomb civilians and become a war criminal.
6:50 am
bill: john kerry, everybody is geared up the recognize the fight in syria and where the fighters come from. what took so long. >> we have seen last week, at least 400 isis fighters have been trained and are now all over europe and ready to carry out attacks. republicans have offered solutions to the isis problems. and preventing, bringing potential isis people into the united states through the refugee system. we can't let them into the country in the first place. bill: thank you, plenty of time to debate this. martha: a handful of state banding together trying to change the constitution and limit the federal government.
6:51 am
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bill: ease tesh sunday feels like christmas in parts of the country. the skiers and riders love that. tree branches having some trouble holding the heavy snow, falling on power lines causing thousands of outages in colorado. martha: half a dozen states are banding together in an effort to limit the power and reach of the federal government under the constitution. they are calling for a
6:55 am
constitutional convention to discuss up to 9 the amendments. what's driving this call to curb the federal government? reporter: everything from obamacare to environmental regulation. advocates want to curb what they see as overreach by the federal government. giving a super majority of states the power to override federal laws or supreme court ruling. >> the american people are mad and they are looking for a way to say no more. our founders in their brilliance gave us the tool to do that it until article five. reporter: article five of the u.s. constitution allows the for a minimum of 2/3 of the states to call for a convention to propose amendments. that's how they are hoping to do this. martha: how likely is this to happen. >> it's never been done before. legislatures in six states are
6:56 am
calling for a convention. but they need 28 more to pass that 2/3 threshold to make it happen. >> given the divided times which we base and the broad brush of these amendments, it's unlikely to garner the support necessary to reach that 2/3 benchmark. >> the mood of the public is tired of business as usual. it's the time to consider this. reporter: brockway says even if they fail to produce the convention of states it will put pressure on congress to pass some meaningful legislation. bill: as we get more information from overseas, another day, another terror attack, this time targeting christians. donald trump still out in front in the race for the republican nomination. critical primary coming up there.
6:57 am
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martha: fox news alert. as a deadly terror attack targets christians on easter sunday. at least 70 people killed in pakistan by a group supporting isis. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. suicide bombers striking at park in eastern afghanistan. where families gathered to celebrate one of the holiest days on christian calendar. a terror group with ties to taliban and isis claiming responsibility. martha: good to have you here, pete hegseth. obviously just another layer another chapter after brussels of these ongoing attacks. >> it sure is. it was clearly an attack on faith. this was gathering of christians on easter. the bomb was planted next to a swing set where kids were playing.
7:01 am
another example of nature of this enemy will strike anywhere, targets christians directly. state department finally admitted there is genocide going on in pakistan and. they're attempting to draw contrasts they are more vicious, more violent, more dedicated to their radical form of islamism than anyone else in the world. that is magnet for jihadists. pakistan and militant groups all they see in afghanistan to the west, is policy of america that is equivocating. we with drew and they feel they're surging in pakistan and afghanistan and there is a global fight against christians in the west. these are the type of attacks unfortunately we've seen for quite some time. not so much targeting of christians but now exported to europe. what making the migrant crisis
7:02 am
all the more urgent because these attacks are spreading to the west. >> you know what the administration says. we took out number two figure in isis just last week. they are hitting them every time they possibly can. you heard number of 40%. they have taken back 40% of the territory part of the so-called caliphate. >> i heard the numbers. i appreciate the fact they have been pushed back in some ways but their caliphate still exists and thrives in raqqa and mosul. we'll see if the offensive develops later on this summer and fall which has been talked about. it already has been delayed. the longer we wait, the longer the black flag fly, the more motivation exists. it goes back to the caliphate, if they feel like there is home base a cause worth dying for, they export that terrorism. this group in pakistan obviously focused on the government in pakistan but now linked to a global jihad and linked to a caliphate they pledge allegiance to which we're not doing what is necessary to destroy.
7:03 am
we have to fight total war, martha. total war. car bet bombing, we can get into policies but doing what is necessary to bring the enemy to its knee, all the dipping and towing at the margins isn't going to make a difference. martha: here is ted cruz on what he thinks. >> i will tell you who is in over their head it is barack obama and hillary clinton, john kerry and the entire obama administration. the obama-clinton foreign policy is manifest disaster. our friends and allies we abandoned them. this is the most anti-israel aid administration we ever seen and shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. >> he is precisely correct. underlying all of this is a go owe political shift this administration enabled by abandoning traditional allies, arab states, sunni muslims we worked in the past for other reasons and empowering iranian shia and their pursuit after nuclear bomb. you have new calculations that don't even consider the united states of america. groups pursuing interests across
7:04 am
the region. you have sunni and shia elements fighting for dominance. isis seeking to exploit the chaos in the meantime. they have accelerated the worst manifestations of islamism and still won't call the enemy by it is name. what you don't do that you can't stop groups plotting in brussels and france. they don't know who it is and they have safe havens amongst western europe. martha: innocent people dying every day. >> that's right. martha: every several days in these attacks. pete, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: more on the race for the white house. all five remaining candidates gearing up for the next big contest, wisconsin, that is the next state to vote. on republican donald trump maintaining solid lead in the delegate count with more than half the total number to secure the nomination. we have team fox coverage. ed henry on the campaign trail in wisconsin. latest on democratic side. start with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in d.c. with the republican race.
7:05 am
carl, good morning. the establishment is at odds you could say over this race. where are they now? good morning. reporter: establishment is transplanted out of washington and sent to wisconsin for rest of this week. winner-take-all. 42 delegates. trump is heading there tomorrow. he will go to janesville to send a message. hometown of house speaker and vice-presidential candidate paul ryan who scolded trump not by name for some of his antics and rhetoric. the badger state is home to governor scott walker and dropped out of the race last year and hinted he will endorse cruz before the april 5th primary. also in wisconsin, reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee who is hiring and staffing up of a open convention in case no candidates have 123on the first ballot. cruz has spent a lot more time out there than trump has. bill: talk about wisconsin. it has been a hotbed of
7:06 am
republican activity past five years with walker as governor now. what is the state of play there? reporter: that is what i mean displacing establishment out there. trump trying to send a message by going to janesville, ryan's hometown. cruz is running a lot of ads and spending a little time. trump spent last week basically off the trail. cruz has bert attention. a win out there for him would be significantly a setback for trump and boost the never trump folks quite a bit. bill: thank you, carl. we have eight days to take a breather. nice. martha. martha: donald trump not ruling out supporting the online petition that would allow guns at the upcoming gop convention in cleveland. ohio is an open-carry state but the venue forbids firearms on the premises. here is donald trump. >> i will certainly take a look at it and i will let you know but i have not seen the petition. >> so you're open to the idea of -- >> i have not seen the petition. i want to see what it says.
7:07 am
i want to read the fine print. i want to see what it says. i'm a very, very strong person for second amendment. i think very few people are stronger. i have to see the petition. martha: senator ted cruz and governor john kasich have not commented on the petition yet. supporters on this petition say if violence broke out innocent people would be left defenseless. ohio republican party said law enforcement will be handling security. meanwhile hillary clinton back on the campaign trail she said today, holding two events in wisconsin. all the focus is on wisconsin after sanders sweep over the weekend. bernie sanders dominated with big wins in hawaii, washington state and alaska. here is look where things stack up for the two democratic folks who want to have the nomination. hillary clinton has 1712. bernie sanders at 1004 on delegate count. vermont senator says do not count him out. he is not done yet. >> you're assuming that every
7:08 am
superdelegate who supports secretary clinton will stay with her. you're not taking into the consideration the fact there are hundreds of delegates, hundreds of superdelegates have not made a decision. we think we can win many of them. martha: white house correspondent ed henry live in madison, wisconsin, is with us today. how difficult for the clinton campaign that sanders keeps winning, ed? reporter: as you noted there is still big delegate lead for hillary clinton but momentum continues to go back and swing back to bernie sanders. those three wins over the weekend, obviously hoping to take momentum here into wisconsin next week. the big prize really is california. there is "l.a. times poll" out this morning suggesting while clinton had a big lead now it is tightening. bernie sanders is getting closer. there are several hundred delegates at stake in california in early june. bernie sanders showing no sign of getting out of this race, trying to keep this going. the clinton camp doesn't want her to be wounded and have this all dragged out. she is here in wisconsin today
7:09 am
by the way to give a big speech on supreme court nomination battle. what is that about? she has this enthusiasm problem? how do you with that, get activists on left fired up, women, minorities and others about republicans blocking supreme court nomination. hillary clinton still has enthusiasm problem. she is trying to deal with it martha. martha: ed, thank you. bill: nine minutes past the hour. donald trump in speech on foreign policy laying out his vision for america and future of the fight against terror. >> i don't mind nato per se but has to be reconstituted, has to be modernized. we're dealing with nato from the days of the soviet union that no longer exist. >> reconstitute it -- >> transition it to terror or we need something else. bill: we'll talk to the trump team in a moment what the republican front-runner plans to do differently if he wins the white house. martha: newly-released
7:10 am
surveillance video in brussels airport bombings. the latest in the search for the man in the hat and the white jacket coming up. bill: easter egg hunts typically lighthearted affairs but some rowdy parents turning the fun day into utter chaos. >> my son left he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying. >> like locusts. everybody descended and left. you're late for work.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
video of the suspect wanted in connection with last week's bombing. video shows the man wearing glasses and white jacket wheeling a baggage cart into the airport along with two others that were identified by belgian authorities as bombers. they have a man in custody. they're not certain it is same man you see in the hat. this was one of dozen anti-terror raids across europe over the weekend as the raids and arrests continue. ♪ martha: so donald trump says he would consider halting u.s. oil purchases from saudi arabia unless our middle east ally gets more involved in the fight against isis. some critics say he is taking steps towards isolationism. donald trump denies that. he says that america is his number one priority. he tells "the new york times," protect countries and take tremendous monetary hits on protecting countries there. is a whole big list of them. we lose everywhere, we lose monetarily everywhere he says. this morning he said this on "fox & friends." >> nobody has the strength that
7:15 am
i have on the borders. nobody has the strength that i have in the military. ted is actually weak on that. you're right, my policy is america first. it will always be america first. martha: hence emerging title of his foreign policy there, with the america first slogan. walid phares is a fox news middle east earn analyst and terrorism analyst and foreign policy advisor to donald trump's campaign. good to have you with us. >> thank you, good morning. martha: i'm curious what you think about this the nato part we talked about? we should point out he sat down with people from "new york times," "washington post," an an exhaustive interview on foreign policy. he basically says he thinks nato is obsolete. it was done at a time with soviet union which is much larger than russia. nato doesn't discuss terrorism he want them to do that. what do you think?
7:16 am
>> with regard to interviews, important for the public to understand, one thing to deliver a comprehensive speech on foreign policy as he did so in aipac for for example to understand the points or conversation with media. difference between conversation at "new york times" or c-span. having said that to the substance mr. trump's idea is to renegotiate and re-engage nato. not to withdraw from nato. he has a point when he says nate nate -- nato was deviced in cold war situation. the problems are from southeast and north africa. they need reform of nato with or without the candidacy of donald trump. martha: i want to play a sound bite from ted cruz reacting to nato part of this story. >> donald is out of his depth. he doesn't understand these issues. donald called publicly for effectively withdrawing america from nato. that is catastrophically foolish proposition, abandoning europe
7:17 am
and withdrawing from most successful military alliance in modern times makes no sense at all. martha: your thoughts. >> if mr. trump haddock trin of isolationism would be in a book, i would make speeches about i want to withdraw america. he is talking about re-engagement. nato is old institution. three wars of terror going on around the world and in the region. we need to redirect the efforts of nato. i would consider this as re-engagement not as a withdrawal. >> top of what ted cruz said there that donald trump is out of his depth. that is probably the most widely said criticism of donald trump. you have been working with him. you've been talking with him as foreign policy advisor. a, why did you choose to support him? you could have chosen to support anybody in this campaign? what do you like so much about him? and b, is it accurate he doesn't understand what is going on in the world? >> no, it is not accurate what
7:18 am
he doesn't understand what is going on in the world. the politicians have not seen donald trump not as politician but businessman engaging in international affairs. i looked at his achievements. when i have conversations with him he sees map, he asks the right questions, what are the problems, how can we define him? in his profession he is real estate expert. doesn't mean he won't need help and support from administration, not just from advisors, advisors for the campaign. real work gets to the white hours and get connected to actual agencies working on these issues. martha: in terms of understanding sunni versus shia and complex web that is the underpinning of radical terrorism around the world has he probed you about those issues? >> let me dot a little comparison with any candidate before him. president obama, when he came to the presidency, how much did he understand of these issues? i mean his speeches were very abstract in the first three
7:19 am
months when he started. when he got connected with the effort of his administration then he had policy even secretary clinton today, without being brief, you ask her who will take mosul tomorrow, which division, will she answer you? she needs help of expertise. the strategic judgment if you have information what would you do with it? martha: understood. walid, thank you very much. always good to have you with us. we look forward to speak with you more as somebody advising mr. trump. thank you, sir. >> thank you. bill: 19 minutes past the hour. donald trump won the primary back in louisiana. there is word in that state that ted cruz will get more delegates. why trump argues the republican party is playing dirt. governor john sununu will react to that and more. stand by governor. martha: a pilot shows up to fly a plane full of passengers and the pilot was completely drunk. how he got caught and how passengers are reacting.
7:20 am
>> we're supposed to be safe and you show up drunk while you ride in a plane, that's, that's just crazy. >> others have slipped through the cracks. how many others? i mean, just got to really kind of look at that. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the
7:21 am
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7:23 am
martha: so an american airlines pilot taken into custody this weekend after allegedly showing up for work drunk. officials say the pilot was detained at the detroit metropolitan airport after he failed a breathalyzer test, thank goodness they had one. philadelphia-bound flight was immediately canceled. passengers describe the bizarre incident and confusion of the whole thing that followed. >> it was a lot of scrambling. with we first got off the plane it seemed to be a lot of chaos and people trying to get answers and trying to change flights.
7:24 am
we knew we would miss our connects flight. so it was a lot of chaos. >> i honestly couldn't believe i was speechless something like that could happen. again he could get that close to the aircraft. >> hmmm. pilots are banned from flying if they have a blood-alcohol level above .04%. the faa is investigating the incident. ♪ >> what is going on in the republican party is a disgrace. i have so many more votes and so many more delegates and frankly whoever at the end, whoever has the most votes and most delegates should be the nominee. bill: so that is the case that donald trump is making. on abc slamming his own party the way things are being handled in the nominating process. comes amid a report that rival ted cruz could end up getting 10 more delegates out of louisiana despite trump winning that state's primary. governor john sununu former chief of staff to president
7:25 am
george h.w. bush, author of "the quiet man." he is not a plan. he is the governor. take this where you want. this is the reason why trump supports like trump because he senses something smells in the system. it is not right. it is not justified. americans you get this from louisiana. go. >> because he doesn't understand the system. these are rubio delegates. there is going to be rubio delegates, bush delegates that have been selected in the past that are going to decide where they're going to go and they're deciding in this particular case they're going to cruz. they're not trump delegates. he did not earn them. they have the right to go where they want. the convention is made up of delegates and it is empowered by law and rules and tradition and process and he better get used to the fact he is not going to be crowned if he does not get majority of the delegates going into the convention. bill: 40 years ago you had your last contested convention. gerald ford prevailed over
7:26 am
ronald reagan. in the modern era, gov, what have you thought about the impact of 24 hour cable of social media? it's a different time today? >> yeah, but the rules are still the rules. and this guy is not going to bull lit process into his own advantage. the republican party has people who believe in principles, smaller government, taxes, reduction in taxes. they believe in nato. they believe in national security and they're going to look at the candidates and make a decision. and, a lot of people have pointed out, we're all committed to support the nominee so far but this guy is making it harder and harder. if he continues to make it harder and harder will discover a convention with most of the delegates aligned against him. bill: that would contest the convention. that means hillary clinton is elected, right? why not? >> trump nomination means hillary is elected. hillary is beating him by 11 to 18 points. that is why republicans are concerned.
7:27 am
they're not worried about trump winning. they're worried about trump losing to hillary. losing to hillary the way things line up now would cost us the senate, would cost us eventually then the supreme court and could even, with numbers he is running now, cost a significant number of members of the republicans not being elected to the house. bill: i heard people make that argument a lot. where is the -- >> it's a valid argument. bill: where is the fact that backs that up? >> the polls. they're very clear. hillary is beat him between 11 and 18 now. cruz can beat hillary. kasich beats hillary strongly. even some candidates no longer in it beat hillary and trump is the big loser there. he has a 33% deficit on favorability and unfavorability. republicans are concerned, not because it is donald trump. republicans are concerned because donald trump looks like a loser. bill: you got seven, eight months to change that.
7:28 am
you know what they thought about reagan in 1980. >> that is the point. bill: trump supporters -- >> he has all the negatives without hillary spending her $700 million against him. he is not going to be able to raise the same amount of money. bill: trump supporters would argue this is evidence of a broken system. he talks about that all the time. that is what draws them to him. when you -- >> still -- bill: give awe moment, hang on. gerrymandering of districts over past 25, 26 years that protects democrats and republicans in the house. you think about the superdelegate rules on the democratic side. despite bernie sanders getting 70% of the vote in washington state over the weekend, and you look at the brokered conventions, contested conventions, how the parties try and shade it and put it in their direction where they want it to go. that is what gives rise to people like donald trump. governor, go. >> that is possible but that gives rise to somebody who has about a 30% of the republican
7:29 am
vote and a significant minority of the national vote. and that is what republicans are worried about. if he wants to win this nomination, he has got to start talking like a republican and supporting republican issues. he is still supports what is effectively national payer on obamacare. he is opposed to nato. he has no idea why people don't like eminent domain. thisfy does not understand the principles that put the republican party together. bill: governor, thank you for your time. if it is monday, it must be sununu. thank you, governor. hope you had a happy easter. >> it was great. hope you had one. bill: thank you very much. martha: latest attack in brussels and in pakistan show that terrorists are their reach. so what can u.s. intelligence do to fight what is becoming a bigger and bigger network every day? a former cia director of the cia is up next. bill: also fbi's investigation of hillary clinton email scandal
7:30 am
now entering its final phase on the server and the email. what that might mean for the democratic front-runner. >> to have a mountain evidence. they are now ready to test that evidence by asking questions of these aides around hillary clinton. there are about five of them. they are publicly known. they each have their own lawyers and they have to decide whether or not to go in.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
bill: pakistan launching a special paramilitary crackdown in response to a horrific bombing on easter sunday. that bombing targeting christians gathering for celebrations. at least 70 killed. hundreds more injured. one estimate put it at 300 injured. ambassador james woolsey, chairman of the foundation of defense of democracies, welcome back here to our fram here on "america's newsroom." we can reflect on pakistan and europe and certainly talk about isis and the middle east. john kerry suggested yesterday there is a great urgency now.
7:34 am
john kerry says that everybody geared up that the fight is not just in iraq and syria. do you believe it, first of all? start there. >> certainly they are not just in iraq and syria. it is very important to crush isis at its home base so to speak but, this is a worldwide phenomenon. these are islamists. or that the administration word that administration won't even utter. and bound by ideology, boundly strongly by ideology. some over the web and some in various places but we are at war with a very strong, long-term movement we have to crush. we can't contain it as the president keeps saying. bill: i was struck by this comment, sorry i didn't mean to interrupt you. i hope you're done with your thought there. belgium's prosecutor, regathered, reorganized, they
7:35 am
did paris, they did brussels. that is an ominous comment, sir. >> right. they could well do more. they are present in libya. they launched attacks out of morocco. they have done a lot of things and various parts of the world and sometimes these are directly related to isis. sometimes there might have been just some indirect relationship but they are almost all islamists and jihadis and the administration won't even say the word. it is very hard to defeat something you won't describe at all. bill: the other thing that secretary of state said since 2014, okay, you've got two years now, they have lost 40% of their land. does that happen without the russians there? does that happen without putin? >> oh, i think maybe yes because i think a lot of that land right now is pretty sandy. i mean we're not -- once they take mosul that will be a very
7:36 am
major development. and it looks as if in iraq, not in syria, but in iraq, the forces are, our forces and forces we're allied with such as cureds are making some important steps it is,-we haven't turned over the top yet and we're not winning but we are doing better and, but syria is still a terrible mess, total chaos and will be for some time i'm afraid. bill: you said when we take mosul. i think the question is. >> could well be if. bill: that is outstanding. mike mccaul over the weekend on cbs. watch. >> we have 40,000 foreign fighters that have converged into iraq and syria from 1 to different countries. thousand western passports. thousands have come back to europe. many left the united states and gone to the region. many have returned.
7:37 am
those are the suspects we're concerned about in the united states. bill: you knew already. >> sure. returning and being present in the u.s. as well as in europe as well as in iraq, as well as in syria, all of this is par for the course for isis. they want a worldwide caliphate. they will start however they can do it. and when a -- caliphate means you don't get to be a christian or a jew. you get killed or converted. those are the two options and the islamists are pushing hard in that direction of course in syria and in iraq and in the united states, in san bernanadino and so on. this is a worldwide phenomenon. bill: what do you see changing this administration's approach? if it is not paris, if it is not brussels and not the christians in pakistan, if it is not san bernanadino what is it if anything?
7:38 am
>> it is very hard to find what would orient them to reality. they are committed to the narrative as they call it. if something happens that conflicts with their narrative, such as we are winning, they either fiddle around with the facts or they do something else to get the attention of the press on to some follow-on story, or something. but, it's a pr focused attitude towards conflict, not a military or idealogical focus. and we have to defeat this ideology as well as defeat them militarily in the middle east. bill: james woolsey, thank you. speak again real soon unfortunately. >> food to be with you, bill. bill: thank you, sir. ♪ martha: a day of fun turns chaotic when pushy parents rush the field at a easter egg hunt if you can believe this the candy company pez hosted this event in connecticut. some adults refused to wait their turn. knocked over children and took
7:39 am
their candy. >> when it came time for like 10:30, the parents bum rushed that area. >> we started talking to folks, this is supposed to start at directed time we posted. let's wait. we'll give a whistle to start this. and that lasted about a minute. and then folks just rushed the field and took everything. martha: unbelievable, right? pez released a statement apologizing for the quote, unfortunate situation. no injuries were reported. something about free pez just freaked these people out and turned them into easter monsters. bill: uh-huh. and there is this. martha: and then there is this. bill: from the south lawn we're getting ready for much anticipated easter egg roll getting underway. national anthem i do believe as the white house welcomes kids from all over the city. martha, when the hemmers were growing up right, we still do it
7:40 am
today, mom would take one boiled eggs and put all kinds of gold flakes on it. mom would hide golden egg in the backyard. the kids find it. winner got to cut pumpkin bread at dinner. martha: that was the prize. bill: high-stakes. martha: took all the work? bill: riley won it yesterday, my lyle neas. age 13. martha: appropriate. i don't get anyone who does an easter egg roll except the white house. looks like some sort of tradition. never seen it anywhere. nobody rolls easter eggs. if you roll easter eggs i don't know anybody who does the roll except white house. bill: hemmers don't do it. martha: hemmers cut pumpkin bread which people serve at thanksgiving but anyway. bill: we like it that way. fbi interviewing looms. what impact will that have on her campaign? our panel will take it up in a moment. martha: yes they will. a demolition crew destroys the
7:41 am
wrong house. who they are blaming for, oh, boy, big mistake. lots, lots of answering for that one. >> i was just in shock, disbelief. kind of hoping it was really bad joke, somebody messing with me. sure enough it was gone and it was left like this.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: so you come home to find your house destroyed by mistake, leveled. that is what happened to owners in texas. apparently a demolition company was supposed to tear down another house in the neighborhood but they went to the wrong address. one woman says she arrived to find everything she owned laid out in a pile of rubble. >> i was shocked. i still couldn't believe it standing out here. i came running up, what are you doing. stop everything. i knew it had to be a mistake. >> your heart sinks first, because we felt so bad for lindsey and mr. cutter.
7:45 am
that we made this mistake. we're going to make it right. we'll definitely do right by both homeowners wow. lawsuit! martha: wow. bill: demolition company blaming google maps for the mix-up. martha: somebody is getting a new house. going to take a while. new developments in the hillary clinton email investigation. "the l.a. times" reports that the fbi is preparing to interview some of her closest aides. some analysts say timing couldn't be worse with rival candidate bernie sanders sweeping the last few early voting contests. >> the timing is very, very treacherous. i would think the democrats need to know whether or not they're about to nominate somebody for president who might be a criminal defendant in a felony prosecution before november. >> right. >> they should know that now. martha: he says they should know that night. pete snyder, former candidate for lieutenant governor of virginia.
7:46 am
and marjorie clifton, from clifton consulting. marjorie, the judge says, you need to know, democrats need to know. >> interestingly bernie sanders hasn't gone after hillary clinton, he stayed clear of it. this is thorn in the side of the clinton campaign. they expect it to go on for next couple weeks but in terms of sanders-clinton runoff, clinton clearly hassed lead. clinton didn't campaign in the states and was home for easter in her family. right now looking states we're going into in the south in particular, clinton will have a strong lead. and does have a strong number of delegates. martha: we'll get to the bierne hi-hillary matchup in a moment. i want to get pete's take, the report is they will sit-down interviewing people, likely hillary clinton herself. cheryl mills is likely on that list. huma abedin is likely on the list, pete. as this comes to the point -- you can't lie to the fbi. ask martha stewart.
7:47 am
she got in trouble doing that once you get to that point you better make sure you have honest answers whether or not you are passing information that was classified regardless how it was marked because everybody knows it doesn't get marked that way, pete. >> easter bunny brought chocolate and skittles to hillary's staff and also going to bring subpoenas. this is not what they want to be dealing with. not what hillary clinton wants to be dialing with. martha, you said they need to provide truthful answers. i think truthful answers in the clinton camp and clinton help. men don't necessarily go well together. so this is going to be a long arduous road for the democratic party and for everyone surrounding hillary clinton. they did the wrong thing with this. they shouldn't have had the email server home brew. they should have complied with the guidance provided by the state department. and this is yet another disaster for the hillary campaign. martha: let's look what bernie sanders also had a pesky guest
7:48 am
over weekend. here is what he is dealing with. >> oh my. [shouting] martha: so cute. the little bird flew in. and sat on the podium. hung around there for a while. bernie smiling. he seems to be pretty happy camper, marjorie. it raises a lot of questions about the choice that the democratic, i mean the bird doesn't. the bird is cute. that is why we show the bird. the whole situation raises questions about whether or not democrats are warming up to bernie sanders. he says, don't count him out. >> i think right now the question with bernie sanders is not as much, do we think he might be the nominee. it did create some energy over the weekend but with a group that is going to be critical in general election for clinton and that is the young audiences and super progressives, activist progressives. those are the ones that are still in the corner of bernie sanders.
7:49 am
and so whether she can win those and what that represents i think is bigger question over the weekend and what his wins represent for the campaign. martha: pete, in terms of the investigation, and the timeline, you know, james comey is a very serious operator and a man who is respected pretty much universally as far as i can tell. >> of course. martha: he doesn't strike me as someone who will be on any specific timetable. >> no, not at all and james comey hopefully will do the right thing. he is good william and mary man, my alma alma mater. he is walking straight-and-narrow his entire life and i don't think he will be bend to political pressure or a timeline. this is arduous task for hillary clinton you see in state after state. she lost five states over the past week by massive margins. democrat voters have issues with her honesty and trustworthiness. that will bleed into the general election and be a problem for
7:50 am
her. martha: definitely weighed over the weekend for sure. good to see you both this morning. the little bird gave us opportunity to play the bird video. spring, easter. bill: 73 of the vote in washington state, bernie sanders. martha: huge margin. bill: take that mr. birdie. jon scott "happening now," good day to you on this easter monday. what is happening? >> good morning to you, mr. hemmer. just over a week to the next major primary, wisconsin. we'll look what is ahead, battles between ted cruz, donald trump, john kasich on the republican side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side. new polls out today for another important sate that could be decisive, california. growing fears about the reach of terror networks across europe. it is all ahead, "happening now." bill: good to see you. see you in ten minutes. they are keeping the eye on the sky today because of rather aggressive hawks who are going after the neighbors.
7:51 am
>> daily worry. i didn't think he would ever come back after he got rid of him. i thought that was it. he is gone. >> wear a hat. and watch the ground for aan shadow. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. with a liberty mutual base policy, new car replacement comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. learn more by calling at liberty mutual, every policy is personal, with coverage and deductibles, customized just for you. which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ bill: operation shadow fire is homeland security's most comprehensive anti-gang operation to date. in about a month agents seized more than 100 firearms and arrested criminals from two dozen regions of the country. claudia cowan is tracking that story, haywood, california, with exclusive details now. claudia, good morning. reporter: good morning, bill. that's right. the takedown here in the bay area was part of a nationwide sweep that targeted known criminals with ties to international gangs. more than 1,000 people were arrested in this operation including as we saw, a dozen here in hayward.
7:55 am
>> hands up. >> reporter: on this day operation shadow fire involved 50 special agents from homeland security, alameda county sheriffs and they descended on criminals suspected of citings their probation, like this man, a gang member. >> we had evidence oar rather information, intelligence that led to us believe this person may have a large caliber firearm in the house. reporter: no gun but gonzalez had drugs and was arrested along with 11 others throughout the day. at other stops agents seized handguns, drugs, thousands in cash. even a statue of jesus malverde. sometimes known as the patron saint of drug lords. the government cracks down on international gangs operating in the u.s. >> there will be drug trafficking charges. in some cases human trafficking charges. a number of these gangs use that activity to supplement their
7:56 am
income. reporter: of 1133 arrested, 915 were gang members and 239 now face deportation. >> with respect to those here in the country illegally, they will first face the criminal justice system in the united states. then we will remove them from the country. reporter: operation shadowfire was part of homeland security's efforts to get gang members off the street. 40,000 people have been arrested in this operation in the past 10 years. bill: not for nothing. claudia cowan, thank you, in california. martha: new developments in the terror attack in brussels. multiple suspects getting picked up during a weekend of raids across europe. but one significant one now released. more when we come back. denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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8:00 am
lanes of traffic. they thought he was easter koala. the officer eventually helped the jaywalking koala to safety in the nearby tree. they are small. that's a baby on pure count >> . bill: he was hunting for easter eggs. martha: he wants a little love. good night everybody. go. jon: more charges to tell you about in connection with the deadly brussels terror attack as police released a new video link to the airport bombings showing no suspects at large. good morning, i'm john scott. >> find heather childers in for jenna lee pickup the death toll is rising in the brussels attacks which now includes four american spirit of that comes


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