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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the senate side office center while going through the metam detector the machine went off and the man pulled out a gun. did the forget he had a gun? that a possibility but look what chaos it has brought. continuing coverage, now "your world" with neil cavuto. >> major scare on catch -- capitol hill. a suspect in custody, still many questions unanswered welcome. i'm in nor neil cavuto. james rosen in washington on what we need to know. james? >> reporter: charles good, afternoon. from sunny and windy capitol hill, very fluid situation and we have received over the course of the past hour some conflicting information. we seem know there was an active shooter informed the capitol visitor center that's on the capitol hill complex. it is not actually part of
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capitol dome building itself. the shooter apparently entered on the senate side of things, and apparently pulled a weapon, and was himself or herself -- we don't know the gender of the shooter -- shift by law enforcement -- shot by law enforcement. we heard the individual has been transported to a hospital. originally we had reports from a number of sources, including law enforcement, indicating that one capitol hill police officer, one capitol police officer had also been injured in this incident. now we're being told by our capitol hill producer, chad pergram, who knows the hill better than anyone else here, that there is no officer down. we have heard from some eye witnesses that the incident occurred near the end of a given tour of school children. this is a woman whose child was in one of these tours. her husband was actually with the kid during the tour, and the husband was texting her from inside the capitol visitor center saying, in essence, it sound like, quote, full clip of
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a gun had been emptied. and that perhaps there would be more injuries than we have been led to believe. so as we say, charles, this is still up folding. a -- unfolding, a lot of information to surface, and depending on what the information turns out to be about the motivations of the individual, the background of the individual, it could have even further repercussions, certainly politically, than beyond the scene of the crime here today. >> james, you mentioned the end of a tour. obviously a lot of kids are out, a lot of school vacations. the shooter was -- was the shooter entering or exiting? sounds like they were trying to enter the center. >> reporter: our understanding is it happened near the entrance, near the screening center, for the capitol visitor center on the senate. the north side of the complex. we should point out that the lockdown that was swiftly imposed, just around think p.m. eastern time, by the capitol
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police, has largely been lift evidence with the house, the senate, and the library of congress buildings now open for routine business. the u.s. capitol building itself, as is typically the case during recess, as we're in now, is is open for official business only. the u.s. capitol visitor center, the scene of the crime irving is now closed until further notice. >> thank you very much. going to former secret service agent on the telephone. dan, you're very familiar with the capitol visitor center. can you walk us through -- help us visualize and understand exactly how this whole thing may have played out. sounds lying -- when you go in entrance, it takes a while before visitors actually encounter any sort of metal detectors. so someone can get deep understand the center, it appears, with a weapon, and we could get the sort of situation we're experience right now?
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>> right. and that's the indicate cal takeway -- critical takeaway and something we have been sounding the alarm about. the difference between access control systems and security. access control is what you just said. you walk up as a threat, potentially with a firearm or explosive. you stop at magnetometer. the meant the threat is detect. the problem is you're suicidal you can detonate -- >> dan, hold that thought. we have an eye witness speaking right now. >> like maybe there's somebody prowling around, and we don't want to be out in the open. >> absolutely. you ended up in the senator's office with a conference room of people watching the news develop? >> she works -- our son works for -- [inaudible] -- cell phone they would come and open up the door. and so then we gone into the conference room. with all her staff, including --
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huh -- we're all sitting there watching the tv. >> so, a real moment to be watching that unfold while you're hearing the lockdown and you're trapped in this room? >> very weird, very strange, yes. >> we're glad you've made it out okay. >> i don't remember much of my tour here, but this is a tour i won't forget. >> it will be a memorable tour for everyone there. dan, i'm not sure if you were able to hear, the eye witness. again, reiterating this happened on the senate side and the found himself in senator mccluskey's office, which was an interesting situation weapon talked about this sort of -- what you call access control, and the idea that someone could get deep inside the visitor center, armed with a weapon, making these sort of encounters that much more dangerous. >> right. when you think bit, charles, just to simplify it with an analogy. the tickets to a redskins game
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are an access control device you. have a ticket and you're allowed in but they're not security sonics although it's very secure up at the capitol, they do a great job, this molt me monday morning quarterbacking. ing this shows the importance of a comprehensives ofsive security plan for the country that involves preattack intelligence, that novels external surveillance and countersurveillance youch can't just have the secure environment created at the access controlled point because things like this can happen. you can walk up to and it open fire and then potentially allow a second wave of attackers to come in you have to have surveillance, active surveillance on the outside, look for behavioral indicators, sweating, excessive clothing, and have to have countersurveillance looking for people. >> dan, obviously in the aftermath of what happened in brussels, the attacks on soft targets this subway station and the area of the airport where before you go in and you get checked out by the agents, this question of soft targets resonates cloud and clear.
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however, every hard target eventually will have a perimeter that becomes a soft target, where do we busch these things out that it won't be an attractive target. >> you need to push it out far enough too buy you time when glory law enforcement and you're in a terrorist response situation or an active shooter response situation, time is your friend and it's -- it can be their enemy. you need time to respond. so the airports have got this system down. notice how hey they've that magnetometers pushed far much away from the actual away entrance so if you were to defeat the magna tommermer to -- magnetometers -- >> i have you. one question i have to ask you. one witness said it sounded like a full clip went off. someone -- a full clip went off, god, was really -- we were lucky, let's face it no
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injuries. but how could that happen as someone at the actual magnetometer that you're talking about, pulls out a weapon and gets off an entire round, an entire clip of rounds. >> well, charles, i can tell you from a provisioner canada and the secret service academy to discharge a magazine full of 15 rounds and take a gun out of holster can take seconds. sounds crazy but i assure you with just bit of training happens in a snap. justlike that. not difficult. >> thank you very much. i want to alert the audience that the capitol hill police are planning a 415 press conference and we'll bring that to you live. right now i want to go to catherine herridge in washington, dc with the latest. >> reporter: just to take people through in case they're checking in, what is transpired over the last hour, just before 3:00 eastern, i received a phone call from a contact who works up on the hill, the staff, one of the committees, and they were
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down at the ford office building. for those who know the capitol complex, the ford office building is one of the furthest facilities away from the capitol itself. probably a brisk 15-minute walk, and they were coming out the the ford building and as they exited the building, by the capitol police officers approached them and said you need to get back inside and shelter in place and stay away from the doors and the windows. there was some initial confusion for the staffers because there had been some kind of drivel this morning, and typically they get a warning from the overhead that a drill is going down, but this was not the case, and the staff said to me the demeanor of the police officer was they had an active and serious situation. they then received a series of bulletins, which are common now, the primary way of communicating in an emergency on capitol hill there had been a shooting and a person was down at the cvc, the
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capitol visitor center, at a final screening checkpoint, and this is one of the checkpoints, the high concentration of individuals coming into the capitol building itself and while for many people today is still a holiday, this is a busy period in washington -- >> catherine, i want to interrupt. we have an eye witness speaking right now. >> reporter: sure. >> -- shooter never actually got inside the visitor center, that this actually happened kind of in the screening area. does that work with what you observed? >> must have been what i seen, seeing the people running from that, just trying to get away from it. and i think the -- like i said i saw a bunch of kids and they were -- i thought they were -- also get down, and they were running and the police were running, shuttling them that way
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and looking over their shoulder. >> i'm glad all of you are okay. dan has the presence of mind to shoot some video inside their so we'll try to get that off his phone and we'll get it to you just as quickly as we can. doesn't work to try to shoot it off the phone. >> one eye witness said he saw people running running and sawed thought they were playing. the d.c. staffers knew this was a serious situation. you are walking us through their experience. >> reporter: the incident with the alert that were coming from the capitol police to the staffers that the incident went down at that checkpoint or what i would call a security chokepoint with a he concentration of individuals and especially right now, even though congress is out of session, you have a lot of people visiting with the school break, and then also with the cherry blossoms so a lot of
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tourist traffic here in washington, dc. law enforcement says they see no immediate connection to terrorism but this is a box that has to be check in terms of identifying the individual and understanding their motivation because things right now, for obvious reasons are, are being seep through the primp of -- prism of what happened in brussel. i'm not saying there's a connection but these groups have been flooding the zone since last tuesday in umbrellases and this propaganda, i mean, the individuals who followedded they have almost an appetite for the violence, if you will. they're consumers of violence. so going to be important to and we'll probably learn more at this news conference about the individual and their status. my experience is that especially close quarters like that and the high concentration of individuals the conditionol police are shooting to kill. they're not shooting to wound
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somebody because this is a very high risk situation. right? so, i think we'll at least start to get a sense from the news conference the kind of details that are available, but i think if you step back and you see what transpired in the last 70 minutes, one of the things you see -- and this is not something you would have seen immediately after 9/11 -- is that there is clearly a system in place. right? the situation happened. the alerts go. people are sheltering in place. they're able to sort of move through and it they practice these drills, and 95% of the capitol is now back and open for business except for the section of the visitor center. so i think one of the things people should take away from this is that there really are systems in place now. no system is perfect, but you can see today that this is a procedure, a drill, if you will, they have really practiced, and
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when they have to kick into it effect, it works, and that's what we saw today. >> that is certainly the case. thank you very much. we have chad pergram on the line. chad there was some confusion initially we heard there was one police officer shot. then we heard it was not necessarily severe and then shape legal. turns out in officer was shot but it is an interesting situation where one witness heard what they thought was the sound of a full clip going on in a close vicinity. anything else to add to that so far? >> reporter: what i have been told -- this is very fluid -- is that it is unknown if there was an exchange of gunfire. i'll emphasize that, an spending, meaning northwestern trait terror allegedly shot at the officers and the officers returned fire. i was told there were two u.s. capitol police officers that began shooting, again, if you have somebody who goes through the magnetometers and produces a
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gun they can gore to shoot at them. we don't know if the perpetrator shot. we know the perpetrator was shot and wounded because he had been taken to the hospital. also just been told that the brand new u.s. capitol police chief will speak at 4:30 eastern time now. we were originally expect him right at mint but he just took the job last monday and replaced tim dime, who retired, and again, the capitol police, they do a yeoman's job, as catherine said. it's a tough job up here but sometimes they come under criticism for maybe shooting too fast. that was the issue three years ago, sense the government shutdown when the shot an unarmed woman temperature a high-speed chase between the white house and the capitol, a woman who had a baby in the back. unclear that -- who actually shot and killed her because there were secret service and u.s. capitol police that shot and killed her but you come to
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the capitol complex like that and you get that far in -- just a few feet but you are inside one of the buildings here, and you haven't gone through security yet and that's the zone over danger that gives people a lot of worry. >> in that case three years ago, i'm pretty sure there's certain protocols in police to protect the president of the united states and here we have someone who is actually inside the capitol visitor center, thousands of tourists, which august lot of children because of the time of the area, you would think deadly force would be an appropriate course of action. perhaps. just guessing here. >> theirs is the trick here. i said this on he air last hour. we have had multiple incidents including one as recently as december where a person who worked form the senate sergeant at arms no less, had a firearm on his person, came into the dirksen center office building across the street from the capitol and forgotten they had the weapon and they arrested him. there was obviously no intent there you head an aide for tom
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merino coming into the cannon house office building, had weapon you had some years ago can former senator jim webb, one of his top aides, had given him a brief case to carry into the capitol and it was jim webb's gun, the former senator from virginia, and they arrest him. so there must have been something different in the way this went down other than the -- compared to the other incidents bus -- frankly, sounds kind of silly but a lot of instances where somebody has come in, who works here, who had a gun in their car, had gun on their person, the gun enthusiast, goes to the range, and they forgot. as absurd as that seems but has happened. so must have been something different about this transaction. i should point out, those folks with people coming in with capitol hill i.d., this person as far as we now did not have a capitol hill i.d. and might have done something to give them the worry that this person was there to kill and maim people and
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that's why the u.s. capitol police responded also they did. >> chad, what would you make tooth the d.c. police tweet that went out saying ill was an is lated incident. perhaps an hour after it occurred. does that give us insight on who the shooter was, man or woman, potential terrorist or not? seems like a quick time to make that sort of assessment. >> well, it appears -- i can confirm this -- seemed to be some level of familiarity about this individual. we don't know if they had previous arrest warrants or somebody who comes around the capitol periodically. they have intelligence units here at the capitol who kind of keep track and know the people who come up here and those who belong and those who don't. those who are here to -- who are a little mentally disturbed, they keep tropic of those folks as the -- you have to have cad tine of intelligence here. i was told this nearly early on
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when we started to piece this together there was some degree of familiarity with this subset and that's key. maybe it was someone they -- maybe even the officers had interacted with and that's theed the indent in -- the fellow who had a car parked close to the capitol packed with explosives and detonate devices and everything else. capitol hill police got him because he walked through the russell senate park with a shotgun, saying he was going over to supreme court because he had an appoint with the chief justice of the united states. they nabbed him. this guy got into the building and that's a little bit different. >> well, i suspect with this press conference at 4:30, hopefully we'll get more. obviously the world is on edge, all americans are on edge after what we witnessed in brussels last week, and there could not be an abundance of caution. >> that's another thing.
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last week, after brussel, one of the first things i died was i dialed in with my sources at the capitol, there is any change of security posture up here? no. that came quickly. you never know what don't know but they said they were going to change the optics outside the building, more officers, more officers with locks begun -- long guns as a deterrent. i if you have intent and you see a squadron of police officers you've might rethink that. that's the strange part of about this. you're walking into a secure building, you're going to be met not just by two officers who are working that particular conveyor belt, when you come in through the entrance, there are probably four or five different lanes staffed with two to three officers and then there's a handful of officers behind there you're walking to into a hard place. the capitol visit center was built and opened late in 2008 so they could more easily process visitors, both from a
1:21 pm
convenience standpoint and also from a security standpoint. and, charles, that was elicited by the shooting in july of 1998, two capitol police officers also what we now call the memorial door on the house side. not a public entrance to the capital. speaker of the house goeses through this entrance. sometimes nancy pelosi. that's where they're cars pull up and their details escort them into the building what happened in july of 1998, russell westin, jr., mentally disturbed person, still with us but never tried but a he is incompetent to stand trial, ruled as such. he came in, there was one guard at the door at that point. and he shot and killed that officer, and right around the corner from that was the office of the then majority liter tom delay, an officer there, withwho drew his weapon, exchanged gunfire with westin and shot westin. he would have dade had his life
1:22 pm
not been saved by bill frist who was a world class heart surgeon but the other officer died and that's one of the ropes they put the cvc in. they've said we can't come this many people coming through and that particular instance 1998 was the final imbus to start working on the visitor center and then increase that after september 11th. >> as i'm sure there's going to be some new thinking about the security but we should applaud the capitol hill police once again, and, chad, you're -- your experiencen and is invaluable. we appreciate it and talk you again real soon. >> surely. >> chad pergram, in capitol hill. want to go now to retired lieutenant color tony schaeffer who was not far away from the incident whenned happened. welcome to the show. tell us how this went down. >> the response was instantous. i was just leaving your
1:23 pm
producer -- i was exiting a work entrance, the business entrance on the sought side of the capitol and we were meeting in h-122, which is literally facing the visitor center for a series of meetings on defense, and right at the conclusion of the meting had to come to the building for this interview, and as i was leaving is was 100 meters from the visitor center area when the incident occurred, and i didn't hear any shots. this all happened inside. what your producer did not mention is within the center itself you have two entranceways of bulletproof gramps they're very heavy doors. they're bomb proof and bulletproof and another layer two layers inside the building and this one area for screening. the conveyor belts and all that. as your producer said everybody around there is heavily armed. very clear that the capitol hill police were on higher alert you had what we call long guns and automatic weapons and the moment this occurred, i heard multiple
1:24 pm
sirens, officers moving with rapidity. they were not panicking, a very military, very calm but deliberate move to the location to secure it, and it all happened -- my hats off to the capitol police. i didn't see them hassling anybody. they were able to figure out that most people who are within visual range, like me, weren't a threat they went right toe where the threat was and acted with precision. >> lieutenant, you say there are two entranceways. are both designed with the this bulletproof glass you're talking? if you walked in there with bad intentions, the -- you saw the security apparatus and the layout, you would be wide by discouraged in. >> i would. look, i'm one of those guys trained to find a way through these things and can obviously the last -- we used to do something called red-teaming. we would put ours the shoes of
1:25 pm
adversary and the last thing is to go to someone's strength this is most heavily armoreddening heavily garolded area of the capitol, rightly. so this where is you process thousands of visitors're day. this is supposed to be the most security area. so, yeah, there's layers of bulletproof glass, layers of security, even if you were able to get through the first layer, you have guards on the inside so no doubt. with that said, if someone is trying to prove a point and dan said earlier, if you're suicidal doesn't matter. these deterrentses aren't going to stop you and you want to get in close so you can take as many people out also you can. so it's double-edged sword. it's great if your trying to get through, it deters you. if you're there on a suicide mission, you're going to go in there and make a point. >> lieutenant, we appreciate you coming on the show. want to let the audience know, the new capitol hill police chief, i think week on the job, got a tough one. 4:30 going to give a press conference on the event that
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>> want to go now to former pentagon spokesman on how this is playing out. j.d.? >> good to see you. >> you, too. help us out here. we are hearing that a lope individual walked into the cvc, the capitol visitor center, gets to the magnetometer, the -- where they check for weapons, and then all hell breaks out. >> well, yeah. it's a public space, where people come in for tours so anybody can walk up to the capitol police but they stopped the individual. charles, it's going to be very interesting to see if the story breaks as other terrorism story, is the guy was a sympathizer to isis. we don't know. we're all an pins and needles after we saw what happened in paris or brussels 0, break as gun control story. the guy happens to be perhaps mentally unstable.
1:31 pm
we don't know the issue. so going to be interesting to see how the store breaks. if it is a gun control issue we should be pressuring hollywood to stop making all these violent films. that's just one thing i think is important. >> we'll see how it's breaks, particularly in the january math of what happened in brucele bru. it hits closer and closer to home and the first reaction is, is this terrorism? what does it say we're so afraid right now about our confidence in those -- we tip our hats and salute the capitol hill police. they acted quickly and now one was hurt but people are afraid. >> they should be afraid and i also salute the capitol police. i was a pentagon spokesman for four years from 2005 to 20090, not 0 one day went by i didn't think bat plane hitting the building on 9/11. so ever since then i say some washington, we're on pins and needles, a should. in new york they're on pins and
1:32 pm
needles since 9/11 as well, and the global terrorism index for 2015 showed that 32,000 were killed by terrorism in five different countries, iraq, syria, pakistan, nigeria, afghanistan, but we should worry in america because people are getting on visas like we saw the san bernardino shooters, hostile ideas about america and yet they were let in. so regardless of what happened today we still are right to be afraid. >> we do want to remind the audience we don't what the motive was or if it was a man or woman. we have no idea what this was. it could be bunch of different things. a check lift of half a dozen reasons this happened today but we are worried and we are concern and we are in an era where it's -- it would not necessarily be surprising but certainly it would be another shock to the system. so, that's one of the reasons we are waiting eagerly for a press conference going to start any moment.
1:33 pm
j.d., where would -- we go from here? it's not terrorism or speaks to perhaps soft targets being more attractive and invite fog anyone who wants to do harm. >> i think there's two issues. the terrorism issue and then the gun control issue. i don't nome hough this will break today. for the terrorism issue you can't have provisioner everywhere all the time. the capitol hill police did a great job today but we can't guard every single mall, shopping plaza, movie theater. so we have to stop terrorism -- the main ideology, is radical islam. woe have to confront that and get rid of the political correctness and aim for the arches. i have a column about the stop global jihad, aim for a cheffers and that is stop the radical clerics exporting -- if it's a gun control issue we have to talk about how many guns are out there and talk about hollywood producing gory films that i believe contributes to gun violence but you don't cease the action stars in the november
1:34 pm
vows talking about gun control as far as not inning movies with guns, and then there's the enemy health issue. i think we have seen countless times throughout the country where there have been shootings because they're not enough attention paid to mental health. >> it is disingenuous for someone to make $100 million with movies and machine guns and hand grenades and then come out against the idea that the average citizen may want to keep his already her home safe with a handgun. thank you, j.d. >> thank you. >> want to go now to kevin cork who was at the white house win the lockdown occurred. also, dise kevin i understand there's confusion about a possible incidents with the white house fence as well? >> always interesting, charles, whenever you have a circumstance like this, you get conflicting reports, and especially in this circumstance inside washington. in an environment like this, one single tweet can literally begin a cascade effect where you're chasing after bad information. i can tell you without question from our sources that no one tried to scale the fence here. we have had people right here
1:35 pm
along pennsylvania avenue for the bulk of the day. as i look offcamera, there are all across the street now, over in the park there, having a very nice time. so clearly at least from my vantage point this is a very safe circumstance. that said, the concern is always reasonable when you consider everything that could happen. and as your guest previously just mentioned, there's no way possible that you can sort of lock down everything and make it a perfect circumstance. so what you try to do is allow the american people to live freely to enjoy their lives-specially on a beautiful day like today. we had the easter egg roller earlier here today sow used to tonight luhr if you freely but tame if you see something, say something. you want to keep everyone safe. all i can say we heard about what happened at the capitol. actually whale we were in the press briefing. if you're watching you do get a chance to watch the briefing during the course of your day. you may have noticed today there were a number of reporter looking down at their phones getting the updates as they were
1:36 pm
coming in, and it's from that point through to now that we track the information. sometimes it's great information, we heard chad pergram and others on the hill, james rosen, and catherine herridge and shannon, our team working very hard to confirm information before we bring to you, the viewer, at home but it's a fluid situation. right now at the white house, thankfully, we're safe and sound and awaiting from the capitol hill police as they try to let us know what happened in specific. i want to add one more thing if i can. if have just one more second to throw this out your way, charles. when situations happen here, if someone tries to scale the fence, they will shut this entire area down, and in fact, we were in the briefing when i heard the first reports that someone may have tried to do that. they will lock the doors so we can't get in, can't get out. our crews, all safe. they move everyone off the lawn immediately, but right now looks like all is clear. as i look over there i see strollers and people having a very nice team and that
1:37 pm
comforting from our vantage point right here. >> very very much. a lot of misinformation but everyone has said this is a fluid situation, you had an active shooter, you had the capitol hill police, really spring into action, and do an amazing job. no one has been hurt but there are still a whole lot of questions and any moment now we should get the ans. we're awaiting a press conference from in the the employs chief the new police chief. we'll be right back.
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break news. a shooting situation at the capitol visitor center. the shooter has been detained. no one was hurt. the entire city was on lockdown. maybe a partial lockdown right now and we have breaking news right now. we're hearing reports the shooter in custody right now was known to authorities in fact the same person was arrested for an outburst in a house chamber just
1:41 pm
last year. we're working on more details but that is major breaking news on the phone i have former police detective rod wheeler with us. rod, i guess it was maybe not unusual for this to be the case, but it's interesting that when these things go down, whether it's terrorism, around the world, more recently in brussels, these are people who have track records, arrest records, who are known to authorities, and it makes a lot of people wonder if we're handling those threats the right way. >> well, you're exactly right. good afternoon to you, charles. that's always going to be a concern for law enforcement, and i can tell you -- i'm actually down here on capitol hill right now -- that the -- police -- the d.c. police department is going to take over the in investigation and they'll be have, a presser. let me just say this, this particular guy from what my sources are telling me, he was known to some of the law enforcement authorities here and what the police are doing now,
1:42 pm
the reason they have not relievessed his name is because they're getting a search warrant to search this guy's premises and to see if he has a vehicle parked anywhere in the area. now, right here on capitol hill, there's a number of uniformed police officers, a number of detectives and i also see the bomb squad, still checking areas on capitol hill. although i must say most of the roadways around the capitol building itself have been re-opened, so that's a good sign. but this investigation is still very fluid. >> i do want to say a name is floating out there. we'll be restrained and not release it but this person was arrested last year for unlawful conduct in and assault on a police officer. after an outbreak at the u.s. house chambers. and a few congressmen were speaking at the time. he was heard to shout that he is a, quote, prophet of god. escorted away at that time by
1:43 pm
police. and led to a more violent incident, i think, later on he was actually charged for. so we'll wait for more details but the name is beginning to float out there. where do we go from here, flood everyone on pins and needles and yet we all want to live normal lives or as normal as possible. >> right. well, can tell you since the horrific events in brussels the capitol hill area has been on high alert anyway. i saw that the other day when that event took place, that there's an increase of uniformed officers officers there, a number of bomb-sniffing dogs being used. we just have to continue to try to do a great job in terms of protecting the area and protecting people. now, one other thing, charles, that i think is very significant. i heard people say earlier that capitol hill right now should not have a lot of people because congress is not session, but actually it's quite the opposite. there's a ton of folks out here. as you know and as the viewer knows the cherry blossoms in the
1:44 pm
city major attraction throughout the year so a lot of people here, a lot christian and familiar -- a lot of children and families. this guy, my sources tell me, when he went through the layer -- actually got past the outside layer of security. we don't check for weapons on the outside. opposite the guy gets to the inside area of the visitor center, that's when you got to go through the metal detectors. pulled a weapon out and officer, being very alert, was able to take this guy down before this guy was able to cause damage to others. so we're still getting more information. but sounds to me like the officer reacted instantaneously to stop the threat. >> we cannot thank the police enough. rod wheeler, thank you very much. we'll come back to you. i want to just sort of reset for the audience the major breaking news today, of course, we had a shooting incident at the capitol visitor center, the shooter has
1:45 pm
been -- they've caught him, the suspect has been captured and we're being told that it could be the same gentleman who was arrested a year ago and charged with unlawful conduct and the assault on a police officer after an outburst at the u.s. house chamber. so, this is a serious situation, and one that we want to get to the bottom of. we're awaiting a police press conference at any moment. want to bring back in chad pergram, our fox senior producer at capitol hill. chad? >> reporter: here's what we have. we're waiting for the u.s. capitol police chief to come to the capitol here at any time and brief reporters. he is new on the job since last month. number two i have a little more information how this went down. we're told that the individual came in into the visitor center, there's a point where they ask you to take things out offer
1:46 pm
pocket and put them in the containers and slide them through the x-ray machine. when he walked through the magnetometer, the vertical array you walk through that set the magnetometers off. the went went for the weapon. we're told it is a handgun. we don't know what calgary, what make or anything like that. but it was somewhere on his person or in a pocket or in his coat. it was not a satchel or anything like that. when he raised the weapon, the two other officers raised their weapons and shot at him, we're told there were two shot at him and obviously -- i've been on the horn here i see the brant new u.s. capitol police chief is standing 15 feet from me to my left if you have the shot up here. he has some briefing papers in front of him. has been with the u.s. capitol police for many, many years and was promoted last year and just succeeded the u.s. capitol police chief, and i'm looking across the street here for --
1:47 pm
kathy -- the d.c. chief midnight be arriving as -- might be arriving as well. this into starting momentarily. >> chat canada, before it starts -- chad, before it starts there's a name floethe around of the suspect, and it would be the same person that you u.s. capitol police charged after unlawful conduct and an assault on a police officer last year. he has an outburst at the u.s. house chambers. do you remember that incident? >> if it's the one i'm thinking about, yes. do -- >> he was a prophet of god he said. >> i remember this. i was in my office just off the house chamber elm he was an older gentleman and made a ruckus and in fact i went out into the hallway, if this was that incident, and they arrested him. we get a handful of these a month in the house and senate chambers but i just asked the police officer whether that was the person and they cannot confirm.
1:48 pm
and -- the chief is walk to the microphones to brief us. >> thank you. >> every day thousands of people visit the united states capitol. and over two million people a year are screened through the capitol visitor center. today at approximately 2:39 p.m., an adult male, subject entered the north screening facility of the capitol visitor center. during routine administrative screening the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. officer fired and struck the suspect, who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is currently undergoing surgery. his condition is unknown at this time. a weapon was recovered on the
1:49 pm
scene. the congressional complex was locked down, and uccp ordered to shelter in police. based on the initial vegas, at approximately 3:40 p.m., the lockdown was lifted, and all buildings, except for the cvc, which remains processing for crime scene. suspect's vehicle has been located on capitol grounds and will be cleared of hazards and seized pending service of a search warrant. an uninvolved 35 to 45-year-old female bystander, also suffered what appeared to be minor injuries, and was transported to the hospital. no officers were injured. it has not been determined at to how many officers fired their weapons. the u.s. capitol police investigation division, the
1:50 pm
capital office for professional responsibility the metropolitan police are conducting investigations into the matter. i stress that much of this information is still very preliminary. i want too stress that while this is preliminary, based on the initial investigation, we believe that this is an act of a single person, who has frequented the capital grounds before, and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. as additional information is gained, i'll provide as much as i can through our public information office. i want to assure the american and visiting public that the u.s. capitol police officers continue to protect the capitol and the cvc, for all who visit. we expect regular order of business tomorrow morning. at the tomorrow morning at the capitol visitor's center, people can safely visit the united states capitol and their member offices.
1:51 pm
as he we get more information i'll be happy to report it. >> is this suspect known to you? >> i have not received confirmation about who the suspect is, we believe the suspect is known to us. >> how was he known to you, sir? >> the individual disrupted the house chamber last fall? >> i can't comment on that right now. >> there's been a lot of talk about security lately in light of what happened, this checkpoint was design ed to identify a threat. did this work the way it was designed today? >> it appears the screening process works the way it's supposed to, that's correct. >> this is preliminary, and i know you want as much
1:52 pm
information as i can give you, without confirming things, i don't want to give you bad information. i'll try to provide as much information as i can so you can get it out to the public. >> i want to thank you very much. >> capitol police chief, can you see perhaps -- he just became the chief a week ago. very informative. the all clear was given at 3:40. we're looking at video that just came in. you can see how hectic and fearful the incident was. they all sort of confusion.
1:53 pm
in this particular case, the police chief is saying that they think it was a single person. they are treating this as a criminal act not a terrorist act. they do know this person, at least they believe they have known from previous comments. there is a name out there. someone who disturbed the police chamber. also saying that he believes that the screening screening process worked the way it was supposed to work. i want to bring in lieutenant colonel tony schaffer. first of all, colonel schaffer, i called you lieutenant colonel earlier in the show. i want to apologize for knocking you down three ranks. >> i was a lieutenant in 1983, it's been a while. >> do we feel per now that it maybe wasn't isis, but by the same token.
1:54 pm
it was someone who was known to capitol police. on one hand we feel a lot better, it wasn't the worst case scenario, it calls into question, why can't we screen better, have some sort of waymonering people who pose a threat. >> this is a difficult challenge everybody is fine except for the shooter. let's separate this a little bit. a lot of the capitol hill police are beat cops. they see people, they're terrorists, they see people like me, one of the guys on the raburn building, when i go through security. he sees me on site. these guys know these kind of repeat offenders if you will, this individual has some sort of record, they kind of recognize there's an issue. this guy, and during our last interview, if you're going to -- this was the most secure area in
1:55 pm
the capitol -- this is again, mostly good news. there's other things we need to be worried about regarding isis. the security cues in dulles, l.a. and denver, are close to the curb. as much as the capitol is taking ways of putting people down in a secure area, i think they actually do a good job of keeping people in areas where they're protected. again, there's multiple layers of bulletproof gas. there's other places that are not as well designed, not as secure, i think that's what we have to worry about, you're going to have crazies, no matter what, this e're going to find out has a psychological condition, that can allow them to do silly things. with that said, we have to look at the fact that we must look deeper at vulnerabilities to understand that isis learned something from this today, and that lesson, they will try to use to get around security, do something more severe. >> and what they really have
1:56 pm
learned to your point more than anything else is the soft targets. it's going to be a classic dilemma as we push out these security areas. no matter how hard a security area, it will have a perimeter. thank you very much, we have james rosen available. and i want to get back to james. >> good afternoon, we just heard an update from the capitol police, as we have been reporting now, there was only one shooter, the shooter was trying to enter the north screening portion of the visitor's center, reach for the weapon when it went off, when it triggered the magnatomitors. he was shot by at least one,
1:57 pm
maybe two of the police officers. one by stander wounded. >> thanks very much, we'll be right back. ate for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. with a liberty mutual base policy, new car replacement comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. learn more by calling at liberty mutual, every policy is personal, with coverage and deductibles, customized just for you. which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and
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a fox news alert, hello, everyone. shots rang out on capitol hill this afternoon after a man showed up and pointed a gun at officers. the white house was briefly put on lockdown. the latest now from fox's james rosen. hi, james. >> reporter: greg, good afternoon, from a sunny and breezy capitol hill, where the tourists are visiting, the school children are touring the capitol visitor's center. at the capitol visitors center. it's separate from the dome, it's on the capit


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