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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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watch fox news /ot. sandra is logging on knew. noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now" starts right now. >> this is about the man in the hat next to the two suspected homicide bomber ares. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> stay away from the window. >> a major crack down on international gangs. >> 1000 known criminals is rounded up. operation shadow file. >> we'll prosecute you fully. >> a wealthy new york businessman is trial for murdering his wife. >> it is the prosecutor's fourth attempt to convict cal harris.
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with no body what makes it think it will be different? and a church up in flames. what caused the towering inferno. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the race for the white house and the next big battle in wisconsin. hello and welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childer ares in for jenna lee. polls indicate that both parties could see nail biter ares in wisconsin. 42 republican delegates up for grabs, a boost could help ted cruz. cruz and trump are locked in a close race. ohio governor kasich is working to it gain momentum on the
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ground. >> hoping to use his momentum, bernie sanders who is behind hillary clinton in delegates after winning all three caucuses in washington state and alaska and hawaii. we have live fox team coverage and ed henrow is in madison, wisconsin. and carl cameron is in washington. set the scene for us, carl. >> reporter: not a lot of polls in wisconsin. there is a tight race between cruz and trump. kasich is focusing on new york that comes up the 19th of april. cruz spent the most money and time. and fro delegates are winner take all. 18 goes to the statewide winner
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are and the remainder go to the congressional districts. and cruz is working hard at it. trump took a week off of the trail and heads to jamesville of paul ryan on the left of the screen. he's critical of trump's ret kick. and scott walker is expected to endorse cruz before the primary and reince priebus who is staffing up in anticipation of an open convention and no candidate would get the majority. trump will get a lot of attention and goes in wisconsin with reconstituting nato saying the u.s. can't afford it. cruz argues that trump doesn't know what he's talking about. and he is a isolationalist.
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trump would like to see the military foot print in asia. that's not what conservatives consider foreign policy reasonably to be. >> carl cameron, thank you. turning to the democrat race, hillary clinton is heading to wisconsin for the first public event since being crushed by bernie sanders over the weekend. the senator winning contest in washington and hawaii and we are just told by his campaign, he raised 4 million since saturday. but clinton is well ahead when it comes to the delegates. ed henry is live with us in madison, wisconsin. hillary will focus on the speech today? >> reporter: what is interesting about that, coming off the rough weekend for
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hillary clinton, another momentum for sanders. she's trying to turn the attention to the supreme court nomination battle in washington. why is that? she wants to continue the effort to show look she's ready for the general election and she was last week at stanford, and she would be a calm, cool, commander in chief. she's ready to take on the republicans with potentially several supreme court nominations at stake in the next presidency and also trying to fire up the left. as you noted. she has an enthusiasm problem. sanders made it chlor over the weekend, he will win in wisconsin and win the whole thing, watch. >> get ready for a new's alert.
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we just won the state of washington. >> don't let anybody tell you that we can't win the nomination or win the general election. we will do bofth those things. now the reality check for sanders that clinton leads him several hundred delegates. party bosses that are largely siding with her. if he continues to win the key states and win here in wisconsin, he's going to have momentum to get super delegates to flip over to his side if he would be a better delegate. >> he has a lot of enthusiasm in his corner. ed henry, thank you so much. in the meantime, the investigation in hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server enters a new phase. formal interviews are set up
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with clinton's closest long- time aides. it could extend well in the general election campaign. what is the affect. shane deapril, pubbisher of election magazine. cries stireh wald said it was a year ago that we were told that hillary clinton's e-mail server was wiped clean and nothing on it. and disclosure was made earlier that it existed. we came to learned that wiped clean it was not. and there is a lot of e-mails out there that contained classified information that cannot be good for her campaign. >> one of the problems for hillary clinton here, everything as more detail came out. the washington post article,
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that detailed how the e-mail issue developed and indicates that. this investigation is a much larger scale than certainly the clinton campaign has been willing to admit at this point. it is it a bigger issue in the democratic party looking at hillary clinton as the likely nominee. she has an opponent in bernie sanders. he decided not to make it an issue in the campaign but it could be serious for hillary clinton in november. >> we'll get in to the liability issue in a moment. last time she spoke about it in march including a town hall with bret baier. >> i've heard that others say
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you or your lawyers are apprised that you are not a target of the investigation. >> that's true. >> at the time you and your staff delighted the e-mailment were you aware it would be a service by authorities. >> let me start with the basic facts. it was not the best choice to use a personal e-mail and it was a mistake. i am not alone in that. many people in the government past and current have on occasion or as a practice did the same nothing i sent was marked classified or received marked classified. >> when you look at poll numbers. she's not doing well. latest poll on her honest and trustworthiness 34 percent said
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she is considered honest and 64 percent said she is not. those who consider her honest, that is a new low. those who consider her dishonest. that is high. those are numbers that have to be disturbing. >> certainly. jon. this underscores a longer problem for hillary clinton. and she has a serious issue when it comes to the honesty and trustworthiness. and certainly the e-mail issue dopened that problem with the general electorate. and so with bernie sanders not making it an issue. you have to ask whether or not hillary clinton emerges from the democratic primary as battle tested as she might need to be, certainly who ever the
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republican nominee is, hillary clinton is going to face a withering amount of attacks on this issue. regardless of what happens in the investigation, right. best case scenario cleared of any wrongdoing after the investigation finally concludes, there is a serious question of judgment here. and the republican nominee will jump on that in the fall. >> bernie sanders hasn't been making an issue of it. and yet he won three states over the weekend. there has to be a reason for that. hillary clinton shot herself in the foot with the e-mail contraversy. and that made it for more diverse states. we haven't seen any indication that he can do that. and you are looking to larger
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states and new york and new jersey and looking out at california. bernie sanders will not win them. and even if he outperforms, he will not catch up in the delegate count. they are peeling off super delegates and a good way to do that from the perspective of bernie sanders make an electability. and you have to talk about the e-mail issue and talking about p it in a direct way about p hillary clinton's electability. >> she tried to dismiss the whole thing. it is it been perkulating for more than a year. we were told that the server was wind clean. the fbi is investigating and it
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is broadening. and requests to talk to her right hand people. there could be trouble down the road for the campaign. >> certainly, the clinton campaign that she is cleared of wrongdoing and if they think that is the end of the issue as a general election they are nuts. it is it a major issue. it impacts her numbers on trustworthiness and honesty. and it is a problem for her either way. >> two-thirds of the voters don't find you honest and trustworthy. that doesn't bode well. thank you. >> thank you, jon. a fox news alert. belgian officials asking for the public's help to identify the
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mysterious man in the hat seen in the surveillance video with two airplane bombers. a live report on that somebody is up next. and fidel castro, what he thinks about the new relationship between washington and his vana and his advice to president obama right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. amazin prune juice and amazin prune light.
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silence. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. >> a fox news alert and a public plea for help from belgian police who want to identify the mysterious man seen next to the bombers in the brussels airport attack. several suspects were taken in to custody over the weekend. greg? >> reporter: hi, jon. we have seen in the last few hours, it has been confirmed that the main suspect in last week's terrorist attack remains
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on the run, remains very dangerous. now airport surveillance video was released and the man on the white, the so called man in a hat. there is a still version. they have suitcase bombs in them. and two others died. the bomb in the right department go off and he fled. police thought he was a man they arrested. they released the guy and restarted the hunt. this as raids continue in brussel, why? >> seven are charged with terror over the weekend. there is a terrorist arrest in holapd. eight suspects with direct ties and here and in paris reportedly on the run.
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meanwhile officials raised the death toll to 35. four more died in the intensive care units in hospitals around brussels. among those dead, four americans. 100 remain in total hospitalized and of those, 12 americans and we just learned that one american has been flown back to the states for further treatment. there remains a lot of shock. and we looked yesterday and between the anti- immigrant protestors and peaceful mourners in the scene. and they pushed them back. it is an extreme sign of upset and concern that many have about the attacks and handling of the attacks by the government. and how the government is running the country. nervous and upsetting for brussels and belgian and europe.
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>> one suspect is still on the loose. greg, thank you. another fox news alert. we have waited for white house reaction that claims to detainees released from guantanamo bay were responsible for deaths of americans. and former president castro is reacting to president obama's trip to his country. he had a strong worded letter to brother obama had advice for the commander in chief. so fidel has advice, right? >> reporter: yeah, i am the guy and i tell guys what to think and do. that may be overstating it. but he couldn't wait to weigh in on the president's recent trip to the island. raoul had to keep him under
10:21 am
wlaps until the president left. fidel penned in an opinion piece and scoffed at american president saying let the bygones be bygones. we'll show you the quotes penneded by fidel. >> it is assumed each of us risque heart attack upon hearing the words of the united states. we don't need the empire goo to give us presence. cuba as you know wants guantanamo back. and it was reported that a detainee has killed an american. the president's team is studying the impact from closing the facility. we reached out to the white house and we have not got
10:22 am
a great deal in return, but learned from a senior administration official, that that official said we can't exact he say because it is classified exactly what may happen to the detapey. that is it a nice way of saying it may have happen or not have happen. but you hear mr. lewissay it is happened and that raises eye wrou bros here in the count row. >> kevin, thank you. seven suspects from iran charged with hacking in a new york state dam and can anything be done to bring them to justice.
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>> right now firefighters in los
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angeles are battling massive flames trying save what is left of a church. part of the roof has collapsed. the fire crews are trying to keep it from spreading to nearby buildings. no word on how it started and no injuries were reported. we are learning more today about an alleged cyber attack on the new york dam by iranian hackers. the hackers got access through an unprotected computer that controls the dam's gates and functions. we have a question of how the hackers were able to identify the dam's computer system to begin with it >> it is called google doshgy.
10:27 am
it is not illegal. all you need is a computer and access to the internet and you can take over a command. >> it is legal? >> to be clear, google was acting legally and didn't do anything against the law. they index everything that public. but skilled hackers are locating unprotected infrastructure like the dams here in the united states. we are talking about systems that don't have security patches. we need them desperately. >> was the iranian hacker almost able to control the dam? >> almost. but for a bit of luck. the moment he got into the
10:28 am
system and try to open up the flood gates and the main sluice gate was down for maintenance. and so the hacker could have opened the flood gates and caused enormous property damage. this damage north of new york city. it is it relativelily small. authorities think they mistook it for the dam that is out in oregon that is 245 feet tall. if they opened the flood gates there, you would have serious damage. >> so lucked out on that. >> seven iranians indicted for are hacking dozens of u.s. banks. did they succeed? >> they did. they had a coordinated cyber attack on the banks and
10:29 am
institutions. j, morgan and nasdaq stock exchange. and american express and at&t. they did not steal money. instead they repeatedly succeeding in shutting down the operating system wreaking ha voc for customers. they did it by down loading spam. >> that is scary. will the indicted hackers be brought to justice? >> hi ghly unlikely. they work for the iranian government and members of the guard that controls a lot of the government. we have an extradition arrangements but not recognized bite teheranian government. they will likely not turn them
10:30 am
over. and the obama administration with held information about the indictment for a year so they could secure the iranian nuclear deal. so much for transparency. jon. >> a blow for isis. the ancient city no longer under the hands of isis control. many of the roman ruins have been destroyed. we'll look at the next step for syria. >> ted cruz and donald trump back to win the primary as the race puts house speaker paul ryan front and center. >> our political discourse, the kind we see on tv and kind we experience among each other, it did not use to be this bad and it does not have to be this bad.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> out of the syria, government troops are back in control of a ancient city that fell to isis terrorist a year ago and has been under their control every since. jennifer has more. nhi, heather,>> reporter: the states department spokesman said they are welcoming the news that
10:35 am
it is fro of isis. russia contributed them of taking it on sunday and ending ten months of terror and destruction of one of the oldest archaeological sites. finally it pushed the remaining isis fighters from the ancient runs. they smashed statutes and monuments dating back 1800 years. it was syria's most popular tourist sites. they decapitated sculptures going back to greek and roman times and beheaded the director where he had would not say where he had hidden the priceless
10:36 am
artifacts. it sits 150 miles northeast of damascus to the isis capitol in ra qqa. there are indication that the russian and iranian backed will head to ra qqa. there were no u.s. military plans to take ra qqan and leaving a vacum that russia and assad may just feel. >> the republican race for the white house heads to the home state of house speaker paul ryan. with the wisconsin primary on april 5th. 42 delegates at stake there. that is putting ryan in the spotlight as trump and the gop battle over the future of the
10:37 am
party. harlanhill is a political consultant. evan is a g.o.p. strategist and president of consoulting. evan last week, we had a speech from paul ryan and denied the state of politics. the next day trump scheduled a rally in his home state and hometown. >> what are the chances of that? >> we are seeing a battle for the heart and soul of the republican party. paul ryan said we can move forward with a battle of ideas and intellect. and donald trump is going out and saying the future of the republican party lies in inssult and. >> he's not gotten over 50 percent of the vote. 60 percent of the republicans are rejecting them.
10:38 am
and you are seeing the race tighten where ted cruz has 32 to 32. >> i disagree with evan here that donald trump is only focused on derisions. i think he recognized something that no other candidate other than than bernie sanders recognized. the american people have had enough. there is real pain and people don't have jobs and graduated from school with debt and they can't find jobs and seniors can't afford to retire. and donald trump is it speaking to that and candidate cruz is foc rued on the past and candidate or speaker like paul ryan is not addressing the issues. >> you sound like a trump consultant. >> there is a lot of over lap between trump and sanders.
10:39 am
and i would say most bernie sanderses are not socialist. they don't have jobs or feel disinfranchised. >> he has the best positive numbers in the entire campaign. look at trump with women. 77 percent hate trump. >> this is a problem for him. >> speaking about the anger that is goings out and attacking women. >> if you focus on the issues, there is over lap. in the message and styles, they could not be more difficult different. >> and mr. ryan's home state of wisconsin set to hold the next primary, the unauthor dox is setting a tone and advancing an agenda that is a fair cry of politics that fuelled mr. ryan's rise to the top of the party. they personify the fork in the
10:40 am
road that the gop now faces and will be spotified when mr. trump holds a rally. >> you think it is it a fork in the road. >> it is just recognized now. we came to it. when donald trump is pushed to give details, he panders and ping-pongs. and talks about how nice and editorial board looks and doesn't say substance. paul ryan said we'll get x, y, and z and that advances conservativism. not insults and messing around with words. >> i disagree. he is specific on immigration and issue of economic and national security. he is specific on that. and how trade affecting the
10:41 am
middle-class and flood of low cost labor is hurting low cost. >> his solution to to williamed a wall. >> it is not just building a wall. deporting people who oversay stayed the visa. >> he will deport every one on day one. >> that is style and not substance. >> we'll hear the substance on tuesday when he makes a speech in jamesville and i imagine you will hear it live on fox. thank you both. heather? >> spirited conversation. >> they say the third time is the charm, but not for homicide investigators. they are trying a man for the fourth time in the death of his wife michelle. and a long house gets demolished and someone is blaming google maps. unity.
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>> a man in upstate new york going on trial for his wife's murder for the fourth time after t two overturned get verdicts. mistrial in the case against cal harris. his wife michelle disappeared 15 years ago. the court papers said the harris' were headed to divorce and prosecutors said he didn't want michelle to get a chunk of the family fortune. thank you for joining us. >> i am going to start with you. how dew try someone first of all four types for the same crime and they don't have a body or murder weapon. >> they have little evidence. this is how it happen. it is a lot easier to get a wrongful conviction than
10:46 am
wrongful acquittal and that's where prosecutors are emboldened to take cases to trial. here for instance. it was over turned and second conviction over turned and third time they couldn't come to a decisions. i would think prosecutors would say we have the wrong guy and don't need to waste taxpayer resources and we do it over if and when we get additional evidence. >> should we expect anything different this time around? >> fourth time is not the charm. for whatever reason. they couldn't make it happen after all of these tries. first two times they got the conviction. it was continue eronnously. they don't over turn for no reason. the prosecutor had a advantage that they are not lawfully
10:47 am
supposed to have. i don't know that they will get the conviction. is there like another goal here? >> i don't know if it is politically motivated or what. if you are just a human being. you don't want murderers to go free. they must feel it is the only one in this case. but not every divorcing husband is a murderer. they should have looked elsewhere. >> his own children don't think he did it either. they think he is innocent. and a demolition company in texas blaming google for levelling the wrong house. it was bad loly damaged bite tornado but workers tore it
10:48 am
down. this is what it locks like now. they were trying to get to a duplex a block away. and google maps directed them to this. and i don't defend on google maps to get me where i need to go in my car. what type of a case is there here? i will start with you, brian. can google be led liable. ngoogle is not liable. this demolition company. someone would smack them around. they are soly responsible. learn to right a map. and before they drive a dozer they should have a couple of people to sign off. i am sorry, the only one responsible here is the demo company. >> look at the street sign, that
10:49 am
might have helped. they sent a copy of the google map pointing to the owners of the house. and when it comes to demolishing an app for that. and a pilot doesn't land on the wrong runway. goggle has nothing to to with it. and if you want to get legal in the terms of service. and don't come on. what about damages, brian. what do you think they will be awarded? >> the loss of the house. i understand it was damaged from a tornado or what have you. but the remaining structure had value. it doesn't mean it is worth nothing. if the chemlition company care about the marketing and business, they will do the right
10:50 am
then. they were waiting on fema to see how much money they would get to the remains to the house. perhaps it will come in quicker. >> the only battle will be how much is paid. >> and that is a battle between the insurance companies for sure. you don't want to come home to a pile of runless. >> thank god no one was in the house at the time. nthank you. and exclusive details. tied to criminals with international gangs. fox news is the arrests. and we're talking with the reporter who saw it all first hand. >> reporter: what did you take? >> you took my hair.
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hello, everybody. i'm in your gretchen carlson. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz over the louisiana delegate count. can he do that? plus, big news in georgia's religious freedoms fight. what the governor has just decided to do. and a pilot taken off a plane and arrested in front of passengers after failing a breathalyzer test. 7:00 a.m. in the morning when you're about to take off. all that coming up on "the real story" at the top of the hour. new information on one of homeland's security's biggest anti-gang operation. agents from operation shadow fire seized more than 100 firearms and arrested criminals from across the country. fox news the only media organization invited to go along and see some of those arrests first hand. claudia live in hayward,
10:55 am
california, with details. >> reporter: hi, john, the takedown here in the bay area is part of a nationwide sweep that is known criminals with ties to gangs. we saw a dozen here in hayward. on this day, operation shadow fire involved nearly 50,000 agents from homeland security, alameda county sheriffs and hayward police department. following weeks of surveillance, they descended on criminals expected of violating their probation, like alejandro gonzalez, a noted gang member. >> we have reason to believe that this person may have a large count tra bantra band. >> reporter: no guns but drugs. agents seized handguns, drugs, thousands in cash even a statue
10:56 am
of jesus malverde known as the drug lord. >> there will be drug trafficking charges. a number of these gangs use that activity to supplement their income. >> reporter: up to 1,133 arrested, 913 were gang members. and 239 now face deportation. >> with respect to those here in the country legally, they'll first face the judicial system. united states and then we'll remove them from the country. >> reporter: with gang members off the street with more than 40,000 people arrested in last ten years, john. >> claudia cowen, thank you. and putting a new spin on the holiday with big wheels. that's up next. this is sheldon
10:57 am
whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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dozens of people take part in a big wheel rally in san francisco, held every year easter sunday. steep and winding streets of that city. >> looks like fun for sure. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. there are now more charges in the deadly brussels bombings as the death toll rises to 35 and now includes four american citizens lost that day. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for gretchen. and this is "the real story." police releasing new video of a mysterious man in a hat. he was seen in the surveillance tape. and this happened moments before these individuals ignited their suicide belts and attacked the airports. authorities are now back to square one, trying to figure out who this guy is. a judge finding there's n


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