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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> all right. set your dvrs, so you never miss an ep society of the five. that's it for us. special report is up next. i'm bret baier in washington, this is a fox news alert, the justice department says the fbi has successfully accessed the information on a cell phone belonging to one of the terrorists from the san bernardino shootings. the government has asked a california judge to vacate her order compelling apple to assist in the action. two radicalized muslims killed 14 people during a holiday luncheon in guess in that case. you're looking live at the u.s. capitol behind me, about 3 and a half hours ago, gunshots were reported at the capitol
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visitors center, that put the capitol, supreme court and white house on lockdown. it renewed fear of terrorism here at home. the deteals were unfolding. james rosen is on capitol hill with more. >> while their investigation remains ongoing, right now as of this moment, they don't believe they're doing with anything more than a lone individual, and nothing more than a crime. meaning not an act of terrorism. the incident erupted around 2:39 p.m. eastern time on the north or senate side of the capitol visitors center, which sits on the capitol grounds is not part of the capitol building. a visitor attempted to bring the weapon through the screening area and drew that weapon. >> the officer fired and struck the suspect who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into
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custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is currently undergoing surgery, his condition is unknown at this time. a weapon was recovered on the scene. >> capitol police swiftly placed the entire complex on lockdown. authorities couldn't say how many officers fired at the suspect. no officers were hurt. only a female by stander who sustained minor injuries. >> all of a sudden we heard like a guy yell to his family, get out now. run, run, and then we thought, what is happening. and we walked down the staircase very fast, as we were going down the staircase, there were police coming up, and the guards were telling us, we're going to shelter in place. >> multiple sources tell fox
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news, the suspect in custody is russell larry dawson of tennessee. this individual was known to them with some reports saying he may have been the individual who was arrested six months agency after an outburst inside the house chamber. police have located a silver dodge car. opens are tearing it apart looking for any evidence of chemicals, explosives, what have you. the lockdown has been lifted, traffic is freely allowed. >> james rosen on capitol hill, thank you. the number of dead from the attacks has increased by four.
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things get a little confusing. >> whoever the mysterious third airport bomber is, he's still at large, that man identified by prosecutors facing the stivest charges of anyone yet. participation in the activities of a terrorist organization has been released. the prosecutors office releasing a statement which reads, the indications that would have led to the arrest of faycal c. -- >> that's a huge gap, there's an opportunity to interview this guy, figure out what he knows. >> the police dragnet is convoluted. a takedown in rotterdam last night yielded weapons, cash, cell phones and simm cards. one of the men linked to a
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french man taken down in paris on sunday. he was described as a high level operative. police have hit more than a dozen locations, the stiffest charges, participation in the activities of a terrorist organization. american agents are now assisting with the investigation as belgian and european investigators are widely criticized and overwhelmed. >> you heard the president of the united states talk on this subject. there has been some progress made, there's surely more that can and must be done. >> the death toll sadly climbed to 35 people from nine different countries as four of those hit by the blast is a combed to their injuries. 96 remain hospitalized, 32 of them are in burn units. >> a goal was set to reopen the
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brussels airport tomorrow. security checks won't begin until tomorrow. wednesday at the earliest. the airport will not return to full capacity for months. >> mike tobin live early tuesday morning, thank you. pakistan's prime minister is vowing to eliminate the terrorists responsible for an easter sunday attack targeting christians that ended up killing almost three times as many muslims. all told 70 were killed in that attack. >> a day of celebrations for pakistan's small christian community quickly turned to tragedy. after an attacker detonated a bomb filled with nails. >> the explosion was very loud as we rushed over here. we saw a pool of blood and people laying here. there was no proper security here. >> at least 70 people were
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killed, more than 300 wounded. many women and children. >> a taliban faction that pledged allegiance to isis claimed responsibility, saying they were specifically targeting christians. most of the victims were in fact muslims, this weekend's violence, the deadliest in pakistan since the massacre of 134 school children, more than a year ago, that attack prompted a government crackdown on islamic militants who proved again, they are seemingly able to strike when and where they want. pakistan began observing three days of mourning. businesses and schools were closed. security forces protected capitol cities, thousands of support irs took to the streaks monday. a pakistani police officer shot and killed a christian governor
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five years ago. >> they have differentiated between good militants and bad militants who attack in pakistan. despite u.s. efforts, no willingness to do so. brett? >> conner powell in our middle east newsroom. syrian experts are expressing shock tonight as they begin to see the extent of the damage isis terrorists inflicted on historic antiquities during their reign over historic palmyra. syrian troops took control of that city sunday. it marked the first major defeat for isis since an agreement took effect last year. back here at home, a look tonight at the issue of terrorists returning to their murderous ways. after release from guantanamo bay prison. some of the terrorists have killed americans since they were let go.
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tonight the response from the obama administration, it wasn't us. >> it was a simple question, but followed better a stunning admission. >> i can tell you, unfortunately, there have been americans that have died. >> that was special envoy paul lewis, an obama appointee, telling lawmakers that gitmo detainees previously released from the prison have in fact been responsible for the deaths of americans. >> how many lives have been lost by those terrorists who went back to their terrorist activity? >> i can talk about that in a classified setting. >> what he did say released a tore ant of criticism. kelly ayotte saying, one of the purposes of guantanamo is to keep enemy combatants from
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returning to the battlefield. donald trump added his thoughts to the controversy. a detainee released from gitmo has killed an american. when will our so-called leaders ever learn. >> white house officials pushed back. >> no one has been released from gitmo on president obama's watch has been implicated on violence against americans. >> not released on this president's watch, but on a previous president's watch. this comes as fill del castro lectured president obama days after his visit to havana. he ridiculed the president's suggestion that now is the time to bury the hatchet. he went on to add, we don't need the empire to give us any presence. >> i asked josh ernest if the president had extended a
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reciprocal invitation to the white house. he said no, and seemed to downplay the notion that it might happen before the president leaves office. as for gitmo, 91 detainees remain, 34 of whom have been cleared for transfer. >> kevin, thank you. >> tonight a fox news exclusive. we were invited to ride along as federal authorities conducted a massive operation to take a bite out of international gangs, gaining a foothold in american cities. claudia cowan tonight, where there was plenty of action. >> the takedown in the bay area was part of a nationwide sweep that targeted known criminals with ties to international gangs. on this day, operation shadow fire involved nearly 50 special agents from homeland security, alameda county sheriffs and
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heyward police department. >> following weeks of surveillance, law enforcement descended on criminals, suspected of violating their probation. >> today we have information or intelligence that led us to believe this person may have a large amount of firearms in the house. >> he was arrested with 11 others throughout the day. agents seized handguns, drugs, thousands of dollars in cash, even a statue of jesus malverde. it's all evidence in what could lead to federal charges as the government cracks down on international gangs operating in the u.s. >> there will be human trafficking charges, a number of these gangs used that activity to supplement their income. >> 915 were gang members out of the 1133 arrested.
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>> with respect to those here in the country illegally, they'll face the criminal justice system in the united states, and then we'll remove them from the country. >> operation shadow fire was part of homeland security's ongoing efforts to get gang members off the streets with more than 40,000 people arrested in the last 10 years. brett? >> thank you. up next, the presidential campaigns and the candidates, descend on wisconsin. first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. >> fox 32 in chicago, as the supreme court rejects an appeal from rod blagojevich of his corruption convictions, including one for trying to sell the vacant senate seat once occupied by president obama. blagojevich crossed the line when he sought money in exchange for naming someone to fill the seat. he's serving a 14-year prison sentence. fox 10 in phoenix, arizona lawmakers examined problems that
3:14 pm
led to long lines in last week's primary election there. helen purcell cut the number of voting locations from 200 to just 60 at last tuesday's election. and this is a live look at columbus, ohio from fox 28. a manhunt for an escaped killer. john broke out of a facility in nelson'sville. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm.
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in america's election headquarters tonight, the center of the political universe right now and the next nine days is in wisconsin. the next battlefield. bernie sanders will try to convert momentum from saturday's three state western sweep as he goes after the state's 97 delegates. ted cruz is looking to take another slice out of donald trump's lead. cruz has a head start in the badger state on the ground.
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we'll see if the badgering between the two rivals keeps the discussion in the gutter or somewhere else. >> donald trump brings his anti-establishment campaign to janesville wisconsin tomorrow. governor scott walker has hinted he'll endorse ted cruz, and wisconsin's home to the republican national convention. the rnc rule requiring a majority of the delegates for the nomination should not require do him. >> what's going on in the republican party is a disgrace. whoever at the end has the most votes and most delegates, should be the nominee. >> on the eve of his first wisconsin campaign event, he got a cool reception from charlie sykes for his petty battle with cruz. >> i expect them from a
3:20 pm
12-year-old boy on the playgrou playgrounded. >> reporter: another another show, trump got schooled. >> maybe it costs a little more, you're going to have more jobs. >> it's okay to pay more? >> yeah, because you're going to have more jobs. >> trump's been more insist ant that the u.s. can no longer afford to be the world's policeman. >> i don't mind nato per say, but it needs to be reconstituted. we shouldn't be paying -- we're paying disproportionately so much, and we're a nation that owes $19 trillion. >> cruz doesn't know what he's talking about or the consequences -- >> donald called publicly for effectively withdrawing america from nato, that's a catastrophically foolish proposition. abandoning europe, withdrawing from the most successful
3:21 pm
alliance of modern times makes no sense at all. >> trump took last week off the trail. after next week's primary, there's another break before the race moves east. that's where john kasich says he can do better. scott walker is planning to announce his decision on supporting a candidate. we're just learning that will happen tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. eastern time. democrats who helped bernie sanders surge to 12 wins are wondering if it's too little too late. we'll know more next week when democrats vote in wisconsin, where hillary clinton is literally trying to scare up votes. >> after losses in three more states, hillary clinton moved quickly today to use the supreme court battle to get the left fired up. >> in a single term. the supreme court could demolish
3:22 pm
pillars of the progressive movement, and as someone who's worked on every single one of these issues for decades, i see this as a make or break moment. >> clinton is focusing on the general election. this time by standing up to republicans in the battle over judge merrick garland. she would be a strong commander in chief on foreign policy. >> what kind of justice would a president trump appoint. >> bernien sadders sent another strong message over the weekend, the nomination is far from over. after wracking up wins in alaska, hawaii and washington state. fresh off those victories saturday night, sanders had a big rally in madison. 96 delegates up for grabs next tuesday. >> don't let anybody tell you we can't win the nomination or win the general election. we're going to do both of those things. >> a daunting challenge, though.
3:23 pm
clinton is now leading sanders in the delegate game, 1,712 to 1004. >> you're not taking into consideration the fact that there are hundreds of delegates, super delegates who have not yet made a decision we think we can win many of them. california has a whopping 546 delegates at stake. clinton only leading sanders by eight points after holding a 16 point edge in the same poll last september, 75% of sanders supporters said they would vote for clinton against donald trump, nearly half would do so reluctantly. and 15% would refuse to vote for her at all. teeing up the sanders camp to pounce. >> bernie's gaining strength while hillary's gaining strength. >> in this speech i just wrapped
3:24 pm
up. grassley fired back, given this report in the los angeles times, clinton may soon face an interview with the fbi. grassley said she should focus on changing the tone of her campaign. >> the washington post reporting her e-mail system was working without basic encryption. clinton wanted to as an unsecure blackberry. the post suggesting up to 147 fbi agents are working on this case. others are suggesting that number is overblown. it appears this investigation may be coming to a head at a very critical time in this campaign. >> making a living is about to get a little better for some folks in california. but at what cost.
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that's next.
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tonight many republicans in georgia are criticizing gop governor nathan dele nor what they consider choosing finances over faith and businesses over believers. it has to do with a law about religious freedom. that opponents said would legalize discrimination against gays and others. jonathan has both sides from atlanta. >> i do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith based community in georgia. >> georgia's republican governor called a morning news conference that pitted two of his key con
3:30 pm
sit u ansis against each other. the deals were best left to the broad protections of the first amendment. >> i find it somewhat ironic that some in the religious community today feel it is necessary for government to confer upon them certain rights and protections. >> passed by georgia's republican house and senate. it would have allowed the state to deny services and jobs to persons who violate religious beliefs. >> overwhelming support in the house and senate. and the governor is run ining counter to the bill. >> top national and state business lead ares feared the bill would lead to discrimination and could hurt their bottom line. the republican state senator
3:31 pm
ended up voting against the measure in its final form. >> i was not certain it would facilitate. it excluded others and denying goods, services and employment to others and as a christian and lawyer, i'm not okay with that. the bill supporters say they're not going away, and have vowed to continuing their presence. the nasdaq lost 7. workers at the low end of the wage scale in california are about to get a raise, a big rai raise. california is the most recent state to increase their minimum wage.
3:32 pm
>> what do we want. when do we want it. >> raising the statewide minimum wage to 10.50 next year. and then a dollar a year. >> i'm hoping what happens in california will not stay in california, but spread all over the country. unions threatened to go to workers with a much more aggressive bill. >> together we're going to raise that minimum wage to a living wage. >> bernie sanders, former secretary of state hillary clinton and ohio republican governor john kasich all support raising the federal minimum wage, his fellow republican candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz do not. five states do not have a minimum wage. two states with the lowest
3:33 pm
minimum wage are georgia and wyoming at 5:15 an hour. >> in 14 states, the minimum wage equals the federal rate of 7.25. california is set to join 29 other states where the minimum wage exceeds the federal level. >> the coming law indexes inflation. doesn't prevent cities from raising the floor even higher. economists worry how some businesses will cope. where the median income in some rural areas is $43,000 a year. >> i will have to modify my business in order to sustain it. that may mean layoffs, closing for lunch, or it may mean other things. >> for consumers it may mean higher prices. they'll see their average annual pay increase by $4,000. >> thank you.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test we're going to start off your wisconsin campaign by saying wives should be offlimits and you apologize for mocking her looks? >> by the way, i think it's true, what they did is, ted cruz
3:39 pm
knew totally about it, he says he didn't know about it. he totally knew about it. >> it was not ted cruz or his campaign. is your standard -- >> it was a retweet by someone else. >> your wife is a beautiful classy woman, why can't you say the same about ted cruz' wife? >> i don't know her, i'm sure she's excellent, i mean, i just don't know her, all this was was the response to what he did. >> when it comes to civility, there have been other candidates who dimmen straighted a willingness to go to the gutter, to make personal attacks, to make sleazy attacks. i think the american people are sick of that. >> donald trump on radio in wisconsin today, ted cruz responding to this back and forth about the candidates wives and ads regarding them in the meanti meantime, some new polls in wisconsin the next contest, it's pretty tight as of now donald
3:40 pm
trump up 1.7 in the average. you look at the democratic side, you see a tight race there as well as bernie sanders continues to move forward and continue her win streak. let's bring in our panel. jason, the state of the republican race as we head toward wisconsin? >> it's a very big deal. if trump does well there, it could mean no contested convention. he could win on the first ballot in cleveland. it's a state that plays to his strengths, lots of blue collar voters many the governor scott walker was a former republican candidate, has not endorsed, he's leaning toward ted cruz also as we heard in the clip,
3:41 pm
donald trump doesn't have the talk radio support in wisconsin that he's enjoyed in other states, he's in for a fight. i think that's why he's decided to go and campaign. how novel is that. >> the trump campaign has now hire hired someone to oversee their delegate effort. in part because this tweet over the weekend, just to show you how unfair republican primary politics can be, i won the state of louisiana and get less delegates than cruz. lawsuit coming, louisiana essentially, what happened was, some of the delegates went toward ted cruz, they were uncommitted, cen willy and signed on even though he won the state. now the trump campaign realizes every delegate is going to matter. >> what mr. trump is going to find out is, the convention has its rules, the judiciary of the united states is not going to intervene in this. after the first ballot things
3:42 pm
change, after the second ballot more things change. you have to plan for those. mr. trump who took last week off, may not be as energetic in pursuing delegates as he ought to be. it's going to matter in places like wisconsin, where you have a real fight now. you can buy a lot of air time for $2 million. the club for growth alone is spending2illion in that state alone. governor walker is going to announce his endorsement. ron johnson, people have talked, maybe he's going to endorse trump. it seems like wisconsin is political ground zero. >> it's even worse when you're single, george. the rules aren't in place for the convention, the rules get put in place once the convention starts. having donald trump complaining about having the delegates
3:43 pm
stolen from him. here's the guy who's stretched the rules of bankruptcy to take away money from his creditors. now he's going to complain about somebody playing by the rules? cruz has done nothing that's illegal or immoral or wrong. he's outplaying donald trump. >> he wants to sue someone, he should sue his own advisers. >> if he has the plurality going into the convention. isn't that going to cause something if the convention comes out with a different? >> sure. >> it could cause all kinds of problems, that's the rules of the game. if the rule was you get a plurality, he would have grounds to say it was stolen, that's not the rule, the rule is you have to get majority, if not, you have to fight it out at the convention, put on your big boy pants and play the game. >> as lincoln did.
3:44 pm
he had a large plurality, but lincoln got the nomination. >> i don't remember. >> glad you don't remember, if you did, i would have been doubly impressed. bernie sanders after a few wins over the weekend, here's what he said today. >> we won the last five out of six contests, what we have said from day one, the south is the most conservative part of america. we did not do well there. secretary clinton gained a lot of delegates. we're out of the south, headed to the west coast. we think we're going to do very well there. i think the momentum is with us, a lot of these super delegates may rethink their position with secretary clinton, a lot have not yet declared. >> at least one did.
3:45 pm
you have delegates won, super delegates, and you see the totals. is this a fool's errant or? >> she has that super delegate buffer, it's quite large. people at the convention can vote for whomever they want. i think bernie sanders deserves more credit than he's getting in particular, more respect than he's getting, he's done well in caucus states. his problem is he's running out of caucus states. he trails heavy in new york, pennsylvania, california and so forth. the math is not on his side, but he has exposed some weaknesses. >> for a front-runner to take those losses, is pretty stunning. >> it is. and we know what's happening here, the math cuts dramatically against bernie sanders. he can't overtake her in a delegate count.
3:46 pm
what's out there is the fbi primary. that's why he's in the race in case the fbi comes down on hillary clinton. >> whatever the number is, there are dozens of fbi agents on this case. and it seems like that raised eyebrow eyebrows. >> 147, according to the washington post. if the primary wasn't so lurid and entertaining, the story in american politics today would be the decisiveness in the democratic party. he beat her by 64 points in alaska. this is a staggering limping front-runner. bernie sanders beats ted cruz and donald trump. he started this campaign as a protest candidate. he may wish he had been in it to win from the start. >> this is a pop u loss revolt
3:47 pm
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>> is it true that terrorists have been hitting many cities not only in our region, not only in turkey and brussels but also in africa and pakistan and other part of the world. and we have the full determination to defeat the terrorist groups in our neighborhood and all over the world. >> terrorist attacks on the rise just in the past few days as you look at the map, you can see where they have struck in turkey, istanbul march 19th suicide bomber, five dead. brussels, we know, of course, the situation there. four americans dead, 35 dead overall. in iraq, an attack on a crowded soccer stadium, 41
3:52 pm
dead. in pakistan, march 27th, explosion at a public park. looked like it was targeting easter services, 71 dead so far. we're back with the panel. is there a sentence that the administration is grasping all of2 this and the concern about it in the american public? you know, when you see the president's reaction and there is not really a change in administration policy, but there is a change in how americans view the threat of terrorists. >> yeah. there is no doubt that the administration isn't on top of that perception. there is going to be a poll out tomorrow that's going to show a huge percentage of americans think there should be a ban on muslims. surprisingly high percentage of democrats believe that as well. now, instead of the president making the case that, you know, number one, we don't have the same kind of threat as people do in europe because we are further away from the problem, we are better than fighting terrorism as they are.
3:53 pm
we don't have the same demographics as they do and our muslim community feels assimilated and is part of our society unlike in europe. instead of making that case, it's a very, you know, condescending, not takingçñ the public's concerns very seriously. it's having an effect. >> gallup recently had the concern over a terrorist attack in the u.s. 71% a great deal or fair amount of concern for people. >> obviously. these attacks happenh0v with regulator. if not daily, weekly it seems. you turn on the television, you open the newspaper, that's what -- and this attack in particular, bret, you know, the collateral damage wasn't women and children. they were the target. >> in pakistan. >> in pakistan, yeah. it just turns your stomach that the enemy in this case is targeting women and children. we argue about whether
3:54 pm
hardened i didn't hadithaists should be waterboarded. they target women and children. gives you a sense of the nature of the enemy that this administration, i think, still refuses to properly identify. let alone vow to eliminate. >> 36 of the 70 dead there children. george? >> well, isis?9 is losing physical ground in its so-called caliphate. it's losing high value targets to astonishing competent american operations. and yet, because you say, these events occur with metro nomic.g5,ñ they see it wereh, magnified by journalism. the president is white whale closure of gitmo. the public thinks this is really disproportionate. >> to that point, the closing of gitmo and the thought of these people back in the fight, the administration's response was it wasn't us. they were released before us. >> and, you know, obviously
3:55 pm
doesn't stack up with the facts. the problem here and the reason why the american public is so at odds, one side the president of the united states seems to be could cool for school and not tapping the people's fears and republican candidates talking about muslim bans and guaranteeing if they are president there won't be an attack on america. they can't guarantee that in this world. >> quickly? >> this is a president complaining to reporters that terrorism is getting in the way of his other agenda items. he wants to focus on climate change or redistributing wealth i don't think his heart is in this fight. he sees this as a new containment, containment of isis should be the strategy. if it results in a san bernardino or paris or brussels, so be it. >> specific operation. >> there will be many panels like this. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for philosophy lesson from house speaker
3:56 pm
paul ryan.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. finally tonight, wall ryan put the speak in house speaker last week in an address on the state of american politics. he covered all bases in one late night show put it all together. >> i want to talk with you about what politics can be. i want to talk about what our country can be. about what our founders envisioned it would be. and that is what politics shouldt be. that's what it can be. that's what it has been and that's what if we all work together and focus on it can
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be again. that is where it doesn't need to be and where it wasn't and where it shouldn't be. >> that's it for this "special report," fair beings balanced and up afraid. here's greta. ♪ this is a fox news alert. terror is growing around the world and now even our nation is on edge. today shots ringing out at the united states capitol. capitol police opening fire on a suspect when that gunman pulled a gun. just in, we have new video of the suspect's dodge ram truck it is a tennessee license plate. and tonight, we are learning the gunman who drove that truck to the u.s. capitol was known to police. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen is outside the u.s. capitol. law enforcement sources have identified the suspect in this case to us unofficially as larry russell dawson of tennessee. and the capitol


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